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Editorial Autumn 2013

The Theme: The Power of Mother


Hi everyone, This edition seems to be continuing on the theme of the power of all aspects of Mother Nature. The article by renowned conservationist Linda Tucker of the White Lion Protection Trust brought tears to my eyes when it reached my inbox. After weeks of synchronicity, continually seeing images of white lions in the least expected places, it should have come as no surprise but the beauty, majesty and wisdom of these incredible animals touched my soul deeply. This organisation really does walk its talk and understands the spiritual significance of these amazing animals. For years we have been aware of the work of Alan and Stephanie Turner at Karmic Angels and are delighted to introduce their work to you, our readers. Starting out with nothing more than love and good intentions, they have created a constant flow of practical help to villages in The Gambia heavily laced with compassion and love. They really are an inspiration to all of us; they dont just talk about it, they get stuck in and make sure it happens. Please help their efforts if you can afford to.

There is a primal essence to this edition of More to Life - about using the gifts Mother Nature gives us in abundance to benefit our wellbeing and help us through the dark Winter months using the natural essences, On a personal level, a second visit to Lendrick Lodge up in Scotland has reconfirmed my strong connection both to Scotland and the power I feel when I am actually able to 'touch' nature in her original form. To see her undeveloped or compromised - to see trees grow in unison - all of them accomodating each other's growth without damage to themselves. Striving for the sunlight and yet respectful of each others needs. If only nations could learn from them and allow each other space to be different. When I hear people speak of the need for Mother Nature to 'heal'. I imagine her shaking herself down like a dog does when drying off after a soaking. - of her shaking herself free of all the superflous, cosmetic and choking effects our 'advanced' civilisation has brought her. and then standing bare and basic and able to breathe freely without restriction. From the heart, Jayne

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'find out who you truly are while your body is still warm... '


More to Life

Everything is


In spiritual circles, I often hear that everything which arises is perfect as it is, and what it arises from—God, the Universe, Oneness or whatever name one would like to use—is utterly complete and whole. If this is so, then why this dream, this nightmare of duality? No one sane would create such a nightmare full of suffering… At the moment you call it a nightmare, I call it a divine play. If perfection did not appear as imperfection, you would not have even the concept of perfection. If you did not know sorrow, you could not appreciate joy. If you did not know the sense of what is bad, you would not have the sense of what is good. If you did not have the sense of being a person, you would not have the ability to have relationship with any being. If you did not have the sense of 'I', you could not have the sense of 'other'. If the perfect did not manifest as diversity, there could be no experience at all. Surely, life is to taste these varied flavors and still remember who and what you are beyond the limited sense of personal identity. Do you know who you are, really? We seem to forget our original nature and embrace a misconception about our Self which brings us pain. This misconception also gives us the sense of autonomy, of privacy, of creative pride, but it seems to eclipse the intuitive recognition of our innate harmony and wholeness. And so we must go through this game of existence using all our powers to discover our true nature. In manifesting as human beings, consciousness continues to be creative through the human instrument. Human beings are not the owners or controllers of consciousness; we are the expressions of consciousness. We are not merely the characters in existence; we are existence itself and the witness of the existence, but if we are deeply enmeshed in the identity of being a person, the play will seem heavier, less kind, more confused. This heaviness is also the expression of consciousness. It is not possible for the perfect to become imperfect. The only way it could become imperfect is to dream it. Perhaps this is why it is called awakening—it is awakening from the sleep and ignorance of the egoic identity. As we come back to our Self, we begin to appreciate the greatness of this play. Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

When you wake up you see that all of this is a dream, that you have always been only this wholeness. ‘Nightmare’ is simply part of the dream and is made mostly out of egoic thoughts: ‘I want this, I don’t want that, I, I, I, me, me, mine...’ Sometimes we think, ‘If it was up to me, I could make a better world.’ But if you had the choice, even the highest choice, whatever you will create is much less than life gives now. If you could choose, you would always choose chocolate flavored experiences, and you would not grow or evolve. Sometimes we grow in a true way through challenging experiencing, through difficulties, through pain. Ultimately we aspire for freedom, for truth, not for delicious experiences which are only momentary. Even now your life could be full of gratitude that you don't express. There are some people who, if they had your legs, your eyes, your health, they would be full of gratitude. They don't have these and they are still full of gratitude. And to that extent they have a joy, they have a peace within themselves. Sometimes people with far less than the worst you have, show more gratitude than you who have far more than they could aspire for. If you want to come out of this nightmare, start to say thank you. Find things to say ‘thank you’ for. They are many, far more than to say 'no thank you' for. All this manifestation is still the Garden of Eden, but we don't see this because we see with eyes cultivated in imperfection, ignorance, selfishness. When we look with the eyes of the Self everything becomes divine. When one experiences the Truth, it’s not that this world is replaced with another. The same is here but the eyes have changed from eyes of a person to eyes of presence. They become complete again and see perfection even in the apparent imperfections of life.


'as things truly are, there is a perfection'

There's a saying, ‘I'm not seeing the world as it is; I am seeing the world as I am.’ Whatever you conceive yourself to be, you see the world through those spectacles. There is one Earth, but billions of worlds, because in each body, a private world is created out of identity, desire, conditioning, education, habit, fantasy, attachments, projections. All of this makes a unique world each with its own preferences, favorites, desires, bias. Only one whose mind has been cleaned free from ego, sees things as they are. And as things truly are, there is a perfection. Only such a one could be said to be a truly universal, meaning: universal in understanding and perception. Everyone else belongs to a tribe—a tribe of 8

thinking, of culture. Only the one who is empty of concepts or free from the hypnosis of personal identity and conditioning, is liberated, is the Buddha. Such a one is free from the illusion of managing existence. They have no strategies, nor any inherent fear. They move in natural harmony with the universal Being. This is a mortal body, but the immortal and timeless Being is dwelling inside it for a while. Find out who you truly are while your body is still warm... and be happy. www.mooji.org www.youtube.com/user/Moojiji www.moojisangha.org www.facebook.com/moojiji More to Life

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


'the holiest animals on the African continent'


More to Life

Saving the

whiteLIONS by Linda Tucker

Renowned conservationist and author, Linda Tucker, has dedicated the past two decades of her life to the urgent protection of the White Lions, a unique breed of snowwhite lions, born in only one place on earth – Timbavati, at the heart of South Africa’s Kruger-to-Canyons Biosphere.

Coming from a fashion and advertising background in Europe, Linda Tucker’s life was changed forever in 1991 in the wilds of this bushveld region, when she was rescued from a pride of angry lions by a traditional medicine woman known as Lion Queen of Timbavati. This extraordinary Tsonga woman was one of the last surviving practitioners of the ancient art of living ....... with wild lion prides, and she shared her shamanic techniques with Linda, ultimately handing over the ancient title of “Keeper of the White Lions”.

Linda Tucker went on to found a non-profit organization called the Global White Lion Protection Trust, now a leader in community-based conservation. She is an invited guest speaker at international conservation congresses, and her work has been featured in documentaries produced by National Geographic, CBS and Animal Planet. Her organisation’s HQ is situated in the African bushveld, where she lives with her partner, lion ecologist Jason A.Turner, together with the White Lion prides they have reintroduced into the wild. For more info: www.whitelions.org In my early 20s I was living the high life in Paris as a model – champagne and parties – but it felt empty. I would visit home in South Africa yearly just to get back to nature and see old friends. My life-changing experience began on a moonless night in November 1991, in the middle of the African wilderness. A group of us were surrounded by an angry pride of lions, but were rescued by the extraordinary courageous intervention of an indigenous medicine woman, who walked through this pride of some 24 lions, on foot, in the pitch dark, carrying a baby on her back to come to our aid. After this awesome life-threatening experience, this remarkable woman became my teacher. I gave up the London advertising and fashion world I had been in for over a decade, and returned to Africa, to study with Maria Khosa, the most amazing woman I have ever met. She told me I had a life-long commitment to protect the White Lions, and that I was to be her successor.

Her teachings of nature and its workings were more profound and meaningful than anything I had learned in my years of Cambridge academia. In studying with her and other indigenous African elders, I learnt that word “Timbavati” means in the ancient Tsonga language: the place where the Starlions came down, and the legendary White Lions who are endemic to this region, are believed to be “the holiest animals on the African continent”. The widely-held belief that the White Lions are “Star Beasts” has a deep basis in truth. I spent more than ten years studying with these elders, and discovered that a profound mystery exists behind the White Lions’ return to earth, which directly links to mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

It is no coincidence that African kings identify themselves with lions, and believe they will ascend to the stars upon death. This is the same belief that was held by the pharaohs. You’ll even find this belief echoed in the Disney animation of the Lion King, where the orphaned cub, Simba, looks up into the stars and sees the spirit of his departed father shining down on him. In my work with the lion shamans and the last surviving White Lions themselves, I discovered that these are beings of pure light, emissaries who’s purpose is to re-awaken heart-centred leadership in humanity. They are shining beacons of beauty, a reminder that God still exists in Nature. The unconditional love that they radiate is overwhelming, Christlike. Unfortunately, I also discovered that for the past five decades these magnificent beasts have been forcibly removed from their natural birthplace, and sold to zoos and circuses all over the world. Worst still, they have been held captive in trophy hunting camps for brutal killing, a malpractice known as “Canned Lion Hunting”. Tragically, the present status is that these rare animals are not protected by any law, regionally, nationally or internationally, and may be shot in enclosures as high-income earning trophies or hunted in the wild. In the face of these atrocities, I founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002 in order to protect the White Lions and re-establish these rare animals in their natural distribution range, in the way they once occurred naturally and in strict accordance with current scientific methods. I came up against opposition from powerful opponents with vested interests in international trophy hunting syndicates, but I managed to summon an ever-increasing wave of public support, which ultimately helped me secure large strategic tracks of land in the heart of the White Lions’ ancestral homelands. This land has been identified by African elders as a sacred site. It is no coincidence that it aligns exactly with Giza in the North, the site of humankind’s greatest lion riddle, the Sphinx. 12

It is now a protected area, but beyond it’s borders White Lions can still be trophy hunted, and less than ten survive in the wild. My project has faced many trials, and seen many triumphs. This year, our scientific team lead by Jason, collaborating with geneticists from 7 different countries including the UK, Canada, United States and Korea, had an incredible breakthrough discovery. White Lions are not albinos, but the result of a unique genetic trait. After 7 years of collaborative genetic research “searching for a needle in a haystack”, we cracked the “Genetic Marker”- the key to the genetic code that proves this rare animal is genetically unique. Using this scientific evidence, our organization can continue to lead the campaign to have these genetic rarities declared a “protected sub-species” according to international legislation (CITES and IUCN RED DATA LISTING).

'a profound mystery exists behind the White Lions' Our project is not only a conservation project; we spend at least half of our time working with humans. It is clear that the only way we as a species can save our planet is by cleaning up our own man-made mess. In order to redress some of the damage, our organization has established an “eco-cubs” program for indigenous children in our remote rural area, and White Lion Leadership Academy for adults, who are selected from applicants from around the world. Through our outreach programs, the Global White Lion Protection Trust has started to address poverty alleviation in the low-income regions neighboring White Lions ancestral wilderness lands where there is up to 60% orphan rate, and created a generation of principled nature-loving people within the local communities bordering this wildlife area, who will become the stewards of this White Lion heritage, such that poaching and hunting will be prohibited, and malpractices policed by the ethical community itself. More to Life

The angelic White Lions are helping to uplift an impoverished community; they are a charismatic symbol of Hope, Courage, Unity, Prosperity and all that is good and godlike in nature. For me, the spiritual knowledge behind the White Lions as “Star Lions” and enlightenment bearers is critical, but it’s only half the story. My purpose is to save the White Lions; but their purpose is to save humanity, at a time of ecological, psychological and economic crisis on earth. At this critical turning point in evolutionary history, it is simply not good enough to be wafty and “New Age”. At a time when species are going extinct, and the ice-caps are melting, these angelic animals are demanding of us that we take meaningful action, and make a significant difference. Each of us has an ability to be effective in our own right, if we follow our Lionhearts, and are brave enough to stand up for our own truth. I truly believe that. That is the White Lions’ message. But in order to do so, you have to take responsibility, and step into your true purpose. That is what the White Lion Leadership Academy is offering, a program that equips people to become effective agents of positive change. What with most of the world’s big cats poised for extinction, it’s not often today that conservation delivers good news. But I can honestly say: all the blood, sweat and tears are worth every moment. Only if we as individuals are prepared to step-up and take responsibility, can we help birth the prophesized Golden Age, which the White Lions are forecasting for humanity’s collective destiny.

Linda Tucker’s Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God (Hay House 2011) is the result of ten years of study with African elders. It tells of the profound myths and legends of these animals, regarded as the most sacred animals o the African continent,and explains the importance of these prophetic animals for our current times of crisis. LindaTucker’s Saving theWhite Lions (North Atlantic 2013) is the astounding first-hand account of Linda’s own life-story with the White Lions, revealing the overwhelming love that has driven her every action to save these magnificent beasts against formidable odds. All photos have been provided and are copyrighted byThe GlobalWhite Lion ProtectionTrust. Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


Would you love to be in relationship? Do you feel trapped when you are in a relationship? Are you frightened of being hurt? ‘as a person eats, so he thinks. as a person thinks, so he acts. achieve healthy, adult relationships. as a person acts, so he is.’ Jan Day, our relationship expert talks about intimacy and how to


More to Life

article courtesy of BK publications

Do you love your food? The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University encourages individuals to take a more spiritual approach to all aspects of life. In common with their great spiritual, religious and wisdom traditions, the University places great importance on food. Whilst modern science tends to take a technician’s approach and see the molecules, chemical compounds and nutrients that feed the body, a more spiritual, holistic perspective also places a sacred significance on what we eat, seeing how its energy can touch, heal and sustain the soul as well. The body needs sustenance, but so does the soul; we must absorb, assimilate and integrate spiritual energy as well as physical. Practitioners of the Raja Yoga meditation, which the University teaches, are typically lacto-vegetarians.They believe that non-violence is an essential characteristic of the spiritually-awakened individual and that the essence of the human soul is peace, tranquility and love. If the internal workings of the soul are disturbed then meditative serenity eludes the individual. The meditator sees that whatever food is eaten has an effect on the mind, in a subtle form of the way in which alcohol or intoxicating drugs can dramatically alter mood and judgment.

When a person becomes more aware of the spiritual aspect of his/her identity, the relationship between body and soul takes on a new meaning and greater importance. The awakened inner eye of the soul gives birth to a higher sensitivity and greater awareness, revealing aspects that were previously unfelt or unknown. Subtle energies become very real and the individual is able to perceive very clearly whether something taken into the body is conducive to or inconsistent with the overall well-being of body and soul, intuitively preferring what is right.

Consciousness in the kitchen cooking with love! In today’s information age, we are continually bombarded with details about the physical aspects of what we ear and the effects that different ingredients may or may not have, and naturally this is important.

But in this welter of information, we tend to overlook one crucial factor; the consciousness of the person cooking and the effect that this will have upon the food, and thus also on those who eat it. A cook prepares food in a physical place, but also in a spiritual or inner space. And just as the physical surroundings are best kept clean and in order, so should be the state of mind of those in the kitchen. A simple and familiar example of this concept at work can be seen in the way that home cooking, especially that of one’s mother, holds a special place in our hearts. The love and care with which it is prepared more that makes up for the greater technical skills that may perhaps be found in a restaurant setting where stress, arrogance and greed may flavour the dish of the day. When this subtle, spiritual aspect is taken into consideration, the role of the cook extends from simply creating tasty, nourishing meals with fresh ingredients, to including a spiritual connection with those who will be eating that food. The aim will be to touch and fill the heart as well as the palate and stomach. The love of the cook, and his or her motivation to offer sustenance, will nourish as much as the chemical components of each dish. Food cooked by a person who is angry, depressed or full or arrogance or hatred will have a different effect from food cooked with feelings of love, peace and the pure desire to serve. 16

In other words, we are what we eat but also the thoughts and attitudes that have gone into what we are eating. Even in today’s demanding society, when there sometimes seems to be hardly enough time to cook, let alone do so peacefully and caringly, it is therefore definitely beneficial to develop a positive attitude towards cooking. Before undertaking any food preparation, remind yourself that the project at hand can and should be an enjoyable, creative activity, rather than an unpleasant, time-consuming chore. A good practice then, is to meditate before cooking and then to let preparing the meal itself be a creative, meditative experience which yields a balanced, healthpromoting diet for the body as a temple for the soul. Food always tastes better when it has been flavoured with love and happiness. To contact our Manchester Centre, Inner Space please see our advert on page 34

copyright Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK): Registered Charity Number 269971 (England & Wales) SC040512 (Scotland) More to Life

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


A Season of Ripening by Sherry Ruth Anderson

When a growing season is long enough for fruits to mature, we can call it a season of ripening. Our species has entered this season now—a time when we have a never before chance to grow up beyond what most of us have barely imagined. Have you thought about this? Dreamed into it for yourself or for our common good, for the pure wisdom and loving kindness that might develop in our world? And if you wonder about what is possible for us now, do you want to pursue the possibilities? To delve into the deep questions this ripening season opens? Personally, I find it a great relief to dump the usual, politically correct, words for aging—elderhood, senior citizens, golden agers—and all the horrid ones I won’t even bother with here— to consider the possibilities of ripening. Those other words are so stale, used up, and misused that they trap my imagination in a thousand musty certainties. So I started searching around for something fresh and finally found ripening. It’s from the Old English reopan, dating back ten centuries to the root verb to reap. It lets us reframe the perspective about growing old to ask: What can we reap from a long life if we are conscious, if we pay attention, if we care? My big Webster’s that sits on its own table next to the computer reads like a guidebook to the possibilities of the ripening season. To ripen is to be fully grown and developed, as in ripe fruit and ripe wheat, it says. And also: having mature knowledge, understanding or judgment. And a third meaning: of advanced years, as in a ripe old age. And my favorite: (a) brought by aging to full flavor or the best state, mellow; and (b) smelly, stinking, as in ripe cheese. This sums it up pretty well, don’t you think? The promise—to come to our full flavor as human beings, to mature into the best possibilities of our nature. And the reality—the full flavor of living a long life isn’t just mellow. It’s also smelly, stinking. Growing old is an adventure, but it’s no stroll through the rose garden, no “grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” 18

Whoever believes that is living in Disneyland. To ripen—not just grow up but to keep on maturing through our entire lives— takes great courage and great vulnerability. And I guess I’d have to add, a huge dollop of grace. We can end up unripe, bitter, not able to reap the fruits of this life because overwhelming circumstances make us lose hope, or because we get tangled in our culture’s stories and lies about aging. Or maybe we end up losing hope because dementia—our parents’ or our partner’s or our own—in one of its many dreadful forms throws a pall over all the possibilities, shutting off our curiosity and spirit for living into the truth of our life as it is unfolding. There are no guarantees. Yet there’s the likelihood for us, as there is for all of life, that we can fully mature if our possibilities are nurtured and cultivated. Ripening, in other words, is natural. We should expect it. And also, we should look with a sceptical eye on the odd but common assumption that all our growth is over by, say, thirty. I hereby throw down the gauntlet against that careless assumption. I propose that, since we do not know what reaches and dimensions of our humanity are possible as we age, we engage the question. All the questions—whatever we can discover about how we can grow old consciously. We already know too much about what diminishes—hearing, eyesight, shortterm memory, speed of recall and calculation, and so on. That is not so interesting. But to consider what grows, what develops, what ripens—that, I propose, is interesting indeed! Sherry Ruth Anderson writes and teaches about spiritual development, with a special interest in women's experience and aging as awakening. Her books include "The Feminine Face of God" and "The Cultural Creatives," and her recent documentary is "A Woman's Descent to the Sacred." She lives in Novato, California. Her website is: http://sherryruthanderson.com In Ripening Time: Inside Stories for Aging with Grace, Sherry Ruth Anderson presents a new perspective on aging. In her latest book, the bestselling author of The Feminine Face of God and The Cultural Creatives invites the reader to engage the aging process through the art of inner inquiry. She guides us beyond our culture's mind traps through stories where elders face into the lies, the losses and endings, the tender and bittersweet and ferocious truths of growing old. Giving us an indispensible compass, she shows how growing into old age can be a fruition, the genuine grace and gift of human ripening. Perhaps it will help shift the cultural bias from "Over the hill" to "Wow! Enjoying the view." Sherry Ruth Anderson's new book "Ripening Time" is published by Changemakers Books this October 2013. It is an indispensible guidebook for growing into the deep places of wisdom as we age, and is available in all good highstreet and online bookshops. You can read more at www.changemakers-books.com. Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78099963-0| £8.99 eBook EISBN: 978-1-78099-962-3 £6.99 More to Life

'growing old is an adventure, but it's no stroll through the rose garden' Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


we're all in it together'



Right here, right now..

e are here in the Garden of Eden. This is it. This is the place written of in all sacred scriptures and texts.

Earth is God’s Body – and we are its caretakers, its keepers, for the whole of the time frame that we live here. We can do anything to it. We can take all that we wish. It will support and sustain all our needs without judgement – just as long as we realise these facts. When we hurt Earth we are hurting ourselves, we hurt God – the very life force that we are all part of. We only have ‘life’ because of our ‘live’ connection that links us to ‘it’… What more can we say to highlight the importance of what we are doing as a whole? What will it take to get our attention? When will we begin to pay back? Ascension is here. It’s happening right now – to us all, whether we accept it to be true or do not. It won’t stop… The lower levels of heaven are descending to meet and blend with us here and now – giving rise or birth to our Heaven here physically on Earth. That’s what the Mayan calendar was telling us. That’s what the Easter Island statues are looking forward out towards – to infinity, to Source, to the Universe. That’s why Nostradamus couldn’t see beyond the premonitions that he world famously spoke of, for a new world order is birthing through even NOW – and we, individually as well as collectively, are the driving forces that will help program and so birth in the new matrix. The choice of how we do this is ours. Spiritually a tremendous shift is occurring that will alter how we view life forever. We are here to bear witness to this incredible birth and to add our own twist to what’s taking place out of sight. We’re all necessary to this movement for we’re all in it together, forming, programming and developing as ONE.

Life has been fast-tracking you for quite a few years, to uplift your vibrations and to prepare you for something that you can now begin to give back, something you alone birthed to offer, something your whole life has been tailor made and developing for – to aid all; a good example might even be myself with my teachings, insights and books, born through adversity and pain as well as through joy and experience… Many others are doing the same…, even this magazine you are reading... Random acts of kindness are especially powerful, for it’s not just your actions that render you special, but free choices you make ‘off the cuff’ that momentarily take you away from your schedule or tasks, to help a stranger in a moment of need – without hype or payback. When you keep acts such as these within your own self – without needing praise – and let them go, the whole energy around the exchange becomes different. It ascends. It becomes a white light vibration, a high energy deed that you unconditionally discharge back to life. No strings attached… From the right place at the right time – you noticed something that was broken that no-one else did. You reacted, unconditionally from a higher sense of purpose without payback.

'random acts of kindness are especially powerful' Life will give you many opportunities to do many things once you send out requests in word or thought form that you’re ready and consciously aware – so remain vigilant and take note what appears. Each new day you have a chance to make it count in some way. You have the ability to do something different, something that perhaps only you noticed, if only for an hour, five minutes or through a single fleeting thought passing but consciously and freely given - to the higher realms of service, peace, unity and love. If no one can be bothered to step out of their way to help someone else, to pay life forward, then who will? Don’t think of the many times you’ve helped out before, don’t keep score, for that time has now past. This is today. It’s a new day with its own essence, needs, challenges and vibration. Nature does not say it will no longer provide to sustain us, because through millennia it more than amply has. It continues to serve and replenish the store cupboard that we all survive and take from.

(I am I) What words can we share to help you understand the importance of this ‘NOW’ frame you’re living? (I am I). You absolutely know something is happening above and behind what is seen, even though you might not consciously know what. You know also that somehow you’re being helped and supported, but again you might not know how, why or what. Your life has gone through some incredible twists, you’ve been through the mill but still you are standing and breathing. You go to bed every night and still sleep – albeit a little more broken…

'the universe knows how busy you are' Hundreds of timely books, songs, movies and messages are speaking of ascension and of miracles - completely in tune with the greater happenings of what’s playing out physically for all in life now, to provide instant Divine Guidance – a direct answer to your questions system, for whomever you are, whatever your status, intellect or calling, whatever you may be planning or facing. There is nothing on Earth that can’t be answered or improved when the requests you send out stem directly from the heart in sincerity. The universe knows how busy you are. Your guardian knows your commitments and your higher soul agenda. No one is squeezing you hard to fit more into your already tight schedule. We are intelligent and aware enough as a species to uphold these heightened vibrations. We have a very real chance to do this correctly, not just for ourselves and for generations to follow, but for Earth, for God / Source / the Universal Consciousness of all of life itself. Do you really want to dismiss this opportunity?


ime will not tick on for ever and ever and the life that we have here is precious.

You are living a pivotal experience right now. Never before have the signals been so clear to help you fine-tune your life’s journey. You have a real chance to clear up, to stand tall and do something amazing, for you’re more remarkable than you realise, and completely unique and irreplaceable. How many more years must go by before someone even similar birth’s again? How many life times have you lived through to get to this point? And what if you miss your mark – do you really want to go through all this again?


Remember you are the ears, eyes and thinking mind of creation alive in live progress today. No one needs to come to your rescue – for you are not lost or in trouble. You have control over everything – but most especially at the times that you doubt this very statement, for it’s those times that are probably karmic, and how you voluntarily overcome them in the face of adversity, to move forward or not – is free choice, free will and up to the effort and commitment you carry. This movement will not stop if you feel you are not ready, but your help will render the process a much smoother transition for your loved ones, yourself and your friends, if you knew what was happening and upheld your vibration, to no longer be dragged down by unfolding situations. Change is here, and even the worst scenario can have its upside, its positive – just like the phoenix always rises from the ashes… You are powerful. You are important. You are needed…How you move forward – what you do, is up to you. Don’t miss this opportunity we’re being given… More to Life

Who are You?

What are you doing here? Spiritual Teacher Ros Taylor - can help you understand your true purpose in life using The Human Design System.

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Would you love to be in relationship? Do you feel trapped when you are in a relationship? Are you frightened of being hurt? Jan Day, our relationship expert talks about intimacy and how to achieve healthy, adult relationships.

‘tapping into our true spiritual essence is a simple process’

Winter - a time for nourishment Each season of the year brings with it its own particular



presents us with a different set



For us in the northern hemisphere between

the the

time autumn

equinox, September 22nd this year, and the winter solstice on December 21st is a time to slow down, gather ourselves, to rest, reflect



ready for renewed action when the spring comes again.

This moment of ‘pause’ is a natural part of the rhythm of life that can all too easily be overridden in today’s 24/7 world. However, it is an important ingredient in the creation of our personal wellbeing because it is an opportunity to gather in our personal harvest, to reflect on what we have achieved and to plan what we wish to create next. Most important of all it is the time to nourish and replenish our inner reserves, both physically and spiritually. Our inner vitality is our most valuable resource, a resource that is fed and nurtured through our inner connection with our true spiritual essence. The winter months are a wonderful opportunity to realign and replenish this vital connection, especially if you have become rather distracted by the outer world of events recently and are feeling somewhat depleted, scattered or unsure of the direction you wish your life to go in.

Tapping into our true spiritual essence is a simple process of vibrational alignment, intention and awareness. However like many simple processes it can be made to seem complicated if we try to work out how to ‘do’ it with the everyday mind. The mind is a useful tool but unchecked it will keep us engaged in the outer world of events and continuing to follow through on old patterns and habits of behaviour, none of which has any relationship to our true spiritual essence. In the past this has been part of the normally accepted pattern of life, however since the foundational template for life on our planet changed on December 21st last year this is no longer the case. The energy flow that we now live in is expansive, and actively encourages integration and alignment with our true self. As a result we are all experiencing a massive process of change and transformation in both our inner and outer worlds, a process that can feel exciting and expansive one day and challenging to our carefully constructed comfort zones the next.

Deep Acting Essences for the Heart One of my favourite essences to help promote a speedy release of issues blocking the heart chakra is Fuchsia. This can a wonderful essence to help release pent up emotions such as anger, fear, sadness or resentment. Then there is Bleeding Heart to help clear away old emotional pain and promote the release of unhealthy emotional attachments, Snowdrop to help release bereavement grief from the heart and Osteospernum to help you remember how to open to receive love more fully.

Which Essence?

So these next few months will be an especially valuable opportunity to strengthen that all-important inner alignment with your true self and to release any old belief patterns or emotional issues that are still creating a vibrational mismatch.

A Helping Hand from Vibrational Essences Vibrational essences are wonderful, simple healing tools that promote change and transformation on all levels of our being. The essences that I work with contain the energetic imprint or vibrational frequency of a particular flower, tree, gem, crystal, mineral or sacred geometric shape, positive patterns of energy that have a harmonic, healing resonance with our own energetic structure. In my experience a well-chosen combination of vibrational essences can be of invaluable assistance to help dissolve old crystallised emotional issues and associated belief patterns that do not resonate with the vibrational frequency of our true self.

So which essences might be particularly helpful to support release and greater inner alignment over the next few months? To some extent this will vary from person to person since we all have a particular mix of issues that make up the ‘story’ we have come to believe about ourselves, however one area of focus common to all of us is a need to open the heart more fully. It is from within the heart that we can best tap into the loving vibrations of our true self, bypassing the noisy ‘stories’ of the everyday mind so that the truth of who we are can be revealed to us. Simple though this process is, most of us find ourselves facing a level of resistance when we start to tap the resources of the heart more deeply. We discover that we must dismantle the defences that we have erected so as to avoid feeling the painful emotional debris left over from old experiences of loss or bereavement or incidents that have left us feeling unloved or unwanted in some way. Inability to receive love, lack of selfacceptance, lack of forgiveness, guilt and a belief in unworthiness are other very common issues that can block the heart chakra. None of these vibrations resonate with the love that is our true essence and must be released before we can come into greater alignment.

Essences made from Roses all work in the heart in various ways. Some of my favourites are Handel Rose to clear vibrations of unworthiness from the heart, Iceberg Rose to release feelings of loneliness, Peace Rose to help dissolve fear and Ruby Red Rose to promote forgiveness. Ruby, Emerald and Gold are also particularly powerful gem essences that help open and clear the heart chakra. These are just a few of the many vibrational essences that you could choose from, to help you open to a deeper experience of the love that you are. Allow the intuition of your heart to guide you to those that will most help you nourish your heart and expand the alignment with your true self over the coming months.

Catherine is a vibrational essence practitioner, healer, teacher and workshop leader. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will help others to find harmony, wholeness and spiritual fulfilment in their lives. She offers personal consultations, intuitive guidance, talks and workshops as well as universal Christ blessings from Jeshua. catherine@crystalherbs.com. www.crystalherbs.com.

Karmic Angels Over the years, More to Life has come across many amazing stories of people who make a difference to the life of others. It is without hesitation that we would like to introduce you to the work of Alan and Stephanie Turner, founders of the charity Karmic Angels. With steadfast determination and an abundance of love, they have made a very real difference to a culture so far removed from our own. The Gambia, West Africa is a popular tourist resort with European people but whilst we bask in the sunshine on its tiny coastal sliver of beautiful beaches separate from the main population and bush interior, it is easy to forget that this is one of the poorest countries in the world, with high rates of infant and maternal mortality, disease and starvation. These are all largely due to a lack of basic resources such as safe drinking water, medical clinics, agricultural and educational facilities – things we in the Western world largely take for granted. A visit to The Gambia, would quickly show the visitor the value and importance of the work of Alan and Stephanie Turner, the founders of Karmic Angels who along with their committed team have been dedicated to trying to make a difference in The Gambia. After many years, this is happening – and not in a small way. Over the past few years Karmic Angels have been involved in health matters, supplying many bush clinics with essential equipment and medication. One of the biggest problems is with asthma and the lack of ventilators causing death to children of all ages. Another problem is that many of the doctors in the main hospitals are not as skilled as our doctors and many deaths are caused by insufficient training of doctors and nurses. What is needed is for medical staff from the UK and Gambia to do an exchange visit and to learn here in the UK how to cope with various diseases and for our medical people to go to Gambia and show them first hand how to save children from serious illnesses which we believe are avoidable. Karmic Angels are intending to build a holistic and healing centre, the first of its kind in the Gambia, where professionals from the UK could come and help make a difference. They could use their expertise to show Gambians how to treat illnesses and wounds properly and try to instil how important hygiene is.

As well as the health needs of the villagers, Alan and Stephanie have played a massive part in helping to build many schools in villages in the Gambia. Stephanie told us:“Every school that we build will place all the orphans into full-time education. At our last school built in Sittanunku on the North Bank of The Gambia (where we were the first white people in over 45 years), we asked a group of young orphan children ‘What is your favourite toy? They looked at us questionably because, let alone owned one. We decided to make up little packages for the orphans and include a toy with pens, pencils, colouring books and clothes. Every orphan from now on would get a package from us to brighten up their lives.”

'none of them even knew what toys were' Karmic Angels are doing fantastic work in the Gambia since they formed in 2008. - 450 children now have education - 100s of childrens lives saved through the - introduction of malaria nets - 100s more saved by providing ventilators and equipment - An agricultural project involving 210 women which has become a real success with crops a plenty and rice crops the best there have been in the village The young children as soon as they can walk are taken to the crop and rice fields and have to work to water and harvest the produce. This is before they start their education (if they have a nursery school) at the age of 3. Alan says :- “To say that the Gambia is "The Smiling Coast of Africa" is an understatement, to have so little and to suffer such harshness is hard for us to comprehend. We live in what we call our happy homes and have virtually everything but despite our wealth there seems to be such dissatisfaction and unhappiness. These people have none of the material wealth we enjoy and yet they are rich in love. Its all they have but it shows in the smile of every one of those children when we go back to the villages with aid from the West. It touches the heart and is the reason we continue to work on their behalf. “

Please help us provide more.

Go to our website http://www.karmicangels.org.uk and donate online whatever you can afford to make that difference to a poor child's life. See advert on page 30.

'it shows in the smile of every one of those children'


More to Life

Do you sometimes wish you had your own direct line to universal guidance? Would you like easy access to a wise guide that gives you answers to all of life’s questions?

Unity in Diversity We need a new, hopeful vision for the future. Benjamin Creme’s new book presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic. Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of every man, woman and child. It is about the future of the Earth itself. Humanity, Creme says, is at a crossroads and has a major decision to make: to go onwards and create a brilliant new civilisation in which all are free and social justice reigns, or continue as we are, divided and competing, and see the end of life on planet Earth. Creme writes for the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, whose Plan for the betterment of all humanity he presents. He shows that the path forward for us all is the realisation of our essential unity without the sacrifice of our equally essential diversity. Benjamin Creme, artist and author, has been lecturing worldwide for almost 40 years on the emergence into the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Creme’s books, 16 at present, have been translated into many languages, transforming the lives of millions. ISBN: 9789071484988 pp167, £9 Contact Share International, PO Box 3677, London NW5 1RU or call: 0207 482 1113 f or a free information pack and lecture dates.


Many of us look outside of ourselves for answers and guidance, not realising we carry within us our own personal wisdom guide…our heart. Your intelligent heart will give you feedback about what is most helpful, healthy, or enriching for you. It will provide solutions, bring understanding, and show you the most graceful route to fulfilment in all areas of your life.

So next time you need guidance, or an answer to a question, try this… Take a moment to stop, and be still. Allow your breathing to become slow, easy and relaxed. Put your hand over your heart and drop your attention down into that area. Breathe as if energy is coming in and out of your heart. Allow your shoulders to drop, let your chest soften and open up.

Then ask your question. Feel yourself being welcomed by your heart as your question is heard. Drop down even more into your heart space…and quietly, listen for the response. Take your time with this. Open yourself to receive the message from your heart. This may come as images, sensations, words or just ‘knowing’. You might get an immediate response or it may come later. Enjoy connecting to your inner oracle, and notice how you feel empowered by the awareness that you can always turn within for answers.

By Josie Wood www.heartful-living.com In the next edition Josie will share more resources and inspiration to help you live from your heart.

Where does our DNA live ?

in the body? or the soul?

When our intrepid editor, Jayne, asked whether I would be prepared to write an article on the question: What happens to our Soul and our/ the donors’ DNA in an organ transplant situation, I was immediately interested. It is a question I do get asked by patients and which has fascinated me for ages. It reminded me of a topic on Radio 4s “Woman’s Hour” on November 22nd 2006, discussing that an organ recipient takes on some characteristics of the organ donor. It was a husband and wife team, where the husband received a kidney from his wife. She loved shopping and cooking, which he hated. The first thing they both noticed after the transplant, was that the husband suddenly took an interest in shopping and also really enjoyed cooking – but especially baking. Just like his wife. There is a lot of scientific research into this and it is proven, that the organ recipient does take on some of the organ donor’s likes and dislikes. On top of that, I recently had a patient whose husband had a heart transplant at Christmas. She and the children have noticed that their husband/ father was much more quick tempered and got upset a lot easier. Now this could still be the after effects of the operation and the long anaesthetic, but the family feel, that this is here to stay.

Another article in Nature News on the 28th March 2011 entitled “DNA mismatch reveals organ rejection” considers that when an organ is transplanted, the DNA of the donor and that of the recipient do not mix. The researchers found, that when a donated organ’s DNA (months after the transplant was performed) was found in the blood of the recipient, it was about to be completely rejected. They are using this fact to develop an un-invasive test for the organ recipient to check for rejection. In the past, they had to do biopsies etc. in order to ascertain whether an organ was stable or about to be rejected despite all the drugs. These current tests are dangerous in themselves, as they can produce rejection on their own accord. So, I now had the scientific answer that the two DNAs don’t mix.

What about the DNA and the Soul then? Deepak Chopra states in his books, that ‘the DNA is part of the Soul and the Akashic memory of the Soul’. Robert Schwartz – in his book “Your Soul’s Plan” – 32

previously called “Courageous Souls”, found in his research, that we have a Soul pre-birth contract, which agrees our most important stages or events in life. A transplant – in my opinion – is a pretty important event and hence would probably be pre-agreed. He stated during a lecture in London recently, that it seems we agree and foresee major health events. His example is that one of his patients was an Aids sufferer and that they had worked out, that this was in the patients soul plan for himself but also for the human community in general. In a previous life this patient had been very opinionated and had caused quite some harm to others through this. Hence, he chose to rectify the situation by contracting Aids during this lifetime. However, Robert Schwartz also feels that we “pre-arrange” 70% of our lives and have 30% free choice.

Another amazing book I came across was “Why we live after Death” by the late Dr Richard Steinbach (www. grail-uk.org) and it is excellent, but does not cover transplants. So, I asked their opinion. Dr Christopher Vasey answered very kindly on behalf of the Grail Message Foundation UK. Here is his comment:

“In my understanding, the DNA of the transplanted organ stays the same, it doesn’t change to acquire the same DNA as the body it has been transplanted in. The efforts the body makes to reject the transplanted organ testifies that it is so: it doesn’t recognise it as its own, because of the difference of DNA.

In my opinion, during a transplantation of an organ, no part of the soul of the giver separates from him to go to the receiver. A soul is not something which can be divided in several parts. At the death of the receiver, there is therefore no part of the soul which could go back to the giver. Something which illustrates this is the fact that a living donor, such as it is the case with kidney donors, don’t loose a part of his soul and personality by giving one his organs.” More to Life

'a soul is not something which can be divided in several parts'

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


This answer, however, now left me in a conundrum. How come then, that the organ recipient takes on some of the donors characteristics (ie. love of cooking, shopping etc as in the above example)?

Then I remembered that I work quite a bit with the Quantum K experience by Andrew Kemp (www. quantumK.co.uk/video). Through visual slides and some lovely music, Andrew works with specific frequencies, which have healing powers and can influence the viewer’s DNA (if that is what the viewer wants) positively. I have used it personally with great success. In the last section “Spiritual Healing” there is a slide, which states that we ask for the return of parts of our Soul which we have given away or which has been taken away AND that we return the parts of Souls that we have received or taken.

Andrew’s considered opinion: My view is that our DNA is created as a mechanism for soul expression and is therefore important to, but not part of, our pure soul essence. In much the same way, we are created by God but are not divine. Our DNA stores the memories of our soul along with its history, its genetical lineage in this incarnation, the emotions we have not fully expressed and much more. By radiating out the light signature from this DNA coding it attracts in comparable experiences for the benefit of our spiritual growth. If there is trauma or low vibrational emotions stored in our DNA, it will be felt by our soul. Following this through, transferring the DNA to another person will take all of the software programming stored in it; the beliefs, the suppressed emotions and the lineage. This can affect the behaviour of the recipient but I would suggest that the donor's soul has already departed.

My personal conclusion? When we receive a donor organ, we take on parts of the donors characteristics and for want of a better word, possibly a part of the essence of their Soul (manifesting in their likes and dislikes for example) – not part of their Soul, BUT it still remains a foreign addition to our bodies and is “capsulated”. A bit like an artificial limb. However, this started me thinking again about patients still feeling their limb which has been lost or amputated and the situation there. That’s another story though I feel.


After a career in international PR, Radio and TV, Dr Isabelle Grote felt that there was more to life. She set about retraining as a Doctor in Naturopathy. At “The Foxburgh” (www.foxburgh.co.uk) she loves looking after her patients and improving their health. Dr Grote can be contacted on (+44) 01603 759791 or via isabelle@foxburgh.co.uk More to Life

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and you shall


When my son was born, my perception of life altered. It moved from having the world at my feet, where I could explore relatively carefree, to becoming another living being’s entire universe and sole provider. In an instant everything - every action, every thought was divided into black and white - good or bad. Where once I was more tolerant and liberal in my thinking everything was weighted up as either ‘serving’ or ‘harming’ my precious child. Ten years on, with my responsibilities now extended to a daughter, fending for my children in a world that seems ever more demanding and hostile I now have questions of the very force that birthed us all. I wonder if that being shares concerns, hopes, anxieties and dreams for the life it has birthed as I do. Given the chance to converse with the superconscious ‘Divine’ direct, what would you ask and what would be the reply? What was the Divine thinking when, for the first time, all that was within suddenly came out and had a life of its own? There were moments in the first days of my son’s arrival that I found the weight of responsibility almost too much to bear. Did he have enough to eat, was he warm enough or too warm, did he want to be held or left sleeping, could he see me, did he know all was well or was he worried…did he know how much I loved him? If it is true that we can manifest our thoughts into being, then I worried too as I had visions of all the things that could go wrong with my precious child, the people would could harm him, the danger I could be to him if I was not the ‘perfect’ mum. What if the Divine, with its immense powers to manifest, had to consider all the good things that life could bring as well as their opposite, then was it possible that all our experiences in life - all our joys and all our sorrows are ‘divine’? I asked and the answer came on silent winds… all is possible, choice exists and no demands are made. 36

Our world is a fractious place, though most will agree that a force, an energy, that exceeds us appears to drive everything, we seem evermore divided on its definition. We even go so far as to claim this force/energy has allegiances in favour of and against various groups of people. A little like siblings who wind each other up by claiming a mother or father has preferences. Or the way in which children play parents or family members in general off against each other, in order to exercise their will, dominate or get what they want. As a mum it pains me when my children do this, they are both precious to me and… often forgotten, they are important to each other. More often than not anger and disappointment is all they achieve. In the wider context is humanity’s constant squabbling, determination to dominate and imposing of will over each other, over Nature and the Divine just fuelling ‘cosmic disappointment’? I asked and then immediately wanted to apologise…for the answer seemed so obvious… look within, to you and yours, you are extended the same advice as you give to your children, the rest is up to you.

In my early youth, my father was the closest thing to ‘God’ for my rather agnostic and very inquisitive little mind. He was protective, provided for the family and always had answers (right or otherwise) and that was good enough for me. It was not till I grew older that I realised the pedestal upon which I placed him was not out of reach and that there was always the chance he could fall off. Perhaps the ‘Divine’ does the best it can with what it is and knows, never having asked to be placed on such and unattainable pedestal as humans reserve for divine beings, is it any wonder that sometimes we feel worlds apart, even forsaken. I asked, and though I heard only the stillness of the room around me, I felt everything; the pounding of my heart, the tears well in my eyes and the embrace of a loving parent that you only now realise didn’t have all the answers but was always in reach... And that is good enough for me.

From our resident consciousness commentator Kate Osborne. solarusfoundation. com More to Life

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


Are you living a

high vibration life?

'a person is adversely affected by geopathic stress'


More to Life

Vibration is everything. Quantum Physics





vibrates; plants, animals, rocks, and of course humans. One unique characteristic that we have as humans is that we can learn to control our vibration, and choose to vibrate at a higher frequency. Right now the entire planet and everyone residing on her

to focus on regenerating and replenishing itself. When you are sensitive to geopathic stress and sleep away from home in a nongeopathically stressed area you will probably find that you sleep better and feel more energised.

How Can A Specific Earth Energy Weaken Human Health?

The vibrations emitted by various earth energies do not cause a specific illness, but rather lower a person's immunity to fight diseases. Whether, and to what extent, a person is adversely affected by geopathic stress depends on how strong the particular distorted field is, how long he or she spends under its influence and on their age, general health and lifestyle.

is experiencing an amazing transformation. Dowsing for geopathic stress Planet earth is raising her vibration and we humans are raising ours too. However we still need to be mindful of the energies where we are living and working. The concept that energies are critically important to the universe and to our lives is still recognised but to a much lesser degree in the West than elsewhere. In ancient times, people literally built their lives around their relationships with energy. Feng Shui masters and Geomancers were familiar with the earth currents; they knew which sites to recommend for building, and which sites to avoid. Today we build anywhere regardless of earth energies.

Earth energies affect us all

The ancients were careful about where they built because there are various types of earth energies some very beneficial for human health, and some detrimental. Detrimental energies occur where natural radiation rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electromagnetic fields. These fields are created by underground streams, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines, quarries, mine workings and other features. The wave lengths of the disturbed natural radiation can seriously affect our health.

Geopathic stress drains your energy

The relationship between these earth energies and people's wellbeing has become known as geopathic stress. If you are just passing through an area with geopathic stress, there will be little or no concern. However, if your house is located in a geopathic stress area, you may feel the effects. It drains your life force. Your energy will reduce, your temperament may change. Your cells become less efficient, your power to heal reduces and, ultimately, the cells can change physically. Many illnesses can be put down to the long term effects of living and/or working within a geopathically stressed zone.

The tools the ancients used are still available to us today. To locate geopathic stress dowsers visit land, offices and homes where they seek the location of underground streams, geological faults or the earth’s natural grid lines. As of yet there is no acceptable scientific explanation for dowsing. However, for thousands of years people from all over the world have been finding underground water for wells and mineral deposits to mine by dowsing methods.

Heal the home, heal the person

Where geopathic stress is corrected then healing is often accelerated. For those of us who fall sick and seek the help of a doctor a few minutes is spent discussing symptoms and lifestyle quickly followed by the doctor scribbling on a prescription pad. It may surprise you therefore, that in many European countries, Germany and Austria in particular, one of the first questions the doctor may ask is about the location of your bed and how long have you been sleeping there. These questions are routinely asked not only by several thousand doctors, but also many cancer specialist hospitals. They will recommend a Geopathic Surveyor or Geobiologist as they are often called to investigate your home before deciding on a course of therapy or reaching for the prescription pad.

Return to high vibration living

Moving house or office is not your only option if you feel you are affected by geopathic stress. These detrimental earth energies and any other negative energy affecting a property can be lifted and corrected. It is possible to transform the energy of a space so that it feels nurturing and supports your mind, body and spirit. SpaceDOTs from Phi have been used in many homes to do just this. A spaceDOT holds a high vibration signature and will harmonise negative energies. If the entire property needs rebalancing, four spaceDOTS may be applied to form a 'grid' which will energise the whole area. Alternatively you can use a Phi Pyramid which has a radius of approximately 90 metres.

Where do you place your head at night?

Sleeping in a geopathically stressed zone is particularly detrimental. While we sleep the body should be at rest so that it can repair cells. In a geopathic zone the body has to focus all its energy just to keep vital organs working. It does not have enough energy left

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

If you feel you want some support we do provide a bespoke service. To contact Lucy Blythe at Phi Harmonics, please see advert on page 43. 39

Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology. She works from the heart and speaks from the soul, and opens up to the essence of the cosmos for inspiration and guidance. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten, and she works with clients from across the globe on a regular basis. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.



Horoscopes March 21 - April 20

The fire that burns within you has been smouldering recently; still hot, but the flames have been conspicuous by their absence. It seems that the reason for this is a sense that you are feeling a little discombobulated when it comes to where you are heading in life. There are many different pathways leading off in different directions and more than one appeals to you in different ways. As a result, your usual decisive and visionary Self has been replaced with a less certain and slightly wavering individual not quite sure which way to turn. Stop for a moment and instead of focusing on what may, or may not, lie ahead, focus on where you are now, in this moment. Re-centre and re-align your Self from the inside, out and let those flames re-kindle and burn once again. Feel the heat, the creativity and the passion rising up from within you and start believing in your strength and vision once again. Be present and conscious in the present moment and intuitively you know that you will be guided forwarded...is is your natural state of being, so embrace your inner heat and shine...


April 21 - May 20

As your life continues to shift from an imbalance of doing to one of increased being, there is a sense that you are beginning to restore balance and equilibrium in your life. For a long time you have been focused on your ‘to do’ list in life, gradually ticking off all of those places to go, people to see and things to do, but the magic and sparkle left the building a while ago and this quest became far more mechanical and mundane as a result. It seems that you became so focused on doing that you lost sight of why you were doing it in the first place; you got lost in the quest to make ticks on the list instead of listening to your heart and soul to guide you. You are now entering a time of re-connection to the sparkle within in order to realise that being is equally, if not more, important than doing as being is a measure of your contentment and inner smile. So, smile within and embrace the magic...


May 21 - June 21

As the whirlwind of your life continues to twist and turn, you would be forgiven for feeling a little nauseous at the constant spin and whizz occurring within. Yet, on closer inspection, it seems that the reason for the nausea is not connected to you being tossed about like a freshly made salad but it is because you have been resisting the spin instead. Your inner whirlwind is your natural and true state of being; you are not a stagnant pool of energy but a vibrant, spinning ball of thoughts and ideas. Spinning is what makes you, you and although it seems right to try to find stability when the whole world is twisting, it is the act of surrendering to your whirlwind that ultimately seems to be your path to freedom. As you become One with the twists and the turns, you no longer feel nauseous but you connect to the power within and this feels deeply inspirational and empowering on many levels. Instead of trying to understand and contain your expansive consciousness, why not become it, love it and enjoy it?


June 22 - July 22

As the waves of change continue to lap the shores of your soul, you are beginning to see your Self and your life from a new and refreshed perspective; it is as though you have temporarily stepped out of your Self in order to observe your Self and you are quite surprised by the results! There is a sense that this new perspective has enabled you to realise that you are no longer content to keep on keeping on all the time without, at least, a sense of you exploring and discovering some new dimensions in life. As a result, over the weeks ahead you look set to open up to a new pathway in life, one that feels life affirming and positive in so many ways. Initially this pathway may feel at a slight tangent to other aspects of your life but trust your intuition to lead the way as you know that you are ready to up anchor and set sail. Although you may not initially be sure of your destination, relax and have fun on the way knowing that whatever happens next is simply a part of the magnificent jigsaw puzzle of your life... th


July 23 - August 23

As you continue to embrace the light, heat and creativity of the solar power within you, there is a sense that you are beginning to consciously connect to this energy in order to re-shape and re-define your life. You are a vibrant and passionate soul but over recent months you have lost sight of this as you have tried to be the person that you thought everyone else wanted you to be. As a result, you stepped away from the brilliant shining light glowing within and tried to shape your Self in a way that you thought best in the circumstances, yet your light is not for quashing, restraining or hiding, and, despite your best efforts, you could not settle trying to be someone or something you are not. Over the days and weeks ahead there is a need for you to bathe in the light of your magnificent inner sun in order to re-centre and re-align your Self with the Truth of all that you are. Know that by being true to you that you are allowing the full luminosity of your being to radiate for the benefit of all...


August 24 - September 22

Stepping from where you are to where you want to be has been a big goal for you over recent months; there is a sense of growing anticipation and inner knowing that once you get to where you want to be then everything will fall into place. As a result of this, it seems that you have become so focused on firstly working out where you want to get to and secondly on reaching your destination, that that you have lost sight of where you are now. This is totally understandable of course as it is so important for you to know that you are on the ‘right track’ and doing everything in your power to make your dreams a reality. However, there is a sense that by becoming so focused on finally standing on that chocolate box rolling green hill with the rainbow up-above that you have lost sight of the richness and the beauty of where you are now. Stop for a moment to consider all that you are and all that you have; do you want chocolate box or do you want happiness? Happiness is with you now; you only need to look...

Winter 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk



September 23 - October 22

As you continue to re-write the rule book of your life, there is a sense that you have reached a natural pause point; a moment of stillness in your otherwise fairly frenetic and fast-moving world. The power of your intent is a formidable force and your overactive mind thrown in for good measure, you would be forgiven for sometimes feeling lost in the centre of a whirling mass of thoughts, ideas and dreams. This mass has great creative and inspirational power but it can also feel overwhelming as you can lose sight of you and lose your sense of connection with the rules that you are actually trying to re-write and why you are trying to re-write them. Sometimes, when a natural pause moment appears in your life, the best strategy is to avoid resisting the pause and instead rest and take a deep breath in order to re-centre and re-focus as a brief spell of respite will help you to hone and sharpen your intent in order to re-shape your world, re-align your thoughts and re-write the rule book in your own unique and inspirational way...


October 23 - November 22

Loving your Self continues to be an important theme for you over the weeks and months ahead as loving your Self takes on a new dimension as you step beyond thinking about loving your Self to truly loving every single aspect of your Self. This is easier said than done, as you, like everyone on the planet, has parts that you are less than fond of, yet they are still a part of you and instead of denying their existence or pushing them away it seems that you have reached a turning point of realisation and opened up to the notion that if you start to love your Self wholeheartedly then you can begin to feel a truer sense of balance within. You are the accumulation of all that you are and those aspects that are painful or the ones that you would rather not accept are all a part of the magnificent jigsaw puzzle of your life. So, instead of fragmenting your Self by denial and resistance, try to embrace your whole Self with love and tenderness and you will feel the vibration shift towards one of Wholeness, love and balance...


November 23 - December 21

Your determination, resilience and all-round feistiness are facets of your soul that stem from your fiery creativity and inspirational open-heartedness both driven by your desire to live the best life possible. You are a champion for exploring possibilities and a natural at seeing the bigger picture in terms of your vision and your dreams. Yet it seems that life has become a little too heavy and cumbersome once again and your usually exuberant and effervescent Self is struggling under the pressure of decisions to make, things to do, places to go and people to see; your spirit feels trapped and constrained by life events leaving you feeling detached from your sense of purpose. Although you feel bogged down, much of this pressure is self-created as you try to juggle a dozen different opportunities and possibilities not wanting to let any go in case they are ‘the one’. This is a natural reaction but there comes a time when you have to stop juggling in order to take a deep breath and start living instead. Focus on your inner fire to lead the way, have faith, let go and be free...


December 22 - January 20

As one of life’s realists, there is a sense that you are more than willing to take ownership for your choices, decisions and situation in life; this is a sign of your ability to be accountable and responsible for your life, your path and your Self. Owning your ‘stuff’ is a sign of a liberated soul but there is a chance that you have been taking this a little too literally recently and taking on board more than you actually need to. Owning your choices, your beliefs and your emotional responses is important as they are a part of you but you shouldn’t forget that you are an interconnected soul and a part of the universal Whole. You are not a castle on an isolated island carrying full responsibility for guarding every single choice, action or decision, you are a vibrant, fluid and interactive being, and you are not alone with all of this. A problem shared is a problem halved is a good mantra, but perhaps more inspirationally: open up your heart and soul to the interconnectivity of your life and breathe...


January 21 - February 19

As a soul with a powerful vision it can sometimes be hard for you to be aware of the present moment as your gaze is so strongly focused on the horizon, the rainbow and that ‘pot of gold’ which you intuitively know is your birthright. The power of your intent is powerful and life-shaping but a future focus removes the point of origin from the equation of your life and that point of origin is the present moment. Without a strong connection to the present moment, the future loses shape and context, and you can lose sight of your vision as a result. Without a reference point, you are liable to drift without context or purpose and this is likely to lead to a frustrated you. Over the days and weeks ahead it seems important for you to pause for a while to re-connect your consciousness to the present moment in order to create a more powerful and energetic connection to life; be present, be aware and try to ground your Self in this moment as this will help you to galvanise your dreams and bring them back from the distant horizon to within your reach...


February 20 - March 20

As you continue to merge your expanding consciousness with your everyday life there is a sense that you have started to see your life, your Self, your path and your responsibilities from a new perspective. Instead of feeling like you have to be the one that has to carry so much for so many, you are realising that much of this has been by choice. Taking ownership of this realisation has been liberating as it has enabled you to shift the dynamics away from burden and claustrophobic pressure to one of expansion, space and ease. Although your situation in itself may not be shifting significantly, the fact that your awareness of it is changing is shifting the vibration and enabling you to breathe more freely and openly. You are a beautiful, fluid and gentle soul but you are also powerful, strong and magnificent at the same time. Don’t resist your true and natural state of being; see it as a brilliant gift that will help you to live the best life possible. Embrace All that you Are, love your Self and be your Self...

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