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Editorial Summer 2013

The Theme: Back to Nature The Intent:To reach as many people as possible who are looking to advance their spiritual understanding at a time of great transition.

Hi everyone, The last few months have taken me to Scotland, a place I have always felt strangely connected to without ever really understanding why. The colours of the every changing landscape? The wisdom of the majestic mountains? The haggis? The history that seems to connect through every season? After a series of synchronistic events, I was in The Trossocks ( a mountain region about an hour past Edinburgh) amongst a group of ladies (and one man) connecting with my creativity through art and dance or so I thought... I was actually there for a period of deep remembrance, to experience the power of the river, the deep history of past ritualistic ceremonies and the absolute necessity to touch base with Mother Nature and respect her flow. I was reminded of the arrogance of the human race to think we can continue to disrepect this planet in the name of 'advancement' when she is so capable of destroying us at will with very little effort. How much must she love us to continue to support us, feed us, keep us protected and

nurture us when all we do is drain her resources and choose not to listen when she chides us gently for our behaviour. Ocassionally she lashes out and reminds us of her power; it might be a tornado or an earthquake then we wonder at her magnificent power. But not for long, and certainly not long enough to listen to her request for consideration. This edition of More to Life is dedicated to Mother Nature, to getting back to basics and to a remembrance of who we, as souls and as human beings really are. This is a time for authenticity, to be ourselves, warts and all and to value our place on this planet. Change is coming - and fast! Can listening to our Mother help us? Isnt that where most of us ran to as children when things were unfamiliar? - to the safety of our mother's arms. I have a strong belief that is what we should be doing now. Looking to our Mother for guidance...she has seen a lot more of life than us and is sure to help if we ask for it... Jayne Editor

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'fear killeth a gallant hero before they even leave their village'


More to Life

Stepping onto


Around 14 years ago I was having a major life crisis. I was unhappy, near broke, ill, lost and felt like I was meant to be doing something more with my life. So, I left my old world behind and went on a quest to find answers. A few thousand miles later, I found a spiritual master who had the expanse of heart that I had yearned for my whole life.

That teacher, Peggy Dylan, helped me to find myself back then and has been my master ever since. In the years that followed, I’ve had the good fortune to continue my spiritual education with this woman, plus other shamans and mystics. They sent me on a long journey, that has been extremely challenging at times and also the greatest adventure I could ever have dreamt of. The journey bared fruits beyond my wildest expectations, I found happiness and a love for life that seemed like a distant dream before. This article is based on the gems I discovered on that quest. My hope is that those illuminating discoveries can be as useful to you as they are to me. The quest is the name I have chosen to describe our decision and more importantly, our active steps to discover meaning and purpose to our life. This inevitably involves leaving the safety of our old life behind and stepping or jumping into the unknown. There is a great difference in the outcome from the praxis of spiritual seeking as opposed to theory alone. Beyond intellectual concepts, we leave on a journey that requires sacrifice, risk and a little dash of craziness! And lets not forget the vital ingredient of trust/faith. Our quest can be sparked in many ways. A common spark for many of us is a life crisis. For others it may begin with an intellectual itch that becomes a feverish rash. The symptoms may also include a frustration with our existing reality. We start asking questions such as, ‘Is this it’? Inspiring or intense dreams may also be experienced. Something has been awoken in our subconscious that will not be pacified. And just to shake up our comfortable old world even more… People, places and gatherings can start to hold profound messages and insights… Sound familiar? More than often, a place or event starts calling us. It is on both the journey and arrival at that destination that magic awaits! Winter 2012 |

There must be a catch? Yes there is… fear. Fear killeth many a gallant hero before they even leave their village. What if I go on this journey and nothing changes? I don’t have enough (fill in the blanks) to make this happen? Maybe I need to just stop dreaming and get on with my life. This is a minuscule offering of fearful thoughts compared to the unlimited resources available in our minds. Fortunately the awakening soul has a might of power behind it that can navigate us through the darkest of fears. The Irish poet and scholar John O’Donohue expresses beautifully this stage of our journey; ‘Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing, which will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment’. There’s no turning back, we have an inner (and

We’re off to see the Wizard! maybe outer) voice that is encouraging us to follow our hearts calling. We have slain our fears, or at least outrun them temporarily. So we decide to pack our bag, leave some things behind (this list can include partners, jobs, homes, countries and old beliefs). Then armed with a ticket and a mandatory newage book about following our dreams, we’re off. Joking apart, you’re now one in a million.

What the quest can look like Too many people have given us their interpretation of what our specific quest should be. I won’t insult your soul by doing that. I would rather share some insights, learnt through experience, which may be of help. >>cont'd


Points to consider on your quest Resonate towards places and people who intrigue your soul. Let a rising of your energy and feelings of happiness, be your guiding star. Check in regularly to see if your quest is nurturing kindness and loving care, in and around you? When the road gets tough, remember the determination and love that emanated from past questers like Mother Teresa or Gandhi as they travelled on their road. Don’t panic buy or be pushed in a direction by manipulative lines like, ‘You need to do this or go there’, hold onto your credit card and hit the road. Avoid people who claim to have elevated themselves above human suffering and who are all knowing. Instead find a spiritual master or teacher who’s further along the road than you, who can support you from experience – not from books and ideologies. Benefit from the wisdom of teachers who stand in a lineage. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers who their masters are, were. By thankful for the discoveries of what you don’t want. When you arrive at places of power for you, you will not need a guide to tell you to ‘feel it’. You will know it. Forgive those who point you in the wrong direction. Include yourself in that forgiveness. Don’t take yourself too seriously, your shamans and guides certainly won’t! Become more attuned to the guidance of your innerself. Drink to your hearts content, from the places your soul thirsts for.

Stephen Mulhearn teaches ecstatic rituals around the world. Together with his wife, (who he met on his quest) he owns Lendrick Lodge, a centre

Keep working through and processing your fears as they arise. It’s not because you’re doing something wrong that you’re still processing old hurts, trauma and fears on the quest. You’re doing something right. This dilemma is referred to as ‘the shamans wound’. It never fully heals, that way we always have compassion for all our fellow travelers; both those already on the quest and those gathering the resources to take their first brave steps.

for transformation in the Scottish Trossachs. He runs regular workshops in Lendrick Lodge that inspire people to fulfill their quest. Next year, his first documentary

Transcendence – The Quest

will be released. 8

Visit him at

May blessings and good fortune flow to

you and from you; as you discover the wonder of who you truly are.

Copyright Stephen Mulhearn 2013

More to Life

Lendrick Lodge – A magical centre for transformation in the heart of nature Do you thirst for a life based on joy, with a deep sense of direction and belonging? Have you been waiting to experience lasting fulfilment and feelings of life success? This beauty of life truly exists… awaken it within you on Sundoor Initiation!

Sundoor Initiation in Scotland Fri 26th July-Fri 2nd August 2013

A quest of the soul that transforms lives around the world. With spiritual master Peggy Dylan & Stephen Mulhearn

and compassion Sundoor’s Peggy Dylan is known for her illuminating presence, flowing love transcendence. of energy le in waves that flood your body and mind with an unquestionab Your invitation to a week of miraculous healing and incomparable joy.

Lendrick Lodge: • International School for Shamanic Training with Stephen Mulhearn • International School for Reiki & Healing Training • Sundoor European Training Centre – Ancient rituals & Breathwork • World-class Yoga teachers including Sandra Sabatini • Love Your Body Detox • A beautiful, loving centre to hire for your own group


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Lendrick Lodge, Brig 0’ Turk, Callander FK17 8HR, Scotland, UK Tel: 01877 376 263 Email: Winter 2012 |


Eliminating Loneliness For some people the concept of not having to consider another living soul is their idea of bliss. However for many others having to face ‘life’ alone is heartbreaking. The fear that lies at the root of loneliness primarily stems from the concept that if we don’t matter to anyone or anything else, are not worthy in some way, our very existence is futile – this is the worst kind of loneliness.


ut what if we could realise our true worth and eliminate this fear for all time? If we could see ourselves as we really are then perhaps we would finally understand the ripple that our life sets in motion and sustains in Creation, matters beyond measure. At some point in our lives we all face loneliness; whether it is brought about by external events such as bereavement or exhaustion as we use our energy to suppress our unconscious fears. In reality most of our fears comprise of our imaginings of the unknown. As we make something known then so the fear reduces, all we need, ironically, to combat loneliness is some time alone. As we learn to let go of our fears and love ourselves then not only do we eliminate loneliness but we also grow in love and in life. And it is now, at this time in our human evolution, that the very powers/energies that sparked all we know are coming together again to support us in our endeavour to eliminate primal loneliness. They take the form of angelic assistance, planetary power and the sacred language of numbers. Until now people have connected with angelic assistance at the lowest vibration - that of the Angels and Archangels. But from 6th June, 2013 the gates open to the arenas of Principalities, Powers, Virtues, Dominions and Thrones. For instance Throne Archangel Raziel is working with the energies of Pluto and Uranus to help us be transparent, revealing our pasts and restoring order. We can then start from a level playing field of purity, without shame. Released of the burden of shame we can cease to worry about what people think of us and we can let go of judging ourselves and others. We would ‘know’ ourselves to be ‘divine’, having a human experience, living with soul in our human body, bringing our positive soul energies into existence. After all, our common ‘soul purpose’ is to manifest our divine qualities into this physical world. 10


ris, a newly-discovered dwarf planet currently influencing our heavens, was named after the Greek Goddess of Chaos and Discord and noone can deny that there is chaos and discord not only globally but also within our individual lives. The slow moving outer planets including Saturn and Uranus have been encouraging us to look internally and Pluto is currently retrograde, asking us to look at our hidden fears and the lack of use of our personal power. So it appears, yet again, everything is coming together to give us the opportunity to continue our journey of self-revelation and conscious evolution with particular attention to letting go of shame, thus Eliminating our Fear of Loneliness and enabling us to create deeply fulfilling intimate relationships. Last year we had ‘5.5.5’- 5th May 2012. Five being the number of change, motion, freedom and exploration it is also said to represent the microcosm (the individual). This year we will have ‘6.6.6’- 6th June 2013. Despite the largely commercial hype around the number ‘6’ and its somewhat negative portrayal to those in the numerical know it is in fact the number of the macrocosm (the collective). It is about creativity, family, relationships and success. The number 6 has always been the holy vibration of light focusing on love, marriage, home, family, nurturing, compassion, healing, service and success. In modern times the success aspect of 6 has focused on the material and financial aspects of life and how this relates to our home and families. However its true emphasis is more about humanitarianism, justice, personal responsibility, honesty, and integrity. The trio of 6’s popularly associated with ‘Lucifer’ (light bearer or morning star) has less to do with some demon-like beast than a reflection of its true association with the Sun and Carbon (CO2) which is the chemical basis of all physical life. It has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The shape of carbon molecules points to the hexagram, which is an ancient symbol of unity. This year on 6th June 2013 we have three times the opportunity of eliminating our fears and creating successful bonds. Bringing this trio of 6’s together we arrive at ‘18’ which is considered the holiest of numbers because it has the power to both create and destroy. As such we can use this energy to eliminate what we no longer need in our lives and our world as well as to create something new and wonderful. Whether you chose to unravel the mysteries of yourself, with self-help books, on-line training, workshops, coaching, counselling or retreats it is something we all have to face at some point in our lives. However much we may avoid it, the time will come when we are forced to so we might as well do it willingly now whilst the Angels, the Planets and Numerology are conspiring to help us.

Joylina Goodings More to Life

'enabling us to create deeply fulfilling intimate relationships'

Winter 2012 |



More to Life

Miraculously manifested on a bathroom mirror in Barcelona, Spain, in August 2001, Maitreya's 'hand' can be used to ask for help. By placing a hand over it, or simply looking at it, Maitreya's healing and help can be invoked (subject to karmic law).

Aspects of

Maitreya's Teaching





head of a group of



Previously a journalist with the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, Patricia Pitchon is a London-based freelance journalist and psychotherapist, who also works with refugees.


as the Masters of the



disciple of one of the Masters of the Wisdom, the Scottish painter Benjamin Creme, an author, lecturer and teacher of Transmission Meditation, has for nearly forty years informed the general public about Maitreya’s teachings and purpose, and the fact of his imminent emergence at this critical time in our evolution.

Buddhists await Maitreya as the forthcoming Buddha, and others know him by other names or titles, such as the Lord of Love or the Teacher Alike of Angels and Men; still others think of him as the Christ of the Aquarian Age, or an incarnation of Krishna, or a long-awaited saviour, an avatar (from the Sanskrit root meaning ‘one who descends to teach’) or simply as the World Teacher. It is often said of true spiritual teachers that ‘by their works ye shall know them’.

How then, to assess Maitreya? Many works are increasingly reported around the world (including much healing and teaching, miraculous signs such as crosses of light, circles of light, and more recently a beautiful ‘star’ in the heavens heralding Maitreya’s coming, extraordinary dreams and visions, deeply inspiring direct encounters, and experiences of bliss and divine love). Many have written to Share International, a monthly magazine edited by Mr Creme, with fascinating accounts and photographs. Teaching and healing are the main functions of true masters. Maitreya says: ‘I have not come to found a new religion. I have come to teach you the art of Self-realisation’. He adds that the practice of honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment creates awareness, and in this state we are liberated from ‘bondage’, meaning conditioning. In that state of awareness, we move from the state of ‘Becoming’ (existence in time and space) to the state of Being, where the Self does not act; the Self witnesses. Maitreya says: “Whether you are a thief or a saint”, you can begin now. The ‘witness’ in this sense is not simply an onlooker. Rather, we fulfil our tasks and duties, but the Self remains unattached to the results, and thus we experience real freedom and a sense of joy. In the last few decades we have seen enormous changes in the world, and despite the apprehension of change, there is a growing awareness of its necessity.

Benjamin Creme, artist and author, has been lecturing worldwide for almost 40 years on the emergence into the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Creme's books, sixteen at present have been translated into many langages, transforming the lives of millions.


t this time of a difficult transition between old and new political, social, economic, environmental and religious forms which are part of the genuine, developing New Age, Maitreya underlines the urgency of the hour in his many messages and lately, in appearances on television in various countries: first in the United States, then in Mexico and later in Brazil (more than eighty appearances so far). Recent news is that he has begun a series of interviews in Russia. This process will culminate in a worldwide appeal, where people will hear his message inwardly, and feel Maitreya’s energy of love in their hearts. This historic day will be called the Day of Declaration. aitreya’s television appearances are incognito for the present time, as he wishes people to respond with free will to his ideas, his analysis of our current problems and to his call to service, because it makes sense to them, not simply because of who Maitreya is. The most urgent priority, in his view, is to feed the starving millions. There is enough food; the problem is distribution, which can be accomplished through sufficient public and political will. The idea of a saviour who will do it all for us is quite different from Maitreya’s view. He says: “I can only save through you”. He will play his part, but we must play ours. For five years (1977 to 1982) Benjamin Creme, during his regular public lectures at Friends House in London, received via mental telepathy, a series of messages from Maitreya. Mr Creme explained these messages are great mantras: pronouncing them aloud invokes Maitreya’s energy. Using these Messages as mantras in this manner enables us to ponder them, to be moved by them and to act upon them. 16

Part of one of Maitreya’s most arresting messages is this: “My Coming evokes in man a desire for change, a desire for betterment, however expressed. My Energies engender in man divine discontent.All that is useless in our structures must go. There are many such which are unworthy of man today. Man is an emerging God and thus requires the formation of modes of living which will allow this God to flourish.

How can you be content with the modes within which you now live: -when millions starve and die in squalor; -when the rich parade their wealth before the poor; -when each man is his neighbour’s enemy; -when no man trusts his brother? For how long must you live thus, My friends? For how long can you support this degradation? My plan and My duty is to reveal to you a new way, a way forward which will permit the divine in man to shine forth.” And he adds: “My Teaching is simple:

Justice, Sharing and Love are divine aspects. To manifest his divinity, man must embrace these three. May the Divine Light and Love and Power of the One Most Holy God be now manifest within your hearts and minds. May this manifestation bring you to the realisation of your part in the Great Plan.” (From Maitreya’s Message No.81, Messages from Maitreya the Christ. Share International Foundation)

Lectures by Benjamin Creme take place regularly at Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 Admission is free More to Life

Winter 2012 |


Once Upon a Time.....

we were wonderful

The story of ‘us’ - how we came to be and why - has as many variations as there are belief systems and personal opinions. Yet the art of storytelling; passing on such wisdoms and life lessons, is intrinsic to all the peoples of Earth. And when bound together as a collection, all the various tales of our first experiences as humans on this plant shine a beautiful light on one particular ingredient – alchemy! Once real ‘magic’(our instincts and intuitions), not only kept us alive but allowed us to ‘communicate’ with the natural world around us in such a way that food, shelter and medicine were available and in sufficient quantities for us to thrive. We manifested deep relationships with animals, plants, minerals and the elements based on respect and gratitude. We consciously gave thanks to the ‘essence’ of all the ingredients that gave us life. Our reward was a life that continued to become less of a struggle. This freed up time to contemplate; to start creating ideas and stories of our own to share with others in an attempt to both examine life and to keep the magic of our environment alive. The film ‘Avatar’ employed ideas and stories told in shamanic cultures from Northern Europe to the South pacific. It may appear to be the stuff of dreams, but all of us are still capable of finding and exercising the connection with nature. Many already have such a bond with their animals. It might have looked the stuff of fantasy for one being to be ‘sensitively’ joined to another, flying through the air, but is no more far-fetched than the bond between a rider and their horse. In other films we see humans ‘morphing’ into animal form or other beings. Perhaps transformations like these were more about an expression of our ability to understand the primal urges to such an extent that we could ‘hone’ that animal or etheric quality – be it speed, strength or heightened sensory perception. Even today, under duress, people have been known to perform superhuman fetes. 18

We have within us the potential to become ‘super’ humans, connected intrinsically to the energy that creates all matter on Earth. By returning to a place of respect and gratitude rather than dominance through separation, we can align our energy again with that of the Cosmos. We become a ‘life giving’ part of ‘Eden’ rather than the parasite. The loss of Eden – the ideal ‘home’ for all, may simply have come about when we believed ourselves to be separate from it and superior to it. Like all good stories, there is a lesson to be learned, not to punish or humiliate, but to teach and help prevent another negative outcome in the future. As with the classical story of our ‘fall’ the part to the villain; the snake, the Devil or our greed, is fulfilling a herculean task – to show us what not to do, or to pursue, in the future. Crucial to all stories is the role of the anti-hero. Without one, no point of reference would exist. Take the story of the Morning Star and the little Blackfoot girl who fell in love with him. He was twinkling irresistibly in the heavens just before day break. She decided to forsake her world to be with him. Sounds romantic, but does not bode well for the girl who is eventually sent back to earth to eventually succumb to her unhappiness. In this story (which goes on to include the fate of their ‘star-child’ son ‘Poia’) the anti-hero could be seen as the set of rules that govern the girl on the earth and in the heavens, or Morning Star for tempting her, or even her own blind desires. But in truth the anti-hero presents opportunities for her to learn, time and time again. She does not but Poia eventually does and his journey is now a revered one. The really amazing thing in all of this is that we exist at all. We are the stuff of fairy-tales and bedtime stories. Beings that can love and create, that can imagine and solve problems, that can find ways to thrive in all four corners of the globe and that, in time, can come to appreciate how the rest of existence supports us and helps us to transform our way of living, from what and how much we eat, to how we harness energy. All the most incredible life changing stories ever told came from us and our magical experiences, both consciously and unconsciously, in the physical world and in virtual realms. We can travel through time, explore new abilities and then manifest them for all to see or hear. We can inspire others, awaken visions in them and give hope. We must remember to look upon and digest all that is on offer to us with awe and wonder so that we can become full of wonder again. More to Life

To find out about this and other thought provoking material from our resident consciousness commentator Kate Osborne please visit

Winter 2012 |


New books on Healing, Paganism & the Occult Calling to the White Tribe Rebirthing Indigenous, Earth-Saving Wisdom Ed (EaglE Man) Mcgaa

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Colin Wilson’s ‘Occult Trilogy’ A guide for students colin StanlEy

Paperback: May 31, 2013 978-1-84694-706-3 $14.95 £9.99 eBook: May 31, 2013 978-1-84694-679-0 $9.99 £6.99.


Spiritual Medicine

7 Spiritual Potions to Heal Your Life ciSSi WilliaMS Paperback: March 29, 2013 978-1-78099-640-0 $14.95 £9.99 eBook: March 29, 2013 978-1-78099-641-7 $9.99 £6.99.



Find more books like these at More to Life Available from all high street and online bookshops.

Living from the Heart

More to Life are delighted to welcome Josie Wood to our team with her new regular column that explores how to live from our hearts more fully… enriching our personal lives and our world.

Your Heart Loves You When we love ourselves everything in our life unfolds with greater ease and grace, but sometimes we struggle to actually do it. Let your heart help you with that. Your heart loves you unconditionally - just as you are, and you carry this wellspring of love around within you, all day every day, ready to light up your life. So follow these steps – and see yourself as your heart sees you… •Put your hand over your heart area and breathe in and out of your heart. •Soften your chest area and sink down into the welcoming peace of your heart. •Allow any busy thoughts to drop down into your heart to be embraced and soothed. •Let all your needs drop down into your heart to be embraced and supported. •Feel yourself to be loved and cared for as you hear your heart say these words…

By Josie Wood In the next edition Josie will share more resources and inspiration to help you live from your heart.

Winter 2012 |

I am always here, loving you constantly. I love everything that you are…exactly as you are. Breathe into me even more deeply now and let yourself melt into the warmth of this love, at your core. Allow my heartlight to flow through you. Sense its energy expand to fill your being. Recognise t hat this peaceful power fills you first… loves you first, before it extends into out the world.’


'a potential reservoir of spiritual energy that lies within us all'


More to Life

Is your Kundalini rising? We have all heard the expression 'Kundalini Rising' but how many of us actually know what Kundalini is and does it matter if it is rising? Gabriel Morris explains all...


undalini is a Sanskrit word that literally means “coiled�. It refers to a potent reservoir of spiritual energy that lies within us all, and which is most often latent,

or unrealized and thus coiled up. It is generally agreed to reside at the base of the spine in the area known as the root chakra. Through various yoga practices, pranayama (yogic breathing), tantric exercises and other means this energy can be tapped into, awakened and allowed to uncoil; in which case what is often times experienced is a current of vital energy that rises up the spine and flows into the mind.

However, the effects on the person experiencing kundalini awakening can be extremely wide-ranging, from sensations of joy, bliss and creativity to the opposite spectrum of physical pain, fear and emotional distress. As one who experienced an unexpected, spontaneous awakening of the kundalini energy more than 18 years ago, I know full well the challenges that can come about from such a powerful inner experience—especially when you're only 22 years old and don't understand what has just happened! Winter 2012 |

I had been practicing yoga and meditation for almost two years, and had done a lot of spiritual reading on a variety of topics. I was familiar with kundalini yoga, but had never actually read a description of kundalini energy or an account of kundalini awakening. I was lying on my back in deep meditation one evening, when I felt suddenly as if something like a ball of energy had wiggled at the base of my spine. I had the general sense that this ball of energy wanted to move upwards, and so I allowed it to. It flowed up my spine, and then exploded into my brain with a force I couldn't have possibly anticipated, even if I had had some previous knowledge of the concept. Following this initial experience, I then found myself accessing a whole range of intense energies within that challenged me in ways beyond description. I was quite overwhelmed, to say the least, for a period of several months. And working with this energy dominated my life to a great extent for a number of years. Of course, once this occurred I set out to find answers as to what had happened and how exactly to deal with it. I soon came across a book by an Indian man, Gopi Krisna, titled Living with Kundalini. He experienced a similar spontaneous kundalini awakening at the age of 34 in the 1930s in India, that mirrored my own experience remarkably. This reassured me that I wasn't just going crazy, but had experienced a legitimate and welldocumented spiritual phenomenon, which had a process to it. I understood that I wouldn't be struggling with this energy forever, but that there was an ultimate purpose to it that was accelerating my spiritual growth and leading towards something that was ultimately very positive.



shifted one's perception and experience of reality instantaneously, then it is most likely the beginning of a spiritual process that, however strange, challenging and mysterious it might seem, is intended to propel a person into a more awakened state of being.

One person might find themselves experiencing waves of joy, bliss and creative energy, unable to sleep much, so they spend the nights practicing art and dancing spontaneously. Another person might find various supernatural powers awakened, such as seeing auras, the third eye opening or remembering past lives. Someone else might experience a barrage of unpleasant symptoms that could seem a lot more like a mental disorder than a spiritual awakening.

Gabriel Morris is a world traveller and author of Kundalini and the Art of Being, Kundalini and the Power of Awakening and other books.

ver the years I've read many different accounts of the experience in various books, as well as received dozens of emails from people detailing their personal experiences. What has become clear is that, although there tends to be a core similarity in terms of an awakening of internal energy that generally originates at the base of the spine, rises up the spine passing through the chakras and then invigorates the mind; there is usually a whole host of other symptoms and unique energetic experiences that follows, which differ wildly from one person to the next.

Regardless, the important thing to keep in mind is that if this all came about due to a sudden, spontaneous jolt of inner energy which 24

Eighteen years later, I can say that I'm still somewhere along the journey, as I still feel as if I'm within the process of finding complete balance with the energy. But those initial difficult symptoms have long since faded away, and over the years I've had a number of powerful, profound experiences that have shown me that its ultimate function is to bring about a greater sense of peace, bliss and love that truly comes from within, as opposed to being based on transitory outer circumstances.

For much more information about the kundalini awakening experience and process, feel free to visit his website at, or You Tube channel at More to Life

UK enquiry line: 0333 332 1996

NEW VENUES in 2013 in MANCHESTER & LIVERPOOL Winter 2012 |



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the power of accomodation Release the idea of what should be happening, deal with ‘what is’... by Rose Kelly The Power to Accommodate and Adjust, illustrates what it means to ‘accommodate’ people and situations in your life from a more spiritual perspective. Have you ever really wanted something and then become very frustrated when things don’t work out as you'd hoped? For instance, if you didn’t get the job you wanted or the relationship you thought would change everything or the course of study that you thought would make many improvements to your life? If you find yourself ruled by these ‘would haves’ and ’should haves’, it's time to embrace the Power of Accommodation. Winter 2012 |

It is the ability to accept whatever has happened, to merge it in your reservoir of experiences and move on. As this is often easier said than done, I decided to find out how it practically works from those who've made choices to activate their inner powers on a daily basis. This led me to visit the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre just outside Oxford. The people who live there practise Raja Yoga meditation. One, a resident for over 16 years, commented, "Living in a group is a challenge. If you've been married, you may know the challenges of living with just one person. Amplify that by 25! Accommodation Power is essential in relationships to understand, respect and blend in with personalities and different types of individuals."

In everyday life we are faced with relationships and situations that challenge our ability to remain peaceful. If we try to control them by forcing our will, we end up frustrated and unhappy and make others unhappy. Alternatively, if the relationship or situation is ‘accommodated’ and not forced, the result will be positive and powerful.

Brigitte who is part of the team at the Centre’s reception says, "If I've fixed ideas, I can't ‘accommodate’ because I'll reject anything that doesn't fit in with my preconceptions. You need to have a big heart and stretch yourself internally to accept people or situations as they are and to work with that." Such a behavioural response seemingly comes from an awareness of the self as a spiritual being with innate positive qualities of love, peace, harmony and respect.

In a picture at the centre of the Eight Powers, the one that relates to the Power to Accommodate shows rivers merging into the sea. As the rivers empty into the ocean, the ocean accepts what each of the rivers brings with it. Neville, an author and journalist points out, "One way to ‘accommodate’ is to broaden the context of whatever has happened. This can make you feel less reactive. I can respond differently to the knocks that come my way when I clear my mind and understand that there's no point wasting energy and thoughts about what has happened. Resistance to what's happened is futile, it just hurts you." 27

However, it is apparent that if this is taken too far, a person could become expert at people pleasing, ‘accommodating’ anything and everything. Neville points out, "We also learn about the Power to Face. This is a balancing power to use in situations where you have to stand up against something that is wrong. All the powers work together. When you use one, they all begin to work better because they're connected and they stem from the same inner strength”.

As I leave the Centre, I meet Brigitte at reception going through accommodation lists. She catches my attention with her shining eyes, "I realise that we use this word 'accommodation' to fit in all the people who come here. You accommodate to a certain capacity and then when there's extra, you fit them in.

As I leave Oxford and the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre, I decide to experiment with the Power to Accommodate and allow my thoughts to flow to future situations where I shan’t place any limitations and allow myself to manoeuvre and already I can feel myself becoming more peaceful with the just the thought of not resisting.

Matthew uses his experience of Hatha Yoga and Martial Arts to explain that ‘accommodating’ is part of the experience of flowing. "It's about not being rigid. Martial Arts teaches you to manoeuvre, to allow yourself not to lose power and at the same time not to be in a position where you're challenged or compromised in such a way that you can't recover. Managing to ‘accommodate’ in that sense, I allow things to flow rather than to oppose them. I adapt to circumstances and manoeuvre rather than go head on into a situation."

I feel that when you have the real Power to Accommodate you're not constantly resisting what is happening around you." I raise my eyebrows and she continues, "If there's no resistance and I allow things to be as they are without wanting to change them, people and situations start to co-operate with me. Ultimately, if I want my life to be easy, I have no choice – I have to realise where I placed limitations and move beyond them."

In short, to accommodate is to be open to the ideas, desires, actions and presence of others whilst staying true to my authentic self. How far can my capacity expand? How many can I find room for in my house and in my heart? Accepting and adapting to circumstances and making the most of what I have is a practical application of accommodation. To accommodate is to merge the past and be alive to the present.


copyright Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK): Registered Charity Number 269971 (England & Wales) SC040512 (Scotland)

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Would you love to be in relationship? Do you feel trapped when you are in a relationship? Are you frightened of being hurt? Jan Day, our relationship expert talks about intimacy and how to achieve healthy, adult relationships. 30

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Article by Jan Day

Fear of Intimacy... "I never seem to meet anyone." "I just don’t have time, money or energy to meet someone." "Don't like any of the people I meet" I find myself unattracted as soon as they fall in love with me." "All the good ones are already taken." "It's not worth the effort because they always leaven when we're getting close."

Sound familiar? If so, you may be frightened of intimacy. So why do we avoid intimacy when it seems to be what we most want and that nourishes us so deeply? First we should clarify what we mean by intimacy. To be intimate implies a deep knowing, a level of transparency that lets us see ourselves and the one we are intimate with. We can be intimate without being sexual at all, and we can be sexual without being intimate but the starting point for any intimacy with another is to be intimate with our own selves. Intimacy starts with listening, getting to know and accept ourselves, and learning to BE with ourselves including with the less easy parts of ourselves. This listening kindly to our own self gives us a foundation to be able to express what is true for us without needing to pretend or numb ourselves out. Once at home with ourselves, we can start to reveal our inner world to another person and show them who we are, what we feel right now and at the same time see them for who they are. Intimacy is to BE and make friends with all that we feel and from this place to connect with each other. When we are intimate, we are open, nothing is hidden. In revealing that to another we become vulnerable, unprotected, open to being hurt and also open to all the fears and demands of the other. They could walk away, reject, ridicule, or they could want more than we want to give, engulf us, or we could lose ourselves in them and forget we have a separate existence.

So no wonder we're frightened of intimacy. But in avoiding it and protecting ourselves from these perils - we also protect ourselves from really being seen and being loved. So if we are frightened of intimacy we need to learn to be aware of the fear and instead of covering it up or pushing it away as we usually do, learn to do the opposite to what we’re used to: give our fear a soft welcoming space, putting our arms around all our fears, and being gentle and accepting with ourselves. Exploring intimacy in a workshop situation, it is quickly obvious that many people naturally feel more comfortable alone than in intimate connection, and feel uncomfortable and even afraid if any intimacy is prolonged. Let us call one member of this group Peter. At the other end of the spectrum, we find someone like Jane, who feels much more comfortable when close and connected than she does when she is alone. But simultaneously she feels anxious and afraid that she will lose that closeness and so she also has fears around intimacy and may avoid it in order to avoid the loss and grief it may bring her. Interestingly, these two groups of people are often strongly attracted to each other because the dynamic they generate between them is high energy and “exciting”. Let us just imagine Jane and Peter starting an intimate relationship with each other.

What would this relationship look like? Jane needs closeness to stay calm and Peter needs a lot of alone time to feel calm. Not an easy start you would think but really important to know neither Jane or Peter are wrong! The keys are:

- Listening and understanding each other. - Being honest and authentic about our own needs. - Setting clear boundaries and making clear agreements (as opposed to over-compromising, pleasing or being careless with our agreements and offering more than we are willing to).

It is often true that there is a fear while starting and being in an intimate relationship. Our fear of intimacy need not stop us, it's simply another aspect of our being that invites us to grow, to open in courage and trust in the goodness of life. So a really great way to start an intimate relationship is with sharing how scared you are to start an intimate relationship. Nothing is really more intimate then when Peter and Jane share their fears of being close to each other. In a beautiful way their relationship starts with opening their hearts to each other in listening and sharing to what is simply true for each of them. To be intimate really means we begin to reveal ourselves to another, and in doing so we make ourselves vulnerable to being hurt. That is inevitable but to avoid that we have to avoid intimacy. As soon as we come close and open our hearts, we open the possibility to be hurt. So intimacy requires a deep trust – to some degree in the other but primarily a trust in ourselves. It is a trust that we will be ok and that we can let our hearts break open rather than closed, and live to love again. A trust that our hearts are bigger than our wounds. 32

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Heartful Living Workshops for 2013… Living From Your Heart – 2 day workshop. Saturday and Sunday 12�� and 13�� October Gateways to Your Heart-Power Series – 1 day workshops. Loving Yourself – Sunday 16�� June Being Real – Sunday 14�� July When you live from your heart - life is more fun and fulfilled. You feel more… guided, supported, loved and loving, enabled to reach your full potential, empowered and alive..! Winter 2012 |

For more information visit 33 or ring Josie on 01943 839941

'I was addicted to bran muffins and ice cream'


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3 Cravings Types of

If you’re alive, then chances are you’ve craved. Maybe the craving was for some sugar, or chocolate, perhaps pancakes and syrup, bacon, pizza; maybe you had a

late night craving for something obnoxiously loud and crunchy, or sinfully cold and creamy. I’m fascinated by the degree to which people can be fascinated by their own strange cravings. Sometimes, it seems like our cravings live at the tricky three-way intersection of biology, desire and insanity. If you don’t proceed slowly, things may get messy. But it just might be that our cravings have a few things to teach us. Lessons that go deep into our nutrition soul. Allow me to explain: Back in 1984, while working hard to complete my master’s thesis on psychology and nutrition, I had a fascinating encounter with a craving. During several months of intensive day and night writing I would break at six each evening, drive to a local store, and purchase a pint of homemade vanilla ice cream and two bran muffins. This was all I ate for dinner each day. Maybe this would be a featured meal if I ever wrote an epic diet book. I was fit, healthy and strong. Something was clearly working. But, towards the final days of my work, I noticed that not only did I enjoy the bran muffins and ice cream, but I craved them. Intensely. I realized I couldn’t get through the day without my fix. Here I was writing about psychology and nutrition, and I was addicted to bran muffins and ice cream.

As any good narcissistic graduate student should do, I decided one evening to try an experiment on self. What would happen if I didn’t give in to the craving? Is it even possible? Could I survive? Would my head explode? Well, I sat on the couch, looked out the window, and agreed to stay there until the craving was gone. How’s that for manly courage? But the longer I sat, the stronger the craving grew, and the more convinced I became that I should end the experiment. But I stayed. I sat, I took deep breaths, I watched my anxiety grow deeper, I toughed it out, and as the overwhelming impulse to eat bran muffins and ice cream peaked, as the longing and pain consumed my entire body, I burst into tears, convulsed on the couch and sobbed uncontrollably. I don’t know how long I sat and cried, but sometime later I realized I was peacefully looking out the window, watching the birds and the tall grass, deeply relaxed and content. I’d been in another world. Why was I so relaxed? Had I fallen asleep? I remembered the craving episode but it was gone without a trace. Bran muffins and ice cream seemed like a distant memory. I had no more desire for them, nor have I craved them since. (Okay, just once…)

So, what happened? How did the craving disappear? Why did it appear in the first place? And what about the crying business? We can answer these questions and perhaps unravel some of the mystery by first looking at what I’ve postulated as the three kinds of cravings – supportive, dispersive, and associative.

Supportive Cravings A supportive craving occurs when the body instinctively yearns for a food that enhances the healing process, fulfills a nutritional need, or neutralizes an imbalance in the body. Have you ever noticed some of the peculiar things pets or animals eat when sick? Cats might chew on plants and grass, dogs can eat old pinecones, pieces of wood, or lick clay deposits. No one tells a dog to eat clay because the positively charged minerals it contains helps neutralize acidic poisons in its system and shifts blood pH back to normal, nor would the dog understand if anyone did. It’s acting upon an instinctive process far beyond reason. The same process occurs in human beings. Supportive cravings may arise that seem sensible and obvious, or unexpected and beyond nutritional understanding. Have you ever craved citrus foods when suffering from a cold or flu? It’s easy to justify this biologic desire considering the vitamin C content of oranges and grapefruits, and the cleansing effect of fruit on the body. Other cravings defy traditional understanding but prove remarkably successful. Examples I’ve observed in friends and clients include raspberry juice for headaches and fatigue, fresh figs for depression, and peanut butter for nasal congestion. These cravings are unique to the individuals who experience them, and would probably prove useless for most others. The bottom line here: the body craves because the body knows.

Dispersive Cravings

Associative Cravings

A desire for a food that drains health and diminishes our energy.

These are an associative craving is an odd cross between the other two.

Though the intensity of a dispersive desire may be as strong as the intensity of a supportive one, the ultimate effects of yielding to such cravings might be feeling heavy, feeling de-energized, and feeling guilty. Many of us long for foods we suspect will yield an adverse reaction, especially when eaten in excess: sugar, alcohol, fried food, and junk food are some obvious examples. So how is it that we can even crave something beneficial, yet also crave something harmful? If the body is so naturally wise, how could it be so dumb? The answer lies in the nature of yearning. Life itself is a yearning. We yearn for meaning, purpose, love, and the fulfillment of our desires. Behind every human act, no matter how singular or small, is a yearning for more: more life, more depth of experience. Through the many difficulties and obstacles we face, our yearnings may become distorted. The natural yearning for inner strength may become a compulsion for power over others. The yearning for love may be turned into a hopeless attempt to gain approval from everyone we meet. Or the yearning for self-fulfillment may become an obsession to accumulate money and prestige. The body also yearns. It yearns for food, water, touch, sound and sensuality. It yearns for aliveness through sweet things, tasty things, and whatever stimulates and excites the senses to a heightened experience of life. The body yearns for more of itself. And just as psychological yearnings can become distorted, so can biological ones. A dispersive craving is a distorted yearning in the body. The body is literally duped into thinking that excessive consumption of harmful substances would be helpful. We often yearn for experiences in life we firmly believe are needed. We may pursue a friendship, relationship, job, or moneymaking scheme that seems smart at the time, but later proves an embarrassing choice. The body is equally blind when confronted with powerful substances or experiences that promise fulfillment, such as intense amounts of alcohol, sugar, and more. The bottom line here is this: just as the heart can look for love in all the wrong places, so too can the body. Both are easily seduced. No blame.

It occurs when we yearn for a food that has a rich, deep, and meaningful association with out past. For example, many people report that when visiting parents or grandparents, they suddenly long for foods from their childhood. One middle-aged woman craves spaghetti and meatballs whenever she visits her elderly mother. If she didn’t see her mother, she wouldn’t even think of this dish. Yet each time her childhood memories are sparked, she explains that “It feels as though my taste buds step into a time machine.” A friend of mine suddenly found himself wanting bagels with cream cheese and butter. He’d never before eaten this combination of foods, nor did it seem very appealing when he thought about it. He realized later that this was his father’s favorite food, and the craving came at a time when he was longing for his father, who’d died a decade earlier. On a symbolic level, bagels with cream cheese and butter was his father. By eating this food, he was reincorporating his father into his life. Associative cravings are often the most difficult to deal with because we’re uncertain about whether they’re beneficial or not. For instance, foods from our childhood may be of questionable nutritional value, yet eating them can be deeply nourishing. By surrendering to such a craving we can visit our past, and re-live feelings that may bring their own special healing moment, regardless of the nutritional inferiority of the food. The bottom line here: biology and nostalgia can make a fascinating and almost mystical meal. Back to the bran muffins and ice cream… I believe that oftentimes, when we move through our attachments, no matter how tasty and harmless they may seem, we discover something deeper. We might have to move through some discomfort, or pain, or inexplicable tears, and perhaps even some rage. But beyond the land of the uncomfortable, the place we love to avoid when we get stuck on our favorite cravings, is a neighborhood called Inner Peace. It’s a place that lives in all of us, but is sometimes unavailable on our GPS. We can’t always get to inner peace in one straight shot. Sometimes, we just need to take the curvy and unpredictable path through our desires and our longings. This just might be the most soulful and scenic route.

Marc David is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom, The Slow Down Diet, and Mind Body Nutrition. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only teaching organization dedicated to a forward thinking, positive, holistic approach to nutritional psychology. IPE is unique and revolutionary in its approach – teaching students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common eating challenges of our times. Learn more here: 36

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Rare and High Vibrational Crystals Beyond Compare

Winter 2012 |


Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of

inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology. She works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten, and she works with clients from across the globe on a regular basis. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.



March 21 - April 20

It seems that for quite some time now your focus in life has been on how to get from a to b; you have seen your Self standing at a and known intuitively that you need to be at b. Even though a and b are clear and distinct, there is a sense that although you know that you want to be somewhere other than where you are now, b has not, as yet, actually taken shape or form. It seems that whilst you know that you are on a path of change and evolution, you haven’t taken the time to formulate a clear idea or sense of b and what it truly means to you. This situation has arisen as you have become so focused on the journey of keeping on keeping on that you have lost sight of the overall vibration or energy of your destination. Yet, all is not lost for as soon as you step back and reconnect to the bigger picture of your life, you will feel the majesty rise within as you embrace the life-affirming vibration of expansion once again and the concept of ‘b’ will become clear...,


April 21 - May 20

As the parameters of your life continue to ebb and flow likes waves lapping the shores of your soul, you are beginning to lift your head up from the parapet of your ‘everyday’ life in order to feel the light and warmth of the sun illuminating your world from the inside, out. This light is your inner smile and, when you become aware of it, it radiates brightly and brings life and vibrancy to your life. Over recent weeks and months this light has been shrouded in mist as you have become entrenched in keeping on keeping on with your hefty ‘to-do’ list in life; you have been too distracted and busy to have the time to even notice this light let alone to rest in it. When life gets busy it is all too easy to become focused on things to do, people to see and places to go but your light never leaves you for your light is you. Therefore, this is now time to re-connect to the light within and allow your inner smile lead you forward now...


May 21 - June 21

Conscious living is a powerful concept that has been knocking on the window of your soul for quite some time now; you are deeply aware of the need to live consciously in the present moment, but you have struggled slightly as you have wanted to understand the concept before you set sail. This is understandable for a mind-soul like you as you need context and depth in order to make sense of what conscious living actually means before you feel happy enough to live consciously. However, herein lies the problem: as soon as you get lost in analysis and thought you step into linear thought (looking back and forwards to find reference points and understanding) and step further away from the present moment. The time is now upon you to coalesce your mind and your consciousness in order to bring your awareness into this moment, for it is this moment that truly matters now. Be conscious and your whole understanding of the concept will shift and amplify as you step from seeking understanding to being and knowing...


June 22 - July 22

As your inner sun starts to peep out from behind the clouds, it seems that you are beginning to reconnect to the somewhat formidable power within you on a far more regular basis. Of course, it is always with you, but you can become so wrapped up in the business of keeping on keeping on that you forget your inner power source and lose sight of your gifts and strengths. However, with focus and practice, you are beginning to realise just how important your inner light it, for it illuminates your Self, your life and your path and helps you to see new ways to overcome the obstacles and challenges that come your way. At the same time, your inner sun is your true essence, and when you connect to this, you feel warm and fuzzy inside, for you are ‘home’. In other words,


July 23 - August 23

As the power within you continues to illuminate and bring life to your world, there is a growing sense that you are opening up to the realisation that this power (your inner Sun) is the source of your creativity, inspiration and sense of Self. This has always been the case of course, but it seems that by becoming conscious of this you have opened up even further to the energy and vibration enabling you to tap into this power to transform your life from the inside, out. Such a shift feels both life-affirming and life-enriching for it looks set to inspire you to step from where you are to where you want to be as the weeks and months progress. Although your path ahead is still shrouded in some mist (for nothing in life can be guaranteed), you have chosen to follow your inner light and to have trust and faith in life and in your Self; from such a stance everything changes as the vibration of your life shifts from chasing rainbows to being the rainbow...


August 24 - September 22

As the weeks and months progress, there is a clear sense of shift within and around you as you step from where you are twards where you want to be. Such a shift is significant and important for it shows a willingness on your part to step back from the distraction of keeping on keeping on to instead opening up your mind, body and soul to the bigger picture of your life. Exactly what the ‘bigger picture’ means in terms of your life or your path ahead may not, as yet, be clear for you are undergoing rapid shift and change as you let go of clutter and distractions from your life. As a result, what once seemed so important now seems less so and you may find your Self contemplating a brand new direction in life. Try not to fear the unknown but remain connected to the expansiveness of the bigger picture and let your intuition and your consciousness lead the way now. Feel the freedom and the vision rising up from within and unify with them on your journey of self-discovery...

Winter 2012 |



September 23 - October 22

As you continue to step beyond the boundaries of your mind in order to connect to the true expanse of Universal consciousness, it seems that you are beginning to dissolve fear and uncertainty when it comes to the unknown in your life. Although your mind still strives towards understanding and rationalising, intuitively you know that you need to find new ways to connect to life in order to break free from the storylines and beliefs that your formidable mind has created over time. Whilst these storylines might have developed for your own best-interests, it seems clear that you have now reached a new stage of growth and expansion where these no longer need to shape or inform your life; you are re-writing the rule book. Such a shift feels revelatory and incredible for it is a sign that you have let down the barriers within in order to embrace the consciousness of the unknown and this is the place where your true dreams reside and the place where Wholeness becomes your natural state of being.


October 23 - November 22

You may recall the chocolate analogy from last time: your tendency to love the distraction of being a bar of fruit and nut but the reality of being pure rich dark chocolate (knowing your Self) was hard to ignore. Although you love to meander through life, there is a steely determination within you that breaks through distraction as you intuitively know that your destiny is too important to deny. Yet there is a fear within you that stops you from becoming lost in the smoothness of the dark chocolate for you feel that the chocolate is an indulgence that cannot last forever; your perception is that your Truth (your gifts, strength and passion) are temporary and the joy can only ever be short-lived. Such a perception is a powerful one and it tempers your reality as you are reluctant to freely savour the chocolate in case it doesn’t last. Of course, it might not last forever, but to deny your Self the pleasure in case it doesn’t last seems odd as it means that you never truly get to experience the joy of being you. Savour the taste and love who you are.


November 23 - December 21

‘Knock, knock’. ‘Knock, knock’. Many may wonder ‘who’s there?’, but not you, as you already know the answer. ‘Knock, knock’. Many might want to open the door, but not you. It seems that the power behind the knock is your higher consciousness and your reluctance to open the door comes from a sense of knowing that when you open the door and let your consciousness back into your life then you might actually have to make some changes. This may seem out of character, but over recent months you have been so focused on keeping on keeping on that it has been easier to ignore your inner world knocking as it has felt like an irritating distraction. However, your inner world is knocking for a reason and the reason is to awaken you from the treadmill of life and reconnect you to your vision of life as you have reached a turning point. The knock might upend the apple cart of your life but do you truly want to deny your consciousness any longer? You are a free spirit, so open the door and soar...


December 22 - January 20

As you continue to re-define and re-shape the landscape of your life there is a growing sense of realisation rising up from deep within you that the landscape in creation is limited only by your own expectations and vision. Your inner world is yours and no one else can truly shape or define it unless you allow them to. Whilst you know this, it has somehow been easier not to own this realisation for it would mean taking full responsibility for all of your choices, actions and decisions. Now this is not to say that you shirk responsibility, far from it, for you carry it willingly and not just your own, as you carry the burdens of others, but it is this choice that’s important here as carrying the burden of others is your choice! By owning this choice, you shift the dynamic from burden to free-will and everything changes; by stepping back into the driving seat and re-shaping your world in your own unique ay you can begin to reclaim the power in your life and channel it with inspiration and joy...


January 21 - February 19

As you continue to walk along the pathway of your life there is a sense that your natural meandering tendencies have recently been replaced by a need to ‘keep on keeping on’ as you have searched out the straightest and most direct road ahead. You seem keen to get to your destination in order to live your dream as you can see the greener pastures in the distance and you want to get there as quickly as possible. Understandable of course, but it seems important to notice that the green grass in the distance is not the only green grass in your life; what about the green, lush grass under your feet? You have become so distracted with getting to your goal that you have lost sight of what you already have in life. It therefore seems clear that you now need to shift your awareness to the present moment, to where you are now, otherwise you might lose sight of the opportunity that life is offering you to live consciously and to get back to the business of inquisitive, joyful meandering as you enjoy the journey once again...


February 20 - March 20

‘Every ocean begins with a single drop...’. This inspirational phrase carries two meanings for you as although you connect to the inspirational element of the words, you also feel the pressure of creating your very own ocean, drop by drop by arduous drop. It is as though you have allowed the distractions of everyday life to infiltrate your intuitive and creative vision which has then chipped away at your consciousness shifting you from the expansiveness of the words to the added pressure they add to your life instead. Now, it is all too easy to say re-connect to your heart and soul, and all will be well once again, but there is great Truth in these words, for shifting your vibration back to expansive inspiration is about perception and being far more than it is about doing. In other words, start to feel the space and the expansiveness once again and this will naturally filter into your consciousness and into your life bringing you breathing space and easing the pressure that has become so cumbersome. Become the drop and the ocean takes care of itself...

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what happens to our dna during a transplant?

We need a new hopeful vision for the future Benjamin Creme’s new book Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic.

“The aim of our life, whether we have realised it or not, is the establishment of unity, representing the unity which already exists because every atom in the manifested universe is interrelated with every other atom.” – Benjamin Creme

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of every man, woman and child. It is about the future of the Earth itself. Humanity, Creme says, is at a crossroads and has a major decision to make: to go onwards and create a brilliant new civilisation in which all are free and social justice reigns, or continue as we are, divided and competing, and see the end of life on planet Earth. Creme writes for the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, whose Plan for the betterment of all humanity he presents. He shows that the path forward for us all is the realisation of our essential unity without the sacrifice of our equally essential diversity. Benjamin Creme, artist and author, has been lecturing worldwide for almost 40 years on the emergence into the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Creme’s books, sixteen at present, have been translated into many languages, transforming the lives of millions. (Unity in Diversity, Share International Foundation, June 2012. ISBN: 978-90-71484-98-8, pp167, £9) Benjamin Creme’s 16 books are available by ordering from bookshops, or from:

Share International PO Box 3677 London NW5 1RU tel: 020 7482-1113

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