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Hi everyone, Looking out at the garden this morning, I can feel Winter's hold on the coming season taking place. There is that familiar chill in the air and the fog has settled comfortably on the lawn, a hint of the season ahead. What to do? Get wrapped up and go for a walk in the local woods? The leaves are falling and are crisp beneath the feet or, maybe a stroll on the beach allowing the cold, fresh air to fill my lungs. Or perhaps get stuck into the deadline that is sitting on my desk waiting for my attention. Heart versus head.

Shouldnt we treat all days as if they were Christmas and fill them with love and goodwill, peace and joy.

My thoughts go to the Christmas tree in the loft -­ it wont be long and the ritual of the festive season will descend upon us all, the commercial chaos, the financial demands, the over indulgence and the expectations.

And finally, More to Life are delighted to welcome our 'Elders' to the team; Ros Taylor, David Ashworth, Kathy Searle, Lucy Blyth and Clare and Andrew Carter will be resident authors from now on. Their wealth of knowledge, good intentions, writing ability and diverse areas of expertise will ensure we are able to continue with the high quality of content our readers have become accustomed to.

It may sound cynical but I can't help wonder if we have lost our priorities, not only in our preparations for the big day but perhaps more importantly, the way in which we treat each and every day. They are all filled with promise, anticipation of the possibilities they bring. We are so blessed as human beings to be here, on this planet, experiencing life and the pleasures (and challenges) it brings.

Surely the great man whose life this holiday is meant to celebrate didnt want us to only be happy one day a year? Wasnt his intention more for us to treat each other with love and respect? To care for the needy and vulnerable (including ourselves)? To offer a smile or a kind word when needed? To appreciate our blessings and accept our lessons graciously and with humility?

Our next edition will feature a close-­up profile of each of them. Seasons greetings to each and every one of them, and to you, our loyal and valued readers. Jayne  Lea,  Editor

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THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD article by Clare & Andrew Carter We begin to see how divorced we have become from our feel-­ ing nature, and how the desire to “do the right thingâ€? according to our friends, neighbours, par-­ ents, peers and parenting mag-­ azines, has become the driving force in our parenting. When we start to understand a child’s in-­ troduction to the world, we also begin to understand ourselves and why we have lost touch with our feeling nature‌


!!$URXQGWKLVWLPH,ZDVDOVRWDNHQWRDVWUDQJHSODFH ,WGLGQ¡WIHHOQLFHWKHUHZDVDWHQVLRQLQWKHDLU:H HQWHUHGDURRPZLWKDSHUVRQLQZKLWHVKHZDVVD\LQJQLFHWKLQJVWRPHEXWLWIHOWZURQJ0XPP\KHOG PH WLJKWO\ RQ KHU ODS , VWDUWHG WR FU\ DV , IHOW UHDOO\IULJKWHQHG²,FRXOGWHOOWKDWPXPP\ZDVZRUULHG WRR7KHODG\LQZKLWHVWXFNDVKDUSWKLQJLQP\DUP DQG VRPH GURSV LQ P\ PRXWK , VWUXJJOHG DQG FULHG 0XPP\ NHSW WHOOLQJ PH LW ZDV DOULJKW , ZDV VFDUHG P\WXPP\KXUWDQG,VWDUWHGWRIHHOXQZHOO $V WKH ZHHNV ZHQW E\ WKRVH HDUO\ PHPRULHV RI WKH FORVHQHVVEHJDQWRIDGH,VWRSSHGFU\LQJLQWKHQLJKW DV,NQHZQRRQHZRXOGFRPHVR,ZRXOGMXVWOD\WKHUH IHHOLQJIULJKWHQHGDQGDORQHÂŤ , ZDV JLYHQ PRUH WR\V WR SOD\ ZLWK GXULQJ WKH GD\ VRPHRIWKHPZHUHIXQDQGVRPHRIWKHP,GLGQRW XQGHUVWDQG'DGG\NHSWSXWWLQJWKHPLQIURQWRIPH DWFHUWDLQWLPHV,ZDVWROGKRZFOHYHU,ZDVDQGRQFH PRUH UHFHLYHG WKRVH ORYLQJ VPLOHV 6RPHWLPHV , ZDV IUXVWUDWHGDQGWKUHZWKHVHVWUDQJHWR\VDFURVVWKH URRP²,ZDVWKHQWROGKRZQDXJKW\,ZDVÂľ Can you imagine life through the eyes of a child? So, just as there is More to Life, there is also More to Parenting. As a parent we have to make decisions. But what are these decisions based upon? Are they based on Fear? Peer pressure? Other peo-­ ple’s opinions? Or what feels right in your heart? Many years ago, as a parent, I was faced with these challenges. Torn between what I felt was right and what I was being told. So how do we make these decisions? I was challenged with the fact that my daughter wanted to sleep with me, I was being told by others, that she should be in her own room. So after three nights of “the controlled cryingâ€? technique we were both at breaking point. I had to welcome her back into my bed. I had read many books, throughout my pregnancy and when my daughter was very young, but the one that sticks in my mind was “Three in a Bedâ€?. And this is what brought the breakthrough and gave me the confidence to do what I now do. It reinforced what I believed deep inside and went against what everyone else was telling me. When my son attempt to put bed. This tiny existed inside screamed that

was born 6 years ago, I didn’t even him in his own room, or even his own person was not a stranger, but had me for over nine months, my instinct he needed to be with me.

Life was so very different, he had the warmth and comfort he needed, as often as he needed. I even remember teaching a group of students, with him tucked inside the sling, suckling away. If you look at the decisions you are asked to make as the parent of a young baby, you will see how many of them are based upon fear. You are frightened into making decisions that “others� have deemed are right for you. From the moment the system re-­ alises you are pregnant, you are tormented with one decision after another, and sometimes you may not even realise you even have a choice! We are told breastfeeding is good, and if you don’t breastfeed, you are often made to feel guilty. But then if someone realises you are breastfeeding be-­ yond the "normal� length of time (whatever that is?), you are told this is wrong, made to feel guilty and weird. So you go “undercover�. How sad, that whilst

providing your child with the warmth, love and com-­ fort they need, you are made to feel that you are doing something wrong, something un-­natural. Is it the breastfeeding mother and her child that is wrong, or the judgements of those around her? There seems to be a continuous pressure to reach the next goal, the next developmental stage. To walk, to talk, to be potty trained. It wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be long before they will be expected to come out and col-­ lect their emails later that day. So often as a parent there is pressure and expecta-­ tion, but whose expectations? Maybe the following will surprise you. Whilst looking for inspiration for this article, I asked my children.... Q:What is the most important thing in life when you are 13? $7REHFDULQJDQGNLQGDQGORYLQJ Q:What is the most important thing in life when you are 6? $<RXRIFRXUVH Q: What is important to survive? (To my 13 yr old) $/29(EHFDXVHORYHLVLPSRUWDQW Q: How does love need to be shown to you? (to my 13 yr old) $+XJVSOD\DQGKDSSLQHVVZKHQ,ZDQWDKXJ, ZDONXSWRP\PXPUHVWP\FKLQRQKHUVKRXOGHU DQGJUDEKHUDUPDQGSXWLWDURXQGPH3OD\LV LPSRUWDQWDVZHOO Q: Do I have to do anything to be a good Mummy? $ \HDUROG RIFRXUVHQRWVLOO\LW VMXVWEHFDXVH \RXDUH\RX $ \U ROG  1R -XVW EH \RXU XVXDO VHOI \RX GRQ W KDYHWRGRPXFKWREHDJRRGPXPP\-867/29(86 Q: What is the most important thing your mum-­ my can do for you? (to a 6 yr old who loves Lego -­ could be on dodgy ground here?!) $&XGGOHPH I also asked the 6 year old (out of interest)... Q: What if I said I thought I wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a good mummy? How would that make you feel...? $8SVHW Interesting really -­ it is easy to be lead to believe that our children have very complex needs, but re-­ ally it comes down to two basic things... Love and Contact....

Clare & Andrew Carter -­ Elders of More to Life and owners of The Crys-­ tal Barn. See advert on inside front cover.


More to Life

The Great  Taboo Few  of  us  want  to  talk  about  dying   yet  it  is  the  one  certainty  of  living.  We  will   all   face   an   end   of   life.   I   have   been   very   privileged   during   my   years   as   a   healing   channel  to  be  involved  with  several  peo-­ ple  facing  their  death. ,W FDQ EH YHU\ GLI¿FXOW WR GLVFXVV impending   end   of   life   with   those   we  love.  We  tend  to  want  to  spare  them   the  pain  of  loss  and  many  of  us  "put  on  a   brave  face"  fearful  of  actually  expressing   our  feelings. No matter what evidence we may have had that life does indeed go on, no matter how strong our faith, our humanness seems to get in the way. It is at the end of life that the work of a healer really matters. There is no greater service than to help with the transition from death to new life. In my experience everyone faces their end in a different way. Some do not want to talk about it, and right till the end do not accept it at all. It is not for the healer to coax someone to talk about these things; our responsibility is to allow our cli-­ ents to lead the way. If they bring the subject up then of course we can respond. But the greatest tact is needed at this critical time. Dot was a great friend of mine. She was very aware of spiritual matters yet right until the day before she passed she never mentioned the fact that she was not going to get better. She struggled on for her children and grandchildren. The day before she passed I was with her and offering her healing which had become a daily practice. This particular evening Dot was very weak and slipping in and out of consciousness and had not been lucid for sever-­ al days. This evening she opened her eyes, which were clear and bright and told me how she would miss me. We hugged and I was aware that the room filled with light and the most peaceful presence. She told me she was looking forward to seeing her son who had died tragically several years before. Her eyes were full of love, hope and yes -­ joy. The next morning she slipped peacefully away. Winter 2012 |

Dot did not really need much reassurance as she was a great believer that life goes on. Tony has no such belief and bravely fought his ill-­ ness on a day to day basis and never really wanted to talk about the "elephant in the room", until the day before he passed. I was contacted by his nursing home, requesting that I visit him. He didn't want healing that day, just to talk and he expressed his fear of dying and asked for reassurance that all would be well. I shared with him my strong faith that on his passing all those he loved would be there to meet him and the joy of reunion would be beyond his wildest dreams. I like to think that conversation gave him comfort and faith. Tony passed away the next day.

'everyone faces their end in a different way' Celia was a very strong believer in life after death but still faced her end with great trepidation and hu-­ man doubts. A few days before her passing she was really not "with it" at all but on this particular day she opened her eyes and they were bright with love and happiness. She looked to the end of her hospi-­ tal bed and called out the names of two people who she had very dearly loved in life. Again I sensed that wonderful atmosphere which had entered the ward. I have no doubt at all that what I witnessed really did transpire.>> 11

‘to face and confront our fears we must first confront our deaths, the greatest fear’ >>And you may ask -­ how do I know? -­ What makes me so sure? Am I deluded? You have only my interpretation of these events. That is the conundrum. No matter how convinced I may be, and I am, I cannot give that to another person, not wholly. Now I am not a clairvoyant or medium but I have, what I truly believe is, that which all of us possess: a strong sensitivity, a knowing, a sensing, an awareness beyond our five senses. I am sure if we stopped looking so desperately for some really amazing revelation we would see what is right in front of our eyes, a gift we all possess when it is really needed. And it is in times of despair, when there is nowhere else to turn, that we experience these wonderful happenings. Death is not an end, not in my heart anyway. It is a transition to another way of being, a shrug-­ ging off of the body we have used during this lifetime and a return to our pure essence of spirit. I am so sure that when my time comes to make that great leap of consciousness, I will indeed see my loved ones who will be waiting for me with outstretched arms and all encom-­ passing love. When all will become clear and my life patterns will make sense, I will at last see the bigger picture that many of us strive to see in the flesh. One wise man once said ‘to face and con-­ front our fears we must first confront our deaths, the greatest fear’. This is not to be morbid at all, just accepting the inevitable and coming to terms with it. We all want what we call a "good death", a peace-­ ful transition, not too much pain and, of course, a welcoming party on the other side. This is where a spiritual approach to life is invaluable, where faith really comes into its own, when our trust is stronger than our human fears. Where prayer and healing play such a huge part in the closing of one door and the opening of another.

Kathy Searle at The Seekers Trust is one of the More to Life Team of Elders. Please see advert on page 17. 12

More to Life

Winter 2012 |


Creating with Colour As long as I can remember my passion has always been creativity and spirituality. I have been very lucky to have had many different experiences in both these areas all through my life.

I began to realise that my creativ-­ ity and spiritual development were entwined together; that creating art was not a separate skill to be ad-­ mired only by the skilled and expert, but that creating art was a form of expression from my sub -­ conscious spirituality. I believe this is a gift for everyone to embrace and express. Recently I was able to understand about Roger Sperry who revealed about the separate functions of the two hemispheres of the brain. The right brain mode characteristics are non -­ verbal, real, non ra-­ tional, intuitive, holistic, non judgmental and cre-­ ative, showing once again that creativity and spiri-­ tual -­ intuitive are deeply entwined. As I developed my creative skills, I began to create artwork from the enchanting worlds of angels, fairies and other realms. Looking back now, I understand that I was being very subtly directed. It was repeat-­ edly shown to me that connecting to my creative skills through creating the different realms had a subtle but strong link to my spiritual development, which in turn gave me greater depth of my spiri-­ tual life and then taught me to accept this is what I AM and I have chosen to develop my spiritual life in this life. I realise that when I went down the route of seek-­ ing out my spiritual life, meditation skills were presented to me to learn. Understanding the form of meditation, I began to see that when I expe-­ rienced creativity, it was a form of meditating. I was in the NOW, present and only that moment of stillness was present. All the experiences that you can feel whilst meditating; stillness, peace, balance, relaxation, these are all that I feel when I create. With this insight in mind I knew I wanted to share my experiences with others and how creativity is for everyone, a skill to be used as a form of expres-­ sion, a form of meditation and all its benefits for every individual to feel and also to consider that through these fundamental experiences, creativity can have a place in our everyday lives. 14

With this knowledge, I wanted to understand more the meaning of colours and about my whole essence : the depth of what I am made up, beyond human form of what I see to understanding that everything is energy and vibrations. There are 7 energy centres called Chakras in our body through which energy flows. These energy centres run from the root of our spine to the top of our head. Each has an individual colour and position, connecting to different areas of our body, our feelings, our senses and each of them spin. Through our day-­to-­day life and experiences these chakras spin in and out of balance. They can develop catches in them when spinning out of balance causing negative thoughts, feelings, lower energies and dis-­ease in the body. When they are spinning in balance a greater awareness is felt and balance in self in the present now moment is experienced. I realised that the workshops I wanted to give had to combine all these subtle but powerful elements, allowing deep awareness to be present and felt in everyone that took part.>> More to Life

Winter 2012 |


>> ‘Creating with Colour‘ workshops allow others and myself to experience such fundamental aspects of oneself in a session. Every workshop is unique because each soul that attends is able to connect to their journey and now moment. Creativity and spirituality are the same, they are like breathing: breathing out what our subtle self is saying to our self, giving us great insight into our own develop-­ ment, our own footprint, our own journey, our own enlightenment and giving the opportunity to con-­ nect to areas that may just need healing, releasing, embracing and celebrating through simply playing with the pureness of colour, nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

'great things happen when you work from the inside out' As each colour of the subtle energy systems of the chakras is explored and colours are mixed, there is a connection with the vibration of all the colours and their pure energies on how they make you feel. Some may experience some resistance with certain colours : this is great insight into understanding yourself more and I ask that when this happens to stay in total acceptance and non-­judgement of the feelings and to go with it. Every session that I have had the pleasure to attend has always been remark-­ able and soul inspiring, and leaves me honoured that each person has shared a part of themselves on the canvas. These amazing pieces of creativity and spiritual awareness are for each individual to keep, explore the subtle messages that their creativity continues to show long after the workshop has finished. Each soul will undertake to create with their subtle colours and express on to canvas however they wish. There is no right or wrong, just the freedom to ex-­ press you and all your beauty in love, non-­judgment and enjoying the process. Great things happen when you work from the inside out.

Article by Nicky Tsierkezou Details of Nicky's workshops can be found by visiting Please see her advert on page 55.


More to Life

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More to Life

Tantra  and   Self-­empowerment     We   all   have   exactly   the   same   opportunities   to   grow   spiritually.     No  matter  where  our  life  circumstances  have  situated  us  (be  it  as  prime  minister  of   our  country  or  as  a  worker  on  a  factory  production  line,  etc.;  rich  or  poor;  woman,   PDQRUWUDQVJHQGHU ZKHQLWFRPHVWRWKHXOWLPDWHPHDQLQJRIOLIHÂąZKLFK,GHÂżQH as  our  spiritual  evolution  and  the  evolution  of  the  one  Creation  weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re  an  innate  part   of    -­  the  conditions  and  opportunities  are  the  same  for  all  of  us.  Recognition  of  this   spiritual  truth  can  be  a  great  source  of  self-­empowerment. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all too easy to feel disadvantaged when we see other people in outwardly-­looking better life circumstances than our own, if we believe that the overriding meaning of life has to do with external success in terms of money, career, status, etc. However, as soon as we come to sense, understand and know deep within ourselves that our life purpose is closely tied to our spiritual growth then the power is back in our hands and hearts. Cosmically-­speaking, none of us is any more or less intrinsically valuable. We can each carve out our worth through our actions and inter-­actions, and the reverberations (physical or energetic) that ensue. Through each one of us, with our unique life circumstances and individual char-­ acteristics, Creation evolves. â&#x20AC;&#x153;â&#x20AC;Ś my body is produced and impelled by a Creative Intelligence, the very same one which created and keeps the universe going, from the most minute sub-­atomic particles to the most gigantic of the myriad galaxies.â&#x20AC;? Perhaps the easy answer when life is presenting us with overwhelmingly challenging circumstances is to withdraw â&#x20AC;&#x201C; for example, by turning to alcohol or drugs, ignoring the plight of others, or allowing ourselves to succumb to depression. Instead Tantra urges us to fully immerse ourselves in this life â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with utmost awareness and self-­responsibility, in an act of spiritual learning and self-­less-­ness. Tantra promotes engagement in the physical plane rather than in any way retracting from it or remaining aloof. Reference is often made in tantric circles to the stunningly beautiful lotus flower that grows out of the mud. The analogy is simple: by responding to the difficulties we face in our lives, or making the effort to help others in tough circumstances, we can grow towards our full human-­spiritual potential. Winter 2012 |

'we can fly beautifully on our own' Whenever weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re feeling needy, unable to ride the wave of our emotions, controlled by our desires, the knock-­on effect will generally be a drain on our vital energy (prana/chi). Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be a bit like a deflated balloon, unable to take to the air because thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not enough helium inside, so weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re always in need of somebody, or something, to push us up into the sky. However, once we gain greater insight into our hu-­ man constitution â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in line with tantric tenets, for example -­ we can feel empowered to transform the less positive aspects of our being by integrating our spiritual potential more fully into our physicality. Thereafter, we can fly beautifully on our own, soar-­ ing and bobbing about joyfully in the blue sky. We can still interact openly with people, things and events on the physical plane, but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll no longer be dragged down by them because we wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need them. Rather, we can choose to engage with what lies outside us and when we do, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll always strive to maintain a receptive attitude that emerges from an understanding of our mutual relationship as com-­ ponents of one Whole. >>  1.Excerpt  from  Sam  Redâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s  new  book  â&#x20AC;&#x153;Looking  for  Tantra   â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  living  the  tantric  dreamâ&#x20AC;?,  available  on  Amazon. 2.    Van  Lysebeth,  A.  (1995)  Tantra  â&#x20AC;&#x201C;  The  Cult  of  the  Fem-­ inine.  Weiser  Books:  Boston,  p.53. 19

>>“Tantra recognizes the ultimate unity, even identity, of all beings and things. Otherness is a mental artefact. translated into social action, Tantric practitioners must not erect intellectual or emotional walls between themselves and oth-­ er beings or between themselves and inanimate things.” In our bid to increase our sense of self-­empow-­ erment, I believe it’s important that we remain open and receptive to changes in our perspec-­ tives that may occur over time. What’s right for you/me today might no longer be right for you/me tomorrow, next week or next year. I’m not proposing that it’s good to become fickle or inconstant i.e. victims of our ever-­chang-­ ing rational mind with all its fears and insecu-­ rities. Rather, my intention is to emphasise the viewpoint that life is a learning process. As a result of our experiences on the physical plane, we have the opportunity to mature our personalities and develop and strengthen our awareness of the bridge that exists between the rational and transrational (spiritual) components of our being. Therefore, we need neither fear nor justify changes in our attitudes and perspectives, or the knock-­on modifications in our behaviour. For example, there have been times I’ve heard said to me by people with a depreciative tone: “Oh, you’ve changed” or “Oh, you’re singing a different tune, now”. Rather than taking these remarks as the criticisms they were probably intended to be, I’ve found it important to give consideration to the changes being referred to and, oftentimes, I’ve discovered that actually these have been indicators of a deeper integration of the physical-­spiritual nexus of my human constitution and, as such, were to be welcomed rather than shied away from. Yes, this might mean no longer feeling at home in the company of certain people and, as a result, needing to redefine those relationships. However, we came into this physical world alone and we’ll also leave the earthly plane by our-­ selves. The inner is our only constant reference point. As such, I believe it’s important that we have the capacity to steer our life’s ship along our chosen route and that we don’t get blown off course just because we’re sailing in a different direction to the mainstream and/or those nearest and dearest to us.

3. Feuerstein,  G.  (1998)  Tantra:  the  Path  to   Ecstasy.  Shamballa  Publications:  Boston  &   London,  p.270.

by Sam Red blog: sam-­ twitter: @authorsamred 20

More to Life

Winter 2012 |


elementals and

nature spirits Have you ever been out walk-­ ing in nature and caught something moving in the cor-­ ner of your eye? Could it be a nature spirit? At one time the existence of the elemen-­ tals was freely accepted; now they are more widely regard-­ ed as mythical creatures that existed in the passages of time or in story books. There is something magical, however, spending time in nature and connecting with these nature spirits and the gifts of insight they can bring. Have you ever been out walking in nature and caught something moving in the corner of your eye? Could it be a nature spirit? At one time the existence of the elementals was freely accepted; now they are more widely regarded as mythical creatures that existed in the passages of time or in story books. There is some-­ thing magical, however, spending time in nature and connecting with these nature spirits and the gifts of in-­ sight they can bring. It is said that the elementals exist on a plane some-­ where between the physical plane of our own and the ethereal. They are not easily seen and may appear as glimpses of light or movement just on the edge of your peripheral vision when out in nature. The elementals look after the elements of nature; earth, wind, fire and water. They are hence divided into four groups and they are the invisible, spiritual counterpart of visible nature called gnomes, undines, sylphs and salaman-­ ders. These names were given by Paracelsus who taught that they were living entities, many resembling human form. He believed that they could not be easily per-­ ceived because of mans under developed senses.

According to Ted Andrews in his book “How to Meet and Work with Spirit Guides” (1992) nature spirits have a hierarchical scheme. Each elemental being is associ-­ ated with an element and has an overseeing archangel. Each of the elements listed in the table below is also associated with a vowel. Vowel Element

Elemental Being

Overseeing Archangel





















The Gnomes The elementals that reside in the earth are the Gnomes. It is said that there are as many types of gnomes as there are people. Their role is to look after the rocks, crystals and minerals, the flora and the fauna of Mother Nature. Some gnomes look after the trees and forests. It is believed that every shrub and tree has its own na-­ ture spirit. When the gnomes work closely with humans and ani-­ mals it is believed they work closest to the minerals of their own natures, hence it is believed they have the ability to restore bones, which belong to the mineral kingdom. Gnomes, like all elementals, should be treated with re-­ spect as it is thought that they can be difficult and tricky to manage.

The Undines The undines are the water elementals, and are re-­ stricted to their function within the element of wa-­ ter. They are often depicted as female, graceful and of beauty. They inhabit waterfalls, oceans, rivers, streams, marshes and literally anywhere where there is water. Undines are believed to be human-­like in appear-­ ance, of varying sizes according to the water they look after. The undines work with the liquids and

vital essences of human beings, plants and animals. They are considered emotional beings and are often depicted riding dolphins and other fish.

The Sylphs These beings reside in the element of air, not in the atmosphere as we experience it but in the invisible, ethereal substance that is far more subtle. They were believed to live in the clouds, but their true home is on the tops of mountains. The ancients believed that they made snowflakes and clouds with the co-­ operation of the undines that provided the moisture. The sylphs are said to influence the poets, artists and dreamers, inspiring them with the beauty of nature. The sylphs work with the gasses of animals and hu-­ mans and indirectly with the nervous system.

'Treat nature spirits with respect and honour them'

The Salamanders These beings reside in the spiritual ether, the invis-­ ible element of fire. Fire cannot exist without them and mystics believed that they could be evoked by the ignition of fire. The ancients believed that by the burning of incense the presence of the salamanders would be felt. Sometimes salamanders would appear as small balls of light. Some ancients believed that their appear-­ ance was that of lizard-­like creatures. Salamanders are considered the strongest and most powerful of the elementals. The salamanders work with humans and animals through body heat, the blood and the liver. Without them there would be no warmth..>>

Connecting >> Try to connect with these spirits whilst out in nature. Early morning or evening are wonderful times at which to connect with nature spirits, just make sure that you are safe. Sit somewhere quiet amongst nature. Quieten your mind and close your eyes. You may wish to hold a crystal or a special stone as you do this, which may attract the attention of the elementals. Imagine roots emanating from your feet, grounding you to the earth as you allow yourself to con-­ nect to the nature spirits. Notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you or changes in your energy field. When you have finished, give thanks for your experience and consciously disconnect. Nature spirits may gift you stones and crystals which might jump out at you whilst walking. Shells are also wonder-­ ful gifts of nature as are feathers. Always give thanks for your gift and honour it. Treat gifts of stones and crystals as you would any crystal by cleansing it and it can then be used for healing work and meditation. Learn to use them intuitively. Do not speak badly of fairies or reveal their presence if you see one and it is meant to be secret. They will reveal themselves to those who need to see them at the time and only when the time is right. Honour the nature spirits by respecting the environment. For me this includes recycling at home. One can leave gifts of thanks to the nature spirits by leav-­ ing a little salt or tobacco for gifts that have been revealed to you.

'fairies and elementals can help in earthly endeavours, particularly with material wealth' Sit quietly in nature, connect with the fairies and earth spirits and ask for their help. Leave your offering as thanks when you have finished. Archangel Uriel will also help you connect with the fairy and elemental kingdom as she is the Archangel of the Earth. The elementals exist within the non-­physical realm. They are not as high vibrational as angels but belong to a lower vibration outside the physical realm. The vibration of this realm is more dense but not as dense as our physical bodies. Paracelsus believed that the elementals could not be de-­ stroyed by the physical elements they looked after, for example fire, but that they had a lifespan of between three hundred and a thousand years, at which point they did not die as humans do but resolved back into the primary es-­ sence from that which they were associated with. As with angels, each person’s interpretation of what they see and experience differs. Practice and patience are key elements to experiencing the wonders of the elemental king-­ dom. Task: Honour your garden with ornaments of fairies and/ or gnomes. Make a fairy house at the bottom of your garden or at the base of a tree. There are lots of ideas for fairy houses online. Make the house out of natural materials. You can make a house out of sticks, wood or anything you fancy and adorn it with feathers, rocks, stones or shells. Make a little house for the little people in your garden or outdoor space. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

Currently working in further education but my real passion is working as an Angelic Usui Reiki Master and writing articl about angels, fairies and any-­ thing spiritual. I am currently writing a book about spiritual development. You can find me on Facebook under Tracey Jon (Writer).



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More to Life

Winter 2012 |


"How are  you?"     "How  are  you  feeling?"     Dangerous  questions,   these,  asked  unwittingly   every  day.  People  don't   want  the  real  answer.     The  safest  response,   the  one  I  usually  give,   is,  "Fine,  thank  you".     If  I'm  feeling  particularly   whimsical  I  ask,  “How   long  have  you  got?"   That's  guaranteed  to  make   the  inquirer  back  away   hurriedly.

TO FEELINGS As far as Im concerned

Actually, the first response is usually true, if it could be qualified. "Fine, thank you, as long as I don't look too hard" is more the mark. If you have a defined emotional centre, this is about as close as it gets. Many years ago I found the following poem by DH Lawrence, and it appealed to me then; it appeals to me even more now: To Women  as  far  as  I'm  concerned The  feelings  I  don't  have,  I  don't  have.   The  feelings  I  don't  have,  I  wont  say  I  have. The  feelings  you  say  you  have,  you  don't  have. The  feelings  you  would  like  us  both  to  have,  we  nei-­ ther  of  us  have.  The  feelings  people  ought  to  have,   they  never  have. If  people  say  they’ve  got  feelings,  you  may  be  pretty   sure  they  haven't  got  them.   So  if  you  want  either  of  us  to  feel  anything  at  all You'd  better  abandon  all  ideas  of  feelings  all  togeth-­ er. All my life I have been at the mercy of my emo-­ tions. I thought everybody felt like I did. I realised that how I felt had a powerful and sometimes dev-­ astating effect on those around me. People were "fine" around me when I was "fine" and in a good mood. It gave them a very pleasant ride. If I were not so fine others usually gave me a wide berth -­ I was too much to cope with. "Histrionic" and "sen-­ timental" are two of the kinder epithets that have been used to describe me.

Whenever I needed to share my feelings, I did not want people to fix things, just to listen and try to understand. The words a) "Snap out of it", or b) "You'Il be all right: you always are", although a) pos-­ sibly well meant, and b) true are unhelpful at the best of times. At the worst of times, they just added fuel to the fire. I might as well have been from another planet as far as others were concerned. I felt peo-­ ple went out of their way not to upset me, and this pussyfoot approach made it worse. I learned that not to let go was best, and became good at pre-­ tending. The real thing was too real. Sometimes the extremes these emotions took me to were quite frightening. The ecstasies could be great, but the agonies were sometimes almost unbearable. I always wanted to be cool, calm and collected, but I could, at any time, erupt into an emotional outburst, positive or negative, a bit like not -­ even knowing you were near the edge of a cliff until you fell off. You do not have to do this to know it will hurt when you get to the bottom.>>

'all my life I have been at the mercy of my feelings'

>> I now know that both my parents were undefined emotionally. My very presence obviously sparked things in them I was not aware of at the time. I was taught that you kept your feelings to yourself and did not display them in public. This hurt, too. I can remember at one family funeral that my hand was gripped tightly and "Don't you dare cry" whis-­ pered in my ear. I understand why, now, but did not understand then. Where else did you cry, if not at family funerals? Over the years I realised that it was not a good idea to rely on the feeling of the moment. Decisions made at either end of the emotion roller coaster were not the wisest, I discovered.Meditation helped the extremes, and led to a greater state of aware-­ ness about how emotions worked, and how not to get attached to them, but this was not enough. My first Human Design analysis was a revelation. There was nothing wrong with me: I did not need to be fixed. The discovery of the chemistry of the wave in a defined emotional centre, that prism of delight and pain, and most of all how it affects both myself and others, was true enlightenment.

Feelings are not just emotions that happen to you. Feelings are reactions that you choose to have. If you are in charge of your emotions, then you do not need to choose self-­defeating reactions. You have the power to think whatever you choose to allow into your head. You alone choose what enters your head as a thought. Some clichés: You hurt my feelings. You make me feel bad. I can’t help the way I feel. I just feel angry, don’t ask me to explain it. It is not easy to think in new ways. It requires a great deal of work to unlearn the habits of thought we have assimilated until now. You react automatically in the way you have learned a long time ago – you get unhappy, hurt, frustrated.

You have accepted this as “normal” behaviour and never challenged it. We reinforce what we keep re-­ peating. The issue is not whether you can take control of your feelings, but whether you will. Use your mind actively to assess the people and events which give you the most difficulty and then decide on new mental efforts to make them work for you. Children naturally think of themselves as beauti-­ ful and important. They are taught other kinds of behaviour. Love is the ability and willingness to al-­ low those you care for to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you. You can do this by loving yourself as a worthy person. LEARN FROM YOUR ERRORS, DON’T REPEAT THEM, AND DON’T ASSOCIATE THEM WITH SELF WORTH. You have feelings about yourself physically, intellec-­ tually, socially and emotionally. You have your own self-­portrait about your abilities in anything. You ex-­ ist; you are human – that is all you need. You may not like your behaviour in a given instant, but this is nothing to do with self worth. We all make “mis-­ takes”. You are the product of your own choices.

You do not have to possess anger. It is usually a result of wishing the world and the people in it were different. It is a choice as well as a habit or learned behaviour. Anger is the result of thinking, not something that just happens to you. If you need to vent your anger, try to do it in non -­ destructive ways, not by losing control. Anger never works in changing others; it only intensifies the desire of the victim of the anger to control the other person. We must learn to create thought and emotion hab-­ its: our life is what our thoughts make it. Nothing is either good or bad, it just IS. As that fine therapist Shakespeare said: “There’s nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so”. A sense of humour makes it impossible to be angry. You have the power to choose anger or laughter. You can choose peace. So, how do I feel now? -­ FINE!

Article by More to Life 'Elder', Ros Taylor. Please see her advert on page 13.

the themen men ON ON



Every year, I stay in deepest Som-­ erset after the Glastonbury festival of everything alternative and I walk across farmland about four miles to buy fresh free range eggs from a frail old lady whom I now know quite well. This year, on one of my visits to this old lady, the full moon was still vis-­ ible in the morning sky, the same colour as the corn in the field I walk through. Usually I have to wind down psy-­ chically after Glastonbury, but as I walked back with my eggs, I real-­ ized there was no wind and no bird-­ song and the stillness of the air felt almost electric. I was stopped sud-­ denly in a cornfield as the spirit of a man stood up from the ground in front of me. He said he had been in the earth quite some time with the other men who now stood up behind him. He said “The lord of the manor told all the menfolk to prepare for a battle” explaining that “they were all under threat and each man must do his bit.”

He remembered that “Over one hundred men came from nearby villages to fight; they found a good place on slightly high ground on the Somerset levels (just twelve miles from the annual festival site) and stood together in a line; all peasant farmers -­ some with muskets, some with pitchforks and pikes. They were facing a few soldiers and three cannons. Then they saw a large number of the King’s red-­coated soldiers on horse-­ back who rounded the hill and be-­ gan to charge the peasants. The swords were flashing brightly in the sun as the disciplined caval-­ ry charged through, chopping and slashing, killing possibly a third of the farmers. The cries of the wound-­ ed and dying ringing in the air was an unforgettable sound.

'today you  are  free.  Tell  the  others  to  go  to  God's                               appointed  place.  You  must  remain  here  no  more.                                 *RDQG¿QG\RXUIDPLOLHV

The King’s cavalry rounded and gathered together at the same place and charged the farmers again. This time several of the men broke and ran, causing everyone to throw down their weapons and run for their lives. Many men were cut down by the King’s cavalry as they frantically tried to escape.

As they slowly walked away I real-­ ized some of them were no more than boys. They had been lying, waiting in the cornfield after a battle that took place a long, long time ago.

I told him “Today you are free. Tell the others to go to God’s appoint-­ ed place. You must remain here no more. Go and find your families.”


On passing through later that day, the cornfield had become alive with birdsong. There was a totally differ-­ ent feeling to the whole place and “We are all buried in the cornfield” I felt sure that at last, those brave he continued. “Please pray for us souls had finally found peace. stranger, we are good men but are very afraid. We have been fearfully waiting judgement for so long.”


More to Life

It’s so easy to forget we live in a world inhabited by a ca-­ cophony of signals, different insignia that provide possible answers to our thoughts and emotions. If we were to just stop and spend a few mo-­ ments looking, really look-­ ing, we would see the many flags, hints and pointers the universe has chosen to bring to our attention. This is the universe waving, helping us to notice something of interest, something important to re-­ lieve our confusion. These many signs come from a myri-­ ad of sources. From advertisements, from shapes, from flowers, insects and animals, from the spoken or written word. These signals bring us closer to a solution, to a feeling that brings with it a moment of revelation, an epiphany, a moment of tran-­ sition to another place in our mind so we can change, so we can release, so we can move to another part of the journey we opted to take.

Signals from the

Universe Winter 2012 |

When you are willing to step from be-­ hind your shadow and into the light of your soul, the universe presents you with a gift. My gift is a Red Admiral butterfly, a simple red butterfly that changed the way I see the pain in my life. It is usually the simplest of things that create the greatest opportunities for transformation. I watched this butterfly bask in the warm sunlight. I watched as it darted between flowers looking for sustenance. I watched this beautiful creature for 30 minutes as it danced its dance over our common land-­ scape. It was dancing just for me. For me, emotions were many. Anger, guilt, frustration, sadness, worthlessness, lack of control, the dark view I have of myself. And not to forget the immense joy in the magnitude of nature. Like King Canute before me trying to hold back the tide, I stood there asking the butterfly, willing it, forcing it, cajoling it, to walk upon my open palm. I tried three times and the butterfly refused and simply flew away. I felt devastated, frustrated, angry that nature, the butterfly, didn’t feel safe in my company. I felt like squashing it, killing it , wiping it off the face of the Earth. Anger and rage all mixed up as guilt enveloped me asking the question why I would want to destroy something so beautiful, some-­ thing so full of life, something so simple.>> 35

>> Why were my feelings so raw? Why did some-­ thing so simple elicit so many dark emotions within? What came floating into my consciousness was so unexpected. I was looking for validation, endorsement, self-­es-­ teem, identity. I felt rejected by nature, rejected by people, rejected by the universe and rejected by myself most of all. My inner, unvoiced scream was looking for worth, value, significance, importance, none of which I was able to give myself. I had learnt from people of my worthlessness so my core belief stated that my only option was to look for worthiness from others. I became the blank canvas that others had painted their wants and needs upon. I had learnt to view the external world as more important than my in-­ ner world. I had placed so much weight upon the external that all the internal held was anger, rage and frustration and a whole host of other emotions. Standing there, leaning against the concrete wall, I was captivated by the butterfly as it moved silently from one wall to another, oblivious of my presence. As I watched, new thoughts meandered through a troubled mind. My core belief, learnt from a very early age, was that other people were more important, that their views counted more than my own, that I had no right to express my individuality, my creativity, my natural compassion. I had to succumb to the role archetype laid out for me by generations of mascu-­ line males of the era. The butterfly was saying it was time to revisit my core beliefs and decide, to finally choose a new way of believing. I had to start again from scratch. Everything about me had to change. Nothing would or could be left untouched. The Phoenix had to ig-­ nite the pyres of transformation so I could rebuild from the ashes into something that really expressed my soul at its core.

This new journey could not be just cerebral, it had to be one of the heart and mind working together in concert with a new way of thinking thoughts. It seems that to be a true epiphany, an awakening of gigantic proportions, both the logical, masculine mind AND the feeling, feminine emotion had to be in concert. It is this moment of revelation that changes. And the moment I had reached this new state of awareness, the butterfly changed its own view of me and came much closer, almost touching my jacket several times. The Red Admiral became still in one of its more restful moments. As I reached out care-­ fully it sniffed at my finger for several seconds; or was it hours? Nature had finally become at one with me just as I had become at one with myself. You see, I had let go of the need to control the world, the need to dictate my preferences. I finally understood why in both the feeling heart and the intellectual mind. You see, I had changed, altered immeasurably in the blink of a butterfly wing. The world was, is, still the same.

This is an excerpt from A Way of Seeing -­ now available on Amazon. To find out more about Coran Foddering's beautiful journey of transformation, please visit

Open to Inner Peace 4 Walking Meditation

Principles and Benefits

Physical sensations

Meditation is a process of developing greater awareness so that we can make changes to our consciousness, be more deeply fulfilled and have a greater understanding of life.

As you   walk   focus   your   at-­ tention   on   your   body,   expe-­ rience   the   sensations,   not   think  about  them:

In walking meditation we try to keep our awareness involved with the experience of walking to make it our focus. This also implies that we are not with-­ drawing our attention from the outside world to the same extent as when our focus is more on breath control. Further, as we will be walking outside we will be aware of the wind, the sun, the sounds of na-­ ture and our external environment to a far greater extent than when we meditate inside. One of the biggest differences is that many people find it easier to be more aware of their bodies whilst walking than when keeping still. It is thus an excellent way to develop our ability to take aware-­ ness into our ordinary lives. Once we have learned how to do walking meditation, each spell of walk-­ ing – however short – can be used as a meditation practice.

The Practice Start the Walking Meditation by not walking. Stand still and check yourself out. Go through your whole body observing what it takes to stand still. Make yourself comfortable with small movements or adjustments to your posture. Relax your mind. Use this time as a transition between whatever you have been doing or thinking about and entering a pe-­ riod of meditation that is just for you. When you are ready, start to walk at a steady pace. We are not trying to change the way we walk, but simply be aware of it.

•The contact  your  feet  are  making   with  the  ground;; •Note   how   the   muscles   and   joints   of  your  legs  feel.    Focus  on  relax-­ ing  your  muscles  and  getting  your   joints  to  work  smoothly;; •Observe   your   breathing.     This   is   where  you  get  your  strength  from.     You  can  also  use  it  to  control  your   heart   beat   and   to   make   sure   your   muscles  get  the  oxygen  they  need.     Try  to  breath  deeply  and  slowly;; •Relax   your   shoulders   and   let   your  arms  swing  naturally  with  the   rhythm  of  your  walking;; •Become   aware   of   your   neck,   and   the   muscles   that   support   your   head.  Any  tension  can  lead  to  head   aches  and  tiredness,  so  relax.    No-­ tice   the   angle   of   your   head.     As   you  relax  the  muscles  in  the  back   of  your  neck,  your  chin  will  slightly   tuck  in  and  your  skull  becomes  the   point  of  balance.    Experiment  with   the   angle   of   your   head.   You   may   notice   that   as   you   tuck   your   chin   closer   to   your   chest,   your   experi-­ ence   becomes   darker,   more   emo-­ tional   and   inward   focused.     If   you   lift  your  chin  and  hold  it  in  the  air   you  might  notice  that  your  experi-­ ence  becomes  lighter  and  you  are   more  aware  of  the  outside  world;; •Finally,  relax  you  jaw  and  eyes  –   let  them  become  softly  focused,   gently  looking  ahead,  not  staring   at  anything  or  letting  yourself  be   caught  up  in  what  is  happening   around  you,  just  passively  observ-­ ing  it.

“the journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one's feet” Lao Tzu

Thoughts As you walk along be aware of any thoughts going through your mind. If our minds are busy, then our thoughts will not be connected to the mediation practice but thinking about all sorts of other things. When our minds are calm, our thoughts are more likely to be con-­ nected with the practice itself. Practicing mindfulness helps us to ‘be in the moment’ enabling us to fill our minds with the richness of the experience of walking and leave less room for daydreaming and fantasy. Once we become more sensitized to the effects of our inner and outer actions, we gain the incredible power of realising that we have choice over our emotions and thoughts -­ freedom.

Feelings In paying attention to feelings, the important thing is to simply notice them without clinging to them or pushing them away. Just let them drift by without following them or averting your gaze from them.

Balancing inner and outer experience Our awareness of the world is obviously dependent upon our sens-­ es which are part of our bodies. We start with gaining a thorough ‘grounding’ of the awareness of our bodies, thoughts and feelings before we move the focus to the outside world, otherwise we are likely to get distracted. We can then move on to trying to balance our awareness of the inner and outer worlds. With sufficient practice, the very distinction between inner and out-­ er ceases to have much meaning and there is simply undifferenti-­ ated experience with no sense of self. We will then realise that we are indeed part of a larger whole not separate from it. This is a very fulfilling state to achieve. It feels like a huge burden has been laid down – the burden of self.

Ending the practice To end the practice, come to a natural and comfortable stop, do not do it abruptly. Stand still and observe your physical sensations, thoughts and feelings. Compare the experience with the one at the start of the practice. Be sure to give yourself a few moments to as-­ similate the effects of the practice before moving on to another ac-­ tivity. If you immediately rush off to do something else the effect is jarring. It is quite common for us to be far more sensitive and aware than before, try to take this into whatever you do next. There is a lot to be aware of whilst practicing walking meditation. The more we do it, the greater awareness we will develop and the closer we will get to understanding and fulfilment.

Heather George is a Yoga Alliance registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Pilates teacher, spe-­ cializing in Yoga for health including remedial. She provides classes for Spas, schools, private and corporate clients. Tony Davis is a meditation teacher and long distance walker. He has a particular interest in the benefits of meditation and mindfulness in the workplace and combining meditation with walk-­ ing. Together they run workshops & retreats. Go to or ring 01784 492500 for more details. Please see advert on page 45.

A New World in the making

People everywhere are waking up and long for change, convinced that a better world is possible. Awaited by people of all faiths and those of none, Maitreya, the World Teacher, is here to inspire us to re-build our world. Maitreya says: “Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, My friends, shall we anchor them in the world.” For 40 years Benjamin Creme has been preparing the way for the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Millions around the world have heard Creme’s ‘message of hope’ and wait expectantly for this momentous event. “When I read Share International information it was like lighting a lamp of hope that had previously faded away…. It gave me back the hope and joy that I had lost..” – A.P, Edinburgh, UK For information and Benjamin Creme’s London lectures visit

The Power of Being Are you ‘owning' it?

I hadn’t heard the term ‘owning’ it till recently but I love it. When I worked in the corporate world we used to talk about management walking the talk. ‘Owning’ it means pretty much the same but somehow sounds so much more exciting.

The ocean of energy

It is even more exciting if you are ‘own-­ ing’ your reality. Using your invisible power. Using your intent. Using your creativity to consciously manifest the life of your dreams.

Crucially this field is affected by your thoughts. Your intent influences outcomes. This seemingly empty space, carries our mental frequencies out into the field of possibility.

May the force be with you Does that sound a bit too like Star Wars? Ok, so we are not Jedi warriors but we are powerful and it really is time we ‘owned' it. Scientific knowledge of the nature of the universe entirely supports the notion of invisible power. Sci-­ ence has shown that we are powerful beings of light energy.

If we take that one step further and look outside of ourselves, what does it mean. The universe is not an assembly of physical parts, suggested by Newtonian physics. There is no "this" or "that;" no you or me. There are no boundaries. The space around us isn’t empty. It is full of a living essence. An entanglement of immate-­ rial energy.

What are you thinking?

More than a century ago, in 1910, the American ‘New Thought’ author Wallace D Wattles wrote in “The Sci-­ ence of Getting Rich”: “man can form things in his thought (energy), and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance (the field of awareness), can cause the thing he thinks about to be created (matter).”

Are you owning it yet? I may have just taught Grandma to suck eggs but my question still is ‘are you owing it’. You brush your teeth, you walk the dog, take the children to school, work, run, eat, sleep. But do you have a recipe to help you step out of the illusion and ‘own’ your reality?

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”.

Match the frequency

The illusion of matter

You want to move up the emotional scale. The feel-­ ings of fear, grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency. The feelings of love, joy and gratitude vibrate much quicker at a higher frequency. >>

What we perceive as our physical material world, is not physical or material. The concept of matter is an illusion? Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. If you look at an atom with a microscope what do you see? You see a physical void. Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Everything is energy. We are beings of energy. We each radiate our own unique energy signature.

Einstein said "if you match the frequency of the re-­ ality you want you cannot help but get that reality. So if you want to change what you experience then you need to change your vibration.

>>You know when you are feeling really good and it seems like you have a ton of energy? That's you having a high vibration. You may be laughing and smiling and feel like you could take on the world. The key to to raising your vibration lies within the way you choose to interact with this present mo-­ ment. Live every day with intention.>>

Create your recipe Once you fully acknowledge the energetic basis of life then you can really ‘own’ it. You can use a wide range of techniques to fuel your success. Whatever you dream of you will create. Many of these techniques will be familiar to you. This bit is not rocket science. But what is important is using techniques consciously knowing that you will influence outcome. So pick your techniques. Create your recipe. Play with it, change it, improve it but above all incorporate it into daily life.

If you’re not sure where to begin then start by just breathing. Take  3    conscious    breaths    right    now.       Take    nice  long    deep    inhales.                                                                                         Practice    slowing    down    your  breathing.                                                   Every    time    you    take    a    deep    breath,    you                                                     are    cultivating    more    peace,                                                                                                   happiness,    stillness,    and  clarity    right    away. Now  write    down    exactly    how                                     you    want    things    to    be.     Include    what    you    have,  who   you    have,    where    you    are                                                   and    how    happy    you    are                                                             to                                                                                                                                               have    it.                                                                                                                                                                 Use    your                                                                                                           imagination                                                                                                                           and    really    create                                                                       your    perfect                                                                                                 reality.                                                                                                                                       This    is    fun    and                                           will    set    it                                                         up  to  become                                                               your  reality! Plan  each  week.     Set    an  overallall                                                 intention    and                                           VSHFL¿FIRUHDFKDUHDRI your    life.    Visualise    your-­ self    achieving    your    most     important    goals    and    play     the  images    through    your     PLQGOLNHD¿OP Create    a    pick  and    mix    of    tools    to    help    you    raise  your                     vibration.      Use    the    internet    to    source    ideas    or  read    the     next    issue    of    More    to    Life.       We’ll    run    through  some    techniques    and    create    some                   recipes  which    you    can    use    as    a    starting    point.    

Just walk the talk and ‘own’ it. Lucy Blyth is one of More to Life's 'Elders'. Please visit or see her advert on page 26.


More to Life

Winter 2012 |


Breakdown or Break-足through?


More to Life

At times we all find ourselves in that place where we are overwhelmed and feel we can't cope. There are the every-­ day worries of family, finances, rela-­ tionships and health and at times it can all seem too much. Sometimes it is the forces at play in the universe putting pressure on us and at other times it is because we are not quite going in the right direction to unfold our Life Path.

'much of life is planned out before we get here'

If you could see your Life Plan laid out before you, you would be quite sur-­ prised at the things you had agreed to do and to learn, but that doesn't often happen. We arrive here without what we call Soul Memory. However, if you work with Light and walk a spiritual path, some of that soul memory often comes back. You can experience this in daily life, like when you meet someone for the first time and you feel you have known them for a long time, or perhaps deja vu experiences, or visiting a place that you seem to know, even though you have never been there. From a spiritual perspective, much of life is planned out before we get here, but at the same time we are given the opportunity of learning how to find our way. It would be so much easier if we were giv-­ en a guide book, but then we wouldn't be learning by experience.

What is it that we are supposed to be learning? Many things is the answer to this question, but the overriding thing we are supposed to be learning is how to attain enlightenment. Well, on your present life path, that might be the furthest thing from your mind as you deal with the difficulties and complex-­ ities of everyday life. The first part of this great journey towards enlight-­ enment, is learning to hear the guidance of your own heart and then learning to make all your de-­ cisions based on the feelings of which is the true path for you. Your path is most likely not the same as any of your family or friends, although at times, they will be a part of your path. But the trick is to know and feel when it is time to make a change. Parents often have desires that their children will follow them into the business, but do they ever ask if that is what is in your heart? Winter 2012 |

Being in the Flow of Life At one time, I ran a small business in Manchester-­ and if anyone had ever told me that I would one day be a spiritual teacher, there is no way I could ever have perceived that in my wildest imagination. But one day, spiritual forces poured so much light into me that I was forced into an awakening. That was some twenty six years ago. So, just when you think you have your life mapped out, it might be that you are completely wrong. You have no idea what might be in store for you. You have no idea that you may well have agreed to per-­ form certain tasks in the world of humans before you got here, but if that time comes, then pressures will come to bear upon your life. You will absolutely know at some level that you are not in the flow of life and need to change direction. People speak about others having a breakdown, but when you can see what a breakdown truly is with the benefit of spiritual insight, you realise it is actual-­ ly a wonderful thing. I could describe my own awakening as a break-­ down, as that is exactly what it was. My whole life broke down to the point where I found myself sleeping in a rented van one night on a motorway service area, as I had nowhere to go, having left my family. But I had no choice, I knew that that part of my life was finished and the emotional pain was incredible. I had to walk out the door into nothing. Fortunately, I only spent one night in the van before going full circle back to Mother. Oh, well, sometimes you just have to surrender. >> 47

'breakdown, is really the beginning of break-­through '

Breakdown only comes when you are walking in completely the wrong direction to that laid out in your Life Plan. Pressures are poured into your life, creating ever more stress until you either wake up or are smashed upon the rocks of blindness and stupidity. You won't believe how blind we can be to the truth in our own hearts and how we consistently ignore the guidance that is being given to us.

' a blessing from heaven' We make our way as best we can in the world, but often, we become trapped by the circumstances we have created for ourselves and feel we cannot then follow our heart as it is too difficult to make the changes necessary. However, if you continue to deny your heart, then trouble will not be far away, for you have a contract to fulfil. That contract is your Life Path, chosen be-­ fore you arrive here and the learning experiences you have agreed to, in order to make a few more steps towards enlightenment.

So, if you are feeling the pressure, or even worse, feeling overwhelmed and at the point of break-­ down, then at some level, you are ignoring the urges of your heart to help you find the way. Breakdown is actually a blessing from heaven. So-­ ciety speaks of it in hushed tones, but the universe celebrates it because it has stopped you in your tracks from continuing down the wrong path. Breakdown, is really the beginning of break-­through, into the truth of who your really are. However, I would urge you to observe the signs and signals before you get clobbered on the head from above, and think about how you might be able to hear your heart better and make some changes to your life before you are forced into this great celebration of break-­through, after the breakdown. In these fast moving times of universal change, humanity does not have much choice in taking its time. When the pressures come, learn to act fast and then you will truly ride a great wave of inner change, which will truly illuminate your life as you regain your Life Path. With Love and Blessings.

Article by  David  Ashworth.  www.emerald-­  Please  see  advert  on  page  13 48

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Winter 2012 |



How do  you  explain  the  inexplicable..                                                                                                     describe  the  indescribable..  hmm,  let  me  see… I cannot paint. I have had no training whatsoever. So where does this art that I paint come from? Images you can almost taste and feel, a sensory feast for people who love flowers, reminding us of our own season and time to flourish. They grow optimisti-­ cally, to be admired, sharing their energetic life and then having achieved their full potential, they wither and die. But these im-­ ages continue to thrive as a reminder that the spirit and energy of their God-­given source, these energetic and natural manifes-­ tations of the divine, will forever be beautiful. These reflections of the immortal and the eternal enshrined in art are an undeniable gift!

They have the ability to cause the more philosophical to stop and ponder, the spiritual to reflect and wonder, as to their true value. But for me they are simply reflections of the infinite made manifest after a prolonged period of contact with my son's surviving spirit. They have eased what could have been a far more savage passage of time in the aftermath of his suicide. I have grown, I have changed, I have transformed. This is my own spiritual garden here on Earth, open twenty-­four hours a day. Only I get to seed it and watch the flowers grow to be all they can be, a true source of delight no matter what. With my brush, I can be both in this world and the next, with no beginnings or endings, just the flowers’ desire to be seen. My son Andrew knew that I always loved flowers, these 'little sparks of beauty'. In the dim light of a subdued wintry evening in November 2013 (my son An-­ drew had passed two years before), I found myself gazing into the depths of a freshly blacked-­out canvas, curiously wondering what I was doing here and where this was going, conscious of not fully participating in this creative process. Three months earlier, almost as a matter of routine, I had stood gazing through the garage window at the discarded material possessions of my son's life and wondering if I would ever want them removed, painful though they were to see.

'the soul  of  man  is  immortal  and   imperishable'  -­  Plato' Perhaps moving them would inflict even greater pain. I further wondered, if I were to use any of them, would this ease my grief in any way? Tentatively, I opened the garage door and took his easel, brushes and paints inside the house. I then sat in front of a fresh canvas, but to do what -­ I had no idea. I repeat that I could not paint -­ I never could paint, I could never put two col-­ ours together. Indeed, I never even finished any painting by numbers. I even had to consider how to clean the brushes. As if without prompt, I just selected some colours onto a palette -­ simple! A poppy-­like flower appeared, followed by another interlaced with small blue flowers. I caught myself thinking that I would always remember this and never forget... always remember and never forget. I sat back to survey my frenzied hour’s work – ‘awestruck' would be a good expression… where on Earth did that come from?! The style, the texture, the layout and the picture, I had seldom even seen pictures of this sort in galleries. Every day, I rushed home to start another picture and was still there on its completion late in the evening, weary and paint-­spattered. I decided not to question it, just go with it. The images, the styles and the textures were quite an eclectic mix. There were portraits, landscapes, seascapes and woodland scenes -­ favouring neither oils nor acrylics, I used both, never question-­ ing their application or my skill to do this. If I had only a little paint left, I produced baby canvases. Then I produced paintings on jewellery boxes and candlesticks; in fact, anything wooden is unsafe from my desire to enhance, adorn or embellish! It is my belief that my new-­found artistic ability is a parting gift from my son, a form of after-­care extended from the other side! In fact, this gift arrived on completion and publication of my well-­evidenced and documented book about the survival of my son’s spirit.

Jacquie Parton  is  the  author  of  Tap   Once  for  Yes,  the  moving    docu-­ mented  account  of  how  she  coura-­ geously  set  out  to  prove,  against  all   the  odds,  that  her  son  had  survived   death.  It  is  published  by  Local  Legend                                   (ISBN  978-­1-­907203-­62-­6). www.local-­


Sarah-­Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-­focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.




March 21 -­ April 20

April 21 -­ May 20

May 21 -­ June 21

There are times in your life when you want nothing more than to stand firm and face your challenges head on, and there are times when your only desire is to run free in the hills well away from the stresses, trials and tribulations.

As you continue to peel back the layers of your soul in order to re-familiarise yourself with your true essence, there is a sense that you are beginning to embrace a new perspective on life, one that feels inspirational, invigorating and empowering, all at the same time.

Being fully awake, aware and present in life takes a great deal of courage, as well as a willingness to be vulnerable, genuine and authentic. You are an intuitive and wise soul, and although you are well aware of the need to be fully present, there is a part of you that loves to define each moment as something shaped by the past and the future rather than allowing it to be what it is.

It can sometimes be hard to discern the best time to adopt each strategy and you have been known to keep bashing those ram-like horns into brick walls for a little longer then strictly necessary as your sheer grit and determination doesn’t accept the words ‘give up’ as part of your vocabulary. However, you are also a wise and astute soul, so intuitively you know when to step back, run or fight on, it’s just that your hot-headed passion can sometimes get the better of you. Now is the time to find a balance and harmony between the two so you can embrace the next chapter of your life with passion, wisdom and a strong sense of purpose…

It’s as though by gazing deeply into the mirror of your soul you have started to clean the windows within and your inner flame is much more noticeable and visible now. It has always been there of course, it’s just that life has had a way of distracting you or pulling you off course as you have tried to do everything for everyone, other than perhaps yourself. As your inner flame is re-energised by your willingness to breathe more deeply into life and into your Self, it seems likely you will begin to feel the winds of change as they gather momentum, inspiring you to stoke your inner fire allowing your light to shine brightly…

In essence, you gain a sense of context and meaning by referencing the past and the future in order to make sense of where you are now. Whilst this is perfectly understandable, there is a risk that this keeps you locked in linear time and away from being fully present in the here and now. Your brain pulls you towards understanding and trying to make sense as to why things are the way they are but your soul calls you towards a graceful acceptance of the here and now. Stop fighting yourself, let go, breathe and the inner battle will subside…




June 22 -­ July 22

July 23 -­ August 23

August 24 -­ September 22

Knowing yourself, loving yourself and being yourself all look set to take centre stage over the weeks ahead as you continue to find a truer and deeper sense of inner balance when it comes to living your life and being you.

As you continue to connect to your true essence, there is a sense that you are beginning to allow your inner lion the freedom to roam and roar far more in your life. It’s unlikely (although not impossible!) that you have turned into a growling, snarling beast, but you seem far more centred and balanced in life, allowing you to be assertive, clear-minded and focused as a result. By allowing your true essence to re-surface, you are naturally beginning to strip away the distractions and clutter that have been weighing heavily on you recently. Although you are unlikely to be able

You seem ready now for a spring clean of almost epic proportions as you let go of distractions, put aside some of your many ‘to do’ lists and discard a massive accumulation of ‘stuff ’ (physical and otherwise) as you begin the seemingly delicate process of peeling back the layers to your soul and allowing your true essence the room to shine.

You have always been you of course, but life has had a way of distracting you with things to do, people to see, places to go and things to achieve. It’s easy to become caught up in distraction as there is so much around, but sometimes this can act as a clog to your inner filters, preventing you from connecting to your sense of self. Life is inherently interesting and fascinating, and there will always be things to do and people to see, but it all becomes far more enriching and rewarding when you are fully present to savour and enjoy it. Getting from where you are to where you want to be is important, but so is taking the time to savour the journey, after all, it’s the journey that brings you home to you…

Winter 2012 |

to completely free yourself of every duty and responsibility (and indeed you will not want to let go of everything), the shift within you will empower and inspire you, enabling you to feel less burdened and pressured, and to see things from a new perspective. Allowing your true essence to surface looks set to inspire you to take a big deep breath of life and to stride forth with courage, confidence and clarity…

It may not be springtime but intuitively you seem ready to shake yourself loose from the distractions now, in order to take a good long look at both yourself and your life. You are preparing to step into new territory in order to live a simpler, but richer and more affirming, life. Although those 'to do' lists will never truly go away as that is not in your nature, their importance will shift as you begin to bring your focus more firmly into the present enabling you to make the most of now, rather than placing all of the emphasis on what may or may not lie head... 53



September 23 -­ October 22

October 23 -­ November 22

There is a saying that 'a little of what you fancy does you good', this philosophy is one you've often used when trying to feel better about ingesting the odd cream cake, but its meaning goes much deeper than this for you as it's more of a philosophy of life as you thrive on variety and stimulation.

You are a perplexing soul, always have been, always will be. Yet, this is not a criticism or a judgement, it is an observation of your somewhat mysterious and intriguing depths; those depths that hide your creativity, intuition, passion and zest for life.

You never stay in the same place for long, either physically, intellectually or spiritually, as you are always moving on, exploring new territory. You are a collector of experiences, ideas and beliefs as you dip in and out of whatever captures your imagination and interest. This certainly sounds like lots of fun and an opportunity for great learning, but there is a risk that you can end up feeling as though you're drifting without anchor as you rarely pause to savour the experience or be fully present in the moment. The time has come for you to contemplate what you really want in life; you will always thrive on variety as you learn and evolve, but maybe it's time for 'less is more'... 54

Also tucked away is your somewhat confusing and paradoxical nature created by your tendency to try to be the person you think you ought to be even though you want nothing more than to be the person you know you are. In many ways, we all suffer from this, but most seem able to push aside these thoughts rather than hold on to them carefully like a fondly loved family heirloom. You cherish your true essence, and it is important for you to find ways in which to express yourself in life. If you do not, you can find yourself feeling disconnected, isolated and disenchanted, as well as misunderstood or dismissed. Being you is a gift and a joy, so why not be the 'you' you know yourself to be? The time has come to set yourself free…

Sagittarius November

23 -­ December 21

It's easy to take things in life for granted, it's easy to go through each day without even thinking about the miracle of the human body and all it does for you. It's easy to go through each day without noticing the majestic and beautiful world in which you live. Just as it is easy to go through life without ever really pausing for long enough to step beyond the distractions and into the silence within. Whilst you may feel that the silence is an empty space, it isn't: it is in the silence where your passion, enthusiasm and intuition reside. It's easy to go through life being busy trying to get on with the business of living, but unless you connect consciously with the silence inside it's easy to miss out on the magic and exuberance both around and within you. You are an amazing and gifted soul; listen to that silence and hear your soul singing, let your song fly free now as you take a big deep breath and reconnect to life as it reconnects to you... More to Life

Capricorn December 22 -足 January 20 Life is a complex thing. Sometimes it can be bewildering, overwhelming and confusing. Other times it can be amazing, wonderful and incredible. However, most of the time you are in that all-too-familiar place in between which feels quite pedestrian and ordinary. Whilst you accept this is a part of life, it doesn't stop you from wanting more of the amazing and less of the bewildering. Yet, life is complex and it can be hard to be sure from one moment to the next, how you'll be feeling or what you'll be doing, as life is inherently unknowable. Whilst you also accept that this is a part of life, it doesn't stop you from wanting the unknowable to become knowable all the same. If only life wasn't so complicated. However, there is a sense that you can sometimes spend a little too long thinking about the complexities of life rather than getting on with the business of living your life. There is no time like the present, so embrace it, accept life is complex but get on and live anyway...



January 21 -足 February 19

February 20 -足 March 20

As you continue to rewrite your inner rule book and philosophy on life, there is a sense that you are beginning to see yourself and your pathway in life from a new perspective.

Being you is a complicated matter as it involves so much more than most people could ever comprehend. Being you can sometimes feel overwhelming, underwhelming, and very often a mixture of the two at once!

You have long been aware of the correlation between your thoughts and how these shape and define your life. Yet, you have also long been aware that some of those thoughts are still in existence more out of habit or comfort than anything else. It now seems time for you to go within in order to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to which thoughts and beliefs nourish you and which do not. It's important to realise that every thought and belief has played a pivotal role at some point or another in your life, even those thoughts that were 'negative' in origin have helped to make you the person you are today. Be thankful for all that you are and realise that today is a new day and fresh start, so pick up that pen, create your new rule book and grab hold of life with both hands...

It's all too easy to trivialise the maelstrom that resides within you, after all, you do it all the time. You think nothing of dismissing your own complexity and distracting yourself with things to do, see and be; all as a way of avoiding going in to that maelstrom inside you. But why? Why would you want to avoid going within? It can sometimes feel easier to spend your life being busy rather than facing your true essence as you intuitively know that there are areas of your life where you feel unfulfilled or unhappy. But you are not one to rock the boat so you carry on keeping on keeping on. Yet, is this really the best strategy for moving forward? Only you can answer that question, but intuitively you know that you owe it to yourself to set yourself free to live the best life possible...

More to Life Edition 33  

Another fabulous edition of the UK's favourite Mind, Body and Spirit magazine.

More to Life Edition 33  

Another fabulous edition of the UK's favourite Mind, Body and Spirit magazine.