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The Marcy Smith Machine 1000: Your Best Option for Weight Training

ď śIf you are practicing weight training, you will certainly find the Marcy Smith Machine 1000 to be a very useful tool. ď śStarting with 1946, Marcy has been one of the leading companies in the fitness equipment industry. Free weights, dumbbells, weight benches, exercise cycles and much, much more types of workout tools are being produced at the highest quality possible.

ď śThe Diamond Elite SM1000 Smith Cage System is one of the most popular products sold by Marcy. It is an all-in-one smith machine that provides support for a wide range of exercises. ď śNo matter what muscle groups you want to work out, how much and how often you do it and how much body fat you want to get rid of, the SM1000 will surely prove helpful.

Product Characteristics The Marcy Smith Machine 1000 has a frame made of 3.5" and 1.5"x3" steel tube, being extremely resistant and durable. It is coated with the special, incredibly hardy Durable Powder paint. The high-quality chrome, 1" guide rods, safety stoppers and fully adjustable bar catches make workout easier and increase the equipment’s durability.

ď śThe bench has a user-friendly back pad adjustment system, curl pad adjustment and four big roller pads for the leg developer. ď ś The leg developer is one of the most appreciated features, allowing muscle isolation for complete body workout. Leg curl and leg extension exercises are a great addition to weight lifting.

ď śThe utility bench is highly comfortable and allows seven positions. It is covered with a resistant, high-density boxed upholstery. The back pad has quick foot release, useful for decline, incline, military press and flat exercises.

ď śThe Marcy Smith Machine 1000 can accommodate both standard (1") weight plates, and also olympic ones (2"). Four storage posts allow keeping your weight plates in order. Moving the bench is easy, due to its transport wheels.

 Technical data  Here is some basic information on the product’s dimensions and capacity:  Height: 216 cm (85 inches);  Width: 203 cm (80 inches);  Length: 191 cm (75 inches):  Total weight: 90 kg (198 lbs);  Maximum user weight: 136 kg (300 lbs);  Maximum weight load for smith press bar: 136 kg (300 lbs);  Maximum weight load for leg developer: 45 kg (100 lbs).

Product Use The Marcy Smith Machine 1000 is great for both beginners and advanced users. It is easy to use and allows a steady progression towards more intense exercises. The quality that all users appreciate in it is versatility. Training your arms, shoulders, chest and legs with a single smith machine is, indeed, a noteworthy pro of this equipment.

 The steel guide rods, coupled with the Nylon Bushing, allow an incredibly smooth operation, so users can easily repeat their exercises on and on.  Weight plates are not included in the package, but you may use a wide variety of them and store them in perfect order.  No matter if you are an amateur wanting to lose some weight and build muscle mass or a professional sportsman, the Marcy Smith Machine 1000 is a perfect option for a complete workout. Read more about Marcy Gym Equipment: 

The marcy smith machine 1000 your best option for weight training  

If you are practicing weight training, you will certainly find the Marcy Smith Machine 1000 to be a very useful tool.