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Senior Newsletter Congratulations! As a senior, you are fulfilling years of hard work and dedication. I hope the information contained in this newsletter will be useful in your planning as it relates to Patriot’s senior events in the coming months. During the coming school year, there are many activities, events, and programs that benefit and involve the members of the senior class of 2013. Patriot High School extends its appreciation to our business partners, staff members, and senior class officers for their diligence in the planning of these senior-related events and activities. A calendar of events, important dates, and deadlines is included in this newsletter so you can plan accordingly to accomplish the necessary tasks associated with graduation.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Patriot’s first graduation event will be held on Thursday, June 13, 2013, at Patriot High School. Our award-winning building and campus will provide a convenient designation to mark this event. Preliminary details are being finalized for this event, and specific information will be released to all senior class members in March 2013.

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If you are interested in serving on one of our graduation committees, or volunteering for any of the planning committees, please respond via email to Mrs. Utter (, Mrs. Hardy (, or Mrs. Hughes( Respectfully,

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From the Counseling Department: Counseling Reminders Please join all of the counseling websites to receive updates on the latest career/college information and scholarships. The counseling website is accessible from the Patriot High School’s Webpage:

College Application Process at Patriot High School 1. Complete the student/parent sections of the application on-line. 2. Request ACT/SAT scores to be sent from the ACT and/or College Board. 3. Request the transcript on Family Connection. 4. Request teacher/counselor recommendations if needed. 5. Do not submit college forms (secondary school reports) to us. We use the NACAC form for all applications. 6. Submit transcript fees to the Counseling Center 10 business days prior to the deadline. The first three transcripts are free; $5 for each additional request. 7. Check Family Connection to verify that transcripts and secondary school reports have been sent by your counselor. 8. Log-in information for Family Connections: “ Do the RIGHT THING, even when no one’s looking”

Username: Student Number Password: Birthday, M/D/YYYY (no leading zeros)

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Senior Calendar 2012-13

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Graduation The Class of 2013 Graduation will be held at Patriot High School on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. Detailed information pertaining to the event will be distributed in March 2013. If students have not yet ordered their cap and gowns, please contact Herff Jones at Graduating Female Attire: Dresses should be fully covered by graduation gown. If dresses or pants are visible under gown, they should be dark-colored; dress shoes; natural pantyhose. Caps will be worn straight on the head– no decorative features/markings on cap; no accessories will be tolerated; no sunglasses; no purses; no corsages; etc. Graduating Male Attire: Dark tie, light-colored dress shirt with collar; dark dress pants (no jeans); dark socks; dark dress shoes; no sunglasses; caps will be worn straight on head– no decorative features/ markings on cap; no accessories will be tolerated. Electronic Devices: All cell phones must be turned off for the duration of the ceremony and are subject to confiscation.

Graduation Rehearsal Practice:

“PRINCIPLES stand the test of time. They don’t change with the times.”

It is mandatory that you attend practices in order to participate in Graduation. Be on time to practice! You must stay for the entire practice. Practice dates: June 11th from 9:25 a.m.— Noon June 12th from 8 a.m. –10 a.m. Attendance at all practices are required if students are to participate in the ceremony. Only absences excused by subpoena or doctor’s note will be accepted.

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Obligations Fees: All obligation fees must be met by June 4, 2013. Please make sure that ALL cafeteria, library, textbook, lab, and extracurricular fees are paid. Seniors may NOT be able to walk in the graduation ceremony with outstanding obligations.

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Attendance Attendance: All seniors are to be reminded that attending school on a regular basis is important. Improper attendance patterns may negatively affect grades and could result in students not meeting the course requirements necessary for graduation. In addition, it is essential that all seniors adhere to county/school rules and regulations for the remainder of the year. Failure to do so may cause suspension and may jeopardize an individual’s privilege to participate in the graduation ceremony. Put first things first and envision your long-term goals as you complete your last year of high school.

Senior Newsletter November 2012-13  

1st senior newsletter