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Excel Tips and Tricks converting lists of names using EXCEL Have you ever asked a coach or clubs adviser for the names of their members only to receive the list in all caps, last name first, in excel and in separate cells? You end up retyping it? Well here are some easy tips to fix all of these issues. Combining names in one cell and changing first name last 1. No matter how you get the list- copy and past it into excel 2. If it is last name first in separate cells then select the last name column - copy and past it into row “c” - now the first name is first 3. To combine the names into one cell you will need a formulaa. In row one - in the column to the right of the last name (if you moved the last names- your first name should be in column B and last name is in column C so you should type the formula in column D b. FORMULA Type =b1&” “&c1 c. Hit return - the formula should be replaced by both names d. next place your curser in the corner of that cell - it will turn into a plus - hold down the mouse and drag down the entire column and all the names should change. 4. Now you can copy and paste that row into InDesign or HJeDesign. If you have InDesign, you can also change the type to Title Caps and replace the list from returns into continual type with commas.

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