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Peeling back the layers..

Hi everyone, My oh my what a start to 2014!! On this 'spiritual journey' I have heard the term 'peeling back the layers of an onion' so many times but last month I found what that really means. When offered a place on the Metatronic Healing workshop in the ancient city of York last month, something told me I had to go. Workloads meant it wasnt practical, my head argued with me not to abandon responsibility but my intuition took an upper hand and off I went not knowing quite what was in store. I consider myself an established veteran of retreats and workshops - some have blown me away, others left me untouched and some even raised scepticism as to the authenticity of the facilitators but this was something so profound, I am still peeling back those layers. There have been 'light bulb' moments before, like when we met Dadi Janki all those years ago - that 'I've got it' feeling that fill you with euphoria and hope for a bright new future - but this went deeper than most.

All I can say is I know I connected with something so divine and so pure it altered every cell in my body and recalibrated me in the most positive way. There is a new clarity of thought, a need for the sweet taste of silence (silence being something tangible rather than something to be avoided) and the experience of seeing things almost in technicolour at times. I dont know what changes are ahead of me but I know I will cope with and conquer the lessons they bring. It feels like I have moved off the spiritual path and onto the spiritual motorway.. I hope this brings a little inspiration to anyone who is struggling with life at the moment. Once we discover there really is something 'more to life' there is no going back even though at times you may wish you could return to the madness of it all but of course, there is no going back and wants to when the road ahead is filled with magic and wonder. From an onion with a few less layers and immense gratitude to the Metatronic-Life team.

Jayne Lea Editor

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'we are progammed to love, for love is what each of us is'

''Amma is the embodiment of pure love. Her presence heals' Dr.DeepakChopra, M.D


More to Life

HOW TO MEND A BROKEN HEART We want to fall in love, to be with ‘the one’ forever, but what does forever really mean? From a tiny young age we are conditioned to believe in the happy ever after, and that if we’re lucky, very lucky, we can find it. But life in reality doesn’t always work quite like that... Real life must set in. Mood swings, hormones, the stresses of daily living, insecurities, boundaries, programming, personalities, commitments, baggage – adultery or even death will play a part. We live mainly for the high’s, for sweet moments and good times, but in truth love alone can’t sustain these times for long, and our impressions of what love is can be different. You are pure love incarnated at this moment - and all through your life; searching outwardly to find the best fit, the one you’ll feel most complete with, but there in lays the catch; you first must be complete within your own self to find your match… You are a soul on a journey first and foremost, here on Earth to explore and progress, to build a life of your own choosing and deepest wishes. Every soul is here for that very same reason. We have karma to work though and negate, with qualities to achieve, people to bump into, to aid or to know and to love - for a while at least… You are not all alone, but part of a much bigger picture itself still unfolding and finding its feet, like separate characters in a group play on a stage, the difference being that real life is the production we’re producing. We are programmed to love , for love is what each of us is. It’s the single most powerful force on the planet - but not always as at first you’d expect. Deep within our psyche we are programmed to find a mate, Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

to reproduce, to keep humanity flowing. In the west we have free will and free choice to find the one that best fits our personality and dreams. But remember that this world is a big place. Times have changed and we live a lot longer… Too much emphasis is placed upon finding the right partner too early on in our life, to the point it can sometimes take over, and become what many people live only to find. It becomes the be all and end all of their purpose and search, the only way they can see and measure self and life... Yet love is eternally with you. You are love. You are made of it. You live, breath, share and produce it. It’s behind every thought and decision you make. You are pure love in action – so when you search outwardly in directions to find it – you simply disconnect from your loving self. You ‘believe’ you need another to make you whole and more complete. You pin your dreams of happiness onto finding and then keeping what you’ve found… But who in reality can sustain such a weight? And why should another person be held responsible for sustaining lifelong happiness that’s really yours? Life is ‘your’ gift , to experience, express and explore. When your focus is just on love and on finding/keeping a certain partner at all cost, you can miss opportunities destined to widen your enjoyment. Every soul has many souls that within a life time they’ll connect to. Not all are destined to stay around forever, some will love and touch your journey others will help you redraw, re-think, fine tune, rebalance and grow – you’ll help one another push boundaries.>> 7

>> We all have a soul mate somewhere on Earth, but they might not be meant to stay with you your whole life. Sometimes within life’s overall but unwritten plan, it’s good enough that we will meet, that our lives touch and entwine at least for a while, but then life continues its path and we must move with it, we may need to journey on in separate directions.

The love you carry for them will not die. It will remain in your heart as the place you sometimes visit when you need a shot of love to keep going.

This love that you’ve shared will stay with you forever, as a marker of what can be attained. But once you’ve had that great love (and remember not all will find it ), if you can’t be together now, the love you have will never fade, but quite the opposite.

Sometimes souls only meet for a while, and as much as that may hurt, it’s ok – it’s just for ‘this’ life. You came together to experience great love – and this you did, but your journeys from that point forward may now differ. Another life, another time, perhaps you’ll share.

When love is real and life itself no longer can touch it – its presence remains a beacon burning bright.

Close your eyes. Feel what is in your heart at this moment right now. Not the pain of separation or the hurt you’ve been through (let that go to be recycled), but the love that fills your being, that fills your soul…

The next person you’ll meet is often more likely to be someone who now needs you more. On karmic levels you’ll stretch and help each other grow. The relationship might be difficult, but your love will represent so much more because an adult type love will now develop – and very often this will be karmic business unfinished. You’ll love them differently than you loved the one who’s gone, but deep respect, understanding, appreciation and commitment will now assist. It is not written where or when along your journey that your ‘soul mate’ will appear, it could be early on – it could be later… If you’re lucky then ‘this’ life will be the one you will share… but if not then understand that for now you can’t be together, that pressures and situations would take control and change things, and that what you now share, life and truth could not sustain… so help the one you love the most – let them go…

When you let go of what you most want to keep hold of, somehow it will always be yours, because you didn’t spoil with loud demands the love you shared.

Don’t feel you are broken – because you’re not. Don’t believe you really need them in your life or you will die – because you won’t. At this moment you’re both souls that need extra room to grow. You may be sad and hurt a lot but it will pass. And who knows what the future may hold? In truth there is someone who needs you more now, and together though life is different, you’ll both grow. Love has many changing facets, many depths and many guises. Each one will touch your heart in different ways… Though your heart may feel broken, it’s still beating strong. It loves you and will serve you for life… Stephanie J. King Soulpreneur ™ and Divine Guidance Guru… Please see my advert on page 35



More to Life

30th AnniversAry ColleCtion

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featuring The Mummers’ Dance, The Mystic’s Dream, Bonny Portmore and The Lady of Shalott


Vi s i t L o re e n a Mc K e n n i t t . c o m t o e x p l o re L o re e n a’s music, videos and per formances.

Learn to....

Are u o Y w o H Exactly f l e s r u o Y ant W Love u o Y e f i eL hitehouse h t W e e n t h a p a e r D C h wit ....

Classes in this first collection include: *Judgement & Criticism - How to love yourself and mean it. *Inner Child: Release negative patterns, memories and emotions. *Anger: Management & Release *Manifesting: A detailed but easy to understand look at the Law Of Attraction *Fears & Phobia's: Don't let yours hold you back *Meditation 1: A guided meditation with a explanation for beginners *Meditation 2: A 2ndwish.” guided meditation for connection with your higher self. Amma’s


e-mail: onesoul@daphnewhitehouse.com Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

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Tel: 07779 453 302 or 0208 531 3441

Please note that these classes are recorded as live and the sound quality reflects 9 that.

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More to Life

keep it simple stupid

By Kate Osborne

When life challenges or pains us, why not k.i.s.s. it better! By that I mean when looking for answers, solutions or reasons we ‘keep it ‘stupidly’, simple’. I think the ‘Devil’ isn’t in the detail, but rather ensuring we make things as complicated as possible! Now before you scream ‘hippy claptrap’ or ‘easier said than done’, I am not suggesting that all we face in life can be resolved easily or pain-free, not at all. A very ‘simple’ solution, could be heart-breaking, or require putting the needs of the masses above that of the individual (something with which many struggle, especially those in ‘power’). But the time is coming when real choices need to be made, when ‘need’ will outrank ‘greed’ and then a more holistic approach will require stripping everything back to applying straighttalking solutions.

When Nature flexes her might, even a little, we are all called to account; be it floods, droughts, blizzards or storms. Suddenly what really matters, as you are asked to evacuate your home, becomes self-explanatory – the living, our memories, those things that cannot be replaced. It is not a case of having to predetermine when you leave, where you will you go, what you will take or how long it will take. And suddenly the more you ‘have’ adds to an even greater feeling of loss. At these times it is clear, our needs are for a stable ‘home,’ a way of making a living, good basic infrastructure, reliable, effective and affordable energy. And all these things we have had access to for millennia… yet somehow we have managed to over complicate the lot. We build more homes in areas less suitable. We mismange land, we derive our energy from unstable, limited and dangerous sources whilst ignoring the most obvious resources and more importantly turn a blind eye to our overuse of energy. Rather than kissing ourselves better, we choose to slap, kick and punch our way through. As the recent storms in the West Country are close to>>

>> my heart, I will use this as an example. First we have both created and built on flood plains – which in itself, managed correctly, can serve us well. Sadly though, despite simple solutions being presented to those in charge for years, ignorance prevailed and what would have once been a simple act of maintaining the waterways and flood defences, we have now got a far more complicated set of problems. But even now we can kiss it better. Listen to the locals; they know the land, and their needs, best. We must engage in ‘positive planning before profit’ , so we don’t unnecessarily expose ourselves to forces beyond our control, like flooding, or sink holes, landslides or storm damage. Get back to re-building the solid foundations, literally. Put in place the ways and means to maintain what is needed to avoid this in the future. And should the forces of nature be too strong then we must learn our lesson, even if it means leaving behind our possessions and starting over somewhere else. In all our ills, we are both the problem and the solution. Is it really a case of too little, or are we just too many? Is it that we are too many in need, or is it the problem of a self-elected few who starve the rest with their selfish greed? The ‘bigger picture’ is reflected in all our own ‘little worlds’, so by starting with yourself, your family and your ‘tribe’ , taking the steps to ensure harmony within, the ripples spread out and eventually we can have greater harmony all around. Solutions require we keep an open mind, that understand diversity and difference are necessary and appreciate our world, though one giant tapestry, is woven of many threads. 12

Solutions therefore may vary, often greatly, across towns, cities and continents. This means there may be political, religious and social beliefs and with their own solutions that work well for some and not for others. We need to remember this and respect it. War today is not ideological, but based on control, we need to stay out of internal disputes, offer aide to the suffering yes, but that is all. In our desire to acquire, we have lost the ability to listen to our intuition, to discern when something is life enhancing or life limiting, it is that simple. As sentient beings we can ‘feel’ when something is not quite right – and it is that gut instinct that speaks to us all now and to which we ought to pay more attention. When ‘money’ really is not made an issue in a crisis, when we prize truth, respect and love above all else, when we seek to live in harmony with and not dominate all those around us and the forces of nature, then kissing our lives better will be all we need, for no matter what is thrown at us, or where we find ourselves, the simple solution will always present itself and we will have the courage and wisdom to see it through.

Article by our resident author Kate Osborne www.solarusfoundation.com

More to Life

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk



Anthony Strano reflects on an increasingly scarce human virtue

Valuing one’s own existence and the existence of others, as they are, is respect. True respect is not connected to a person’s social position or role, nor simply to their capacities or talents. It is directly related to the uniqueness which they contribute to life. So to respect someone is to give them a space to be, and a space within my heart, appreciating their value as a unique human actor on this world stage. To value or respect myself involves a process of acceptance and evaluation of my self, as I am and as I would like to be. But, for that to take place successfully, without fear or pressure, there is a need to see myself from a spiritual perspective, for that is the point of reality from which it is easy to develop my specialities and diminish any weaknesses without negativity towards myself or becoming egocentric. In ancient Greece, one of the greatest spiritual directives was “know thyself”; this did not simply refer to name, or position, but to know the innate, non physical aspect of being. Respect comes when there is faith in the self, a faith which gives internal peace and stability – very creative and necessary assets in the modern day. Where there is such faith, I am automatically freed from fear, jealousy or irritation, despite another’s difference. Where there is no respect for the self, any difference creates intolerance and chaos, whereas for those with self-respect, difference offers a means to appreciate others’ roles and significance – it is a basis for harmony and unity. Humanity is in dire need of respect, for both the self and others. Then communication could happen at a deep and fulfilling level. Talking is not communicating. Communication is the art of creating and extending friendship; an art quite lost today because of, firstly, our dependence on pseudo communication techniques, and secondly, our inability to move beyond ourselves 14

and listen to another; we are often too busy to stop, be quite- and listen; in fact, we do not even listen to ourselves but rush, work, talk and become overloaded by a jumble of noise and relationships which do not permit communication. The purest fruit of genuine communication is love. Love listens, understands and heals, but only if it is clean, non-possessive, unattached and unconditional. Those who respect themselves know how to love. They do not think about the how of it, as it is as natural to them as the rays of light emanating from the sun.

'those who respect themselves know how to love' One who genuinely loves, shares himself without losing, without compromising and without imposing, since one can love properly when thee is completeness within. This completeness, or harmony of being, is called self-respect and people arrive at such a state when they accept to learn and change themselves for the better. Of course, only those who realise the necessity for personal change can perform this miracle. This miracle within is the achievement of a spiritual consciousness which enables me to balance myself with all things and all people, maintaining my innate dignity and purity. >> More to Life

>> When human beings are trapped in desires for pleasure and power, every thread of respect for the self and others is lost, because no allowance is made for the natural and rightful order of things. We can see this more clearly when it comes to nature. Now there is a concern for the environment because humanity and nature have reached an obvious crisis point at which it must escape disaster. A return to respecting the laws and needs of nature is taking place. Obviously this respect, to a large degree, is not the ardour of a genuine love for nature, but what has come about of necessity. Love and necessity generate different types of respect. The religion of nature is a rhythm of balance and order. Her patterns and laws could sustain our lives, but disrespectful human interference has produced sicknesses of all kinds – physically, environmentally and psychologically. We realise that respect for nature should not be borne merely out of fear of the consequences, but from a humility which humans need to properly understand.

'humanity is in dire need of respect, for both the self and others' Humility provides the openness to learning that makes us flexible; it makes us egoless enough to realise that there are laws above mankind which are the standards of life and in turn protect human life. It is good to realise that we do not know it all; that there are still things to discover; we cannot own the earth or the sky or sea; they are ours when we respect them and do not seek ownership. In fact, everything comes close to us, whether people or nature, when we do not seek to possess or manipulate. When I maintain a genuine respect for myself, others and nature, automatically any attitude of exploitation will be quite foreign to my way of thinking. And finally, yet of supreme importance, is the significance of respect for God. Not necessarily the traditional concept of God which, with its fear and punishment and guilt associations, has alienated mankind from Him, but a God who is the divine giver, the co-ordinator of spiritual harmony the One who eternally holds within Himself the universal spiritual values of human life. Not a manipulator, but the One who facilitates the inculcation of values to anyone who, with honesty and respect for their fellow beings, wishes to be and do that which is right. Through silence we are thus able to come close to ourselves, to nature and to the universal being, and are thus able to gain the understanding and the divine strength to integrate and realise our spiritual values of life by consciously bringing them into our life and actions.

Anthony Strano is Director of the Brahma Kumaris Centres in Greece. copyright Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK): Registered Charity Number 269971 (England & Wales) SC040512 (Scotland)



Divine Energy Healing

If you love magic, you’ll love VortexHealing. VortexHealing is pure divine magic. Not the magic of stage magicians, but that magic that you stopped believing in, the magic of wonder and the beyond. The magic of the Life Itself. This is the Merlin lineage. The original Merlin was a divine being. His lineage brings that original divine magic, designed for amazing healings & for spiritual Awakening. Using all natural ingredients: Magic & Grace Mixed with love.

Call Colin: 01822 841462 for info 5-day trainings//www.vortexhealing.org

The business of selling and buying a house is one of the most stressful processes we can undertake. But it need not be. Thomas Coxon, Feng Shui Master and practitioner reveals his cosmically inspired, yet practical insights from his many years of implementing this art. By wisely orchestrating our physical world – the things we need to live, we can better navigate and manipulate the flow of energy all around us, to ensure a smoother, happier and ultimately more rewarding move from one home to another, for all involved… Preparation is key. My first teacher told me that when people are looking for a new property the auspiciousness (potential good fortune) of their prospective properties is determined by the auspiciousness of one they currently occupy. In other words, ‘the ‘better’ the one you're in now, the more likely you will find something equally pleasing.’ That's especially relevant if you're planning to sell first, move into rented and then buy. You have to pay attention to the feng shui of the rented place as well! All this means that it’s important to improve the energetic flow of the current home, before you start looking, and typically that will take 3-6 months. Generally places that look nice and feel nice have good feng shui and vice versa. So at the very least you can start by making your existing home look and feel engaging , inside and out. Some easy to apply tips would be to de-clutter, ensure doorways are not blocked or the doors themselves are not difficult to open and close, and that communal areas, like landings, hallways, entrance halls are ‘spacious’ keep furniture in these places to a minimum.

Colours are elemental. Another overarching of feng shui is the use of colour and there connection to the elements . Principally there are five pairs;

Greens - Wood Reds - Fire Yellows - Earth White - Metal Blues/Black - Water 18


All of these play a part in the orientation of rooms within a property. For example East and Southeast are both associated with Wood element and the colour green, so you could decorate these areas in Green enhancing energetic flow and restoring balance. This in turn helps the people and activities with connections to that space. However please note that once you move outside the building the relationship between colours and directions differs and other environmental factors come into play, advice from a practitioner should be sought. Patterns of feng shui influences run in buildings, usually influencing successive occupants in similar ways. Actually you are attracted to patterns of energy which match your patterns of energy, which is half of the reason that you need to improve the feng shui of your existing house - it improves your energy patterns. The other half of the reason is that you also improve things for the next people to live in your house, and that piece of altruism gets logged in your Karma. From there it helps improve things for you, by helping you find a house with better feng shui. Now selecting the right house to move into is even more important, as you and your families future is going to be greatly influenced by it. There are two very quick ways to get an overall impression of the feng shui of prospective property; it’s reputation and how it feels. When it comes to reputation, properties are a bit like people, they have their strengths and weaknesses, and there is an easy way to find out what they are. Look at how the previous owner got on. Maybe their careers ‘took off’ after moving in or their children did really well in school. Maybe there was a breakup or they got into financial difficulties. Generally houses with a predominance of good feng shui feel welcoming on approach, so when first looking at potential properties notice how each feels and how the surrounding area grabs you. Sometimes it’s not that More to Life

'improve things for the next people to live in your house'

clear cut. The property ‘ticks enough boxes’ but it has some significant snags when you look at the previous occupants. Before you reach a decision it’s helpful to know what’s causing the problems, what needs to be done to improve things and by how much they could be improved. That’s when a pre-purchase assessment, or email consultation by a professional practitioner can be of use. So remember, for the home you're buying, pay attention to how the previous people got on there. Pay attention to how it feels both inside and out. If you're not sure, it's cheaper to ask a feng shui practitioner to assess the house before you commit yourself, than it is to move again because you picked a ‘wrong un’. For the property which you're selling, the better its feng shui, the easier it is likely to sell and just as importantly the better the houses which will be attracted to you to move into. If it's realistically priced and still not selling, remember that there are some specific things that a feng shui practitioner can advise on to help ‘unstick’ a house sale, and it costs a lot less than knocking a few percent off the asking price!

Find out more about Thomas Coxon and what he can do for you please visit www.fengshui-consultants.co.uk See our advert on page 31 Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


Workshops, Therapeutic Support and Coaching to inspire and assist you in Living from Your Heart, with Josie Wood - Counsellor Therapist Coach.

Unique Heartful Life Coaching Programme. 1 to 1 coaching to guide you through practices and awareness which can transform your life. Contact me now for your free session to experience how Heartful Life Coaching can benefit you.

Visit www.heart-field.org for a powerful meditation to activate your heartfield and send the love that you truly are around the planet. When you live from your heart - life is more fun and fulfilled. You feel more‌ guided, supported, loved and loving, enabled to reach your full potential, empowered and alive..! 20 For more information visit www.heartful-living.com www.choosinghappiness.co.uk or ring Josie on 01943 839941

More to Life

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More to Life

Albert Einstein left trails of wisdom in his wake; nuggets on our paths: a few dozen of his aphorisms would make great wallpaper in the study rooms or offices of anyone seeking greater success, deeper fulfilment or even – perhaps – improved health. One of the most widely - quoted of these tells us that “no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. In these times of upheaval, the problems for many are coming thick and fast enough to push the walls of our comfort zones to their outer limits and often beyond. As one era is dying and another is being born, we may feel bewildered – but it is at just such times that assistance from the invisible realms comes to our aid. Call these realms the high end of the quantum field or the abode of angelic intelligence, they are active and conscious and alert. And right now they are very busy. They are working to reach us across the divide, to help us in achieving exactly what Einstein implied that we must achieve: a raising of our awareness. To date, we have activated a mere 5% of our potential at most: the rest of it lies beneath the waves of our consciousness, hidden in the deep. Metatronic Healing® has arisen and grown in response to willing and generous overtures from Spirit, inviting us to transcend the limitations of the biography that has seemed to define us and to tap those latent resources, for these rich reserves offer us freedom and creativity, love and joy and peace of mind. “Like ever patient parents of erring teenagers,” wrote its Founder, Pippa Merivale, “ the vast energies of spirit have been there all along, waiting quietly until we stopped doing what we were doing and started to listen.” Those who do stop doing what they are doing and take the time to listen, to receive divine transmissions from Metatron most often experience a deep sense of tranquillity as the energy folds down from higher dimensions and steps gently through their heart centre to take its warm, fluid light deep into the cells, the place where the higher, or deeper, levels of awareness that Einstein advised us to seek lie concealed, waiting for the light of our attention. Physics shows us that high frequencies dissolve low ones – just as steam dissolves ice – or they sometimes discombobulate them. The same laws hold true in the visible and the invisible realms. So as a transmission enters the system, moving through both the subtle and the physical channels of our bodies, the high frequencies of Love meet the low frequencies of our fears and angers, our grief and jealousy, our shame and regret, of all that stresses and distresses us, and gently begin to ease them out of the places in our cellular awareness where they have grown hardened and stuck. >> Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


'the energies of love work gently, they know our frailties and fears'


More to Life

>> The energies of Love work gently; they know our frailties and fears. But everyone is wounded, and the fortress that we’ve built around us to shield us from the discomfort of feeling was put in place long ago: its bricks are the events of our stories, the mortar their themes. We may sense the faint stirrings of change within us and start to wonder: if we let go of these, will our world crumble all around us?

“What of my credentials?” we may ask ourselves. “What of my history, my lineage, my sacrifice, my brilliance, my sickness, my poverty, my wealth? Who am I without my story?” This is exactly where it gets interesting – and even fun. “The Metatronic energies hold you gently,” says Pippa. “They enable you to look without denial, judgment or fear, at the parts of yourself that have concealed you from your-Self; the parts that have got in the way. They help you to see where you have shut your heart down; the places where you’ve chosen to contract and stay small. They invite you to bring your shadow in from the cold and to love it, right into the wholeness of yourself. They dissolve what you don’t need and empower what you do.” Conceived in response to the unequivocal directive from Spirit that we “remove the story from the body energetically”, the method invites us to dissolve our attachment to the thought forms and memories that have kept us in separation, for this state of being invariably leads to the pains of struggle, lack, loneliness, confusion; it ultimately gives rise to dis-ease not only in individuals but in whole societies. As our identification with wealth, sickness, talent, misfortune, beauty, poverty or other outer labels is dissolved, we grow happier and more complete. However much the advertisers would have us disagree, less is truly more.

Who are You?

What are you doing here? Spiritual Teacher Ros Taylor - can help you understand your true purpose in life using The Human Design System.

WORKSHOPS Personal Consultations TALKS SIGNPOSTS cards to offer direction on yourjourney through life using personal symbols

Contact Ros on

01388 537534

e:froghall2@btinternet.com (based in the North East)

The ground-breaking energies and tools of Metatronic Healing equip us to befriend our dis-ease and discomfort, dissolving wounds at the core: this is the first gift of the transmissions and the clearance techniques. But this is just the start: the deepest gift and the true goal of the work is to activate the energy of the heart, the gateway to the soul. The human heart centre is the power station that fuels our life force; the GPS that steers us and keeps us on the path; the engine through which we may harness the energies of Love, the most potent force in the Universe. Use this fuel as the food of our creations and our communion, and our inner and outer worlds transform. Philippa Merivale, a world-renowned healer, author and teacher, founded Metatronic Healing in 2007. For details on how to purchase her books and dates of forthcoming workshops and classes please visit www.metatronic-life.com or see our advert on page 2.

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Is the Within of All Things 'pythagoras' 26

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This is a picture of great beauty and one of our favourite portrayals and expressions of love. Or is it a picture of lines, angles and a spiral? It is actually an expression of the perfect union of male and female; the form and the expression of form. Is it impossible to separate them? Would the rose be so beautiful if its structure was built according to different rules? Would it in fact still be a rose? If it is that the perfect geometric form of a rose is actually the reason for its beauty and expression of love, we are posing some very interesting questions; questions to which great philosophers like Pythagoras dedicated their life. It also invites the question as to how can we understand ourselves, our love and even the reason that we are here if we do not investigate the form that created us and the universe. Is this the secret of God? Pythagoras said: - Number rules the universe - Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons - Geometry is knowledge of the eternally existent - Number is the within of all things These statements stop me in my tracks. How can we have drifted so far away from the beauty of number and a way of seeing it as the exquisite foundation of creation? Perhaps it is ‘school maths’ that has disconnected us from its secrets and actually alienated us form the poetic truth and beauty that is hidden there. Pythagoras was not just a dry mathematician. He was a great thinker and philosopher and an early proponent of vegetarianism believing that mankind would not stop warring and killing one another until we stopped killing animals. Here are some of the sayings attributed to him. - In this theater of man's life, it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers-on - Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will - Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence

Acropolis; the Masons of Babylon kept a great source of mystery; and the grandeur and beauty of Christian cathedrals and Islamic minarets all hold testimony to the relationship of number, beauty and wisdom. A working knowledge of mathematics and geometry creates a lasting expression of the richness of a culture. The Reiki symbols, Reiki healing and attunements depend upon geometric shapes. A Reiki attunement is made possible by the sacred geometric shapes of the symbols impacting, upon the patterning of our consciousness. When we look at the symbols, from the point of sacred geometry, we can see how they express many of the same qualities as the geometric patterns of the rose. It is the same expression of divine love. There are the masculine straight lines and right angles which move consciousness through the dimensional levels. This is connected to the feminine circular form and the spiral which is the building block of life itself. When we understand and embrace the sacred form on which everything is built we have the most powerful spiritual tool. We are conscious beings and that consciousness is built, like the rose, on sacred form. And that form is love. Leonardo da Vinci showed how the physical body is built on sacred geometry and that is why it can express beauty and love. The definitive demonstration of this is Michelangelo’s statue of David. I was fortunate enough to visit Florence and see the statue before it became a massive tourist attraction. The beauty of the statue of David dominated the space and totally captured one's attention. It wasn't just the exquisite marble from which it is carved that was overwhelming, it was the divine beauty that was being radiated from the statue simply because it expressed perfect divine form and perfect love; the divine form and Love that, I believe, is the true nature of Humanity The knowledge of this is our way back to embodying love, beauty and wisdom in our everyday lives. The meditation practice which is known as The Merkabah is based on sacred geometry. It allows the practitioner to find a deep sense of love and peace on all levels. It attunes the light body to sacred form. Kevin (my late husband) and I worked with these principles for 17 years and relocated to Luxor, Egypt in order to live alongside the temples that are built with this wisdom. The practice includes deep cleanses and profound activations. Simplicity is the key because when understood as an expression of the divine maths and geometry is easy, really easy. How can it be difficult if it is the essence of our expression of love and the knowledge of who we really are?

These words are worthy of any philosopher or spiritual teacher of our time. Within Pythagoras's words we have beauty philosophy, and mathematics. Both are so intertwined and dependent upon one another, weaving together the expressed truth of Yin and the Yang.

Life will always bring us challenges, but from the stillness at the centre of the storm we can find balance and the strength and compassion to support others. The Golden Heart Merkabah meditation allows us to find balance and strength through the power of Love.

We have drifted a long way from understanding the spiritual blessing of number and geometry. I feel there are treasures to be found in rectifying this and that we cannot fully understand who we are and our spiritual journey without embracing this knowledge. Number and geometry was intimately woven into the culture of ancient civilizations. The ancient Egyptian wisdom is held in the pyramids; the Mayans measured times through the proportions of their temples; the great culture of Greece is expressed in pillars of the

Christine Core is the co-founder, with her late husband Kevin, of Angelic Reiki and has been an international teacher for over 10 years. She is the author of the book Angelic Reiki ‘The Healing for Our Time’. She brings to all of her workshops a vast amount of knowledge and experience taught with compassion and Love. Please refer to my advert on page 30. www.angelicreikimagic.com www.magicmerkabshangel.com www.nreshamballa.com

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All of the issues in our emotional drama can be viewed as a smokescreen for the ego’s larger issue: its ultimate mortality and insignificance. Although we occupy the centre of our own personal story, we live out our lives and then we die. And our lives are nothing but a collection of memories, desires, and plot lines, all of them ultimately insignificant. All the meaning in our lives is self-created, and even the most profound lives end with death. All egos sense this, and even though the knowledge is usually suppressed, it is like a shadow that follows them. The existential weight of it would be overwhelming if the ego allowed itself to take an objective view of its existence. Most of humanity would be clinically depressed. For most people, these strategies successfully push their existential reality to the background, where it haunts them but stays out of the main flow of their life. Yet this ultimate issue for the ego is only an issue for you if your experience is that you are this ego. That fact creates the perfect setup, for when the ego runs out of defenses against the experience of this issue— usually because of trauma, disease, approaching death, or the death of a loved one— its carefully constructed web of meaning breaks down.

So, the ego develops strategies to avoid facing this reality: like a racehorse with blinders, it just focuses on what is in front of it. it continually distracts itself. it uses drugs or alcohol to escape. it tries to convince itself that fame, or being remembered, or ‘making a difference’ will somehow give more ultimate significance to its existence. it projects a fantasy of an everlasting heaven, where it will continue to exist and be happy.

'every trivial moment is actually filled with grace and presence'

Then, it can no longer find a satisfying answer within the confines of its own personal reality, forcing it to look elsewhere. And that’s when the turn in its path comes: instead of only looking to itself, it is forced to look beyond itself. Eventually, it comes to the idea of awakening. From an awakening perspective, life is simply the opportunity for the Source of All to experience its own potentiality. Every trivial moment is actually filled with Grace and presence. Plot lines don’t need to go anywhere; desires do not need to be fulfilled; death is just another experience. If you bake a cake, it is not supposed to last forever; it was baked for the tasting and eating of it. Our lives, including both our most profound and idiotic experiences, including even our deaths, are like that for the Source of All. It all exists just for the taste of it, for the Divine to experience the potentiality of its own creativity. As the ego takes in the idea of awakening, it hopes to use awakening to escape from its existential predicament; it hopes to find a way to live from that deeper place of eternal significance. Yet it can never accomplish that, for there is no room for ego in that place. And hence the ego’s conundrum: it doesn’t want to live a mortal, insignificant existence, but it doesn’t want to sacrifice its egoic existence for freedom. Your path through this conundrum will be realizing that you are not that ego.

Ric Weinman is the founder of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing and the author of Awakening Through the Veils, A Seeker’s Guide. For more information on VortexHealing® visit www.vortexhealing.org. For more info on the book, or to read the introduction, visit www.awakeningveils.com. Advert on page 17. Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


A New World in the making People everywhere are waking up and long for change, convinced that a better world is possible. Awaited by people of all faiths and none, Maitreya, the World Teacher, is here to inspire us to re-build our world. He says: “Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, My friends, shall we anchor them in the world.�

Lecture by Benjamin Creme Friends House 173 Euston Road London, NW1 2BJ (opp Euston station)

Thurs 20 March Tues 29 April Tues 27 May & 24 June 7pm to 9.30pm (doors open 6.30pm)

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Russell Brand's

Call for a Spiritual Revolution

Russell Brand is quiet a controversial character and most people have an opinion about him; be it his appearance, his behaviour, his history... but there is a side to Russell that inspires us at More to Life. The following is the narrative taken from a video on Youtube - Russell Brand ; Call for a Spiritual Revolution. Not quite what you might expect from a self confessed ex-addict. We make no claim to the copyright of this film but feel he has a powerful message and thought we would share it with you.


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"I think that this is an interesting time. I think that people are interested once more in formulating a different society. I think people are kind of bored of being exploited, they are bored with a cultural narrative that supports elitism and it exploits the people. The planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass, we are exploiting poor people all over the world and the genuine legitimate problems of the people are not being addressed. What's happened is, and this is what I believe in mate, is that certain cultural narratives are promoted that are beneficial only to elites. These cultural narratives are not true. I think of contemporary bi-partisan politics as a meaningless spectacle designed to distract you from where power truthfully dwells. Politics just needs to be the administration of certain spiritual principles. Now, for me, the spiritual principle is that we are all one, we are all together and every individual's rights need to be respected. I think that we need to see politics as the implementation of spiritual principles of 'oneness', togetherness, tolerance of one another and making sure that people are taken care of. This is what I think. I think what we need is a spiritual revolution more than a political one. I believe profoundly in the power of humanity. I believe that we are connected. I think there is an inevitability to us towards a successful revolution. I think this is a changing consciousness that we are experiencing. I feel that we will survive. There's going to be radical changes. I think that we need to be looking at the world as one; I was a bit worried about the new world order thing, but I think we need to look at the world as one inclusive entity. We need to look at how many people there are on the planet. We need to look at the resources that are available and that is the most sensible thing to do with that. I think there will be a massive change for the power structures that currently exist. You cannot define yourself in reference to other external co-ordinates. You must define yourself internally with your relationship with a higher purpose. Think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing, some higher frequency. This is the feasible realisation. >> Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


'there is going to be a revolution. It is totally going to happen. I aint got no flicker of doubt'

>>You know that because you cannot see atoms, can you? Certainly you can't see the forces that hold us together. There, in the micro-quantum world, Richard, lie the answers to everything. We cannot understand with our little rational minds but we feel it intuitively. Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you beam like the sun. I suppose that the ultimate truth is 'oneness'- that this is a temporary illusion that we temporarily occupy these flesh puppets. We believe so much in our identity. We believe in our individualism and I talk in a very egotistical manner. Look at my hair, look at my bracelet, look at these ridiculous boots. I am a person who believes in the nature of my own individualism and my own identity. On a deeper level, I

'this is the end, this is the time to wake up'

Chris Harvey / Shutterstock.com

recognise that all these things are transient and what is more important and what's defining is the thing that we all share - love, unity, togetherness. As long as we have cultural narratives that shoo these ideas, that suppress these ideas, in favour of negative human traits - greed, selfishness, lust. As long as these ideas are promoted, we will all exist in opposition to one another and will be exploitable by co-operations that prey on these negative facets of humanity. 34

Like it says in the Lord's prayer - on earth as it is in Heaven. There are subtler dimensions, subtler frequencies of which we are the realisation. If we become in tune with a different narrative, a different story, if we live as God would have us live, then the world will change automatically - it will happen automatically. So much said, I think it might be that the world has been in darkness for 10,000 years but as soon as the light is put on, the match is struck - whoosh, the light is there. So the light is coming." More to Life

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Of the five human senses, hearing is one of the first to be used by the newborn child, sound heralding our initial introduction to the physical world – and what sound we are born into. From the relative silence of the womb we are catapulted into the tempestuous roar of modern life. This cacophony of vibration symbolizes a growing lack of harmony in the way we interact with the world around us. Its shock waves play unceasingly upon our jangled nerves and threaten to drown out the silent voice within that relates us to our spiritual source. Yet this inner voice, when carefully listened for, can wisely guide us through the maze of manifested existence. To the outer ear it has no sound at all, but to the inner ear it is the voice of the silence, the dynamic utterance of the Christ within. In times of crisis when we feel alone and in need of guidance, we catch faint whispers of wisdom from this source. Eventually the depth and frequency of such crisis prompt us to change our whole life direction and follow its call.

Sound is therefore intimately linked to the “spirit of relationship” for it helps us to develop right relationship with our higher Self, and then through this medium, with all other selves. Interestingly, the ear, which enables us to register sound, is also associated with the faculty of balance. And the inner correspondence of balance demonstrate as that ‘spiritual poise’ which enables a human being to stand balanced between the two poles of existence – spirit and matter, and relate them to one another in harmony.

by Robert Gresak

and conventional religion avoiding taking a close look at who they really are inwardly because materialistic society and their religion and priest or minister frowns upon it. It is far easier to allow oneself to be swamped by the brashness, the frenetic pace and turbulence of the outer world.

'the true state of grace and reality'

In some of the inhabitants of the animal world, balance and orientation are perfected to an amazing degree, as seen in echo-location systems where sound is emitted and reflected back from their surroundings giving a precise awareness of location. From a psychological viewpoint, the human voice is similarly used in social interaction, evoking responses that lead to an understanding of place in society and the nature of relationships to others.

When you however, take a step back, pause, and allow yourself entry into the realms of silence, the actors role is stripped away and the beauty of that silence fills you with a refreshing, vital spiritual energy. The more this is done until it becomes a constant, sacred act, the more wonder, richness and sanctity of the inner soul world floods your being. This is the true state of grace and reality from which your whole life is controlled and flows like a pellucid stream.

As our inner senses register the voice of reason more frequently, our minds are steadily elevated to new spiritual heights creating in the process a pathway of consciousness that spans the gulf between the inner and the outer kingdoms of nature. Every moral victory and every virtue attained by heeding the voice of the silence, form the path of return. As such, it is a path of inner sound and light along which we travel towards our spiritual destiny.

From the spiritual perspective we each have to find our own ‘inner note’ in the midst of life’s challenges and in spite of the density of form. Through meditation and reflection, a subjective hearing is developed that enables us to locate our true selves. An understanding then dawns of our position in the great scheme of things and the direction in which we must travel to merge with that “peace which passeth understanding” from where the souls note of joy silently beckons.

It is from this state of deep silence that one in time becomes the master controller of ones life and destiny, no more to be controlled by the vagaries and fickleness of the outer materialistic life. It is not by chance that so many great individuals of the past in so many spheres of activity, retired from the world and their work for periods of time for they knew the great value and necessity of silence and its power to revitalize, re-energize body, mind and spirit.

Every person, every form, has a tone which is produced by the minute sounds of the atoms which compose that form. Through life’s adventures we learn how to fine-tune this sound until the souls vibration can play through its instrument and resound throughout the entire structure. A full, rich chord then rings out appealing to the inner senses of others and awakening them to the silent voice within their own inner sanctum.

Of course allied to the above is the lesson of silence which forces one to see ones life and heart for what they truly are. Most people walk across the stage of life like poorly trained actors reading hollow lines placed in their mouths by other supposedly authoritarian persons or by the contents of orthodox scripture or other shallow writings, never really understanding that they live their assigned parts according to the dictates of materialistic society

Over the long, long ages people have forgotten the simple truth that all form, the whole of creation indeed from a stone to a star, have their origin in the depths of cosmic silence.

'birth unfolds without exception in the depths of infinite silence'


Whether it be a plant seed germinating in the dark soil or the seed of a star world germinating in the depths of a solar system , that birth unfolds without exception in the depths of infinite silence. More to Life

The Silence

The Voice of

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When eternity is seen in a grain of sand And life abundant within a blade of grass, Then the orchard of existence will reveal its fruit.... The blossoming forth of the super-consciousness Encapsulating the whole. Mortal man ploughs the field and furrows A spark of light and two men may now be seen... What err be this second man, It be not as has been known It comes and goes, One moment we are uplifted into a vision, The next still we plough the field. There is no tangible reality, The mirror reflects still one man. Look beyond the man, Beyond the mirror There lies the second man Deep within the first. The second man lies above and within, It tells us a different tale, A story unlike we have ever heard before. The first man who ploughs heeds not, He is concerned with the field And goes not beyond what is seen, Cycle upon cycle the second whispers to the first,


Alas no sound is heard, The sounds of earth dominate the ear. Winter comes barren and empty, Now from toil the first man seeks the warmth, His embers once glowing have become cold, No fire now prevails his life, The field ice cold, where can he go? Above into the sky Into the portal through which His imagination can sense himself, His second self calls down through the mists of time, Faint the calls that touch the mind Subtle sounds of life more free. An autumn leaf set free Glides down caressed by the air Moving rhythmically to the earth, Fallen from the sky To rest upon the dew soaked ground. Too soon to talk of life more free, A door stands not ajar, For unseen eyes see not through the frosted glass. A light from the distance, Faint seen, approaches from afar, The second man a pathway made comes unto the first, They stand face to face with eyes of fire.

More to Life

The first weary and weathered through time Stands proud upon the plough, Eons spent through toil and strife. The second looks upon the first With sadness as tears drop down Upon the dew soaked ground.

The second knows the third as it is its son.

Shimmering light descends. A voice calls out “Toil no more upon the earth�, From whence this came the first knows not His strength begins to wain, His grip once strong upon the plough, muscles tense and strained, Lets go, The fight has gone.

All as one beneath the sky Where err can the third man be? Within the heart within the soul He comes and goes In your dreams He is your truth He can be your life And then your life will change.

A moment as the second man shines his light. The first gives way its little world The field no more is seen, No plough, no toil, no need to fight, Communion upon the earth All that can now be seen Is one man that is two. The soul the leaf the second man, The first upon the earth, Where now the third?

In silence his voice can be heard Across the mists of time.

The tree the soul, the earth the man The leaf the third within the heart, The first and the second are as one The third lies within the all,

Seek him out As he waits upon his throne And in a moment brief and unexpected You will know the third and see Eternity in a grain of sand and life abundant within a blade of grass.

The third man has come from out of the sun, From the stella realms wherein he dwelt, The call from earth has brought him here To abide within this solar sphere. From out of the rest and the praylaya Great avatars have made their descent, The third man is the divine seed of life From which we have come,

This poem brought tears to my eyes when I read it Hope it touches you as much....

The Third Man by Andrew Carter

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photo courtesy of Pauline Bell

photo courtesy of Pauline Bell

'with my Buddha mind, I have found the universe, the grand nature world, now I live here in the garden of Eden' 40

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A Little Japan IN THE HEART OF LINCOLNSHIRE Maitreya is the creator of the Pure Land (the Buddhist term for Paradise) Japanese Garden which sits quietly in the leafy village of North Clifton, Lincolnshire. A few hours spent in this idyllic garden with it’s pagodas, lanterns and ponds will leave you with a sense of deep peace and a connection with the divinity of Mother Nature. Since Maitreya had the idea of creating the crystal garden, it has taken four years of devotion to reach completion and has required a great amount of investment (in funds, time and effort) for the building and the materials. Maitreya has worked very hard on his creation, particularly as the opening day approached and he found himself working every day until Midnight to complete it on time. He says ‘the essence of the crystal garden is for spiritual inspiration, to bring awareness of the beauty of life and the miracle of creation. When we are aware of life, that all creation is, we realize the truth of ourself. Without appreciation there is no respect of life and we are lead by ignorance, greed and fear, which makes our life frustrating and leads to a feeling of discontentment. The crystal garden is Maitreya’s expression of the glory of life, beauty of nature and harmony of creation. In it; nature, mountains, rivers, fields and oceans are created by countless crystals, gems and precious stones. Now the garden is radiating, a spectacle, shining with sparkling light, it is a reminder of how beautiful the universe is. It is inspired by life and when introduced in our heart and soul, will help our spiritual awareness. Maitreya says ‘the materialistic way of life that human beings have lead up to the present time has not brought peace and happiness to mankind. We must realize this now for the fulfillment of the meaning of human existence, and must change the direction of the human race. It is through changing the orientation of our mind from materially orientated state of consciousness to a more spiritually oriented state. The latter comes from the awareness of life, this life is the Truth of the Universe and of all creation, which is a sheer miracle and life on earth is magical. The awareness of life is the awareness of our self. Self and Life are one.” “It is the time for human beings to begin a spiritual way of life for the fulfilment of human existence. `it is time for the spiritual revolution of mankind.” Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

Maitreya says

"Home is necessary for everyone. Not only Adam and Eve had lost their 'paradise' but every human being does. All creation and beings belong to the nature world 'paradise' but only human beings lose and fall from it. It is because they are homosapien, the thinking animal produces own 'ego' self and dwells in the world of duality, separation - self and other, this and that, gain and lose etc. The world is centred in materialism and led by human egoism, ignorance, fear, greed and anger. It is the land of discontent, conflict, struggle and ceaseless wars - history of mankind is history of war. Life there is hard and painful as the Buddha said, 'Life is suffering'. Everyone is searching the Truth, peace and happiness, and it would not be in the materialistic world of duality but in the nature world of ONENESS. I created my Japanese garden here in the middle of England with over 35 years of dedication. It is a miniature of the natural landscape of Japan, which is mountainous country and mostly the land is natural in its original glory. Everyone who visits the garden amazes to find how beautiful it is and appreciates the sense of tranquility and peace, the profound experience of spiritual joy. The reason people enjoy the garden so much is not only because of its exquisite beauty and atmosphere of peace and harmony but also they rediscover nature where they originated, I.e. they find themselves having returned home, where they came from. My garden is Japanese garden, but nature is nature, the origin of all creation and beings, including the human being. The meaning of 'Paradise' in the ancient Samarian language is 'garden'. The truth of the 'garden of Eden' is the grand nature itself. Meditation is to find the nature world of oneness. The glory of LIFE within, silently it is to find ones True self. 'With my ego mind I had created the world, the world of suffering. With my meditation mind I have ended the world".

For details on how to get to Pureland please visit www.buddhamaitreya.co.uk or see advert on page 30 41

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Anne Stewart has been channelling the late Diana, Princess of Wales for a few years now and has recently released her first book entitled: Diana, In the Stillness, Everything Happens. Having read it from cover to cover (couldn't put it down!), I can say that I really did feel the presence of this country's most loved royal. Her message is simple, one of love. Anne and her husband Jack have decided to dedicate all the book profits [estimate of £3-£5 per book] to a fund set up to create the Diana Divine Healing Sanctuary. So, everyone who buys the book is making a direct contribution to helping war veterans and survivors of sex abuse, the two main groups the sanctuary will be working with Available at £15 from www.dianadivinehealing.com/shop

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Peace in the Park Every Summer the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University hold their Peace in the Park festival at their Global Retreat Centre in Oxford. A three day extravaganza of spirituality in it's purest form. Meditations, marquees filled with love and laughter, vegetarian classes, like minded people all gathered to experience the peace and tranquility that the BKWSU do in such a special way. All of this and much more and even better there is no admission charge. (donations welcome) Fri 18-20th July 2014. Visit www.peaceinthepark.globalretreatcentre.org/ to book.

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Metatronic Life

Three days of intensive 'transmissions' from Metatron together with two 'healing sessions' has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had since starting More to Life eight years ago. I can honestly say it stirred up the 'sludge' at the bottom of my bucket (in all the best ways) and I doubt I will ever be the same again. Delivered by the very authentic Clare Glennon who held the energy in the most gentle and capable way possible. I spent three days in the foetal position, wrapped in blankets and feeling safe enough to accept these energies without questioning where they were coming from and knowing deep down inside that their purpose was pure. This is an investment in your spiritual journey. I cannot recommend this workshop more strongly. For forthcoming workshops visit www.metatronic-life.com 42

More to Life

By Josie Wood


A Story of Love We recently received a request from a beautiful 90+ year old gentleman by the name of Eric Gladwin. Almost 30 years ago, he had a visitation from Kuan Yin; this is his story. His friend Maeve tells the story; "It was not dark, but I like candles and asked Eric if the one on the little table could be lit. He was playing a tape of simple music by, he tells me, Steve Bergman. The room was very still. Sitting there, I became aware of a physical presence building up in the room which manifested in the form of a woman dressed in a long robe all in white, tall with a narrow girdle of blue around her waist. I then heard the name 'Quan Yin' and with that the presence became very strong and she moved across the room to where Eric and I were sitting. Firstly she came and stood in front of me, and put her hands on my shoulders in, I felt, blessing and gratitude that I was aware of her. She then moved away from me to Eric's chair where she stood in front of him. She was fair and very beautiful. She held her two hands over his head, palms downwards, and I had the feeling that he was especially dear to her and she had a deep love for him. She then put her hands over his shoulders in the same way she had done to me. She moved her hands until they were around his shoulders and stood facing him. At that point the light around Eric, which had been white, changed to gold.

Letting go with the Power of Love We know that holding on to anything in our life doesn’t really serve us, whether it is objects that clutter up our home, or larger issues such as a job that we only stay in for the security. We know deep inside us that if we can just let these things go, then we will open up the space for new fresh energy, circumstance or people to flow in. However the process of letting go can sometimes be challenge. This is where your loving heart can help you.

Breathe in and out of your heart, feel your chest soften and open so you can relax into your heart space.

Then Quan Yin seemed to draw something from Eric's aura away towards her fingertips. It was as though she was drawing ribbons of light towards her. She did this slowly, and I had the impression that she was taking away from Eric something which, as a result would give him ease (though I might not have been right). Quan Yin then slowly held her palms, with a substance in them, above her head; offering it up. I could see the substance held aloft as soft, light grey clouds. Then it streamed out of her hands and disappeared in to the Light above her. Then very, very slowly, she withdrew from Eric. All this time her presence was very strong in the room, although she was no longer to be seen. Her Essence of the Feminine Principal remained in the room for a long time, with the scent of flowers, as Eric and I talked afterwards. His aura had gained so much light that I could hardly see the wall behind him."

Prayer to Kuan Yin

(The Celestial Feminine Principal) Wise, and all-knowing Jewel You of supreme perfection

Allow your soothing heart breath to remind you of something that makes you smile.

Heed my prayer!

Let the energy of that smile fill you, and activate the love that is always inside you.

In whose depths compassion lies

Consider what you want to let go of. Ask you heart for guidance about letting this go. Is this the right step for you? Your heart always knows. If the answer is ‘Yes’, open up as your heart shows you the way and gives you the energy to do what is needed. Let the love from your smiling heart wash away any lingering fears or doubts and fill any space that might be left by letting this go. Sense your heart power continue to fill you with the love that will carry you forward into your clearer brighter future. Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

Beauty of Spirit In living courts of rose-hued, sacred, love... Know my present trial! Perfected balance to the Yang of men Delicate, subtle, sensitive and yet majestic feminine Unfailing, comfort for all......in their times of pain, Hearer of cries! You....one with Isis, Maria, Thou! Please come, watch with me my votive candle's steady flame Enfold me, oh so closely, in your tender strength, Comfort me, and bless me, understand me... That I may be received in Faith and Trust, Knowing your Timelessness, Again..



Sarah-Jane Grace

weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology. She works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten, and she works with clients from across the globe on a regular basis. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.



March 21 - April 20

As you continue to listen to your instincts and let the light of your intuition guide you forward in life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise that there is a direct correlation between how openly you listen to your higher Self and how centred and focused you become. It seems that you have become something of an expert at selective listening, taking the insights that appeal most and seemingly disregarding the others by a process called ‘looking the other way syndrome’. Everyone is guilty of this at some point in life, but there are times when listening to those insights that seem challenging or inconvenient is important as these highlight the incongruent aspects within and can lead you to a place of clarity, balance and equilibrium. Obviously it is up to you just how willing you are to listen with an open heart and an open mind, but you seem ready now to listen...


April 21 - May 20


May 21 - June 21


June 22 - July 22

As you continue to step beyond the ‘to do’ list of your life it seems that you have been experiencing something of an epiphany as you have realised that there is more to life than things to do, people to see and places to go. This may sound like an obvious realisation, but when you are distracted with the clutter of ‘stuff ’ (things to do etc.) it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when it comes to the bigger picture. Making such a realisation is a huge step forward for you but herein lays the challenge: what to do with such a revelation? In essence, it seems that you have now opened up to letting go of the clutter in your life in order to focus on being more and doing less, but you have absolutely no idea what to do next! Try not to feel naked and exposed without the clutter as it doesn’t define you; you do that by being you....

Breathe in, and out. In, and out. Breathing has never really been something that you have had to think consciously about; it is one of those things that just happens. Of course, there are times when you focus on your breathing during meditation, but, on the whole, it just happens. But does it? Even though you are not conscious of choosing to breathe, a little miracle is occurring that sends signals from your brain to your lungs to exhale and inhale. Every single cell in your body is a universe of brilliance and magnificence, and the more you become aware of this, the more you will realise just how incredible you truly are. You may argue that everyone breathes, so this makes everyone incredible, and this is a sound argument, but this is about you, not everyone else. Keep the focus within now, stop comparing and stop deferring; trust yourself and let your magnificence lead the way...

Knowing what you want has been a hot topic of conversation on your inner planes over recent times; it seems that you have realised that knowing what you truly want is the first step towards achieving what you truly want. Despite this nugget of wisdom, it seems that you are still wrestling with thoughts of what you think you ought to want instead. Focusing on what you truly want is a challenge as it means opening up to your Truth and shining a light within; this could be uncomfortable, after all, you have successfully avoided this for so long in order to keep on keeping on, feeling ‘better the apple cart you know’, and all that. Yet, intuitively you know that you are ready now to step beyond the ought’s; you are ready to face the apple cart of your life head on now, knowing that some apples could roll as a result, but change is a part of life and you are ready to live the life you were born to live...


July 23 - August 23

As you continue to feel the heat, light and power of your inner sun illuminating your soul from within, there is a sense of new inspiration rising up from within as you contemplate your path ahead. You seem energised and empowered, conscious in each moment, and such awareness has enabled you to step from where you were to where you are now. Looking back, you may not feel that much has changed, but intuitively and energetically you know that everything has changed as the person staring back at you in the mirror just isn’t the same person anymore. Life feels more alive, and, as a result, you are beginning to brim over with possibilities and ideas as to how to enrich your life further. Be open to these possibilities as openness raises your receptiveness to opportunities and change. Yes, change is on the horizon, but this is nothing to fear; change is inevitable, so, ride the waves and embrace it...


August 24 - September 22

Perfection: flawlessness, faultlessness, immaculateness...the list goes on. The ‘P’ word is a word that has shaped and defined your life for a very long time as you have spent a great deal of your life trying to achieve this highly sought after state. Over time, you have realised that perfection is a state of being, and feeling, whole; no end of things you do will complete you unless you feel whole and complete from within. At the same time, you know that a quest for ‘perfection’ keeps you stuck living conditionally as there are always horizons to chase. Yet, you still resist as you can’t help but feel that accepting the perfection of imperfection is somehow giving up or giving in, and you are no quitter. Stop the inner battle and declare a truce; you are ready now to honour and accept yourself exactly as you are. You are already perfect; always have been and always will be... Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk



September 23 - October 22


October 23 - November 22

You have always been something of a master at dealing with the ebb and flow of the currents of life. Despite your own inner whirlwind of thoughts and ideas, you still manage to ride the waves of life with a sense of stillness and calm. Of course, you have your moments when the winds pick up, the windows rattle and you wonder how on earth you can face yet another storm, but you always find a way. In fact, you have faced more than your fair share of storms and although many of these were not of your making, you have grown stronger and wiser as a result. What is your knack? How do you ride the waves with such apparent ease? Well, it all comes down to an old saying that has always (albeit mostly unconsciously) sat at the heart of your existence: ‘Remember when there’s a storm, keep both doors open and let it blow through.’ Be conscious of it now and it will set you free...

As you continue to embrace the theme of wholeness, it seems that you have begun to realise just how important your perception of wholeness matters when it comes to living and being whole! This may sound rather obvious, but most of the time it is somehow easier to keep on keeping on as this means never really having to stop and take account of your life, your Self and your path. Yet, avoiding the concept of wholeness doesn’t actually remove it from your life it just accentuates and highlights the difference between where you are now and where you intuitively know you should be. It is easy to blur the lines with mental bluster and distraction, but these only work for so long as you know that wholeness is your only true path now. Exactly what this means is unique to you, but you seem ready now to become fully conscious of wholeness in order to realign and be the you that you truly are...


November 23 - December 21


December 22 - January 20

Exploring the nooks and crannies of life has always been important to you as you love the idea of exploration and discovery as these give you a stronger sense of connection to life; routine and the ‘same old, same old’ places you in chains which tighten and suffocate over time. There is a sense that you have found yourself walking along an all-too-familiar path recently, one that feels more like a motorway than a yellow-brick road. Motorways get you from a to b, but there is little time to enjoy the journey and this tightens those chains just a little bit more. Of course, it can be hard to find a way off the motorway as the traffic moves so fast and it is easy to get carried along with the flow. Yet, is it really that hard to find a new path to follow? Is it perhaps just easier to keep on keeping on? If so, accept this and embrace it if it is what you want instead of feeling disempowered by the process. Take ownership of your choices and the chains will fall away...

There have been times when your life has been shaped by what you can do rather than what you can’t, but there have also been times when it has been shaped by what you cannot do rather than by what you can. Of course, you are a realist and see no point in dressing things up, but why focus on what you can’t do as a means of measuring your success and happiness in life? Does focusing on what you can’t do make you happy or does it simply make you feel less content in life? On the other hand, focusing on what you can do does not stop you from striving for more but it helps you realise that life is not just about only trying to fix the imperfections to find happiness but it is about making the most of every single moment, now. Only you know exactly where you are on this scale of can/can’t, but be honest with yourself as this is a perfect moment to reset the equilibrium...


January 21 - February 19

As you continue to make friends with your inner world, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel more settled with the idea that your natural state of being is a constantly shifting, heaving, swirling mass of consciousness and energy. For ease, we shall call this wonderful, beautiful life-force energy ‘Bob’. Knowing that your equilibrium is not millpond stillness has actually been quite reassuring to you as it can feel quite alien not to let Bob ebb and flow, eddy and spin; you are constantly evolving and growing with each passing moment. Of course, knowing this and knowing what to do with such an insight is quite different, after all, does Bob have a life of his own or do you consciously ‘control’ him? Try not to start a mental wrestling match trying to work Bob out, he/ she is a part of you; always has been, always will be. Take a deep breath, rename Bob and be at One with yourself...


February 20 - March 20

You are a complex soul: your depths are endless and your sense of Self seems without boundary or limits. Your essence appears to go on forever, and your awareness spans the mists of time. Your consciousness reaches deeply into the heart and soul of the universe, and it, in turn, reaches deeply into you. And yet, despite being so ‘all-encompassing’, here you find yourself, stuck in a repeating storyline that has shaped and defined your life for so long. Although your consciousness is universal and your essence is without boundary, you seem unable to correlate this with your everyday life. As a result, you seemed unfulfilled and very aware that all is not as it could be in your life. It may feel insurmountable to overcome such inconsistencies and disharmony, but remember who you are! When life feels heavy it is easy to feel disempowered, but remember your Truth and let this lead you back into the light...

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More to life Spring 2014  

Another fabulous edition of More to Life - the UKs most popular Mind, Body and Spirit magazine

More to life Spring 2014  

Another fabulous edition of More to Life - the UKs most popular Mind, Body and Spirit magazine