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Hi everyone, The Power of Discernment is a gift we all have but how many of us use or are even aware of it? What does it mean? When would we use it? I am growing to understand that for me, it means the ability to use my intuition when unsure of the direction I need to take. The ability to move my thoughts and ego out of the way and listen to guidance from a higher power gently whispering to my soul. So often I hear those whispers but not always do I follow their guidance. I think I know better, I argue, debate and challenge them taking my feelings into consideration rather than those of the divine. Sometimes I even sulk or have a temper tantrum and each time I do it leaves me confused, disappointed or having to face another of life’s precious lessons. So how do we follow that guidance? How do we take heed of those whispers? At the end of next month, I am heading back to Mount Abu, the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. My mission is to ask this question of this profoundly wise organisation. How do they know when the divine is directing them? I shall keep you informed in the next edition. In the meantime, please enjoy us.

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The Red Pill or the Blue Pill? As I walk into any restaurant the first thing I do is frantically search the menu, increasingly printed on a wooden block or slab of slate (the epitome of style over substance), for something that says ‘vegan’. More often than not, a vegetarian dish that can be veganised is available, but living in the English countryside means that some of the most traditional counties have yet to catch on, and there are still many pubs across the country immersed in meat. You may be surprised to hear that I have no problem with other people eating meat, that is their choice, just as I have made mine, so on those occasions where I need to ask for something ‘special’ to be made, I cringe. I see my non-vegan friends and family smirk slightly and that repetitious joke – there is always one awkward one – is brought out to amuse the waiter again. Inevitably, I blush. Why? I’m not ashamed of being vegan; I’m happy with my choice of lifestyle and it brings me immense peace of mind. However, I am aware that it immediately makes other people feel uncomfortable. Almost as soon as the word is out of my mouth I can see people’s brains whirring with questions and judgements. Vegan? Must be a tree hugging, deodorant avoiding, opinionated freak who thinks that plants have feelings.

How do you know if someone is vegan? Don’t worry, they will tell you. Whenever I meet someone new, I try my hardest not to mention the v-bomb but it always makes its way into conversation somehow and I find myself having the same conversations over and over again. It’s like Groundhog Day meets the Spanish Inquisition and I always end up losing because frankly, people don’t care what I say. I could tell them any number of facts and stats that show how vegan diets can be beneficial to their health. I could reference bodybuilders and athletes who have thrived after adopting a plant-based diet. I could even tell them that being vegan will make them a millionaire (it probably won’t) and every single person will come back with the same answers. I’m so bored of having debates with people who are not willing to listen and which are not discussed in mainstream media. It’s time we started having frank conversations about veganism without the judgement from either side. Vegans are not blameless in all this by any means, and vegan shaming is a real problem. Don’t they realise that posting that horrendous picture on their Facebook timeline will only make people scroll past or unfollow them? Attacking other people for their beliefs is never okay, but choosing to bury your head in the sand just because you love steak isn’t either. In 1999 a film called The Matrix was released (and has not aged well at all, by the way) and if you have seen it you will remember the scene where Morpheus offers Neo two pills ¬– taking the red pill will reveal the reality of the life he has been living whereas the blue pill will return him to his life where he will live in ignorant bliss. I offer you the same opportunity here. Do you want to know the true cost of a meat-based diet?

Anonymous Vegan will not try to convert you to a tree hugging, deodorant avoiding, opinionated freak but I do want to open people’s eyes and end some of the ridiculous myths that surround vegans. Got a question? Get in touch at anonvegan@outlook.com



I open my eyes from the timelessness inside to see images of Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Shiva and many other enlightened beings hanging up on the temple wall, and the chanting of ancient texts brings me back to myself with deeply healing vibrations. Is the woman behind me a Hindu goddess? Is the lady to my left an Earth angel? I see one of the nuns leading the devotional singing. She sings from the heart and helps to raise the collective energy of the room, bringing in our higher selves, the god and goddess energies. It seems to me that she is a divine goddess, her life devoted to the inner self. Now, I am passionate about the importance of living from the right hemisphere of philosophy, spirituality and unity consciousness so we do not rely solely on reason and logic, analysing everything into separation. While experiencing temple life at Skanda Vale Ashram, a multi-faith monastery with a mixture of Sisters, Brothers, Swamis, lay people, volunteers and pilgrims, my thoughts turned towards chants, mantras and language in general: everyone has a different way of perceiving the same concept. Here is a temple full of people trying to find ‘God’ and every single person will be having a completely different experience.

Spiritual Language

It is interesting that the nuns are called ‘sisters’ and the monks are ‘brothers’, whilst in my own community, too, we think of ourselves as one extended family, brothers and sisters on the same journey. At the events, healing sessions and workshops I attend, we call each other sister and brother, recognising the divine light inside. So I naturally found myself asking, what is the difference? In ashram life, the titles are used in a completely different context - and could potentially have different meanings from a religious perspective - yet is there any essential energetic difference? Intention and feeling are everything, so if calling someone ‘sister’ or ‘brother’ brings a feeling of love and unity consciousness, perhaps this is all that matters. In a world of duality and ambiguity of language, of over-analysis, it is time to return to the essence. Skanda Vale is truly a beautiful example of how old paradigm religion and the New Age can exist harmoniously. When I saw a painting of what I would describe as an ‘alien sky god’, a Christ-like figure many would perceive as a ‘light being’ here to assist our evolution, I had a strong feeling of being safe, protected and not alone. My own work as a Reiki Master Teacher and shamanic healer allows me to communicate directly with beings on subtler dimensions, so this is what the painting meant for me. But many people have had no such direct mystical encounters and rely solely on faith and traditional religious teachings. Most are unaware that the divinity we attach to figures such as Christ is available within ourselves - within our very own DNA, cellular memory and consciousness. The intention o f the ancient luminous ones mentioned above was to provide us with a living example of the level of consciousness we can achieve, a true Heaven on Earth. For me, the vibration and energy of the temples during Puja service was uplifting, connected and truly divine, and each time I left I felt wonderful. It did not matter whether I ‘understood’ the words used or not. So it is the feeling that language evokes in us - the feeling of names such as Krishna, Buddha, Christ - that matters for our spiritual growth, rather than the language of feeling - the concepts we attach to our feelings. Recognising this would do so much to break down the barriers between faiths. Music is of course also strongly connected to this theme. Indeed, in a sense it is the nature of everything because everything is frequency and vibration; on a subatomic level, particles flow together to create an interactive oneness of all existence. Our minds tune in to different frequencies, consciously or unconsciously, and it would be interesting to know what energetic experience each person in that temple was having!


The soul is eternal and one with the external so when in tune with the universal music that surrounds us we see time’s cycle disappear and everything exists as one sound. Tunes are playing frequently through body, mind and soul, we sense them fully, instantly for we are the music’s notes. And within the silence free from all desires,

One young man really made an impact on me: he was a permanent resident in the ashram with his wife and would play the drums during each Puja service. It was beautiful to watch him as he literally became the music, merging as one with Source. Observing him reminded me of those who enter a shamanic trance state to journey through other worlds. So it was fascinating when I had a conversation with him later about telepathy and using music to merge with Source as a form of communication, that he had no idea what I was talking about! He was simply creating his own reality and affecting those around him through his merging with the music and by the vibrations he was sending out. He was using his energy to communicate his feeling, a divine representation of God energy. Yet from a ‘left brain perspective’, using reason to describe the whole experience, he was very confused by my suggestion, as if I were speaking a different language altogether...

the higher mind reminds us we are loved, powerful and appreciated, comforted with loving words in rhyme. (Extract from A Message from Source)

Grace Gabriella Puskas is the author of A Message from Source, winner of the 2014 Local Legend Spiritual Writing Competition. www.local-legend.co.uk. Find her at gracegabriella33.wixsite.com/grace


Article by Julian Middleton juliancmiddleton@hotmail.com


To understand who the Masters are and why they’re here, it’s worth pausing to consider who we are and why we’re here. Many in the Mind, Body and Spirit field are familiar with terms such as ascension, grace, enlightenment and so forth. I also suspect that many of us have only somewhat vague notions as to what these phrases really mean – ideals only, perhaps, to strive for and hopefully attain in a far-flung future. Indeed, the Masters are those Great Ones who through countless incarnations and much struggle and suffering (as well as great achievement) have attained such lofty states and thus achieved the prize of release from the Great Wheel of death and rebirth. They have matriculated from the university of life, where many of us remain in truth strictly first years, having undergone every conceivable experience life on earth has to offer, learned every lesson and passed every test. In so doing they have, in effect, attained a humility that we dare only dream of. They have mastered themselves on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and as a result have no further need to incarnate on Earth. All power, wisdom, knowledge and love are theirs.

For millions of years, the Masters worked openly among us, and humanity was evolving steadily under Their wise guidance and tuition. Following the destruction of Atlantis around 98,000 years ago, however, the Masters of the time were forced to retreat to the remote areas of the planet – the deserts and especially the mountains, from where they have continued to guide us. They have in particular operated through their initiates – great men and women throughout history who have themselves been evolving under the Masters’ tutelage, albeit not necessary consciously: Churchill, Shakespeare, Darwin, Einstein and many others. For, as we grow and evolve on the long road toward perfection, we embark on a final series of lifetimes where we become initiated into the Mysteries and must demonstrate our own growing mastery over the various planes of mortal existence: physical, emotional, mental and so forth.


Each step brings us closer to the final breakthrough that unites us with our very highest self, enabling us to graduate from the academy as a Master. We may then choose to move on to higher work, or remain on earth to help suffering humanity, as many do. So it is that the Masters of Wisdom have walked the same paths that we walk, made the same mistakes and learned accordingly, and for this reason they are known too as the Lords of Compassion.

Now, as we enter the 21st century, the Masters are returning to live among us: a relatively small number have been living in some of the great cities of the world since the 1970s, incognito for now, in preparation for Their Emergence into full visibility. They do so because it is part of Their development as a group consciousness, but also to guide us out of the present morass and world crisis into a new and far greater civilisation that will reflect man’s true inherent divinity, obscured for so long. The Masters are themselves guided by Their own Master, Maitreya, who has also been living among us for some forty years, waiting for the right time to step forward. Humanity must renounce selfishness, greed and acquisition and inaugurate the ways of the Aquarian Age: altruism, selflessness and above the principle of sharing in order to bring about justice and peace. Currently we live in a world where millions starve when there is more than enough food for all, where a tiny wealthy minority possess as much wealth as the poorest three billion, and where the environment deteriorates daily under humanity’s rape and pillage, to the peril of all. Those who study esotericism know that this dark hour is truly the moment before the dawn, before we emerge from the edge of the abyss and climb into the brilliant sunshine of a new and far better world. But humanity must be ready in sufficient numbers to accept the new world, to renounce selfishness, greed and war. Until it is ready, Maitreya and His Masters cannot come forward, because to do so would infringe our free will, and that They cannot do. There have been three principle exponents of Ageless Wisdom and writers about the Masters in modern times. The first, Helena Blavatsky, wrote The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled in the late 19th century, and founded the Theosophist movement. Alice Bailey wrote many volumes in the earlier 20th Century (many dictated telepathically by her Master). Finally, Scottish artist Benjamin Creme founded Share International and wrote and lectured for over forty years, before passing away late last year. He enjoyed similar telepathic rapport with his Master, who wrote many articles and answered thousands of questions through Creme. These may be found in Benjamin Creme’s books and Share International magazine.

Which side are you on? Which path will you choose? page11

The Light This article is dedicated to The Light. It would be disingenuous of me not to acknowledge the unhappiness and darkness that assaults our senses on a daily basis. The world seems in turmoil with one terrible event following another and at times like these it is so hard not to become negative. But by doing so we are simply adding our dark thoughts and fears to the pool of negativity which only makes the darkness deeper. So what can we do to help? What part can we play in the world, which is full of change and in a state of flux, when nothing seems certain any more, when chaos appears to reign? Now, some spiritual teachers will advise us not to watch or listen to the news. To not be dragged into this pool of negativity, to simply send light into the world. For some that attitude works and their hearts are not touched by individual events which they feel are beyond their power to affect. Some of us however, feel it is our duty to at least keep up with current affairs, to follow the news in some way. Some listen to the radio, others catch up with world events via social media whilst others watch the television for their news. Personally, I do try to follow events by listening to the radio. I do not have to watch terrible images of man’s inhumanity to man and this suits me well but I would not have myself ignorant. I do feel a certain responsibility to be aware. If I do not know what is going on how can I direct loving light to those in need? This is merely an observation, there is no right or wrong, as we are all different as so we should be.

In our lives, which are merely a microcosm of the whole, it is sometimes hard to call upon the light. When we are in a slew of despondency it is most difficult to “rise above” our feelings of hurt or rejection. When we are sensitive to the energy surrounding us these unpleasant experiences are greatly magnified. We may feel that we have been judged and condemned harshly or unfairly and it is very difficult to overcome the feelings of inadequacy these judgments can bring to the surface of our minds and hearts. We all have “dark nights of the soul” when it feels impossible to remain optimistic, when we really cannot see the positive in anything. We can “hand it over” to our angels or whatever we believe in, ask them to take this negativity away from us, to guide us towards the light but sadly, when we are feeling so low and unworthy, it is most difficult to pass it over.>>



>> Yes we can pray and perhaps feel a little release but how quickly does the problem assault our thoughts yet again? And I consider those of us who have faith are the lucky ones - I cannot imagine how people without faith and hope and the belief in a higher power can possibly rise above the vicissitudes of life.

Try to imagine how we must look to a ministering angel looking down on us Their sole purpose is to help humanity, to guide us towards the peace we all long for. The darkness surrounding the earth must be so very hard to penetrate, it must be like looking through a fog or a black cloud. How then can they reach us? I believe that through this darkness little pinpricks of light can be seen. These little pinpricks represent those who work for the good of mankind in whatever way they can; offering a helping hand; a smile; a listening ear; by their unconditional love and of course by their loving thoughts, be it prayer or any other method of sending light to those in need. And that light does get through - the angels can see those little lights becoming a chink in the armour or darkness.

without the darkness how should we know light? Without despair how can we know joy? Without grief how could we know love? There is light and shade in everything. I once read that evil (not a word I much like) is only good taking the wrong path. Despite the darkness we all face, those of us who are light workers have a vast resource of help to tap into. In these dark times it is more important than ever that we reach up to that Light. How do we do that? We can pray. Pray for guidance, pray for the angels of Light to draw ever closer to us, pray that our hearts may be lifted up and all hurt and anguish dissipated and released. It is hard to do admittedly, but so necessary for the well being of this world. A smile, a gentle touch, compassion and of course love for our fellow beings are the ammunition which all of us who want to make the world a better place carry with us. Let us remember to shine!

Kathy Searle More to Life Elder The Seekers Trust Christian Healing Centre



Where does one cease to Survive and begin to Succumb? The point of demarcation is not death as we know it. It is marked by what one might call the death of the consciousness of the individual. Man’s greatest weapon is his reason. Lacking the teeth, the armor-plate hide, the claws of so many life forms, Man has relied upon his ability to reason in order to further himself in his survival. The election of the ability to think as a chief weapon is a fortunate one. It has awarded Man with the kingdom of Earth. Reason is an excellent weapon. The animal is fixed with weapons he cannot alter. He cannot adjust to a changing environment. And it is terribly important, to survive, to change when the environment changes. Every extinct species became extinct because it could not change to control a new environment. Reason remedies this failure to a marked extent for Man can invent new tools and new weapons and a whole new environment. Reason permits him to change to fit new situations. Reason keeps him in control of new environments.

Death Consciousness by L. Ron Hubbard

On the

Are brightness in life, quick enthusiasm, a desire and will to live, a belief in destiny — are these things illusions? Or are they symptoms of the very stuff of which vital life is made? And isn’t their decline a symptom of death. Knowledge does not destroy a will to live.


Pain and loss of self-determinism destroy that will. Life can be painful. The gaining of experience is often painful. The retaining of that experience is essential. But isn’t it still experience if it doesn’t yet have the pain? Suppose you could wipe out of your life all the pain, physical and otherwise, which you have accumulated. Would it be so terrible to have to part with a broken heart, or a psychosomatic illness, with fears and anxieties and dreads? Suppose a man had a chance again, with all he knows, to look life and the universe in the eye again and say it could be whipped. Do you recall a day when you were younger and you woke to find bright dew on the grass, the leaves, to find the golden Sun bright upon a happy world? Do you recall how beautiful and fine it once was? The first sweet kiss? The warmth of true friendship? The intimacy of a moonlight ride?

Any animal that simply adjusts itself to match its environment is doomed

What made it become otherwise than a brilliant world?

Environments change rapidly. Animals which control and change the environment have the best chance of survival. The only way you can organize a collective state is to convince men that they must adjust and adapt themselves, like animals, to a constant environment. The people must be deprived of the right to control, as individuals, their environment. Then they can be regimented and herded into groups. They become owned, not owners. Reason and the right to reason must be taken from them, for the very centre of reason is the right to make up one’s own mind about one’s environment.

The consciousness of the world around one is not an absolute thing. One can be more conscious of color and brightness and joy at one time of life than another. One can more easily feel the brilliant reality of things in youth than he can in age. And isn’t this something like a decline of consciousness, of awareness? What is it that makes one less aware of the brilliance of the world around him? Has the world changed? No, for each new generation sees the glamour and the glory, the vitality of life — the same life that age may see as dull at best. The individual changes. And what makes him change? Is it a decay of his glands and sinews? Hardly, for all the work that has been done on glands and sinews — the structure of the body — has restored little if any of the brilliance of living.

The elements fight Man and man fights man. The primary target of the enemies of Man or a man is his right and ability to reason. The crude and blundering forces of the elements; storms, cold and night bear down against, challenge and then mayhap crush the reason as well as the body. But just as unconsciousness always precedes death, even by instants, so does the death of reason precede the death of the organism. And this action may happen in a long span of time, even half a lifetime, even more.

“Ah, youth,” sighs the adult. “If I had but your zest again!” What reduced that zest? As one’s consciousness of the brilliance of life declines, so has declined his own consciousness. Awareness decreases exactly as consciousness decreases. The ability to perceive the world around one and the ability to draw accurate conclusions about it are, to all intents, the same thing.

Have you watched the high alertness of a young man breasting the forces which oppose life? And watched another in old age? You will find that what has suffered has been the ability to reason. He has gained hard-won experience and on this experience he seeks, from middle age on, to travel. It is a truism that youth thinks fast on little experience and that age thinks slowly on much. The reason of youth is very far from always right, for youth is attempting to reason without adequate data.

Glasses are a symptom of the decline of consciousness. One needs his sight bolstered to make the world look brighter. The loss of the ability to move swiftly, as one as a child, is a decline of consciousness and ability.

Suppose we had a man who had retained all his ability to reason and yet had a great deal of experience. Suppose our greybeards could think with all the enthusiasm and vitality of youth and yet had all their experience as well. Age says to youth, “You have no experience!” Youth says to age, “You have no vision, you will not accept or even examine new ideas!” Obviously an ideal arrangement would be for one to have the experience of age and the vitality and vision of youth. You may have said to yourself, “With all my experience now, what wouldn’t I give for some of the enthusiasm I had once.” Or perhaps you have excused it all by saying you have “lost your illusions. ” But you aren’t sure they were illusions.

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Complete unconsciousness is death. Half unconsciousness is half death. A quarter unconsciousness is a quarter of death. And as one accumulates the pain attendant upon life and fails to accumulate the pleasures, one gradually loses his race with the gentleman with the scythe. And there ensues, at last, the physical incapacity for seeing, thinking and being, known as death. © 2017 Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc. (All Rights Reserved) a non-profit association with limited liability incorporated in South Australia (BR014950). Registered agent in the UK: PD Hodkin, 42-44 Copthorne Road, Felbridge, RH19 2NS. Grateful acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard. Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission.


How does one accumulate this pain? And if he got rid of it, would full consciousness and a full bright concept of life return? And is there a way to get rid of it?

Since the recent and very unexpected passing of a close friend, I have found myself becoming more and more reflective. I guess losing someone without much warning does that – we start trying to put this temporal life into perspective, don’t we? As we all know Life can be absolutely amazing or absolutely awful, usually somewhere in between, the highs and lows can feel like a roller coaster leaving us feeling breathless and unsteady and yet there is no doubt that everything we experience is a huge learning curve – of course, we only realise this as we get older, (one of the few benefits we get in our later years), when we have learnt to navigate our way through life’s challenges a little better.

So, by making the most of your opportunities, by looking closely and recognizing when a ‘lesson’ presents itself you can create a world of positivity and abundance. Sometimes the lessons come from our families, often in the most surprising and unexpected ways. By seeing these lessons as gifts from the Universe, we can learn to be forgiving, tolerant and patient with our ‘teachers’ and avoid so much conflict and disharmony.

Wisdom comes from knowing how to handle life’s lessons. If we are good students the lesson can be plain sailing but if we are stubborn, or allow our egos to persuade us we are in charge, we can find ourselves in stormy seas.

We are all here breathing in the same air so why not be happy and content with your lot? Put the material stuff to one side and try to make sense of your life. Peace will truly follow. A simple gesture can so often mean more than an expensive gift – a smile when you’re sad, a flower from a stranger, a child’s laugh. How liberating it would be if we didn’t feel the need to be rich enough, pretty enough, trendy enough, have the right postcode, have a fab car…

Over the years, I have learnt to take in 3 deep breaths and make the sound of ‘Ohm’ which calms me down immediately. Breathe in new energy and breathe out old energy and then start all over again. It works, try it - I know, I’ve practised it a lot.


‘do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity’

People who live ‘happy lives’ are not necessarily blessed with abundance, success, love or wealth but they have been blessed with the gift of peacefulness and perseverance, of being able to appreciate the good things – gratitude is an important ingredient in the recipe for happiness. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But it is true. Focus on the good stuff and more will arrive. If this feels a long way off for you, it might be an idea to do some inner work; meditation, mindfulness, yoga etc can help lift your vibration into a healthier space for your future and pave the way to developing your spiritual understanding of the world, in particular the spiritual laws of the universe. The Law of Attraction for example says that by telling the universe what you want, it will happen. The secret is to let go of your ego and trust in the Universe. A simple shift in attitude can help us remain balanced, centred and calm in every event, no matter what the outcome. By having the right mindset, joy and happiness can be our constant companions. Trust the universe to guide and help you in all you do. The universe is often a troublesome and unnerving place and human beings tend to be set to a negative default.

Basic qualities of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration, patience and tolerance are priceless – use these tools properly, one step at a time and the universe will answer all questions and guide you.

Affirmations can also be powerful tools I recommend you repeat often: I am Balanced; I am Abundant; I am Love; I am Peaceful; I Forgive; I am Magical; I am Heart Centred; I am Empowered; I Believe; I Manifest; I feel Tranquil; I see with Clarity; I am Joyful; I Unblock and Release; I am Self-Confident; I am Grounded; I feel Harmony; I am Enlightened. Do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity. Always remember, life is a classroom in which to learn . Your happy vibes will raise the vibration of everyone around you.

Article by More to Life Elder Linda Jarrett www.templeofgoldenlight.co.uk e: templeofgoldenlight@gmail.com. 07711 679718 Balanced


Abundant Love Peaceful Forgiveness Magical Heart Centred Empowered Believe Manifest

Tranquil Clarity Joyful Unblock and Release Self-Confident Grounded Harmonious Enlightened


The Power of Magnetic Therapy

“We know that MRI scanners work by polarizing the protons in water. The body is composed of at least 70% water and hydrogen ions are positively charged. An MRI scanner exerts a powerful magnetic field which stabilizes the protons, a second pulse of charged magnetic field is then applied which causes the protons to rotate and an image is created by measuring the different degrees of rotation within the different tissues. It is possible that by applying a static magnetic field to an area of the body could cause the protons to align and therefore reduce movement and reduce an inflammatory response. We also know that the red blood cells contain iron in the form of haemoglobin and that is attracted by a magnetic field. This is currently being used therapeutically to cleanse blood of sepsis by a process similar to dialysis. It is also possible therefore that the application of a magnetic field to an area of the body could affect the way in which the blood flows in that area. Improvement in the blood flow to the area would promote healing. The neurological system functions rather like an electrical current, which is made up of electrons, negatively charged particles. Again a magnetic field would have a significant influence on the way in which this functions. Some proponents of magnetic therapy believe that the magnetic field has a significant influence on the autonomic nervous system and this may explain the profound effect of magnetic therapy on the management of menopausal symptoms. There are several different mechanisms, which could be acting in different ways. It is important for us to maintain an open mind about therapeutic potential of magnetic treatment and investigate the effects and mechanisms scientifically. I feel that this is very exciting area for new research.” Dr. Tena Walters’ expertise in magnetic therapy comes from over 20 years of working with breast cancer patients, who often suffer menopausal symptoms because of the effects of chemotherapy or the drug tamoxifen. While many drugs have traditionally been prescribed to help with these symptoms, the one solution I’ve found to be of most benefit is a small magnetic device which can also help young girls with menstrual symptoms or general aches and pains. Devices like the MAGNETIX Power Hearts, which contain powerful neodymium magnets which have decorative counter plates allowing them to be reliably attached to clothing and bandages and can be worn particularly close to the body – just where you want it. Small but effective, these Power Hearts can be fastened to your clothing to target specific problem areas. Examples of use can include your back, shoulders, neck, knees and other joints. Simply place them where you want to target pain and let the magic begin. In one uncontrolled trial of 504 self-selected women, levels of suffering were significantly reduced after the use of magnets. Over 50% saw an improvement in menopausal symptoms in the first month, with 75% seeing an improvement in three months. There is also a new sepsis treatment where blood is taken out of the body, then fed through a machine containing magnets to distil out the inflamed parts and then fed back into the body – so there are definite therapeutic uses to magnets being increasingly used in a wide variety of areas. “What I would say is the exact mechanism of how those benefits is achieved isn’t fully understood yet and we definitely need more studies, but anecdotally from the women I’ve treated, I believe in a few years’ time magnets will be used more and more for a wide variety of ailments. It’s no surprise to me that people say they have helped with leg ulcers and sore joints.

For many years, scientists have wondered about the possible therapeutic effects of magnets. Vets have been using magnetic therapy effectively for treatments of horses for many years, (particularly racehorses to help relieve symptoms of arthritis, aches and pains) and particularly in recent years, there is scientific evidence to show that magnets are effective in the management of many health benefits including alleviating menopausal symptoms and more. Consultant Surgeon, Dr. Tena Walters (MBBS FRCS MS) has conducted research with evidence to prove that magnetic therapy is a viable treatment method.


In May I presented a paper published in the European Journal of Surgical Oncology to the Association of Breast Surgeons in Belfast, and I believe many more papers will be published in due course to explore the efficacy and use of magnets in the future. There is such a groundswell in terms of word of mouth amongst the women I speak with, I think the use of magnets in healthcare is unstoppable.” Research studies have shown magnets can not only act as an alternative method for treating a number of conditions – from arthritis to menstrual pain, migraines, sports injuries and more – but also improve overall wellbeing.

To find out more about the incredible effects and benefits of magnetic therapy, Dr. Tena Walters is available to offer any support, evidence, more information or statistics on this topic. She is also happy to partake in any Q&A’s and offer expert comments. Please see advert on page 47.


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Dance, dance, wherever you may be, I am the lord of the dance, said he. And I lead you all, wherever you may be. And I lead you all in the dance, said he.” Lord of the Dance

For many, dance can be a self conscious, awkward and embarrassing experience. I understand this. We are brought up in an adult culture of seriousness and propriety where it can, at times, be considered inappropriate and misplaced to attempt to find expression of yourself through the physicality of dance. This is sad. We only have to look at how children behave - how they are fully present in their bodies, how they enthusiastically engage with play, how they freely enter into different expressive modes – to realize what adulthood has done to us. Closing us down in solemn, self-confinement where we monitor almost every gesture we make against a template of what is considered appropriate or not. Where we restrict ourselves to cultural norms, laid down by others, that tell us not to behave ‘ foolishly ‘ or ‘ childishly.‘ To me this seems so wrong and so confining. Dance is a vital part of our creative drive that is articulated in all human societies - from sophisticated, developed societies to more simple, less developed ones. A universality that lies at the core of our human existence and is, I would argue, denied at the risk of our individual diminishment. Some may argue that dance is widely present and even promoted in our society, that it receives widespread support. But isn’t most of this a rather formal, technique-lead medium that conforms to laid down routines of set steps and movements that denies the truly liberating essence of what dance could be – an imaginative, free expression of our innate creativity. By engaging with this latter mode (the free spirit of dance) we can start to open up to new levels of being that lift us up physically, mentally and spiritually. That’s the gift, that’s what’s on offer if only we can shed our self-defeating inhibitions and connect to the magic that is crying out within us....

By moving the body to a repertoire of music it claims we can release the heart, still the mind and thereby help us to connect to the spiritual realm – that something outside of us that is so much bigger than us. I was reluctant to attend at first but sensing my friend’s enthusiasm I decided to go along. It was a large, spacious studio with about twelve people attending. The Five Rhythms consisted of Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness. The music itself provided the guide to dancing with a minimal amount of instruction from the tutor. As we went through the different movements I noticed that everyone was expressing themselves individually and yet strangely enough there was some dimension of unison being played out. Some dancers were reaching out to touch others with their hands, whilst some were playing out their own individual ‘destiny ‘ in the far corners of the dance studio. At the end of the session I felt exhausted and yet elated, tired yet excited, aching yet euphoric. Whilst I was lying down to regain my energy I noticed a man visibly weeping. After the class I spoke to the tutor about this incident. She said that it often occurred in her classes because it’s a time of profound emotional release. ‘We carry so much tension in our bodies which only the dance can reach ‘ she said quietly and calmly. I made my exit and reflected on her words for the rest of the day.......

In world religions and mythologies dance has played a sacred role. Within Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism it has been used as an important and potent medium for the expression of healing, joy, celebration and religious observance. It has been part of rituals, ceremony, entertainment and celebrations in even the earliest of recorded time. Even before the codification of written language, dance was one of the major ways of transmitting stories and myths from one generation to another.

Dance, in its most magical form, can embody or express our emotions, ideas and creativity. It can even tell our story to ourselves – it’s that powerful. It’s an expression of our very life-blood at the deepest, molecular level. It’s our pulsating heartbeat, our breathing, our very own rhythm of life. It’s an art form that cannot be expressed in any other way. Its integrity and dignity replaces many words. Which begs the question – how many of us engage in dance?

Dance is everywhere – in religious congregations, on the dance floor, at the ballet, in the gymnasium, in the swimming pool (synchronized swimming), on ice (figure skating), in the martial arts, it is even performed in the animal world (consider the mating dance of bees). Dance is so powerful and persuasive - deeply imprinted in the human and animal gene, since life began....

How many of us are prepared to lose ourselves in a visceral meditation? Too often we hear the words: ‘ I can’t dance,’ which to me is nonsensical because everyone can dance. It’s not about style, steps or technique, it’s about finding a certain space within yourself in order to find and be yourself. To dance is to be set free, so will you allow yourself to be free?

Many years ago I attended a Five Rhythm dance workshop with a friend. Developed in the 60’s the dance sequence draws its inspiration from world traditions using dimensions of shamanism, mysticism and elements from the ecstatic realm. Its underlying belief is that the universe (you, me and the largest star) is nothing but a configuration of energy that moves in waves, flow, rhythms and patterns.


Article by Michael Lewin. lewinmick@hotmail.com

Sacred Dance ‘we dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers we create the dreams’ Anon


Society is very aware of rising mental health issues through media headlines. Young Royals are speaking out regarding drug dependency and prejudice around psychological disorders. Those suffering from Mental Health are at an all-time high, dramatically affecting society, from young children to adults. 2016, media reported quarter of a million children were affected by mental health issues, in England alone. In this powerful article, More to Life Elder, Joy Wisdom tells us how our past effects our present.

Extract from ‘Mirror Image’ Facts and Solutions to IGTA By Joy Wisdom.

Facts and solutions explained - In 2010, I founded a new unique programme to deal with IGTA issues called ‘ZEST’ of Life. A programme of education, transformational cutting edge Therapy training unique ethos and skills to manoeuvre life without suffering. A way of learning to live in good health and abundance with enhanced IGTA self-discovery workshops; a combined approach with radical techniques to help alleviate and eliminate symptoms, embracing ‘HOPE for life’. Find out ‘How, Why and Who’ is responsible for your internal and ancestral legacies. What percentage of your life are you really living? Extracts from book ‘Mirror Image’ Facts and Solutions to IGTA Article by More to Life Elder Joy Wisdom www.allonus.co.uk info@allonus.co.uk. Please see advert on page 22.

Inherited Generational Trauma and Absorption (IGTA) is a new concept. It is linked to emotional behaviour and mental health issues giving alternative insights to why large numbers of people are suffering today. From my point of view, IGTA answers a lot of the questions around health, psychological and emotional states being experienced by people. Essentially with IGTA, our internal abundance and happiness can be compromised from the very start, mirroring traumatic events and experiences - making us more prone to stress and overwhelmed. These days, it is quite common to hear about people suffering from panic attacks, depression, anxiety and trauma. Normal feelings, remembering nothing else, diluting the quality of people’s lives. This is where IGTA is prevalent. There is no logical explanation for living under par living or being overwhelmed by our emotions. - those days of hiding under the duvet feeling unable to cope, putting a brave face to the world. We have all been there. And it is affecting vast swathes of society, from celebrities to our next-door neighbours. There are so may people hidden behind closed doors, not speaking out. I meet people who suffer from emotions that make no sense. There is no logical reason for them to feel the way they do. IGTA gives them understanding. At workshops and when tutoring students, I regularly find clients whose trauma has unconsciously been transferred via utero/formation. IGTA is invariably involved with emotional action and reaction, woven into human templates to reset and live again. I am finding alarming influences (as high as 98% in some cases), where inherited emotions and behaviour are causing their ills. (Mirror Image includes case studies and findings). IGTA is a form of transference, identified by science as an emotional event/condition transferring from/to other members of family. I have also discovered a form of conversion that happens within foetal formation, the process of creation in the womb passing on dominant defaults via parental, culture and lineage conditioning. Traditions and behaviour, both positive and negative are passed (abuse and addictions etc.). Essentially, we all look the same physically, with head, body and limbs but our internal biological and mental state is very different. It is unique to each of us. We are all experiencing individual actions and reactions, from life stresses/ traumas which can be accumulated, dormant - resetting mirroring IGTA inheritance into life. We are all aware of genetics and the existence of inherited gene perfection/malformation because of scientific research but we are less aware of other inherited influences, emotional and psychological impacts from parents, grandparents, lineage etc.

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Modern history has left its mark via horrors and atrocities psychologically transferred from WWI, WWII, social struggles etc. a global issue. The ramifications lock us into old ways of living and behaving.

and cognitive abilities, physical function compromised linked to Cancer, Diabetes and Heart conditions are all results from this unhappy cycle.

Unrecognised mental health issues have been around for some time. In WWI, men were shot for desertion due to PTS! We have moved on, become more aware of emotional shock, trauma and PTS but we still have a way to go.

IGTA inherited habits and addictions live on from smoking, drugs and alcohol leaving their mark for the future. Trials in the UK and Sweden show smoking affects conversion in DNA, eggs and sperm and explains the decline of female fertility. This is all playing out in our society today, via transference. Science is underestimating the ramifications and problems that will have such a negative impact on our young and future generations. The alarming, early suicide figures from Northern Ireland, and shocking results showing depression (postnatally and antenatally) in women, going on to affect their offspring. Hidden factors, all being ignored, not being discussed.

Professor Wiseman, Haifa University, identified Holocaust survivor’s horrors and shock inherited by their grand and great grandchildren. They were suffering from psychological deprivation, living a reweave of their ancestor’s tragedies. Their lives had been tainted, they had absorbed echoes with shocking health outcomes to innocent future generations. I suggest it is a much bigger fundamental issue, than we appreciate. It can jump generations and accumulates to an onslaught of a faster pace of life, toxically mixed with family fears, traits and traditions that no longer apply. We are living ‘the results of’. IGTA makes no distinction between gender, age, status or social standing, anybody can be affected and it is a global problem. Holding different weaves of our ancestors traits can lead to full blown psychological ill health and chronic illness, including irrational behaviour, pain, addictions, deprivation and neglect, lack of self-esteem, self-worth issues, PTS, PND. This anguished behaviour is survival driven and without intervention will cause internal biological changes (conversion) eventually leading to physical and energetic system impairment, morphing into new states perpetually. Freud tried to prove inner conversion all his life, and he was right. It does happen and we do live the outcome. IGTA passes on from adversity in childhood, adding its own shocking impacts along the way. Like a smouldering bomb, our unique stress hormones form with internal biochemical and brain formation conversions leading to long-term illness in years to come. IGTA continues cycle and circle through our anatomy, driven by our subconscious and brain pathways, causing inherited negative and positive outcomes. Stress hormones flood the body (in life and from Utero) going on to become saturated from traumatic events such as divorce, abuse, stress and fear, increasing with age and creating chronic long-term disorders, ME/CFS, clinical psychological issues. Reduced brain development

The positive is not the problem- it is the negative levels of deprivation, shock and horror that olde ways of behaviour can thrive – they are driven subconsciously and at a cellular level, hidden from view - invisible. Some people can move on and shake off ‘small packages’ echoing within when they are supported in life and loved. Others are locked into IGTA, struggling to live life to the full, held back via their defaults of anxiety, fear etc., Our world is set from gender and outdated beliefs. It is certainly a lottery where we are born, which culture, lineage and parental weave we are dealt and that will determine our IGTA fate. We need to deal with the core issues, helping humanity to evolve to greater proportions. We all want good health; to enhance conscious living; the best for our young. We need to look at the bigger picture via our parental absorption and strive to eliminate the continued depravity of neglect, lack of love passed on through generational hardships.

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Forgiveness is a four letter word Have you ever had that kind of anger and bitterness that burns like acid in your stomach? The type that springs up from being so deeply hurt by someone you loved and cared for that you feel as though your heart’s been smashed into a million pieces? Yes, we’ve all been there, and it hurts like hell when it happens. In fact, this pain may be so bad, that you choose to carry around like some badge of honour for years afterwards. After all, you’re the one that was hurt. Surely, you’re justified to still feel the sharp stab of its pain for all eternity, right? Let me ask you a question: would it be better to forgive them? I can hear the clicks of shocked people running for the hills, mortified that I could even suggest such a thing! ‘It might be okay for you to go around forgiving people like it doesn’t matter, but you obviously weren’t treated as badly as I was. If you had, you wouldn’t even consider such a disgusting idea.’

‘forgiveness is about me, not about them’ Thing is, I have. I have been chewed up, spat out and stomped on in the vilest way possible, and I still forgave them. I have had people try to destroy me, rip my family apart, and emotionally abuse me in ways that’ll break your heart; and still I forgave them. I’m not some saint by the way, I just understood a crucial fact: forgiveness is about me, not about them.

Let me give you an example. Like a lot of children, I suffered bullying at school. I attended an all-girls grammar school, and some of the girls in my year group were really nasty emotional bullies. On and off for four years, I was privy to their cruel teasings, gossiping and downright vile behaviour towards me. I don’t know why they chose me over some of the other girls, but they saw a weakness in me that they revelled in. And, naturally, I didn’t for one second consider that this bullying was a reflection of their issues. No, it had to be my fault. So, I ended up hurt and angry by their malicious behaviour, and angry with myself for somehow making it all happen.

‘you can shift from a place of pain to peace’ I carried this pain and anger around with me for a long time. I cut short a promising academic future because I couldn’t cope with this baggage day after day. By running away to college, I genuinely believed I was escaping; but I took my baggage with me. I found it hard to trust people, especially other women. I kept waiting for them to turn on me and hurt me in the same way that the school bullies had. This emotional baggage from the past was literally stopping me from having the happy and healthy future I deserved, but I was still too bound to it to realise that I had the power to change things. Fortunately, things changed. As I matured and underwent my spiritual awakening, I came to understand that it didn’t have to be this way. Forgiving these cruel bullies (and other people who had hurt me along the way), meant that I could free myself once and for all. I saw that this forgiving didn’t mean that I was condoning what had occurred. I wouldn’t do that in a million years, for nothing can really justify the deliberate hurt towards another; and neither should you. When someone hurts you, it’s not okay, but you can still forgive them. You don’t have to see the person or speak to them either. The key thing to understand is this: forgiving is all about you, not them. Finally, you can put the suitcase down. You can shift from a place of pain to peace, and everyone deserves that. All you have to do is be willing to forgive, and things will happen naturally on their own. Understand that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We all have the light of love within us, it’s just that some people cover theirs up with layers of fear and darkness. That light is still there; for nothing can diminish it. Once you see this, you let go and come back to love.

See, when you don’t forgive, it’s the equivalent of carrying around a suitcase on your back, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At first, it may be a bit annoying and cumbersome. But, within a fairly short space of time, this baggage really weighs you down.

Don’t forget the most important person to forgive either: yourself. You are human too and will make mistakes, but you did the best you could at the time. Forgiving others may seem easy in comparison to forgiving yourself, but you don’t want to be carrying around anger and bitterness towards yourself. You deserve your love and compassion too. Allow yourself the freedom of forgiveness, and feel your heart expand with love.

It stops you doing things you really want to do, and it hurts. If you were literally carting a suitcase on your back everywhere you went in this way, common sense would tell you to take the burden off you back. But, emotional baggage is a very different thing, and one that many people form an unhealthy attachment to.

Article by Katie Oman Katieg81.wix.com/littlewhitefeathers www.facebook.com/katieoman1111 www.instagram.com/katieoman1111



When I was in the depths of anxiety and depression, something that was always at the back of my mind was how was my partner going to react to all this? Would he one day decide that he had had enough, pack his bags and leave me, or would he stick by me and realise how much I needed him?. It’s a fear of many people who suffer with some form of mental illness, and potentially this type of worrying can make everything ten times worse, and for me, it made the anxiety more hard to cope with. I needn’t have worried though, because this guy who I was worried would leave me, actually ended up marrying me and he has helped me every step of the way. However this was not without its challenges, and on my husband’s part, it turned out to be a constant learning experience, not only to become more familiar with anxiety disorders, but to try and deal with me when I was at my worst. My husband endured a lot during my bad days. In fact I often think he suffered more than I did. With my endless crying fits, suicidal tendencies, terrible mood swings and verbal abuse - I was truly a joy to be around.

In my book ‘My Anxiety Companion’ my husband has actually written a whole chapter on how to be there for your anxious spouse, but we have come up with these extra handy tips that we both feel will help anyone who is the partner of a person with a mental illness, particularly with anxiety disorders: Educate yourself - Getting to grips with what mental disorders are is the key point here. You must

gain as much knowledge as you can, but more importantly you must understand that mental disorders does not equate insanity. Mental Disorders are the umbrella term for conditions such as Anxiety Disorders, Depression and Bipolar, so whichever your partner suffers from, you need to build up as much information as you can. There are many resources available in the form of books, the internet, magazines and websites.


Anxiety companion page30

Research different treatments - There are many different treatments available to treat various Mental Disorders. There are natural ways, conventional ways and complementary ways to treat mental conditions, and you have to understand that everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. Reading other people’s testimonials on the various treatments out there works wonders, and in this way you will also get introduced to some alternative and perhaps unorthodox ways that some people have treated their mental disorders with great results. Also bear in mind that chances are, your partner will be too distressed to try and investigate all the different options available to them, so please make it your mission to assist them with this. Keep calm - It is vital that you keep calm when your partner is in a state of distress. It is not easy to see someone you care for so upset and unhappy, but you have got to be the strong one and be a rock for them, which leads me to my next point.

Allow yourself some chill time - When you have to be the strong one and contain your own emotions in order to help someone else, it completely drains you. Don’t forget that you are human too and you need to have some time to yourself as well. Whether this be to just cry and be upset over what your partner is going through, then so be it, but please allow yourself some alone time.

Have patience - Mood swings are very common amongst people with mental disorders. This is because the person is angry and upset with their situation. They have moments of hope and then moments of hopelessness which is going to contribute a lot to mood swings. If they snap at you , take it with a pinch of salt - it’s not you they angry with.>>


Discover your TRUE hidden mental potential!

>>Ask your partner what they want and need - I am the kind of person whereby I like to be hugged and nurtured when I am upset or anxious, and my husband is well aware of this. So encourage the person to tell you what they need when they don’t feel their best. Some people like to be held and told encouraging things, some people prefer to laugh and some people want to be left alone. Try to get them to do things they like - As their partner you should be aware as to what they enjoy or what their hobbies are. Gently encourage them to do these things by doing it with them. For example, if it’ s a class they go to, offer to drive them and go and sit with them in the class.

Listen without judgement - People with mental disorders, particularly with anxiety disorders are filled with fear and irrationality, and can come up with the most bizarre worries and concerns. Always isten, never judge them or tell them they are over reacting. Remember the fears that are felt are very real to the sufferer.

Accept that you will have to be a ‘carer’ at times - It is absolutely draining having to fight your mind every day, and it is not uncommon at all for people with mental disorders to feel physically tired a lot of the time. Please understand that sometimes your partner may not have the energy to do normal every day things, and may spend their day lying in bed. This is not laziness - in fact you need to take these days as a sign that they really need you to love them and be there for them the most. Encourage them to take their medication - Having to take medication for a mental disorder is a very bitter pill to swallow (excuse the pun) for a lot of people with mental health issues. It was definitely the case for me, so please know when and how your partner needs to take their medication (if they have been prescribed some) and make sure they take it when they have to.

Never brush off the good old fashioned hug - This speaks for itself, and even the people who are not into hugging cannot say that they don’t feel the benefits. Sometimes a good strong hug makes everything feel better.

Keep things light-hearted in your house - Presuming you are living together, go the extra mile to make sure that there is nothing that could provoke or trigger their mental disorder. Keep mainstream media off and out of sight, don’t talk about your bad days at work, keep the house tidy, don’t keep refined sugar in the house, play nice music, light some soothing incense - anything that wil l help to contribute to a calm ambience.

Article by Mel Bonthuys www.myanxietycompanion.com


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Indisputably one of the most widely read and influential books ever written about the human mind, its true potential and how to use it. Here is the anatomy and full description of the Reactive Mind, the previously unknown source of nightmares, stress, unreasonable fears and reason why a person is not using his full mental potential!


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The Menopause A Divine Feminine Rite of Passage Menopause, along with menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, are natural cycles and events in women’s lives that mirror the innate nature of the Universe to expand and change. Culturally, this century has seen some positive changes in attitudes to menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, but the attitude to menopause remains, in general, one of mistrust, misunderstanding and exasperation. The Greeks wrote a little about treatment of menopausal symptoms, but as so few women lived until their menses ceased, and were considered of little economic value when no longer fertile, it’s hard to find much ‘contemporary’ history around attitude, medication or support to women in those times. The idea of menopause being more than Nature’s mistake in reducing estrogen levels is not very widely held. Most medical advice is around replacing what has been lost. Hormone Replacement Therapies began to emerge in the 1930s and certainly, many women have and will continue to benefit from appropriate support with this treatment.

‘a potent passage in a woman’s life’ But this ignores the possibility that menopause (or, more correctly, perimenopause) is a potent passage in a woman’s life. Statistics show that women can expect to live another one third of their lives beyond menopause. This is a huge leap in our evolution and opens the way for a whole new paradigm on the Planet - one in which wise, elder women can also lead, contribute and shape society. So why do I believe this passage is potent, rather than view it as a time of upset, confusion, exhaustion and loss of fertility? I agree that it can be all of those things and medical statistics show that around 25% of women are likely to be negatively impacted in their health during perimenopause. That’s a big number! However, I know that there are a number of pivotal events that impact a woman during the years of perimenopause, particularly from the age of 49 to 51.


‘what is happening behind the scenes is fascinating’ These are influxes of specific types of earth and stellar energy, designed to help her evolve – not just into the Matriarch archetype – with wisdom and experience to share - but also, energetically, to be reconfigured in such a way that she is open to choose to birth even more aspects of her soul’s gifts and talents. What is happening ‘behind the scenes’ is fascinating and little spoken of or understood. I believe that within this ‘technology of menopause’ lies a huge potential that can inspire women to make necessary and appropriate life changes, and live with greater power and wisdom for the rest of their lives.

In brief, here’s an overview of the key events. During reproductive years, two ‘gates’ operate in the base or muladhara chakra. In Yogic terms, this is an energy centre that (along with many others) steps down higher energies into the human energetic, or subtle, system. This chakra is specifically the one at the base of the spine and in the pelvic floor. These two ‘gates’ allow Kundalini energy to enter the chakra and then, if no fertilization of the ovum occurs, it will flow out at menstruation. If pregnancy occurs, Kundalini energy will help support the creation of the template of the new life. However, as estrogen levels drop in later life, the ‘out’ gate closes, meaning that Kundalini cannot leave the chakra system. It’s programmed to begin its ascent up the chakra system, and therein lies one of the keys to mid-life transformation. This key lies in understanding the impact of Kundalini on our physical and psycho-spiritual systems and learning how to direct and manage it.

In my experience as a menopause mentor/energy worker, misdirected or ‘stuck’ Kundalini creates issues that can appear as other challenges – hot sweats being just one of many. Another critical event is the astrological impact of Chiron, the small planet who is symbolized by a key shape, and which holds the codes to trigger our DNA for the potential of self-healing. Chiron is depicted as a centaur in mythology; a mythical being that combines both earthly attributes and those of ‘higher’ nature. At some time between the ages of 48 – 51, Chiron returns to the place it was in your chart on the day of birth bringing with it the impetus to deeply review the places in your life where you are ‘stuck’. Some refer to this as a ‘core’ or ‘soul’ wound. It’s also seen as a passage into the underworld, that is - your own ‘underworld’ - to visit and meet aspects of yourself that you have been unable to see before. Herein lies the opportunity to heal it and move forward with greater energy and freedom. The opportunity presented is both a gift, and divine portal into receiving additional energies from Uranus and Saturn. This will assist and support you in shedding old outmoded ways of being and birthing gifts and talents already waiting in your soul’s patterning. In every way, it can be seen as a rebirth but it is also necessary for that which no longer supports you to ‘die’ away. This is one of the unseen gifts of the passage to menopause and until it is more widely understood and worked with, women will not be fully supported and will often be left feeling that the end of their useful lives is at hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is we have most to give and receive in this third ‘third’ of life.

Article by Debs de Vries M.A. Specialist Menopause Mentor For more information please visit www.debsdevries.com


It is a common thing nowadays to hear that someone is a ‘Lightworker’. Many people sign off their messages ‘with Love and Light’. What does this actually mean? Well, it could be literally true! Every time the DNA in our cells contracts, it emits an information-encoded particle of light called a biophoton. Each of these communicates to other biophotons, both inside the body and also to the field that surrounds the body. Thus our bodies’ cells are all connected by a dynamic web of light that is constantly being released and absorbed by our DNA. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings are filled with this extremely weak light, though it’s invisible to our eyes. Biophotons were first discovered by Alexander Gurwitsch in the 1920s, who received the Stalin Prize for his work. Thus, information-carrying biophoton light regulates the activity of all our life processes and it has a highly coherent vibration. In the 1970s, it was suggested by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp that good health is ‘a state of perfect subatomic coherent communication’, and ill-health is a state of communication breakdown. Popp found that when the natural cycles of our light emissions are disrupted, their coherence is lost and illnesses such as cancer ensue. So, if our biophoton cellular communication is disturbed, this results in ill-health for us. Popp even found that we can recognise carcinogenic chemicals by the fact that they disrupt these biophoton light waves. So he guessed that there may be certain compounds that have the opposite effect, helping to reset biophoton coherence and restore health. Incredibly, he discovered that mistletoe is able to return the disrupted biophoton emissions of cancer cells back to their normal state, causing cancer to go into remission. Popp went on to use biophoton emissions as a way to measure the quality of food, the healthiest foods having the most coherent light. Then experiments in Moscow found that biophotons from a growing plant seem to increase the rate of cell division in other plants by as much as thirty per cent. Moreover, biophotons from growing eggs can encourage the growth of other eggs of a similar age. On the other hand, biophotons from mature eggs can even prevent the growth of younger eggs. So we see that biophotons from separate individuals can influence other individuals, and that biophotons can create order in a previously disordered, chaotic state, thus restoring good health.

The ancients used wild herbs as food and this is an excellent path for us to follow. It is easy to make our own nettle soup, add young dandelion and wild garlic leaves to our salad, chop hedge mustard over salmon or make wild garlic and hedge mustard ravioli. We could also steam ground elder as a spinach-like vegetable, adding a dash of cream and a little gruyere as the Swiss do. Different herbs have an affinity for different parts of our bodies: for instance, Hawthorn supports the heart and Elecampane supports the lungs. Perhaps the biophotons from these herbs have a ‘vibrational signature’ that perfectly matches the signature of the healthy tissue cells in our bodies, so when we ingest the herbs they transfer their healing to our cells and restore our health. Remember, it is the special quality of coherence of this weak light that gives the healing energy to our cells - it is nothing to do with how bright the light is. Furthermore, cells under higher stress tend to emit higher levels of biophotons.

Now, this is where human healers come into the story… It has been discovered only recently that our own ‘mental intentions’ can influence these biophoton emissions. A 2012 study found that when subjects placed in a very dark environment simply imagined light, their intention alone produced significant increases in biophoton emissions from their heads. This supported a hypothesis put forward by István Bókkon. Our intention seems to work by affecting the emission of biophotons. Human intention can operate with highly coherent frequencies, capable of actually changing the molecular structure of matter, even at a distance. There can be spontaneous remission for even extremely ill patients, simply as a result of a genuine intention to bring about healing in another’s life. It is the biophotons who are the deliverers of healing information - and at the speed of light. So we have seen that biophotons can influence cells not only in their own environment but even remotely in other bodies, as in the experiments on eggs and plants. Moreover, human intention can influence the output of biophotons, seen in the experiment where light was simply imagined. And if good health is the coherence of this light particle communication, whether ‘sent’ by intention or by using plant medicine, then we are beginning to understand the true nature of healing.

Every living being on this planet emits biophoton information. We truly are beings who emit, communicate Biophotons can be transmitted to us from our food, influencing with and are actually formed from light. We are Beings our cells. Measurements of biophotons in food have now led to of Light. So yes, we really can be ‘Lightworkers’ and some truly amazing discoveries. The foods richest in biophotons genuinely send one another ‘Love and Light’. We are - with the ability to bring healing information to our bodies - are the Light itself. wild herbs such as nettles and dandelions. In other words, these common herbs transmit weak light to us and in this way restore our health.


Jo Dunbar is a medical herbalist and the author of The Spirit of the Hedgerow,a description of common wild plants, herbs and trees, their medicinal properties and ancient folklore. Her book, fully illustrated in colour, was the winner of the Local Legend national Spiritual Writing Competition. www.local-legend.co.uk


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Stress Free Living Every Day

Part of our experience of living on this bluey green planet of ours is that from time to time we all find ourselves feeling either a little or perhaps even rather a lot stressed. If this is going to be just a short-term situation, more often than not it is something we can just deal with, let go and leave behind.

Having said all that, life in the 21st Century can be quite stressful simply to participate in. Often with the simplest changes in routine or approach we can not only dramatically reduce the ability of stress to affect us; but also, free ourselves from the stress of getting stressed in the first place! Continual stress has been scientifically proven to negatively affect our mind by causing mental issues and the body by breaking down the immune system, often leading to serious illness. What is clearly needed then is a recipe for easily handling stress and remaining actively detached. Here are

a few suggestions on how to lead a more fulfilling, auspicious life and encouraging a more balanced approach when problems do occur. Inevitably there

are going to be some occasions though when we are stretched beyond our usual boundaries and a little extra assistance is needed:

Develop the habit of eating when hungry, rather than when the clock says it is a meal time, this is listening to your body and places far less stress on your physical system. Many eat regular as clockwork and this can leave them either feeling hungry at those times when they are burning those extra calories or overfull because they ate when the clock said it was time for lunch, even if they didn’t really feel like it right then. Grazing throughout the day gives your digestive system an easier time by never overburdening it. Make you time. We all need to re-charge our batteries

and step back occasionally to take stock of where we currently are metaphorically and literally. Find a park and smell a rose, read a book or enjoy some down time with people you care about. Whatever it is that’s taking you away from your preferred way of spending your time is never as important as your long-term well-being.

Exercise is vitally important. If the thought of going to the gym is utterly boring, find an alternative which appeals to you. Walking and swimming are excellent forms of exercise, as is dance. Martial arts, such as Aikido or Tai Chi, not only benefitting physically, practised in their highest form are also a meditation. Take up golf. Yoga is also fantastic. Find exercise you enjoy partaking in and do it often.

Be honest with how you feel - frankly communicating this openly is so freeing. If this is done without resentment or hostility. You need to be honest with yourself about what you truly feel; and once you are true to your inner self, let others know calmly. If your relationship is the cause of stress in all likelihood your partner is going through a similar reality. Sitting down and talking is the beginning to resolution whichever way the discussions ultimately play themselves out within your lives.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs - using mind altering substances in an attempt to put aside worries is, needless to say, never going to actually achieve very much. Set achievable, realistic goals it is incredibly motivating, especially if they are written down and can be ticked off one by one when they are achieved. Sleep when tired, if possible. Sleep is regenerating. Practice meditation as often as feasible. Those who meditate are generally less stressed and if you would like to take meditation further find a teacher or download extra guidance from a trusted source. Treat Yourself to a Therapy - aromatherapy, deep tissue massage and reflexology are wonderfully relaxing. Make an appointment with a health professional - If you find stress completely overwhelming you need to ask to be referred to a counsellor or registered stress consultant.

THE QUICK TWO MINUTE DE-STRESS We can all inadvertently find ourselves in temporary situations where our anxiety and stress levels can raise beyond what is healthy and normal. Perhaps it is just one of those kind of days, one challenge after another presents itself and it starts to feel like you are about to go pop! I have developed this remarkably simple, quick, personal, de-stress in cooperation with a professional stress consultant (thank you, Lee)

-Sit still and close your eyes. -Concentrate on the colours you can see behind your eye lids with your eyes tight shut, even if that is only black. -In your mind start counting slowly backwards from thirty to zero. -When you have arrived down at zero open your eyes. Many people from all walks of life have found this simple little exercise incredibly useful. The beauty is it can be practiced almost anywhere, at any time. Clearly when it is safe to do so - if you are driving please pull over to the side of the road first!

Feel free to share this‌The more people who know about The Two Minute De-Stress, the sooner we can bring a little more peace to this world.

Excerpt from YOU But Happier, Healthier and More Successful! by Dean Fraser






As you gaze back over the book of your life, there can be no denying the rich variety and diversity of the life you’ve so far lived. Nothing is straightforward or black and white when it comes you to as you rarely walk the same path for long as there are always more interesting pathways and avenues to explore and follow.

As you continue to look deeply within there is a sense you are beginning to discover a new momentum in your life as you are seeing your life from a fresh, new perspective. In many ways, nothing’s changed, but, at the same time, everything has as it’s your perspective that ultimately shapes, flavours and defines your experiences in life.

If you sit in the darkness, underneath the open skies, it can be easy to notice the moon and the stars twinkling above your head. If you then close your eyes and look at your depths within, you will begin to notice even more twinkling as your heart and soul sparkle and glow.

March 21 - April 20

Sarah-Jane Grace weaves together a special fusion of inspirational, esoteric, soul-focused and intuitive astrology.. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years.


This isn’t implying you are a ‘flibberty gibbet’, more an expansive, adventurous, pioneer, seeking out new terrain, and pushing your boundaries. As a result, the book of your life is quite a meandering tale at times! However, on closer inspection, there are also some long-standing themes which have been carried all the way through your existence, and these themes are the forces that shape and define you as they help you to make choices and decisions.


It seems you are nearing a crossroads; a time to make a decision as to which direction you want your life to head in. Whilst this isn’t a black and white choice as there are many shades within the spectrum, it seems to be a choice between keeping on keeping on, or, lifting up your head and reaching out towards the life you know you were born to live.

In essence, these ‘forces’ are not some mysterious hidden power, they are your intuition and your vibrant passion; embrace these wholeheartedly now for these will create a brand-new chapter in your book that looks set to take you on an adventure of a lifetime …

However, it’s important to note that this seems to be more about a further shift in perspective than a need to make any big changes at the present time as it’s a shift in consciousness; there is little ‘do’ involved in this process, and the more you grab hold of the essence of what you want to create, the more the momentum will grow, build and flourish…



May 21 - June 21

It’s easy not to notice any of this twinkling as life often feels full of things to be, people to see and places to go, so losing sight of the infinity of space or the infinity within you isn’t that hard to do. Yet, without this inner/outer connection you can become quite isolated and disconnected, as you have no reference or grid point for where you are in space and time: you need the reference points to formulate a location and clear sense of self. Of course, this sounds very technical and it’s far more esoteric than that but you certainly do seem to be in need of having a clearer sense of where you are now as without it how can you know where you’ve been or where you’re heading? Don’t overthink this, just open up your heart and soul and reach for the stars inside and out…


June 22 - July 22

July 23 - August 23

August 24 - September 22

‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’ or so the saying goes. It seems a particularly good phrase for you at the current time as, wherever you look, the grass certainly does seem greener. Yet, it’s also green when you look down as well, and, whilst it’s easy not to notice this when life is full of distractions, it is right under your nose!

There are times in your life where you feel very much ‘glass half full’ and there are also times when ‘glass half empty’ suits your frame of mood a little better.

As the axis of your life continues to shift, there is a growing sense of self-awareness and self-knowing rising up from deep within the core of your being. It’s as though you are suddenly more aware of yourself, your path and your essence and how you fit into the universal whole: you can see your own, unique thread as it weaves through space and time.

When life feels a bit hemmed in or run-ofthe-mill, it’s only natural to look beyond the fence line to see what else is out there for you.


April 21 - May 20

However, rather than looking outside for a fix, why not look within to see why you’re feeling the way you do in the first place? Moving to the other side of the fence may put you on the other side of the fence but you carry everything within your heart and soul with you, thereby defeating the object. It therefore seems important to learn why you yearn so much for pastures yonder; is something lacking in your current life or are you just not living your dream? Take some time to think this through and let the truth bubble up from within…

The rest of the time the glass is just, well, a glass and you don’t really think about it being empty or full. Some days when the glass is empty, you can feel lost and without purpose. Yet, other days, this empty feeling allows you to drop the many layers of responsibility and burden for a while in order to reconnect to your true essence and sense of self. It seems clear, that the constantly shifting state of the contents of the glass is actually a good thing for you as it enables you to breathe with the ebb and flow of life. Anyway, enough about glasses! This is a time for you to feel your way forward in life and to try to be as present, and as in the moment, as possible. Breathe with the moment, let the glass be the glass and let you be you; in other words, focus on being you and love yourself for it…

Such an awareness is both inspiring and amazing, but it is also a little bit daunting as you may feel as if you’ve been catapulted into a new dimension of living and being as you can sense, see, hear, taste and feel everything far more acutely and intensely than ever before. It would be easy to want to dive into this in order to analyse it and understand why, but perhaps this is more of a time for you to just experience it instead? Try to allow yourself to ebb and flow with the rise and fall of this growing wakefulness and, although you may feel overwhelmed at times, breathe into it and realise that this is a wonderful opportunity for you to re-shape and re-define your life…


Libra September 23 - October 22

Scorpio October 23 - November 22

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21

If anyone, other than you, were to gaze into the depths of your mind, they would most likely get knocked off of their feet by the swirling, whizzing maelstrom of thoughts, ideas and ponderings going on at any one single moment in time.

Exploring the edges of your life looks set to take centre stage over the weeks and months ahead as you begin to seek out a bigger sense of perspective of exactly where you fit into the world.

‘Less is more’ looks set to be your mantra over the weeks ahead as you begin to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to knowing what you truly want and knowing what you’d like to keep in your back pocket ‘just in case’ but, when it boils down to it, don’t really want.

Your mind is quite a force to be reckoned with, yet, for you, it’s ‘normal’ as you’ve lived with this every single day of your life and you have no reference point to know any different. Others may stumble and quiver at the maelstrom within you, but this doesn’t mean it’s wrong or not normal, it’s just not something they can’t comprehend or ‘get’, after all, why would they? They are not you. Whilst trying to conform or fit in is only natural, it’s important for you to celebrate the wonderful gift your mind brings you. Yes, it is overwhelming and exhausting at times, but it also makes you the delightful, vibrant, compassionate and intuitive soul you are. Trying to subdue this in order to blend in or ‘fit’ depletes you as it makes you try to be less than you are. So, celebrate your maelstrom and let it lead the way…

Capricorn December 22 - January 20 Life is rarely straight forward or ‘black or white’ as it’s not usually the far end of the spectrum where most of the day-to-day aspects of life occur, it’s more in the shades of grey splodge which sits right across the middle. A splodge may not sound overly exciting or life affirming, but it’s hard to find a word for the everyday pedestrian keeping on keeping on that you do so much of. It’s a necessary part of life but it’s a splodge because it does seem to muddy your view when it comes to looking at the bigger picture of your life. You are a passionate and vibrant soul but it’s hard not to notice the heaviness of the energy of your ‘everyday’ and this, over time, has started to wear out the shine on your passion and zest for life. Yet, how can the splodge be anything other than what it is? Well, you could begin to notice the finer details, light edges and intricacies of the splodge rather than seeing it as a heavy lump, and, the more you explore it, the lighter it will start to feel. Life is a matter of perception, after all…


Of course, on many levels, you could never truly fit as you are a unique, free-spirit and so, the idea of conforming to slot neatly into a pigeon hole in life isn’t really in your nature yet, this hasn’t stopped you from trying to bend yourself out of shape over the years in order to blend in and to feel like you belong. Perhaps the concept of belonging is the most important issue here as you have always longed to belong: to feel a part of something bigger. You already are a part of something much bigger of course, it’s just that you struggle to see this as you are so focused on trying to do more, be more and achieve more in order to live the life you feel you ought to be living. As you start to step back, regain some perspective and explore the edges of your life, you will begin to see just how free you truly are...

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

As you sit on the edge of the edge of your life, watching the ebb and flow of the currents, there is a growing sense of increasing connection with your intuitive, spiritual and creative flair. You have spent a long time trying to get your life right, and this has taken a great deal of energy and focus on your part. In many ways, you have succeeded as you have achieved a great deal and yet, at the core of your being is a sense of lack: a sense of something missing. Perhaps it is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle of your life that will bring you a sense of happiness and completion? Yet, this almost seems the opposite to what you sense is going on as intuitively you know that what’s missing is a key that will begin a brand-new revolution in your life. Maybe this is why you have been sitting on the edge as you may well be wondering if you’re ready, or indeed, even want it? However, this is a longing of your soul, so why not listen and at least let it be heard? The more you breathe into life, the more life breathes into you...

It’s unquestionably hard being you as you thrive on possibilities, opportunities and ‘just in case’. Although you are a free-spirit at heart you are also a bit like a magpie, collecting all of those shiny bits of ‘just in case’ as you cannot help yourself when you see them twinkling and sparkling in the sunshine. You are not a hoarder, but a collector of possibility, yet, unlike a prospector sifting through seeking out the gold, you keep more than the gold and carry a great deal on that back shelf of yours as you just never know when you may need to tap into it. This has served you incredibly well over the years, but there is also a great weight to this as you have to carry this around with you where you go. It’s time to shake loose, to break free and to fly once again…

Pisces February 20 - March 20 Over recent weeks and months you have felt a growing sense of awareness of a deep inner shift occurring; most of the time, it has been hard to articulate the essence of this shift as you have felt it but have been unable to describe it or find a clear reference point to how it’s impacting your life. You would be forgiven for not knowing where the walls of your life are anymore as the boundaries you once knew and understood have shifted and moved beyond recognition. Although you feel relieved about this, you also feel a deep sense of uncertainty as those boundaries, however awkward or limiting they became, did give you a sense of containment, and with this containment, came a kind of reassurance that as long as you stayed within those boundaries, you were in familiar territory. Without them, you are free, but you are also in very new terrain, so you are likely feeling a mixture of excitement and anticipation mingled with uncertainty. These are not easy emotions to handle, but they are awakening you to your true essence and, as the boundaries continue to shift, you will soon realise how liberating this really is…


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So many articles to help you on your spiritual path - the UK's most loved Mind, Body and Spirit magazine

Moreto Life Edition 40  

So many articles to help you on your spiritual path - the UK's most loved Mind, Body and Spirit magazine

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