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Hi everyone, Another edition of More to Life reaches from the desk of a menopausal woman trying like the rest of you to find a balance between the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of her life. In a world where commercialism seems to have taken a hold on so many, meeting our daily spiritual regime, keeping our bodies healthy and still managing to make the books balance is a constant balancing act. Of course there are so many people willing to ‘save’ us from ourselves; spiritual teachers, gurus, masters, odd-bods and well intentioned others all claiming to know what is best for us - eat this, wear this, repeat this, visit here, dip your head in this, rub that on, read this, watch that....All claiming to know the answers and more often than not more mixed up than we are ourselves. In looking for a quick fix - a short cut to enlightement if you like, we forget that the connecting with ‘the divine’ is as simple as being still, reaching a place of quietness and with a strong intention and some effort we can ‘converse’ with the power we all call by a different name. Our barometer is our intuition, it will guide us through the quagmire of decisions, actions and judgements. If we listen carefully it will hold us by the hand and take us where we need to be... Jayne Lea, Editor

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Marco Grove Tel 07967106454 NewWorldCreations.co.uk Creators of Angelic Art and Sculptures Please see advert on page 35

L i t t l e Shop Sitting in my

It’s true... We are loved unconditionally I t h i n k I m u s t h ave o n e o f t h e b e s t j o b s i n t h e wo rl d , we l l I c a n ’t re a l ly c a l l i t a j o b, b u t m o re a l a b o u r o f l ove. I sit in my little shop and every now and then, when I’m paying attention, I’ll see Angels drift in with people. Some are tall, I mean really tall, like way beyond the roofline, and some not that much taller than you or me. I don’t always see their faces, sometimes they are just pure light, and yet I can still tell they are smiling at me. Some are adorned in the most beautifully armour, like something out of The Lord of the Rings, and some just seem to sparkle like diamonds. What ever form they take, they are breathtakingly beautiful, and their message is always the same ....

L ove l ove a n d l ove, l ove t hy s e l f , l ove t hy n e i g h b o u r a n d k n ow without doubt, t h a t yo u a re l ove d . Sitting quietly in my shop one day, I noticed the room darken and standing before me and filling the doorway was a huge man. He was around 6’6” tall, his head was deeply scarred and shaved and he wore a long black overcoat, he actually looked like he’d just stepped off the set of a Guy Richie movie. Gazing at the angel sculptures on the shelf, and in a broad Cockney accent, he said ‘so what’s this all about?’, I explained that the sculptures were a gift of love from the Angels and that they were meant to be held. With this he reached forward and picked one up. Within moments this once imposing man was sobbing uncontrollably and although there were other people in the shop, it took a little time before he was able to regain his composure. In a broken voice he explained that he was a door bouncer, and that he had done some awful things in his life, things that he was ashamed of. The room became very bright and standing behind this man was a very large angel with beautiful blue armour. His light was immense, and he appeared to be holding this man in his wings. Without words and so full of love the angel said, ‘I have never left his side, even in his darkest hours’. He continued to say that ‘it was never too late for him to make a difference’.

I explained what the angel had said, and in the moments that followed something amazing happened, his eyes became brighter and it was like a great weight had been lifted from his heart, something had changed within him, and somehow I knew that he would be okay. The light of this beautiful angel had helped him open his heart, reminding him that he was never alone, and that he was worthy of receiving love. It blows my mind every time, for although every message is different and unique to that individual, at its heart the message is always the same: love yourself and know that you are loved. It is often difficult to believe that we can be loved unconditionally, especially when we have done things we are a little ashamed of. We beat ourselves up and isolate ourselves, and we feel we do not deserve to be loved. The fact is that we are actually here in this world to make a few mistakes, to then grow from them, to experience challenges to which we find solutions, to fall that we may rise, and to face loss that we may find ourselves. It’s not always easy living in this world, I certainly have my moments and I too have made mistakes, some of which make me cringe. If we can realise that we are human, imperfect in this form, and that we are here to learn and grow, and to make a few mistakes, then maybe we won’t be so hard on ourselves. We just have to be the best we can be, try to do what feels right and know that whatever we have done, we can change and become better people. Sitting in my little shop, as often a quiet observer, I’ve noticed something which truly touches my heart, for it doesn’t seem to matter who steps into the shop, whether they believe in angels of not, or whether they are Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or agnostic, they always seem to have angels standing with them. These radiant beings of light are so loving and encouraging, and it doesn’t matter what you feel you have done, they love you completely and unconditionally. They stand peacefully behind a soul, holding the energy for that soul’s highest intentions, reminding them that they have the strength within to face any challenge. It always makes me smile when I watch an angel lean forward and whisper something to a soul. I think they are simply reminding them how precious they are and to follow their heart.


God Bless our

Honeybees Honeybees have been having a difficult time recently. The last few decades in particular have seen declines in numbers of honeybees, mainly in the number of wild colonies. The number of colonies managed by beekeepers increased in the decades following World War II, before interest faded and new diseases discouraged. There is currently more interest in learning the craft, and numbers of managed colonies have risen slightly in the last few years. However, the bees (and beekeepers) are up against it. Gradually, over the last century, the way we produce food has changed, becoming more intensive and mechanised. Hedgerows have disappeared, woodland has been felled to make way for more housing or replaced with monocultures of exotic conifer species which do not support the same variety of insects. Our landscape is awash with chemicals, sprayed by agriculture or emitted by vehicles and industry. To add to all of this, transport of bees from one place to the next has led to importation of various pests and diseases. One of the most problematic of these is the Varroa mite. Varroa mites were first discovered in Southeast Asia in about 1904, but are now present on all continents except Australia. They were first discovered in the UK in 1992. Varroa is a small parasite which attaches itself to the back of honeybees and feeds on the body fluids of adult bees and larvae. These parasites can weaken a colony until collapse, and are also a vector for a variety of viral diseases such as Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) and acute bee paralysis virus.Varroa is an example of a parasite which has jumped species from Apis cerana, the Asian Honeybee to Apis Mellifera, the European Honeybee. It is easliy spread from one colony to the next as honeybee drones are known to fly from one colony to the next. >>

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>>Beekeepers around the UK are also on the lookout for a couple of pests that have inflicted themselves on other parts of Europe. The Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida) originated in Africa, and spread to the United States, where it is a major problem. In 2014 it was discovered in Calabria, Italy, and efforts are being made to monitor and eradicate it. Another potential pest is the Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina). This is a predator of bees, and has started to rapidly spread across France after arriving from China in a consignment of pottery. The same population has been discovered in Gloucestershire last year, but the nest was found and the hornets eradicated. Ongoing surveillance is required to ensure that this invasive alien species does not get a foothold in the UK. Another problem that has been in the news for the last few years is Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Beekeepers have reported the sudden collapse of honeybee colonies for no apparent reason, and a numbers of factors may be responsible. Further research is needed to find out what the cause is. The use of certain pesticides has been implicated in this - a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids. The use of these has proved controversial and the use of them is now limited in the European Union, due to the effects that they can have on bees. The spraying of pesticides is a big problems for honeybees and other bee species as many are indiscriminate on the insect species they kill. In some cases seeds are impregnated with pesticides, which then flow throughout the plant systemically, and will affect any insect feeding on sap, nectar, leaves or even the pollen. Honeybees collecting nectar and pollen from these plants will either be killed or will transport the contaminated harvest back to the hive thus weakening the colony.

Despite all these challenges, it is possible to ensure that our honeybee colonies thrive There are many things we can do to help both managed honeybee colonies, and other native solitary bees (including the ubiquitous bumblebee). Planting of bee friendly plants in our gardens is one such way. A large variety of plants are useful to bees, and if plants are selected to provid e a source of nectar and pollen throughou t the year then bees will find your garden a paradise. A number of tree species are valuable to bees such as lime, rowan, sycamore and fruit trees such as plum, apple, pear and cherry. Another way to help is to leave clover and dandelions to flower in patches on your lawn or even sow wild flower patches. Many of our so called weeds such as nettles, blackberries and thistles are important sources of food for many insects, so leaving a wild patch in your garden really can help. Personally I don’t use any chemicals in my garden, but if herbicides are used then they should be applied in the evening once the bees have gone to rest. Councils and local authorities can be lobbied to think about our bees and wildlife, for example, by varying the height and incidence of cutting verges, and making provisions for wildlife in construction projects. Joining a conservation charity and getting involved in their fundraising or projects where possible, buying organically produced food is best or try to purchase food from sustainable sources where the land is managed for the benefit of wildlife. Buying British honey and other bee products will support British Beekeepers and in turn, benefit our bees.


Our fantastic range of skincare products is made using Scottish Beeswax, including from own own hives. Our salt scrubs are a luxurious mix of beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter and peach kernal oil combined with exfoliating chunks of sea salt – a real treat for the skin! Choose from Minty or Citrus. Our trio of lip balms contain carefully chosen ingredients for keeping your lips moisturised and protected. We also offer a range of massage waxes. Perfect for the professional massage therapist, or for use as a moisturing balm. Our Be Sensitive massage wax is also perfect for baby massage. There is something special about watching a bee buzzing around working a flower to extract its precious nectar. On a fine sunny day, endless hours can be lost watching these marvellous little insects, but it is humbling to think of all the pressures on these creatures, many of them caused by us.

Article by Stuart Thompson The Highland Wax Company.

More information: www.nationalbeeunit.com Beebase has further information about honeybee pests and diseases. www.bbka.org.uk – British Beekeepers Association has lots of honeybee related information. www.soilassociation.org – Soil Association, the UK’s biggest organic certification. www.wildaboutgardens.org.uk – Wild About Gardens offergarden tips for attracting bees, insects and other wildlife to your garden.

Our products are: Produced in Scotland Made from Scottish Beeswax Handmade 100% Natural

Yoga and


Yoga is practised by millions of people all over the world. It is recommended by health professionals and it is backed by a number of scientific studies which prove its health benefits. Nowadays yoga is predominantly presented as a form of fitness. It is part of the health and wellbeing industry, as a way to improve both your body and mental performance. However, is this the yoga as it was originally conceived? And if not, what is really Yoga?

Yoga is a very ancient spiritual discipline. It was born in India thousands of years ago as a path to achieve enlightenment. Body postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) were a preparation for meditation (dhyan) which was meant to lead to the highest state of consciousness (samadhi). In order to practise Yoga today, there is no need to be in search of enlightenment and you can still hugely benefit from it. However, it is fascinating to discover what yoga is, in its original form. Arguably the most important figure in the yoga tradition is Pantajali. He is known for compiling the Yoga Sutras, a collection of aphorisms (or words of wisdom), which constitutes the foundation of classical yoga and it is one of the most important text in Hindu tradition. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are like a yoga guidebook, a text which has served as the bedrock for generations of yoga teachers and yoga traditions down the centuries. This classical text fell into oblivion but the contemporary Indian mystic Osho, commented on it in 1976, thus contributing to revive this ancient tradition and uncover its original message. Osho’s comments have been collected in a series of books called Yoga: the Alpha and the Omega, a staggering 10 volumes packed with wisdom. Interestingly, many modern yoga Master Trainers, study Osho’s commentary to understand yoga. Osho’s comments are remarkable as they are able to translate the ancient and forgotten wisdom of yoga into modern language, digestible for the contemporary mind. Approaching Patnjali’s quotes directly would be arduous. Via the lens of Osho’s intelligence, it is possible to make sense of this timeless body of knowledge.

So let’s dive into some surprising key concepts presented by Osho commenting Pantanjali. Yoga is Cessation of the Mind Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras define yoga as “cessation of the mind”. There are so many different definitions of yoga but this is certainly the most radical. Osho says that yoga in its purest essence is mastery of the mind. In this perspective yoga’s focus shifts from body postures to consciousness. Hence yoga is not about forcing the body in a particular position or performing great body movements.>>



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>>It might be possible to have the most incredible body posture but if the mind goes on functioning, that is not yoga, the whole point is missed. Osho presents Patanjali’s yoga as a discipline concerned with consciousness; as a way to master the mind and achieve a state of no-mind.

Yoga is a Discipline, Not a Therapy This is an important distinction. Many health professionals and even yoga teachers refer to yoga as a therapy. However, Osho says that a therapy is needed for people with a particular condition; whereas a discipline is for everyone, regardless of your health. In fact, a discipline like yoga can really help only healthy people. Therapy is like patching up - fixing an individual to make him/her function in society. This is not the main purpose of Pantanjali’s yoga. Of course yoga can help you find emotional balance and face life challenges with more strength and confidence. But yoga, intended as a spiritual discipline, is for those who are seeking something beyond this reality; for those who have experienced the futility of mundane life and are looking at ways how to transcend it.

Unity of Body and Mind According to Osho, one of the greatest discoveries of Patanjali is that mind and body are a single entity: bodymind. Mind is the subtle part of the body, and the body is the gross part of the mind. Whatever happens in the body influences the mind and vice-versa. By deeply understanding the interconnection between body and mind, yoga acts simultaneously on both levels. After thousands of years, modern science has come to the same conclusion when talking about psychosomatic approach to the human being.

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Patanjali is a Scientist Osho says that Patanjali’s approach to yoga is scientific, logical, mathematical. Patanjali presents the path of yoga as a scientific method, a step by step guide, that leads to Enlightenment like a mathematic equation. It is not the work of a poet, it is not art or religion, rather a comprehensive system for total transformation based on practice. It is an absolutely logical, systematic and pragmatic pathway towards self-realisation. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are not for the masses.Osho says that the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are pure, meaning that they have not been manipulated or interpolated. The reason is that this text was not intended for the masses, unlike the Gita, the Bible or the Buddhist texts. It is more like a scientific treatise, devised only for experts, for a closed circle, for selected few. In fact, Osho notices, no religion has come out of it, no organisation, no ‘church’. So yoga has become a hugely popular practice nowadays and for all the good reasons. And even if you approach yoga as a form of physical activity, you will benefit from it. However, if you are looking into something more like a spiritual discipline, then the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali might be for you. And if you find them hard to digest, then go for Osho’s commentary. Article written by Francesco Gatti - fragatti@hotmail.com

Swaram has practised meditation for over 20 years and is a certified Osho Active Meditation facilitator. He holds a MA in Philosophy, a Diploma in Gestalt-Counselling, and he is a qualified journalist, a qualified school teacher and an independent blogger. He teaches Osho Active Meditation in London. His website is www.loveosho.co.uk.


Working with Spirit After strenuous years of soul searching and coming up with outrageous conclusions that friends and family were the answer to my problems and the key to my future and love, it dawned on me one day that they were actually adding to my problems.

As time moved on, I pulled away from these narrow minded people and began to realise I was holding the reins to my own life and that I could make my own decisions and take my own directions.

The key to happiness lies within you. You are the answer to your own destiny. I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

- What is your aim in life? - ask yourself this question everyday. - Where do you want to be this time next year? - Is your aim to break free from any negative thinking? - Are you at a turning point in your life and ready for a new chapter to unfold?

Understanding the Law of Attraction, that our thoughts are forms of energy and that based on the principle of ‘like attracts like’, you must be careful not to allow negativity into your life. This simple realisation steered me like a rocket – full steam ahead to make my own dreams a reality. If you want goodness in your life, you must practice, believe and allow it to flow in everything you do. If you try to make a positive difference to other peoples lives, that effort will be rewarded by the Universe in limitless ways.

Follow this universal law and you will become the person you always wanted to be You will find love and balance within, instead of searching for it externally and with the key to your life the rest of your plans will fall into place. Finding the new you is to love yourself for all your qualities and faults - we are all human after all. Be kind to yourself and let go of any resentment or jealousy you have in your past, present and possibly future. When you find yourself beating yourself with negative thinking shout in your mind “STOP! NO! this is not who I am and who I want to be. ”We have the power of choice and feeling negative can be overcome by observing our thought processes. Keep your dreams in your heart, think of big challenges and always achieve them with determination. Remember that failure is never as bad as you imagine. Many great people have failed before they reached success, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Thomas Eddison and Winston Churchill to name but a few. Failure is part of the route to success and becoming the person you are meant to be. Always remember, life is a precious gift and the more we love and respect it, the more effort we put into enjoying and appreciating it, the more the universe will reward us with happiness and abundance.

Suzanne Gill is a pyschic medium - please see her advert on the inside front cover for details of her work and contact details. Her book ‘Hidden Eyes’ is available on Amazon.

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Keep your dreams in your heart, think of big challenges and always achieve them

On Being Naked and Naked Being I am not presentable as is...


Remember this dream? You know, the one where you find yourself naked in public on your way somewhere. There’s a sick feeling of humiliation combined with anxiety as you try to run away or find clothes to cover yourself. The dream points to a feeling of being vulnerable before others. It sends the clear message: I am not ‘presentable” as is. I’ve been trained in this culture to associate being naked in public with being open to ridicule and scorn (not to mention criminal sanction.) Nakedness is bad. Nakedness is taboo. Not to mention that nakedness exposes what I believe are a myriad of physical flaws. I judge myself for the “imperfections” of my body, and also fear the judgment of others. After all, I know exactly what a perfect body looks like and I feel confident this ain’t it.

I head to the bedroom, naked, hauling with me the baggage being naked can carry. Thoughts swirl about perceived physical flaws. Have I gained weight? I suck my stomach in. I feel insecure. I carry too, opinions, hurts, sorrows, and a plethora of problems demanding my attention. I worry that I said too much and the wrong thing at a meeting and that I will rightfully be newly labeled “program manager bitch.”

What are some examples of the perfect body, you ask? A perfect body is . . . well . . . it’s . . . some sort of combination of all those photo-shopped bodies I see on the covers of the supermarket magazines, right?

But, having experienced the meeting of the two worldviews many times, I trust the process. I settle my naked, flawed body down and focus my attention. I gaze into the eyes of my beloved, and allow attention to be drawn to the sensations happening right now, rather than the mental stories swirling.

I don’t investigate too deeply. Instead, I measure myself against some compilation of others and come up short. As a result, I’ve learned to hide myself from others—to remain covered and “presentable.” I protect my feelings, my fears, and my judgments, too, and act as if defending my beliefs is more important than listening to others.

In short, I’ve learned it’s risky to be vulnerable. Thankfully, I’ve had other opportunities to experience something more—opportunities that move me out of the fear of “being naked” and into the enlivening realm of naked being. In a state of naked being, rather than an armoring of oneself, there is a relaxing—an opening. In this opening, “imperfections” are similarly exposed and potential vulnerability is high, but the experience is quite different, marked by acceptance rather than resistance. Judgments and fears fade to the background. Attention is drawn instead to the magnificent experience of being present without an abundance of self-consciousness. We all experience this many times in the course of our life—such as when we are overcome with awe or even tickled with delight. In those moments, there is an inadvertent letting go of projections and armoring in place of pure unadulterated experience. We don’t analyze whether a sunset is beautiful, we just know that it is. We don’t compare the tinkling sound of a child laughing to an adult laughing and decide if one is better than the other; we just enjoy it.

I breathe in and bring my attention back again and again to right here, right now. My focus stills as does the room around me. Everything I thought was important moments ago, fades away. My stomach relaxes, allowing small rolls of fat to line up (very un-model like.) But, the relaxing softens too the habitual self-consciousness. As the body and mind relax, attention is naturally drawn to the present, where there is no “self” perceiving a need to protect or defend herself. Here, now, there is no one beating herself up for failure and imperfection. Attention spills in all directions without preference. Time stops. Warmth spreads. There is no I and other. No judgment. No fear. No beliefs. No worries about being exposed or ridiculed. Only this. Only now. Only naked being. And it is magnificent. I seek out that state of naked being these days, encouraging myself to see past the fear of being naked and vulnerable for the potential to see something from a different perspective, something freeing. I was at a meditation retreat the other day and dreamt that I was naked and in public, but this time I was flying/ floating with a host of others who were also naked. In the dream I was not ashamed or fearful, and neither were the others. We were naked and we were free. There is a whole new world out there when we risk nakedly being with others, without the covering of our fears, beliefs and judgments.

In a state of naked being, the perpetual focus on the self in relation to other relaxes. Opinions and beliefs drift away too. I’ve learned to accept these two worldviews— they are like the optical illusion where a picture can be seen either as a homely hag (i.e. the experience of being naked, eliciting fear, judgment and withdrawal) or a comely gal (i.e. the experience of naked being, eliciting love, acceptance and openness.) The two views exist side-by-side, though profoundly different. How powerful, though, to let them meet—to watch as one becomes the other.

Mariah McKenzie is the author of award- winning More . . . Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane— a spiritual memoir about the deep yearning within us all and within our relationships for more intimacy, more connection, more awe, despite the challenges keeping us from that. www.sacredjourneytomore.com



At One


Mother Nature

For years, Sue Doughty has understood the principles of Feng Shui and helped her late partner Thomas Coxan, achieve great things for his clients – in both personal and professional areas of their lives. More recently Sue has been learning to work in unison with Mother Nature and apply very natural processes to produce healthy, organic and tasty produce on her allotment. Sue told us ‘One of the most rewarding things I have come to do in my life is to grow my own fruit and veg. Even most of the organic fruit and veg in the supermarkets taste bland compared to what you can grow yourself, there is nothing like the taste and the satisfaction of a home grown carrot pulled straight out of the ground. Other benefits include being in nature and connecting to Mother Earth. It's also very good for grounding and is a fantastic to relax, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. The physical benefits are super too - what better way to exercise than to be in the fresh air? And of course you are getting free vitamin D, by being in the sun. Research has shown that being in the sun for 30 minutes a day is enough to absorb 20.000 to 30,00 IU's a day. When I first started to grow my own veg on my allotment, I didn't have a clue what to do. I looked around at the other plots and asked other plot holders lots of questions, how they grew their veg etc. I also did many hours of research on the internet. My first year on the allotment didn't go very well, I found the digging hard work and the weeds seemed to grow so fast but gradually I experimented with different methods of growing and soon I was in the flow.

No Dig

Under the, soil is a whole eco system designed to grow perfect fruit and veg so why do so many people dig and poison the soil? Digging and putting weed killer on the soil, destroys the eco system. Most of my allotment plot now is made up of raised beds, using the ‘no dig’ method – the results are truly amazing. The king of ‘No Dig’ has to be Charles Dowding. I did a weekend course with him last year. You just have to see his place to believe it, every plant seems so healthy. By using has method of gardening, there is hardly any weeding to be done. Charles has written many interesting books on this subject, his latest title is “Charles Dowding's Vegetable Garden Diary”. His website www.charlesdowding.co.uk shows how to make a no dig raised bed in a day, a great project that all the family can get involved in.


Seven years ago I completed a Permaculture Design Course with Aranya at Ourganics Evoling Systems in Dorset www. designedvisions. The classroom was a yurt, the shower was at the end of a poly tunnel, the kitchen was outside and we had our breakfast around a fire pit every morning. It was truly a magical experience.

Planting by the Moon

The ethics of Permaculture are Care of the Earth, Care of the People and Fair Share. There are also twelve principles which are designed to help you be more efficient in life. Visit www. permacultureprinciples.com for more information.

The Star Rhythm

I created an ‘Edible Forest Garden’ on the community allotment where I have been working as a volunteer for the past six years. Most of the plants in the garden are edible or are designed to feed the other plants in the system.

Over the years I have found that everything (including the weeds) seems to grow twice as fast from April to June – the time of the full moon. The power of working in unison with the planets and the four elements has brought me terrific results – it is more fully explained in ‘Gardening and Planting by the Moon’ by Nick Kollerstrom. Essentially the following applies; The earth element would be a root day. The water element would be a leaf day. The air element would be a flower day. The fire would be a fruit day. I find when I work with these systems I get into the natural rhythm and flow and things tend to get done on time.

By working with Mother Earth, I feel that it is possible to tune in to all her wisdom. She knows all the secrets of growing tasty veg!

Sue Doughty



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Karma Yoga in Karma Yoga has been taught in the east for thousands of years – from the ancient Hindu scripts to recent yogis like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Sivananda and others. In the west, concepts of service, philanthropy and humanitarian endeavour have sometimes captured the essence of this path of salvation. But I have never come across a teacher who understood it so well, or practised it so effectively as Dr. George King. He said: “Of all the yogas I have studied, Karma Yoga is the greatest yoga of all! It is Karma Yoga which will save the world! The other yogas are necessary to obtain the powers and get the inspiration, but then you must use your powers and inspiration for the benefit of all. They must be brought into living manifestation in order to be of any good to the world.” Last year the third edition of Realize Your Inner Potential, which I was privileged to co-author with Dr. King, was published. It contains many wonderful spiritual practices which have proved their worth in the lives of thousands of people around the world. When used in service to others, you are practising King Yoga which I describe as Karma Yoga in overdrive. The following are extracts of Dr. King’s words from this book. Thousands of years ago it used to be the yoga solely to try to attain meditation (Samadhi). There has been a great change in the world over the last few centuries. At the time of Buddha, the advice given to the aspirant was to search for concentration, contemplation and meditation, so that he could enhance his own personal development and then be of service to his fellow men. The masters have not so much changed their advice now, as quickened it up. If everyone made up their minds to search only for personal development before they could be of service, it could take 20 or 30 lives. So, we have to speed things up. To some extent we may sacrifice our own personal development on the rock of Karma Yoga, or Union with God through Service…

It is done by people who, on the face of it, are fool enough to take on the worries and woes of others. Such a person does the exact opposite from the Raja Yogi who cuts himself off from mankind and all his worries and woes, in order to gain bliss. A Karma Yogi goes in among mankind, serving them in many different ways. The result of this is sometimes the opposite of the deep states of bliss. In these days, such is the state of the Earth that service is the pathway for mankind. What time you may seem to lose of the blissful states now, you will gain in the blissful states later by Karmic Law. If anything, this is the most difficult path, because it can only be trod by real people, who have burned out of themselves the cancer of selfishness. You cannot perform Karma Yoga and be selfish at the same time. This cancer must first be healed within yourself. One of the great exponents of Karma Yoga was Jesus. He demonstrated it right through his life in thousands of different ways. The more advanced you become, the more you can serve, but we cannot wait until we are advanced before we begin to serve. You should perform what Raja Yoga you can, and all the Karma Yoga you can in these days. Every initiate on Earth is being given a job in these days equal to what the old masters were given, even though he is only an initiate. Every possible channel for healing and teaching that can be used is being used to its fullest extent. Relatively unenlightened people are coming forward and giving inspirational messages, wonderful healing and so on. Virtual novices are achieving the selfsame results that the adepts of a few hundred years ago did with healing, and that is only one branch of metaphysical science. There are people being used for inspirational messages who know nothing at all about the science behind it. They are virtual jewels of people who, because they are fairly clean, pure channels, are being used to bring forth many wonderful Karma Yoga results in these days. In these days, Karma Yoga, or service to others, is the main yoga. All else is second place…And the divine promise is this: for every hour you give up a meditative state, in future lives you will spend maybe a hundred hours in the same state. If you would do yourself and others a good turn and help the masters to bring their Cosmic Plan into being in the new millennium, you would equip yourself to the best of your ability now. You would do healing, prayer, spiritual teaching, help the old, the blind and infirm, and take part in any one or all of the hundreds of forms of different service which are so desperately needed on Earth in these days.

Article by Richard Lawrence



Dr King giving a lecture in 1960

Giving spiritual healing using the King Technique

This extract from Realize Your Inner Potential through the path of spiritual service – King Yoga is published with the kind permission of Aetherius Press. It is available for £9.99 and £12.99 with a DVD insert. You are invited to visit www.aetherius.org and discover how you can cooperate with the Cosmic Plan for the salvation and enlightenment of humanity.


I wish I was... How often do we wish to be anyone but who we are? On a physical level we want to be thinner, prettier, taller or shorter or cleverer that her/him. We wish we were as talented as ...as famous as...as wealthy as… Are we ever truly content with who we are? Why do we feel so inadequate? Where does this lack of faith in ourselves begin? Perhaps society is responsible; the TV, media, reality shows, magazines, models etc. Perhaps our parents failed to give us the confidence we needed. (no blame attached, they were, of course, products of their own parenting). As we grow and develop and learn our ‘idols’ often change; we wish we were more loving, more understanding, more like our favourite philosopher or spiritual guru. More like those people who seem to have a stronger spiritual presence, whose light seems to shine much more brightly than our own. Putting these people on a pedestal, hanging on their every word, blindly believing whatever they tell us can be quite damaging for us if we do not know how to use our power of discernment. For example, let’s consider the average medium on stage giving messages to random people in their audience. Feelings of vulnerability and desperation are rife, everyone hoping for a message from their deceased loved ones wanting the often generic and rather vague messages from the other side to ‘fit’ their circumstances, hoping for someone/something to ease their pain. Now I am not saying there aren’t genuine mediums who do have the ability to give messages from our loved ones, of course there are but we must be discerning and not give our power over to just anyone. We have to stand in our own power, our own light. We are all capable of receiving messages from loved ones, they come in many guises, a song, a feather, a dream the discovery of a letter at the bottom of an old box forgotten about over time, a random message, a whisp of web on your cheek – spirit uses many ways of connecting with us. If we are open to the possibility, we can all receive direct and personal messages from them. So why would we need an intermediary? Why would we give our power away? Truth is, those we hold in high esteem and put on a pedestal are human beings with their own faults, frailties, issues and shortcomings. One day they will not live up to our expectations, we will become disillusioned and even vilify them as they fall from our grace. And of course, if someone puts us on a pedestal and believes we are the best thing since sliced bread, they too will be disappointed - we are only human and all have our own “stuff” to deal with. Of course it is a different story when both parties have learnt to practice unconditional love.

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It is good to have people to look up to, to aspire to be like. Just one line in a book can resonate so greatly with us that it can change our perception of who we are. How wonderful! I can think of many snippets I have found in the written word that really have had a profound effect on me and my life’s journey. Having read and understood certain things has, in fact, been life changing.

We must learn to ‘stand in our own light’ to be happy in our own skin How many of us can say that we love ourselves? We so often fall short of our own expectations. How easy it is to wear the ‘hair shirt and chastise one’s self endlessly? There is always that little voice in our head telling us we are ‘not good enough, ‘we have failed’, ‘we are not worthy etc. Be aware, this is our ego speaking and we must work to still this negative voice, to get past it, to silence it. The solution is to work on our own individual connection with the divine, to allow that light to pour down on us and through us. Divine light can disperse even the darkest thoughts and feelings, if only we remember to connect. It is so much harder to experience ‘the light’ when we are going through difficult times, so much harder to lift ourselves out of the slough of despondency. So how do we do it? We simply ask - we call upon our guardian angels, our God, to release us from the chains of our own selves. To enable us to stand in our own light, knowing that we are part of God, that we are worthy, that all we need is that connection to God. Let your examples of goodness be only the highest and best. Who wouldn’t aspire to be as loving, gentle and wise as those high spiritual beings who have graced this planet, Jesus, The Dalai Lama, the Saints and many others who are worshipped for their goodness, kindness and forgiveness. Let us invoke their light, through the divine, to help our own light to shine more brightly, to help us to steer our own course through the rich and unique tapestry of our lives.

Kathy Searle More to Life Elder The Seekers Trust Christian Healing Centre


Finding Inner Peace In today’s world, peace can be quite a challenge for us human beings. Believing we need to be here, be there, doing this, doing that - generally giving our power to our diaries, organisers and calendars, booking ourselves in for things to do. We allow ourselves very little time to sit, be still and try to find Inner Peace.

So what are we doing rushing around as if there is no tomorrow? With all its challenges, obstacles and struggles, life can be difficult. We must respect ourselves and find time to relax, achieve peace and calm and in doing so, find balance and harmony. There are many restful ways of gaining peace; meditation, yoga, walking, cycling, visiting the gym, having a massage, watching a movie, going on holiday to name a few.

Peace, joy, love and abundance can be yours. You can change your vibration from heartache to happiness. The power of forgiveness is very powerful – being able to truly forgive those who have hurt you is incredibly transforming. The emotional release this brings is life changing – to accept what happened between you and make peace with it releases you from the pain. It takes away the need for revenge, the bitterness dissolves and life becomes easier. There is great wisdom in the old saying ‘what goes around always comes around’ so if you can, trust Karma to take control and decide on the outcome. Let the pain go, be patient and concentrate on the positive stuff - start your search for your own inner peace. Do not allow yourself to be the victim of other peoples ‘stuff’ – their behaviour belongs to them and so will their karmic debt. Find ways to change your thought patterns and processes; always be positive; only think nice thoughts about other people, situations and circumstances, reject negativity in all its forms. It may be a little difficult at first, but practice makes for perfection. Wherever possible, walk away from negative situations why give yourself problems? Create meaningful changes in your life, gradually make positive changes in all areas of your life – select your company carefully. Be mindful at all times of your thoughts and actions. Keep a journal every day and be honest with yourself when you get it a little wrong. In repeating this process you will begin to recognise change happening in all areas of your life.


The reward will be peace, joy and abundance

The step to create lasting change is in your hands, its your decision, you have the power. Believe in yourself, reprogram your energy and this will shift your vibration onto a higher frequency giving you magical, beautiful peaceful days. Try to live in the ‘Now’ moment – don’t worry about the past, it is too late to change it. Leave the future where it is, untouched and unknown, ripe with fabulous opportunities. It’s time to wake up and smell the roses. Ask yourself ‘why am I here’? What am I doing with my life? How can I make my life easier, and less complicated? Work towards gaining inner peace by doing less. Why make yourself unwell, stressed, tired, anxious and unhappy? Find the things that bring you joy, take the time to explore who you are, what makes you tick. Learn new skills, stretch your imagination, allow your natural intuition to step in and guide you. The pressures of life weigh less heavy if they are balanced with positive, natural and constructive change. Abundance will happen organically as you find a more comfortable way to exist. Follow the example of a new born baby and be ‘in the moment’. Ask yourself Am I safe? Am I warm? Am I fed? Do I have shelter? Am I loved? Surely everything else is a bonus, isn’t it? Believe that by connecting with the universe you receive infinite possibilities – don’t be shy asking the universe for all your needs. We all know the power of positive thinking, so let’s practice it by being peaceful. Bringing peace into your life will give you good health, well-being, balance and harmony. Life is too short to be stressed, worried, sad, or unhappy – there is so much to experience, enjoy, and behold so decide to change your life today – do it now! Allow yourself to reveal your hidden gifts, be thankful, be grateful, be happy and joyful. Connect with your own Peace.

Linda Jarrett www.templeofgoldenlight.co.uk mob:07711679718 e:templeofgoldenlight@gmail.com


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THE JOURNEY TO ABUNDANT LIFE When we follow our true path in life, we live peacefully and with abundance. So what is it that stops so many of us from living the life we want? There are many psychological therapies offered nowadays, promising to empower us in moving on from jaundiced thoughts, emotional traumas and the sheer practical difficulties of everyday human living. However, there is much we can do for ourselves, without relying on therapy, to live ‘more abundantly’ in a spiritual sense. This means, I suggest, living each day with peace and contentment. Now, that might sound rather dull and boring in today’s fast society but really we’re talking about having a tranquil and calm mind, free of those ruminating thoughts and critical judgements that often control our daily lives. (They can ruin our nights too when they are so deeply entrenched that we keep processing them again and again when we go to bed.) When we’re not at peace and we allow our energies to be focused on disempowering thoughts, we can create defeatist phrases within our minds such as, “Everything goes wrong for me… I wish I had done this (or said that)… there’s no point trying that because it will never work out… why can’t they just…?” Haven’t we all said these things to ourselves at times? But such negative thoughts only conditions us to carry on experiencing lack and missed opportunities, and even perhaps subconsciously encourages us to ignore our own responsibilities; we start to expect other people to ‘make things happen’ and we hold them responsible for events in our lives, becoming even more disappointed when ‘they’ seem to have ‘failed’ us. It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Mahatma Gandhi said,

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” So how do we change to a more peaceful and calm state? The essential first step has to be acceptance. Life happens and we all encounter difficulties to varying degrees, some of them really serious, at different stages of our journey. This is simply the nature of human life. If we can accept this and not beat ourselves up when things go wrong, but look instead at the available options for moving forward, there can be a major shift in our perception. It’s like taking a leaf from the corporate world’s attitude of ‘damage limitation’ – something has gone wrong but let’s see what can be done to encourage the next best possible outcome. This might seem an unemotional response to a problem but it allows us to think outside the box, free to imagine transformations rather than be tied down by those victim-based stories. The American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr wrote the well-known Serenity Prayer and perhaps we should all seek

“…the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Serenity describes a peaceful state of accepting what happens, calmly empowering us to attend to change. Our experiences have created the person we are now, and wouldn’t it feel great to be able to say about ourselves, “I like who I am”? Let’s use our experiences as catalysts to change so that we can rise from any ashes.>>


>> Yes, it can be challenging to change our deeply-held beliefs. We may have given so much of our energies to limiting beliefs over the years that when we begin saying goodbye to them we can miss them like departed friends. Then it’s possible that we become dispirited about our strategies for change, so that our new aspirations perhaps fall by the wayside and we start to believe that change was unrealistic anyway. But the Serenity Prayer reminds us that it requires courage to change, so we must be mindful of this and find that courage within ourselves to boost our confidence when necessary. Courage will be vital for us when our self-belief is lacking. Courage will be required when we change our normal patterns of behaviour (such as for example signing up for an art class to develop new personal relationships when previously we’ve only used social media due to our shyness). Courage will be required to stop ourselves setting limits to our goals, such as, “I will be at peace/ happy when… occurs.” This is just procrastination in another form, a device to release us from the guilt that might arise if we don’t take action.

Courage will certainly also be required to change our perception of a trauma from despair to gratitude. The energetic vibration of genuine gratitude is powerful in bringing about changes in our outlook on life. If we can learn to look on a serious challenge or trauma for the wisdom we can gain from the experience - and be grateful for this wisdom - then this is just the spark needed to ignite a transformation of our lives. An abundant life is one of contentment, of tranquility, satisfaction and happiness. Such contentment arises with the wisdom gained from our experiences, from having future plans and from acknowledging with heartfelt gratitude what we have achieved in our lives. Living in contentment can allow us to ‘follow our bliss’ and naturally cultivate life-affirming pathways, helping us to develop emotional resilience when curve-balls arise. Contentment with our life’s journey becomes food for the soul as we align ourselves with a joyful approach to everyday life. This in turn provides the basis for calm inner reflection, honouring our feelings and helping us to make healthy and happy changes. When we treat each day as a new beginning and deliberately choose to live in peace and contentment , we attract the same harmonic vibrations to ourselves. These help us to build strong foundations so that we are able to nurture ourselves - and others - and release ourselves from the ‘ought to/need to/should do’ scenarios. When we embrace the many positive possibilities that life offers, the high vibrations of peace and contentment naturally attract the abundance of the universe. Our energies then change to acceptance, gratitude, joyfulness and compassion. This is an abundant life, one that opens us up to our true purposes.

Sandra Bray is the author of Odd Days of Heaven, a guide book for the spiritual journey with nearly two hundred suggestions for activities sure to lift your spirits – or even change your life.



A Book for the World Translated from the German into English, French and many other languages, in print editions and also ebook and audiobook

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Dance in our own Slippers How many of us manage to achieve and dance in our own slippers? What does it truly mean? Pondering the question, I realised it meant various things with varied results for each of us. How do we define ‘dancing in our own slippers’? My first thought was one of confidence, self-esteem and success measured by materialism, defined as a sense of ‘arriving’ or having ‘made it’. But the outcomes for spiritual ‘dancing in our own slippers’ are very different. Materialism is not part of the agenda. On a spiritual or karmic level we earn our credit with kindness, positive thoughts, love and compassion - finding oneself is part of our spiritual agenda. Our first goal however, is turning the proverbial ‘lead into gold’, the alchemical process of throwing out old, ancient ideals and beliefs and embracing internal change, constantly in motion. This is achieved by developing internal energetics and physicality to activate internal LIGHT – our sixth sense begins to awaken and sign on to this way of being. As energetic packages, we hold all we need to support us on our spiritual journey and our life agenda.

Connection and alignment are the key

We may have dealt with our own conditioning and corrected our adverse choices, but have we dealt with hidden factors - others’ conditioning and perceptions that have entrapped us in behaviour anchored in ancient living. Invariably not, as we don’t see the ‘lock-ins’ when they are biologically and psychologically embedded, passed on through lineages and cultures – we don't realise the effect they have on our everyday lives. The spiritual path of enlightenment comes in different packages tor each of us, each journey is unique and yet the destination remains the same for us all – to get you back to the real you. However, the weave of our original plan has been severely hijacked by the mix of self, culture, lineage additions and choices, diverting us away from the original theme. Historical actions made their impressions upon us to greater degrees than appreciated. No wonder we are exhausted trying to get back to the self, to be able to once again stand in our own slippers. Spiritual consciousness is accelerating fast and we are becoming more aware of our global predicament from ages past. Legacies from the Piscean age are entrapping family conditioning in concrete – heavy to carry and hard to break down. Our original life plan would have included a strategy to avoid, walk away, or ignore and whilst some of us were able to adhere to that strategy, others have fallen fowl, and remain ‘locked in’ to old roles and loyalties. These are the slippers we don’t want to stand in, the ones that are uncomfortable to wear.

Over lifetimes we have been taught to look externally for our happiness and to ignore internal states and interactions driven from our senses. This is where the process of spiritual awakening can be long and bumpy, where we can feel very alone and frustrated within this process.

Having some level of understanding of this plight does give us compassion to help others, to share our knowledge of how to achieve fast track and enable new tools to help accelerate change, allowing attainment with vision and inspiration to find their own slippers.

Even once we have managed to turn ‘lead (negativity) into gold (positiveness and light)’ spirit essence, we feel we have already ran marathons and climbed several mountains! Spurred on, delighted and enlightened by this mammoth achievement, we realise the true goal of our spiritual journey has only just begun.

One of the most challenging lessons in our spiritual journey is learning how to accept ourselves, to be able to acknowledge our imperfections and be prepared to make change. and to understand they may not be ours in the first place.

Part of the delay and glitches that made this journey so arduous is the ‘stuff’ we have created and absorbed from others. It is at this point we realise we need to throw off the overcoats of many colours – shed the load and the burden.


To attain the Power of Unconditional Love we have to learn to give without expectation of reward or reciprocation. This can be a long journey, especially if we have been bred from lower levels of love; conditional, rejection, abandonment, survival (conditional love) for we cannot give if we have not received.

Under these circumstances, love becomes a mystery. Liking and loving the self is paramount if we want to stand comfortably in our own slippers. To be able to accept ourselves, warts and all is unconditional love. The love comes from the heart, giving unconditional love to the self. When appreciated, we can start to receive and give unconditional love to others. Having trust and faith in our internal Satnav (i.e. intuition and vision), accepting help offered from supporters and spiritual guidance from our teachers. We become able to receive direct cognition, which helps us avoid the pitfalls of life and accelerate our spiritual progress. Without our internal awakening and satnav map, we delay, we are blind to opportunities and are unable to reach 4th gear spiritual acceleration. When we are standing comfortably in our own slippers, we have arrived, been seen and heard and acknowledged to greater degrees.

We begin to realise our life purpose – and are better equipped to deliver on it. We may have a message to bring to the fore and service to perform for advancement in family, lineage and evolution. As did Nelson Mandela. He stood in his own shoes and accepted his role highlighting injustice to the masses. A man with courage and foresight. A man who did not give up. Our individual slippers can be compared to our roles in life. Of course we need to attain these heady heights ourselves first before we are able to then help others but when ready, we realise that standing in our true power, comfortable with who we are may also give the green light for others to speak up, to stand in their own shoes and in turn, awaken and switch on to other soul mates as it did with Mandela. When standing in our own slippers we have exceptional internal qualities to draw upon. When dancing we accelerate those achievements, bring lightness,

Vava-voom and higher consciousness. Let’s join the disco…of enlightenment! Ar ticle by More to Life Elder Joy Wisdom -

Please see Joy’s advert on page 37 or visit her website for details of her work.

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Getting out of History’s Shoes

We like to think of ourselves as independent, free-willed beings, living our own unique personal experience. We also like to think we have the freedom of consciousness to put ourselves in ‘other people’s shoes’, able to have compassion for them because we can imagine how that situation would be for ourselves. But our freedom to put ourselves in other people’s shoes has unconsciously gotten us to wear many more shoes than we imagine. That would be fine if we took off the shoes we put on, but they have gotten stuck on our feet, so to speak


Your body is created from DNA, which is really lived history that has evolved a physical structure to carry the memory of its experiences forward into the future. So your DNA is really thousands and millions of years of lived history, and the memory of all that history is still with you.

If you could meditate deeply enough into your DNA, you could sense the consciousness of your ancestors within you. Their voices have seeped into your psyche and influence your every thought and action. And because you will unquestioningly take any thought that arises within you as your own, you take all the thoughts arising from all your ancestor’s consciousness as your own as well. Metaphorically, you are walking in their shoes without the least recognition that you have put them on. Most likely you will recognize some of this with respect to your parents, noticing that you have taken on some of their emotional or behavioral patterns. But much of this was inherited from their parents, and before that from their parents, and so on, back up the evolutionary chain. So it is not just that you learned to copy your parents after you were born. Rather, from in the womb, you identified with a bodymind that was built entirely out of other people’s experiences and points of view, and that has become a major framework and filter through which you perceive life and through which you express yourself. You are continuously walking in and living through your ancestors’ shoes. Yet there is also a second inner closet filled with old shoes: your incarnational consciousness. In each past life, you formed a unique sense of self with a unique point of view. Each of those lives still resides in your consciousness, carried forward as memory, and each of them speaks to you and expresses through you, just as your ancestors do. So not only are you continuously walking in your ancestors’ shoes, but you are walking in all your own old shoes as well.

Of course, stopping this self-referencing is easier said than done. So, I offer you a secret: the heart is the center of identity, the center of your history. Your I-thoughts necessarily begin there, and your inner story and your sense of yourself as an historical being are rooted there. Rather than try to quiet your mind, which may only create a superficial quieting, quiet your heart. When the centre of identity becomes quiet , self-referencing stops, and with that, the continuous mind movement that is referencing yourself in the past, present and future also stops, and the you that you have always been shines through. To quiet your heart, start by dropping into it, relaxing into the heart, and let go of reflecting your sense of self there. You’re not trying to become heart, or trying to become no-self or anything else there. That all maintains self-reference. You are simply letting go of referencing your sense of self as a way of knowing yourself in this moment. Be as you are without needing to know who you are. The need to know your self, to continuously reference your self so you don’t forget who you are, is really an addiction. You have to be willing to break that addiction. You have to be willing to relax out of this need to continuously reference your self, which is the mechanism maintaining your historical, egoic identity.

You can combine these two sets of ancient shoes into a single, simple concept: you are continuously walking in history’s shoes. Most of your thoughts and actions arise out of these old, historical frameworks that have nothing to do with what is really you. You are not really living your own life; you are living historical perspectives that are re-expressing themselves in the present. So how does one get free of walking in history’s shoes? One has to find a way to step out of history. History is memory, and memory is maintained by constantly reflecting itself in consciousness, through image, sensation and inner story. Since you are at the center of all of your history, this constant reflecting of history is really a continuous process of self-referencing. You keep talking about yourself to yourself, creating self-images about yourself for yourself, and referencing yourself through the lenses of visual, emotional and kinesthetic memories. This creates an ongoing, multi-sensory story about yourself that perpetuates itself through time, and this becomes your experience of yourself in the world. But that is not who you are; that is only the you that you created out of a mix of historical frameworks and present experience. That you only exists in your mind. When self-referencing stops, history disappears from active consciousness; and with that, the sense of your self as a particular being, a particular person, a particular mind, or even a particular body, all disappear, along with self-images and any sense of self that is based on history. The you that you created out of story and history disappears, and what is left is the essence of what you really are, the pure being-as-you-are, which you have always been, behind the veils you have become cloaked in.

When you are willing, even for a moment, to be what you are without referencing your self, in that moment you drop into pure beingness and presence. Your heart becomes Heart, and the eternity of Now unfolds from it. And there you are, completely naked, including your feet, without any of history’s shoes .

To find out more about Ric Weinman please visit www.vortexhealing.org or see his advert on page 17.


Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.


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There are times in your life when you are happy to tick along with the currents, there are other times when you are happier to consciously ride the currents to get you from where you are to where you want to be, and then there are the times when you step into the driving seat and create the currents.

Being true to yourself has been an ongoing theme for you recently; there has been a need for you to know yourself on every level of your being in order to understand what motivates and inspires you, as well as what doesn’t.

When you take a deep, long look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see every layer of your being right down to your core or might you be surprised when you realise how infrequently you actually gaze into the depths of your soul?

In a way, you’ve been sharpening up and refining the definition of being you and, as a result, you now have a clearer sense of your true priorities in life.

Obviously, you’re more than familiar with your essence, but, in many ways, it’s become habit and, over time, you’ve stopped noticing your magical, sparkly and effervescent energy as life has built up layer upon layer of distractions, things to do, people to see and places to go. At the same time, you have found a ‘convenience’ in not gazing too deeply within as it’s meant you’ve been able to glide about your everyday business without having to acknowledge your longings or aspirations.

March 21 - April 20

Creating the currents takes courage and determination, but you have both in bucket loads. It also takes a willingness to step into unchartered terrain as you take the helm and explore new waters. Most of the time you are happy either ticking along or riding the currents but you have reached a stage where only creating the currents feels intuitively right. It’s hard to give shape or definition to this as it’s a feeling deep down inside, but listen to it and let it be your guide as you are approaching a pivotal turning point, one where decisions made now will ripple throughout space and time. Of course, one could argue that this is always the case, but pedantic tendencies aside, this really does look set to be your moment to boldly go where you have never gone before…


April 21 - May 20

You have often been one for keeping on keeping on, working hard to do more, be more and achieve more but it seems you are beginning to realise there is more to life than this and you are opening up to living a more wholehearted and conscious life; one where you have more freedom to breathe in the moment and one where you are more aware of the inherent interconnectedness of all things. Of course, once you are awake you cannot switch off your new level of awareness, but this truly seems like a blessing for you as it looks set to inspire you to dust off those long-held dreams, air them and let them fly free…


May 21 - June 21

It’s not that you don’t want to reach towards the stars, it’s just that it’s become habit to mooch and mill about instead. The time has come for you to lift your head back up above the parapet once again in order to see the bigger picture of your life and to realise just how bright your energy sparkles. Take the time to gaze within as your deeper self is waving at you…


June 22 - July 22

July 23 - August 23

August 24 - September 22

As you continue to expand your boundaries and explore new horizons there’s a sense...what? New horizons? Expand boundaries? Doesn’t sound like you? Well, think again!

As a naturally colourful, creative and vibrant soul, you tend to have a ‘glass half full’ approach to life. Although you’re a realist, you rarely get bogged down by challenges and, even when life gets busy, frenetic or chaotic, you pause, take a breath and re-focus. Whilst you wear your heart on your sleeve, you are not one to look frazzled, dishevelled or discombobulated very often. You often see answers to questions before the questions even arise and you see solutions to problems before they even become problems. The main reason for this is because you live on the leading edge of the waves of life that lap the shoreline of your soul; you are at the forefront of life, rarely one to hang about at the back, loitering or biding your time. However, there are times when it’s unquestionably hard to lift your head up above the chaos as you feel entrenched, trapped and unable to break free; you cannot breathe freely as you courageously push so hard to escape. You have recently been through such a time but the sun’s rising again and it will soon be time to roar as your energy bursts forth with more passion and vigour than ever before…

The concept of happiness continues to take centre stage over the weeks and months ahead as you begin to think more about what constitutes happiness and what happiness represents to you in your life. Is happiness the absence of unhappiness? Is it the realisation of your dreams? Is happiness the accumulation of possessions? Does it appear when everything in life is fixed and tickety-boo? Is happiness something to do or is it a feeling? Or is it the willingness to live wholeheartedly in the moment acknowledging the co-existence of both happiness and unhappiness?

You have been going through a state of shift over a considerable period of time, long enough for you not to have really noticed just how different you are today to the person you were this time last year. Whilst, on the surface, your life may not have changed much, your inner world has shifted exponentially as you have started to open up your heart and soul towards living a more enriching and inspirational life. In many ways, this isn’t about ‘doing’, this is a state of being: a willingness to be present in the moment and to take a big, deep breath of life. It’s time to see beyond the ‘keeping on keeping on’ of your everyday life as you begin to reconnect to your true essence and open up your creative, spiritual and inspirational qualities to a brand new way of living and being. This is a time to believe in yourself, to love yourself and to listen to your intuition to lead the way…

There are clearly many questions for you to contemplate but it seems important to have a clearly defined concept of happiness otherwise how can you know if you’re happy or not? How can you quantify or measure happiness when you’re not quite sure what it means to you? It is a personal thing, after all, everyone’s different, so having your own definition is vital if you are to reach a point of acceptance in your life. There’s a sense you’ve been chasing happiness, seeing it on the horizon but without really knowing what you’re looking for. Happiness is much closer than you think: close your eyes, take a breath and feel it…


Libra September 23 - October 22 If you were to pause for a moment and make a short list of your key qualities, attributes and aspirations, stillness and tranquillity are not likely to appear. It’s not that you don’t want stillness and peace, it’s just that your life is so often frenetic and busy you can struggle to find the capacity to even contemplate creating this somewhere in your everyday life, let alone making it happen. Yet, stillness is important as it’s within the stillness where clarity, creativity and innovation flow; it’s in the silence where your mind is the most active, enlivened and vibrant. ‘Less’ often means ‘more’ when it comes to being one of life’s natural thinkers as it’s not the noise of life that inspires you, it’s the bits in-between. Sometimes you can become so tied up trying to live your life that you forget to live your life. Confused? Don’t be. When you achieve inner balance through moments of tranquillity, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of your life slot together far more harmoniously than when you keep pushing yourself to get life ‘right’. Sometimes letting go allows you to grab hold of life more wholeheartedly. Don’t overthink this, feel it and let go...

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 Sometimes life is about the ‘bigger picture’, other times it’s about the details. In fact, most of the time it’s about the details; the nitty gritty, daily humdrum of keeping on keeping on. It’s easy to feel bogged down by this as life can be hard work at times yet, when you do pause and step back to see the bigger picture, somehow the energy lifts and you feel freer. Maybe this is all just a matter of perspective or maybe it’s more about how you see the world?! Life is contrary, conflicting and confusing but it’s always been that way and always will be; it hasn’t suddenly changed. However, life is also wonderful and inspirational at the same time so maybe it’s time to shift your focus? It’s easy not to notice this as it’s not a constant state of being but then again, neither is the humdrum, confusion. Asking you to re-focus isn’t a denial of your sure-footed realism, neither is it a request to rose-tint your perspective on life, it’s a willingness to see the full spectrum of life and to inject some of that ‘wonderful’ into your everyday world once again...


Scorpio October 23 - November 22 The concept of boundaries continues to remain a key focus for you over the weeks and months ahead as you begin to grow more comfortable of accepting you have no boundaries when it comes to your gifts and true essence. This is undoubtedly hard to grasp as we live in a world of boundaries and clearly defined edges, everyone has their own space and clings onto it very tightly indeed. This is a world where answers to questions are expected yet your intuitive nature has helped you to see beyond this as you have always been somewhat different to most as you see life through a rich kaleidoscope of possibility. For you, boundaries make little or no sense as you can see the interconnectedness of everything. Such a perspective is enriching but it can also be confusing as how can you live in a world of boundaries and edges when you have none? Well, the world only has edges because we created them and you only perceive confusion because you naturally want to conform and be like everyone else. However, you are not a sheep; never have been, never will be. So maybe the resolution comes from letting you be you and loving yourself for it…

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 As a possibilities kind of person, you tend to see life as a spectrum of opportunities to consider, and pathways to explore. You thrive on the inherently unknowable nature of life and your inner strength and creative inklings inspire you to reach out into the world, expanding your horizons and exploring new terrain. You are a natural juggler, being able to juggle many different projects at a time and, whilst this keeps you interested and motivated, there is a chance of you becoming more focused on keeping the batons up in the air rather than on achieving your goals as it’s easy to lose sight of the goal posts when you’re only focusing on the ball. Yes, the journey is exciting and it’s also the journey where you tend to learn the most, but it’s also important to know where you’re heading or you may miss opportunities when they come knocking as your focus remains on those air-born batons and all of your energy is channelled towards juggling rather than grabbing life with both hands. Of course, you need to let your spirit soar but don’t limit yourself by taking on too much at once. Sometimes, less truly is more…

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

Pisces February 20 - March 20

Life would, in many ways, be so much easier if everything was clear cut, straightforward, and black and white. Just imagine if all questions had answers and the concept of uncertainty or ambiguity was no more. So much stress and over-thinking could be alleviated but perhaps a black and white world would end up as monochrome and colourless as it sounds?

As a fluid, creative and spiritual soul, you are well accustomed to travelling through life with the ebb and flow of the currents. In many ways, you feel like driftwood: a passive force in an inevitable tidal flow, yet you are neither passive nor driftwood!

Uncertainty brings with it colours and textures, and it allows for individuality to shine. Although you may find yourself wishing for life to be more straightforward, you’d likely quickly get bored as there’s little room to grow, evolve or thrive. Yet, it seems you have been longing for a simpler life but perhaps you’ve been searching in the wrong place? Trying to make life black and white is very very unlikely to happen, so why spend all that energy trying to achieve the impossible? Why not learn to thrive in the throng of the technicoloured vibrancy of the multi-coloured kaleidoscope called life? You may wonder how to do this but don’t overthink the idea, feel it and let your intuition guide you as it’s your time to paint a brand new masterpiece…

It’s perhaps easy to see yourself this way in order to go with the wants/needs (flow) of others as you are not one to upset the apple cart but, over time, this has led to a deepening wave of discontent within you as it has intensified the driftwood analogy (and the more you buy into it the more you become it). It feels contrary to your nature to drop anchor, study the charts and plot your own course but there are times in your life when this discontentment grows too big and you have a spiritual burp or a creative fart; in essence, your fluidity dams up and suddenly, uncontrollably erupts. This is hard to contain or channel so it can feel wasted; the only solution is to find a more conducive way to travel through life. You seem ready now to acknowledge your true strength and to be driftwood no more…


Ayurveda into

My introduction to the ancient Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda was in 1979. It was at Mentmore Towers in Buckinghamshire, which at that time was the UK’s main centre of Transcendental Meditation (TM). Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of TM, was starting to introduce Ayurveda to the West and Vaidya Dwivedi, an Ayurvedic doctor arrived to give us a lecture on this holistic health system. >>

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Unlimited in Scope From the start of the talk I was fascinated because Ayurveda seemed to coherently tie together so many strands of natural medicine. Ayurveda includes a vast range of both preventative and curative approaches to health, such as: - Body-type specific dietary and behavioural advice - Herbal and mineral preparations - Daily and seasonal routines (Dinacharya and Ritucharya) - Detox therapies, such as Panchakarma - Meditation and energy balancing techniques - Body and breathing exercises such as yoga and pranayama - Marma therapy (said to be the origins of acupuncture) - Surgery, which traditionally included plastic surgery and the re-attachment of limbs - Paediatrics - from pre-conception to birth and childhood - Maintaining physical and mental health as you age - Aroma, colour and gem therapies - Music and mantra therapies - Balancing and integrating all the five bodies or Koshas covering our essential nature or Atman: physical body, energy body, mental/emotional body, knowledge body, bliss body. Throughout the history of Ayurveda almost every natural health modality seems to have been used.

Feeling the Pulse of you Life Numerous of diagnostic methods have also developed in Ayurveda over time, the most famous being Nadi Vigyan or pulse diagnosis. With Nadi Vigyan the practitioner feels your pulse using three fingers, which represent your body’s three governing principles or doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapsha. One finger feels Vata, the dosha responsible for movement, and includes the elements of air and space. Vata governs all movement in the body and has quick, light, subtle and cooling qualities. Another finger feels Pitta, the principle of change and transformation and includes the elements of fire and water. Pitta governs heat, digestion and metabolism.The last finger detects Kapha, representing stability and structure and the elements of water and earth. Kapha governs structure and fluid balance and has the qualities of heaviness, slowness and thickness.

The Ayurvedic practitioner will probe different levels of pulse to detect the state of balance or imbalance in different parts of your physiology. They look for: - What your doshic balance was at the time of your birth – how much of earth, water, fire, air and space is in your underlying nature (Praktriti) - The condition of your seven types of body tissue (Dhatus) - How much Ama or toxins are present - How much Ojas is present – Ojas supports life and is the finest product of digestion - How well your Shrotas or body channels supply your cells with nutrients and remove waste. This helps the practitioner find out the nature and location of any imbalances at the root of existing health conditions, or which may develop into future problems. The pulse also helps the practitioner assess the state of your heart, mind and senses, and how well coordinated they are. Thus, in less than a few minutes, an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner can give you detailed recommendations based on your pulse.


Purifying your Life When Maharishi first introduced this science to the West, and formulating what is now known as Maharishi AyurVeda, he asked some of the top Indian Vaidyas working with him, what is the one Ayurvedic strategy that can quickly improve a person’s health? The answer was, Panchakarma. Panchakarma means five actions or five broad groups of detoxification procedures. The effects of the individual therapies systematically build on and complement each other to achieve long-term and profound purification of the body. Maharishi set up courses for doctors and therapists in Europe and the USA, and I trained as an Ayurveda therapist in 1985. Along with another therapist and two Ayurvedic doctors, I helped set up Britain’s first Panchakarma clinic in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. The treatments we learned to give on our courses are systematically combined to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body. These toxins have accumulated as a result of improper food, lifestyle, environmental toxins and stress Panchakarma improves health in the most holistic way by removing the basis of most ill health – physiological stress and toxic build-up. People with chronic disorders frequently find relief from their complaints, while healthy people experience an increase in zest, vitality, and performance.

The Right Kind of Detox

Dr Donn Brennan, the founding President of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, UK, is our clinic’s supervising practitioner. He states that, “ to purify your body of toxic build-up is one of the top strategies to both cure and prevent illness, but it’s important to purify in the right way. Some popular detoxification methods can accelerate the ageing process as they disturb the underlying balance within the Doshas and body tissues. Also, they usually fail to successfully remove oil-based toxins, which are the most pernicious type of toxins”. He explains that, “

Through the internal and external application of specific herbalised oils, Panchakarma is highly effective at removing both water-based and oil-based toxins” One study showed that 58% of pesticide toxicity had been removed after 12 days of Panchakarma treatment.

Improving World Health

Our present medical system has great success with acute and emergency conditions, but is less successful at treating the rising tide of long-term chronic illnesses, such as obesity, auto-immune diseases and depression. I would say that it is in this area, as well as in the areas of health education and prevention, that Ayurveda can offer a major contribution to world health.

01695 735351 info@maharishiayurveda.co.uk www.maharishiayurveda.co.uk blog.maharishi.co.uk

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Feeling God One God exists for us all regardless of religion, label or belief as nothing is separate. Without God life would not exist. Yet many find it hard to believe in this concept and find it easier to worship statues handed down by religion through ancestry and historic belief.

So as humans we are a mixture of what’s over and used and what’s yet to appear; but the present doesn’t need this duality; life itself can’t work properly with it. As a unique mixture of both past and present, a blended concoction of individuality unfolding, you are raw creativity unleashed, unhampered and erupting at best; arising like a phoenix between two extremes, being nothing and yet everything all at once…

They find it difficult to put trust into what’s deemed invisible (and for some because of that - more illusion), not necessarily because of a total lack of faith but because of warring contradictions inside…

You cannot come into oneness by living more in one mind-set, one polarity, past or future – preferring one time frame over the other because that in itself creates only duality, struggle and more confusion. It would mean that you’re more often split. From the perspective of present the future is nothing more than illusion and yet to be grounded possibility. Nothing is solid until it presents here and now, nothing can be certain until it ‘is’.

Humans are made up of three parts – past, future and present and this then creates the main difficulty. What’s past is over so it ‘is’ not and therefore cannot be again. Future is ahead so that also ‘is’ not, it’s still to come, still a dream, a possibility in a sea of possibilities to be accessed depending on life willed and programmed... It’s between these two polarities that ‘we’ exist – as life over, having past – and potential to be activated - being future. This creates a conflict within us, a constant struggle to realize who and what we are, to be something, anything, to prove we are necessary, needed, special and uniquely worthwhile… As the life force that ‘is’ life in every conceivable connotation still evolving, exploring, creating, manifesting, gaining knowledge, understanding and strength between two clearly defined separate stages – it’s possible to feel we are worth very little, especially when live circumstances and other people around (whose opinions matter, do not or we allow to affect us) seem to reflect or imply - until suddenly we become something extra, something we’re more able to identify with and be proud of; something that we feel shows our worth. Past and future, completely opposite polarities, actually clash within us (Einstein would have been proud to own that statement!), and that’s why until we plug back into life’s own working mainframe we often feel less than satisfied as though something is missing, as though a large part of ourselves or of life still somehow remains elusive - still incomplete, because to all intents and purposes – it is.

So humans are a mixture of what’s over and used, what’s yet to appear, to be grounded and made actual by us… (I am I). Nothing is real until it happens. Life is what each person makes it, what they buy into, believe and expect. Everyone blends their own version of reality unfolding, manifesting and playing out. That ‘is’ the purpose of NOW. (I am I). In the beginning to actualize this concept was easy because what was needed was less. All was available. Then wants, needs, desires, skills and intelligence grew.

But along the course of that journey we forgot we were still linked with God. We forgot to communicate, forgot we were being led, supported, looked after and so feeling alone we took on those roles for ourselves. Where mind and physical understanding state there is nothing, that ‘not being’ cannot exist – don’t believe it. There is something which is being beyond ‘not being’, which exists and which cannot be perceived, is not graspable and has infinitely been part of YOU.

For much of your life you’ve worked automatically between what you wanted and what was expected at certain stages along personal and social development. >>


>>Even much you imagined was gained by free will was often more the product of conditioning and cause and effect than freedom and creativity. But now that is over. You ‘are’ where you‘ve reached so far in your life and for now that’s just where you should be. Regardless of ‘how’ you got here – you are ready to take life’s next step. Conscious awareness and soul ascension are beckoning – even if until now you weren’t aware they are real and more exists… (I am I). I am working through you. I am you. You are not Me – but a single part of Me – and as such you each are eternal. I have no will to control you for I gave that directly to you. From this point forward – if you allow – you will work on the progress of your own soul ascension, that part of your journey that will bring you back closer to Me, back in sync with the love, peace and happiness you’ve yearned for… ‘You’ are already in-line with where you should be. The next stage will be guided by Me – but you must speak life’s language, you must read it clearly, more often correctly to work with its natural syncing and flow. If trust is an issue – pull back, sit tight and do nothing - until you do ‘know’ or something happens to highlight the true way ahead. (I am I).

When nothing in particular is pushing or pulling, when you’re bobbing along or just in flow, you become more creatively operational, tuned-in and attentive to NOW, not by releasing life’s reins, sitting back and giving up – but by being more on the ball, doing what should or needs to be done in the moment as urges, intuition, requests and insight compel. Your whole focus of attention will change. Consciousness itself will respond / reflect back. For the first time perhaps you’ll become aware of your real self and the connection you have with real life. You’ll start seeing, feeling and knowing the world differently – as really it is instead of how you ‘perceived’ it to be…

For your life to work better sometimes ‘you’ must get out of your own way Retreat, go within, create a gap between past and future, life’s two opposing energetic frequencies that until now have invisibly enslaved you. Become a third force, more a witness, from where you can operate and blend in the two, being part of but neither more of past or future, longing nor reaching forward or back for either one - but completely in line - blending both parts uniquely as ‘NOW’. Don’t fight with yourself. Just be aware. Don’t be aggressive with others, with life or yourself – just be, just show up, watch, listen and see what appears, when, how and where and go with it. Learn to flow. Make choices based on the moment alone. In that moment of witnessing you move away from being just human, working separately as if alone, away from being anything at all past / present / future – you just are – to exist without any label, without any name, expectation or category. Be awareness itself - simple, innocent, responsive, creative, receptive, all things at once without being anything in particular at all. More wonders wait for you than you can imagine – and all you need do is allow. Yes free choice, free will and effort play their part, but if you work with God properly and all karma is through, how the next stage comes in is up to you. Be safe, well and happy… Be all you search outwardly for…

Stephanie J. King Channelled by Spirit - advert on next page.


A Message of Hope For over 40 years Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) prepared the way for the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. They come at this critical time to guide and inspire us to create a brilliant new civilization, based on justice and peace. Maitreya, the World Teacher, is awaited by all religions – as Christ to Christians; the Imam Mahdi to Muslims; Krishna to Hindus; the Messiah to Jews; Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. He comes for all people, religious and nonreligious alike. Since 19 July 1977 Maitreya has lived in London preparing for His emergence. Maitreya says: “The problems of mankind are real but solvable. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world.There is no other course.”

Benjamin Creme Lecture Film with Q&A & Transmission Meditation

Thurs 20 July & 14 September 7pm-9.30pm (doors 6.30pm) Saturday 21 October 1.30-5pm Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ Admission is free – Booking not required tel: 020 7482 1113 www.share-international.org Signs

of Maitreya’s imminent emergence: Baby born clutching holy Quran, Lagos, Nigeria, 5/2012; Cross of light, Krasnodar, Russia, 8/2012; Hindu statues ‘drinks milk’, Guyana, 14/3/2013; Maitreya’s ‘star’, over Boston, USA, 11/4/2010; Star shaped Venusian crop formation, 3/7/2010,Wiltshire, UK; Huge Deva filmed near sun by NASA, 20/2/2013; Madonna statue weeps oil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9/2013.

Transmission Meditation Workshop with Benjamin Creme Film

A simple group meditation providing both a dynamic service to the world and powerful, personal spiritual development Saturday 26 August 1.30 to 5pm Friends House, 173 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ (opp Euston station) Admission is free - Booking is not required

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More to Life Edition 39  

The theme of this edition is authenticity - articles about Ayurveda, Honeybees, Osho and Yoga, being At One with Mother Nature and much, muc...

More to Life Edition 39  

The theme of this edition is authenticity - articles about Ayurveda, Honeybees, Osho and Yoga, being At One with Mother Nature and much, muc...


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