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The Goddess of Abundance


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Edition 37 The Theme Abundance

Hi everyone, In these times of austerity where there are too many people who cannot afford to eat, sleep or stay warm where madness seems to have set into too many hearts and minds, perhaps it is a little difficult to think about abundance but we are not talking about materialistic abundance - we are considering the strength of Mother Nature and her unnending generosity and support for her children. No matter how much we abuse this planet, how much energy we try to extract from her, how much we suffocate her with more and more ‘development’ - this beautiful home of ours continues to give - the air we breathe, the food we eat, natural beauty, the seas and the oceans and the wildlife. She is like a patient mother, gently chiding her naughty children with the odd flood or storm and sometimes even tapping her finger impatiently and causing a major tragedy. How long will before we realise our behaviour is destructive, that our mother deserves love and respect and gratitude for her unconditional love and her endless generosity? How long before she tires? How long before she decides we don’t deserve it? Sobering questions eh? And what if she gives up on us? What will become of us? How arrogant we are believing in our entitlement to a place on this incredible planet - we are only here with Mother Earth’s permission and she alone decides which species stay...

Jayne Lea, Editor

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36 - You Are Invincible

07 - What is Crystal Abundance?

40 - The Abundance of Nature

20 - Mother Nature - the Goddess of Abundance

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16 - Make Stress Work for You

34 - Consciously Manifesting the Moon

26 - Root Cause of Environmental Crises

30 - Autistic Children and their Spiritual Gifts

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What is Crystal Abundance? Keith Birch of KSC Crystals shares a dramatic life experience with More to Life and explains how crystals helped.. Many years ago, one of my students committed suicide in the college I was a lecturer at. She hung herself and I found her. I had a nervous breakdown or maybe I should call it a ‘breakthrough’. Why ‘breakthrough’? Following her death, I felt like all of my senses became ‘numb’, I had difficulties in processing information, even choosing what to have for my dinner was a problem. I needed to understand what was going on inside my head, to make sense of it all. I had lots of ‘dark’ days where all I wanted to do was sit, preferably in a very quiet room with the curtains closed. I found the world was too noisy and all my filters were turned off. My doctor prescribed what he called ‘happy pills’ but I’m sure that you have guessed they were an antidepressant - he failed to tell me they had some very unpleasant side affects. The counsellor and psychotherapist arranged by the college helped – it helped to talk and I felt she understood my feelings. She also introduced me to the term ‘crystal healing’ and the expression ‘you are carrying a lot of negative energy’.>>

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>>The first crystal I was advised to use was Smokey Quartz, which is known to absorb negative energy. It was not an overnight recovery but gradually I began to feel comforted. I experienced a ‘mopping up’ of feelings that were no longer serving me well. I learnt I could replace some of my thought processes with things that were more conducive to my recovery and crucially, where thought goes, energy follows. Over time, I grew stronger and my thirst for understanding the power of crystals grew into more than just wanting to feel better. Some people believe crystal healing is just a placebo effect, but I know, on a very deep personal level, there is far more to it than that. Nature has provided an abundance of hundreds, if not, thousands of different crystals to help mankind in all kinds of ways; physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically. Each is equipped with healing powers and their own unique energy vibration – the secret is knowing which crystal works with each situation. If we listen carefully, the all knowing, Mother Earth is more than happy to share her vibrational remedies with us. These days, crystals are a vital part of my life and I work with them every day - they give me an internal feeling of warmth and tranquility, a sense of safety. Each one has a different character and it own unique ‘voice’ – you can almost hear them sing. Time has made me aware that nature has much more than crystals on offer, the colour of the leaves in Autumn the sounds of a babbling brook or stream, the beauty of a sunset – she really is abundant in her healing jewels. All we have to do is recognise them. Feel a snowflake on your cheek, or the wind blowing through the treetops, the sound of the ocean crashing its waves on the rocks, or the feeling of lush, green grass under your toes.

‘crystals can enhance our lives in so many ways... tranquility, peace, contentment, harmony, serenity, balance, calmness, poise, gracefulness and gratitude’ Working with crystals has helped make me more grounded and more comfortable in my own skin. Learning to use various crystals, working though each Chakra, (energy point in the body ), one at a time, is like building a house; your foundations need to be solid before you can have any walls or roof. A positive attitude is essential – always look on the positive side rather than trying to find fault with the world, your relationships, and your working environment. Have the courage to make tomorrow different and change any situation that isn’t bringing you joy. Remember, if you always do what you have always done, then you are always going to get what you have always had. Given the changes crystals have brought to my life, I have to give thanks and appreciation to the crystal world for all her treasures. Whether it is a placebo, trick of the mind, wishful thinking or there really is a energy in crystals, my life wouldn’t have been the same without them. There are some different opinions about the specific ‘healing qualities’ of crystals, every book on the market will offer conflicting ideas - this is not an exact science obviously but I would like to introduce you to two of my favourites. Eclipse Stone AKA Bumble Bee Jasper is excellent for self esteem, it is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. It sustains and supports you through times of stress and brings tranquility and wholeness. Jasper provides protection and absorbs negative energy. It balances yin and yang. It encourages honesty with one’s self. Provides courage to assertively tackle problems. And Spectrolite, this stone helps to take away fear of the unknown and fear of challenges. It teaches one to see such times as a part of growing, a part of living and learning. Know as the ‘Stone of Fulfilment’ it brings forth encouragement for one to fulfill the highest of hopes to the dearest of dreams. Spectrolite helps to instill a sparkle of light within all of its keepers. It is a stone that further opens the mind, body and spirit to soar with enthusiasm for a better self, an enlightened self.

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Cosmic Insights

Life rarely pans out as we expect it to. There are often bumps, bends, curves and pot holes in the road, as well as a number of intriguing ‘off road’ areas to explore which can take us off course. In many ways, the more dead-ends and cul-de-sacs we turn into, the more we learn about what we do, and do not, want in life. At the same time, we don’t learn and evolve by getting everything ‘right’ all of the time, we learn by our mistakes and we evolve by having the courage to make a decision in the first place.

‘happiness is something cultured and developed within’ page10

Yet, there are so many of us who hover on the periphery of life, waiting for a better moment to live. The beginning of a new year sees so many of us resolved to make the year ahead a better one, particularly if we lose weight, get that dream job, buy that house or find Mr/Ms Right without really considering the idea that it’s less about what we do but more about how we feel that ultimately shapes and flavours a year.

We make New Year’s Resolutions to set a determined declaration that ‘this year we will do it’. However, as most resolutions are broken before the end of January, perhaps this isn’t the best life strategy! It’s important to acknowledge that a tick list of ‘new job, new house, lose weight’ etc. isn’t a ticket to happiness. Obviously, we want it to be as happiness is our one true goal. Yet, happiness is something cultured and developed within. Happiness isn’t a default setting that pops up once we’ve reached that golden point on the bathroom scales or we’re sitting in the corner office. Happiness comes from a willingness to look deeply within in order to acknowledge our true selves. We are all a mixture of dark and light, and we all have skeletons tucked away in our cupboards. Many of us carry scars and many more carry pain. We try to fix the ‘bad stuff’ in order to make way for the better stuff but perhaps this year needs a new approach? To love ourselves exactly as we are, scars, pain, skeletons and all? We can no more push away or fix all the ‘bad stuff’ than we can stop the wheel of the year turning, and a belief that we cultivate happiness by eradicating everything that’s ‘bad’ in our lives is an erroneous one. Happiness comes from a willingness to love ourselves wholeheartedly, to stop trying to ‘fix’ ourselves and realised that our scars and pain make us whole and complete. We are less without them.

So, perhaps rather than New Year’s Resolutions, we need to take some time to look within, to love ourselves more and to open up to the energy of happiness. Happiness isn’t something to go and get, it’s something to tenderly nurture and allow, and the more wholeheartedly we can love ourselves, the more we will realise that happiness already lives within our hearts and souls. Embracing all aspects of our beings is an important step forward as we so often try to push away the bits we dislike. We want to live perfect lives and try to emulate the perfect lives portrayed in the media, but, it’s fiction. Happiness comes from embracing and loving imperfection and from accepting the idea that it’s imperfection that brings wisdom, knowing and the opportunity for evolution. After all, if we were perfect, we would have nowhere to go to evolve! No one ever said life was easy, but it doesn’t have to be over-complicated either as we can choose to stop chasing horizons and instead feel the power of present moment consciousness and allow this to shape and define the stories of our lives…

With love, Sarah-Jane Grace

Please see page 48 for your quarterly forecast from Sarah-Jane - she is so precise!


Article by More to Life Elder Joy Wisdom

Abundance page12

The illusion of the grass being greener on the other side would have us assume that those with money and materialism are happy and content and for some lucky individuals this is true but there too many instances on TV and in the media that show the tragic consequences of living life on a celebrity pedestal, trying to stay there and untimately toppling off. Many of the people I have met with money are variably unhappy, underwhelmed with life, with no emotional regard or acknowledgement of their fortunate position in life. Abundance (as seen by some) does not always bring happiness. On the global stage, there seems to be little abundance in too many areas. Our culture, birthplace, and inheritance from our lineage can dictate our level of abundance and restrict our quality of life quite harshly. There are so many people who are simply grateful to have a life, a home and each other. For instance life in the Middle East, especially as a female can be capped and limited due to religious beliefs. Even a basic level of education is denied to most females in this part of the world. Ancient ways continue, where some faiths still marry off their girls at ten or eleven years old even when they have emigrated to another country. They are married off by parents who believe they are giving their daughters security and abundance – this is poles apart from the traditional UK attitude. My grandparents were born in the early 1900’s and lived with starvation, food coupons and sanctions, their generation strived for a better, more fair society. They would gasp at the luxurious level of abundance we enjoy today where food is not only readily available but also prepared for us, in easy access in shops everywhere. The harshness of life has been removed. Manual labour is a thing of the past. Machines take the drudge from life. Our lives are abundant daily.

We can all crave abundance at times in our life, wanting to release struggle and stress from our lives and of course, it can arrive in all sorts of packages. It seems these days that the only form of abundance comes from money and materialism and not from the beauties of the world – this belief is limiting and denies us a wealth of opportunities. The need/greed for abundance can come from our insecurities and personal lack and/or prosperity and means different things to different people.

At the turn of the 20th century, Emily Pankhurst and friends fought hard to secure women’s rights in this country and 100 years later we experience the benefits they strove so hard to achieve, they gave women a voice, the right to be heard and seen. Woman now have liberty, respect and opportunity. The personal endeavor of the Sufragettes has handed women higher expectations, in abundance and we should honour and treasure it. It only takes a few bad choices and that precious commodity can be lost. For instance Danny Dyer from East Enders was on a TV programme recently, tracing his lineage. He kept repeating that he knew there was money in his family and was overwhelmed to discover his ancestry traced back to the times of Cromwell. One of his ancient legacies included a Noble Lord who lost his nobility when the King lost a battle. Punished for his choice, he remortgaged his home, lost his lands and became bankrupt.>>


>>The line that Mr. Dwyer traced via marriage through inapproropriate choices, lost everything. Mr. Dyer, like his legacy, received stardom and standing due to his celebrity status. Just like Cromwell. In my workshops and with clients I have found curses, spells and karma passed down through culture and lineage, with individuals’ living restrictions albeit nothing to do with original situation. Living the expectation, overwhelmed or underwhelmed, no expectation. Including poverty or long-term suffering. Inherited Generational Trauma and absorption is another route to lack of abundance. Lived but ours to live.

‘think you can, think you can’t. Either way, you will’ (Henry Ford) Abundance becomes a state of mind. - an emotional drive with self-esteem and worthiness. Ask yourself ‘Do I deserve abundance’? Of course, we all do and we all qualify for it. This means something different to each individual, our needs and wants are very different and originate in our emotional drive. The recognition and love we give to one another is priceless, when kind to one another, we receive abundance in so many ways - being positive and embracing life brings abundance, as do kind thoughts and gestures. We should be grateful to be alive and appreciate our health and wellbeing, freedom and liberty. Our expectation and disappointments narrow our view of the world, we become insular and generate feelings of survival/fear via emotions and feelings- the negativity this creates pushes away any positivity meant for us. Abundance is a warm feeling, of happiness. We have choice. What do you choose?

Joy Wisdom Teacher, Author, Body/Mind Practitioner, specialising in psychological issues - Women and Children’s Health, Founder Allonus & Dissolve And Resolved Emotions (D.A.R.E Therapy).’ZEST of Life’ & Allonus LiGHT Healing programme. Awarded Inspirational Woman 2015 & Commitment to Excellence 2015 Email: info@allonus.co.uk Founder: One Generation Project not for profit organisation

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A Message of Hope Benjamin Creme Lecture Film With Q&A & Transmission Meditation Saturday 21 January Saturday 25 February Saturday 18 March 1.30 to 5pm Friends House 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ Admission is free - Booking is not required call: 020 7482 1113 www.share-international.org

Benjamin Creme revealed that humanity is waking up and shows how we can solve all our problems in one simple way – by sharing the world’s resources. An extraordinary event is taking place even now – the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. They come at this critical time to guide and inspire us to create a brilliant new civilization, based on justice and peace. Maitreya, the World Teacher, is awaited by all religions – as Christ to Christians; the Imam Mahdi to Muslims; Krishna to Hindus; the Messiah to Jews; Maitreya Buddha to Buddhists. Since July 1977 Maitreya has lived in London preparing for His emergence. Maitreya says: “The problems of mankind are real but solvable. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother's need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.”

Miracles worldwide are signs of Maitreya’s imminent emergence: Baby boy born clutching holy Quran, Lagos, Nigeria, May 2012; Cross of light, Krasnodar, Russia, August 2012; Hindu statues ‘drinks milk’, Guyana 14 March 2013; Maitreya’s ‘star’, over Boston, USA, 11 April 2010; Star-shaped Venusian crop formation, 3 July 2010,Wiltshire, UK; Huge Deva filmed near sun by NASA, 20 February 2013; Weeping Madonna statue.

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Make Stress Stress and anxiety let you know you are not in balance. Addressing their message lets you harness their power, enriching your life in ways that put you back in control.

Left unchecked, stress compounds upon itself, and ignoring it can result in physical symptoms, from a headache to a heart attack. By taking the steps to understand the messages of your stress, you can learn how to make them work for you.

The Reason for Stress Stress is based on the Flight or Fight impulse. This inbuilt response increases adrenalin, sharpens the senses and provides energy and alertness to escape threatening situations. Its purpose is to promote your survival. Originally this impulse helped people escape from the threat of wild animals. As societies evolved, the threats changed. Modern day ‘threats’ are more psychological than physical. They include things such as divorce, overcrowded trains and financial worries. So, what you have is an inbuilt impulse designed to protect you, but it only offers two ways to respond; Flight or Fight. With modern day threats, you can rarely do either, so the pressure you feel is effectively a build up of adrenalin and energy that is unreleased because there is no suitable inbuilt response to your situation. Exercise or meditation can help but the effects can be temporary if they do not address the ‘threat’ that led to this response in the first place. Continuing to ignore this threat leads to psychological denial and this can lead to problems such as road rage, high blood pressure and over-eating.

The Language of your Body Panic attacks, acne, and insomnia are some more ways stress appears in your body. They are signs that there has been a build-up of unreleased pressure over a period of time. Training yourself to notice fluctuations in your body’s messaging system helps you to catch stress before it impacts your body.


Work for You

Consciously make the effort to recognize when your body is calm and when it is stressed. Focus on your body and notice how it feels at various points throughout the day. Notice your head, your stomach, areas of tension, and your breathing. Aim to become familiar with the changing state of your body in different situations. With practice, you can tell when changes occur, and the thoughts that caused them.

Recognize the Alert Stress represents imbalance. Not all imbalances are bad and fluctuations are vital. You need some stress playing rugby or when rushing to catch a train. But if you feel out of control or frozen as your debt grows, then your stress levels are negatively imbalanced. Establish if the imbalance you are feeling is appropriate to your situation. An easy way to do this is to observe your behaviour. If you have clear focus and your actions are in harmony with your goal, then your stress is working with you. The adrenalin being produced is finding a suitable outlet. If you are irritable, angry or teary, if your thoughts are confused or spiralling into pessimism, if you are taking things out on someone else, then your stress is asking you to understand the nature of the threat.

Identify the Threat Mark is a good salesman but suffers greatly from stress in his job. He used to dismiss this ‘work pressure’ but now, he pays attention to the stress signals arriving in his body. He discovers this occurs when something reminds him about the monthly performance review. He realizes he is living with a fear of losing his job. This fear gives him the drive to excel at his job, but it also makes him miserable. Sometimes you will find the hidden message quite easily. Sometimes this step is the hardest because the conflict caused by the Flight/ Fight response can be immobilizing.>>

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>>Implement an Appropriate Response To neutralize his stress, Mark must neutralize his fear of losing his job. Logic may help. He may realise his savings will support him, or he may decide to learn new skills to increase demand for his services. He will know logic has worked when he can think about his threat without experiencing a stress response. When logic does not help, an emotional blind spot could be present. Mark may have an underlying belief that he MUST provide for his family or be labelled a ‘loser’. Such a belief contains a level of stress that is integrated into his identity and lies just outside conscious awareness. It prevents Mark from seeing his options. Even worse, this belief spreads its hidden stress to other areas in his life; showing up in his relationship with his wife for example.

‘stress is the emotional messenger of your thoughts’ As blind spots are so integrated into identity, it can be difficult to have enough detachment to isolate and identify them on your own. Additionally, if you suspect that your blind spot is due to a sensitive or traumatic incident in your past, be cautious if dealing with this alone. The emotional release may contain layers that could overwhelm you. For these reasons, it can be prudent to find a therapist to help you. Once the blind spot is identified, one of the most effective ways of neutralizing it is through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). EFT realigns the disruption stress creates in your body. It works on similar principles to acupuncture but there are no needles. Essentially, it involves gently tapping a few meridian points on your body while you are emotionally tuned in to the problem. If this sounds too easy, it’s because this is a method of re-balance built in to your body the same way as your Flight/Fight threat response system. Stress is the emotional messenger of your thoughts. By learning to understand the messages within your stress, you can learn to make stress work for you.

Reeta Luthra Pindoria is a therapist and Peak Performance Coach specialising in lifestyle issues. She uses EFT and NLP as extensively in her work. Visit www.paradoxofreality.com for more information.


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Article by More to Life Elder Kathy Searle

Mother Nature

the goddess of abundance When I learnt that the theme of her next publication was to be Mother Nature I spent much time pondering exactly what we mean by Mother Nature. I have drawn the conclusion that actually Mother Nature encompasses all living things, fauna, animals, humans, the seasons, life and death. What a vast tapestry of different aspects cover the idea of Mother Nature! I can only look at it from my own viewpoint, my microcosm, and my own particular relationship with Her. I watch the changing seasons from my bedroom window outside of which stands a majestic chestnut tree. I watch the green buds sprouting bravely in a chilly spring, I see them come to fruition and open to proudly display the broad, beautiful splendour of leaves. I watch them grow and flower with their white blossoms which then cascade to the ground leaving a carpet of white in their wake. I see the sun dappling through the greenery, the rain dripping from the branches, the wind tearing the less robust leaves from their stems. I watch the nuts appear and grow larger every day until; at last they fall, often onto my roof with dull thuds, or onto the ground where they will be collected by the wildlife which abounds in my neck of the woods. I marvel at Nature and how clever She is, how the patterns go on and on, year upon year, never really changing but never the same either. As I look out today I see that the branches are bare. I can see clearly the twists and gnarls of each branch, hidden from me during the months of growth and harvest. A heavy frost is shimmering on my tree in the winter sunlight, sparkling and magical. Then there are the birds of all descriptions which frequently visit the tree; robins, nuthatches, blue tits and the vibrantly coloured woodpeckers to name but a few. They feed from the bark; they eat the insects and aphids from the leaves. They know, these birds, that every year without fail there will be food for them, they never have to doubt or worry whether Mother Nature will provide for them, that during the times of harvest that there will always be enough.>>


>>The squirrels are also regular visitors, they scamper busily up and down the tree, gathering and storing foods for the winter. Each season carries with it its own beauty. The cold and bare vista of winter could be a little depressing if it were not for the knowledge that during what seems a fallow time to us, Mother Nature is busy planning, seeding and growing far beneath the surface, beyond our sight but we know with certainty that soon shoots will burst forth from the ground. We have complete trust in the process, we have witnessed it all of our lives.

‘an awesome responsibility...just to love the beauty we have all around us’ Perhaps one of the loveliest sights at the end of a long winter, when perhaps the snow is still covering the ground, is to see the brave little snowdrops pushing themselves through the cold earth, nodding their white heads to one other, bringing such joy and the promise of a new season to all who behold them. They are closely followed by the vibrant, happy daffodils spreading their joy to us all. We cannot forget the bluebells, a veritable carpet of blue exuding their heady fragrance. I name but a very few wonders of Mother Nature which are too numerous to mention. Every blade of grass, each flower cultivated or wild can fill our hearts with wonder and love of the wonderful works of Mother Nature which we are so privileged to behold.

We cannot, of course, take Her for granted; it is our responsibility to look after Her, to nurture Her and to protect Her. That is an awesome responsibility to carry, but we can all play our part even it is just to love the beauty we have all around us. Our good and loving appreciation will on some level enhance Her beauty. No one can forget the storm of the 1980’s when we witnessed and were subjected to the awesome power of Mother Nature - we think maybe we can control these factors but in reality we are completely powerless when faced with the enormity of Her strength. She can so easily stop us in our tracks, an earthquake, a tsunami; even a heavy snowfall can remind us that we are not in charge. The changing seasons are great teachers for us as well. We see the barren vistas of the Winter, the new life of the Spring, the splendour of the Summer and the closing down of the Autumn. We too being part of Mother Nature follow this same process. We have the Spring of our lives as newborns and children, when all is fresh and new. We experience the halcyon days of Summer, carefree days when we rarely look ahead but tend to live every day in the moment, so confident that change is a far away concept. Then we reach the Autumn of our lives, a time of reflection, a time of slowing down, of introversion. And sometime during the Winter of our lives we too will wither and die and become, once again, part of the new growth, the new life. Mother Nature is truly abundant, ever changing but ever constant showering us with Her gifts, Her beauty, Her awesomeness. All She asks of us is to respect Her to love and care for Her. Can we do it?



By Richard Lawrence

Dr. George King: Master of Yoga

In 2016 the last book written by Dr. George King, which I was privileged to co-author, was published in its third edition under the title Realize Your Inner Potential through the path of spiritual service – King Yoga. For this edition I wrote a new introduction to this advanced master of yoga from which the following is an extract. Dr. George King was born on January 23rd, 1919 in Wellington, Shropshire. His father, George Senior, was a schoolteacher; and his mother, Mary, was a hardworking and versatile businesswoman. More importantly perhaps was Mary King’s innate clairvoyance, a faculty she shared with her mother who had been a wellknown psychic and medium in her local community. During a rural upbringing, mainly in North Yorkshire, Dr. King soon learnt to fend for himself, often spending time in his own company. Despite poor health, which recurred throughout his childhood, he was drawn to athletic activities, including martial sports such as fencing, boxing, combat with the quarterstaff and rifle shooting.

‘a marked spirituality emerged within him from a very early age’ But overriding all else, a marked spirituality emerged within him from a very early age. He was drawn to the Christian faith into which he was born, but was also fascinated by the practical mysticism he eagerly learnt from his grandmother. At the age of 11 he demonstrated outstanding healing powers, experiencing what his mother later explained to him was an angelic visitation. A seminal experience in his mid-teens changed the trajectory of his life. A demonstration of super-physical strength stunned his teacher, his schoolmates and especially himself. In a single moment his inner powers were clear for all to see as he bent a round, one-inch thick steel bar into a U-shape in front of his amazed physics class. This 18-inch bar was specifically used in experiments because it was theoretically unbendable. It was all too much for a country grammar school in the 1930s and he was given a period of leave to “recuperate”. This combined with poor health brought his academic progress to an abrupt halt and steered him towards a different course. Instead of gaining most of his knowledge from a conventional education, he learnt to look within for the answers. He was a Quaker and when war broke out in 1939 he took, like his father before him, a non-combatant role as a conscientious objector.


He was a Section Leader in the fire service during the London Blitz, using not only essential practical skills, but also his clairvoyant abilities to detect the location of bodies hidden beneath the rubble of that devastated region. But it was after the war that he would find his true vocation as a western yogi. It was almost unheard of in 1945 for an Englishman to dedicate himself to the intensive practice of advanced yoga exercises, but he did this for ten years, practising for an average of eight hours per day on top of a job. I have yet to hear of anyone else in the west who has ever claimed such a feat. During this period he would practise pranayama (deep breathing), mantra yoga , mudra yoga, kundalini yoga and raja yoga meditations for hours at a time. On one occasion he entered meditation for three days. He demonstrated many psychic abilities including healing and mediumship; he practised astral projection and levitation, the latter being witnessed; he experienced invisibility through dematerialisation; he developed super normal strength, just as he had as a teenager, through the power of kundalini; he improved weather conditions through magical rituals and spiritual invocation; he became an expert at psychic self-defence including exorcism; and by the age of 35 he had entered the rarely attained, elevated state of consciousness on Earth, known in Sanskrit as samadhi. For me, one of the greatest demonstrations performed in this key period of his development was not just the powers he gained, remarkable as these are, but the balance and control he maintained as he did so. His regime included having to earn a living, often as a driver. He led a celibate life with very little time for socialising or entertainment. He had friends and associates who shared an interest in metaphysics but to a far lesser degree of accomplishment. Nobody that he knew had experienced this level of advanced spirituality — in fact only a few in the world have done so at any time in history. And yet, he kept his feet firmly on the ground, combining phenomenal self-discipline with humility and a rounded sense of humour. I do not know why I was honoured to co-author this book with such a unique master.

I was certainly not worthy to do so, and as the years go by it seems ever more incredible to me that I could count Dr. George King not only as my personal teacher, but also as a very close and dear friend. All I can say is that you are in the best possible hands when you study the teachings and practices taught by Dr. George King. He was indeed everything he claimed to be—and far more than that. This extract from Realize Your Inner Potential is published with the kind permission of Aetherius Press. www.aetherius.org. Richard Lawrence is an international bestselling author and Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society. Realize Your Inner Potential is available for £9.99 or £12.99 with a DVD insert. www.richardlawrence.co.uk. Please see advert on page 47.


The Root Cause of Climate change is a grave threat faced by humankind. Changes in the environment – reportedly largely due to greenhouses gases released into the atmosphere by human activity – threaten to make earth uninhabitable for humans. Today, man and nature seem to be struggling to survive each other. It was not always so. Earlier, people were close to nature. They studied natural phenomena minutely, and watched in awe the creation, change and destruction caused by forces of nature, and so they attributed divinity to nature. Myths from nearly every part of the world featuring gods and goddesses of trees, rivers and mountains are expressions of the value that the ancients attached to nature, and their gratitude for the sustenance it provided.


The Vedas contain hymns glorifying the earth as mother, and extolling air, fire and water for their power and the services they render to humans. It was understood that the well-being of the planet depended on conserving each of its constituent elements, so people took from nature only what was needed, not more. This kind of harmony between man and nature is one of the characteristics of Satyug, the Age of Truth, described in the Hindu texts. People in ancient societies were more in touch with spiritual truths. Consequently, spiritual values such as purity, peace and generosity found expression in their actions, and they were not beholden to material desires. Over time, material inclinations began to inform human actions, and that changed man’s relationship with the natural world. The unnatural climate change we are experiencing is the manifestation of a change in the climate of human minds over the past several centuries, whereby reverence for nature has given way to unbridled greed. The quality of the environment is shaped by the quality of our consciousness.

Environmental Crises Industrialisation provided the motive and means for plunder of the earth for profit. While nature can replenish itself to sustain life, the mercenary appropriation of its resources and unchecked pollution of the environment have overwhelmed its capacity to do so, destroying the ecological balance that allowed countless varieties of creatures and plants to live on this planet for millennia. Man’s greed lies at the root of the environmental crisis facing us today, and the solution to it is with each one of us. We can adopt lifestyles that encourage need-based consumption, sharing of resources and minimum wastage. Simple acts, such as use of public transport and recycling, can make a big difference when done by large numbers of people. Planting trees is another way we can help heal the wounds man has inflicted on the planet. Trees support life in many ways, absorbing and storing carbon, producing oxygen and providing a habitat for a wide variety of creatures.

When people begin to make ‘green’ choices, industry will follow suit. But for this to happen, there needs to be greater environmental and spiritual awareness. When we become mindful of the environmental cost of our actions and realise that taking from nature has its karmic consequences, we will make more enlightened decisions. Only by befriending nature can we achieve lasting well-being for everyone. This friendship will yield life-giving succour and prosperity without poisoning our bodies and destroying the only home humankind has in the entire universe.

Written by B K Brij Mohan - Chief Spokesperson of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Please visit www.brahmakumaris.org/uk

Benjamin Creme


British artist, author and lecturer Benjamin Creme died on 24 October 2016, aged 93, peacefully at home in London with his family around him. Benjamin Creme was an inspiration throughout the world presenting his ‘message of hope’ about the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Maitreya has been expected for generations by all of the major religions under different names: the Christ, the Messiah, Krishna, Maitreya Buddha, and the Imam Mahdi. As a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching presented by Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, Benjamin Creme brought up-to-date this ancient knowledge. Under the tutelage of one of the Masters of Wisdom, he dedicated the last 40 years of his life to this work. In response to his message, a worldwide network of volunteer groups, under the umbrella name Share International, formed to assist him. Benjamin Creme was born in Glasgow on 5 December 1922, and early in his life, he found his vocation as an artist. As a young man he had a profound experience of the ‘Self’, the oneness and divinity of everything, which underpinned the rest of his life’s work: “I found myself precipitated into a sense of identity with the whole phenomenal world: the earth, the sky, the houses and people; the trees and birds and clouds, I saw to be myself. I disappeared as a separate being, yet retained full consciousness, a consciousness expanded to include everything. I saw that this was the true Reality, that one’s normal waking consciousness simply covers this, keeps it hidden, through wrong identification with oneself as this body. I also saw this phenomenal world as a kind of ritual, a ritualised shadow-play, acting out a dream or desire of That which alone existed, alone was Real, which was also myself.” In the 1950s he became interested in the UFO phenomenon, and from 1958 he worked briefly for the Space Brothers. In late 1959 Benjamin Creme was first contacted telepathically by his own Master. Twelve years later, in 1972, a period of intensive training began, during which his Master “forged an instrument through which He could work…. Everything I see and hear, He sees and hears.When He wishes, a look from me can be a look from Him; my touch, His. So with the minimum expenditure of energy, He has a window on the world, an outpost of His consciousness.”


“I am Love without bounds. I am close to you. I am wherever Love manifests. I am the creator of a pool of Love from which all men may drink.” (Maitreya, from Message No.110)

This relationship gave the public, through Benjamin, continuing information about the emergence of Maitreya, as well as a profound and far-reaching insight into life.

oped in a pulsating glow of light which reached the ceiling. Opening and closing my eyes did not halt the phenomenon.” Many people recall similar experiences during these blessings.

In 1974 he introduced Transmission Meditation, a potent, dynamic group meditation, by which the Masters send spiritual energies into the world for the good of humanity. It is form of service activity now practised worldwide, and also provides powerful, personal spiritual development.

Benjamin Creme was the author of 16 prophetic books translated into many languages and was interviewed on hundreds of television and radio stations, particularly in the USA, impressing with his sincerity, intelligence and humour.

Benjamin Creme began to lecture in the UK in 1975, and then soon around the world, only finally stopping at the age of 91. His talks were engaging and compelling, envisioning a new world of oneness and peace, under the guidance of Maitreya. At the end of every lecture Benjamin Creme was mentally overshadowed by Maitreya, who gave His blessing to the audience. From 1977 to 1982 Benjamin Creme transmitted to the audience 140 Messages directly from Maitreya at his London lectures. A member of the audience describes her experience: “At eight o’clock Mr Creme announced that we would receive a message from Maitreya Himself. The room hushed; the lights were dimmed, and Mr Creme began to speak in slow, measured tones with long pauses which made it sometimes difficult to grasp the full meaning. The Message from Maitreya that evening was about the “Pool of Love, from which all men may drink” (Message No.110, 24 September 1980), which touched me greatly. During the meditation, Benjamin Creme looked at each of us, and waves of energy flowed from him. On the first three visits I was able to see these energies, the first time as white light filling the room, so bright that the figures of the audience fell away, only their outline remaining visible, and Mr Creme was envel-

In 1982 Share International magazine was launched with Benjamin Creme as chief editor. It presents the teachings of Maitreya and Benjamin’s Master, demonstrates the relationship between the esoteric-spiritual and the political-economic domains, and advocates sharing as the only way to create justice, and therefore lasting peace. Benjamin painted all his life, until he lost his sight in his late eighties. Under the inspiration of his Master his painting changed profoundly and became a way of expressing the spiritual reality underlying the phenomenal world. In 2015 the Benjamin Creme Museum opened in Los Angeles, to present both his art and its relationship to the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. Although Benjamin Creme is no longer physically with us, Share International magazine and the worldwide groups are committed to continuing the work for the emergence of Maitreya with steadfastness and resolve. Note: The December 2016 issue of Share International magazine includes a full obituary of Benjamin Creme and a detailed statement of the editors’ plans for the future.

For more information about Share International please see advert on page 15. page29

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Autistic Children and their spiritual gifts Sometimes we can look at an autistic child and they seem to be in a far-off world, disconnected from the present moment and from this reality. What I have discovered from working with these beautiful children over a span of 20 years in various school boards, that they have a strong connection to a ‘Divine Source’ and to other realities. By other realities, I mean they are in direct connection with another level of awareness. This is of great interest to me as one of my other passions is the alternative health field, primarily working with autistic children using energy medicine; therefore, I am keenly aware of these aspects in children. From a spiritual perspective, we are all energy beings and are connected to a ‘Divine Source’, a lot of autistic children I have observed still retain this direct connection. I found it really fascinating when working in different school boards, that frequently these children were not just communicating verbally, but were using alternative forms of communication. Many autistic children I have noticed are very visual learners, responding well to visual cues and often communicate using drawings and pictures. I was working in a school as a student support worker with a kindergarten child who had not been integrated into school or left his mom before, and I became very close to this child. This child was a runner; (as soon as he got a chance he would run off out through any open door), so I had to keep a keen eye on him. His name was ‘Simon’, and he had many screaming tantrums and was quite wild. My job was to integrate him into Kindergarten. His energy was full of joy, laughter and play in between his tantrums. Initially he stayed for an hour a day, gradually we built that time up to staying all morning within a few weeks. Sometimes when he had a meltdown, I would take him to the gym and I would make a point of being in a calm peaceful place not even talking to him, I could see him calming down and his body relaxing. By the time we got to the gym, he would play with a ball and giggle, throwing it into the basketball hoop. Many autistic children are very sensitive to the moods and energies of other people and exude an energy of unconditional love and joy, they are also very sensitive to the energies of other people. After doing reiki for over eighteen years, I now realize this is a blessing to have, but it took me many years in the beginning to accept this. I now see them as spiritual gifts. I am so honoured to be in the presence of these amazing spiritually aware children. Sometimes when I sat beside ‘Simon’ when he was working in the classroom, he would look into my eyes and touch me on my forehead and then smile and send me a telepathic picture of his yellow circle. I would smile and look into his eyes and say thank you back to him verbally. He was obsessed with the yellow circle and on every picture, he drew it, this was his trademark... like a signature.>>


‘I have found that many autistic children have very high vibrational energies’ What I mean by this is, quite often they are not grounded in their bodies and they seem to be functioning at a higher mental level, they may be very abstract and sometimes quite cerebral. I’ve noticed many autistic children are not in contact with the more fluid, feminine creative, right brain, but can be quite structured, logical, and literal. This is what I love about these children; some people feel that autistic children are cold and unemotional, but I have experienced them form a far different perspective. These children in my experience can be very loving, compassionate and caring.

I would like to share an experience about a teenager with Autism and Tourette’s, who assisted me in giving his mother a reiki session. Here is an excerpt from my journal. ‘I saw it’ Sam shrieked. I asked him “What did you see?’ ‘I saw a silver energy with blue coming from your hands and now it is on my mom’ he replied. ‘My mom has a silver blue light around her stomach’. I was astounded by his comments. It was so beautiful. He started to place his hands above his mom and did some form of energy work on her. Wow! It was a blessing and an honour to be in his presence. He looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, no need for words to communicate. At the end he beamed a smile and said to me: ‘I am here to look after my mom and heal her. She was very sick with heart disease’. Tears welled up in my eyes, touched by his warmth, compassion and caring for his mom. Apparently Sam is quite aggressive and has a hard time integrating at school, but in this situation he was able to be himself. Even as I was writing this, my eyes welled up with tears, having been so profoundly touched by an autistic child.

I am always surprised by these wonderful children, how much love, care, and compassion they can have for other people, animals, and nature. I am just so grateful and honoured to be working with these children as I can see sides to them that are so touching and I love connecting with these beautiful spiritual beings.

This article was written by Cress Spicer. Cress08@gmail.com page32

Divine Comfort

My beloved Steve passed away on 29th September 2013. We had been blessed with only three years together but they were the happiest times ever - I have never been so much in love – and still am.

We had that ‘Soul Love’, which I am told is rare; it’s where you heart physically aches when you are apart , when you can’t wait to be home after work, where you say and think the same things; where there are not enough hours in the day to have together. Losing him felt like my world had come to an end. However, I have been taken down a path I had never contemplated before . I want to share my experience of walking down the path with the Angels when I discovered Divine Intervention.

‘I have always believed in life beyond death, but was never sure to what extent’

>> page 43.


Conscious Manifesting with the Moon When we work with the moon cycle we gain intuition and insight on the hidden elements of our spiritual self. We can work on manifesting and also banishing that which no longer serves us at any time, but doing this whilst drawing on the power of the moon gives more energy and emphasis to our efforts.


The moon represents the Goddess aspect; the sun represents the God aspect. Together they work in harmony and unison; the yin and yang of life.

The New Moon

The phases of the moon may affect our emotions, for example if you are feeling low, unable to concentrate or perhaps even energetic, look at what the moon phase is. By looking at the cycles of the moon in this way we get in tune with our bodily cycles and make ourselves aware as to the nature of why we may feel the way we do. Just as the lack of sun may make us feel down and flat, a sunny afternoon can energize and revitalize our energies. The moon cycle also may affect our emotions in more subtle ways and may affect us in many ways that we aren’t even aware of.

Take some time to do this in your sacred space where you will not be disturbed. Light a candle and/or some incense. You may wish to clear your space with sage beforehand. Sit comfortably and breathe slowly whilst you consciously connect to your higher self. Imagine roots coming from the soles of your feet penetrating into the earth, grounding you. Take time to think about projects you may wish to start. Perhaps you want to start looking for a new job, starting that diet plan, a savings plan, doing projects around the home, maybe writing that book. Write it down on a sheet of paper. Always finish by writing “This or something better and for the highest good of all so it harms none”. You can put this list on an altar, under a crystal or in a God box (a special box into which you put wishes or problems and turn them over to God to answer your prayers). Review your list and at the next new moon edit it or make a new list. You could make a vision board at this time as well. Cut out and stick/pin the things you wish to create in life onto a cork board or on a large piece of paper or card. Or you can draw how you wish your life to be and things you want. Be creative and imaginative. You can then place your creation where you can see it or look at it regularly.

The triple goddess is associated with the moon who is symbolised by three female figures; maiden, mother and crone. These figures symbolise the three phases in a woman’s life. The maiden possesses youthfulness, purity and newness and symbolises the waxing phase of the moon. The mother is fertile and symbolises the full moon. The crone is the old woman, full of wisdom and symbolises the waning phase of the moon. Working with the energy of the moon isn’t restricted to women but is open to everyone; it is all part of what one can call conscious manifesting.

The new moon is when the moon is no longer visible from the Earth. The day after a sliver of the moon can be seen. It is at the point that the moon is entering a waxing phase. The new moon is a good time for manifesting. It is a good time for starting new projects, planning ahead and setting goals. It is also a good time for starting positive affirmations.

A Simple New Moon Ritual

The Full Moon The full moon can affect behaviour, concentration and mood. In my working environment I (and some of my colleagues), noticed how the full moon would affect the behaviour of young people, particularly adolescent males. It was on subtle levels such as poor behaviour, giddiness and poor concentration. When I was completing my first degree, I noticed that I couldn’t write assignments or do research on a full moon as my concentration seemed poor.

As a pointer, the waxing moon brings things to us, a time of manifesting. The waning moon sends things away, a time of banishing and breaking old patterns that no longer serve us. The period known as the dark moon is the phase three days prior to the new moon. This is not the time to work with the power of the moon but a time of rest and reflection. It is a time of meditating, connecting to the divine source and of heightening psychic energies. It is also a good time to let go of personal grief or loss which can in itself be quite liberating, especially if like me you keep things bottled up. The moons cycles are generally indicated on calendars or you can use an almanac, the internet or even an app on your phone or tablet.

When the moon is at its fullest, it shines its light on aspects of life that are no longer required. When you harvest the energy of the full moon you can make steps to manifest into your life what you desire and by doing so eliminate that which no longer serves you. When the moon is full we need to take time to reflect. The full moon is the moon of the mother, fertile and complete. Working in this phase can bring powerful results. Crystals can be left out under the light of the full moon to clear them energetically and absorb the moonlight.

Article by Tracy Jones


We are spiritual beings, abundant in our knowledge and nature. We simply need to tap in to this universal wisdom that each of us holds deep within. Once this acknowledgement is ascertained,then begins our journey from deep with in, of self-exploration and expression. You are blessed and abundant!


You are


The knowledge of all the universe is already inside of you. Have you ever looked at it that way? When we learn, we are simply extracting this knowledge from

within ourselves. For example, imagine Aladdin’s lamp covered in dust. The lamp essentially is gold. Once scrubbed the gold shines through. It is the same with our abundance of knowledge and light. We are born with universal knowledge. Once we nurture our inner selves, we are simply discovering the wealth of knowledge that lies abundantly within us. We are not learning something new or for the first time, we are simply discovering for the first time what has always been within us. Truly understanding this will open up the world to you. No dream is too big, so dream BIG! Once you have this dream, change your perception to viewing this “big dream” as your vision. It’s that simple! Change what you call it and suddenly it’s tangible. “Always remember, Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself states I’m-possible” Audrey Hepbur n. This one quote provides all the clarification of this truth that you could ever require. Nothing is impossible.

Set your goals and ACT Don’t dream big for your dream it is that you dream to be, do your goals and ACT. Goal-setting it gives you structure, keeps you going.

to remain just a dream. Whatever or achieve, don’t just dream it, set is a crucial part of this process as focused and keeps the momentum

Each goal achieved takes you that much closer to achieving your bigger picture, keeping your excitement levels and energy on a wonderfully positive frequency. Radiate this energy throughout the jour ney to achieving your dreams and you’ll be amazed by the results. Your reality is up to you and you can achieve the unthinkable once you become aware. It really is that simple, if you can dream it then you can achieve it. The actual distance between your dreams and reality is called ACTION. Insatiable passion, determination, unwavering self-belief , action, dedication, positivity, and a profound sense of conviction that your dream is already yours is what is required. You are simply carrying out the necessary steps to get there, but your future self has already achieved it. This is the belief with which you should work towards your vision. We haven’t been put here to be average, we’ve been put here to be MIND-BLOWINGLY INCREDIBLE! Recognise this now and grasp your life and future by the reins. Don’t dream your life, live your dream. Life is too short to have it any other way.


‘you must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible’ Deepak Chopra

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals A crucial step in achieving your dreams is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Their energies will naturally be contagious and fuel you more passionately in the direction of your goal. Once you’re emitting that positive energy the universe will respond, making the path to your dreams that much more enjoyable.

Strengthen your intuition Be brave enough to listen to your inner voice, your gut instinct. The more you do this the stronger your intuitive muscle will become. If your dream makes you insanely excitable then your answer is clear, listen to that voice inside of you and respond. This is your inner-knowing communicating with you and it is vital to strengthen this muscle as you work towards your dreams. Unlike the mind, which usually likes to make things quite complicated, your intuition will know which path feels right. I like to think of intuition as a spiritually guided sense of ‘knowing.’ Make your intuition your best friend and let it guide you in the direction of your truth.

Find your pillars of strength Surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself . There may be moments when frustration kicks in, the motivation dwindles or that negative nasty voice resumes it’s uninvited and unwelcomed presence. At these times it is so important to have a group of supportive people as your pillars. Having this solid foundation of friends, family and a network of like-minded people who BELIEVE in your greatness and can see in you what you sometimes cannot, is essential. NOW is the time to step into the miraculous and extraordinary individual that you are. There is no more time to waste on limiting beliefs or worrying about the thoughts and opinions of others. The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams, is YOU. Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. Remember the beauty of who you are, hold tightly on to your self-belief , take action whole-heartedly and DANCE in to the person you were born to be!

Article courtesy of Shaylini - Qualified Reiki Practitioner, Columnist and Feature writer, Holistic Health and Well-being Coach.

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Abundance of

I stood in the old graveyard watching the burning bush. It was biblical. With each shudder of the wind, the plume of smoke convulsed, rose and twisted away - yet there was no fire. As I moved closer to the yew bush, I realised that the ‘smoke’ was in fact millions of pollen grains released into the air; I stared in awe at the abundance of nature.

As such, I am always disconcerted that so many people pray for abundance. An abundance of what, I wonder? An abundance of work? Well, more than you can cope with brings a great deal of stress. A lot of money is likely to create envy and discontent amongst one’s friends and family. Too much romantic attention can become intrusive and ruin other relationships, and by the way, an abundance of cells means cancer. Yet if we tune into the abundance of nature, we see only generosity. Anyone with an apple tree knows that it produces far more than an entire family can generally cope with. Harvesting herbs from trees such as the linden or hawthorn brings this abundance sharply into focus; for example, I can only reach the very lowest branches but above me tower millions of flowers which are producing buckets of nectar for thousands of bees, who convert it into enough honey to feed their entire community for a year. In all indigenous societies we see that when people relied on the abundance of the land to feed and clothe themselves, they created many significant rituals and ceremonies throughout the year to encourage the fertility of the land and the growth of all her creatures and plants.

The people would also give thanks and offerings for nature’s generosity, which allowed them to live through the scarcity of another winter. Everything would be honoured: the sun, the herds, the trees and the plants. In our society today, blackberrying represents one of the last vestiges of foraging that we consider to be a normal part of our lives, and a joyful activity too. To my mind, brambles are one of the symbols of generosity in our hedgerows. There are plenty of berries for everyone to enjoy in their Sunday fruit crumbles, and still plenty left over for the birds and mice of the fields. However, as a medical herbalist harvesting my own herbs, I am often aware of the fragility of this abundance. It has happened that the night before I intended to go out and harvest a rich supply of elderberries, there was a violent storm and the next morning there was barely anything left on the trees. Now, I can easily order dried elderberries, but in the days when this luxury was not available the event would have represented a disastrous loss of valuable medicine, not to become available again for another year. So, let’s harvest with gratitude and be aware that the plants are donating their body parts for our use, be aware that we should not take everything since the birds and insects must eat too, be aware that we are lucky to harvest before the storm has whipped the berries away. Of course, I am especially grateful for the magnificent healing properties of so many plants, available for me to use in helping others. We can all celebrate the abundance of nature with simple ceremonies such as making our own remedies and condiments straight out of the hedgerows. It is such a treat to go out, basket on arm, for some hours with wind in our hair, birds calling in the skies, dogs charging about in wild joy, cows staring at us as we gently wander the hedgerows collecting our treasures. Then back to our kitchens to start brewing. >>


Here are a few simple recipes to support our health through the winter, as well as providing surprisingly delicious foods. Elderberry Chutney 500 g of elderberries with the stalks removed 400 g chopped onions 500 g chopped and peeled apples 1 tsp mixed spice 1 tsp ground ginger 1/2 tsp cayenne A good sprig of thyme 1/2 tsp salt 400 ml apple cider vinegar 325 g granulated sugar Put the berries, onions and apples into a large saucepan. Add the spices, salt and half the vinegar and bring to the boil, then simmer for thirty minutes. Add the granulated sugar and remaining vinegar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved and then simmer until thick, stirring to prevent sticking. Pour into warmed jars and seal. Serve with strong cheese and biscuits!

Rowan Berry Throat Syrup Collect a large jam jar of the ripe berries, wash the berries well and just cover them with boiling water. Add a stick of cinnamon and simmer for five minutes, then add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and strain, keeping the liquid. Finally, dissolve sugar into the warm rowan liquid until it is saturated. Store it in a sterilised glass bottle. Whenever you feel that your throat is sore or scratchy, take a teaspoonful four times a day for a maximum of three days.


Jo Dunbar is the author of The Spirit of the Hedgerow, a description of many common hedgerow plants, their medicinal uses and food value, as well as our ancestral folklore. The book is richly illustrated in colour and includes a comprehensive index and resource directory. It is published by Local Legend


<<p43>> Having gone through the depths of despair, from the black hole that could easily have taken my life, to coping with continued heartache I can honestly say that loss DOES get easier to accept. I believe that you never ‘get over it’ but you do learn, very slowly, how to get through the days, weeks, months and years that follow such a deep loss. Unlike my late mother, I have never been a religious person. She turned to a Faith Healer and sought comfort in her Bible before she passed – bless her. I can now appreciate why. A close friend told me about a Medium and Healer she knew. I had been to a couple of readers in the past but they were more of a ‘life prediction’ than a source of comfort but I felt compelled to see this lady and in November 2013, just 8 weeks after losing my beloved Steve, my life changed significantly.

angels feel your pain, they hear your words, they know your thoughts I have always believed in life beyond death, but was never sure to what extent or how it happened and I was totally unprepared for the powerful capacity of my guardian angels. After Steve’s passing, I regularly felt his presence; deep ‘dents’ on my bed, coldness on my face and pillow, tickling in my hair, doorbells chiming without being connected , the TV changing channel, the lights dimming, strange knocking noises , my phone text tone ringing but no message. Although new to me, these surreal experiences never frightened me – I knew somehow, that it was my Guardian Angel(s) and my beloved were with me.

At the early stages of bereavement you cling to any comfort you can find and whilst your mind is playing havoc and your emotions are so mixed with despair, anger, loss, dread and fear you don’t realise just how much you are simply ‘going through the motions’. Your Angels feel your pain, they hear your words, they know your thoughts and I am so blessed in experiencing their wonder. My close family have been so appreciative of my new found salvation and none of them have mocked my chosen path. My meetings with Sally Wolf Dreamer have been the most powerful source of healing - I urge anyone reading this article to try it if t hey are unsure and suffering a terrible loss – it really will help you cope. At each session I am able to connect with my Steve; he is aware of what I have been doing, aware of the depth of my continued love and devotion to him. He has given me examples that validate his eternal presence with me and provided the comfort of knowing that he will greet me at Heaven’s door when the time comes. I have kept a journal of all the events that have happened on each meeting which have given me the strength to carry on. And so to close: over the last three years I have learned that your close family need you, suicide is not an option. I am a mother, grandmother, aunty, niece, daughter and friend to people who love me dearly. Rather than ‘goodbye forever’; death is more ‘until we meet again’. Your loved ones can and do make their presence felt and that celestial guidance and protection are real. I sincerely hope that others are fortunate enough to experience this for themselves.

J.A. Charles

Horoscopes Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.





As you continue to ask yourself some probing questions in connection to the life you’re living and the life you’d like to be living, there is a sense of you receiving some profound and revelatory answers over the weeks and months ahead.

The theme of honouring yourself continues to take centre stage over the weeks ahead as you allow yourself some wiggle room and a little bit of breathing space in order to re-focus and re-connect to your true essence.

There is a direct correlation between your willingness to be direct and honest with yourself to the amount of answers you’re likely to receive.

You are usually so busy with things to do, people to see and places to go, you often forget to acknowledge your own needs and, as a result, you begin to drift away from your strong sense of self as your edges begin to blur and smudge. Yet, you are a passionate and feisty soul, so a clearer sense of personal definition is essential to your well-being as this is your guiding light and source of inspiration.

March 21 - April 20

This may sound obvious but it’s important to be conscious of this throughout this stage of your life as it is a pivotal moment to steer the big ship of your life in a new direction. Of course, you cannot control fate but, the more honest you can be with yourself, the more likely you will facilitate your own transformation from where you are to where you want to be. This really is an opportunity of a lifetime to re-shape and re-define your life and yet there is a sense of trepidation within you as this is a moment to step from here to that longed-for point over ‘there’; you now just need to be sure of where you’re heading and why…

Cancer June 22 - July 22

April 21 - May 20

Without it, you can feel lost and slightly bewildered in life, seeking out nourishment from the distractions of busy-ness and trying to find fulfilment but often feeling a bit empty and hollow.

May 21 - June 21

As one of life’s thinkers, you love to contemplate the bigger picture of life as you philosophise over the inevitable highs and lows of your everyday experiences. You like to find the meaning of these experiences to bring you a deeper sense of understanding and purpose as you need a reference point to bring you context in life. Thus, you often dig deeply beneath the surface, looking for answers to the many questions you have and, even if you cannot find the answer you’ve been seeking, you keep on looking as you intuitively know the ‘right’ answer is out there somewhere. However, there is a chance that your desire for seeking meaning has kept your focus away from the here and now as you try to make sense of where you’ve been rather than being fully present in the moment.

Knowing yourself is the key to being yourself, and it’s time for you to re-centre and re-align as you take a big deep breath of life and stand firm in your own power, allowing your light to shine brightly…

It now seems time to bring a new layer of enrichment to your life by letting go of preconceptions as to what the ‘right’ answer is and instead wholeheartedly step in the moment and allow the answer to be what it needs to be…



July 23 - August 23

August 24 - September 22

‘What do you truly want?’ continues to be the question rising up from your heart and soul. This should be closely followed by: ‘Are you sure?’.

Be more you. This three-word mantra is perhaps your most important guide over the weeks and months ahead as you continue to focus on what makes you, you.

There is a sense that what you think you want isn’t necessarily the same as your heart’s desire and the reason for this seems connected to the difference between what you think you ought to want and what you truly want.

There is a sense you are beginning to explore the many different layers of your being in a quest to understand what makes you tick as you have a renewed sense of determination to shift yourself and your life into new territory.

At the same time, you seem to feel that ‘in the real world’ there’s little room for the frivolity of fulfilling your heart’s desire and, as a result, you’ve disconnected from the passion in your heart and soul. For a long time now you’ve had a vision for your life; a sense of what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

As a result, ‘being more you’ is beginning to take hold as both a conscious and a sub-conscious way of living and being, as you open up your heart and soul towards living a more enriched and connected life. In many ways, the details and the nitty-gritty of getting from where you are to where you want to be, matter less than the overall shape and tone of your perspective, as it’s your inner fire, courage and creativity that will inspire you to contemplate what ‘being more you’ truly means.

Yet, this has quite a mechanical feel to it as you’ve focused on the practicalities and left the dreams festering on the shelf. However, they haven’t gone away and your consciousness is jabbing you in the ribs reminding you that your heart’s desire is alive and well, waiting to be acknowledged and set free…


Your inner lion is ready to roar once again as you shake your mane in the sunlight and allow your true essence the room to flow freely…

It’s a part of your natural way of living and being to measure yourself up against the incredibly high standards you expect of yourself. You have a vision of what could, should and ought to be and these often push you to work harder to do more, be more and achieve more. As a result, you have achieved a great deal in your life but there is a sense of inner lack, a sense of something missing from the equation of your life. This seems connected to the perpetual gap which sits in between where you are and where you feel you ought to be; you rarely, if ever, feel satisfied with where you are, as your focus is continually on the horizon. Obviously, this has helped you to achieve a great deal but there is a need for you to stand more consciously in the here and now in order to be more present in each and every moment. If minding the gap between here and there remains your priority, there is a chance you will miss an opportunity to realise the magic and wonder already around and within you…


Libra September 23 - October 22

Scorpio October 23 - November 22

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder…’ Once again, you find yourself standing underneath the infinity of stars in the night sky (see last forecast!), contemplating the meaning of life and, more importantly, where you fit into the jigsaw puzzle.

As you continue to explore your inner depths, there is a sense you are beginning to establish a new way of living and being as your perception of yourself ebbs and flows with each passing day.

You often feel overwhelmed at the sense of infinity whilst gazing at the stars, combined with a sense of feeling so tiny at the same time. It can sometimes be hard for you to bring your attention back into the here and now to focus more wholeheartedly on the present moment as the depth and magic of the universe inspires and nourishes you. Such a perspective allows you to see the bigger picture of life in order to gain your unique outlook, but there’s also a risk you become lost in the vastness when you witness the living, breathing universe at work. It’s therefore important for you to acknowledge the universe within you at the same time, as the magic is just as potent and vast within your heart and soul. Don’t forget the infinity within as it’s time to re-kindle your interconnectedness as you let your inner star twinkle brightly…


As a result, there is a sense of renewed passion and sparkle as you allow your true essence more space and freedom to dance and flourish. Your sense of vision and optimism feels renewed and invigorated as you slowly stretch out your arms to the affirming sun and allow your creative passion to breathe and thrive. This all feels very fluid, organic and natural, but, at the same time, there is a sense of you beginning to contemplate the difference between the life you’re living and the one you want to be living. On the surface, there may appear to be a big difference between the two, but look a little deeper and you are likely to see that the life you long to live isn’t a million miles away from the one you’re living, you just need to make a few tweaks and open up your consciousness to the bigger picture of your life…

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21

Freedom is a word you hold dear. Adventure is another one. Add a sprinkling of spontaneity and a dash of creativity and this is, on the surface, the perfect recipe for your life. However, this fails to include responsibilities and the frequently inconvenient mutterings of change. Your vision of your life is bright and clear but the day to day pedestrianess and humdrum of things to do, people to see and places to go seem to obscure your view often leaving you frustrated and feeling thwarted in your plans to live your dream. It’s important to acknowledge that most, if not all, of those distractions are through choice. Whilst some are undoubtedly unavoidable, others are not and it’s important to recognise that this belief of feeling powerless can undermine you and hold you back. The perfect recipe of your life is enhanced by a smattering of distractions as they take you into unchartered terrain but too many can leave you feeling saturated. Now is the time to reach beyond the everyday in order to recapture your dreams and feel the freedom running through you veins once again…

Capricorn December 22 - January 20

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

Being you is rarely quite the straightforward and easy scenario you’d like it to be. It’s not that you are particularly complex or deliberately different, it’s just that you struggle to fit into that box you feel you should sit in which would make your life so much easier.

The silence of peace. These four words look set to be your mantra over the weeks and months ahead as you seek out new ways to find stillness and peace in your life.

Compartmentalising life may make it more straightforward but it can leave you in a perpetual state of frustration as things have a habit of wriggling free from the box, as life, by its very nature, is unpredictable. Anyway, why do you want to fit into a box? Why try to fit a ‘you shaped’ peg into a municipally shaped hole? You are not a sheep; you are a goat! So, why not be more goaty and go out of the box in order to look beyond the edges of your life? This is your time to contemplate what makes your heart sing and then breathe life into it to give it shape and form as the more you light up your soul, the more this will illuminate your natural spark inspiring you to recycle those boxes and live a life where your focus is on living a rich, fulfilling and wholeheartedly magical life…

You know the most important place to start such a quest is in your head as it’s so busy and full of chatter, albeit usually productive chatter, but it’s a noisy place to be at times, almost too many thoughts whirring around to let you think. So, perhaps the peace of silence would be a more apt mantra? Or maybe a piece of silence? Or maybe just silence? Stillness is the name of the game for you as there is a strong need for you to stop the monkey mind in order to access the deep inner pool of wisdom in your heart and soul.


February 20 - March 20 Fluid, go-with-the-flow, carried by the currents, driftwood…all of these are words often used to describe Pisces. There is a passiveness in your aura that makes you appear to meander through life, yet is drifting really the best way to describe you? Whilst it may make your life easier to think of yourself this way it doesn’t come close to recognising the swirling maelstrom of energy and power hidden away in your depths! You are less likely to drift like a bit of wood than a fish is going to ride a bicycle. You may like to downgrade your presence and power but it doesn’t serve you well in the long run as you can start to believe you are driftwood. You’re not!

Constant inner chatter can be exhausting and although this is your everyday state of being, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to be.

Only you can know why you prefer to drift rather than create the currents but it’s important to know as it’s at the helm of your boat as you sit at the back, gazing into the depths as you gently swish your hands in the water.

Try exploring the stillness, feel its energy and become one with it. Let your intuition lead the way and take you consciously into the silence of peace…

It seems important for you to take ownership of your power now as how you see yourself will shape and define the next chapter of your life…


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More to Life Edition 37  

Filled with articles; Mother Nature, the Goddess of Abundance, Conscious Manifesting with the Moon, How to Make Stress Work for You, and so...

More to Life Edition 37  

Filled with articles; Mother Nature, the Goddess of Abundance, Conscious Manifesting with the Moon, How to Make Stress Work for You, and so...


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