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Edition 38 The Theme Acceptance

Hi everyone, For as long as I can remember I have pushed and pulled and dragged myself through life; always striving to achieve what I believed was right for me, at any given time. I have slipped and slid, have made what I thought were enormous mistakes and paid the price for some of the decisions along the way. Recently my spiritual teacher told me I should step out of the way, that I had no business making decisions about my life and that only the divine was in such a powerful position. This coincided with other teachings telling me that the plan has already been laid out and that we are merely actors in the drama of life - the stage was already set a long time ago... I struggled against the deep resonation of this lesson, having struggled through life and losing my ability to trust along the way, I found the notion of handing over my destiny to anyone other than myself more than I could comprehend. And then, last week, I picked up a card, yes another one, at my teacher’s workshop.‘You have a gift of communication, you sometimes doubt yourself, you are doing the right thing, don’t worry we are watching and will help you’. I took a photo of the card and meditated on it when I got home - there was something very personal about it. Two days later the phone rang and the magic began...

Jayne Lea, Editor

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06 - Connection and the Power of Healing

22 - Food, Mood & Meditation

16 - A Plan for Life

34 - Horoscopes

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20 - Chinese Sacred Mountains

12 - Freewill - the Power to Choose

32 - The Beacon of Inner Light

26 - Gratitude for the Gifts of Mother Nature

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Connection Power of Healing and the

It’s hard to describe to someone who is disconnected from themselves and from spirit, how truly powerful and fulfilling a thing it is, to feel the presence of spirit in day to day life. I was that person for a long time and sometimes I still am. Spirituality was a thing to be avoided and feared. It would make you one of those happy-clappy people or zealots you see shouting on street corners and it would mean surrendering control of my life. I was afraid of it.

In truth, the fear was deeper than that. What I really feared was facing my own wounds, accepting myself, loving myself and all that would entail. I had created stories and justifications for my losses and the absence I lived with on a daily basis. I filled it with drugs, drink, sex, food, cigarettes and work. Even after I trained as a healer and began to deliver workshops, I continued to resist my absence of self and tried to justify myself through the work I was doing – I was using that connection to replace my own lack of connection to self. My trauma isn’t relevant to this story but my inability to look at it and take ownership of it is. I have a responsibility to stop pushing my fear onto others, to stop holding them responsible for my actions, and not to justify my behaviour because of how much I’ve been through or what I have lost. This behaviour keeps me from spirit and from connection. I now know we have to first surrender to our own truth, no matter how painful that may be for us. Abundance isn’t something we can just get. We can’t find it, demand it or hope it into being. The key is to surrender - to accept who you are, where you came from and all that you experienced. Not in a place of self-pity, not, this is my lot and it cannot be changed, but from a place of acceptance and a realisation that none of it is either good nor bad, rather simply the sum total of your life experience and the lessons it has taught you. The trauma is actually your friend and your teacher, you can use the power of it to manifest anything in your life. I have begun to manifest a balanced life, balanced between family, job and the work I want to do with and for other people. For me, healing isn’t some great gift I have been given to share with the world, it isn’t some magical force that I am lucky to have tapped into and it doesn’t make me special. I am a man; I love, I laugh, I hurt and I cry. I get angry and swear too much. But I believe that I can hold the energy of truth and connection because I have faced, and continue to face my own truth’s. I surrender to that and in turn connect to myself, my ancestors and to spirit.

world. To me, these things are all one - perceived through the eyes of people and as such, they all look different, but ultimately, they are of the same essence. That is why great wisdom can be found, in any world religion or belief system, because we are all looking at the same source through our own distorted point of view. In facing my own horrors, I am able to stand next to another and hold a space for them, a space that speaks to them – letting them know that I have seen the darkness and will not fear theirs or judge them for what they hold in it. That space is where healing work can really be done. I open a door for people to look at things they don’t want to see, but need to in order to connect to their joy in life. They do their own healing and they are the ones that bring their truth, they have to do it themselves, no-one can teach them, no-one can else do it for them. I sit with them, show them the way to access their truth, and this allows them, if they are ready to face it, to see it and transform it from the barrier that limits them into power that can be drawn on.

‘embrace it, accept it and watch the miracles happen’ It is the job of the healer to be present and to show the light of truth by embracing it ourselves. If as a healer, I hold my own truth and connect to spirit and to my own manifesting destiny, then the pattern is there for people to see, feel and experience for themselves, within themselves. No book, no lecture, no words, can hold the depth of knowledge to be gained from truly being in communion with one’s self and with spirit. It is only by coming together in openness and in fellowship that we can pass on these gifts and rise out from the weight of systemic and societal pressure, truly embracing ourselves and one another as wonderful, unique and powerful beings. I don’t have all the answers, and neither do you, but you do have something no one else has - the life you have been given.

Article by Pete Sneddon. energyworks glasgow@ gmail.com

Spirit is the name I give to all things combined, the Universe, God, Allah, Buddha the shamanic other-

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Real Time Soul Release and


(I am I). If you could remember how difficult it was to get here to be able to have a lifetime on this planet, not to mention what you’ve personally been through, you would be much more appreciative of your body and of time spent. (I am I). Nearly every soul present today has been here before. Granted a few are brand new and they’re recognisable easily enough by their childlike outlook and excitable qualities; but the remainder are still ploughing through stages of karma, personal growth and soul attainment. Every lifetime is assessed when it’s over, not by an almighty ruler ready to pounce with praise or punishment, but by each individual soul judging its own self on how well it fared against the culmination of live efforts and growth. (I am I). Every soul living here now is living as it personally desires. Much must concur with morality and the rules of the land, but even more by free will and free choice. Over time each soul creates what it wills and believes its own life to be against current backdrops of intelligence, conditions, circumstance and society, neither accidental nor haphazard, but chosen deliberately by itself for itself or by others for development and awareness going forward. (I am I)


was over, to continue their journey, to see how they’d fared or progressed, to assess. This assessment is necessary not to punish or reward but to set the tone of where they’ll next gravitate. What is done during a lifetime becomes the base line karmic structure of what occurs or is needed afterwards; where they’ll go; what must be done, undone or revisited, fine-tuned or still created, to decide whether they’ll remain in the realms of spirit (going on to higher or lower realms than before), or return back to birth physically to try again quickly before this can happen. Return is not automatic. It has to be earnt, allowed… Not everyone gets the same option. Not everyone needs to come back here – but many will decide to from choice having remembered or seen their life’s overview playout – from a perspective of higher understanding and seeing the whole complete picture.

‘growth only becomes permanent on this level of existence’ Growth can only happen here on Earth physically. In ‘Heaven’ we gravitate to the realm we’ve personally earned – not gifted or chosen – but earnt. And so we settle down and live, but at some stage in much the same way as right here – our soul starts to stir, we become restless again and want more… We may indeed learn that more does exist – but can’t permanently sustain or keep it because that involves more fine-tuning and growth which so far we haven’t managed to attain.

Birth is just the start of ‘a new book of life’ for each soul arriving here physically. Parents are deliberately chosen for their attributes, good and bad, to formulate the basic platform and conditions the new soul will learn from. Nothing is meant to harm or hold back. All is for learning and growth, for love in the name of love’s sake, for each soul has its own list of past baggage/ karma to recreate, understand and move beyond so their soul can grow forward and up beyond ‘stuckness’ to renew their vibration. (I am I). During what is termed as infancy here unique base line structures are set as each soul adjusts to information foremost available. All data is processed uniquely depending on what it needs to achieve during this timeframe; beliefs become foundations which become the spring board for this current life’s growth, behaviour and forming character. (I am I). Remember that most souls have been here before. This means that they’ve had one life or many lives before this. Meaning they went back to ‘Heaven, to Higher, Energetic Soul Realms’ when their time here

(I am I) What is gained here becomes encoded, imprinted within each living soul’s energy field. It becomes your vibration, your mark, your authenticity, attainment which then allows you to gravitate higher not only in this life but the next. Like attracts like... What you attract you become. If you want something more you must change your vibration, your own vital essence, to be able to hold onto and keep it. (I am I). Depending on growth, karma and outlook – a whole life is mapped out to help you achieve this. Destiny is no more than hitting set triggers to keep you on track, to help you grow forward through understanding, free will and choice. Should a soul have accrued negativity and Karma, depending on content - what’s now required, why and how to undo it, they may choose to come back for a short, sharp, burst of life to undo or wipe clean or to give back, to help life in another sense – not just for their own reasons of benefit and growth, but to gain first hand awareness of unfairness, injustice, inequality and more that’s occurring or that perhaps they themselves had produced – in the hope that others too will wake up, recognize and stop it; that by becoming the victim through love unconditional, someone somewhere will start the ball rolling to stop world atrocities occurring. >>


>>It’s not just attainment that matters whilst here – but the travelling of each journey itself. Nothing is beyond your capability, compassion and strengths to overcome and pull through. However also written into each soul agenda path are ‘get out, escape, fast track, wake up’, clauses should life become too much, should illness or unimaginables happen. This is not to say we should use them deliberately for if we did, once in ‘Heaven / Life after this Life’ we would see options we didn’t expect; family life might take a turn and our presence would definitely have been needed for support and reasons other; you may find that what you thought was occurring – was actually not the case, so once the spat was over you could have enjoyed life further, longer…

‘nothing is beyond your capability, compassion and strengths’ These clauses are not a deliberate removal of life – but instead a soul release in times of great illness or distress (decided when here by the universe – not physically yourself). We have seen them in action when people return from death’s door against odds stacked high against this; when disaster strikes close and they themselves had been missed (however this actually came to pass); when accidents or close shaves occurred, and the outcome could indeed have been worse – and you realise that you are still standing; that the clock is still ticking, that the sun is still shining, that birds are still singing – but you yourself could so easily not be here; when acts of God or the Universe occur in a flash and you’ve somehow miraculously survived; when a soul comes back from a near death experience having realised their time here is not finished…

‘things are changing, we are evolving’ After that point a new lease of life and understanding occurs with a far greater appreciation of this life and a new chance of doing things better... We waited a long time to get here. Life is precious. It’s a gift. Who knows when you’ll receive it again? And do you really want to repeat this process over - or wish you had realized you could change and move forward beyond occurrences? So far you have lived only part of your life. Things are changing, we are evolving, life itself is rebalancing, every-thing and everyone will rise with it. Become the true brilliance of the light that you are . Know you’re here for a reason – and you’re worth it.

Stephanie J. King www.stephaniejking.co.uk page10 page12

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Freewill -

thePower toChoose

We all have to make decisions in life, to do this, that or the other. But how do we know we are making the right choice? What tools do we have to help us make those important life decisions? When given a choice you can say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Your childhood will have furnished you, to a certain degree, with the way you think and feel. Then your adult life will have stepped in and, depending on if you have been hurt, abused physically or mentally, or controlled by someone, or anything else that may have hurt you, will paint a picture in your mind and influence the way you react and the choices you make in life. If you have been more fortunate, life may be easier and your freewill will be less complicated. Everyone has their own individual story, but we really need to move on from the ‘story’ to avoid getting stuck in a repetitive pattern, a re peat way of thinking. Don’t allow things hurtful past events stay with you in the present, please move on. Have the courage and strength to put the past behind you, slowly taking baby steps each and every day and seek help from professionals, family and friends. You are not alone. Those of you who follow a spiritual path know that your guardian angel is with you, guiding you, loving you, helping you, every step of the way. Not everyone you meet will cause you pain, most people are actually thoughtful, kind and very nice. Your reaction to new situations and people is exactly what you will get back from the Universe so it is always best to strive to be the best that you can, positive in all situations, even the most awkward ones. If you slip and find yourself reacting negatively, take a deep breath and start again, clear your head and breathe. Meditate if you can as this is an excellent way of helping you make choices. Meditation helps you to feel happier and more relaxed, and helps your mind to be positive and focused. How we think, feel and react depends on how we perceive things. Meditation can bring about very positive change, it requires the meditator to use both sides of the

ARTICLE BY MORE TO LIFE ELDER LINDA JARRETT brain at the same time. Practising meditation can help you become calm, focused, inspirational, understanding and self-confident as it alters your brainwaves, thereby helping you make choices and use your freewill. It is pleasing to see more meditation being introduced in schools and the workplace these days. As a meditation teacher I always notice the difference in students who begin to practise regularly. They are more peaceful, calmer and happier in life. Try to practice ten minutes at first then increase to thirty and then, for as long as you can. You will notice the difference in yourself. Freewill can have different meanings for each person. Spiritual growth does not happen overnight, it takes time to develop and usually happens gradually. It certainly helps to sit in a meditation group or spiritual group with other likeminded people and it is important to find the right group for you. Eventually you learn to be able to ‘just be’ and ‘live in the moment’ - it is an incredible feeling. To be able to trust, surrender and accept that God’s plan is the right one for you, that your role is to serve God/Goddess and go wherever, or do whatever, God/Goddess wishes you to do working totally within the universal laws of our universe. If this is the way you live already, I congratulate you. It takes time and practice to get to this stage and for most people this is difficult. The need to work and earn money and deal with the practicalities of life, can take priority for some. Prayer can help enormously when using your freewill. God/Goddess and the Angels/Archangels, as messengers of God, will always listen and carry your prayers to God/Goddess. At the end of the day it’s your decision whether you call on them or not. God will not make choices for you. but if you ‘listen’ closely he will guide you to make your own choice - we are responsible for ourselves. We are all here together, learning, experiencing, living life the best way we know how.>>

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Here are the answers you’ve been looking for For thousands of years, Man has searched, pondered and speculated about the true “meaning of life.” That search culminated with this book.

Softcover 242 pages. Our price: £13.00. Free P&P.

“This is the first principle of Scientology: It is possible to know about the mind, the spirit and life.” L. Ron Hubbard


THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THOUGHT by L. Ron Hubbard Get it, read it, use it! Church of Scientology, 258 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4BG Tel. 0161 834 6463

>> Sometimes God/Goddess will guide us to people who can teach us a lesson or help us come to a decision. Occasionally , a dream can remind us of something that has happened in the past, to help us make our minds up. Meditation, contemplation and prayer will all help you with freewill, but most importantly trust yourself to make the right decision at the right time. Trust Surrender and Accept with a grateful heart. Human beings are the best amongst creation, we can think and experience our own journey across time, armed with the sword of truth and the shield of protection. You must use this precious opportunity to transform yourself to become Divine – that is your destiny, the plan and purpose of your being.

Linda Jarrett has recently jointed the team of ‘Elders’ at More to Life. We look forward to Linda being part of our journey over the coming year.For more info about Linda’s work, please visit www.templeofgoldenlight.co.uk


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Temples of Golden Light

Affirmation Creams for Well-Being A range of 18 Affirmation Creams created by Linda Jarrett. Each cream has its own affirmation: I am Love, I am Abundant, I Manifest, I Believe...

visit: www.templeofgoldenlight.com page 15

Article by More to Life Elder Kathy Searle of The Seekers Trust

A Plan for Life Is our life really mapped out for us? Does God have a definitive plan for each of us, with each step clearly marked? Do we really have the freewill to make choices, to change direction? How do we cope with life when it doesn’t live up to our expectations dreams and goals? It is commonly believed in spiritual teachings that yes - our lives are mapped out for us. We arrive in this incarnation with a definite plan for our life’s purpose. The lessons we have to learn, our goals, our pathways, have been decided before we reincarnate. Some believe that these goals are indeed set by our own spirit before we return. Others that God decides. Perhaps these two things are the same as we are all a part of God, we all have God within us. Is that plan rigidly set in stone with each footstep carefully choreographed with no deviation? Or do we have a certain amount of freewill? We are told that God did indeed give us free will, the ability to choose. I am sure we have all made what we would call bad choices, perhaps we have gone against our better judgment and knowlingly taken the wrong pathway. This choice may prove to be destructive and may appear to steer us off course onto dark and frightening tributaries. However, in retrospect, it is often these apparent wrong choices that teach us our most important lessons. So, one could then question whether these seemingly wrong turns were actually part of our life’s plan after all. The whole of our life’s experiences shape who we are and without what we perceive to be the bad things, we would not be the same people. So we could question whether we do indeed have freewill or whether we are following the pathway to the letter, and that free will does not actually exist, or that our free will was executed before we returned to Earth, we just don’t remember. We will, of course, despite endless debate and consideration, never know the answer to this most profound of questions until we ‘go home’.>>


>>And what of coincidences? Spiritual laws tell us that there are no such things - what we perceive as coincidences are really signposts which can change our direction completely. Perhaps it is in the form of meeting a significiant person who will offer us insight or teach us something we need to know at a particular point in our journey through life. Coincidences can come in any guise - the passage of a book, the lyrics of a song, a radio broadcast, to name but a few. Following these flashes of serendipity is of course a choice, we can choose to ignore them if we want. We can exercise our freewill and not pursue these coincidences, but be sure another one will follow shortly and perhaps this time we will have to pay attention – be sure they keep appearing until we do take notice. And how do we cope when our expectations are not met? When our dreams are not fulfilled? Growing up as a child of the fifties, expectations were limited to finishing our education often leaving school at 15. Higher education was a privilege in those days and our career choices were varied; hairdressing, office work, factory jobs, nursing or shop work. Following a career really didn’t seem so important, what we really craved was to meet the ‘man of our dreams’, to marry, to have children and of course, to live happily ever after. A fairy tale ending is very rare and often we can find that actually achieving those dreams doesn’t always fulfil us or sustain us. Looking to another person to deliver happiness is impossible – it can only come from within and takes nurturing, commitment and effort.

When life does not pan out as we hoped, when we have suffered loss, ill health, financial ruin etc. we can become bitter, feel like a failure and rail against the obstacles we imagine have blocked our way. How very infuriating it is when our dreams have crashed down around us, when we are lost and desperate and someone tritely remarks ‘oh well, it was meant to be’ or ‘there is always a reason why this has happened’. Leading a spiritual life full of faith and trust helps us to realise there is really no other way to look at things. We must believe that nothing is random, that the Universe isn’ t conspiring against us or that ‘we must have done something terrible in a previous life to have to suffer so in this life’. Life can be full of disappointments and regrets, no one is exempt from life’s blows, but remember we all have the free will to choose how we react to them, whether we sink or swim, whether we find a way to be philosophical about the ‘swerve balls’ or we choose we wallow in self pity and sadness, hankering after the dreams we had. Surely better to find a way to accept our hand gracefully? I am sure there is a pre-conceived plan in place for every one of us, the understanding of which, becomes clear on reflection – the twists and turns of our journey through life, the coincidences, the opportunities, the choices we have made all affect our lives, sometimes dramatically – without them life would be a random set of circumstances impossible to navigate. God has a plan for us and using the gift of free will dictates our path through life.


A Message of Hope For over 40 years Benjamin Creme (1922-2016) prepared the way for the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. They come at this critical time to guide and inspire us to create a brilliant new civilization, based on justice and peace. Maitreya, the World Teacher, is awaited by all religions – as Christ to Christians; the Imam Mahdi to Muslims; Krishna to Hindus; the Messiah to Jews; Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. He comes for all people, religious and nonreligious alike. Since 19 July 1977 Maitreya has lived in London preparing for His emergence. Maitreya says: “The problems of mankind are real but solvable. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world.There is no other course.”

Benjamin Creme Lecture Film with Q&A & Transmission Meditation

Thursdays 18 May & 22 June 20 July & 14 September 7pm-9.30pm (doors open 6.30pm) Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ Admission is free – Booking not required tel: 020 7482 1113 www.share-international.org Signs

of Maitreya’s imminent emergence: Baby born clutching holy Quran, Lagos, Nigeria, 5/2012; Cross of light, Krasnodar, Russia, 8/2012; Hindu statues ‘drinks milk’, Guyana, 14/3/2013; Maitreya’s ‘star’, over Boston, USA, 11/4/2010; Star shaped Venusian crop formation, 3/7/2010,Wiltshire, UK; Huge Deva filmed near sun by NASA, 20/2/2013; Madonna statue weeps oil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9/2013.

Transmission Meditation Workshop with Benjamin Creme Film

A simple group meditation providing both a dynamic service to the world and powerful, personal spiritual development Saturday 26 August 1.30 to 5pm Friends House, 173 Euston Road London NW1 2BJ (opp Euston station) Admission is free - Booking is not required

Chinese sacred mountains Travelling through the beautiful landscapes of China can be one of the most inspiring and life-changing experiences we can encounter. And yet, there is so much about China which is completely alien to the western mind and imagination. A helpful way to unlock many of the mysteries of Chinese spiritual wisdom is to focus on its sacred mountains. It is those mountains which figure prominently in so much of Chinese art, literature, history, thinking and mystical insight. For the Chinese, mountains are far more than simply inspiring places of beauty and epic scale. Instead, mountains represent a foundation to the principle of fertility that renews and sustains the cosmos.

‘sacred links between Earth and Heaven’ The literature which captures that profound reflection can be traced as far back as the fifth century BC to an ancient Chinese book called the Shu-ching. Within those profoundly influential words, we learn about the legendary ruler of China who is believed to have reigned in the third millennium BC. His name was Shun. Every five years, Emperor Shun would travel to the four sacred peaks of China. At each mountain, Shun would meditate on the looming grandeur of those massive peaks. He would make humble sacrifice to heaven. Even the titles given to Shun’s courtiers and advisors demonstrated his appreciation of the mountains. Shun’s most highly ranked official was therefore given the title of (Chief of the) Four Mountains. Within the art, literature and philosophy which Shun is said to have inspired, mountains are employed as sacred links between Earth and Heaven. For Confucius (551BC – 479BC), Shun was one of his most abiding inspirations. Indeed, Confucius always spoke of Shun as the ideal Chinese ruler – living without corruption, self-interest or material intent, but always with virtue as his constant goal. Equally, Confucius taught that Chinese mountains can always be regarded as sources of personal stability.


The Analects are the most important collection of Confucian teaching. They frequently make reference to Chinese sacred mountains as sources of life-changing wisdom. The waters which flow down mountain slopes as rivers, streams, waterfalls and brooks are regarded by Confucius as being some of the most enduring of all symbols of renewal, fertility and hope.

Even beyond pure wisdom, Confucius placed the virtue of benevolence as being the pinnacle of being human. That too was found to be inspired by the sacredness of mountains. Confucius justified this belief by stating that just as mountains are peerless in their natural and supernatural magnificence, so too is benevolence. The following words from The Analects (6.21) make this clear: The wise take pleasure in water, but the benevolent in mountains; because wisdom moves about, but benevolence remains still. Wisdom leads to happiness; benevolence to a long life.

‘wisdom leads to happiness; benevolence to a long life’

Taoism is also wise in appreciating the sacredness of Chinese mountains. The founder of Taoism is believed to have been Lao Tsu. He is thought to have been a contemporary of Confucius, although the dates of his birth and death have been lost. Until the 4th century AD, Taoists taught that mountains were inhabited by divine immortals who live in harmony with the Tao – the spiritual essence of all reality. >>P29



Food, Mood & Meditation ’T’ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…’ so goes the old jazz song, and when it comes to the preparation and cooking of food, never were truer words spoken, or in this case, sung! How many of us actually consider this when we throw a meal together? Have you ever thought about what food really means to you? What comes to mind when you think of food? Is it just fuel, or nourishment or something to be heated up quickly and eaten just as fast? If you were asked to remember the most delicious meal you have ever eaten would it be the menu, the ambiance, the company or the taste that you would recall? What food habits have you acquired? Do you have a family, that knows that if it’s pasta, it must be Tuesday? Or do you own cookbook after cookbook and leaf through each one for something new and delectable to create; or are you one of the legions of those who buy cookbook after cookbook and flick through them when new, and yet have never opened them since, because the ingredients sound too exotic or are hard to find? There is, in fact, an ingredient that is so precious and so important in any dish, that is also very easy to find yet is used by so few people. The secret ingredient, that makes a loving mother’s meals so hard to forget and so nourishing and hear warming. That magic ingredient is ‘thought’. As so much research now shows what impact thoughts have on the mind, body and environment, the connection between what we are thinking of when we cook and how those thoughts affect the food, is becoming more and more important to understand. Quantum science now supports the wisdom of the ancients; ‘As is the food, so the mind, and as is the mind so is the Food!!! The thoughts we have and the mood we are in when we prepare and cook food, have such a huge impact on our body and mind, and of course, on the mind and body of those who eat it. In fact, one might go as far as to say that the thoughts we have when we are cooking are possibly more important than the actual food itself! Even with the admirable growing concern about the sources of the produce we have available, and with plant based diets showing the fastest uptake, what we are thinking when we are cooking, could be the single most important element of a meal.

Thoughts are energy. Everything has a ‘vibration’ depending on its molecular structure. Food is extremely sensitive to energy whilst changing from its raw state to its cooked state. It absorbs this energy and as we digest the food, we absorb the same energy. So, if someone prepares food for us in an angry, anxious or stressed frame of mind, that energy will affect the way we feel and even think, for some time after eating the food. Conversely, if we are in an angry or anxious mood, and sit down to eat a meal made by someone who took care in the preparation and in the thoughts they had while cooking, our mood will be influenced in a positive way and not just because we physically needed the food. Food prepared with a great deal of love, is nourishing, and revitalising . The highest form of thoughts are the pure and powerful thoughts that are emanated when the mind is in a meditative state. There are many forms of meditation, and all of them transform the thinking from the normal, mundane and possibly negative plane, to a higher sphere. Food prepared by someone in this state of mind is truly life giving. In fact many people who practise meditation, take this so seriously that they will only eat food prepared in this way, as they realise how much food cooked in any other way, may well affect their state of being. Whatever the kind of food you enjoy, wherever you source it from, take time to choose your ingredients, keep things simple and clean and put yourself in the right mood. Which brings us back to jazz again. Glenn Miller knew how to put a tune together; he knew which musical notes affect the mind and heart, and his ‘In the Mood’ was one of the alltime greats. So, put on some music you enjoy, think lovingly about the ones you are preparing food for, bring peace to your mind and stir in loving, peaceful thoughts. You’ll be pleased you did - and so will those who sit down to enjoy your creation. Bon appetit!

Written on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK), who teach Raja Yoga Meditation as a means of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life. www.brahmakumaris.org/uk

Dynamic Prayer

A central pillar of King Yoga

Dr. George King revolutionised the approach to prayer. Even as a child he was frustrated by the lack of conviction and energy he saw in the church services he attended when, even then, he put every fibre of his being into this powerful practice for the benefit of others. It is at the very heart of the last book I was privileged to co-author with him Realize Your Inner Potential through the path of spiritual service – King Yoga. As Dr. King put it:

‘dynamic prayer is the secret to have at this time in world history’ The following extracts from this book illustrate in his own words not only his knowledge of the subject, but the passion he felt for dynamic prayer which can transform the lives of those who practise it and the world. The main difference between ordinary prayer and dynamic prayer is the depth of expression. One is a shallow appeal, as though you were asking the grocer for two pounds of apples; and the other a deep expression of your inner feeling - a belief in yourself that you are capable of praying in this way and that this is the way which will bring results. If ordinary prayer is an expression of a very small portion of the conscious mind of man, then dynamic prayer must surely be a spiritual song coming from deep within. And to sing this song with your soul you must use effort, power, will, love, concentration and direction… Dynamic prayer definitely requires a greater effort than prayer said in the normal half-hearted fashion. If ordinary prayer is a lifeless appeal to Divinity, then dynamic prayer is a deep expression of


soul-feeling put behind that appeal. It is because of the effort expended in dynamic prayer that truly great results are brought about by its use... Dynamic prayer is not so much the result of training as it is the result of an unshakable belief in God and a burning desire to help another or mankind. Those people who say that they are incapable of dynamic prayer are really saying that they are not spiritual enough to really want to help others. If you really want to help others you will find the way and the means to do so. When you have been shown

that way and have created those means, then it is up to you to use those means in that way… This information can change your life; it can make you into a more useful person than you have been in the past, and when it does, then your practice and expenditure of effort will have been worthwhile. When you pray to God, never give of your second best, and that is what most people are doing. If they would give of their best, then dynamic prayer would flow through them. But they have got to give of their best all the time they are praying in order to allow this to happen…

Prayer is a way to direct energy by thought with love. If you imagined, when you were praying, a small chariot was going away from yourselves, the chariot would be love and the load that it was carrying would be the universal life force, or prana. Prana is given out by the sun and every 32 minutes exactly, it changes from one prana to another one. Every one of the five main pranas are, of course, extremely beneficial and necessary, not only to your life, but to the life of the person you were praying for, and the world as a whole. You send out a stream of pranic energy with love… Before you start to pray, charge yourself with some breathing exercises, and while you are praying, try to keep the breath in control. You must be able to draw the energy into yourself so that you can send it out and once you begin to send it out successfully, it will then flow through you and you become a channel.

By Richard Lawrence

Dynamic prayer is one sure way of manipulating your karma in a very helpful fashion on your own behalf, especially if it is used for mass healing of the human race. There can be no higher motive than this for your prayer, certainly not on this Earth. But you have to have the will to do it; you have to have a burning desire to do it; you have to be spiritual enough and sensitive enough to feel for others… Dynamic prayer is a wonderful expression. It is a song of the soul and the soul wants to sing; it wants to express light all around itself; it wants to go forward and help and raise others who need the transmuting power output of a joyous soul…

This extract from Realize Your Inner Potential is published with the kind permission of Aetherius Press. www.aetherius.org. The full technique of dynamic prayer is explained and illustrated in this book, now in its third edition, which also includes inspiring prayers for you to use. It is available for £9.99 a nd £12.99 with a DVD insert. This wonderful practice is used at classes, services and other meetings which are held around the world by The Aetherius Society. You are also invited to visit www.12blessings.org and take part in the online services there.


In Gratitude for the

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Gifts of Mother Nature Our experience of life here on earth would be decidedly less rich without the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the natural world that is so abundant everywhere around us. The value of these gifts goes far beyond the beauty that the eye can see or the scents that we can smell or indeed any of the other sensual experiences that we can have in nature; the warming heat of the sun, the refreshing feel of summer rain on your face, a good thunderstorm to clear the air or a pristine blanket of newly fallen snow to name just a few. Above and beyond the external beauty that we enjoy, Mother Nature also provides us with all the vital components we need for our own balance, harmony and wellbeing. Food and water are perhaps the most obvious examples of this, however all the elements needed for healing have traditionally come from the pharmacopeia of Mother Nature as well. For centuries, skilled men and women all around the world have used the gifts of the natural world found in their own local environment to create healing potions for those in need. Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and the many and varied Shamanic traditions around the world, together with those wise women trained in the art of healing who were so harshly persecuted by the early church, would all be examples of this.

The Gift of Natural Healing Today we channel the gifts of Mother Nature into a wide range of holistic disciplines. For example, aromatherapists work with the oil extracted from a plant or tree, herbalists make tinctures from physical parts of plants and trees, while homeopathy utilises remedies made from minute extracts of plants, flowers, trees etc. to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. Vibrational essence practitioners like myself, work with essences which have been created from the energies or vibrations of plants, flowers, trees, crystals etc. using them to promote greater harmony and balance within the body’s physical and energetic systems. If you are wondering how the energies or vibrations of trees, flowers and crystals could possibly help to promote harmony and wellbeing, think about a time when you had an experience of being in a beautiful garden full of roses, or walked into a hothouse full of orchids or other exotic flowers. Possibly you have a favourite walk through the woods that you go on when you feel a bit down and in need of a pick me up. Many people love crystals and will intuitively pick out those that they feel in resonance with and that make them feel good. These are all examples of how we intuitively seek out positive, natural vibrations to enhance our sense of wellbeing. This intuitive sense is well founded because within the abundance of Mother Nature there are positive vibrations that we can use to promote greater balance and harmony in just about any situation that life might present to us. Making Vibrational Essences is a particularly good way of encapsulating natural vibrations into a simple, readily available format. Each essence contains the energetic imprint of a flower, tree, gem, crystal or mineral, chosen for its ability to provide a balancing vibration for a negative emotional imprint or belief pattern, or for its positive resonance with a part of the bodies energetic structure. Essences promote change and transformation and they are particularly effective at helping to ease us through those challenging ‘opportunity for growth’ moments that seem to be affecting so many people right now.>>


>>Help to Stay Balanced in a Changing World

The cosmos is currently configured in such a way that it is providing us with a momentous opportunity for transforming and expanding our consciousness. As we go through the transitional period from one state of consciousness to another we are gradually releasing everything that is based on old polarity based thinking, while remembering how to operate in fifth dimensional unity consciousness. In practice this means that many people are now experiencing an accelerated process of change at an inner level, causing old memories, emotions, issues, patterns and beliefs to come into awareness to be reviewed and released. You could look at this as a process of releasing old ‘stories’ that we have developed about ourselves as a result of having had many adventures in the illusion of time and space with limited access to the wisdom of our true self.

Balancing Vibrations

In the current energy flow these old ‘stories’ will unravel very quickly if we can let them go, however when they relate to old issues from the past that we have carefully ring fenced as ‘never want to go there again’ places we can sometimes find ourselves in an uncomfortable state of resistance. Usually there are some uncomfortable emotions associated with issues of this sort as well as the defence patterns that we have developed to protect ourselves. In this situation essences made from the positive balancing vibrations of Mother Nature can be of great assistance to help dissolve the difficult emotional threads that hold our particular storyline in place. For instance, the vibration of fear is an extremely common thread in many people’s stories. Often it is interwoven with other vibrations such as anger, resentment, guilt , despair, judgement or lack of self-value. If we look into the pharmacopeia of Mother Nature, we will find that there are positive balancing vibrations that we can use to dissolve all of these difficult energies as well as many others of a similar nature.

Unpicking the Threads

So, if over the next weeks or months you find yourself struggling to rise above a particularly persistent theme in one of your old stories, take some time to sit quietly with yourself and look at the vibrational threads that hold it together. Be very allowing of anything that presents itself to you because each one of those threads represents an aspect of you that needs recognition and integration. When you have identified as many vibrational threads as you can, look for an essence or combination of essences made from the gifts of Mother Nature that will help to balance and dissolve what you would like to transform. You will find that you very quickly gain a new perspective on the situation that allows you to let go and move on, thanks to the abundant gifts that Mother Nature provides for her children. Catherine Keattch is a vibrational essence practitioner, healer, teacher and workshop leader. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will help others to find harmony, wholeness and spiritual fulfilment in their lives. She offers personal consultations, intuitive guidance, talks and workshops as well as universal Christ blessings from Jeshua. She is an enthusiastic creator of vibrational essences has produced a wide range of flower, gem and crystal essences that are now sold around the world. catherine@crystalherbs.com. www.crystalherbs.com.


P21>> Taoist disciples and teachers often withdrew from society and sought solitary contemplation in isolated mountain landscapes where they would encounter revelations and insights to inspire their quests. Unitl the 4th century AD however, mountains were also regarded as being fascinating but dangerous places – landscapes of fear as well as irresistible fascination. Those teachings that Chinese mountains were as fearsome as they were fascinating changed in the 4th century AD when the ancient Chinese capital of Loyang was sacked by invaders. The city’s inhabitants fled for their lives. Among them, were some of the most influential of all Chinese writers, thinkers and mystics. As they fled to parts of China which they had never seen before, those people soon changed the way they regarded mountains. Instead of them being landscapes of fear, mountains became regarded as places of pure revelation and endless delight.

Writing in the 5th century AD, the poet Hsieh Ling-yun captured this changed way of appreciating mountains in the following words:

In the mountains all is pure, all is calm; All complication is cut off. Rare are they who know to listen; Happy they who possess wisdom. If the cold wind stings and bothers you, Sit in the sun: it is always warm there. Its hot rays burn like flames, While, opposite, in the shade, all is frost and snow . One pauses on ledges, one climbs to the foot of high clouds; One sits in the depths of a gorge, one passes windy grottos. Here is a realm of harmony and joy, Where the past and the present become eternal. Although Hsieh Ling-yun was a Buddhist, he was wise enough to draw deeply from the teaching of the Taoists and Confucius. From that rich conjunction of belief came the Ch’an tradition, which later became expressed in Japan as Zen. Within the Ch’an belief, the poet and mountain recluse Han-shan wrote the following lines of wisdom.

They are as true today as they were when Han-shan wrote them sometime between the 6th – 9th century AD:

Men these days search for a way through the clouds… The mountains are high and often steep and rocky… Do you know where the cloud way lies? There it is, in the midst of the Void

by Dr Adrian Cooper


So often in the popular press we hear of the Church of Scientology - the mysterious organisation that claims famous ‘celebrities’ like Tom Cruise and John Travolta as followers. We thought this very powerful organisation deserved to be asked the question;

What is cientology ?

Scientology is the science of knowing how to know answers. It is an organized system of axioms [statements of natural laws on the order of those of the physical sciences] and processes that resolve the problems of existence. ‘a scientologist is a specialist in spiritual and human affairs’ Scientology is organized from the viewpoint of the spirit and contains a precise and usable definition of the spirit, and charts and studies and is capable of changing the behaviour of the spirit. Scientology is formed in the tradition of ten thousand years of religious philosophy and considers itself the culmination of the searches that began with the Veda, the Tao, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions. Scientology is a gnostic [of or relating to knowledge] faith in that it knows it knows. This is its distinguishing characteristic from most of its predecessors. Scientology can demonstrate that it can attain the goals set for Man by all religions, which are wisdom, good health and immortality. By spiritual means, but means as precise as mathematics, a host of the bad conditions of life may be remedied in Scientology.


Illness and malfunction can be divided into two general classes. First, those resulting from the operation of the spirit directly upon the communication networks of life or the body, and those occasioned by the disruption of structure through purely physical causes. Unhappiness, inability to heal and psychosomatic illness (which include some 70 percent of the illnesses of Man) are best healed by immediate address of the human spirit. Illness caused by recognizable bacteria and injury in accident are best treated by physical means and these fall distinctly into the field of medicine and are not the province of Scientology, except that accidents and illness and bacterial infection are predetermined in almost all cases by spiritual malfunction and unrest, and conditions in accidents are definitely prolonged by any spiritual malfunction.

‘the only truly therapeutic agent in this universe is the spirit’ Thus we have the field of medicine addressing the immediate injury (such surgical matters as birth and acute infection, and such things as contusions [bruises or injuries in which the skin is not broken] and abrasions resulting from accidents) as well as the administration of drugs and antibiotics to prevent the demise of the patient in a crisis. This is the role of medicine. Where predisposition [a condition which makes one inclined or liable to disease, illness, etc.] to disease or injury exists, or where disease or injury is being prolonged, or where unhappiness and worry causes mental and physical upset, or where we de-

sire to better and improve communications or social relationships, we are dealing, if we are efficient, in the realm of Scientology. For such things are best healed or best prevented or best remedied by immediate and direct recourse to the spirit and its action and determinism of the course of the body. The only truly therapeutic agent in this universe is the spirit. In Scientology this has been demonstrated with more thoroughness and exists with more certainty than the physical sciences or mathematics. A Scientologist can make an individual well, happy and grant him personal immortality, simply by addressing the human spirit. For more than ten thousand years, Man has been accumulating material toward this goal. But it required a wide understanding of the philosophies and processes of Asia and a thorough indoctrination in the Western physical sciences and mathematics to bring about the precision existing in Scientology when practiced properly by a trained Scientologist. It could be said with Scientology that we have entered the Second Age of Miracles.

The mission of Scientology is to raise the knowingness of this spirit to such a degree that it again knows what it is and what it is doing. And in this state the thetan can apply directly to his own body or to his environment or to the bodies of others the healing skill of which he is capable. It is the thetan that builds and constructs, it is the thetan that forms actual forms and organisms. Among the capabilities and potentials of the thetan is immortality in full knowingness of his own identity. The amount of time which he has spent on Earth and the number of deaths through which he has gone have brought him into a state of forgetfulness about who and where he has been. This material is recovered in Scientology, if a Scientologist specifically processes toward it.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.

It is a discovery of Scientology - a discovery susceptible to the most arduous scientific proofs - that people are not bodies, but that people are living units operating bodies. The living unit we call, in Scientology, a thetan, that being taken from the Greek letter theta, the mathematical symbol used in Scientology to indicate the source of life and life itself. The individual, the person, the actual identity, is the living unit. It is modified by the addition of a body. And by the addition of a body, it is brought into a certain unknowingness about its own condition. Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. SCIENTOLOGIST is a collective membership mark designating membership of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Š 2017 Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc. (All Rights Reserved) a non-profit association with limited liability incorporated in South Australia (CBS#A5172) registered in England (BR014950). Registered agent in the UK: PD Hodkin, 42-44 Copthorne Road, Felbridge RH19 2NS.


Beacon of Inner Light The

Confucius said, ‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.’ But just how do we rise? We all have our own stories of bad luck, of unfortunate decisions and having the stuffing knocked out of us for one reason or another. And these experiences range from teacup storms to tumultuous crises, leaving us pondering when the light at the end of the tunnel is ever going to appear so that our spirits can start lifting. However, what if we can use our own inner light as that beacon to lift ourselves? What if we no longer look for the light at the end of a tunnel and instead seek changes in our inner selves?


Sir Thomas Brown, a philosopher and physician, said, “We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.” Seeking those wonders can take us on a rollercoaster ride but it is achievable, whether we have just lost our usual sparkle or whether we are overcoming a major life event. Our inner selves recognise that sometimes falling in the first place could be considered a life lesson; after all, the tide cannot flow into the shore unless it has ebbed out first. Perhaps it is useful for us to experience badness in our lives occasionally so that we can appreciate goodness. Time can reveal that a fall has been a blessing in disguise for, if we have not been listening well to the universe and our part in it, we can be thrown off-balance with the rug pulled from under us. What we thought was a perfectly acceptable way of living can suddenly become destabilised, bringing about great change. At such times we may be reminded that we have held on too long to baggage and the general jetsam of life, which has bogged us down and kept us stagnating. Once we work through or clear this baggage, it is possible for us to become freer and shift our trajectory to a brighter and lighter way of living.

We may have a jaundiced view of our predicament initially and it can take a while for us to transform our perceptions. But if we strive each day in seeking our true inner selves then it is certainly possible to find a new path. Finding this new path does not necessarily mean becoming ‘the new celebrity on the block’! It does mean living our lives as the best that we can be, living each day as true human beings, caring, sharing and loving. Yes, relationships may have changed and we may no longer be in our once familiar home. But home is within us, love is within us and compassion is within us; when we recognise these powerful energetic qualities and genuinely express our gratitude for life, then the new path can shine brightly and we shall attract brightness in turn. We might also consider the effects of karma: maybe in another time we planned this current life deliberately with the intention of experiencing a different role, in order to understand the varied rhythms of being human. We may have led a life of ease and prosperity in a previous life, for example, but this time around such things evade us until we have worked through our karmic issues.

It is not easy! We may have to dig deep in pulling ourselves away from a defeatist mind-set and setting course for our strong inner core. But consider the sailor who requires rough seas in order to hone seamanship skills; so also do we require choppy waters in which to learn and to grow. If life were a continuous bowl of cherries, how could we grow? How could we expand our minds and learn all that living on this wonderful planet has to offer if we did not experience testing times? We may make errors along the way, of course, but as the American diplomat Edward John Phelps said, ‘the man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything’. In our pursuit of a wonderful life and making things happen, mistakes will occur – but we can learn from these.

‘going on means going far. Going far means returning’ (Lao Tsu in the Tao Te Ching.) Even when a chasm opens up, or a war of attrition with others leaves us floundering in emotional turbulence, our lives do not cease. At such times it is even more important to become aware of ourselves as loving energy capable of rewriting our previous rules and releasing ourselves from concrete thinking. We can live and work in tandem with others, with Mother Earth and with the universe. We can update our blueprint to one of self-honouring and of honouring others, having self-respect and respecting others. We can find our joy in life again, find our passion again, align ourselves anew with what gets us rocking and rolling. Becoming a beacon ourselves, rising after a fall, naturally encourages others too. The energetic vibration from our rising sends a pulse of love, kindness, gratitude and compassion out to the universe – and the universe could do with more of that. This energy radiates out and touches Mother Earth, the creatures and plant life and the very air we breathe. So how do we rise to this state of being after having fallen? We must actively seek out and embrace life-affirming patterns of spiritual behaviour: practices, activities, rituals, meditations, work with crystals, connections with others and connections with nature that empower new beginnings. Trying these things may lead to new beginnings we had never considered before, to practices and people that transform us, returning us to our true selves.

Sandra Bray is the author of Odd Days of Heaven, published by Local Legend. www.local-legend.co.uk. Having herself suffered life crises, Sandra followed her own advice and her debut book offers nearly two hundred suggestions of spiritual activities that can help us reconnect with our inner selves and discover new paths.


Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.






The theme of living the life you were born to live continues to take centre stage over the weeks and months ahead as you look set to re-shape and re-define your path ahead. You have long had a sense of your destiny as it resides in the creative, passionate fires within your heart and soul, so whenever you pause, even momentarily, you can feel the warmth rising up.

Knowing yourself is a concept you often take for granted, after all, you are you, so presumably you know yourself quite well! However, knowing yourself is different to being familiar with the theory of being you as it suggests a willingness to let your true essence flow freely and it also implies a desire to live your life in sync with your values, beliefs and ideals.

You have often wondered why life doesn’t come with its own instruction manual or guidebook, after all, humans have been living for millennia, so why hasn’t someone perfected the method? Of course, intuitively you know such a guidebook would be useless as human beings tend to be unique so what works for one could be disastrous for another.

Even when life has been challenging or full of distractions, you have still felt a connection to your ‘true path’ as you intuitively know where you need to be. Of course, life hasn’t always afforded you the luxury of being able to follow your destiny as responsibilities and the will/needs of others have factored into the equation but deep down you have never lost sight of those flickering flames.

It’s allowing your uniqueness to lead the way as you forge out your own pathway in life. You are a strong-minded soul and it’s easy for you to dismiss the idea of the value of knowing yourself as it sounds a tad frivolous or glib; you can simply feel too busy to even give the idea any airtime. Yet, despite your bluster, intuitively you know just how important it is to be true to yourself as it’s the gateway to living a more enriching, fulfilling and interconnected life.

At the same time, the concept of free will is essential, as making mistakes is just as important, if not more so, than getting life ‘right’. However, there is a sense that despite knowing this, you are still keen to perfect your life and create a shiny, polished surface of ‘rightness’. The reasons are perhaps best known to yourself as your complexities are way and beyond the reasoning of even the most advanced brains! Yet, it’s important to know this isn’t criticism or poking fun, it’s simply an observation of your dedication to live the best life possible.

March 21 - April 20

You seem ready now to reconnect to your true essence in order to make some big decisions about your path ahead. Just remember to feel the warmth within and let this be your guide, just like a game of ‘hotter - colder’. Have faith in your own ability to lead the way now…


April 21 - May 20

Knowing yourself is life affirming as it allows you to live with more vision and purpose. There’s a need for you to let go of the idea that there’s no time to follow your destiny as there really is no time for anything else…


Gemini May 21 - June 21

Who wouldn’t want to do such a thing? Just remember any faults or imperfections aren’t necessarily problems to be solved as they make you the unique, vibrant and wonderful soul you are…


June 22 - July 22

July 23 - August 23

August 24 - September 22

There are moments in your life when you feel completely overwhelmed and there are times when you feel distinctly underwhelmed, yet there are even more times when you are hovering somewhere in-between the two in a state which appears to exist without a label, so, for want of a better expression, let’s use ‘whelmed’. Whelmed is the pedestrian, everyday world of ‘normality’, the world where you spend most of your time keeping on keeping on, and where one day follows the next, and then the next. In many ways, a ‘whelmed’ existence feels a tad boring, but it’s surely more preferable to being either underwhelmed or overwhelmed?

As you continue to bridge the gap between where you are and where you intuitively know you need to be, there is a growing sense of awareness of a need for you to bring your focus more firmly into the present moment.

There can be no denying you have extremely high expectations for yourself; you strive to do more, achieve more and be more, and life is not fruitful unless you are learning, growing and evolving. This could be said for many awakened souls but this seems to be a potent lesson for you as you often see yourself gazing up at that pedestal you’ve carefully handcrafted and carved for yourself.

Yet, maybe another state of existence does exist? Maybe, looking at this in a linear fashion is the problem for if you step back you will see a whole universe of possibility and potential. Life is about more than keeping on keeping on. Of course, survival is important but so is thriving and blossoming. You seem ready now to step beyond the four walls of your everyday life in order to explore a brand-new horizon as you embrace the bigger picture and seek out a more enriching way of living and being…

It’s human nature to want to stride ahead and reach out towards your chosen destination but when the cost is a reduced awareness of where you are now, you know the balance has to change as, unless you know where you are, how can you set a course anywhere else? In other words, you need the full co-ordinates and the bigger picture in order to make any real inroads with ‘the gap’. Of course, the concept of ‘the gap’ is one you may need to review as seeing your destiny residing on the other side of the gap can mean you are forever gazing ‘over there’ without ever really noticing ‘over here’. It seems time for you to realise there is no gap; it’s just a construct your mind has created in order to make sense of your reality. Let it go and you will soon see that you’re already exactly where you need to be…

You’ve placed your vision of perfection on a pedestal and your vision of wholeness is one where you are atop of that pedestal, living the life you intuitively know you were born to live, and it’s hard for you to accept anything less. Although your high expectations see you thriving and striving towards your destiny, is there a chance you are narrowing your vision somewhat at the same time? If being on that pedestal is your where you need to be in order to be happy, does that mean anything less is unhappiness? Is your focus so honed in on where you feel you need to be that you have lost sight of the bigger picture? It’s time for you to ease up the pressure and to find the wisdom in each and every moment…


‘it is time for action and internal attention’


Divine Will


Spiritual development is a challenging business, a minefield of appropriate workshops to attend, in an attempt to accelerate our journey. We are not taught how to reach the divine within, certainly not to my perceptions and are often unprepared for the real work and reality of what is involved . Often, taking the ritual and religious route helps pave the way to understanding but it all comes down to the individual teaching us – how enlightened are they? Do they keep the best information to themselves or do they offer open sharing, beneficial for all? Is it a control mechanism for tutor ego and elitism? Results have been debatable and outcomes mismatched over generations. Through the years there have been many misconceptions of what ‘the journey’ is all about. Through my own and friends’ spiritual journeys I have come to realise that most are superficial attempts to realise the goal of the Soul and by not aiming high enough, and with misconception, many veils of fog have dulled our vision. Living life with a closed heart prevents us from reaching attainment. For the HEART is the HeARt of the matter - an untapped tool, key to our advancement and awakening. Ignorance of the heart equals many lives to fulfill our Divine Will objective.

‘we think we are in control of the agenda and outcome’ Certainly, we believe we are in control of the outcome but we don’t see the agenda, it is unconscious to us until we awaken and are working with our HeARt and 6th Senses, our internal ‘Sat Nav’. Over the past 50 years, we have been deaf , blind and dumb, closed to the gifts and opportunities that are available within and the cascading energies via Gaia; energies to awaken us, speed up our individual process to awaken to our collective and individual spiritual goal. In 2017, we are getting a kick up the backside zodiacally and energetically. It is time to upshift and move on for we have been stuck and slow to awaken to the Aquarian Age agenda which is now pushing us to deal with outdated dramas, storylines and leave Piscean legacy blocks behind. It is time to awaken to our spiritual needs. We are not aware of hidden factors that rule us. Essentially, we have our individual agenda within each life; a life script with lessons to complete. There are injustices to correct (karma) for ourselves, sometimes our family and even our Soul Group. Being bogged down with these lessons has restricted us from fulfilling our prize. Unfortunately mismatched teaching and emotional blockages have resulted in heartbreak and closure bringing a smaller vision of attainment and making the road to our goals a longer one. Sometimes the Soul will give us a time frame to complete certain levels of attainment or achievement. If we are ignoring our life script, being diverted and distracted our soul friends can come to offer assistance. They are a mix of family, friends, siblings or associate(s) that help to push>>


‘the soul can create a dark night of the soul’

<<our buttons - to look at our reality (not that we appreciate it at the time!) and help guide us through challenging times – they come into our lives for a season, a reason or a lifetime depending upon the challenge that needs mastering. Lessons are all about learning and correcting a weakness within us, not about punishment as some think. Of course, we have choice and that is where we are in control of the outcome. Our individual choice will determine the diversion, distraction and outcome. The mind does distract, will divert and create outcomes we do not want. The mind will be influenced by emotions and we can say and do things in anger or frustration that come back to bite. If we are not abiding by the life script agenda, the Soul can also create a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience to pull us up sharp to get our attention. With 2017 energies, this is happening to a lot of us. I have certainly had lots of calls about the bottom falling out of student’s worlds…. It is time for action and internal attention by us all in 2017. The Aquarian Age agenda is calling and as she moves forward, people and old ancient ways are being left behind. There are many souls exiting the planet now, their agendas are either complete or they have not been able to move forward due to the denseness they hold or underachievement within life time-frames. They are not ready for the next stage of evolvement – this can transpire for example as a quick illness, stroke or accident. The shock of an unexpected quick removal can be hard for families or friends but for the individual who leaves, there can be the blessing of no more suffering on the treadmill of life. Those who complete their agenda pave the way for us, pioneers of change and hold energy for us to take over, they have done their bit and we are grateful and acknowledge them with love.

‘the Soul is in charge, and will pull the rug when appropriate’ Through sessions and workshop exploration, I have found we do arrange exit points with our soul, carried within our life script they lie dormant, unknown on a conscious level. However, acceleration within their spiritual journey can help dilute and remove these exit points making it possible to jump hurdles of suffering or harsh learning outcome and lead to a shift in energetic and auric fields to accommodate the new you. It is a wonderful experience when this happens, we can feel the upshift within us – our energetics change internally and we grow, move forward realising new visions and outlooks as old doors close and new open for advancement we go up a level of learning. Allonus workshops and D.A.R.E. Therapy can accelerate this process.

Joy Wisdom Save yourself Save your SOUL Teacher, Author, Body/Mind Practitioner, specialising in Women and Children’s Health, Founder Allonus & D.A.R.E Therapy. Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 & Commitment to Excellence 2015. ‘ZEST of Life’ & Allonus LiGHT Healing programmes. Email: info@allonus.co.uk www.allonus.co.uk


Libra September 23 - October 22

Scorpio October 23 - November 22

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21

Inside the deep recesses, nooks and crannies of your consciousness a maelstrom is building. It’s a force of phenomenal power and strength, gathering pace rapidly. You can sense its presence as you can feel the murmurings of unrest deep within your heart and soul.

Being you is a difficult concept for anyone other than you to grasp. Of course, no one else really needs to understand you as being you is your business and no one else’s but it seems that even you struggle to grasp the bigger picture of your true essence!

Can you recall a moment where, as a child, you stood in a sweet shop, gazing around at the smorgasbord of delights, drinking in the colours, smells and perceived deliciousness?

However, this maelstrom isn’t an unusual event for you as it’s a part of your everyday life as your mind moves at a million miles an hour, turning over data faster than any super-computer, cogitating the meaning of life, weighing up probabilities and possibilities, and contemplating answers to questions that haven’t even been asked yet. Your mind is certainly a force to be reckoned with and its power can often knock you off of your feet as it never stops; it’s always on the go, probing, poking, contemplating.

You are a complex, vibrant and passionate soul; your depths are infinite, as is your consciousness, and you just don’t understand the idea of boundaries as you don’t see edges, just interconnectedness.

It would be understandable to fear the maelstrom but it’s a part of you, so why would you? You may want to slow it down or eradicate it, but it makes you, you. Why resist your natural state of being as resistance creates tension and cracks deep within? Maybe it’s time now to accept it, love it and you’ll soon realise just what a gift and a blessing it really is...

As amazing as it is to be you, it’s also extremely confusing at the same time. Yet, to be you, do you really have to make sense of what makes you tick? If you stopped trying to grasp the concept of you and instead allowed yourself to be you, maybe you would realise you are exactly the way you were born to be…

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 You have spent a great deal of your life trying to navigate the inevitable twists, turns, ups and downs with courage and strength. You are a pioneer of creating possibility out of challenge and your realist perspective keeps your feet very firmly on the ground. Yet, as well as being a realist you are also a deeply intuitive, spiritual being and you know that life is rarely a case of ‘glass half full or empty’; life is a kaleidoscope of perspectives and possibilities and every single thought or choice creates a brandnew kaleidoscope. Life is complex and, as much as you’d love to face it with a clear-cut, black-and-white, perspective, it’s simply not possible! It’s time to stop feeling frustrated with the reality of ‘what is’ and instead start to expand your perspective to see life, and yourself, in full technicoloured glory. Such a perspective doesn’t change reality, it simply allows you to tap into the many different facets of your being in order to ride the waves of life with more wisdom and creativity than ever before. See beyond navigating the details of the journey and you’ll see just how amazing you really are…

Your awareness is vast and this helps you to see way beyond the surface levels of life but such an awareness can also be overwhelming as you can feel lost in a maze of vastness, with no boundaries or edges to help you navigate and no depths or sides to give you shape or form.

Not really knowing where to start, what to choose or whether to hedge your bets and take something of everything? The latter is a skill you have mastered over the years as you have learned the wisdom of the art of possibilities; you keep ideas, dreams, skills, connections and projects in sparkly jars all around your consciousness so you can dip into them as and when you feel the need. Such a tendency sounds quite wise, after all, you can never know when you may need a skill or an idea, but there is a risk in this process of you ending up feeling like the small child, overwhelmed with the array of ‘stuff ’ you’ve collected. It can be hard to be a free spirit when you are so weighed down with carrying possibilities. Now seems like a good time for you to have a spring clean of somewhat epic proportions in order to travel more lightly through life. Take a breath and set yourself free…

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

Pisces February 20 - March 20

As you look back on your life you can see a good smattering of high-points and a fair few lows with lots more ‘stuff ’ in the middle. It’s hard to use these as reference points to measure your success as it’s usually not the experiences themselves but the lessons learned that matter. When you look around as your friends, peers and others in society it’s easy to see them all as happy and successful, after all, most people only share the good stuff (just look at social media). Yet, what about the b-sides?

As you continue to cultivate a stronger familiarity with your strength and power, there’s a growing sense of steadfastness emerging from you. It’s as though you’ve finally stopped being driftwood and taken the helm of the mighty and majestic clipper ship of your life and you now feel an affinity with the towering masts as they reach gracefully up towards the skies.

The things that no one talk about? These are often never played and gather dust beyond the closed curtains of everyday life. However, there’s a tendency to measure yourself up against the highs and this leaves you with very big expectations for yourself; remember it’s not possible to have one without the other and the energy to try to sustain the glamorous, airbrushed vision of success is diminishing and depleting. I t’s time to change the way you measure success and realise it’s more important to focus on cultivating an energy of happiness instead. Happiness isn’t a by-product of success, attaining happiness is, in itself, success. Everything else is window dressing…

Of course, even big ships get rolled about in stormy seas as that’s a part of life, but don’t forget you have the skillset to navigate the stormy and watery depths. You are now beginning to feel more centred and connected to your true essence and this enables you to stop drifting and meandering quite so much as this tendency only serves to unsteady you. It may be easier to have seen yourself as driftwood in the past as it meant never really having to take the helm and make big decisions, but you are not carried along by the ebb and flow of the currents as you create the currents! Own your power, feel the strength rising up and learn how to love it, own it and to be proud of being you…


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Connection and the Power of Healing, Food Mood and Meditation, Horoscopes, Who are the Scientologists?, Free Will, Chinese Sacred Mountains,...

More to Life Edition 38  

Connection and the Power of Healing, Food Mood and Meditation, Horoscopes, Who are the Scientologists?, Free Will, Chinese Sacred Mountains,...


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