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Hi everyone, Since our last edition the media has been full of news concerning natural disasters that seem to be happening on a weekly basis. The hurricanes in the Carolinas, USA and in the Philippines where the biggest storm EVER saw mudslides bringing villages and villagers to the bottom of the hillside. Today is the turn of Indonesia - a 7.7 earthquake followed by a massive tsunami bringing destruction to one of their cities, Palu. To add insult to injury it seems the volcano there is about to erupt! You might be forgiven to expect Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone to come bursting out of our screens. Is this just an unfortuate series of bad weather or is there is something else at play? Is our planet finally answering back to the abuse it has suffered at our human hands? Is it the beginning of the New Age, long yearned for by people on a spiritual path? Perhaps it is the Apocalyse? Or is it just weather? Have these catastrophies always been part of our existence or are we more aware because of the internet? Whatever is going on in the world around you, please remember to be gentle with yourself, maintain your connection with the divine (through meditation or whatever means you find right for you) and remember that your best is good enough - we simply cannot give any more than that. Hope you find this edition a good read and it helps to make sense of a world that seems to have lost its way....for now.

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08 - Dendrotherapy

16 - Samhein or Halloween

20 - You Carry Healing Within You

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40 - The Secret to Happiness and Loving Your Life

36 - GPS: The Guru Parampara System

06 - The Lord of Love - an update

28 - 50th Anniversary of Intolerance 5

In the very near future, Maitreya... will appear on television and simultaneously connect telepathically with everyone on Earth It has been a long time coming from humanity’s perspective, but as the Age of Aquarius gathers apace, the arrival of Maitreya, the Lord of Love, is definitely upon us. Humanity is ready now, the world is ready, and His final emergence is surely at hand. An outpouring of divine love and compassion unprecedented in the long history of the world, a wealth of wisdom and a sea of knowledge fathomless in its depth breaks upon our rocky (and horribly commercialised) shore.

He will outline His priorities for the salvation of the world – most notably, the rescue of the many hundreds of millions of people starving to death as I write this, and the restoration of the environment, decaying daily now for all to see. At the same time, His loving energy will pour out across the globe and through the hearts of everyone in fantastic potency, and there will be thousands of healings and miraculous occurrences as a result. In this way will the Lord of Love, the Christ Himself, declare His open presence among us and the great work of redemption shall begin.

Humanity has been bereft of the kind of infinitely wise and loving guidance that only Maitreya and the Masters can offer for nearly 100,000 years. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes during all that time, but it is their imminent open presence before us that is going to galvanise the human race into rebuilding our planet into a vastly more loving, inclusive and beautiful place. Many would doubtless sneer at the prospect of a utopian society cleansed of war, brutality, greed, selfishness and hatred, but this is precisely the world that is destined for us, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, renewed in the fires of love. Maitreya’s emergence has been planned and foretold for over a century; indeed the Masters have been planning their return to us for many hundreds of years! Maitreya declared in 1945 at the end of World War Two that He intended to re-enter our world from his Himalayan retreat at the earliest opportunity. He actually did so in 1977, and had the media responded to Benjamin Crème’s press conference in 1982 and investigated the story, He would have come forward and declared Himself then! So this extraordinary event has indeed been decades in the making, at least in the way that humanity measures time. The delay has reflected our lack of readiness, however, for the Great Ones cannot force our will. How will it happen? In the very near future, Maitreya – the World Teacher for the entire Age of Aquarius – will appear on television and simultaneously connect telepathically with everyone on Earth over the age of fourteen. He will describe, relatively briefly, how humanity has descended from the spiritual heights into the materialism and mediocrity of its present condition. 6

What can we do while we wait for His appearance? Those of us who truly believe, who simply know and feel deep in our hearts that Maitreya and the Masters are coming and that the door is opening as we speak, owe it to ourselves and to humanity to spread the word and sound it from the heights, to tell anyone whom we perceive to be receptive, to write about it and talk about it – that the long dark night of ignorance and fear is ending, that the spiritual sun is rising on the good Earth, and Divine Love has come to save the day.

Julian Middleton

Lord Love The


- an update 7



If you are dealing with problems related to

The energy of healing trees also has a soothing effect on the nervous system and allows you to relax. The best varieties are oak, pine, and birch but rowan, cedar, apple, plum, and locust are almost as equally valuable. At the same time, there are trees that have a negative impact on your body. Healers also recommend climbing the trees, in order to exchange your strength with the trees and take in as much strength of the tree as possible. Many people build their houses in the woods and children instinctively climb trees. Biologists have done a test by crushing pine needles and leaves of a birch and after that they put unclean water on top of them. Observing the whole process under a microsope, they realized that the microbes on the pine disappeared after 10 min and 15 min for the birch leaves.

What is the best time to do the Dendrotherapy?

The best time to do this type of therapy is early in the morning or between 16:00pm or 18:00 pm. The trees are less active during the winter, their energy potential drops with 50-70% for the deciduous and 15-25% for the coniferous.

Healing Powers of the Trees OAK

In ancient times many tribes preferred to hide in oak forests. They believed the oak trees had healing powers. The oak is a powerful ,positive energy generator helping the brain activity process. It is a wonderful remedy for stress, activating the blood flow and the protective mechanisms of the immune system. It also helps chronic diseases and helps faster recovery after an illness. Staying in an oak forest will normalize your blood pressure and sooths polyarthritis.


One of the most honorable trees. The Birch is considered to be a sunny and pure tree that brings happiness and light in any house. The white cover on the tree helps to remove all kinds of illness. It is a source of vital energy helping with colds and flu symptoms. It helps you to concentrate on your strengths and improves your attention span. The tree ionizes the air and sooths nervous tension. It also increases the tonus of the blood vessels and helps with heart problems. The birch juice is full of vitamins and minerals which makes it a great source for vitalizing the whole body after the winter period.


The pine increases the overall tonus and resilience of the body. reducing fatigue and stress symptoms. Staying in a pine forest for a long time can heal your cold and cough completely. The pine is great for removing stress and negative energy from the environment. Direct contact with the tree rescues you from negative thoughts and nervousness and helps balance your nervous system. Pine trees can also help with chronic disease of the upper respiratory tract.


In the wood bark of this tree there are salicin and glycozide which turns into aspirin in the human body. It determines the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the bark. The aspen is one of the favourite trees of Dr. Bach.


This tree can deliver a really sentimental mood, but it has a huge capabilities for healing. The bark of this tree contains taninnis, glycosylated salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, pectin, lignin, etc. These properties result in an anti-inflamatory, anticeptic, toning and analgesic effect. It increases blood clotting and reduces urine excretion. The weeping willow is mostly used for hypertension. The biofield of the willow can help you with fever or high temperature, skin irritations or intestinal disturbances.>>

internal o rgans, ju st hu g a tree as if i t i s a d e ar f r iend

Dendrotherapy is nothing new. Beneficial properties of trees for have been appreciated for centuries. It is a branch of folk medicine – a method of healing by the help of healing trees. Some trees emit energy which is very subtle and has a soothing effect on the human body. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.



The is the most common tree in big cities. It has the double effect of having healing properties as well as being able to cause pain. The poplar takes the negative energy away from the environment, but if it grows close to your windows it can cause headaches.


It helps with pains in the joins, boost the blood flow, reduces nervous tension, heals rheumatic illnesses, expanded veins or persistent cough. Last but not the least it helps the metabolism.


Linden will help you to drop a high temperature and to boost the healing process with cough and flu symptoms. Linden tea sooths the nervous system and is also considered to help with love/ sadness - it is enough to hug the tree for ten minutes to feel the relief. Overall the three trees help to tone and boost the immune system taking away fatigue and stress symptoms. When you feel distressed, tense or sad, press your palms and back (along the spinal column) tightly against such a tree. Do it in the same manner children do when they hide behind a tree and play hide and seek! It is an excellent method for alleviating irritability and tension. If you are dealing with problems related to internal organs, just hug a tree as if it is a dear friend. But keep in mind that it’s not recommended to spend more than 20 minutes in such a hug. Trees provide some kind of protection in their growing areas. A warning sign is when trees surrounding a house are in poor condition. In this case, the owner of the house must know that something isn’t right. Therefore it is important to understand the messages from nature and to learn how to interact.

Tanya Hadzhieva

07516 851307 10

We are Afraid of Silence we are afraid of silence the agonised silence of the cross and the silence of God in that hanging we are afraid of silence the silence of the space after our prayerful call and the silence of our own voice inarticulate we are afraid of silence the silence of the empty room of our grief and the silence of those who fear their own tongue we are afraid of silence the silence of a complicit world before its own pain and the silence of those who turn away we are afraid of silence the silence of the dark soul-night and the silence of the answer that returns in that darkness we are afraid of silence

There is a Space there is a space within me sometimes it feels as if it has been scooped and hollowed out by God who waits patiently for the invitation and then like a cat will curl up on the hearth of my heart sometimes it feels as if it has been chipped and mined and the black coal hauled so that God can fill it with grace and benediction sometimes it feels as if it has been ripped out of me by life’s wild horses and God has nothing to do with it but by implication for the part torn out of me is you

The House of Being is published by Local Legend (ISBN 978-1-910027-26-4).

Peter Walker is a teacher, priest and poet. After graduating in French and Philosophy, he taught languages for many years whilst always writing poetry too, much influenced by the natural world. The House of Being is his most powerful collection yet of acutely observed verse, showing us the mind, the body and the soul of what it is to be human and writing with sensitivity and compassion. The book has deservedly won the Local Legend 2018 national Spiritual Writing Competition. 11

What does it mean? Discernment is an inner knowing, linked to intuition, compassion and sixth senses and is energetically filtered via our Heart and Third eye chakra. Discernment is a skill formed from observation, spatial awareness and sixth sense involvement. In today’s world, discernment is good protection from potentially threatening people or situations. A good example is to be cautious online when dealing with strangers – knowing what is ‘right for you’. Those with a strong sense of discernment are often a good judge of character. When we are living in an ungrounded manner (not fully present) and are energetically disconnected; when we are living in ‘survival mode’ immersed in drama and chaos, feeling numb and self-absorbed with a narrow vision of life and choices; we are living without discernment. Vulnerability and need make us unaware of the ‘fall-out’ we create for ourselves and others around us and we ignore the obvious with little awareness. We avoid or deny our inner knowing, often choosing the wrong people to have in our lives. We get caught up in humanness, without consciousness. Discernment is often used to observe people and situations well. It gives us the power to go beyond the obvious perception of something and making nuanced judgments about its properties or qualities. It provides the ability to make sharp perceptions, in-tune with situations and spatial awareness, giving clarity to the bigger picture. Discernment helps us to avoid confrontations and complications. For example, working out who done it in a film or TV movie, while red herrings divert and obscure the evidence or ‘knowing’ your sister’s new boyfriend isn’t right for her despite his charming manner. Discernment is used in choice. Discernment is a skill formed from inner awareness, viewing outside of the self, being streetwise. Using discernment means to make choices that avoid and prevent consequences, to know when the time has come to leave friends/partners behind, which people to associate with and which to avoid. Of course, we don’t always listen to that inner voice but it is there in all of us and when we don’t listen to it, we usually regret it. We use discernment in everyday life; choosing products in the supermarket; in marketing and social media - who to friend and who to reject; what we share on Facebook, Twitter etc; when to say nothing or speak out.

Chakras and Discernment We don’t always associate chakras and energetics with spiritual, sixth sense or discernment development and remain unaware of the effects on our health. The energetic system is complex and has amazing gifts for us to use on a daily basis. Chakras work directly with the strength of our spiritual connection – if weak, the benefits will be minimal and of course, strong connections bring positive results. With training we can tap into dormant gifts awaiting to ‘switch on’. Whether we are aware or not, energetics effect us daily, giving physical support, 24/7 radar information fed to biological, hormonal, cellular and psychological operation. >> 12


R i oseparation . a t q u a s pof i s qwho u i dwe u t have m o dbecome i t l i g n i vs m iwho u u u owe u oare odis the Ihitatem eossitatur acessun tibusda as dolecaero voluptas mill 13

We exist in a virtual and fantasy world with narrow perceptions, limited and outdated choices and beliefs, often repeating ancient lineage and traditional ways, passed down through inherited conditioning and biology - repetitive, mindsets and behaviour are made of this. Unfortunately, the lower aspects of Mercury can allow intelligence to turn to cunning, a forked tongue of deceit. Stupification and suppression can exist hand in hand keeping us on a treadmill of longevity with little change or spiritual development. Not a very pretty picture at all. The lesson of the third eye is to learn to connect to higher consciousness where the soul can give guidance and vision through the Third eye, to open and guide through ‘Sixth’ sense function, upshifting as we gain consciousness and awaken to higher vistas and open to upper echelons to divine sight. When we open to the wisdom of the third eye we connect and develop discernment.

>>The third eye is known in Egyptian mysteries as the ‘Eye of Horus’, it is linked with planet Mercury and is known as ‘the messenger’. Mercury is associated with Horus and linked to the deity Isis. Planet Mercury with Uranus have a mission to enlighten us through the brow Chakra with illumination and revelations. While we transition fully into Aquarian Age (with Mercury/Isis at the helm) we are moving into the new age or Age of Horus.

The challenge of the Third Eye is linked to choice and discernment. Do we choose virtual living, intoxication or foolish wisdom? When the third eye is closed to spiritual illumination, we are blind to the truth and only see the illusion of human reality. When this happens, we live in a world of illusions through the mind and ego, with little use of discernment.

When energetics are off-line/closed we can; -become filled with righteousness and ego. -live in a narrow world of perception, only seeing our own opinions and adjust life to fit accordingly. In this situation sixth senses, intuition and inspiration close. The result is toxicity and inebriation. We become intoxicated with ourselves, living a shell of self - discernment is lost. 14

Discernment is associated with spiritual faith and bible teachings. Discernment is a skill learnt from the well spring of compassion and love. When living from the heart (4th Chakra) we are more engaged with discernment. Even in spiritual development we can be duped, sold lesser levels of attainment. Unfortunately, we have been used to less and expect lack due to conditioning, we have been on the treadmill for eons trying to reach our goal. If we are living discernment we will recognise a lesser level and knock back, an inner knowing there is better, and we deserve the best. Discernment is the separation of who we have become vs who we are. Discernment is a personal awakening to what we can become. The lesson is not to walk the negative of ancients, cultures and lineages but to choose a new path and create a world of unity and oneness. To create new horizons and leave behind negative old ways and behaviour. Discernment is the pathway to live the direct path.

Article by More to Life Elder, Joy Wisdom. Founder of Allonus ZEST of Life: LiGht Healing & D.A.R.E Practitioners training. Leading Light for new visions on health and enlightenment: Author, Inspirational and Transformational Tutoring. Universal Life, personal rewiring development, pioneering new ways in health, spiritual enlightenment training. Please see advert on page 19.


Samhain or Halloween!! Originating in ancient Europe as a Celtic Fire festival, Samhain is now celebrated worldwide. The timing of contemporary Samhain celebrations varies according to spiritual tradition and geography. Many of us celebrate Samhain over the course of several days and nights, and these extended observances usually include a series of solo rites as well as ceremonies, feasts, and gatherings with family, friends, and spiritual community.


Halloween is such a magical time of year...

In the northern hemisphere, many Pagans celebrate Samhain from sundown on October 31 through November 1. Others hold Samhain celebrations on the nearest weekend or on the Full or New Moon closest to this time. Some Pagans observe Samhain a bit later, or near November 6, to coincide more closely with the astronomical midpoint between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice.

Samhain Nature Walk. Take a meditative walk in a natural area near your home. Observe and contemplate the colors, aromas, sounds, and other sensations of the season. Experience yourself as part of the Circle of Life and reflect on death and rebirth as being an important part of Nature. If the location you visit permits, gather some natural objects and upon your return use them to adorn your home.

Most Pagans in the southern hemisphere time their Samhain observances to coincide with the middle of their Autumn in late April and early May, rather than at the traditional European time of the holiday. Samhain also has been known by other names. Some Celtic Wiccans and Druids call it Calan Gaeaf, Calan Gwaf, Kala-Goanv, or Nos Galan Gaeof. Variant spellings of Samhain include Samain, Samuin, and Samhuinn.

Seasonal Imagery. Decorate your home with Samhain seasonal symbols and the colors of orange and black. Place an Autumnal wreath on your front door. Create displays with pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds, acorns, and apples. Set candles in cauldrons.

With the growth and spread of Christianity as the dominant religion throughout Europe, Samhain time took on Christian names and guises. All Saints’ Day or All Hallows on November 1 commemorated Christian saints and martyrs. All Souls’ Day on November 2 was a remembrance for all souls of the dead. With the coming of Christian Spaniards to Mexico, the indigenous customs of honoring the dead at this time of year mixed with Roman Catholicism and gave birth to the Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, in early November. Samhain shares the ancient spiritual practice of remembering and paying respects to the Dead with these related religious holidays of Christianity. Halloween, short for All Hallow’s Eve, is celebrated on and around October 31. Although occurring at the same time of year and having roots in end-of-harvest celebrations of the ancient past, Halloween and Samhain are not the same, but two separate holidays that differ considerably in focus and practice. Halloween has evolved to be both a family-oriented children’s holiday as well as an occasion for those of all ages to creatively express themselves and engage in play in the realm of make-believe and fantasy through costumes, trick-or-treating, storytelling, play-acting, pranks, cathartic scary place visits, and parties.

Ancestors Altar. Gather photographs, heirlooms, and other mementos of deceased family, friends, and companion creatures. Arrange them on a table, dresser, or other surface, along with several votive candles. Kindle the candles in their memory as you call out their names and express well wishes. Thank them for being part of your life. Sit quietly and pay attention to what you experience. Note any messages you receive in your journal. This Ancestor’s Altar can be created just for Samhain or kept year round. Reflections. Reflect on you and your life over the past year. Review journals, planners, photographs, blogs, and other notations you have created during the past year. Consider how you have grown, accomplishments, challenges, adventures, travels, and learnings. Renovate. Select an area of your home or life as a focus. Examine it. Re-organize it. Release what is no longer needed. Create a better pattern. Celebrate renewal and transformation. Bonfire Magic. Kindle a bonfire outdoors when possible or kindle flames in a fireplace or a small cauldron. Write down an outmoded habit that you wish to end and cast it into the Samhain flames as you imagine release. Imagine yourself adopting a new, healthier way of being as you move around the fire clockwise.>>


>>Divinatory Guidance. Using Tarot, Runes, Scrying, or some other method of divination, seek and reflect on guidance for the year to come. Write a summary of your process and messages. Select something appropriate to act upon and do it. Divine Invocations. Honor and call upon the Divine in one or more Sacred Forms associated with Samhain, such as the Crone Goddess and Horned God of Nature. Invite Them to aid you in your remembrance of the Dead and in your understanding of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. If you have lost loved ones in the past year, ask these Divine Ones to comfort and support you. Feast of the Dead. Prepare a Samhain dinner. Include a place setting at your table or at a nearby altar for the Dead. Add an offering of a bit of each beverage being consumed to the cup at that place setting, and to the plate, add a bit of each food served. Invite your ancestors and other deceased loved ones to come and dine with you. If possible, dine in silence. After the feast, place the contents of the plate and cup for the Dead outdoors in a natural location as an offering for the Dead. Ancestor Stories. Learn about family history. Contact one or more older relatives and ask them to share memories of family members now dead. Record them in some way and later write accounts of what they share. Give thanks. Share what you learned and have written with another family member or friend. Add names of those you learned about and wish to honor to your Ancestors Altar.

Ellie Blair 18


When there is an uprising of negative emotion and you feel weakened and despondent remember that your ‘visitor’ is awaiting a response from you. It’s asking to be acknowledged and recognized, given validation and provided we respond with an open, compassionate forgiving heart then we will alleviate much suffering. Life can be unjust and unfair, too many people can attest to this but we just have to work with the material we have been given, in the best way we can, hoping that we will eventually step back on the road to recovery. We must never forget that in the darkest hours we can still meet our salvation. We need to take a deep, penetrating look into our individual lives with nothing held back, nothing hidden, nothing left out. Then, and only then, can we start on the healing journey. The moment we accept healing into our lives, the moment we surrender to its power of transformation is the moment we start to feel better on the road to improving our health. At regular interval throughout your busy, busy day remind yourself to check-in to your body to see if it’s under some kind of tension or stress. Take deep, mindful breaths and try to relax. Remember, your physical health is the most important consideration here not over-busy activity that you are anxious to complete. When we experience long-term, persistent pain that refuses to be categorized, diagnosed as an ‘official’ illness we must drop our tendency to continually pathologize it - wrapping it up in a ‘clinical’ content that we think we can understand and dealt with. Instead we should just open up ( in a no-judgemental, allowful manner) to its mystery – to what is happening in our bodies, and then rest. 20

Suspend any thoughts about ‘fixing’ or ‘healing’ and just allow yourself to be mindfully present, fully alive to the mystery of it all. Then, in this surrender, this allowfulness we might just see some progress. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, and daytime rest, on a regular basis. Getting enough solid sleep at night is vital if we are to live up to our full potential. Start slowly to wind down in the evening, avoiding any strenuous activity, caffeine and other simulants. Keep warm and listen to your body for when it’s ready to sleep. If your sleeplessness persists consult a doctor, don’t just leave it. Stopping for momentary rest periods throughout the day, is of importance as well, for it also aids our mental and physical health.

one word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love. Sophacles.

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, just pull back from what you are doing and relax. Concentrate on your breath and feel its full depth of experience. Don’t be too anxious to re-engage with your normal activity, just enjoy this special space of peace and calm. Sometimes healing asks us to unravel the fabric of our lives, the deeper, inner drama that keeps us away from meeting our true self, the one that is waiting to lead us into a new life. Healing, at its core, involves us in adopting a compassionate, non-judging awareness that is ultimately boundless and edgeless; a healing that encompasses everything within its loving reach.

BIO - For twenty five years I was working with a variety of different groups ( eg, children at risk, children with special needs, adults with learning difficulties and adults with mental health needs). Now I commit my time to writing… You can explore some of my work at 21

The Circle of Life Many people do not realise how precious life is until it’s gone, and then it’s too late. So many people take life for granted, believing that it goes on forever, that there will always be enough time – of course, this is not true. We all know our own date of birth, it is etched in our memories but the date of our death is uncertain; today, tomorrow, next year, sometime in the future for sure but hopefully, not just yet… Most of us have heard the poem, ‘The Dash’ which is sometimes read at funerals and emphasises the importance of the dash between two dates eg 2.1.1978 – 13.7.2017 the space between the dates is where we live our lives. We live many times, coming and going in the circle of life, each time re-visiting this beautiful planet, revisiting members of our soul group and experiencing all different types of relationships with the same souls, time and time again. This planet is a ‘school’ we repeatedly visit in order to learn how to love and how to be love. We have all been here before; sat upon this earth and looked up at the moon and we will all return after death – such is the philosophy of reincarnation. The purpose of this continuing circle of life is to live, work, love, procreate, travel, learn and most of all experience life on this planet. We are here for the good 22

of Mother Earth, to help her and in return receive her blessings – the year in, year out cycle of her beautiful seasons; the warmth of Summer; the coolness of Autumn; the freshness of a cold Winter’s day and the promise of new life on a bright Spring morning.

Life is about cycles. We are born, we live and then we die (sometimes at an early age, sometimes as an old person) and then we are born again to repeat the process over and over – each time collecting wisdom and understanding, each time experiencing the happy and sad times and all that lies in between. Our daily decisions and actions leading the way to our lessons how wonderful - whether we get it right or wrong. We come into the world with such innocence and observe the wonder of the world through a child’s eyes, trusting our guardians (or learning not to as the case may be) to lead the way. Their influence has such a profound effect and conditions our values and principles. As the years pass by we find ourselves in a commercial, material world where status and image and the need for position and wealth can overwhelm the most stable of people. The need to be accepted, loved, wanted, approved of by our family, friends, peers is present in so many people – and yet, despite it all, the circle of life just keeps turning. Earlier this year my ex-husband died leaving behind my 3 grown-up children. My eldest daughter who now lives in Perth, Australia, visited my present husband and I for her dad’s funeral with my 3 lovely grandchildren.

As a treat I took them to London to see the musical show The Lion King and of course the first song is called The Circle of Life - what a thought provoking song this is, how cleverly written and with such a great understanding of life. I recommend this musical as it really makes you think about circle of life and our place in it.

Do you really understand life and the dash between the date of your birth and the date of your death? Wherever you are on this beautiful planet, you are part of the human race and play a significant part in its drama. Whatever continent, race, creed or colour, you are part of the whole – of humanity. It is like human soup – all the different ingredients adding to the rich recipe of life – all adding to its flavour and richness. Realising this brings power helps explain not only who we are but why we are here. Such knowledge is priceless and brings with it deep wisdom. Of course, meditation, mindfulness, daily walks in nature, and a happy nature help the experience to flow more gently and also helps others around us to feel better when challenged by life. Always try to breath into the rhythm of life; the breath of peace; the breath of love wherever you are and in all that you do. We are richer than we will ever know. Be grateful to Mother Nature for welcoming us, for nurturing us, for loving us despite mankind’s attempts to destroy so much of her.

Such gratitude and recognition for her abundance is only manners, after all. We wouldn’t/couldn’t be here without her. Our guidance is based on love, and its founding nature exists within heart-based living as this exponentially leads you to heart’s grace and the dawn of living for one and all. In peace and friendship we can extend our hearts in hands outstretched to greet, to see and be seen. The importance of the cycle of life is in knowing and seeing the truth within that which radiates out in shining light and balance and harmony. Blessed are those that carry this light for others as a beacon for hope to shine and all to see as they are touched by its radiance and in turn light the way for others to see, feel and hear. So, live your life in magic and mystery loving each new day, having loving kindness for everyone and respect all. Be aware that this chapter of your life will not last forever, not forever, indeed it may be relatively short so please make the most of each day and love yourself as well as others.

Article by More to Life Elder, Linda Jarrett e:

mob:07711 679718 23

CHOICES by Astra Ferro


we may not always be aware that we

If we are fortunate enough to know what our soul purpose is, then we know that all experiences and circumstances that we go through are the options we have attracted to ourselves for growth. We do choose our soul lessons – although some may find that difficult to accept. We may not always be aware that we have choices in which way to travel on this journey of the soul. Nevertheless, the choices I speak of are not merely the choices of which soul lesson to undertake but more importantly our reaction to those soul lessons. For in fact, it is our reaction to those experiences and circumstances that enable us to grow. These are the real choices. Perhaps our choices and our reactions are best determined by our understanding of who we are. When we incarnate into an earthly body, we take on the Personality for that lifetime. The Soul, holding the memory of all we have learned in past lives, is our consciousness and knows what lessons we need in order to evolve and unfold. Then, there is our Spirit, the pure essence, the seed which is in all of us from the beginning of time.

Let us look at each one separately: Personality – is the part of our self which we call our character. This consists of our Emotions, Thoughts and Physical body. The Personality is swayed by our emotions, by our thoughts, by our likes and dislikes, by our conditioning, by our mental perception of life. This is usually the side that we show to people. This conditioning and indoctrination are what holds us imprisoned to a set of beliefs, dogma, rigid perceptions. We are ruled by our Personality before the Awakening comes. In my book, Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path, I say: ‘Before our awakening, our personality is ruled by our emotions and our thoughts, but slowly an awakening comes, the awareness that there is something greater than the outer self begins to assert itself. Gradually our soul begins to make its presence felt and we no longer react from our emotions or thoughts. Our personality is very necessary for our growth. It is by going through every challenge, every experience that we develop and unfold. Our personality……, has to find a point of balance between them. Only then can we truly allow the spirit within to guide our lives. We need to bring spirituality down into matter so that matter is transmuted by the light within,’ Soul – is our consciousness. It is that part of us which knows what we need to experience and learn in order to grow and evolve as spiritual beings. It holds, in its matrix, the memory of all the lessons that we have learned through past lives. It is that part in us which knows right and wrong. >>

have choices in which way to travel on this journey...

Life continuously presents us with opportunities for growth. Growth is the reason why we take on an incarnation. We grow by the soul lessons and understanding that we attain in any one lifetime.


>>We so often ignore the promptings of the soul because we don’t know the difference between Soul and Personality. In reality, we don’t know who we really are. We relate to our Personality and its reactions to life and may think this is it, this is who we are. But we are much bigger than our Personality. Spirit - is the very essence, the very breath that we breathe. It is an energy, it is the life-impulse. It is also known as the Monad. Different belief systems call this by many different names. I prefer the simplicity of the very essence, the very breath of our existence. We are now on the threshold of the Aquarian Age, yet many are still held and swayed by the indoctrination and perceptions of the Piscean Age. All Ages throughout the Planetary and Solar Systems have both positive and negative aspects. At the end of every Age, humanity needs to free itself from the holds of that Age in order to embrace the qualities and experiences for growth in the next Age. Right now, we see the world in chaos, in conflict, in turmoil. This is all part of the growth of Planet Earth and Humanity. Our choice is how we react and positively work towards, first understanding what is happening and secondly, what we can do about it. For different reasons, we may not be in a position to do much, but we can do so much more by continuing to hold planet Earth in Light; knowing deep within that what is happening, what is going on in the world for which we may not have any control over, is just part of the process of growth for humanity.

Humanity has been through many different Ages, bringing their own experiences and conflicts. Our humanity can take comfort in that we have survived as Spirit throughout, and truly believe that we, together, can get through this miasma of chaos, conflict, confusion that is so prevalent around us. All life is continuous, no beginning, no end. We never lose our identity, we simply merge into our greater self, which is spirit, and we continue from one existence to another. This is the beauty of who we are. Our choice is to accept our greater self and believe that as we pour our Light into the world, we can make a difference.

Article by More to Life Elder, Astra Ferro Author of Stepping Stones on the Spiritual Path. 26

50th Anniversary 28

of Intolerance

They called 1967 ‘the Summer of Love’. It was the height of the hippy movement, a time of brilliant art, film and music, of joy and hope for a kinder world. At Monterey, up to 90,000 gentle, happy people with flowers in their hair (and few clothes) danced to The Byrds, The Who, Grateful Dead, Hendrix and many more. It was wonderful, naïve, and it couldn’t last. 1968 was the Year of Intolerance, a backlash. To be fair, the year did witness more cultural breakthroughs. The Beatles were prolific (Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude, the White Album); there were huge music festivals at Newport and Miami, and Led Zeppelin gave their first live performance. The movies 2001: A Space Odyssey, Planet of the Apes and Rosemary’s Baby were premièred. Also in the UK, theatre censorship was finally abolished and was followed, the next day, by the London première of Hair! But alongside these joyful scenes, a much darker world was emerging. To be honest, many of the year’s conflicts were justifiably initiated by young people themselves. There were huge black and student protests, notably against the Vietnam War, while students and workers rioted in Paris demanding social and educational reform. These brought a savage response from the authorities. There were other mass protest movements across the world and, in Derry, Northern Ireland, the RUC baton-charged civil rights demonstrators and ‘The Troubles’ began. One of the saddest and most poignant events of 1968 was the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr in Memphis, Tennessee, on April 4th. And with extraordinary insensitivity, this was followed two weeks later by Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. What on Earth had happened to ‘peace, love and tolerance’? All the hope and optimism of the Swinging Sixties seemed to be crushed. Suddenly, the peaceful revolution had become violent as love (caring for others) and politics (the status quo) became intertwined. Meanwhile, another major story was brewing in central Europe. Many of us didn’t take much notice, perhaps because we had so much happening on our own doorsteps – or are we not really interested in foreigners’ politics? After all, there was an Iron Curtain separating us from the communists and what went on behind it didn’t affect us (unless they moved their bombs closer). But this story was going to erupt in a dramatic and life-changing way, not only for Europe but also for at least one particular British individual. v

On the 5th of January, 1968, Alexander Dubcek became leader of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (as it was then). Prompted by a fast-growing movement of students and workers who called, in their own way, for social reform and civil rights, the Prague v Spring was born. In April, Dubcek made a major speech calling for individual liberties, political and economic reforms, and a change in the structure of the nation. This was followed in early July by the Two Thousand Words Manifesto, signed by the nation’s writers and intellectuals, the clearest statement yet of the people’s yearning for liberalisation. Socialism had failed, administered by people who didn’t have “the decency to listen to the opinion of others”, to a point where nobody felt they could trust anyone else. Sounds familiar? The same month, that one British individual (okay, yes, it was me) was having a short holiday in Wales before going up to Manchester University. Naïve and immature, knowing nothing about politics and possibly less about girls, the angels decided to move my life

on rapidly. Out of the blue, I found myself undeniably falling in love at first sight with a girl on the beach. (‘Aha,’ said the angels, ‘nothing is that simple.’) Unfortunately, the girl was Czech and had just decided that she needed to return home to see whether her folks were okay. In any case, our own families could not tolerate the relationship (“She’s a communist.” “He’s a capitalist.” You can guess the sort of thing.) The Soviet Union’s response to the Manifesto was not welcoming. Just as we in America and Britain were finding our own peaceful revolution thwarted by our governments’ reactions, the Czechs and Slovaks were about to be crushed by the forces of the Warsaw Pact as 750,000 troops, 6,500 tanks and 800 planes invaded on the 21st August. A peaceful, democratic nation could not be tolerated by its ‘family’. Fifty years on, for all the wonderful growth of ‘spiritual awareness’ in the meantime (of which this magazine is a shining example), we still face huge challenges in bringing the `Sixties revolution to fruition. On our streets, there is more intolerance than ever of those who are ‘different’, of religious and ethnic minorities, and of those who don’t agree with our politics. To the east, Russian imperialism is rising again. Those of us who believe in the spiritual way of life have a great challenge and responsibility now. We must “be the change that we want to see” and adopt the hippies’ example every day of living in peace and caring for our neighbours, whatever their differences. And we must never forget the past sacrifices of so many others in the name of peace. Ah, what happened to the young lovers?! I tell the story in my novel Broken Sea, based on those personal experiences.

Nigel Peace (ISBN 978-1-910027-23-3).




when you pan for gold, there

I had been crossing paths with a woman on my everyday walk for a few days. She was a runner. I was a walker. I had been watching her. She made approximately 12 laps of the field to my one. Her dog sometimes ran beside her. Her head was high and forward, and she ran with the focus of a competent runner – no strain, no stress, just consistent unlaboured speed. The dog ran with her head mostly turned to one side, looking up at her crazy human companion as if she were waiting for her to produce a ball. We had started to acknowledge each other with a nod. Always careful not to interrupt a runner, I would nod my respect and she would not her gratitude. On this day, I was the river side of the field, walking clockwise. She was the rugby end of the field running anticlockwise. She left the perimeter and started running towards me. When she got to within a few yards, she said “can I tell you something?” Of course she could. She came to a standstill, I stood to face her, and she told me something which had recently happened to her which she couldn’t integrate or make sense of. I listened and offered some possible suggestions. We walked slowly together towards the natural entrance of the field and out onto the pathway, until we found that we needed to go into different directions. We stopped briefly, but the personal nature of our conversation which flowed with our steps seemed a little incongruent amongst the stillness and the hardness of the tarmac. The conversation finished and we parted. The next time I saw her I asked how things were. We walked again, and we talked again. We talked about her situation. We talked about her feelings. We found some common interests. And so we went on. We interrupted our very different circuits to discuss many things over the next few weeks. We shared a warped sense of humour and found commonality of views on womanhood and life in general. Our sense of camaraderie blossomed, and we took it out of the boundaries of the walking field and into the world beyond. We walked different walks, went to dinner together, and introduced each other to mutual friends.

From one single request for conversation, we forged a lifelong friendship. ‘Lifelong’ unfortunately was the operative word because my dear friend was ill. She was more ill than either of us initially knew, wanted to recognize or give credence to. For two years we fought her disease like veritable soldiers.

I dug deep into my bag of knowledge of alternative therapies and she frantically googled the ideas I came up with for anything that resonated. We made it our daily mission to support our quest with ideas, strength and humour. We looked for signs together and when we saw one we put all our money on it to win. During the remainder of her life, that one small request for conversation gave us so many gifts. She benefited from being amongst my crazy loving family. I benefited from her enormous courage and drier-than-dry humour. We met gentle and powerful healers. The good karma we were creating was tangible. After her death I made some firm friendships from her connections; I fell in love; and I am still meeting friends of her friends who are becoming an important part of my life. The ripples keep on spreading and the gift keeps on giving.

Never underestimate the potential of a random piece of conversation. The throw-away comment about a brand of toothpaste with the cashier in a super-market may be ignored, but on the other hand you may learn something about their dental problem and be able to relieve an anxiety. That happened to me once: Tesco Express when I went in for a tube of toothpaste. Sometimes people ignore your efforts. Sometimes they look at you as if you might be thinking of asking them something particularly personal or embarrassing. Sometimes they might look at you in complete gob-smacked incredulity that you can speak at all! It doesn’t really matter. Occasionally you may even get some rudeness in return. That doesn’t really matter either. Each reaction says more about them than it does about your attempt to connect.

What does matter is the intention in reaching out. What does matter is the difference you can make to someone else’s day. What does matter is the difference you can make to someone else’s life, and they to yours. Not every act of random conversation will turn out to be a Jane. But when you pan for gold there will often be something glistening in the bottom of the sieve. It may not be enough to make you rich or change your life, but it will often be enough to give a spark of excitement and raise your morale or theirs. And once in while you get a rare nugget that really creates mutual wealth!

Written by Teena Ackary Author of The Art of Walking and The Importance of Sitting

will be something glistening at the bottom of the sieve

“Can I tell you something?” This is how it started. No niceties about the day – just a random and direct request for conversation.


You have said that you help people heal on a number of different levels. Can you walk us through what those levels are? There are many levels and layers of healing and some of those are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic. Everything is energy and therefore when there is clearing and healing, it can help on more than one level. Getting to the underlying issues and resolving them is so wonderful and so much is changing or transforming so quickly these days. Oftentimes, the healing or transformation can start to happen once someone schedules a session with me.

You have said that “the more you are in your heart and the vibration of love, manifesting is so much faster and easier.” Can you tell us more about that? Yes. Your heart space can be the fastest and easiest way to manifest. In that space is so much love that is at a high vibration and the higher your vibration and frequency, manifesting is much faster and easier. I can help to clear out the heart space of energetic blockages and open it up. I encourage people and help them to be less in their head overthinking and more in their heart which is a more direct connection to the highest Source.

More to Life’s Deb Eiseman interviewed Christy Warnick, a spiritual, intutive and energy healer from the USA. A lot of people are feeling stressed out right now. Can you suggest a few things people can do to cope with their stress? To name a few…meditating, yoga, singing, dancing, laughing and doing something fun and enjoyable are some of the ways to cope with stress. I also work with people energetically to help be more harmonious with the things that may be causing them stress. There are videos on my YouTube Channel that can help too.

Your site says that your work can help people tap into the field of miracles and infinite possibilities to help them create the reality they want. Can you tell us how this process works? Everyone is different and that is great. I help so many people in different ways with sessions and programs that are customized specifically for the best results individually. There is a Universal Law that says anything is possible and there is an energy field of infinite possibilities. I walk people through a process to bring the energies from a time in the future where they already have what they choose. It helps to align them with that and they attract what they want faster and easier. I am a true believer in miracles and that anything is possible and therefore, I’m able to help others in many different ways. I’m here to inspire and empower others while helping with healing and manifesting. I am a transformational healer, alchemist and mentor and love helping people to transform their lives for the better. It is amazing working with people all over the world distantly and remotely. Energy healing saved my life and I am so grateful to help others to be free from struggling and suffering. 32

Can you give us a few specific examples of how your work has helped transform your clients’ lives? This question always makes me excited and emotional at the same time because I am so grateful for any part I had in helping to make the lives of others better. With the sessions I offer, I have helped many people in many different ways recently. All of the testimonials I have received are so wonderful and were received from such amazing people. The health issues that have been healed or improved are cancer that is no longer there, someone that is now free of fibromyalgia symptoms, a young boy that had eczema that improved, an older man that was having neuropathy in his legs and hearing loss that went to a yoga and zumba class after our session and is feeling much better with restored hearing. A woman that had difficulty walking due to back, leg and knee pain was able to walk again pain-free. Different people that received help and healing for a variety of aches, pains, sleep issues, headaches, depression, anxiety, fatigue, kidney problems, allergies, chest pains and heart palpitations - the list goes on and on. I also help babies, children and animals. People have come to me for relationship issues involving other family members, romantic partners and spouses – most of which have been resolved. People have received help with manifesting a job they wanted, others have gone on to higher positions in their careers. Many have had their gifts, abilities and powers increased, enhanced and expanded and strengthened their divine connection. I do land and home clearings of negative and dark energies and have helped with loved ones crossing over along with cases of spirits or souls hanging around that were healed and sent to the light. Everyone and every situation is different and the outcomes can be very different too.

I know that everyone who has come to me has made some kind of improvement and even experienced many miracles. People tell me all the time that they were guided to me because they know that I can help them. I also teach my clients ways to help themselves with self-care and maintenance because I believe this is important and helps to empower them for continued progress in their lives. I also created The STAR Program that is a life transformational program. Details along with other sessions and programs and testimonials can be found on my website


Atlantis My visit to

in May 2018

Through a series of “unexpected” visits to the Maltese islands over the past five years, I have been fortunate enough to be one of the first humans to have visited the thriving Crystal City of Atlantis this summer through a portal that has recently opened. The events that led to this and what the future may hold will be written in a book as it is far too detailed to write in this article.

I am aware of many of my past lives and have always been aware that my lifetime during the last downfall of Atlantis, when I stayed until the bitter end, is the most important one connecting to my present incarnation. Many of us could not carry on with the work we had been doing in that lifetime and now is the time to pick up where we so abruptly had to discontinue. I had been a High Priestess working in the Healing Temples with the Supreme Crystal Master; all other Crystal Masters in Atlantis deferred to him. I have again connected with him during this lifetime both in his Atlantean incarnation as Master Advarr, and in his present incarnation living in the Maltese islands. Having nearly drowned several times during the downfall, I was eventually rescued and taken by boat to Egypt where we continued with our work but this had to be in a far more limited way due to the lower vibrational energy after the downfall.


I had never known much more information than this about that lifetime or the geographical location of where I had lived in the Healing Temples - until my recent visits to the Maltese islands. As I knew I had been in the central part of Atlantis it makes sense that this would have been in the location of the Maltese Islands which are actually the tops of three mountains of Atlantis. This is in the centre of the Mediterranean and, of course, the meaning of the words ‘medi’ and ‘terra’ translate as middle earth. I never had any intention to keep returning to the Maltese islands but unexpected invitations kept bringing me back every time and, of course, now I know why. In order to enter the portal, it is necessary to be prepared for the experience. Upon entering, I was slightly anxious but was reassured that I could just relax and take everything naturally. I found myself in an altered state of consciousness and found that holding hands with others grounded me as it assured me of the 3D connection. The portal leads to a huge city beneath the Maltese Islands. Many Atlanteans escaped there during the last downfall and it is now a thriving community.

My experience was that it was a coming home, retrieving and integrating parts of myself which had been forgotten or lost. It was a multi-dimensional experience and still is. The place was full of light and very vibrant and alive. I was aware of a thriving community of Atlanteans, Lemurians and beings from other dimensions and various planets. All the species of beings are so very different from each other and are living in various different dimensions but they are all completely aware of their roles and live with total respect for one another. They live with a purpose and everything and everyone exists in harmony with Mother Earth and with each other. During my visit, I became aware of symbols and a long straight pathway with different sections on each side. There are very busy high vibrational parts full of advanced technology whilst other parts are serene and tranquil used for reflection, healing and meditation. Dotted throughout the city are massive crystals which are generators. There is a gigantic central generator crystal connected at all times to the Galactic Centre and directly with Source. There are many other huge crystals in different sections connected to the highest dimensions to keep the energy as pure and high vibrational as possible. This is protected by angelic presences. I was aware of my past, present and future selves as there is a timelessness here as it is not in third dimension. The experience was very balancing, not just of male/female energies, but also the integration of the inner and outer worlds. I feel more complete in myself and am aware of a lot of inner activations as humans are crystalline in structure so an appropriate download of crystal energy has been given to me to resonate with who I am containing codes. It was an inner download that seems to affect all levels. The reason to keep the energies as pure as possible is paramount in order to maintain the high vibrational level. The location is only to be shared with those who have the highest respect for the portal and only these people will be allowed to enter after preparation. It is extremely important that those who visit only share the location with those who have the utmost respect. There are Atlantean surface dwellers in the form of farmers who look after the site to keep the energies pristine. The reason the portal has opened at this time is because humanity is about to take a giant leap in evolution. Many are now ready to accept the reality of Atlantis which I now know is a real and thriving place. Those who are living in this Crystal City of Atlantis are now ready to share their information and knowledge with us in a way they have not been able to in the past. They are helping humanity create a similar reality on the earth’s surface which will restore the plan on earth – to create and live in heaven on earth. For more information or to visit the portal, please contact Jayn Lee-Miller who has been a spiritual medium, channel and healer for over 40 years. She runs the Academy of Angelic Healing in Harrow, London, where she offers Private Consultations, Angelic Reiki training and various Angel and Spiritual courses and workshops. She also runs Spiritual Retreat Holidays and will be taking groups to the Atlantis portal as from 2019. 020 8422 9308/ 07925 127222 33



The Guru Parampara System By Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa)

“You don’t know how to get there?” she asked, with a smile. “Just bring the GPS.” I should have thought of that earlier. Thanks to my GPS, it’s much easier getting places these days. As always, it’s all about competent guidance. For those who don’t know, GPS (or the global positioning system) is a satellite-based navigation device that responds to a network of numerous satellites orbiting high above the earth.

understand where

the guru can help you

you are, spiritually...

When the proper signals are received, the device allows a person to determine where they are located -- and how to get to a given destination. I thought about that for a second. The GPS is like a guru, of sorts. It lets you know where you are and, once you’ve decided where you want to go, it helps get you there. It’s the same thing in spiritual life. The guru can help you understand where you are, spiritually, and then he or she can help you get to Krishna, to the spiritual kingdom, once you truly decide you want to go there. I like playing with words, so, when I took a recent road trip, the GPS became the “Guru Parampara System.” Parampara refers to a chain of teachers.

Contrary to popular belief, gurus are not independent trouble-shooters or stand-alone charismatics. Rather, they represent an established line of teachers. This is what the Sanskrit term parampara means. In other words, a genuine guru doesn’t just make stuff up or rattle off aphorisms that sound good. He or she is God’s representative and delivers traditional knowledge passed down by authoritative masters. Sure, he has realized this knowledge himself, but the main thing is that she passes it down without deviation. >> 37

the genuine guru is god’s representative, and he speaks about God

As Prabhupada says: The genuine guru is God’s representative, and he speaks about God and nothing else. The genuine guru is he who has no interest in materialistic life. He is after God, and God only. That is one of the tests of a genuine guru: brahma-nistham. He is absorbed in the Absolute Truth. In the Mundaka Upanisad it is stated, srotriyam brahma-nistham: “The genuine guru is well versed in the scriptures and Vedic knowledge, and he is completely dependent on Brahman.” He should know what Brahman [spirit] is and how to become situated in Brahman. These signs are given in the Vedic literature. As I said before, the real guru is God’s representative. He represents the Supreme Lord, just as a viceroy represents a king. The real guru will not manufacture anything. Everything he says is in accordance with the scriptures and the previous acaryas. Now, there are modes of behavior or circumstances that can obstruct a guru’s teaching, at least for individual practitioners. Again, the GPS comes to mind: GPS receivers require an unobstructed view of the sky. For this reason, they are mainly used outdoors, or in cars while driving.

a nd not hing else. . . 38

They are notoriously ineffectual in forested areas or near tall buildings. In a similar way, the guru may give excellent counsel, but if the aspiring disciple is not appropriately attuned or properly situated, the teachings may fall on deaf ears. Aside from basic sincerity and a promise of determined effort, there are certain regulative principles in spiritual life, i.e., no meat-eating, no illicit sex, no intoxication, and no gambling. In addition, one who really wants to receive the guru’s teachings without blockage will make a vow to chant a certain number of mantras daily. In ISKCON, we chant 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna mahamantra -- Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare -- every day. If a practitioner neglects this, the GPS is rendered ineffectual. The signal won’t go through. In addition, a disciple is expected to use his or her own intelligence. That is to say, without proper application, the guru’s instructions will not have the desired effect. Similarly, while GPS technology can give a person directions as to where to go, there are innumerable variables that can confuse the situation: It doesn’t tell you if there are any sidewalks along a particular route; if there is some current construction; sometimes addresses have been changed or, for other reasons, might be rendered inaccurate, and so on.

One follows the instructions according to individual demeanor and according to time, place, and circumstance. Along similar lines, a GPS will indicate when someone has gone off course, saying “recalculating” or some such. The guru, too, will let a disciple know when he or she has made an error on the path, and for this reason, the teacher will sometimes adjust activities and procedures along the way.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, But the guru expects us to see for ourselves one day, not to become slavishly dependent on outside instruction. The guru wants disciples who can eventually stand on their own, even if such disciples are expected to remain forever faithful to the parampara, repeating the same instructions to successive generations of spiritual aspirants. The GPS will always have a place in my life, but after a while, it’s good to just know where you are.

Steven J. Rosen (Satyarāja Dāsa) is a direct disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedānta Swami Prabhupāda as well as a scholar in the fields of comparative philosophy and Vaishnava In the Bhagavad-gita’s twelfth chapter, we find Krish- spirituality. na, the ultimate spiritual master, adopting the same procedure – when outlining devotional behavior, He gives various options, “If you can’t do this, then do that.” So the aspiring devotee has multiple ways to proceed. In the end, what this means is that a sincere disciple is not off the hook - he or she cannot mindlessly follow a guru’s instructions.

He is the founding editor of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies and associate editor of Back to Godhead magazine. His 31 books include; The Hidden Glory of India (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, 2002); Essential Hinduism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2008); Krishna’s Other Song: A New Look at the The guru brings light, but it is the disciple who must Uddhava Gita (Praeger journey along that lighted path. The Guru Gita (verse /Greenwood, 2010); and 17) tells us that the guru is a “dispeller of darkness” Christ and Krishna: (from gu, “darkness” and ru, “that which dispels”). Where the Jordan Meets the Ganges (FOLK Books, 2011).

Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare - Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare...

>>Actually, some better-quality GPS’s do carry such information, but the point is this: the GPS will not replace inborn intelligence, orientation, or common sense. It is meant to assist us in reaching the goal - it does not reach the goal for us. Analogically, the guru is a guide, working with each individual disciple according to their psycho-physical make-up.


The Secret to Happiness and Loving your Life We all want to know what the secret to happiness is, the key that unlocks the door to contentment and positivity, every day. The problem is that life is unpredictable and even when we plan for every eventuality, something unexpected may happen and can throw us off balance.


think it, believe it, make it happen... There are five fundamental pillars that contribute to and support our overall happiness; our relationships, daily work, health, finances and personal/spiritual growth. We are more likely to be happy if we have succeeded in each area, therefore it is worth spending time thinking about how we can strengthen each pillar. Relationships It is so important to have people in your life that you give and received unconditional love and support with. We need these people to share our lives with, to celebrate the highs and survive the lows. Daily Work In an ideal world we could all do something that we enjoy, however sometimes we need to do what we need to do. Find a way to appreciate something that work gives you; the people you spend time with, intellectual focus or providing for your family. Health Without our health, we put our life at risk and without it nothing else would matter. We must prioritise this and actively take steps to maintain and improve every day. Finances In this world, we need money to buy essential items and have freedom to do things. Lack of money can create struggle and worry, so take time to plan how to create and save wealth, and how to spend wisely. Personal/Spiritual Growth Doing things that stretch and interest us help to develop our sense of self as human beings. We should utilise this body we have been blessed with and take the opportunities that surround us. I understand how hard it can be to simply ‘be happy’. Life can be hard, especially when issues arise that are due to circumstances out of our control. It is worth noting here that there are some circumstances within our control. By looking at the pillars of happiness, we can take practical steps to improve these areas and take back control of our live and our happiness. How can we create what we want, if we haven’t taken the time to figure out exactly what that is? Many of us go from day to day, living the life that has been dealt to us. There is another way. Actively decide what we want and do something about it, now! It can be so hard to find motivation to get up in the morning, so find something that motivates us to get out bed and start the day looking forward to something we will do that day. We should all take time each day to look objectively at our lives and think about what is working well and what is not. During this process we should be brutally honest with ourselves, think about what we truly want from life and how we can make it happen.

If we use this philosophy when considering each the pillar of our lives, we can develop the formula to live a more fulfilling life. One the best examples of choosing happiness and manifesting something I wanted into reality is how I came to spend much of my adult life in the Caribbean. Being from Jersey in the Channel Islands, the main industry is offshore finance and growing up I always thought that if I ended up working in finance, I would make the most of it by travelling and moving to a tropical island. I always thought that there must be more to life than just getting a mortgage and spending hours in traffic every day. I used to look out of the window at work, gazing at the grey overcast sky imagining blue skies and palm trees blowing in the breeze. As I came to the end of my exams in accountancy, I felt it was time to actualise my day dreams. How hard can it be to get a job out there? I started applying for jobs and well, that thought I had all those years ago, it came true. And the years I spent in living in the British Virgin Islands were some of the best years that I’ve had. The ultimate definition of a tropical island, I truly had manifested my dream. I was awestruck and so grateful for the experience. I moved there because it was something that I knew would make me happy and looking back, it affected all the pillars of my life in a positive way. That manifesting thought was so strong that even after I came back to Jersey to have my daughter, my little family and I founds ourselves back in the tropics, in the Dominican Republic. I feel that it could have been a recurring manifestation, my thoughts and desires were perhaps still lingering in my sub-conscious so I was given another opportunity by the Universe to live my dream. My motivation for writing this article is to pass on what I have learnt about the power of your thoughts. This way of thinking has benefited me so much and I want to help others experience the same good fortune. To discover their true desires and to take practical action to make it happen. Think it, believe it, make it happen. I feel as though I can do (almost) anything and it is a great feeling.

Maxine Holly Jones is the author of A Guided Journal for 2019 and one of the most inspiring newcomers to the field of spirituality and self-improvement this year. To find out more, visit her website at or her Instagram @maxinehollyjones 41

The Dream

A Journey of Self Discovery

After years of debilitating illness and a major operation, Chris is left with half a pancreas and no spleen. He now has a compromised immune system and a severely restricted diet. He is aware that if he is to continue to thrive on this plain of existence he will have to make drastic changes to his lifestyle, and he begins a quest for answers as to how to deal with his disability. Summoned by a recurring dream Chris sets out on a mystical journey that takes him to the magical city of Cusco and the Temple of the Moon in the Sacred Valley nestled high in the Andes of Peru. He finds inspiration in the flying fortress of Machu Picchu and has a life-changing encounter with the Mother of all healing plants in the remote jungle of the Amazon. He goes into the high desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico where he apprentices in the art of Conscious Dreaming and acquires the tools to fight for his life. In his travels he learns from formidable light-workers and studies with shamans.. This is a tale of self-discovery and self-healing with powerful and magical medicinal plants. It is a true story of transcending the physical world and overcoming overwhelming odds.


Here is an excerpt from his new book: Dios mio! Her eyes! They were at once youthful and ancient! They brimmed with compassion and were as cold as ice. Bright with inquisitiveness and deep as the ocean. They held the promise of all that is, was and ever will be! How easy it would be to lose oneself in their depths. The truths and knowledge that might be found there. I knew instinctively that in going there I would be forever lost. There would be no return. This was undoubtedly the entity who had spent the last 5 days tormenting me. It was she. I had been granted an audience with the Mother Ayahuasca. She was ancient yet beautiful beyond words or comprehension. Here was a being that transcended time and dimensions and she was smiling at me as if I were her favorite child. I had travelled thousands of miles and spent countless hours trying to ready myself mentally for this possibility. No amount of written or spoken word could pre-

pare me for this encounter and I knew that my whole life had been leading up to this moment. My reverie was broken when I realized that she was speaking. I did not hear these words as much as they seemed to materialize as concepts in my head. Her words did not come from any language, it was pure thought. She was inside my head and I would be hiding nothing from her. Her demand was clear to me. She wished to know what had brought me here. I formed the answer that she surely already knew‌ But wait. It seems I am already well ahead of myself in this story. Perhaps I should explain why I had been summoned from my somewhat ordinary life in Bisbee, Arizona to the headwaters of the Amazon to meet this fantastically resplendent creature in the first place?

Chris Taylor is the author of The Dream - a Journey of Self Discovery which is availabe on Amazon.You can contact Chris at


Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.




March 21 - April 20 There is a distinct difference between the busy-ness of life and the business of life: the business of life includes those things you need to do to keep the wheels rolling, whereas the busy-ness is more related to distractions and rushing around. Although you know this, there is a sense that the lines between the two have become more blurred recently and you may feel as though you are charging ahead on fast forward with barely time to take a breath. Whilst your life is unquestionably full of things to do, people to see and places to go, it has always been this way, so why the change? Well, as you have spent much of your life on fast forward, it seems you are simply beginning to notice this more as your sense of self is growing at such a rapid pace.

Taurus April 21 - May 20

Over recent weeks and months, the concept of self-compassion has taken centre stage in many aspects of your life as you have started to open up your heart and soul towards living a more enriching and fulfilling life. It seems that the deeper you have looked within, the more you have revealed, in terms of your true essence and passion for life. The window to your soul has been fogged up for quite some time as you have been distracted, trying to be everything to everyone, and denying yourself an opportunity to be your true self. Of course, exactly what being your true self entails may still be a mystery as it’s a state of being rather than something to do or get, so the slightly woolly and nebulous definition of ‘being your true self’ is more connected to how you are feeling within.


May 21 - June 21 As you continue to shape and hone your intuition, there is a sense of deep awakening occurring right at the core of your being. It’s as though you are waking from a deep slumber and where you once thought little of keeping on keeping on, you are now seeking out more depth and meaning from life. Being so awakened takes a great deal of courage as it means you have stepped beyond the definitions and boundaries of your everyday life and instead turned towards the wisdom of being genuine, authentic and vulnerable. Vulnerable in this context isn’t weak, it’s a willingness to be seen, warts and all. It’s a desire to remove the masks (we all wear) and to let your true self rise up to the surface in glimmering glory.

You have reached a stage of your life where fast forward perhaps isn’t the most appropriate speed as there is a clear need for you to normalise your pace in order to breathe more deeply into life whilst allowing life to breathe into you. In short, it’s time to focus on quality rather than quantity…

This could be measured by how happy you are or defined by the levels of joy in your life. It could also be measured by how much unhappiness you eradicate. Yet, none of these really encapsulate the spirit or essence, as it’s that warm fuzzy feeling within you that ultimately lets you know if you are on-track and being the you that you know yourself to be...

This is a poignant and pivotal turning point for you as you are stepping from the expectations of others in order to re-connect to the life you were born to live. Whilst you may not, as yet, have much clarity on this, the first steps come from listening to your intuition and allowing it to lead the way. It’s time to reconnect to the magic within you as you fully awaken and embrace a brand new day…




June 22 - July 22

As you continue to find some stillness amongst the clutter and distraction of your daily life, you are beginning to feel a growing sense of inner balance, as well as a stronger awareness of your true essence. You have always been a hard worker and spend a great deal of time keeping on keeping on. Whilst you get things done, there is a sense that you can lose sight of the magic and sparkle along the way, as the destination becomes more important than the journey. Of course, in many ways, the destination is more important, but the journey is where you learn, evolve, grow and blossom. At the same time, the destination changes as you are constantly ebbing and flowing with the tides of life, so unless you walk the path consciously you may lose sight of the twists, turns and opportunities to go ‘off road’ to discover something new. Following the path most travelled makes sense on many levels, but this can leave you feeling stale and discontent, so allowing your intuition to lead the way, and to be more present in each and every moment, will inspire you to re-shape and re-define your path from the inside, out…

July 23 - August 23

August 24 - September 22

As you continue to find a new level of balance and poise in your life, there is a sense you are finally finding ways of making peace with the reality that not all of the questions you have about your path, and your life, have answers. Whilst you are beginning to accept this, you are not overly happy by it, but you are realising that the more you chase for answers to questions that don’t have answers, the more frustrated and restless you become. Acceptance of this fact doesn’t mean you are giving up or giving in, far from it in fact.

Knowing yourself looks set to take centre stage over the weeks and months ahead as you embark on a new chapter of your life. In fact, it’s not just about knowing yourself, as loving yourself and being yourself are just as important as they form a path which leads towards inner balance and a more enriched sense of purpose.

Acceptance sets you free from the cycle of constantly questioning yourself and your motivations, allowing you the wriggle room to breathe more deeply and connect to your creative spark and phenomenal energy. Acceptance inspires you to acknowledge that whilst you don’t have all the answers, you are still free to follow your heart and soul in order to live the best life possible. In short, acceptance means you no longer have to keep your life on hold; you can set yourself free, channel your energy in more life-affirming ways and finally begin to acknowledge what you truly, and wholeheartedly, want from life…

Knowing yourself sounds easy, after all, who else could you be, but it’s actually quite challenging as it means lifting away all of the clutter and distractions of everyday life in order to reach deeply into your heart and soul. In essence, the focus of this shift seems to be on inspiring you to be yourself and to love yourself for it. You are your own fiercest critic, and often berate yourself for not doing more, being more or achieving more, but how often do you give yourself a little pat on the back for a job well done? How often do you show yourself tenderness, love and compassion? It seems you have grown so good at self-criticism, you have forgotten the good stuff! It’s time to re-align the balance within in order to get to know yourself once again… 45

Libra September 23 - October 22

Scorpio October 23 - November 22

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21

Sitting and watching the world go by is a statement that rarely describes you or your state of being!

As you continue to dive deeply into the wondrous depths and hidden corners of your consciousness, you are beginning to realise just how intriguing, creative and marvellous you really are! This isn’t bigheadedness, it’s a realisation that your inner mysteries bring you your creativity and intuition, as well as your passion and zest for life.

As you continue to embrace the twists and turns of your everyday life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how much you thrive on the spontaneity and unpredictability of life.

Pausing, being in the moment and finding stillness seem almost contrary to your nature as you are so caught up in whirlwind in your head that even if you were sitting and watching the world go by, you wouldn’t be fully conscious of the fact as you’d be contemplating a gazillion and one other things at the same time. Of course, your mind is a phenomenal gift as it allows you to explore life with great passion and energy, but even you need times to slow down, take stock and let go. You never stay in the same place for long (physically, intellectually or spiritually) as you are always moving on, collecting new experiences and finding new ways to evolve. This brings you great opportunity and plenty of new territory to explore, but it can leave you feeling like a leaf falling in the autumn as you have no roots, branches or trunk. It’s time now to find a deeper sense of peace in your life as you finally embrace the art of sitting and watching the world go by…

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 As you continue to contemplate the art of happiness and what it really means, there is a sense that you are beginning to make some important realisations about the way in which you live your life. Some may call you a pessimist, but a better description would be a realist as you tend to see things as they are rather than as you may want them to be. Yet, even being a realist doesn’t quite encapsulate you as, although you may not often admit it, there is a part of you that’s a dreamer, and it’s the dreamer in you that seems intent on taking centre stage over the weeks ahead as your creative, intuitive ‘dreamer’ wakes up, enabling you to see your life from a new perspective. Happiness isn’t something to do, get or achieve, it’s a state of being, and it’s only by allowing your true nature the freedom to flow that you can begin to tap into the wisdom within your heart and soul. Happiness is about opening up the doorway to life and letting your true essence dance freely. In short, it’s time now to let your ‘inner happy’ out as you allow your intuition to lead the way…


Of course, you still find your inner world confusing and perplexing as little seems to make logical sense, but your inner world isn’t about logic, it’s about riding with the ebb and flow of life, expanding your consciousness and exploring unchartered terrain. Logic is the force that ties you up in knots as you try to be the person you think you ought to be. Whilst this allows you to keep on keeping on, there is nothing about you that suggests you are a ‘keeping on keeping on’ kind of soul. Your true essence is vibrant, mysterious and, like a kaleidoscope, swirling and shifting on all levels. Logic can act like an anchor around your feet, holding you back from expressing the depths of your soul. Living wholeheartedly and consciously continue to take centre stage over the weeks ahead as you find new ways to blossom and flourish…

In many ways it is the twists and turns that bring you alive and stoke the fires in your soul filling you with delight as you ride the ebb and flow with courage, passion and determination. Challenge brings you wisdom and understanding; you find your true strengths when in unchartered terrain. It’s not that you go out looking for challenges, but a sedate, pedestrian existence really isn’t for you! You revel in the joy of listening to your heart and soul. Being busy allows you to achieve a great deal, but it’s also important to find the time to consciously connect to the silence and stillness within, as this enables you to listen to your soul, inspiring you to fly free and to reach for new heights. You are nearing a turning point; an opportunity to re-shape and re-define the story of your life. Just remember to believe in yourself and know that you have the passion and vibrancy to light up the world from the inside, out…

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

Pisces February 20 - March 20

You have long been aware of the correlation between your thoughts and beliefs, and how they shape and define your life. You can see the patterns you have created over the years as you have walked new pathways, exploring new philosophies and ideals, contemplating the true meaning of life.

As you continue to contemplate the meaning of balance in your life, it seems you are beginning to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things (and people) that nourish you and the things that don’t. It’s rarely easy acknowledging those areas of your life that need some attention as it means turning to the mirror of your soul and being intensely honest with yourself.

As a result, you have written your own inner rule book when it comes to trying to live the best life possible. You have a great deal of wisdom to impart and you instinctively know that living well is the true pathway to happiness and fulfilment. There is a saying: ‘walk your talk’, and whilst you know this, there is a part of you that seems so glued to the wheel of keeping on keeping on that you can’t break free to live the life you intuitively know you were born to live. It’s not that you are being wilfully awkward, it’s just that you seem so wrapped up trying to create the instructions for living the best life possible rather than actually living the best life possible. You work hard trying to perfect your plan, all the while, not allowing yourself to dive in. Caution is understandable, but it’s time now to set yourself free…

The very idea of rocking the boat by saying ‘No!’ or walking away from something (or someone) that depletes you is way out of your comfort zone, but there comes a time in your life when you have to think about what’s right for you. You can spend your whole life trying to be everything to everyone, but until you start trying to be everything to yourself, then you will struggle to find that inner fuzzy of contentment that you crave. Rocking the boat may not be your forte, but neither is willingly adding more buckets of water to an already overloaded boat. In other words, stop trying to juggle so much and think about your own needs. It’s time to get some balance back, to believe in yourself, and to have the courage to love yourself wholeheartedly…

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