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Copyright 2017 by Twinda LeAnna Harvey Illustrated by Morgan Davis All rights reserved. The book or any portion thereof many not be reproduced or used in any manner whatever without the express written premission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Printed in the United States of America.

For A Little Black Girl, For YOU are truly made of MAGIC.


It’s my first day of school, and I am in second grade. I am pretty, and funny, and creative, and really silly, and cool.

My daddy says I’m made of chocolate. And I have

REALLY BIG dark brown hair.



a I have a BIG forehead but my mom says it’s just cause I have a BIG brain under there like other smart girls. I can read good well. (My grandma said I should fix that) I like science too! 5

My mommy let’s me dress myself! 6

Nailed it!

When I grow up, I want to be a ballerina heart surgeon. I’ll make sick people better by dancing and making their hearts feel good.

I have a LOT of energy and personality. I have the LOUDEST voice in my class. Or the world. But at my new school people made fun of me for that, so I stopped being great‌



You think you’re so smart, but you’re not. You think you’re so cute, but you’re not. Why do you talk so much? Why are you so outrageous?! Why are you so out of control?


I tried to be happy on the outside, but inside I was sad because I couldn’t be myself. 14

The girls who made fun of me for being pretty and funny wanted me to be their friends.

The boy who made fun of my big glasses wanted help him with his homework. I wanted them to like me, so I tried to be different but everybody noticed I was sad. My mommy and daddy noticed, too, so I told them what was wrong.



My mommy said, “Twinda is GREAT just the way that she is. Sometimes people judge and make fun because they are jealous. You wear lots of colors because you are bright. You are outrageous because you are strong and brave. You wear glasses because you’re smart.

So don’t listen to them! You go be the great little girl we know you are!!�


My mommy was right. So I will be the prettiest, smartest, loudest, silliest, most outrageous and out of control Twinda, the world will ever see! Just call me‌


Twinda the GREAT!!!!

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Twinda The Great  

Twinda The Great