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"You can't trust Marketers" - Adobe

Monday, June 17, 2013 Cannes, France Brought to you by:

Today: 43% of marketing is considered "bogus" Only 1/3 of the world likes advertising

Things we need to consider: Brands have to create Consumers know brands are human. We need to be human with them. Trust is a journey that needs to be earned.

Marketing is shifting from an expense to a business comparative. It's closer to business than ever before. This is because of DATA.

Legal Sales

Human Resources Holistic approach to Marketing Information Technologies


Clients should experiment with how they tell stories with a brand through contact points. We need to harness our community. USERS PREFER USER - GENERATED CONTENT MORE THAN PAID ADVERTISING.

Creativity is at an all-time high. "Need to know" and in an authentic way has never been greater. 1) We need to push authenticity. 2) Consumers are human, brands are human too. We need to communicate on that level. 3) Be holistic with all departments. 4) Learn from failure. 5) Respect editors- they talk about our brands with authenticity.

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"Work that matters." The Coca-Cola Company

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Monday, June 17, 2013 Cannes, France

Brands must show that they are thinking of making the world a better place. By

Brands must add to life. We must read pop culture and channel it through ads. Creativity makes a difference more than ever.

Coca - Cola's strategy: Challenge segregation Ignore racial prejudices Defy gender stereotypes Be stubborn and optimistic Promote real stories and porpuse Give people reasons to believe Make every bottle tell a story Remember that there is always an opportunity for brands to "lean in" Forget being serious "What unites us is greater than what divides us."

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"Every company is a media company: We create media, and then media shapes our lives."


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Monday, June 17, 2013 Cannes, France

Content took time out of people's lives.

Every company needs to public for its communities. Technology should fade in the background. It should give you just what you need so you can do what you love.

We need to move from a world where we are marketing to people, to one to where people are marketing to each other on our behalf. - Mark Earls



who is the audience? what do they do? where do they go? how can we add value to their lives? Lifeshare network: Provide a platform for the audience Provide an experience Provide a connection Provide inspiration and creativity Provide an impact at the right moment

Media is anywhere people and ideas meet.

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"Iconic Storytelling - Frame by Frame" McGarryBowen

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Cannes, France

Photographs have a power to communicate since the beginning of time. When looking for a new campaign idea for Disney, mcgarrybowen came up with the idea of getting stars to portray Disney's iconic characters. Focus on the story - the brand value and the MAGIC that defines Disney. Consumers need to be at the heart of everything you

What we need to do is: PUSH THE CREATIVE ENVELOPE

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"Creativity at scale" - Facebook

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Cannes, France

In creativity, it's not just having a good idea, but doing it at a large scale, to the people that matter.

When it comes to scale: Perfect and spike, perfect and spike Scale creates conversation Keep in mind content, context and canvas Message needs a relationship with product Focus, relevance and a good product

Creativity works if people love it. Invent a myth, get people to believe it.

Find a truth and share it with people.

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"What connects in comedy" - Time Warner

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Cannes, France

The business: - Fans participate and now feel connected to what you do - You should make people laugh in an authentic way Why? Because nowadays, people don't only feel it's authentic, they KNOW it's authentic.

Look for ways to do new things differently. Connecting in comedy is something that never ends. Always look for new ways to make people laugh. Young people are hyper aware of phoniness. Find ways to connect with people in a real way and directly.

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"Branded content" - Rakkon

Saturday, June 22, 2013 Cannes, France Brought to you by:

Our philosophy: Measure success from a customer's perspective rather than the company's. Get to know the audience really well and what THEY want, not just the company.

As business people, we are focused on: Acquisition Awareness


Growing the business Support

Community Loyalty

But lots of good things happen along the way: Watch


Reach & Engagement

Consideration Lead generation Shop


Purchase Customer value Postpurchase


Measure from a consumer's lens:







There are no steadfast rules for making branded content. BUT... It should elicit some sort of emotion from the viewer. It's not about selling something. It should help create affinity for the brand. It won't always work.

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