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Lakey Beach, Challenging Lefty Waves in the Dompu, Nusa Tenggara Barat

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Have you ever heard a lefty wave? In Indonesia we call it Ombak Kidal, one of the most beautiful and challenging wave in the world. Now if you haven’t heard it and want to see or let alone conquer it with surfing, then go to the Beach Lakey. It’s an amazing spot with most of current visitors are foreign tourists coming from Australia, US, South America and many others. This beach is located in the SubDistrict of Hu’u, District Dompu, Nusa Tenggara Barat.

ď śBeach Lakey is one among the most eccentric beaches in the world and known as one of the best, unique surfing spot around the globe. Now you might wondering What makes it so special and exceptional? It’s the wave! Not like other ordinary waves that sweep to the right direction, this one is the opposite, sweep to the left.

ď śThis remarkable unique fact is in fact be perfected with its beauty and has become what people has been talking about over and over around surfing craze community. The sea wind allows us to kite surfing.

ď śBeach Lakey’s waves are fairly stable over the years (not influenced by the seasons), and therefore it becomes a world-scaled surfing competition spot for several times. Not less than a few dozen of these participants are coming from around the world, including from Indonesia. The marvelous tourism location and beautiful wave offered by the beach can actually be seen in the center of Dompu City, where you may find a statue of a surfer that is surfing.

ď śFor surfing enthusiast, big, large, high magnitude of waves are highly sought but a middle-range height of this beach’s wave (with only 6-8 metres height) becomes a challenging one when you must conquer its left-direction wave which require an addition skills. Many surfers come along from distance only to challenge themselves conquering the wave and sharpen their skills.

ď śBeach Lakey has four types of waves, all of them are touted by surfers. They are Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe, and Periscope. The most challenging and greatest among the great waves is Lakey Peak as it serves a swinging wave from left and right. ď śOn the left side, it builds sort of a gigantic long tunnel and a beautiful roll of waves from right side, perfect for surfing.

ď śFrom its coastal white sandy beach, a free panoramic view of Beach Lakey is dominated by its blue water covered by gorgeous blue sky which shade it. Sound of wave splashing here and there acts a media to attract surfers. ď śLet alone seeing attraction of surfers on their boards, watching their skills itself has served more excitement and fun feeling.

ď śNow you might not want to miss this one between April and October, because mark it down, these months are the best moment for site visit and go surfing. Peak visit usually happens on April-May, no less than 300 foreign visitors are coming, spending time till weeks and months stay there. The beauty of the scene, its nature, and challenging waves are truly magnificent that would “seduceâ€? everyone there, especially surfers.

It’s not that painful though how you can get there, with only 30mins to 1 hour top, you’ll reach there from Dompu City. Surfing, wind surfing, or kite surfing are several activities you can do on this location, an intermediate path to Bima City, where the Mt. Tambora located is.

ď śBeside surfing, you can also swim, but be careful though, the waves are pretty intense and cruel. Dangerous rocks and coral reefs spread around the beach. But guess what, its all paid off with its pure, clean, sea water, and you can dive (snorkling) enjoy many types of coral reefs too.

ď śI promise you, you will never get bored with those activities, but if you still insist looking for a new adventure, no far from Lakey coastal line, there is a cage from the Japanese era, situated up on the hill directly facing the beach. From this line, the scene is remarkably beautiful and charming. We could also find Nangasia site, estimated to be a 4.500 years old BC, a historic artefact that leads to an indication of developed cultures in Dompu area.

Hotels and Transport in Lakey Beach, Dompu There are not so many hotels there, but you can still find decent one. The nearest and most comfortable hotel to Lakey Beach as far as I know is Aman Gati Hotel. It is situated right in the beach. It’s perfect for those who want to maximize stay on the beach for surfing and other beach activities. I can recommend it for you. Click here to get Aman Gati Hotel deals.

ď śNow let’s talk about travel and how you can get there. The beach is located on Huu Sub District (Kecamatan), Dompu District (Kabupaten), Nusa Tenggara Barat (West Southeast Nusa). It can be reached within 2 hours of land drive from Muhammad Salahuddin Airport in Bima District. There are rented cars and buses available, so you could ride to Ginte Terminal in Dompu.

If you decide to take bus to the terminal, it’ll cost you top 100,000 rupiah, or if you rent a car, it cost you as much as IDR 600,000 . From Ginte Terminal, if you dont rent car, you can continue the journey by renting a paratransit (bemo), it’s a local public transportation. The price range is 200,000 to 300,000 IDR. City center of Dompu to Lakey Beach is reachable within 35-45 minutes.

ď śTips: Dont forget to protect your skin with subblock or stuff because it gets really hot and may burn your skin. Be carefull with sharp coral reefs, considering the corals are still natural. Keep clean with the beach, dont dump any trashes. ď ś

Lakey beach challenging lefty waves in the dompu nusa tenggara barat  

Have you ever heard a lefty wave? In Indonesia we call it Ombak Kidal, one of the most beautiful and challenging wave in the world. Now if y...

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