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Susan Collingswood and Tan launch brand new site .

 is sure to stir up at least a little controversy and a lot of questions. Perhaps the most obvious question is “how easy is it to breed dressage (French) horses?" Included in the site are some ideas about training best horses in the sport of dressage.

ď śWe asked Tan about why he built site and more importantly how it works. Susan Collingswood told us about the need in the marketplace to provide solid reliable information on how to coach fine horses for dressage. ď śThere are many tips built into the site that will provide an answer to all the ways one can learn to ride and train(dressage) prized horses.

ď śSusan explains how natural riding tips will enable the most inexperienced of horse riders to begin dreaming of the day when they are able to compete in the competitive sport. ď śShe explains that learning to guide a horse to ride within strict limitations are a way to break into dressage training fillies.

ď śSusan Collingswood says that can explain the positive implications of learning to train and ride horses with relative if not complete ease.

ď śSusan says that she used their company site to design various methods of learning how to ride including expensive and not expensive bargains to provide the best value in the market for reliable equestrian and dressage information for all ages. Do check out their site for the best in dressage events and learning. ď ś

ď śRead more about equestrian dressage practices and dressage events like horse competitions here: ď ś

Susan Collingswood and Tan launch brand new site equestriananddressage