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Edition 41 The Theme Authenticity

Hi everyone, This edition seems to have come around in no time at all - I hear it said often that time is speeding up but the past three months really have flown by. In November I returned to my personal spiritual home in the mountains of Northern India at the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University where I was party to the most incredible gathering of people whose only intention is to connect with God, do his work and teach others to do the same. It was humbling to be around people who are so full of love and divine energy, you simply can’t help become intoxicated by it all. To come home just in time for the commercial madness that Christmas brings was a bit of a challenge to say the least. I found myself wandering around a department store wondering what it was all about. If you get time, check out this incredible organisation, everything they offer is free of charge and so profound. You can visit their centres or even on-line - there are so many meditations to try that are clear and easy to follow and bring such clarity to the world. Hope you enjoy this edition, it has been put together with love and good intentions...

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22 - Intuition - Our ‘Inner Gold’

14 - The Magic of Spirit

20 - Five Ways to Meditate

16 - The Blessing of Being Different

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06 - The Reason Man Suffers

26 - The Meaning of Life

08- What is Paravision?

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The Reason

Man Suffers The world is filled with pain and suffering, on both

an individual level and as a collective. Life has its ups and downs – people experience loss of money or possessions. People lose their jobs, loved ones pass away and we all experience heartache in one form or another. It has become almost normal to feel miserable and suffer. Never before has there been such a variety of help available, yet more and more people are experiencing anxiety, depression and many other mental health problems. Many people look to external factors in a bid to find some happiness, such as dieting, a new job, a new partner, new haircut, plastic surgery etc. We might gain some short term joy from changing external factors, but generally, changing external factors does not bring us peace. Even attempts to change the way we think or raise our self-esteem can become meaningless. It is our thoughts, not external factors that influence our emotions. So what is the cause of our suffering? Quite simply, we suffer because we pay attention to our thoughts, our life story. We live in a constant stream of thoughts, from the moment we awaken. It is very easy to get caught up in our thoughts, as trying not to think about them only amplifies their presence. It has been estimated that we have between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day (I wonder what percentage of these thoughts are positive?). It is, therefore, little wonder that thoughts can take over our lives. We give our attention to the stories of the painful past or to the frightening future, even though neither are our reality – they are just thoughts in our head. All too readily, we believe what they are saying and more often than not, we act upon them. We are almost always lost in our thoughts, either worrying about what will happen in the future or feeling pain and guilt about what happened in the past. It is the listening to and believing these thoughts, those stories created in our mind, which is the source of our pain.


‘The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions’. Leonardo da Vinci

Despite knowing that it is unhealthy to dwell on the past, so many of us struggle to move on, to leave the past behind. Dwelling on the past has so many disadvantages. When our thoughts drift off to the past, it is likely that these thoughts aren’t positive or joyful. Dwelling on the past can lead to anxiety, anger, and insomnia, IBS, depression and stress, to name but a few related health problems. Whilst we linger in the past we are missing out on so many opportunities. It doesn’t matter how hard we wish or try, we cannot change the past. Some may be unable to let go of the past as they have never had closure, never actually understood what happened at the time. Some switch their thoughts back to the past as it is predictable. Sadly, there are those whose past is more favourable than their present, so they choose to stay there rather than deal with the now. People carry round pain and suffering, sometimes from things that happened many, many years ago. The mind often replays these scenes over and over, with feelings of anger, guilt, shame and thoughts that cause us great pain. Constantly re-playing these scenes, with their negative thoughts, can often lead to similar events happening in our life, over and over again. We are not the exact same people we were in our past. We are not the same person who made a mess of things, who caused pain, who behaved wrongly. We have learnt lessons and we have changed. Why do we continue to criticise someone who no longer exists? We live with this self-torture, replaying all our major mistakes, reliving every wrong ever done to us, giving our mind a template for ‘foretelling’ what will happen in the future, based on the past. We need to accept the past as the past and bring our focus to the present time where we can examine our thoughts and release the emotional events with love. We have all experienced a fear of the future, usually when we know what is going to happen or fearing what might happen – e.g. going to the dentist. Fearing the future, feeling anxious or nervous about it is, again, considered a normal part of life. However, if we look more closely at what is happening, we can often find that there is some kind of frightening thought at the root of this fear. Our fear of the future is often related to our past experiences and how we view ourselves. We are not necessarily afraid of the future, but are afraid of an unpleasantness, such as pain or loss. If these stories did not exist within our mind, we would not fear the future.

Our lives are not stacked against us so we experience only fear, only pain or only negativity. Each day has the same potential for good or bad experiences to occur. If we choose to predict what the future holds and then actively work to make this a reality, whether positive or negative and consciously or unconsciously, we risk making our fears a reality. Fear comes in many forms: - worry, anxiety, tension, and dread and so on. This particular type of mental fear is always of something that might happen, not of something that is actually happening at that moment. Fear of negative consequences motivates much of our actions and because of this, our mind quickly (but wrongly) thinks that fear is needed for action and is therefore useful. Fear actually stops most people from doing the things they would really like to do. Fear can keep people housebound, keep people in the job they really do not enjoy and keep people from going to meet new people. Fear is absolutely unnecessary. Fear is simply our mind, projecting into the future and giving us all sorts of scenarios as to what might happen. These stories are the source of our pain as well as the nerves and worries we build up along the way - all from our projecting mind! The fear we have around the future is based on our trying to control the future. We have thoughts such as ‘how will I cope’, ‘I can’t take another minute of this’, projecting into the future. When we spend our time predicting what may happen, we fail to see just how well we are coping right now. Predicting the future will only add further anxiety to our situation. We spend much time thinking about what will happen or what we have to do, that we spend very little time in the present. We are lost in the mind, which also means we are lost in our past and our future. Of course, this does not mean we can never think of the future. We have to make plans for the day, week, and year and beyond. When we are making plans, we make them based on the facts we have, then we return our attention back to the present moment. However, our plans shouldn’t become our expectations as to do so is only setting ourselves up for disappointment. We cannot control the final outcome, only the path we take. We need to focus on the positive things we can do to try and make our plans a reality.

Lisa Wells. Owner at the Institute of Holistic Learning.


What Is Paravision? Why should I practice it? Paravision is the ability to see auras, energies and non-physical dimensions. The prefix “para” in Paravision means “beyond” and it references a type of vision that goes beyond the physical dimension. Have you ever seen something that could not be explained in physical terms while in a relaxed state? For example, I met several people that reported seeing dozens of bright spots floating around and moving at random after lying down on the beach and looking up to the sky for a while. I also heard numerous accounts of people that saw a bright contour or the aura around another person during a long conversation. I often use the term “visual clairvoyance” as a synonym of Paravision and avoid using the term “clairvoyance” on its own, since the term alone is often associated with readings or more general forms of psychic perception.

Why Develop Paravision? If I think about reasons to develop paravision with a shortterm view, I would say that it is one of the best ways to get started with psychic ability development. It is within reach after a few sessions if you apply techniques that build on your own skills. A relatively “shallow” level of relaxation is enough to develop visual clairvoyance. The phenomenon can be triggered with your eyes open and while you are in complete control of your physical body and energies. As such, paravision can be used as a stepping stone to other forms of psychic ability like out-of-body experiences and past-life recall. With a long-term view in mind, I would say that paravision is for the explorer, for those who suspect that the reality we access with our physical body is incomplete. Paravision is a tool to explore the question “what are we doing here?” It is also a tool for those focused on learning, evolving, and helping others while considering the multidimensional reality that surrounds us. >> If you are trying to help someone by sending them energies, clairvoyance can help you to deepen the connection with the person being helped. We naturally facilitate the energetic connection just by trying to see someone’s aura and energies. Being aware of extraphysical presences (or non-physical beings) while helping others can be very useful as well, as it can give you information to better understand the context and adopt a suitable energy stance.>>


a stepping stone to other forms of psychic ability

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Rodrigo Medeiros is the author of Paravision: Theory And Practice Of Visual Clairvoyance. www.clairvoyancebook.org. A practical guide to seeing auras, non-physical energies and non-physical dimensions.

A Paravision Technique >>Combining a preparation technique with a direct paravision technique is something that usually works very well. The steps below include both a preparation technique, focused on unblocking your energy body, and an actual clairvoyance technique where you try to see the effects of your own energies in your paravision. - Find a room where you can be alone for a half-hour or so. Choose a time of day when no one will disturb you. Turn off your phone and all devices that can make a noise and interrupt you during the experiment. The room should be as dark as possible for this experiment, but it is ok if you can see furniture contours after your eyes adjust. - Lie down in a comfortable position. Use pillows behind your knees and to support your arms for additional comfort. You should be comfortable enough to allow yourself to be still for about 20 minutes. - Take a few deep breaths to help with relaxation. -Gather your own energies in your head, then move those energies downwards, towards your feet, making the energy flow through your body. When your energies reach your feet, bring them back up towards your head and establish a cycle where the energies move back and forth, from your head to your feet and from your feet to your head. - Make your energy flow through every cell of your body. If you feel that your energy finds resistance or blockages along the way, focus on those areas, try to apply more of your will power to make the energy flow evenly through that area and unblock your energy body. Continue the movement of energies up and down for about ten minutes, or until you are able to feel the energies circulating evenly and without resistance. - Still with your eyes closed, bring the palm of your right hand close to your right eye. The palm of your hand should be facing you and should be about three inches from your eye. - Keep your hand and your head still and start to send energies from your right hand to your eye and try to identify changes in your paravision. - Now open your eyes and send energies from your hand intermittently while trying to detect the energy movement with your paravision. You can also try to see your energosoma (aura) around your hand, which is normally perceived as a bright contour with thickness around a quarter of an inch. Write down all your perceptions after the experiment, from energy sensations to paravision perceptions. Also write down the physical details of the experiment, as this is important for you to identify which factors contribute for successful experiments over time.


Visual clairvoyance is an excellent step to explore the world beyond the physical dimension. Your experiences with paravision will motivate you to develop other forms of psychic ability and open a new array of possibilities for your development as a consciousness.

Benefits of

Relexology & Massage When considering our bodies, with its systems and organs, one of the most fundamentally important organs usually overlooked is the skin. It encloses our being, protects us from infection as a defensive barrier and alerts us to danger and other outside stimuli. It “decides” what substances to let in and releases substances unwanted, or fluids on a mission (sweat), by means of the millions of sensory neurons strategically placed below the surface, which, via the Nervous System, are in constant communicating with our brain. The dense, intuitive network of nerves encompass all our major internal organs and regulates our everyday functions, such as temperature, sensory (sight etc), movement, breathing and digestion to name just a few. Together with the Endocrine System (hormones) they provide the data and means of correction that keep our bodies operational and in balance (Homeostasis). Massage is applied pressure in varying degrees to areas of the human body in a rhythmic motion. This warms the tissues and muscles beneath the surface of the skin, encourages blood flow and increased circulation, and stimulates the millions of neurons ( nerve cells) beneath the surface of the skin into action. There are various forms of pressure in massage from slow gentle shallow movements to deep more frequent stimulating movements, each initiate a different response in the nervous system, triggering different nerves, organs and hormones. For example, invigorating massage movements may initiate the release of adrenalin, thus the client will be more alert and less drowsy after the treatment.

Foot Reflexology has been recorded in many ancient cultures from the Egyptians, Native American Indians and China. Depictions of this ancient art are found throughout the world on many artefacts. In more modern times pioneers have, using modern techniques, mapped the various areas of the feet and linked them to various organs in the human body. For example, the “balls” of our feet, in Reflexology, are widely considered to be related to our chest and lung areas. A competent and intuitive Reflexologist will be familiar with not only the various forms of massage and application of pressure, but have a comprehensive knowledge of the human body, its systems and functions and will incorporate a bespoke routine for each individual client after the initial consultation. Along with the benefits of a relaxing foot massage which promotes a feeling of well being and reduces stress levels, Reflexology is widely thought to help reduce blood pressure, increase circulation and initiate the body to begin to “heal” and “re-balance” itself. This non-invasive holistic treatment is regarded by many to be one of the most beneficial forms of natural therapy available today.

Alison Seeger PhD MAR III Reflexologist. President of AS REFLEXOLOGY. page11

Winte r B l u e s Overcoming

Winter may just have been very different for many of us this year. For whatever the dark nights, howling winds or snow-filled skies may have hurled at us, this New Year may well not have begun with a mood swing to end all mood swings, followed by a general descent into long nights of gloom.


Peter Strother is a spiritual activist and journalist. His new book “Spiritual Being or Economic Tools – Just Who Are We?” (ISBN 978-1-78279-844-6 paperback and ISBN 978-1-78279-843-9 e-book)

Published by O-Books www.o-books.com. www.peterstrother.wordpress.com Twitter: @PeterStrother

Something that may just have made a welcome change. Indeed it may even have inspired a wholesale transformation in who we are as we look forward to Spring.

one. It is gratefully received. It is celebrated along with all those with who we converse as we perhaps realise just how much we have in common. Our common humanity.

For – whatever Christmas afforded us this year - we may well have fulfilled a deep yearning for a more contemplative, frugal period after it, especially if we have not succumbed to the incessant pressures to keep promoting excess over need and insatiability over gratitude.

All of us know that that is what is vital. Just as it is during these late winter months when we invite friends over and light a whole array of candles and put on the kettle. As our reflective time becomes their reflective time and our awakened universal consciousness grows together rather than our terrified egos.

Leaving us open to what the rest of Winter offers - the ultimate time of renewal and restoration – as we have perhaps confronted uncomfortable truths in our lives, even our global lives, so that by the end of it, it has begun to work its meditative, insightful magic and we have started to take healing, liberating steps forward. At the same time responding to our grave environmental concerns by not consuming so many of our earth's resources. Not for us anymore merely being compliant to the demands to bustle our way around the insanity that dresses itself up as the all-year round sales. All that achieves, of course, is a fleeing from the apparent bleakness, yet transparent honesty of mid-winter into a culture that insists we surrender our very being to an increasingly controlled existence that insists our life=buying and selling.

‘the pressure is relentless for all of us’ Very many of us, for so long, have felt the psychological schism that these actions generate even as we pursued them. A division we may have experienced first in early age. I recall a good friend painting a Christmas morning picture from when his first child was tiny. Whilst opening his first gift the boy was happy to play with a particular toy over and over and even the box it came in. But his father felt pressurised to force his son to open more and more presents so much so little was considered of any value by the end. It was the wee boy's first lesson in consumerism and all that it entails. An instinctive sense of simple gratitude was wrenched away from him. Meanwhile his father knew that what he had done was wrong. But the pressure is relentless for all of us. It is manipulative. Indeed it is even addictive. Just as it can be at the dinner table with all the gluttonous extravagance that can accompany it all – again in spite of our better instincts urging us not to consume all before us. For deep down we all know that a humble, shared meal with family or friends lingers far more than a gobbled, bloated

Thanks to our activating of a Divine presence that miraculously resides within us. Invoking a sense of profound intimacy in our lives. Offering itself through grace without us doing anything to earn it. All we have to do is to focus on it, to nurture and to cherish it. Starting the very moment we feel it. Perhaps right now. And here lies the heart of the dilemma many of us have faced this Winter. So many of us still remain immersed in an increasingly desperate system to which presence or the present is apparently an unproductive state. So we are pressured into scrambling frantically about in an incessant future that can never be truly satiated. Forever chasing excesses that are short-lived and unsustainable on so many levels. Before we topple over into a past that regrets it never really appreciated all the simple wonders of life that it blindly passed by in its futile search for more. A passing-by of the miracle of life no less. A life that can only be truly experienced in all its authentic glory in the present. Even on a frozen, yet utterly clear day in early March. Spellbound gazing up at the extraordinary brilliance of the starlit night sky as the icy air revitalises us. Warming our souls before the flames of the log fire that finally begins to stir and unleash who we truly are. Always with the possibility of returning to that inspiring silence, content simply to be, with nowhere to go, the late snowfall at the door, drifted high. A life that flows seamlessly and fearlessly once we see right through our tragic sense of separation from its true Source and then becomes precious to us in every breath we take. Igniting us with an energy and vision that is wholly unifying, harmonious and creative in its outlook. Just as soon as we overcome our desperate insistence on responding to our daily alarm clocks with a wholesale preoccupation of what we lack. For we lack nothing in a world that is content to share and not to hoard. In a world devoted to humble receiving and giving not grandiose buying and selling. As finally we emerge from this Winter not with lives to be be lived as an expression of a capitalist will but of a will that is at one with our original spiritual identities.



Magic The

Spirit of


Go back to that time in your life when you have seen a magician, a film about magic or read a book and never forgotten that magical moment, lost in the world of the unknown, fantasy and magic it takes you too. Take time to sit and watch children absorbed in their play, in their own magical fantasy world, and the pure innocent love of the young is a magical feeling to experience.

The moment you discover Spirit for the first time is like that feeling, but we are no fantasy illusion of your imagination my friends. The magic of spirit is in each and every one of you from that divine moment of our joining with you in your human form on Mother Earth. When the divine spark is ignited and spirit blends with the human body, magic exists. An amazing event of creation, it is no illusion my friends, it is pure true love and light from the divine source. When in your human life you recognise this spark of the divine, you are so consumed by the rush of love from spirit this can make you quite emotional, not quite believing this magical moment. Did your mind just play a trick on you? Are my feelings real? Did that just really happen to me? Was it an illusion? This is no magic trick, this is when your trust comes into play my friends, as YES it did just happen to you. The fact you are reading this article means you believe in spirit or are very inquisitive about the spirit world. If you are not yet working with spirit, what stops you from continuing with this exploration? Fear of the unknown, experiences you do not understand. Some of you in past times that believed in us were branded as witches and wizards, their beliefs and actions were seen as magic, the unexplained, being feared by mankind. Throughout mankind’s development, different religions have emerged - this is mankind’s interpretation of your soul and inner power that you have struggled to explain. Before you come to earth when you set your life’s plan, your goal is to bring enlightenment to mankind – and oh boy, what a challenge this is for you! When one of you sees the light and asks for help, then we can step in and bring the magic to your world.

the fact you are reading this article means you believe in spirit In the spirit world we would like to keep this magic of spirit your children are born with, we are working behind the scenes, to aid you with your children. Some of you will have heard of Star Children. Why the word ‘Star’? - the word a lone sends magical signs to you of hope for mankind, looking up at the sky, the unanswered questions, loved ones being a stars in heaven. These Star children are from the spirit world being born amongst you to help mankind move forward and evolve. They possess psychic, spiritual and other extra-sensory abilities. These children will bring peace, topple corrupt systems, and shift dimensional consciousness in the years to come. We have divided them into three categories on your earth to help aid your understanding of them: Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow. The Star Children have chosen specific parents and grandparents who will help them develop their natural abilities. They have slowly been coming to earth for over a century, but in the last twenty years, there have been a lot more.

Why ‘Indigo’? - look at the colour, one of the seven colours of your rainbows, a colour of protection to the spirit world. You will recgonise Indigo children as they are passionate in their beliefs, whatever they may be, and the strength of their feelings can often be overwhelming for them. These children want to know the truth and want to break down the patterns of traditional thinking. The Indigo children have a specific purpose, which is to seek out the truth and change archaic systems of thought on the old energy grid, and usher you into a new world of integrity. A lot of your indigo children will have what are considered to be behavioural problems, which are called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and similar labels. These children will be misunderstood by others, you were chosen as a parent because you will understand your child and guide them towards their desired goal.

Why ‘Crystal’?- look at your Mother Earths make-up, beautiful crystals being part of this. Crystals are bonded together over time and have great strength. Crystal children’s main purpose is to take you to the next level in your evolution and reveal to you your inner and higher power. They function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law of mankind to be one. They will also be advocates for love and peace on Mother Earth. The first thing you will recognize about Crystal children is their forgiving nature. They are very sensitive, warm and caring. Why ‘Rainbow’? - they are created by reflection in light of water droplets and we use them as signs of spirit and comfort to you. Rainbow children are coming amongst you more frequently and the numbers have been building in the last few years. Rainbow children bring joy and harmony to their families. The Rainbow child is born to smile, which is accompanied by their huge magical hearts that are full of forgiveness. Rainbow children are psychic and empathic having the ability to read people’s feelings As well as working with your young we realise we need to start with the adults as they influence your children. We are working hard with all mediums, healers, and those of you on a spiritual path, which you call light workers, to spread our messages of love and light. We do this through your spirit circles, spirit churches, holistic healers and trance groups. We include in your term light workers any one that brings light and love to your world. This will include teachers, life coaches, business coaches and medical workers. The phrase “I wish I had a magic wand” is often heard amongst you my friends. The magic wand is yourself, your human essence and inner strength we so admire, combine this with our pure spirit you will conjure up all sorts of magic tricks. So wave you magic wand my friends and connect with us and TRUST, we will guide you on your life’s path. Love and blessings.

Article by Sharon Barbour. www.Bengalrose.co.uk


This is for everyone who feels that they are ‘different’ to others, those who are ‘outsiders’ – it can be a blessing! When I was growing up in the `sixties I knew that I wasn’t like my classmates but I had no idea what was causing me so much trouble while they seemed to have no problems at all. There was no help or sympathy available, so I just had to do whatever I could to survive school. Does this sound familiar? For example, a lot of our work was dictated to us but when it came to a word whose spelling I had to think about I would freeze and my brain could not take in the information. Even words like ‘to’ and ‘the’ used to stop me dead. To get over the problem, I would take a friend’s book home and copy it, then do the homework; so I was doing double work every day. When it came to reading out loud to the rest of the class from the book being studied in English, I would get so nervous that the book would shake in my hands because, of course, if you made a mistake the others would snigger and call you “stupid”. So my friend sitting next to me would quietly whisper the story to me and I’d just repeat what she said. This worked quite well until the time when she turned the page and I didn’t…!

your difference makes you original Despite this, I loved English and always got good comments for my stories, except for the spelling and grammar; so usually my work would get covered in red pen, ruining my pleasure in writing and stripping me of any self-confidence. Throughout my school life I was accused of being lazy and “not trying”, when actually I was working twice as hard as my friends just to keep up. Teachers would say, “You can learn to spell if you just try...” and I so wished this were true! I would learn a spelling, for example, and even remember it for about half an hour - but then it disappeared as if I had never seen it. The frustration prevented me from pursuing any higher education and following my ambitions; in fact, school was so demoralising that I left before my sixteenth birthday quite convinced that I couldn’t possibly do anything worthwhile.

It wasn’t until I went to college later that I first hear the word ‘dyslexia’. One of my tutors told me that I might have the condition, so I got more information and realised that I had every symptom described as well as those of dyspraxia. All of this means that even remembering passwords or four-digit PIN codes is impossible, so you can imagine the problem that causes nowadays! But learning about dyslexia was a revelation, and a relief, as I realised that I wasn’t stupid after all - just ‘different’. I certainly don’t see the world in the same way as most people. For example, I don’t have any logical ability in the conventional sense: I once took a logic test and scored zero! I remember vividly that the chap who marked it nearly fell out of his chair in surprise. But I do have my own way of thinking, which works for me, and I have spoken to many others who have grown up without any help or understanding of their difficulties, yet who have also been able to devise individual ways of getting by and solving problems. Many years later, I had a good idea for a novel but dismissed it as I’d had so much humiliation at school. But it kept nagging at me so finally I took out pen and paper and began to write. The story poured out of me like a dammed-up river finally released, and since then I haven’t stopped writing: so far there are children’s books, a teen novel, some science fiction and two spiritual novels. All the same, it then took twenty-four years to get my first novel published; after many rejections on the grounds of “too much work required”, finally one publisher liked my work so much that he personally edited the whole book. I have learned so much along the way. The blessing of dyslexia has changed me and helped me to grow far more than if I hadn’t been ‘different’. It has taught me to have a thicker skin and not to take others’ criticism too personally. It has given me the ability to think ‘outside the box’, to solve everyday problems creatively and come up with unusual plots for my writing. It made me stronger, more resilient and determined, which finally brought me what I wanted even if it did take years to come about. It has made me more understanding of others. So I say to anyone who has been labelled or discriminated against by others for being ‘different’ - for any reason - that you are unique and perfect in your own way, with your own gifts and talents that are just as worthy as anyone else’s. Your difference makes you original, so let it make you strong and authentic. May you walk your truth and find the peace and happiness of just being yourself.

© T J Hobbs © 2018 This article has been edited by the publisher of my novels, Day Trips to Heaven and Karma Neutral.



I do have my own way of thinking, which works for me

The Blessing of

Being Different


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My first experience with meditation was excruciatingly painful. I sat down, closed my eyes and didn’t really know what to do. After few brief moments, my body started jerking nervously, my mind firing thoughts at the speed of light and I heard a loud voice inside of me saying: “What the hell are you doing? Get out, NOW!”

If you struggle with meditation, you are not alone. Meditation has received scientific endorsement and an ever growing body of evidence shows its beneficial effects for overall health. However, the reality for many people is quite different. Sitting down trying to focus the mind after a long day glued to a computer screen, can be a real torture. If you like me live in an urban environment and work in an office, then you have a sedentary lifestyle. In this case, your body benefits from movement and your mind benefits from relaxation. Static body and overstimulated mind is a dreadful combination caused by modern lifestyle. No surprise if you struggle to meditate with traditional meditation techniques.

Start with activity

Try a different approach instead. No need to focus and fight your wandering mind. No need to force your body in a sitting position. Have the freedom to move, energise, express, enjoy and relax. Your body needs movement, rather than yet again a static position. And your mind needs relaxation rather than yet again concentration. Here are some practical steps you can take before attempting meditation:

1 – Catharsis

Catharsis simply means expression; to let go and release pent-up tensions. If tensions and emotions are not expressed, they can damage your body/mind system. Unwanted negative emotions are literally toxins stored in your tissues and muscles. Get rid of them and cleanse your system. You will feel much lighter, energetic, vibrant and happy. Find a place where you can be left alone, take a pillow and let it all out. If you can shout and express through sounds, it’s a bonus. Alternatively use the body, move vigorously and let go any frustration that comes up. It is so liberating. Do it for at least 10 minutes and go on as much as you feel like. Then lie down in silence and notice how you are. Go for it!

2 – Gibberish

Gibberish means talking the language that you do not know. It is a simple, yet extremely effective way, to relax your mind and release tensions. Language is associated with your logic and rationality; so by talking gibberish, you disengage that part of the brain and simultaneously you activate the irrational, creative part of your brain. Normally we overuse the rational brain and underuse our creative brain. So send your rationality on holiday and give it some well-deserved rest. This simple method can bring about a radical shift in your thinking process by switching gears in your brain in just few minutes. Do it for 10-15 minutes and then sit quietly and observe the effect. Have fun!

3 – Shaking

Shaking is used to free your vital energy and make you more fluid, vibrant and alive. During the shaking you may experience various bodily sensations. This is because shaking creates a friction between your body cells and generates bio-electricity. In a standing position, find your centre and imagine your feet like roots of a tree planted in the ground. All the rest of the body is loose and relax. Gently start shaking. Your knees are like springs and your pelvic area is mobile. If you have an office job, your neck and shoulders are likely to be tense, so really feel like you are shaking off tensions from that area. Go on for at least 15 minutes and continue as much as you feel comfortable with. After, sit in silence and enjoy the state of relaxation you have achieved. Shake it up!

4 – Breathing

Your breathing pattern is directly related to your thoughts and emotions. For example, when you are angry, you breathe in a certain way (fast and shallow chest breathing). When you are relaxed, you breathe differently (slow and deep belly breathing). In fact, you cannot breathe in a relaxed way and be angry at the same time. So this technique is about changing your breathing pattern whenever you want to change your thinking process or you are overwhelmed by unwanted emotions. If you are angry and want to calm down, just modify your breathing. Try it for 10 minutes and then observe the effect. Have fun!

5 – Dancing

Dancing counteracts the two main issues of modern life: sedentary body and overstimulated mind. When you dance, you are moving your body and having fun at the same time. This simple act, allows your mind to switch off. Naturally your thinking process is not required to focus on anything in particular. You simply let go. Whenever you are in a bad mood or just want to change your inner state, put on your favourite music and dance. Simple, free, easy and effective. Dance your way to bliss and meditation!

You can pick one activity or combine them together. Immediately after the activity, sit or lie down in silence and practise mindfulness. These activities will lead you naturally to a state of calm and relaxation; and now it will be easier for you to be mindful and experience a state of relaxed awareness. If you attempt to relax directly, chances are you will fail.

By Francesco Gatti



5 Ways to Meditate If You Can’t Sit Quietly page21

In the East, intuition plays a integral part of the traditions of yoga and marshall arts. In the West, we remain on a path of trying to fully awaken to our sixth sense, it is intangible, invisible even and understood by few. Often described as gut instinct, or body language, intuition can be felt physically - butterflies and/or dread in the gut for example. But do we understand the full extent of our intuition? What ‘Inner Gold’ can be received from developing our inner awareness? Are we aware it can be used daily, as a friend to assist with daily living, helping us to avoid repetition and guiding us - the most important internal Sat Nav and radar 24/7? Intuition

is: “ The immediate apprehension of an object by the mind without the intervention of any reasoning process” (Oxford English Dictionary).

- An immediate apprehension or cognition without reasoning or inferring - Knowledge or conviction gained by intuition

Those butterflies we feel when excited or are anticipating something good stem from our intuition. Adversely, the feeling of being punched in the gut when we are emotionally hurt or criticised comes from the same place – intangible but felt instantly.

- The power of faculty of gaining direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and interference. - Knowing when something is wrong - Awareness of a friend/family member in trouble or in need.

Native traditions have known and used the ability of ‘seeing’ and sense of knowing’ for eons they were aware of their higher energy fields and were in tune internally. This abstract awareness is more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness which is mostly concerned with self-identity and left brain thinking. When we talk about gut feeling, instinct, hunches, we are talking about our psychic intuition area developed through our right brain and our feelings. Intuition is a Right brain activity, giving us instinct that has no experiential element to it. - The person cannot immediately fully explain why he or she holds . that view. - Synchronicity occurs with intuition. Truth is immediately known by the moment it is presented. - Intuition brings instant wisdom and insight.

Intuition is our sixth sense and does not work alone - energetics, chakras, auric fields and other sentient sixth sense abilities are all in play. Initiated by us as individuals. intuition has a biological function and needs activation to develop and be used to its full potential. Intuition is a whole programme of added radar and guidance, interfacing with physical and energetic energies. In today’s language, it would be compared to a new App - upgrading our internal systems to a new upshifted technical programme of awareness, giving a bigger picture of life. Wow! For instance, it is a pineal and pituitary alignment that activates the third eye, telepathy, astral planning and clairvoyance. Intuition is an all-encompassing system that works with our other sixth senses. It is enhanced when aligned to third eye perception, giving feeling, inner knowing and sight to a situation, choice or event. Intuition is aligned to our emotions and works through our solar and sacral plexus (around the gut area).


Our solar and sacral plexus store all the emotional hurts we have experienced, from social activities, criticism, tolerance or not, not to mention those that came from relationships. The solar plexus gives us intuitive awareness. It is the area that connects to our emotions - it has its own intelligence and holds all our fears, anxiety and stress. Stress restricts our gut function and over time can generate Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Emotional overload causes our adrenal glands to overwork which in turn slows down and interrupts our gut function, switching physical systems on and off resulting in loss of intuition, solar and sacral chakra blow out and shut down from emotional bombardment! In Chinese medicine the abdomen is regarded as one of the body’s principal energy centres. - We think with our head. - Feel with our heart. - Sense with our abdomen (gut feeling). The clairsentience element is the highest of our sixth sense attributes. It can be developed once intuition has been initiated fully. The awareness of our ‘gut’ will generously support our clairsentience (intuition), clairvoyance (third eye), clairaudience (hearing) and healing abilities.

Intuition is connected and works through the physical body in two primary areas. The Gut: The abdominal area where we receive our gut instinct and feelings. The Brain: (limbic and neocortex right brain activity) becomes the main frame that the gut works in conjunction with, to activate intuition. Each of us has a different level of intuition. We can all be on the ladder of achievement and development but how effective is the level operating? Our Vagus nerve is the operating system of intuition, it interfaces and directs information from the brain to gut, and feeds transmission to our auric fields. People are often amazed to learn our sixth senses need switching on, physically and psychically. I find that we all have the ability however, many of our sixth sense attributes are lying dormant, waiting to be activated and Go, Go, Go!>>

those butterflies we feel when excited.... stem from our intuition


Our Inner Gold page23

we can all tap into our inner gold

>> Some of us are aware of our intuition and that solar plexus activity can be a good friend when we listen and take note. Knowing it is wrong but doing it anyway is subjugation or abuse of ourselves. I have come across many people who do this and then wonder why their lives don’t work out! In workshops and with clients’ intuition, advice is clearly given but the mind overrules it - it may be the advice the head doesn’t want to hear, that ‘Ground-Hog-Day’ repetition of previous defaults, feeling vulnerable to change. Ignoring can be to our peril! I knew a man once who had a thought of calling into a service station while driving on the M1. Driving into a parking space, then thought ‘NO’ I don’t need a coffee and reversed out of the space back on to the M1 straight into a pile up. His car was a write-off and he suffered neck and spine injuries. Oh, that he had listened to his intuition…… those few minutes saved his life…but not enough to stop his injuries and car costs…… years of operations and pain followed. Intuition can be a good friend.

We can’t always see the bigger picture but our sixth senses can. Intuition and sixth sense alignment works on a different level of operation in all of us. This is dependent upon our emotional state, energetics and internal development. Essentially, we can easily close our intuition via emotions, shock and trauma hitting our gut area. Once closed it can take time to get back to what was once available without expert assistance. We can tap into our Clairsentience and develop our senses to understand others’ feelings i.e. the ability to feel other people’s emotions and pains. People who can do this are often known as empaths or psychic, a gift and a curse for some, without full control. The good news is that we can all tap into our ‘Inner Gold’ with the right guidance and begin living life in a new way, every day, 24/7 - our sixth senses do not sleep, they watch over us to keep us safe - what GOLD indeed!

Joy Wisdom

If you want to learn more and be aligned to the higher perspective of sixth senses, Joy runs SECRETS OF LIFE workshops to awaken inner gold and jettison historical influences. Her book ‘Shell of Soul’ explains much more. Exciting new Practitioners ‘Dissolve and Resolve Emotions’ Intuitive Body/Mind programme. Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 Awarded Therapist of the year 2018 Author, one-to-one Tutoring, Teacher/Trainer and Founder of Allonus ZEST of Life programme, includes Allonus LiGht Healing & Dissolve & Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) Practitioners Intuitive professional rolling programme.

info@allonus.co.uk www.allonus.co.uk

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But what is love? Could you explain it if I asked you to?

Growing up as children many of us have one burning question, what is the meaning of life? The reason this question shines so bright is because no one can answer it, we get a different response from everyone we ask. Some people believe there is no meaning; our lives are just the effects of entropy. Some hold close their religion and believe that we are here by the will of a higher power. Many do not claim either as a fallacy and just don’t think about it. I however, do. Our meaning is central to our existence and without meaning we lose focus. It can be something as small as feeding a stray cat or as big as running a country. Our jobs give us meaning and so do our loved ones, but this does not give us a straight answer, we want a holistic meaning, something that binds us all together and explains our existence. Well I believe I have that answer, well my own answer anyway. I would like to start my explanation by quoting a man who is revered for his intelligence, Albert Einstein. He once said “A human being is part of a whole called a universe, a part limited by time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate to the rest, a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this delusion by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty”. We live in a universe we hardly understand and act so confident in what we know. We have forgotten how to be hum-

I quote Anne Hathaway when she says “Love isn’t something that we invented. It’s observable, powerful. It has to mean something. Maybe it means something more, something we can’t yet understand. Maybe it’s some evidence, some artefact of a higher dimension that we can’t consciously perceive. Love is the one thing that we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.” She’s not wrong. Some people believe love is an instinct. It keeps us safe and prolongs our lives. But if this is true then why do we still love people who have died, or old friends we see every so often. We love because the universe wants us to love. It wants us to experience the joy, the pain and everything that comes along with it. I am blessed to have had experiences that defy logic, I have walked the tight rope between life and death and I believe I landed this side so I could share my experiences with the world. I understand the love the universe holds, and how this binds us together in a cosmic dance of which we are just leaves in the wind. So, if anyone were to ask me what the meaning of life is, I would say that it is love - the good, the bad and everything in-between.

we love because the universe wants us to love

ble and have drifted away from what really makes us human. What Einstein saw was a universe, and rather than seeing us in the universe, he knew we were the universe. The very molecules in our fingertips were made in the final moments of a dying star, the explosion sent them flying in every direction to eventually, one day, take on the form of a human being.

This is our lesson, and the universe will keep teaching us until we get it right so spread that love to anyone you can. Be

The electricity that passes through our brain is the same as

the part of the universe you want to be remembered as, love

the light that tears through the sky in a heavy storm. The wa-

all humans and animals alike with an unconditional love, as if

ter that powers our cells travelled billions of miles through

each of them was your sister or brother.

space before crashing to the earth to become the oceans. We are connected to the cosmos in ways our minds fail to see

Dance your way through the cosmos and embrace what you

and this is where our problems lie, we cannot see that we are

truly are...

all the same. We like to be different and stand out from the crowd when really we should be concentrating on what we

Good luck Star Dust.

can achieve, together. We are all one and everything we do affects the world around us, from an action to a thought. Every action we ever take stems from our strongest emotion, what guides us as a species, is love.


Article by Alex Fletcher Contact through More to Life

Meaning The

Life of

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Jude Unegbu is a fourth generation shaman with over 20 years of experience practicing spiritual healing in Los Angeles. More to Life are happy to introduce him to our readers... Q: What is New Age African Shamanism? JTH: Years ago, traditional African shamanism used unsavory methods such as voodoo, charms, animal sacrifices, and amulets to achieve the same outcomes, which has justly attracted criticism and negative connotations attached to the word ‘shaman’. Contemporary shamanism that Jude practices no longer requires these methods to achieve positive outcomes due to the level of energy that is available to us from mother Earth today compared to years ago. Shamanism uses spiritual energy for the individual’s highest good, and does not warrant fear.

Q: Is spiritual healing dangerous?

Q: What is Shamanic Healing? JTH: Both spiritual healing and a shamanic spiritual healing serve the same purpose to help people on their path towards health and wellbeing. The main difference is the ability of a shaman healer to leave their physical body (Conscious Astral Travel) to connect with different planes of existence, universal energies and forces to find the root cause of people’s illness or problems and heal it 1st according to the individual Karma.

Q: How does a Shamanic Spiritual Healing work? JTH: During a healing session, Jude connects with divine intelligence, or universal spiritual energy known as ‘prana’. This is the energy that enables us to inhabit a physical body and for our heart to have a beat among other things. Jude becomes a conduit through which this energy can flow to you. In other words, Jude himself is not the healer; rather he is being used by angels and spirits to bring energy the client needs at this time, allowed by the client’s karma. This spiritual energy enables the body to heal itself, and use the energy to resolve problems in your life or for your highest good, according to your karma. Jude’s master, Dr. George King once said “Prana is life.” While in session, Jude may detect root causes of your suffering, for example, past romantic relationships with lingering energetic ties, parental relationships holding you back, astral attachments (ghost attachments), acute sicknesses etc. You may have heard the expression ‘cut the chord’ with someone. Energetically this corresponds to releasing an energy attachment to someone or something else. Releasing this energy through shamanic healing will allow you to feel more like your whole, true self.


JTH: No, it’s not dangerous, and there are no side effects following a healing. We are all made up of spiritual energy, it is the force that keeps our hearts beating. Our external activities and events of daily life can have a positive or negative effect on our Spiritual energetic makeup. During a healing with Jude, your spiritual body, through your aura, accepts from the healing exactly what the body needs at that particular time, replenishing energies that have been depleted. There are no negative side effects when this takes place, only positive results will come from a spiritual healing.

Q: Does this form of spiritual healing relate to any religious traditions or beliefs? Will it conflict with my own personal religious beliefs? JTH: Shamanic spiritual healing transcends religious traditions. It will not conflict with your religious traditions or beliefs, and all can receive it equally.

Q: How long do the benefits from a spiritual healing last? JTH: This will depend on how long you can maintain a positive attitude, openness and positive actions and thoughts in service to others, which all serve to prolong the effects.

Q: Is there anything I can do following a session to enhance the effects of my healing? JTH: Maintaining positive thoughts and environment, and informing Jude of your progress so he can continue sending you remote healing.

Q: Is remote healing less effective than an in-person healing?

Q: Since Karma plays a role in spiritual healing, can I change my Karma?

JTH: Spiritual healing in person is more effective since you are in the positive, loving surroundings of the shaman healer; remote healing confers the same healing energy, but the effects may take longer due to your environmental conditions (i.e. negative people, atmosphere etc.) which can interfere.

JTH: Suffering as a result of ‘bad’ Karmic patterns can be balanced through thoughts, actions and words that are ‘in service’ to others. Every ‘good’ action has 2x the effect to balance the ‘bad’. Examples include: • Watering a plant • Thinking about the good in others • Giving food to the homeless • Joining a peace group

Q: Do I need to have a specific problem or be ill to come see Jude? JTH: Typically a problem, illness, or fear drives people to seek spiritual healing, however it should be used to maintain overall wellness and happiness. Anyone will benefit from spiritual healing. It will energize your chakras and help you be the best version of yourself.

Q: What does Jude do with the money he makes? JTH: Jude uses part of the proceeds to fund his charity Gaziboh Global Healing Center inc. (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization). In the US he does outreach and charity events to benefit the homeless and those in need (see his Facebook page for more info). He uses these as mechanisms to touch the lives of people who cannot afford to pay for a healing, hence the healing is free, but living costs, assistants and bills require an exchange with money so he can help more people. In total, Jude’s team includes 270 people globally helping him in this pursuit.

Visit our website or contact us for an appointment today: www.africanshamanhealer.com - please see advert on page 2. Judethehealer@gmail.com

he descended from the Himalaya and came to London where he has lived incognito ever since


Love The



Even as the world endures its present crisis, manifest on so many levels, divine help stands ready to rejoin us and show us the way forward into a new time of justice and peace. Indeed, the times we are living through represent the birth pangs of the New Age, and behind this great transformation stands none other than the lord of love himself, bringing matters to a head. He is forcing humanity to choose which path it prefers: the old ways of greed and selfishness leading inevitably to destruction, or the Aquarian way of selflessness, altruism, sharing and brotherhood, leading to world peace. World peace need not be an ideal. It can be a reality if we accept the Wise Ones’ help. Most organisations have their leader: businesses have a managing director; the cabinet has its Prime Minister; the United States has its President. The Hierarchy of Masters (see article in edition 40 of More to Life) has at its head the master of all the masters, whose name is Maitreya which means ‘the happy one’, ‘the bringer of joy’. Who is this extraordinary being? Much as Maitreya stands as a divine colossus, extraordinarily evolved from our standpoint, He is also truly one of us, ‘merely a man’ and yet astonishingly advanced. He was one of the first, perhaps actually the very first member of humanity to achieve spiritual mastery, millions of years ago during the long Atlantean era. For millennia, Maitreya lived in the high Himalaya, where there is a great spiritual centre. However, the terrible suffering endured by humanity during the world wars reached his ear and in 1945, he announced that he would come back to the everyday world at the earliest opportunity. In actual fact, owing to humanity’s ongoing selfishness and disorder, it was 1977 before he was finally able to do so. He descended from the Himalaya and came to London where he has lived incognito ever since, working ceaselessly on behalf of all of us. He is the great world teacher for the entire 2,500 years of the Age of Aquarius, the ‘water bearer’ bringing forth knowledge and wisdom. And, of course, he brings love, divine love, in limitless measure.

Omniscient, omnipresent, fantastically ancient, wise and powerful, it is he who shall show us in our folly and greed how to save the world and draw back from the brink in the nick of time, principally by sharing the world’s ample resources in order to create justice and peace. At the last, he knows that we will choose wisely and the new civilisation shall begin. Just as all seems lost perhaps, all will truly be saved. That time is not far off: indeed, to all intents and purposes, it is now. But humanity really needs Maitreya’s and the masters’ overt, visible help, in order to move onwards and upwards: we need them to be able to work openly. At present we are not quite ready, and so they remain present but behind the scenes, unwilling and unable by law to force our hand.

Maitreya’s unseen, extraordinary influence helped bring about the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin wall, the dissolution of apartheid and many other sweeping, progressive changes. He has appeared before numerous gatherings and individuals, religious and non-religious alike, famous and nondescript, and visited many, this author included, in prophetic and stunning dreams. The many signs and miracles now flooding the globe (weeping statues of religious icons, crosses of light, signs in the sky and so forth) all herald his imminent appearance. For the age of miracles has not ended – it is just beginning! These wondrous events presage the return of Maitreya and his masters into open view for the first time in almost 100,000 years. Every day, every moment, Maitreya draws closer to the heart of humanity, and we draw nearer to him in answer.

Maitreya stands waiting at the door. If you believe in him, as he believes in you, help spread the glad tidings – that divine help is here, that an end to violence, suffering, want and war is offered, that a brilliant new time lies just ahead and that the Lord of Love Himself stretches out his hand right now, showing the way. Share – and save the world.

article by Julian Middleton. e:juliancmiddleton@hotmail.com




A Visit to

Mount Abu The Brahma Kumaris movement was founded by Dada Lekhraj Kripalani, who later took the name Brahma Baba.

When our editor visited India last year, she came back deeply touched by her experiences with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. She was surrounded by people who were full of love and the purest of intentions - they wanted to make a difference to the world in which we live. In this article, Aruna Ladva invites us to join her on a journey to the BKWSU headquarters in Northern India. Often referred to as 'An oasis in the desert' Mount Abu is the highest peak in the Aravali Range of Rajasthan, western India. Its heights are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and evergreen forests. For centuries, it served as a hill station and a cool summer retreat from the dry dusty plains of Rajasthan for the Rajput kings. In later years, it became a favourite destination for the British Raj seeking to escape the heat of the cities.

Mount Abu is the legendary home of many saints and sages. Hindu Mythology has it that 330 million gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon used to visit this holy mountain, and it is also renowned as the place where the great saint Vashishth lived and performed sacrificial worship to protect the earth from demons. Latter-day visitors to the mountain take the form of pilgrims and tourists who come to see the many beautiful and famous Hindu and Jain temples. >>


om shanti a greeting of peace It was in the early 1950’s that the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU/BK) moved to this splendid location of Mount Abu serving as the BKWSU world headquarters, the original complex at the top of the mountain remains a centre for administration. It also functions as a beautiful and tranquil Ashram, home to many dedicated brothers and sisters, some from the earliest days of the organisation. Two further campuses have been built over the years; Gyan Sarovar, which means ‘Lake of Knowledge’, is a place for spiritual learning that is home to many retreat guests from all over the world. The other campus Shantivan, meaning ‘Place of Peace’ is at the base of the mountain and caters for the rapidly expanding BK community. Shantivan houses the largest solar cooking facility in the world, and the largest hall in Asia without pillars ‘Diamond Hall’. When Diamond Hall is in use, the sight of up to 20,000 people dressed in brilliant white, the preferred colour of the BKs, is truly stunning. I have made more visits to Madhuban than I can remember, but always in the cooler months of October through to April. This year I am travelling to Madhuban in August for the first time, an out-of-season treat for me. As I wind my way up the mountain in a taxi, I see that the July rains have painted everything green and the place is transformed, it could easily be mistaken for the evergreens of British Columbia or The Pyrenees. As I arrive at the top, the white washed buildings fade in and out of view in a filigree mist, giving the place an ethereal appearance. This is the place where the founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Baba, spent many years studying, teaching, and achieving his perfection. As I enter the campus I spot many familiar faces, which greet me with a loving acknowledgement of the eyes, ‘Drishti’ and a sweet ‘Om Shanti’ (a greeting of peace), that reassures the soul it has arrived home. My first stop after dropping my luggage is to visit Dadi Janki, the head of the BKWSU. As I enter her room, I see Dadi, a petite lady in her nineties, dressed in something akin to a white kaftan. Her hair is combed neatly and shaped into a slim plait at the back, and in bizarre contrast to this homely scene, she is wielding a Blackberry in her right hand. I am reminded that Dadi, far from being old, is ageless, and she is undaunted by anything. Dadi will use whatever tool is needed to get a job done, in this case she had found a method to honour the confidentiality of the many e-mails she receives each day.

Dadi looks at me and her face lights up. She greets me with “Wah” – meaning “wonderful!” Dadi has a way of making one feel special, even if you don’t feel wonderful in that moment. I go over to her and the real meeting takes place through the eyes, ‘Drishti’ this graceful way of looking in to the soul of another and seeing their inner beauty.


I have known Dadi now for just over 34 years, I met her just a few years after she moved to London. She has always been sweet and encouraging towards me and held a vision for me that perhaps I could not hold for myself. Over time, she has become my mother and mentor, with many of the decisions I have made in my life being guided by her. From her many years in London (she was sent to London from India in 1972 to begin service here), Dadi has learnt to adapt to the west like no one else I know. At 94 she still maintains her discipline of 4am meditation and has a continuous line of people wishing to meet with her throughout the day. She has no academic credentials behind her name yet runs this huge organisation, with over 8000 branches in more than a hundred countries, with a shrewd and judicious intellect. Her memory is sharp and so is her eyesight. Dadi asks me about my various travels and the people I have connected with over the last few months, the questions are sincere, as she genuinely cares. Dadi is like a back bone, the spine of this spiritual family, not because we depend upon her, but more because she is the glue that binds us all together. She goes on to ask about my spiritual efforts, I have nothing to hide and I can only be honest, because after all I would only be deceiving myself. She adds her own words of wisdom and experience and my homework here has already been set! It is dusk now and I am beckoned to the ‘Tower of Peace’ a monument made of marble which is dedicated the founder, Brahma Baba. The rains have died down and the sky has turned orange and pink with streaks of blue. The soft breeze hits my cheeks and I am already transported far, far away from this mountain. The practice of Meditation and the lifestyle that follows has been an integral part of my life from the age of eight. It has certainly developed and matured as I have. Being at peace at 14 is significantly different from being at peace at 40. I am truly convinced, more than ever, that if we are to survive in this complicated, and chaotic world, then spirituality must be an important and integral part of our practice. The Brahma Kumaris University has so much to offer, that no one walks away empty handed. Like the Kings of India, you will certainly find the rest and calm your soul is seeking on this mountain. Om Shanti – a greeting of peace.

Brahma Kumaris is a registered charity in England & Wales (269971) and Scotland (SCO40512)

WILL TO BE WELL Neville Hodgkinson describes how he discovered the real relationship between mind and body, and his own return to well-being. Years ago, I wrote a book called Will To Be Well. In a sense, it wrote itself. There was an effort to begin, and an effort to end, but in between some magic occurred in which the main body of the work suddenly seemed to take shape. It was about the intimate links between mind and body, and the powerful mental and emotional forces that play such a big part in determining whether we stay well or fall ill.`>>


>>During the writing period, which lasted about nine months, I was lost to the mundane world. I had left my job as medical correspondent on a national newspaper, partly to work as a freelance and write the book, and partly because I knew there was much I needed to learn about myself.


Shortly after casting off into unknown seas in this way, my boat had reached a new land. I came across the sisters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University who taught me to turn attention inwards and savour the delights of spiritual study and experience. They explained how one could consciously focus thoughts on the non-physical self, the ‘I’ within, and move beyond the awareness of the body into a sense of loving relationship with a Supreme Being. The process was known as Raja Yoga. When I first met the sisters, their own positive, peaceful state of being showed me with great clarity that there was something valuable here, treasures I felt I had lost and now wanted to regain. In the company of the yogis, I felt able to be myself in ways that had been eluding me for a long while – aeons, it seemed. This made me very happy. It gave me hope. Soon, the practice of “soul consciousness” and attempts to stay in remembrance of God, became a central aim in my life. Even the few hours a day I had to spend researching and writing, seemed an intrusion on what was real and important, though somehow, with my mind cocooned from most external influences, the book continued to grow in a cohesive and organic way. It had started out from a somewhat negative premise: that distress was a prime cause of much ill-health, and that failure to recognise this was often causing doctors to administer inappropriate and harmful treatment. A man whose heart is labouring because of excessive mental and emotional burdens, for example, might well be better served through wise counsel or other forms of support aimed at easing the pressures, than through cardiovascular surgery or lifelong drug treatment.

in the company of the yogis, I felt able to be myself This is an important issue, because if only the symptoms of disease are treated, the real causes of illness are not addressed; health problems tend to become chronic. While medicines can be valuable in offering a short-term helping hand, long-term administration of drugs – which is where the really big profits lie – can be both mentally and physically debilitating. I had collected thick files of up-to-date research that supported this way of thinking. The data was strong; overwhelming even. On its own, however, it would have presented a bleak picture. Millions rely on doctors for support at times of distress, and most expect perhaps even demand, some kind of medication. If drugs were only palliative, what was the alternative? The secret, it seemed, from my experience in yoga and spiritual study, was for people to be reminded of their own capacity to enjoy a pure and positive state of mind. I had watched many others from all walks of life take benefit in this way, from a mentally handicapped teenager to a Nobel prize-winning professor. It was as though a light became switched on inside, a reminder of what it means to be spiritually well. We only had to trust that experience, recognising it as truth, and the means and will to move towards it would automatically come to us. The book analysed some of the mistaken ways of thinking and behaving that can destroy our equilibrium, and pointed towards certain meditative pursuits that can help to promote it. But the main premise was that as a natural consequence of rediscovering the wellspring of our own being, we will find

the will to be well. The inner contentment that comes from knowing and experiencing our true self, helps make negative habits of the mind fall away. We become more giving, less demanding, and so the quality of our relationships improves. We fit in better with those around us. Harmony comes to the fore and friction recedes, in the home and workplace. Integrity is restored, tension falls away, happiness returns and health automatically improves. Now, after many years, some of it spent back in the challenging environment of newspaper journalism, in which to investigate the effects of living according to these ideas and practices. They have been powerfully validated. But there have also been some changes in my understanding. The secret, it seemed, from my experience in yoga and spiritual study, was for people to be reminded of their own capacity to enjoy a pure and positive state of mind

wellness can only ever be fully restored by God’s grace One is, to see that restoration of the soul’s pure potential is a bigger job than I realised at first. As they say in India, it is not like going to your auntie’s home! It is a battle. When you do as you are told in the teachings, and use your mind in the right way, it is easy. But if you think you know better, and become slack and make excuses; if you let old, negative habits return and allow the mind to draw psychic sustenance and comfort from other people or things, or through the body and its work, then the power and joy of yoga will slip from your grasp. Determination is needed to watch out for such traps, to avoid them, and to pull yourself out of them when necessary. The other main change for me is a growing realisation of the fact that wellness can only ever be fully restored by God’s grace. Doctors can do so much, our own determination to keep moving forward can do so much, but finally, it is the extent to which we surrender our mind to the Supreme and allow the truth He embodies to guide us and inform us, that determines our ability to overcome all obstacles – to make the impossible, possible. So for me, the journey began with a gift received – a vision of a higher self, a child of the Supreme, that gave new hope and purpose; a will to live. As it continued, there has been sustenance from many different quarters, but also a need to draw on an inner will to keep going at times of defeat, to get up and dust oneself down, and learn that the defeat becomes an instrument for progress. And for the journey to be completed, I can see that such faith, understanding and realisation, are needed so that everything becomes “willed” to the One.

“Let Thy will be my will, dear Lord. Then all will be well.

Neville Hodgkinson was the Science Correspondent of the Sunday Times and is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris, currently living at the Global Retreat Centre near Oxford.


Am I a Materialist?

Many of us like to think of ourselves as “spiritual” – and would run a mile from being labelled as “materialistic”. But what’s the difference, really, between the two?

page40 page12

We all live in a material world – we all have to eat material food to stay alive; we can’t live off good vibes alone, however spiritual we may be. We all have physical bodies. We all have physical needs. Is that materialism? Material things are not necessarily materialistic

What does being spiritual really mean?

Having material things does not make us materialistic. Materialism is not really about material things at all – it is about our attitude to material things.

When we hear the word “spiritual” many things pop into our minds – meditation, mountains, shamans, yoga etc. And certainly all these can be very spiritual indeed.

Having a car to get from A to B is not materialistic, even though it is a material possession. But having a luxury car, and wallowing in the ego-gratification that it indulges – is materialistic.

But if we are looking for one simple definition, I would maintain that it is this: Being spiritual is first and foremost about what you do for others – without any thought of reward. Everything else that is spiritual is only spiritual insofar as it serves this purpose.

Material things for spiritual uses

For example, meditation is spiritual, because it helps us to think more clearly, feel more peace, etc – which can help us in our selfless service to others.

My own chosen spiritual guru – Yoga Master Dr. George King (1919-1997) – has given brilliantly simple teachings on this very subject. Dr. King, while being extremely spiritual, was also extremely practical – and taught that there was no contradiction between the two – quite the reverse in fact. The path he taught is now termed King Yoga, and is practiced by the organization he founded – The Aetherius Society (www. aetherius.org). Spirituality is not about physically detaching from material things – it is about mentally detaching from an unhealthy attachment to material things. Material things are not “unspiritual” because they are material – they are, by and large, neither good nor bad, it is how they are used that makes them spiritual or unspiritual. For example, a kitchen knife could be used to cut vegetables to prepare a delicious healthy meal for someone, or could be used to physically harm someone. Another example: Wearing smart clothes may simply be a sign of respect. This is not necessarily materialism. But, wearing expensive clothes in order to try to make others jealous – this, of course, would be materialism.

Notice that I say “without any thought of reward”. This means that being spiritual is far more than just about being good to friends and family. Naturally we need to look after certain people who are close to us, like young children for example. But this is seldom enough to really make a person truly spiritual – because when we only care for those close to us, it is seldom perfectly unselfish – because of the emotional love we expect to receive in return. Helping others should not be rooted in how close they are to us, or even how much we like them, but on how much they need our help.

Are we as spiritual as we can be? If we are honest, the answer is probably: NO. How often do material things take on an unnatural importance in our lives? Is that new car a wise purchase to help us in practical spirituality – or is it wasting money on something we don’t need?

Happiness and fulfilment Materialism versus spirituality Materialism takes two forms, closely related to each other: - regarding material possessions as more important than spiritual values. It is not having material things that makes you a materialist; it is the belief that these things matter more than spirituality. - the belief that nothing exists except the physical universe. This is a step further – not only regarding spiritual things as less important than material things – but denying the very existence of the Divinity within us all. I doubt many readers would deny spirituality as a reality – but how many of us, to one degree or another, fall into the trap of the first definition?

Material things might sometimes make us happy. But this happiness cannot last. And material things can never bring fulfilment – certainly not in a lasting way. Spirituality can at times be difficult. But these difficulties cannot last. And real spirituality, will, in the end, always bring fulfilment – and this fulfilment will last! As Dr. George King said: “You have heard many vague references to happiness coming from within. Well, we know that it must, but you have to plant it within. Strangely enough, you will not be able to plant it within while you enclose yourself in a tight little box of selfishness.You can only plant Spiritual Happiness within yourself by giving of yourself…” The Importance of Commemoration and Spiritual Happiness – booklet by Dr. George King

Mark Bennett is an International Director of The Aetherius Society and co-author of the award-winning title Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels and Prayer Energy. www.markinfo.co.uk


Let us for the next few moments seek an understanding of death, the only certainty in life. As we contemplate death, many questions come to mind.

Article by Hasina Zaman www.compassionatefunerals.co.uk

What would be great is to keep in our minds that death is a natural part of our soul’s lifecycle. Sadly, fear is a programme that can overtake us and runs many of the negative questions, beliefs and natural thought forms. These feelings can be scary and frightening, many of us think that death is painful and that we are going to suffer, especially if we’ve have been bad to ourselves and to others. Our psyche around guilt can dominate our core. The thought of leaving loved ones behind, especially children and our worldly material attachments to our livelihood can fill us with dread. Our fear about death is very much influenced by our environment, family, religious text and dogma. As a child, I remember my Aunt saying that because I didn’t cover my hair, once I die, that I’d slowly burn in hell and that many vicious animals would tear me up and eat parts of me very slowly, she explained the process in graphic detail. My story isn’t unique, as many children hear similar stories in order to scare them into good behavior. Consequently, images of a life in hell were embedded in my mind. In this context, it’s very understandable that we don’t wish to experience death at all. Prophet Mohammed said, “Whoever knows oneself, knows the Creator”. Knowing that we are an extension of the Creative God force that lives and moves through all things can be reassuring. In Islam there are 5 stages of the soul’s experience, which are: - Conception, Birth, Life, Death and The Hereafter, and that we must be aware of all stages. This knowledge can help us from becoming too attached to life on this earth. This allows us to be a traveler as opposed to being here permanently, where death doesn’t happen. Death is just a very small part of a soul’s journey. The soul begins its journey 120 days after conception. Souls are waiting to come into the earth plane to experience life’s gifts and lessons, also to spread and expand the soul’s light. The unutterable feeling of crossing the boundary between this world and the next can be described in words, imagined in the mind, but can be better understood through divine revelation and inspiration. At the moment of death, when the soul is ready to leave the body, the Angel of Death, Malak al-Maut (aka Arch Angel Azrial), assists the soul to leave the body. Once the soul’s purpose on earth is completed, the soul moves to Stage 4, Death – ‘Alam Barzaak’. It’s like a waiting area, where the soul resides for a short period.


As an undertaker, what helped me was the knowledge that the Higher Self is eternal, omnipotent, conscious and an intelligent force. At www.compassionatefuneral.co.uk, we apply Higher Self awareness particularly when caring for the dead. We are mindful and respectful of the body and being in the presence of the soul, that is nearby. The majority of the souls that come into our care, we have never met or known. It’s vital that we acknowledge, each and every soul in the highest possible light, honoring them and their existence. Their soul is hovering above their physical body and they can hear every word and thought. Our first contact with the dead and their soul starts with the collection from the place of death. When we collect the dead from hospitals, homes, care homes, mortuaries, and travel with them, we observe the power of presence and speak consciously. We’re mindful that we are helping the soul on their journey, we are not making it difficult, and we believe that they are helping us. We also, handle the body gently, similarly to moving a baby or a young child and often find ourselves talking to them. This supports and reminds us, to respect the dead as equal to the living. Once the dead are in our care, Compassionate Care is imperative during the Death Care process. We give the body a gentle rose water bath, keeping noise and conversation to a minimum. The body is always covered, respecting their modesty at all times. We’ve observed that with washing, a sense of light enters the body and face, as water is refreshing, cleansing and purifying. Depending on the wishes of the family, we dress the body or simply shroud the body in white cotton. Then, the body is subtly anointed with pure oils or preferences stated by the family. This part of our Death Care is deeply meditating and rewarding. Those attending the funeral consciously set their intentions of forgiveness, peace and completion to help the soul pass through their transition with ease. It’s seen as beneficial for the soul and their family to have as many people praying for them as possible. Prayers have a calming effect on the soul. The bereaved family can take comfort in peoples physical presence. By understanding and accepting the completion process to the soul’s purpose and life on this earth plane, the departed soul can assist in healing the bereaved. In many of the Eastern religious traditions, attending a funeral even if you don’t know the person who has died is a communal act. There are almost as many blessings for the attendee as for the person who has died. At death, we don’t breath, however our divine souls are sacred alive and present.

the Higher Self is eternal, omnipotent, conscious and an intelligent force.

Last Breath page43

Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soulfocused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.

Horoscopes www.sarahjanegrace.com





Pushing your boundaries continues to take centre stage as you begin to contemplate the bigger picture of your life in order to see the aspects that nourish you, the aspects that deplete you and all of the bits in-between. You are a very giving and generous soul and you often think nothing of giving your all to others, even if the balance tilts and you are depleting yourself in the process.

You spend a great deal of time focused on the great big ‘to do’ list of life, trying to work your way through an ever-growing list of things to do, people to see and places to go.

Being yourself sounds like an easy concept to grab hold of and embrace as it’s a reflection of your willingness to allow your true essence the room to flow freely and to dance joyfully in the great panorama of life.

March 21 - April 20

Never one to walk away, you can end up ‘over-giving’ where you end up exhausted and drained. Whilst you bounce back with relative ease, it does seem important that you begin to acknowledge these scenarios now in order to understand why you continue to give so much even though you suffer as a result. Such exploration isn’t self-indulgent, it’s merely a willingness to understand why you do what you do so you can begin to re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out, enabling you to live more wholeheartedly in life without depleting yourself in the process. You are a vibrant soul and the time has come for your light to shine brightly…


April 21 - May 20

Although you accept the fact that this ‘to do’ list is an ever-moving landscape, there is a part of you eager to get to a point where you have cleared the decks in order to step into the next phase of your life.

May 21 - June 21

In your heart and soul, you intuitively know that being yourself is the only real way to live and thrive, but it can be easier said than done when your head starts to process and churn!

Whilst this is perfectly understandable it doesn’t allow for the fact that there are always things to do, people to see and places to go as that’s a part of your everyday life, so waiting for an ideal moment in order to see a clear demarcation line between where you are now, and the next chapter of your life may not happen. It seems more likely that you need to be open to embracing this new chapter in the here and now.

You are a natural born philosopher, but you are also a world-class over-thinker; as a result, you can sometimes look at an issue with such intensity and depth that you completely lose sight of the bigger picture as the minutiae and details become far bigger than they actually are. ‘Being yourself ’ seems to have entered such a terrain as you have spent a great deal of time thinking about the real you and trying to understand why you are the way you are.

The landscape may not be pristine and perfect, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t already have everything you need in order to reach towards something wonderful and new...

However, you seem to have lost sight of the fact that being you isn’t a distant goal, it’s also who you are right now. So, shift your focus and bring it back into the moment in order to realise you are already being you…



June 22 - July 22

July 23 - August 23

August 24 - September 22

As you continue to ponder the path you have walked, the path you are walking and the path you hope to walk, an important question is rising up from your depths.

There is a distinct air of busy-ness in your life at the current time as you are trying to juggle a million and one things to do.

This is a question you’ve often thought about before, but you are often so caught up in the business of keeping on keeping on that you don’t feel as though you have the time to indulge in answering it. The question? Well, it’s a big one! What makes your heart sing? In order words, what makes your heart and soul sing with joy and shine brightly?

Although you are more than capable of this, more even, there is a sense for a need to look a little deeper as to the reasons why you are so busy.

Compassion looks set to be your mantra over the weeks ahead as you begin to re-shape and re-define exactly what compassion means to you and how you apply it in your life. You are a naturally compassionate soul and you have great consideration and empathy for others, but how self-compassionate are you? It’s easy to forget about yourself, after all, you’re used to it, but this doesn’t mean it’s okay. In many ways, judging, criticising and berating yourself comes easier than compassion as giving yourself a hard time is a bit like a drill sergeant pushing you to do more, be more and achieve more; compassion can feel a bit wishy-washy in comparison. Yet, does criticism and judgement inspire you to thrive? Does it encourage you to let your true essence flow free? Does it allow you to accept your foibles and quirks but to love yourself anyway? Compassion is a willingness for you to love yourself with tenderness, kindness and gentleness even though you acknowledge your ‘imperfections’. So, instead of giving yourself a hard time, you can begin to thrive by loving yourself and nurturing your gifts. Start by easing up on the drill sergeant and give the compassion a voice…

Answering such a question isn’t an indulgence and although it may shift your dreams away from keeping on keeping on, maybe it’s time to contemplate the choices and decisions you make. You are a vibrant and passionate soul, and the more you acknowledge this, the more you will realise that keeping on keeping on, although it serves a useful purpose, isn’t the only path to walk in life. It’s time to lift up your head, to believe in yourself, to realise you are stronger and more capable than you believe, and to re-connect to what makes your heart sing…

Are you busy simply because there are not enough hours in the day to get all of these essential jobs done? Are you trying to distract yourself from an area of your life where you are feeling challenged or overwhelmed? Are all of these things to do truly essential? Where is the quiet and space in your life? Where is the time to pause and reflect? Your life seems so choc-a-bloc with ‘stuff ’, there’s precious little room for anything else. As a result, you are feeling out of sorts and no amount of things to do will bring you equilibrium as there’s just no space for you to expand into. It’s time to take a deep breath, to let the clutter go and to realise that the answers come in the quiet moments…


Libra September 23 - October 22 As you continue to explore the ponderings and meanderings within, there is a growing sense that you are beginning to realise just how diffuse and nebulous your inner world truly is. Although you are a natural-born thinker, you’ve often had a notion that an orderly mind equals an orderly life, so you have worked hard to create order within. However, no matter how hard you’ve tried, you’ve struggled to bring order to the swirling, heaving mass of thoughts and ideas in your head; in fact, the more you’ve tried, the more confused you’ve become as your mind really isn’t for taming! Your inner world is nigh-on perfect exactly as it is, so why try to fix something if it isn’t broken? Okay, so others may infer that you think too much, or you have too many ideas, but they are not you. Others may strive towards inner peace and stillness, quietening the mind, but they are not you. Inner peace for you comes from dancing amongst the swirling spirals of thoughts as this is where you are most alive. It’s time for you to love your true essence and to realise what a gift it really is…

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 Today is a new day. Yesterday is behind you and tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. Each day brings you a new opportunity to start afresh. Although you know this, it irritates you slightly as it feels like coffee-table philosophy rather than anything even vaguely useful. After all, so what if each day is a new day? Yet, beyond the surface irritation, you sense the importance of acknowledging each day afresh as it’s also a willingness to step fully into the present moment. It’s easy to get caught up looking back and thinking about what may, or may not, lie ahead. You spend a lot of time re-thinking situations and experiences, contemplating how you would have acted differently or what you could have done or said to achieve a different outcome. Whilst this is only natural, and it helps you to learn and evolve, it can also leave you focused on the past rather than on the present, tying you up in knots in the process. The time has come for you to consciously step into the here and now in order to open up your mind, body and soul towards living life as wholeheartedly as you possibly can…


Scorpio October 23 - November 22 You have spent a great deal of your life wondering exactly where you ‘fit’ into the world. You have wanted to feel a part of the bigger picture but, at the same time, you have intuitively sensed your uniqueness. Growing up, this was hard, as although you knew you were not the same as everyone else, you still wanted to fit in as that’s what everyone else seemed to be trying to do. Yet, no matter how hard you’ve tried, you simply haven’t managed to let go of the feeling within your heart and soul that you are not a sheep. More recently you have started to explore this wilder side of your nature, allowing your true essence a little more breathing space and you seem ready now to let this flow more freely in your life. The idea of fitting in no longer calls you as the concept of being your true self is far more important; this may take you into new terrain and it may shake up some of the familiar territory in your life, but you intuitively know this is your moment to let your gifted, incredible and unique-shaped self out into the world...

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

You spend a great deal of time sitting at the edge of your life, watching the comings and goings, pondering why things are the way they are. Your observations help you to make informed choices and decisions, and they inspire you to think about what you truly want in life. There are times when you spend a little too much time at the edge of your life and this can mean you spend less time actually living your life although you refute such a statement as you can only ever be living your life even if you are thinking about it. Your thinking brings you great rewards, but it also keeps your head full and busy, rarely having a moment to breathe. As you know, there is a brief moment in-between the in-breath and the outbreath where you are doing neither one nor the other, and in this tiny pause resides infinity as it is a magical moment of possibility and potential. This pause lies at the heart of you, not at the edges; to explore it requires a willingness to dive right in. Only you can decide if you’re ready, but remember to breathe and let the moments in between the breaths inspire you...

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 You thrive as a free-spirited and creative soul, dancing with the ebb and flow of the currents. You struggle staying in the same place for a long time; not necessarily physical space (i.e. where you live or work), but more connected to your dreams and goals as you fear if you stay focused on one thing for too long you will feel your lifeforce being drained as the spontaneity and energy are sapped away. This can make for a restless existence as you are frequently on the move, but it has also enabled you to experience a great deal at the same time. The cost of the fluidity has perhaps been less visible as it has meant you have been unable to focus on some of your deeper or longer held goals or dreams as you are always so busy. Movement is fine, but it doesn’t allow roots to grow and you intuitively know you need roots if you are to grab hold of your dreams and shape them into reality. Roots can nourish, support and sustain you, and are your way of declaring your intent that you are ready to embrace the next chapter of your life...

Pisces February 20 - March 20 Change has been a potent and powerful central feature in your life recently as you have started the process of letting go of some of the old or outdated ideas and beliefs that have shaped and defined the path you have walked. As a result, you are experiencing a plethora of different emotions, often all at the same time, as you let go of the old with grace but try to open up to the new at the same time. Before you rush ahead though, it seems important to find time to acknowledge the space left behind as it may not be necessary to re-fill it with ‘the new’ as quickly as you may think – sometimes, it’s only by allowing the space to ‘rest’ for a while that you can gain fresh perspective and re-focus on what’s truly right for you. If you feel able to rest in the space left behind you will begin to see how much you’ve learned and realise that it’s time now for you to allow your own needs to surface as you seem ready to embrace the exquisiteness of liberation and to breathe deeply into life as life breathes into you…

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More to Life Edition 41  

Another jam packed edition of More to Life, the UK's most popular Mind, Body and Spirit magazine

More to Life Edition 41  

Another jam packed edition of More to Life, the UK's most popular Mind, Body and Spirit magazine


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