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Parking At WKU

Parking at Western Kentucky has always been a hassle, however, with this guide to parking, parking will be a snap! In this lovley brochure I will show the best places to parking in relation to the dorms. I know that when I first came to WKU, I was so confused on where to park, that is why I want to make it easy on you!

Now If you Live in the dorm Bemis Lawerence Hall, you will want to park in either PFT lot or Barnes lot. The PFT lot is the lot that sits in the middle between Zacharias Hall, Merideth Hall, PFT, and Barned Hall. There are over 100 parking spots, but with as many students at Western and the fact that freshman can have their cars on campus, makes it very hard to find a spot. On the next page there are some tips for getting a spot!

Student Guide for Parking On Campus There are many things one can do to ensure that you will get a good parking spot! I like to think of myself as a person who always gets an awesome parking spot, and with these tips, you can too!

#1. Get Prepared- Do not just automatically think that you will get a spot, remember to prepare yourself to look for the best one! #2. Never Give Up!-It may seem like you have been looking forever, but remember someone is going to leave eventually! #3. Always Watch for People!- There is always hope when someone is walking in the lot!


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