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June was another fantastic month for golf, the highlight being The US Open championship. Oakmont lived up to its billing of being one of the hardest courses in the USA, it looked to be in first class condition and played very tough as we have come to expect from a US Open course. Great win for Dustin Johnson who was put under extreme pressure in the final round not only by trying to win his first major but by the USGA for a rules decision. It was amazing to watch just how he stayed focused in that situation and got the job done. Golfing treats keep coming in July July see’s two majors taking place to make room in the schedule for the Olympic golf event in August. Its time for the BIG one, The Open Championship 2016 at Royal Troon. The course, which took its current form in 1888, is designed in the traditional out-and-back manner of the Old Course at St Andrews. A gentle opening few holes and relatively straightforward closing stretch are the bookends for a series of holes which weave up, round and through some of the most striking links land to be found at any of the host venues. This makes the strength and direction of the wind even more important than usual on a links course: if the wind is against the players on the back nine, it’s as tough a finish as can be found anywhere. Whatever the weather this course will make sure we are fully entertained for the four days, but as with every major who will win? My Pick: Sergio Garcia The second major of July is the US PGA Championship; this is the final chance for 2016 to put your name in the history books and become a major champion. Baltusrol has hosted many events in the past and the winner here of the 2016 PGA championship will be added to a growing list of top class winners around this golf course. Jack Nicklaus, U.S. Open Champion at Baltusrol, 1967 & 1980 My Pick: Coaches Corner – Green Side Great Escape’s This month we are going to focus on bunker play, now

its at this time of year everyone longs to be on a beach somewhere warm. However, if you were to ask some golfers they would prefer to be anywhere but in the sand. So its time to change this, these few simple tips will allow you to approach bunkers with a lot more confidence and achieve better results. Like so many shots in golf, you need to set up well. The image below shows you how to set up to escape, with a little practice this position will start to feel natural. Set Up: • Ball positioned forward in the stance. • Feet aligned at or slightly left of target. • Weight positioned 70% forward on lead foot. (left foot for right handed golfer) • Club handle relaxed and pointing back towards your centre. From this great set up position I would like you to focus on three main points. Target Draw a line in the sand and practice hitting that line over and over, when you can hit the line 4 times in row then your ready to put a ball down around 2 inches in front of the line and complete the same exercise. Speed To get the ball out of most bunkers takes some force, so its essential to have speed going through the impact area of this shot. As you can see from the image, I have taken the club back a good distance to ensure that I hit my target (the line) with some speed in the club head. Loft Lastly, make sure your using enough loft to allow you to get out easily. Use a sand wedge or lob wedge and even on occasions open these clubs up as well to activate even more loft to be used while playing this shot. If you are still struggling from bunkers after this, or any other part of your game then I would be pleased to assist you in enjoying this game more. As this should be the most important aspect for anyone’s round of golf. If you quote MHD or SGD when booking your first lesson with me then you will receive £5 off, below are my contact details please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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