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Christ Church MORETON HALL Once again I find myself in the strange position of writing an article when momentous events are about to happen and I don’t know the outcome. Whatever I write here will seem outdated and irrelevant once we know the results. There are two things dominating our thinking at the moment. One is the outcome of the referendum, “To leave or not to leave – that is the question” (to paraphrase Shakespeare), and of course England’s progress in the European Cup.

either totally convinced by the flimsiest of evidence or, more like me, somewhat confused by who to believe and what is the truth. It is so sad that the debate has degenerated into little more than a slanging match.

That is why the tragic death of Jo Cox has brought everything into sharp relief. Whatever the mental state and beliefs of her murderer, he must have genuinely believed that he was doing good and something positive by murdering a defenceless woman who had given The reason I pair these together is firstly because herself in public service. the outcomes of both are Written out in cold print, it seems illogical and, if I so uncertain. When you might say so, mad. But see minnow teams like Albania doing so well and nonetheless, that is the process that was going other, more successful on. I am quite sure he sides like France, playing thought he was doing so badly you begin to something to save his wonder. Then, there is country and himself from the contrariness of the some terrible disaster referees’ decisions; one that lay ahead. false move can make such a difference to so One of the outcomes of many people and the this lady’s tragic death outcome of history. The is that it seems to have same parallels can be sobered the nation. made of the EU debate. What on earth are we Most people I talk to are doing if people are going 82 | JULY 2016

to kill other people over the uncertainties of the future? I hope in the last few days it will lead to a more measured response and sober consideration and prayer by everyone who votes. As I sit down with my family evening after evening to watch some of the football, I am struck by the thought of the billions of pounds paid in tickets, salaries, advertising and organisation, just so a few people can kick a football about and win a title which is quickly forgotten, (how many people can remember the European champions of thirty years ago, twenty years ago or even ten years ago). One begins to wonder about what we see as a priority in our lives. Perhaps that is the point of football tournaments; they are a distraction from the horrors that are all around us every day. The other thing is that I am struck that the death of one person changed everything for everybody. Jesus Christ’s death opened a way from the certainty of death to the promise of eternal life

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