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spa h


lacrosse masonic hall


paint south africa

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material boards

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sweet pete’s



Spa H

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spa h is located in the thriving financial district of san francisco, california. it seeks to create an environment where one can feel comfortable, relaxed, and pampered. focusing on the health benefits of water, all of the spas amenities are either surrounded by or involve water in the ritual. featured within the design are luxurious changing rooms with private vanities, an intimate pool area with a relaxing sauna and steam room, spacious massage rooms, japanese bathing rooms, and a lounge dining area serving healthy gourmet foods. spa h is focused on the full experience.

programs used: autocad, revit, indesign, sketchup pro, photoshop

inspirations & view

Spa H


ground floor new partition plan

second floor new partition plan

Spa H



Spa H

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LaCrosse Masonic Hall

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lacrosse, washington is a little town 50 miles outside of pullman on highway 26. it is a close knit, history filled town based around farming. lacrosse is rich with classic architecture, and is hoping to add to their beautiful area by recreating the old masonic hall into a gathering place for everything from weddings, to meetings, to events, high school hangouts. based on the needs of the town, this project recreated the old masonic hall into a versatile space, with simple features that allowed for the transformation from use to use. programs used: autocad, revit, photoshop, sketchup pro, indesign

new partition plan

new partition building sections

LaCrosse Masonic Hall

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inspiration & renderings

LaCrosse Masonic Hall

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Paint South Africa

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idec 2011-2012 competition: to develop a project that resolves a design issue related to the “lost generation” affected by hiv/ aids in south africa. designed in groups of 2-3, it could be any sort of design from a poster to a building. my group and i developed an organization called “paint south africa” that teaches the lost generation of children about hiv/aids through the use of art. this program is self supporting by selling products with the children’s paintings on them. programs used: illustrator, indesign, photoshop our project received recognition at the regional level. programs used: illustrator, indesign, photoshop

Paint South Africa


Material Boards

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Sweet Pete’s

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the spokane public market is designed to be part of a central community gathering and meeting place close to the downtown spokane business core. It is a place where the community can interact with regional food and farm producers, artisans and other unique small businesses which produce products that celebrate the creativity and vitality of the northwest. sweet pete’s is a gastropub in the spokane public market designed to make spokane residents comfortable to come hangout and enjoy one of a kind food and drinks based on local fruits and vegetables that are in season at the neighboring market. the goal is for sweet pete’s to become a “third place” for citizens of spokane, wa.


2013 Portfolio  

A compilation of my best interior design work

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