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Executive Summary Heaven’s Rain is a Christian-inspired film based on true events experienced by producer, Brooks Douglass and his sister, Leslie Douglass. Although the film did not have a nationwide theatrical release, Brooks and his colleagues have had some success marketing the film to different organizations. However, from our research we realized that Heaven’s Rain lacked a clearly defined model for promotion. While searching for a new plan to market Heaven’s Rain, we discovered various hindrances that would need to be overcome in order to be successful. One main one is the common misconceptions perceived by consumers when it comes to “faith-based” types of films. Another is the overall lack of awareness the film held. This led us to developing an advertising campaign that would address the concerns of consumers, while also offering them a model for future entertainment endeavors.

In coming up with a plan, we defined the target market as regular church attendees, ages 18-45, that enjoy Christian entertainment. We also determined that the key benefit these consumers would gain from seeing the film would be the lessons they learn and the inspiration they get from it. Therefore, our big idea is “One person’s truth can inspire another person’s choices.” We have created a plan to kick off a movie tour that delivers Heaven’s Rain directly to those consumers who would most benefit from the Douglass’s story. The “Choices Tour” will connect directly with the audience most likely to benefit from the film and most interested in hearing Brooks speak. Our goal is to inspire audiences to make choices that will lead them in the right direction in life.



Strengths 1. True story/Personal Experience 2. Management: Dedicated/Hardworking 3.Communication: Connections from past 4. Pricing: inexpensive

1. Operational: No set goals/Make it up as you go 2. Experience: Lack of knowledge 3. Distribution: minimal 4. Financial: limited budget


Opportunities 1. Demographic: reach new people 2. Management: increase business and implement plans 3. Experience: Hire/consult others to gain knowledge 4. Financial: gain sponsorship 5. Distribution: increase market and outlets

1. Stereotype: Christian movie 2. Market: Large production companies/blockbusters 3. Other forms of entertainment




Target Market Dddd




• Heaven’s Rain, Brooks


• Blockbuster’s, Faith Based movies and other forms of Christian entertainment


• Churches, Christians, Pastors, Assault Victims

Competition Blockbusters: take away from sales Stereotypes: hinder sales and desire to view movie Strong presence and distribution Financially stable

Strong experience

Consumer Sherwood Pictures • Trends: use church members as actors • Segmentation: Christians and churches

Provident/Integrity • Trends: family faith-based themes • Segmentation: faith-based and families

Direct & Indirect Competition • Blockbusters: family films, wholesome and meaningful films. • Examples: Facing the Giants


How Consumers See It Avoid heavily promoting “faith-based� aspect Poor reputation in the 18-25 age group Emphasize the distinct differences from the stereotype of faith-based movies Focus on: Better quality Reputable actors Story line more dramatic and real, not cheesy, not overly religious

Consumers Motivation Many students claimed that going to see Heaven’s Rain would be like going to see any other movie in theaters Thought the movie to be thought provoking, intense, and an emotional experience Going to see its movie for its content rather than its action Watching an inspirational story

Consumers Insight “People in the 18-25 age group are constantly learning, experiencing new things, and are influenced by other people’s past and present experiences” “Coming to terms with your past, murder, love, and heartbreak” “Teaching, giving life lessons” “Encouragement”

•“Fight for what you believe in” •“Inspirational”

“It could help by showing that even in times of unrest, faith prevails” “Could empower to forgive others and practice love”

Research focus group

Free Church Brooks HOW Social Media To Succeed Love Offering

Target Market


Make it free Show it in a Church Have Brooks speak

Market it as a “True Story� Utilize social media

What’s the big idea?

One person’s truth can inspire another person’s choices





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starter pp for heavens rain