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08 intel i7: the monster inside Disclaimer: Where opinion is expressed it is that of the author’s and does not necessarily coincide with the editorial views of the publisher or MORE. All information in this magazine is verified to the best of author’s and publisher’s ability. However, MORE does not accept responsibility for any loss arising from reliance on it.


Recently, MORE Lab got a Monster looking PC from Intel, Pakistan. The Asus Vento casing was really...

telecom guarantees consumer 14 Pta Protection

The Operator can not withdraw any services to the consumer, without the approval of the Authority...


16 hP trying to save mother nature

Being technologists, we believe to move ahead with much more aggression but at the same time...



22 Kidding their way into technology They copy paste from the internet and finish their work. Bags have become heavy and the brains...

booKs at home: digital 23 leave school booK is here to helP you

French junior high school students follow a class lesson taught with a digital touch blackboard and...

cover story

Zong inherited couple of hundred of thousands of customers from Paktel and an under used network. Later they added cell sites to make it 4500 in numbers but they have not added the customers in the same proportions. That means they have plenty of space available and still there are signaling and quality issues


24 the resurgence of the desKtoP

As the quality of user generated content continues to improve and the number of digital content creators...

26 tum hee tu ho!

From this Ufone advertisement to Tarang advertisement to many first-class and bad shows like...

30 lighting on your own

In this world of extreme energy crisis facts and figures promise mankind will be back in dark ages...

latest in technology

39 lg launches gm730 mobile handset in india 40 Pigeons become faster than internet

18 Now that Samsung Electronics is No. 1 in TV, Yoon truly feels “I can do it� in his heart. That spirit would probably help him

20 The aviation industry in Pakistan is at a very interesting stage in its life cycle, and where there are highs and lows in every sector,


month in focus networKs of illegal gateway 41 two exchanges busted in lahore 42 telenor makes people millionaire 43 nokia x3, music phone for masses 44 samsung team uPgrades sos village 45 descon engineering selects saP

46-47 mobile Phones 48-50 gadgets

Samsung 3rd IT Concept Shop inaugurated at Hafeez Centre Lahore. Mr. Roy Chang, GM Samsung Electronics is pictured at the occasion. Mr. Abu Nasar Alvi category Head-IT Division and Mr. Attique Khawaja...

42 41 Value Added Services are now the main focus of the market operators. Mobilink being the pioneer telecom industry in Pakistan has always tried to...

Winners of Sales Barhao Lakh Pati Ban Jao announced by ZONG ZONG recently announced the result of their National Retail sale Competition...

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Recently, MORE Lab got a Monster looking PC from Intel, Pakistan. The Asus Vento casing was really an impressive one and it looks like an artifact brought from “Alien vs. Predator” movie. Well that was the Casing, What we found inside really shook the ground under our feet

8 | More | October 2009


Computing requirements are increasing at such

as the computer assemblers have no solution right

a fast pace that computer manufacturers are intro-

now to properly dissipate the heat in a small laptop

ducing machines with powerful CPU’s three or four

body, hopefully there will be a solution for this soon.

times in a year. The practice of multiplying process-

Recently, MORE Lab got a Monster looking PC

ing power this frequently has negated Moore’s Law

from Intel, Pakistan. The Asus Vento casing was re-

which states that computing power will be dou-

ally an impressive one and it looks like an artifact

bled every 18 month.

brought from “Alien vs. Predator” movie. Well that

This change of trend from sleek and delicate

was the Casing, What we found inside really shook

equipment has once again given birth to Desktop

the ground under our feet. We had World’s most

tower PC’s. These giant machines generate more

powerful Desktop CPU i.e. Nehalem Processor with

heat and require more space for efficient heat dis-

Intel Extreme Series 5 motherboard. So, the devil

sipation and if they are sandwiched in a small lap-

in us arose from slumber and we decided to put this

top like case, they will definitely burn someone’s lap

powerful equipment to test without further ado.


our test rig



Intel Core i7 XE 975@ 3.33GHz


Intel Series 5 DX58SO Motherboard



3 x 2 GB Kingston DDRIII Value RAM


graphics card:

Asus EAH3650 512MB ATI Chipset


hard disk drive: Intel 80GB SSD We will highlight all the major parts

Supports Intel Core i7 Socket LGA 1366 Processors ONLY 4x DIMM DDR3 Memory Slots 8x USB2.0 Ports 2x eSATA ports 1x Firewire port 7.1 Surround Sound with DTS Optical & Digital S/PDIF 6x SATA Ports 1x LAN Port


n n


n n

first look

one by one starting with the mother

The board comes with 4-DDRIII slots lo-

board, our lovely GPU, and then moving

cated on the top side with LGA1366 socket

We rigged this card with today’s fastest Nehalem Processor Corei7 for testing its full graphical capabilities. For testing purpose, we used Thermal Right Ultra 120 Extreme CPU cooler, but the other hardware devices were left intact to test the system under normal conditions

towards RAM and in the end we will deal

for Core i7 processor located at the center

discuss its features while discussing the

with the Hard Disk Drive.

of the board, having extra space for big

good and ugly things integrated with it.

dx58so, intel extreme series 5 motherboard

heat sinks. Moving on the right you will see

People were getting used to the LGA

North Bridge chipset and at the bottom of

775 processor socket and suddenly Intel

the board you will find 2xPCI Express 2.0

has introduced LGA 1366 socket and ru-

Intel has not only released a powerful

slots, 2x PCI Express 1.0 slots. On the lower

mors are that Intel will introduce LGA 1160

Core i7 CPU but it has also introduced

right corner of the board you will see South

pin socket at the end of 2009 for server se-

DX58SO Board with X58 Chipset code-

Bridge (ICH10R) sandwiched in a tight spot

ries configuration. We ask Intel to stick to

name Tylerburg to support its processor.

between 6x S-ATA ports. Rest of the board

one standard for at least two or three years,

This is the first one x58 chip based moth-

is filled with extra slots for front panel audio,

so that people could only upgrade proces-

erboard in the market that is not only 3-

USB’s and Firewire port etc.

sor not the whole system. We were happy

way Nvidia SLI Capable but it also supports

The board has got all solid capacitor de-

ATI Crossfire technology, so you are not

sign with high quality ferrite core chokes.

to see ICH10R Southbridge chipset which supports 10GB/sec DMI Interface.

bound to buy only Nvidia cards but you

Although, it’s Northbridge Chipset gets a

Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPi) has

can try ATI as well.

passive cooling like the rest of the equip-

replaced FSB and Northbridge combo and

ment but it sometimes gets hot.

using QPi, now our processor communi-

But overall, designers have put

cates directly to all the buses and con-

all the necessary parts on the

trollers such as PCI Express and system

board that makes up today’s

memory. This QPI introduction has greatly

hardware complete.

reduced the bottle neck that usually occurred in John Von Newman Architecture.

rear Panel Peripherals Moving toward the rear panel of the board all you will find is 8x USB ports, 2x eSATA

Now all motherboard buses and components are driven from a single 133.33 MHz base clock. It was thought earlier that NVIDIA’s

ports, SPDIF ports, 7.1 surround

N200 chipset for three way SLI support will

sound ports and LAN Card Port.

come with every board but this board not only support NVIDIA 3-way SLI but it also


inside view of asus vento 7700 tower casing

has support for ATI Cross fire configura-

It is a feature packed board

tions. We used ASUS EAH ATI Radeon 3650

built for the world’s most pow-

VGA on this board and it worked well but

erful CPU. In this review we will

one thing that disturbed us was that for 3 October 2009 | More | 9


Way SLI or 4-way Crossfire configuration you need extra PCI ex-

Universal Video Decoder or UVD. This provides added support for

press 2.0 ports which are not built into it.

HD video playback.

Triple channel memory support means that you can use 3/6

The card supports both DX10.1 and PCI Express 2.0 but due

channel DDRIII memory modules to gain the peak performance

to its large sized fan-less heat sink it won’t fit in a slim tower or

but again we were disappointed to see only 4 DDRIII DIMM slots

desktop PC.

not 6 DDRIII DIMM slots built in the system.

We rigged this card with today’s fastest Nehalem Processor

Sometimes listening to music greatly reduces the stress of the

Corei7 for testing its full graphical capabilities. For testing purpose,

whole day, Intel has done a great deed by incorporating 7.1 Sur-

we used Thermal Right Ultra 120 Extreme CPU cooler, but the other

round HD Sound Card in this board. Listening to music on it was

hardware devices were left intact to test the system under normal

an overall new experience for us especially when you have large

conditions. Our test rig will remain the same as mentioned earlier.

sound system installed around you.

For checking the graphics capabilities of this card, we selected:

Intel Virtualization support that is built within the board al-

1. need for speed undercover,

lows you to run multiple operating systems and applications on

2. hitman4 blood money,

independent partitions, allowing your computer system to func-

3. lara croft tomb raider: legend

tion as multiple virtual systems. Let’s have a look at the hardware

Before, we start with the Game Testing, a few words about the

step by step.

frame per second (fps). Frames per second test determine the quality of graphics card. The more the number of frames the higher the gaming experience for the user.

fPs chart for game Play <30 fPs 30-40 fPs 40-60 fPs >60 fPs

Asus EAH3650 512MB ATI Chipset

very limited gameplay average game play good gameplay best possible gameplay

need for speed undercover In this Need for Speed series from Electronic Arts Studio, you're

asus eah 3650

playing an undercover cop but you do all your police work behind

EAH 3650 has been in the market and very popular for its per-

the wheel of a car. This is a racing game with an action game flavor.

formance at an affordable price. It provides small to medium

Playing and winning gets you more points and you buy more ac-

boosts in graphical performance over integrated graphics and pro-

cessories for your car, also, you can buy more cars and customize

vides enough features to transform your PC into a fully up to date

them. For testing purpose we set the cards setting to max with 8x

multimedia machine.

AA (anti-aliasing) and 16x AF (anisotropic filtering). The results can be seen in the chart:

features manufacturing Process: stream processors: core clock: shader clock: memory clock: memory interface: memory bandwidth: frame buffer:

55nm 120 725MHz 800MHz 1.6GHz 128 bit 28.8GB/s 256MB/512MB

Built on 55nm manufacturing process the power consumption of this card is reduced along with heat output, which means your card runs cooler and able to achieve more energy efficiency during its operation. Other new features include ATI's video processor, the 10 | More | October 2009


hitman 4 blood money In this Series you are playing a Cool Assassin, Agent 47 whose job is to kill and dispose bodies cleanly. We kept the settings unchanged for this game as well.

Intel Core i7 XE 975@ 3.33GHz

is again reintroduced in this version. Multi-level shared cache has greatly improved its performance and efficiency by reducing latency to frequently used data. We carried out some tests to check the processing power of this monster.

lara croft tomb raider: legend

burninv6.0 test

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend is the seventh game in the

BurnIn V6.0 Test software by PassMark greatly stresses your sys-

Tomb Raider series, published by Eidos Interactive. Deliberately we

tem by carrying out different tests on your hardware individually.

did not change the card’s settings here as well.

Its CPU test exercises and verifies a wide range of instructions, at user specified loads. The user selectable sub-categories of the CPU test are: n

General purpose mathematical instructions (x86)


Floating Point Unit (FPU) instructions (x87)


CPU extension instructions (x86 extensions): The specific extension instructions may be selected: MMX, 3DNow, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2 and SSE4a.


Prime number test By default, a CPU test is run on each CPU core.

core i7 Processor The next in testing comes Intel’s Big Pawn known as Core i7 Xtreme Series Processor. Code name Nehalem and built on 45nm manufacturing process, this processor consumes less energy while utilizing very high clock speeds. The Architecture of this processor is completely different from its predecessors, the old Front Side Bus (FSB) has been removed in this processor and an on chip graphics processor is incorporated to support GPU intensive applications. Its integrated memory controller supports two or three channel DDRIII RAMs. Simultaneous Multithreading (known as Hyper Threading) by multiple cores which enables two threads per core

Intel Corei7 processor showed its metal in our BurnIn Test and scored a high total of 11,212. October 2009 | More | 11

reviews 3d mark vantage For testing the Graphical capabilities of integrated GPU, we used 3D Mark Vantage to carry out tests to check the multimedia

(KVR1333D3N9K2) modules to test the real capability of our system that supports tri-channel memory configuration. The testing system is again the same.

capabilities of our CPU.

si sandra memory bandwidth test This test is based on the Stream Memory Benchmark to measure “Computer memory bandwidth” (the rate at which data can be read from or stored into the main memory by a processor) of the system. In this test Si Sandra compares your system results with other computers.

The On-Chip GPU performance was outstanding and it scored 20215 on our charts which is by far the best score in computer industry of today.

sisandra soft cryPto test In 2 minutes of Cryptography Test, SiSandra measures the cryptography efficiency of the processor units: encryption, decryption

From the tests we can see that our memory has the highest bandwidth of 17.139 GB/sec, when we compared it to other two systems.

and hashing. For encryption/ decryption it uses MP AES128, AES256 Encryption/Decryption Benchmark. And for hashing it usually use MP SHA1, SHA256 Hashing Benchmark.

si sandra memory latency test Memory Latency means that how long the system has to wait for the memory to be in a ready state before data is fetched or delivered. The lower the timing the faster the computer is. The latency of memory is measured in nanoseconds as it is typically independent on processor clock speed.

In Cryptographic benchmark our processor scored 419MB/sec, which was much higher than the scores of core i7 920 and 940. Here again our system has left everyone behind in perform-

Kingston 6 gb ddr3 sdram As mentioned earlier, we have used three DDR3 x 2GB 12 | More | October 2009

ance by scoring the lowest latency time of 76 nano-seconds. Now it is time for our last contestant in the testing category.

reviews intel ssd 80gb hard drive Say goodbye to the old mechanical Hard Drive and welcome Intel’s new Solid State Hard Disk. Manufactured on 34 nanometer manufacturing process, this drive employs 10 parallel NAND flash channels equipped with multilevel cell NAND flash memory. Intel claims that this drive delivers higher input/output per second and throughput performance than any other SSD’s in the market today. It uses Native Command Queuing which enables it to perform 32 concurrent operations. This drive features low write amplification and a unique wear leveling design which guarantees high reliability and enhances life of the drive.

specifications •

Capacity: 80 GB

Sustained Sequential Read: up to 250 MB/s

nel speed and much smaller disk capacities were left behind.


Sustained Sequential Write: up to 70 MB/s

Interface: SATA 3.0 GB/s

Life Expectancy: 1.2 million hours Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)

part where we will tell you about our likes and dislikes in this

Power Consumption:


o Active: 150 mW o Idle: 75 mW

Ah, at last we have reached the end, but wait! This is the

DX58SO Mainboard with ICH10R chipset based Southbridge is definitely an attraction for you. During the testing

Well, that is all this drives offers, let’s carry out some tests to see

never this system crashed or caused any problems. Well that

whether it lives up to the claims it made. Again we will be using Si Sandra

was the performance part. Designers at Intel have said good-

Soft Lite edition to carry out the read and write tests on the system.

bye to PS2 mouse and keyboard ports and also our old friendly IDE port is removed. Intel Core i7 Extreme Series

disk read operation:

Processor is definitely extreme when it comes to performance, whether it is mathematical calculation, encryption/decryption process or calculating frames per second in gaming. ASUS ATI Based EAH 3650 passively cooled graphics card was very active in rendering close to real images when it comes to testing games like NFS, Hitman and Lara Croft. Watching HD movies was a real experience. Overall this entry level VGA will really add more value to your PC with outstanding performance in games and videos. As far as Kingston RAM is concerned, in both Latency and Memory bandwidth tests DDRIII memory performance was mind blowing and it sure did the job well but still we missed HyperX DDRIII. Intel X25 SSD Drive is built on a very reliable technology

In Disk Read Operation, Intel has surpassed every other disk

but it is still expensive enough for individuals to buy but for

by performing sequential reads of 234MB/sec; where as other

companies who have to keep their data safe will prefer it on

drives of same specifications were not even able to catch its wind

mechanical drives. Mechanical drives will be seen on the

in this race.

canvas for a long time, if the price of these SSD’s is not brought down.

disk write operation: In Disk Write Operation, Intel also performed well with 63.03

Overall, you will find it worth spending some money and it will add more value to your business empire.


MB/sec sequential write speed and still other drives of same chanOctober 2009 | More | 13


Syeda Rafia Mazhar

the operator can not withdraw any services to the consumer, without the approval of the authority and it shall give thirty (30) days prior notice to the consumer in this regard

The last few years have witnessed a

through person visitation. Furthermore, con-

him/her about any sort of interruption in the

tremendous development in telecom sector

sumers can also access PTA’s Zonal offices at

service, prior to its occurrence, caused due to

as the overall teledensity of the country has

provincial capitals for early redressal of their

any reason like, service enhancement or

reached 61.8%. With such a boom in the

complaints. Till now more than 80,000 individ-

modification etc. Under the Consumer Pro-

growth of telecom subscribers, it becomes a

ual consumer complaints have been received

tection Regulations 2009 the operators shall

challenge for telecom operators as well as the

and redressed by PTA.

keep the consumer informed on any kind of


Regulator to assure the provision of quality

PTA endeavor on consumer rights does

interruption in their service. Where as in case

services to such a huge consumer base and

not end here. For this purpose it initiated

of unpredicted technical interruption/faults

satisfy their needs.

process for formulation of regulations to safe-

the Regulations states that the operator shall

guard telecom consumers. After an extensive

inform the consumer by any possible source

rights, PTA had formed a Consumer Complaint

consultation on different forums the final out-

like the SMS and Calls etc. This point has been

Cell to handle their complaints. Initially this Cell

come was presented in the form of “Con-

included in the regulation in view of the con-

Realizing consumers’ interests and their

was working in a limited capacity. The escalat-

sumer Protection Regulations, 2009” in March

sumer’s right to know as to why the quality

ing consumer base had put the number of

2009. Under these regulations, the telecom

of service has not been maintained.

complaints on rise and due to the introduction

operators are required to setup a comprehen-

The Operator can not withdraw any serv-

of new services by operators the nature of con-

sive mechanism for the rederessal of con-

ices to the consumer, without the approval of

sumer complaints has also got diversified. The

sumers’ grievances.

the Authority and it shall give thirty (30) days prior notice to the consumer in this regard. In

Authority, after analyzing the situation, revamped its Complaint Cell into a dedicated Consumer Protection Directorate (CPD). CPD

what do these regulations say?

cate the reasons for suspension or disconnection of services to the consumer. The point of

comprises of a Complaint Cell which can easily be accessed by consumers through a number

such cases the operator will clearly communi-

It does improve the confidence level of a

thirty (30) days prior notice provides an oppor-

of channels including Toll Free Number, tele-

consumer on the services of its concerned

tunity to the consumer to take necessary meas-

phone, fax, e-mail, PTA’s website, post mail and

operator when the operator does inform

ures to avoid any sort of communication

14 | More | October 2009


problem in form of service suspension or dis-

information, explicitly disclosing the tariff rates,

working days. The procedure does not end

connection. Furthermore under the regulations

units of charging, and applicable taxes, etc in

here incase the complainant is not satisfied

the operators have been barred from suspend-

their advertisements. Authority further desired

with the redressal or the Operator fails to re-

ing or disconnecting a service to a consumer

that it should be ensured that the effective tar-

spond within three working days the com-

for which the consumer has paid all the dues,

iffs for all services are in accordance with the

plaint can be registered with the Consumer

even if the consumer has not done the pay-

tariffs as mentioned in advertisements. It also

Protection Directorate, in the PTA Headquar-

ment to the operator in relation to some other

directs telecom operators not to pre-activate

ters, Islamabad or PTA Zonal offices.

services. But the operator can suspend or dis-

any tariff on consumer, optional in nature,

connect all connections for individual services

without the consent of consumers. On billing,

to a consumer, which are subscribed by that

it desires all operators to provide detailed

campaign for the redressal of consumer grievances mechanism

consumer in his/her own name and the default

billing information to their consumers in ac-

is not cleared for any one of such connections.

cordance with license terms and conditions,

Another significant and highly apprecia-

regulations/directives issued by Authority,

For the awareness of telecom consumers

ble clause in the regulations is about the ac-

Code of Commercial Practices and service

PTA has recently launched a campaign titled

cess to the emergency numbers. The

contract as approved by Authority.

“Redressal of Consumer Grievances Mechanism”. In this campaign, telecom consumers

Consumer Protection Regulations requires that the operator shall not deny access to emergency numbers to a consumer, even if the service is suspended for any valid reason. With the application of this regulation by the

regulations regarding the redressal of consumer grievances

were informed about proper procedure of lodging a complaint. Through this campaign three easy steps for lodging a complaint were explained to the consumer. If a consumer

operators the consumer can easily contact

Regarding the complaint handling

wants to lodge a complaint, in the first step

the cops or ambulance in case of emergency

mechanism these regulations make it com-

he can contact the Service Provider through

situation; without any fear that the call will not

pulsory for the operators to entertain com-

Call Center\Help line, Fax, Post, Email or Web

be connected due to non payment or any

plaints of consumers such as misuse of

Form Link. In the second step the subscriber

other reason. The authority has further in-

services, quality of service, illegal practices,

should ask few questions from the service

structed the operators to restore the services

poor services, misleading statements, non-

provider regarding the Complaint No or Ref-

to the telecom consumers if they have paid

provision of services, mobile portability re-

erence No, Redressal time line of Complaints

all the dues or have taken all the steps to sat-

lated complaints etc by maintaining the

and Escalation path in case the complaint is

isfy the operator on the reason for which the

confidential information about the consumer.

not resolved within stated timeline. And if still

service was suspended or disconnected. As

The Authority further desires that all the com-

the complaint is not resolved, then in the third step subscriber may contact PTA.

after the payment or fulfillment of the opera-

plaints at first stance shall be filed with the

tor’s requirement the consumer has the right

operator against whom the complainant has

It is expected that “the Consumer Pro-

to get the services back on priority basis.

any grievances. And for this purpose the op-

tection Regulations 2009” will provide

erator shall establish a mechanism which

respite to the consumers from below stan-

should be widely publicized. The operators

dard telecom services. PTA efforts have re-

regulations regarding commercial Practices In order to protect the consumer from

are bound to establish a round the clock con-

sulted in benefits to the consumers in

sumer care call centre having a dedicated

terms of network expansion, scope of serv-

helpline for lodging of consumer complaints

ices, reduction in tariffs and availability of

being deceived through the misleading and

and the charges of the call should not exceed

an array of telecom operators with regard

false advertisements PTA has included few

the one determined by the Authority. Upon

to choice of their service provider. And its

points regarding Commercial Practices in the

receiving the complaint, the Operator must

recent achievements in the form of the

Consumer Protection Regulations. Under the

register the said complaint through the allo-

“Consumer Protection Regulation, 2009”

regulations, PTA has directed all telecom op-

cation of a unique complaint number, to be

has marked another milestone for the ben-

erators to ensure that consumers know the

communicated to the complainant along

efit of the consumer. The Authority is com-

exact costs for all services prior to purchase.

with the specific time frame within which the

mitted towards protecting the telecom

Operators are bound to mention clearly the

Operator shall address Consumer grievance

consumer rights and it plans to take further

cost of service without any false or misleading

as soon as possible but not later than three

such steps in future.


October 2009 | More | 15



Shahid Khan

Being technologists, we believe to move ahead with much more ag-

gression but at the same time we have to plan and act comprehen-

This calculator evaluates the impact based on the geographical energy assessments. The recently updated tool has the

sively to ensure that our successors could safely enjoy the benefits of

ability to perform in 146 countries. Customers can compare the con-

technology we are producing today

sumption parameters, whether it’s a home user or corporate using

Hp’s new slogan, Power to Change, let the users to think to con-

inkjet or LaserJet, either it’s a new device or an old model printer.

sider how much energy can be saved by shutting down idle comput-

We are not only perusing our customers but also we have applied

ers. This is not just a slogan but a campaign subject to change the

the same rules within our own environment. As a result of power pur-

behavior of computer users around the world. HP has long been involved in activities subject to highlight the need of reduced energy consumption hence save the planet.

chase agreement with SunPower, HP is buying some 1.7 million kWh per year, meeting over 10 percent of the facility's energy needs and reducing CO2e emissions by more than 550 tonnes.

HP says, if 100,000 computer users shut their PCs at the end of

Through this agreement HP is bound to purchase this energy from

each day, they can save energy that amounts to some 2,680 kilowatt-

SunPower for 15 years, saving over $750,000 beginning on day one of

hours and at the same time, reducing the carbon emission more than

the agreement. HP is the first IT Company which came forward vol-

3,500 per day. In other words, it will reduce the impact on environment

untarily to report its greenhouse gas emissions. Not only this, HP is

as if 110 cars are eliminated from the roads.

also the leader in product recycling. We reclaimed1.7 billion pounds

At HP we are focusing and telling the technology users to opti-

of e-waste over the past decade. It removes and resells the gold and

mize their printing environment so they could reduce energy, carbon,

copper, before disposing of the parts that are not reusable. HP’s new

paper and costs. Being the largest technology company we want to

eco-friendly materials are totally recyclable.

give back something to Mother Nature. There are number of processes

Being technologists, we believe to move ahead with much more

and techniques we are introducing that help users to decide how they

aggression but at the same time we have to plan and act compre-

can manage their priorities. The HP Carbon Footprint Calculator for

hensively to ensure that our successors could safely enjoy the benefits

printing is one such thing. We enable users to calculate their energy

of technology we are producing today. n

consumption, paper use, carbon output and the associated monetary

The writer works for HP Pakistan as Director Marketing (IPG). He

costs of their printing environment. This clearly let them decide how

has over 12 years of experience in IT and Telecom. Making use of his

they can reduce their environmental impact through responsible printing. 16 | More | October 2009

vast exposure he is determined to reshape technology in Pakistan representing World’ s largest IT Company.


October 2009 | More | 17


yoon boo-Keun, President of samsung electronics tv segment

One day early this year, the face of Co-

deserves." One year later, Samsung ranked No.

months later, he succeeded in being admit-

President of Samsung Electronics, Yoon Boo-

1 in all indicators, including sales in unit vol-

ted to Daeryun High School in Daegu.

Keun began to glow with delight, as he

ume, sales in dollar value and price per unit.


turned on the new LED TV in his office. His

He desperately wanted to become a doctor. Unfortunately, he couldn’t realize his

boo-Keun leaves the island to pursue his dream

dream, as he could not fulfill the pre-requi-

report covering yet another international accolade for the most important product in his

In November 1968 when Yoon was in his

versity. Since he spent five years at high

sudden happiness was caused by the news

sites to enter the Medical School of Korea Uni-

life, the LED TV. He instantly called several of

second year at Ulleung Fisheries High

school, he did not want to spend another

his staff members and told them to watch

School, he made up his mind. Until then, he

year to try the test again. The alternative was

the program reviewing the best electronic

never went outside the island. At that time,

Electronic Engineering at Hanyang University

products across the globe. Still unsatisfied,

the best college for him to go to after grad-

in Seoul.

he called up his family and several friends at

uation was Yeosoo Fisheries College. But as

As such, life took an unexpected path.

their home to prompt them to immediately

a boy who was dreaming about becoming

Yoon started to dream about another life.

switch over to the channel showing the

a doctor and watching his parents who were

To make up for his lost time, he concen-

electronics review. This episode clearly illus-

pharmacists, he couldn’t stand the idea of

trated on nothing but studying. It was

trates the character of Yoon, who pushed

attending that college.

around this time when he made up his

Samsung TV to the top of the world.

He finally left the island and went to

mind to bet his life on an engineering ca-

A similar case happened early last year.

Daegu, the fourth largest city in Korea. But he

reer. He was on scholarship for all four years

Samsung TV ranked first in the US market in

couldn’t find any place to stay. Finally, he set-

at the university. Thanks to his hard work,

units sold, but remained second in sales (dol-

tled in “Daebong Reading Room” in Daebong-

he was hired by Samsung Group on No-

lar value). Some in the company raised their

dong, Joong-gu District. He did nothing but

vember 6th, 1978 in its public recruitment.

voice to go for aggressive marketing to be-

study for months. His feet were in rubber

come No. 1 even if it meant price reduction.

shoes all the time, because he couldn’t wear

opportunity comes anywhere

Yet Yoon opposed, "our product is not some-

sneakers with swollen feet caused by his pat-

The first assignment he received from

thing that deserves such a poor price. It

tern of eating, sleeping and studying while

the company was developing 3-inch and 5-

should become No. 1, while priced at what it

seated at the desk in the reading room. A few

inch TVs. Although it was called “develop-

18 | More | October 2009


ment,” what he actually did was to copy a

Management Innovation Team all of sudden.

says Yoon. After racing toward his goal for the

user manual in his handwriting. He wrote

The organization was smaller than Develop-

last three decades with that thought in mind,

out the manual that included items and

ment and didn’t get much attention. But he

he finally joined the ranks of presidents of

specifications. Calluses were gradually form-

didn’t care, and took the decision as another

Samsung Electronics.

ing on his hand. Sometimes the thought

opportunity to learn. In fact, Yoon appreciated

The most important virtue that Yoon

came to his mind, "What am I doing here?

the company’s decision, "When I became the

picks for employees is a sense of ownership

Did I make such an effort to get hired by

head of a division in 2007, I realized how help-

and trust. He laments, "From the beginning, I

Samsung only to do this kind of trivial job?"

ful it was to get experience at Management

started working with the thought that it is

But he says, "Monotonously repeating a rou-

Innovation and Development.”

tine job is what brought me the perspective and insight to understand the depth of the

“my” company and “my” business. But some younger workers do not show a consistent at-

never say impossible

titude whether the company is in boom or

Another important person in his life was

crisis." He also takes trust seriously. He says,

His first hardship came when he was the

Digital Media & Communication President of

"My heart doesn’t care for people who don’t

Development Team’s junior manager. At that

Samsung Electronics, Choi Gee Sung. But

look trustworthy. Whether I like them or not,

time, he was in charge of developing a TV

Choi was a master of marketing that Yoon

I clearly express how I feel."

with the PAL system (the encoding system for

never experienced before. Yoon says, "Choi

color TVs for Europe). Because the market for

used to sell toothpicks, watches and shoes

the system was small, his team head and

overseas. He is the person who taught me

coworkers treated him as an unimportant

about sales." He thought that he couldn’t tell

person. Yoon was unhappy due to the medi-

Choi, “It’s impossible.” Actually, he didn’t want

engineering field."

ocrity of this project. His role was not motivat-

to be bashed any more. Such a challenging

ing enough; he even considered resigning

and competitive relationship between him

from the project.

and Choi served as the driving force that cat-

Then HR Director, Moon Byung-dae called him and said, "Samsung is going to be-

apulted Samsung Electronics TV to the world’s top position.

This character also shows up in the busi-

Now that Samsung Electronics is No. 1 in TV, Yoon truly feels “I can do it” in his heart. That spirit would probably help him maintain his current position

come a giant company. Talents like you can-

Now that Samsung Electronics is No. 1 in

not leave the company. It needs you. You

TV, Yoon truly feels “I can do it” in his heart.

ness. If a competitor does not compete fairly,

should settle in here.” He decided against a

That spirit would probably help him maintain

he directly criticizes it. "If they are not compe-

resignation after Moon’s advice. Moon was

his current position. "When it comes to doing

tent enough, they should admit it and try to

among the first and key person who made

business, any company would be given the

get better. I cannot put up with a competitor

Yoon what he is today.

same environment. How I take it changes the

that doesn’t do so and slanders others." The

situation and the exit (solution) is right there."

right attitude would be to value No. 1 and try

The Development Team for an engineer was the fast track to advancement. One day, however, he received an order to join the taskforce to establish an Indonesian local plant. Being told to move to an overseas plant

to learn from the best competitor."

the best virtue for salaried workers is sense of ownership

as a Development Team engineer at that time

His belief is that you should earn just enough money for your needs. Yoon says, "I saw many cases where while pursuing money, people failed to enjoy the fruit of

was not very exciting. Yet Yoon considered

He says he realized something a few

working overseas as a good opportunity to

months after joining the company. It was that

comes naturally. You should earn just

experience another world. After Indonesia, he

the company doesn’t discriminate against

enough. If you try to get more, your life falls

hard work even if they succeeded. Money

spent five years at Samsung’s R&D center in

employees based on where they came from

apart." In this respect, Samsung gives just

Europe before coming back to Development

and which school they graduated from. The

the right amount to employees, according

in 1996.

dream of a rare rookie from Ulleungdo began

to him. Yoon says, "I want Samsung em-

It was early 2000 when another HR

at that time. "I thought that I could eventually

ployees to see me as someone who they

movement was made for him. After becom-

advance to the Vice President position with

want to learn something from and some-

ing an officer in 1999, he seemed to be on the

my capability and hard work, but getting to

one who contributed to making Samsung

career highway. But he was assigned to the

the President position was God’s decision,"

TV the world’s best." n October 2009 | More | 19

interview the aviation industry in Pakistan is at a very interesting stage in its life cycle, and where there are highs and lows in every sector, the Pakistani aviation industry seems to be strong enough to take on newer and more exciting projects.

first of all tell us about your self. your experience and qualification. I started off my career in the UK working with big names such as Elizabeth Arden and Mercedes Benz. Working with a legendary automotive company such as Mer-cedes Benz would be any boy’s dream come true and that is exactly what it was for me. From there I went on to join the aviation sector and

Mr. Amer Khan Country Manager Etihad Airways

Since Etihad started operations in Pakistan it has been one of Etihad’s fastest grow-ing markets and considered to be a key market with strong traffic to Abu Dhabi and beyond

started off my career with American Airlines

that with the growing number of passengers

and have been in this industry ever since.

to the UAE, and its strate-gic location on the global map, both these airlines have enough

this first question that comes to ones mind is about etihad’s relations with its biggest competitor emirates and are the rumours of etihad buying shares of emirates, true? Emirates and Etihad are both UAE based airlines with a healthy competition and a great relationship as well. Where Etihad is a new airline, Emirates has been around for a

room to facilitate the demand and grow in

spite this, Etihad had a great year in 2008 and performance in the first quarter in 2009 was strong. We launched new destinations including Istanbul, Athens, Larnaca, Melbourne and Astana in Kazakhstan with Chicago, our second US destina-tion launched on 2 September 2009 .

Pakistan is traditionally considered as a low yield market. what is your average rPK in Pakistan in particular and worldwide in general? Since Etihad started operations in Pak-

our own respects

istan it has been one of Etihad’s fastest grow-

last couple of years were very tough for airline industry all over the world, in terms of fuel prices and economic recession. how well do you think your airline is coping with this tough phase?

market with strong traffic to Abu Dhabi and

ing markets and considered to be a key beyond. In terms of yield management, our focus is primarily on the ensuring that we carry the maximum number of guests to our long haul destinations in the Europe and North America. Additionally, since we have an award winning First and Business Class prod-

long time, and both have been operating ex-

The global recession has affected every

uct, the sales focus is ensuring that cabin is al-

tremely successfully, however there is no

industry. Airlines have seen a significant re-

ways full – be it from Karachi, Lahore,

truth to Etihad buying shares of Emirates. In

duction in travel by all global organizations

Islamabad or Peshawar to anywhere on the

terms of our working relation, we strongly feel

affecting sales from corporate customers. De-

Etihad network.

20 | More | October 2009


what are your views about the current situation of aviation industry in Pakistan? what are your future plans for Pakistan? The aviation industry in Pakistan is at a

erates. Etihad Airways has actively con-

tourism hub for travelers from every-where

tributed towards the social sector in Pakistan

in the world. New developments include

since first entering the market, by extending

Saadiyat Island; it will become Abu Dhabi's

its support to the Zubeida Khalid Memorial

cultural district with the world renowned

Trust (ZKMT), a local NGO, and a cause to

landmarks to be built on this island. This

very interesting stage in its life cycle, and

which Etihad Guest Members have con-

Cultural District will be home to the world’s

where there are highs and lows in every sec-

tributed immensely by donating their fre-

largest concentration of premier cultural in-

tor, the Pakistani aviation industry seems to

quent flyer miles. Eti-had’s Guest loyalty

stitutions, including the Guggenheim Abu

be strong enough to take on newer and

programme makes donations to various

Dhabi Museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and

more exciting projects. Pakistan is one of Eti-

global charities and projects. Recently mem-

the Sheikh Zayed National Museum.

had Airways’ key destinations.

bers of the loyalty programme donated more

The Yas Marina Island is the venue for

We have a healthy loyal customer base

than half a mil-lion miles to humanitarian and

the Ferrari Formula One race scheduled to

here and as time goes by, the numbers keep

environmental charities etc. through their in-

be held later this year in Abu Dhabi,- Etihad

growing. Currently we have daily flights from

novative rewards shop.

Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2009. Apart

Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and twice daily from Peshawar, that’s 23 weekly flights with excellent onward connections to the rest of the Etihad network, especially North America and Europe. Exciting news for Pakistan is the launch of our direct service to Chicago on 2 September via Abu Dhabi. The code share agreement with American Airlines, which came into effect on 20 August, will provide many new travel choices for passengers out of Pakistan.

you have worked with different airlines all over the world. are you satisfied with the level of professionalism in Pakistan?

from that the island currently under devel-

Emirates and Etihad are both UAE based airlines with a healthy competition and a great relationship as well. Where Etihad is a new airline, Emirates has been around for a long time, and both have been operating extremely successfully

Etihad also regularly sponsors charity fundraisers to help raise funds to support rehabilitation of the 2005 Earthquake victims in

opment will be hosting signature hotels, the Ferrari theme park, water park, and the Abu Dhabi destination retail develop-ment of 300,000 sq m retail area, links and parkland golf courses, lagoon hotels, ma-rinas, polo clubs, apartments, villas and numerous food & beverage outlets that will create a unique international tourist destination. Slowly and gradually Abu Dhabi is inching its way towards becoming the corporate hot spot and the cultural capital of the world.

tourism to abu dhabi is picking up in competition with its neighbours. is etihad is the integral part of this?

I have recently come to Pakistan and am

Northern Pakistan, education and welfare of

The development of Etihad goes hand

living here for the first time. Up till now all my

abused women in Pakistan as well as dona-

in hand with Abu Dhabi. As the capital

associates and the people I have come in

tion of equipment to local children’s hospital.

grows; so does Etihad. Yes, Etihad Airways

contact with during my early stages here

Most recently Etihad in collaboration with the

is an integral part of Abu Dhabi’s overall

have been very good and thoroughly profes-

Rotary Club held a fundraiser to raise money

growth and development - as we serve the

sional. There is a real sense of co-operation

for the Pannah, battered women’s shelter and

purpose of bringing the (labour, leisure,

among people here and I feel we can count

the Brenton Canary hostel for girls.

business, and local) traffic both in and out of the country as well as supporting the

on each other.

rapid infrastructural growth Abu Dhabi is

Etihad takes its social responsibilities seri-

what role etihad is playing in the development of abu dhabi as the regional hub for passengers travelling beyond abu dhabi.

ously and seeks opportunities to work with

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. It is

ployment opportunities which has resulted

local groups to ensure the economic and so-

diversifying its economy from oil and is

from Etihad Airways’ birth that play a signifi-

cial wellbeing of communities in which it op-

gaining prominence as a commercial and

cant role

eithad airways is also involved in many social activities. tell us something about that.

seeing. Of course then there are the secondary elements such as the expansion in the Abu Dhabi airport and the multi-cultural em-

October 2009 | More | 21



Ambreen Salman

“Shimile” my 22 month old daughter said

to me pointing the mobile towards me. “What is she doing” asked her grandma while I laughed my heart out telling her that she is taking my photograph. My mother nearly fainted. She doesn’t even know how to handle a mobile, operating it seems a far fetched idea to her. For her technology just complicates life not makes it easier as is the popular belief.

They copy paste from the internet and finish their work. Bags have become heavy and the brains have become empty what an ironic situation. We have loaded the kids with so much knowledge at such an early age that they seem to have lost it.

This is the 21st century. Science and

Even the health problems have been seeped into the children. Dangerous and life taking illnesses like arthritis, sugar, and migraine have found its way in this young generation. At very early age they have white hair which was once considered the sign of wisdom. Glasses and eye problems are faced by nearly every child due to excessive watching of TV and computers. They just sit for hours and hours playing games on TV or watching useless cartoons. The energy and zest for life which I saw in my grandma at her old age has become

technology has reached its zenith making

Besides all this technology-the mobile,

extinct even the young blood whose age it

discoveries which people a few years back

iPod, lap top, computers, play stations, DVDs,

is to be bouncy. My grandma died at the

couldn’t even dream about. Everyone

CDs, these kids seem to still lack something.

age of 90 although she never had a mobile

seems to be caught in this fire of knowl-

That something is that shine and glitter in

or a laptop or an iPod but she had that

edge, science and discoveries, even the

their eyes that their age requires. Bertrand

shine in her eyes. Who ever met her was

kids think they are modern day Einstein.

Russell enlightened on this aspect of chil-

amazed by her intellect having an amazing

dren’s psychology preaching not to give the

memory and writing skill. The speed with

ment that was aired a long time back in

kids a golden spoon in their mouths don’t

which she calculated without any calcula-

which a new born baby winked at the

take the joy of achievement from them. We

tor was astonishing, but alas if you ask any

nurse holding the coke bottle. At that time

have done what we probably shouldn’t

young kid to do so the first reaction would

it seemed so remote and hilarious but now

have; providing them with what ever they

be to reach out for a calculator.

at the pace the things are going this

could not yet even dream off without asking

doesn’t seem to be impossible at all.

and even without taking in mind their age.

point of view is a generation I might even

They seem withered and depressed facing

call the golden years for it never tilted too

girl can also operate the iPod, although no

problems which were once considered to

much on either sides. We had the technol-

one has taught her—I wonder how?

be for much older people.

ogy but not too much of it we had the free-

I am reminded of an advertise-

Not only the mobile, but my baby

22 | More | October 2009

Where I stand from the generation


dom but not over rated. Hence my generation can very well analyze what and where the things are going. Is this technology and advancement taking us some where better or helping us in becoming better human beings? At the rate with which schools are promoting printed assignments for home work and class work will

Leave books at Home: Digital School Book is here to help you

soon make writing skill obsolete. They are demanded to do research work which is a good idea but whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the check on them. They copy paste from the internet and finish their work. Bags have become heavy and the brains have become empty what an ironic situation. We have loaded the kids with so much knowledge at such an early age that they seem to have lost it. According to Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 31% of children age 3 and under are already using computers. 16% use them several times a week, 21% can point and click with a mouse by themselves, and 11% can turn on the computer without assistance. These statics not only agree with my concern


French junior high school students

but also are more alarming then I

follow a class lesson taught with a digital

initially thought the situation is.

touch blackboard and a class manual as

For our generation technology

part of the experimental 'Digital School

at large was a separate entity which

Book' program at the Rene Cassin

was there to help us with our day

School in Tourrettes Levens, near Nice.

lives but when I look at my baby girl

The school participates in the experi-

pretend to be making a business call

mental operation which uses digital

to someone on my communicator I

technology which permits students to

realize how the mere definition of

leave their books at home where they

technology in our lives has changed

can connect online to revise their stud-

and how, from a separate entity it

ies without carrying them to and from

has become an organic part of their

the school. n

lives. Technology is creeping deeper and deeper into our lives and the risk of being overexposed to it is mega but somehow we all live wearing a blindfold to it. n October 2009 | More | 23


Ashar H. Zaidi

telligent multi-core technologies are required to handle more sophisticated tasks including video processing, rich application multi-taskCPU-intensive applications are renewing in-

ing and digital content creation.

terest in the desktop PC. Additionally, the Although notebooks have made tremen-

popularity of digital devices, like cameras,

consumer generated content

dous headway in the market over the past

audio players, particularly consumer-gener-

This desire to create content is strong in The

few years, the trusty old desktop PC may very

ated content and faster broadband speeds

Association of Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN).


well be making a solid comeback. The emer-

are contributing to a resurgence of the desk-

Internet users in this region are now increas-

gence of highly intuitive visual computing

top space as an increasing number of enthu-

ingly becoming active producers of digital content as well as passive consumers of it.

usage for example photo and video editing

siasts require the best performance, speed

and retouching, interactive simulated envi-

and eďŹ&#x192;ciency only oďŹ&#x20AC;ered by a desktop PC.

In the Philippines for instance, 65 per cent

ronments, online multiplayer games and

The days where a single core chip was

of Internet users contribute to blogs, 85 per

just used to juggle basic computing tasks

cent upload photos and 60 per cent of users

such as word processing are over. Today, in-

upload and share videos online. Pakistan has 17.5 M internet users representing 10.4% of the population; and 55.6% own a mobile phone. Pakistanis are active consumers of online videos, blogs and social networks. n

More than 85% of internet users watch online videos


More than 75% read blogs


More than 70% are on social networks (Facebook / Orkut)


More than 60% share photos


Less than 50% download podcasts and write blogs Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s this creation of content that drives the

demand for more powerful systems. Video aggregator sites such as YouTube now accept feature length high definition movies with an 24 | More | October 2009


As the quality of user generated content continues to improve and the number of digital content creators increase, so does the need for faster and more powerful desktop processors

extended file size limit of a massive 1GB. YouTube is one of many websites.

able them to capture their personal content

home movie in Final Cut Pro while creating

has also dramatically improved over the past

the DVD cover in Photoshop whilst simul-

few years. Consumers now have access to 10

taneously laying down a sound track with

megapixel cameras and High Definition (HD)

Logic Express.

camcorders, all capable of capturing very high resolution images and video.

Whilst the applications are significantly more complicated and resource intensive,

The files that consumers have become

consumer expectations have remained the

accustomed to working with are now giga-

same. Users expect to interact with appli-

bytes in size. Work such as this was squarely

cations and have them respond instanta-

in the domain of the professional user not so

neously whether they are moving between

long ago.

the pages of a document or the frames of

The processing power required to render this kind of work once existed only in

a movie. Perhaps this is the fundamental point.

Facebook, with 200 million worldwide

high end professional equipment. The dif-

Usage models have moved away from

users, receives 850 million photo uploads and

ference between a Pentium® 4 chip intro-

being more passive and static text driven

10 million video uploads per month. Also take

duced in 2005 and a Core™ i5 for example

content that we create in order to print up,

into consideration the growth in the ‘pro-

is a 6x or more improvement when encod-

to rich digital content such as images and

sumer’ (producer-consumer) segment. Pro-

ing video clips for web upload1.

video which we create, upload and share.

bigger screens

respond to our input, however, remain the

sumers edit their own images using software such as Photoshop and Picasa and produce

Our expectations of how these applications

their own videos with Apple’s iMovie or Win-

Over the last five years, widescreens

same. We expect the experience to be

dows Movie Maker. This is a staggering vol-

have increased in size. Large 20-inch screen

seamless, instantaneous and smooth. To

ume of content being created and shared.

sizes and above has now become the rule

meet these expectations, chip vendors

As the quality of user generated content

rather than the exception. These larger

have significantly improved the technology

continues to improve and the number of dig-

screens again have fed the HD and 3D

and increased the capacity within their of-

ital content creators increase, so does the

graphics frenzy that continues to feed the


need for faster and more powerful desktop

data explosion today.

There are no signs pointing to a slow-

It’s this constant drive for richer, more

down of these trends. It is inevitable that

one of these new content creators. He is a

immersive environments that continue to

the Internet and power-hungry applica-

blogger and his blog continues to grow at a


tions will continue to grow unabated as

processors. Umair Mohsin from Pakistan is




rapid pace since its inception six months ago.

widescreen laptops have been produced,

more people move online. Advancements

“I blog to express myself and reach out to

they reach their limitations because the

will also be made to consumer electronic

others. I blog because out of the threads of

screen is attached to the unit. Some laptop

devices that make them capable of pro-

shared thoughts, hopes and feedback, we are

units have pushed the boundaries with re-

ducing even higher quality digital content.

developing a sense of understanding of how

gards to screen size, but the laptops really

With each successive improvement,

things work or should work. Each individual

become desktop replacements and the

more will be demanded from the humble

piece stands on its own, but collectively we

mobility and space savings are mooted.

PC that is the foundry for this content and

create a better picture and it’s bigger than any

inevitably the desktop PC will rise to meet

tapestry that one of us might weave alone. It’s

rich application multi-tasking

about connections, digital ones!” says Mohsin

While multi-tasking is not a new con-

Mohsin is not atypical, and there are content creators like this all over the world.

cept, the demands placed on PCs previously were to multi-task simple documents and spreadsheets – content that was essen-

technology improvements In addition to the many avenues available

tially two-dimensional pages of text. Today the multi-tasking effort involves

for content producers to create, upload and

juggling multiple CPU-intensive applica-

share their work, the digital devices that en-

tions. It’s now possible to edit your latest

these challenges. n

Ashar H. Zaidi is the Country Manager for Intel Pakistan. In this role he oversees the overall business for Intel Pakistan, including functions such as sales, channel marketing, business development, public and government relations

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Safia Aftab

“Give me the remote” I grumbled to

and try to make something of today.

my brother as he had snatched it from me and

From the comic point of view it was a

The “train” we are waiting for is not a pos-

was surfing the news for something spicy. Re-

good job but there was something off about

sibility as no one from the unseen will come

mote war is one war which probably occurs

the advertisement which got me thinking

and sway his magic wand and viola! Life isn’t

in every house and mostly the powerful a.k.a

and one thing is for sure that my thoughts

a fairytale story. I don’t think that is a possibility

the brother wins. While I was whining and my

weren’t happy. It is sometimes so frustrating

and if being 23 years old I have enough com-

brother was smirking, the television screen

and saddening that we are so stuck in our

mon sense to figure that out then I am sure

caught our attention and no it was not be-

past that at times we even forget what our

you all can figure it out too.

cause there was latest news on Meera about

present is and how we are to live in the future.

We are a Muslim country and our sole be-

her “scandal” with Ateeq ur Rehman but to my

As individuals, as nation and even as the rulers

lief is that God shall be with us in all ups and

shock it was a telecom advertisement. As I am

we share one common trait which Arthur

downs but we forget a tiny detail that “God

a sucker for comedy I gave up the fight for the

Miller puts it this way; “We're like a railroad sta-

only helps those who help themselves.” We

remote and indulged myself in the humor of

tion waiting for a train that never comes in.”

need to wake up! The clock is ticking and the

the advertisement.

From this Ufone advertisement to Tarang

world is evolving at an alarming speed so a

Time and time again Ufone has come up

advertisement to many first-class and bad

suggestion for the Ufone telecom company

with pretty witty and a humoristic advertise-

shows like Lux Style awards we obsess so much

and all the event management companies

ment which has not only acquired a fan fol-

about the glory that came and went 3 decades

that let the “golden era” of lollywood go and

lowing but also has helped in the increase in

ago that we forget to wake up and make a little

embrace the future. Create something new,

sales. This time around Ufone has captured a

of today. Why do we not copy Shan as Gujjur

spread the sensation about tomorrow and

scene from our movies and before you start

or Saima as Dako Rani? Instead why do we re-

stop keeping our nation in the past.

to think it is something to do with Shan star-

peatedly bring Waheed Murad back to life?

Ufone advertisements are funny, witty and

ring as Gujjur, and then let me correct you. It

Our film industry and probably Pakistan

captivating but even they need to stop obsess-

is a scene from the golden period of lolly-

as whole had a good glorious past some 30

ing over the past and build the future on cre-

wood when our industry was actually com-

or more years back this is a fact and I am proud

ativity and originality! Originality shall take us

peting neck to neck with bollywood.

of it but for God sake people grow out of it

places and put the glorious past in place. n

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October 2009 | More | 27

cover story

Mudassar J Mufti

if telenor-china mobile scenario is taken into account then both must realize how the associated reputation will be taken care of n

China Mobile needs to buy something

out of their homeland; this was the statement from their chairman Mr. Wang Jianzhou. When two people get married, either of them or sometimes both of them adopt each other’s qualities and habits. If Telenor and Zong go for such a relation, and that is inevitable according to a school of thought, then which brand is going to dominate is a question. Telenor enjoys a better reputation than Zong since its birth in Pakistan. From the start they have been focusing on quality, targeting the youth and for sure their prime targets were the remote areas where it started to penetrate in the first phase contrary to Warid or rest of the companies. This is why we soon started to get calls from the Telenor

Indians will never like Telenor to continue its operations in Pakistan. Already they have imposed several conditions, which Telenor has acknowledged as there is no other option. In the past, Orascom had to change their course in Indian market because they never wanted to disturb their earning child in Pakistan. Same way Telenor would never like to disturb its Indian market where it is relying too much

numbers that shows their acceptability.

with the SIM and later Zong followed it. So in this case, that Chinese attitude was shown by Ufone. But it doesn’t means Zong is in some better condition; the quality of network is really questionable. Even if you have the tower nearby, it is not guaranteed that you will get the signals. Most of the people you would find complaining the same thing. Zong inherited couple of hundred of thousands of customers from Paktel and an under used network. Later they added cell sites and as per their stats cell sites are 4500 in numbers but they have not added the customers in the same proportions. That means they have plenty of space available and still there are signaling and quality issues. People at Zong term it as network expansion phase but this excuse cannot be justified after this long time.

On the other hand, apart from very few

nese phones would be available on foot-

I would rather say to them, this was a no-

people, I hardly get calls from Zong num-

paths, roadside shops or the Sunday bazaar

tion of past when it was believed that net-

bers. It’s been quite a time since China Mo-

just like other Chinese products are avail-


bile (CM) acquired Paktel in Pakistan and


expansion is going on. If we go by this be-





named it Zong and according to Chairman

Yes, Zong did manipulate with price and

lief then Zong should keep giving unac-

CM, Mr. Wang Jianzhou, “the Pakistani op-

just recently it was held responsible by

ceptable quality of services until the

eration, Zong, is performing well”.

Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP).

network is completed. And if that remains

Well before CM had purchased Paktel offi-

But mind it, Ufone was also involved and

the case how many customers they will

cially, there were views from certain people

CCP also warned them on the same

capture? Propaganda from rival companies

that the new born child will have typical

grounds. Again, it was Ufone to introduce

and customer’s personal experience will

Chinese attitude and now SIMs and Chi-

the cheap handset for the first time along

keep making hard for them to claim a good

28 | More | October 2009

cover story

customer base. And like I have said earlier,

buying 60% shares for 6,120 corore (IND

ing a strange deal of its kind. Its fight with

it would be rare to receive a call from Zong

Ruppee). Apart from this they are foresee-

Alfa Group (Moscow based shareholder) is


ing a low operational cost by implement-

over and both have agreed to shift the

Zong needs to look into these things, a

ing a first of its kind operational procedures.

head office of Vimpelcom to Netherland.

seamless technology does not let these

Telenor will not erect towers; rather, they

It leaves only Pakistan to take care of. Indians

small issues arise, and they should choose

will rely on leased towers which it plans to

will never like Telenor to continue its opera-

that option which is feasible in all the way.

rent them as well. Contrary to a centralized

tions in Pakistan. Already they have imposed

Cheap network solution from ZTE is not the

policy, they plan to create 11 decentralized

several conditions, which Telenor has ac-

ultimate answer.

decision making hubs. In just 5 years the

knowledged as there is no other option.

CM has a reputation of being a wealthy

group eyes some 9 percent market share

In the past, Orascom had to change their

company, within China they are putting

out 750 million projected customer base by

course in Indian market because they never

lots of money on their own home built 3G

focusing on the churned customer.

wanted to disturb their earning son in Pak-

standard. They are the people who have

But the situation does not look that calm.

istan. Same way Telenor would never like to

erected the towers on Mount Everest. Why

Company needs more strength and more

disturb its Indian market where it is relying

it is happening here in Pakistan?

money because its entire focus is on Asia

too much, they will definitely get rid of risky

They must repaint themselves; if that requires

and particularly India where it will not enjoy


lots of time then Telenor is the quick remedy.

a strong position right from the start due

Despite of media reports about the expected

After their long awaited marriage, Zong

to an already tough competition from ex-

merger of Telenor and China Mobile (CM),

could possibly hide under the blanket of

isting operators as well as new entrants.

the Group has been denying its intentions to

Telenor which so far has a reasonable and

According to CEO Telenor Global, Jon

sell the company partially. Though it has not

sophisticated image. Or it could go other

Fredrik Baksaas, “The Indian business model

denied its talks with China Mobile nor has it

way around. But that has to be seen if there

is different. This is the cheapest network

confirmed but recent statements from the

is a deal.

that we will deploy”.

Chairman of CM again starts the show.

If CM is in hurry to buy anything good, why telenor Pakistan wants to sell? I believe, Jon Fredrik Baksaas, CEO Telenor, needs ready cash and peace of mind to fight his next big battle in India. Just like Naguib Sawiris, Chairman Orascom did at the end of 2008 when he announced to cut the expenses aggressively because he wanted to spend money in Korea and Canada. As a result, besides other operations all over the world, offices in Pakistan have reduced their operational expenses to 20-40% in most of the cases.

As the statistics show, China Mobile is already

CM has a reputation of being a wealthy company, within China they are putting lots of money on their own home built 3G standard. They are the people who have erected the towers on Mount Everest. Why it is happening here in Pakistan

desperate to increase its global presence. Back home it control some 3 quarters of the cellular market but at the same time it is facing tough competition from the local rivals. New customers are being added from the rural areas which are causing a reduced ARPU. In the 3G domain it has a target to spend some $8.6 Billion on its TD-SCDMA network which is a new and untested standard. New customers are reluctant to adopt the 3G services due to the very same fear. It has gained just over 1.2

In India Telenor (UniNor) has already an-

No matter how cheapest the roll out is, it

million 3G users so far and it is far short of

nounced that it will make losses during the

has a cost. Telenor strongly needs the

targeted consumers of 10 million by the

first 5 years amounting to 15,500 corore

money to materialize its Indian dream. It has

end of this year.

(IND Ruppee) and the loss in first fiscal year

already reduced its capital expenditure by

Their appetite for more dominance around

will be 1,400 corore (IND Ruppee).

30%. It is securing enough finances to sup-

the world in order to maintain the status of

Despite of losses Telenor has assured its

port the individual operations in different

largest company of the world is taking high-

share holder to remain calm as the com-

countries. In Bangladesh, a market where

est priority. Telenor is the ideal deal for them;

pany will make profits after 5 years based

stock exchange market is viewed with sus-

both the companies need to join hands.

on its 2G operations. According to the

picion since a brutal 1996 crash, it recently

If Telenor-China Mobile scenario is taken into

group, they are happy with the 7.25% of

raised $71Mn from the local investors.

account then both must realize how the as-

bonus share which they are getting by just

In Russia, it has safeguarded itself by mak-

sociated reputation will be taken care of.


October 2009 | More | 29


Halima Khan

In this world of extreme energy crisis

in books and TV shows only. They say the

facts and figures promise mankind will be

oil age mankind exploited to such maxi-


back in dark ages very soon if not careful. Undisputedly energy is the lifeblood of civilizations. What is disputed is how to

mum is coming down to a close just as speedily that soon it will be ‘once upon a time there was oil…’

Look around you and see all those gadgets with torch advertised as an addi-

keep this lifeline continuous and uninter-

It has started to happen but it’s at a very

tional feature. It is for times like these that

rupted. There is hardly a natural resource

small scale yet. One does desperately hope

we were being prepared. There are cheap

that has not been explored as an energy

that this attempt will be upped to a larger

cell phones available with a complete en-


level before even this doesn’t stay an option.

tertainment package nowadays, with torch

Pakistan is a prime example of energy

feature increasing their sales by folds in this

Statistics collected in 2008 show 80% of the worlds energy supply comes from

crisis and its consequent circumstances. We

coal, oil and natural gas collectively. The

don’t have damns, we don’t have water, we

ever constant season of load shedding. While our head of states are busy in

bad news is studies show that if produc-

don’t have windmills, we don’t have power

international markets begging, pleading,

tion stays at the current rate constantly

plants, we don’t have money, we don’t have

begging yet again for more funds; while

and so does the usage then there is oil for

electricity; we have an energy crisis. All of

our government is busy renting out

another 42 years of misuse, natural gas

us have lived without light at stretch of days

power plants to the highest bidders;

for another 61 and coal for another 133.

more often than not with our UPS and

while our politicians are busy mudsling-

They might still be available in our

emergency lights dying on us. There is not

ing each other over this energy crisis, it is

lifetimes but this yay factor stands invalid

enough power to light our way where do

a good idea to be shopping at one dollar

in the face of the rising prices. The infla-

we get the power to actually recharge.

shops. Surely you have seen those stalls

tion of energy is the only constant at the

It is at times like these that technol-

with everything selling for ten to twenty

moment and this consistent constant has

ogy can rescue us if not completely then

bucks each, this is where you are more

already made it a luxury. Soon, however,

at least technology can play the Thomas

likely to find solution to your energy crisis

it will be a rare commodity talked about

Edison for us.

than in the parliamentary sessions.

30 | More | October 2009


What is best about these disposable

The Multi-Screwdriver is a necessary

products is no recharging required and

tool in every household, when bundled

some don’t even need their batteries

with a torch it becomes a miracle. Not only

changed. Use and abuse!

will you be able to find your way through

Simple ten rupee lighter flames many

a blanket of darkness, it features a whole

needs of the very unholy smoking, but the

host of interchangeable screwdriver heads

torch that it comes with is of greater help

that will be able to cater for most DIY proj-

than your hydrothermal power plants.

ects without the need for a whole bunch

it helps light our way

of different screwdrivers. In addition it helps in spots where working becomes dif-

Key chains come in all sizes and shapes; they come with torches too. There are those which have wind up torch attached

ficult because there is not enough space to get in a torch too.

it helps light our way

to them. No need to underestimate the power of their torch it works better than

My ultimate favorite in torch gadgets is

those transformers that keep blowing off

the pen I bought for twenty bucks off a

at the slightest hint of a wind.

vendor in Sunday bazaar. It has proven of

it helps light our way

more asset than any Monc Blanc, trust me! It comes packed with a torch. While writing

We have all played with Lego as children and as adults too. Lego is now available with a torch too, the Lego Dynamo Torch It does-

to the tunes of my head I am no slave to Wapda’s excessive mood swings.

it helps light our way

n’t require disposable batteries, instead you just give the hand crank a whirl and it’ll

Energy crisis has led to some innova-

charge it up. It needs to crank and it doesn’t

tive technology inventions. Sadly most of

keep your pc running but something is bet-

them are rather under-rated yet. With time

ter than nothing when nothing is the only

as we become more desperate to look for

choice Pepco is giving us.

solutions on our own there is not much

it helps light our way

it helps light our way, all the same!

choice but to resort to this under-rated cre-

Rant and rave everyone does over the

ativity of technology. There are a series of

energy breakdown in Pakistan; maybe in

Energy crisis is a bottomless pit; it

under-rated technology products that if

the next bout of electricity shortage it

seems to be getting worse with no inkling

taken seriously can help resolve problems

would be a good idea to take a trip down

towards improvement. Anything that

stemming out of energy crisis. The top slot

to some local stalls. These useful lighting

needs to be recharged is almost as useless

goes to multifunctional everyday products

options are most definitely not available in

as anything that runs on electricity. There

especially those with torch or any other

your big super doper malls being run on

is a smart flash light available that can be

light options added on.

generators for sure.

easily charged while shaking. It might be tiresome but it is in our hands to control.

it helps light our way

It might be surprising or it might be in

Oh by the way if you are wondering

this Ripley’s believe it or not world hardly

what is this nightmare that I am rambling

anything is surprising. There is a Mini Dy-

about then energy crisis is best described

namo Massager Torch avilable; things are

as a situation in which the nation suffers

An ingenious device called Locklite mini

different with this gadget from the ones

from a disruption of energy supplies (in

key torch will amaze you the most. The Lock-

mentioned above since it is slightly expen-

our case, electricity) accompanied by rap-

lite is capable to transform your key into a

sive and not so easily available. It includes

idly increasing energy prices (in our case,

torch with no need to fumble about with

a massage head embedded into the torch

electricity prices) that threaten economic

your keys and lock at night. It is not a pow-

itself - perfect to massage those aching

and national security (in our case, public

erful torch but it is immensely convenient.

muscles after spending the better part of


it helps light our way

your time cranking the energy crisis.

Easier to understand now eh! October 2009 | More | 31



It is too early to predict the fate of Nokia

Apart from high end wide angle cam-

copy of a user guide. The phone has 6GB of

in the domain of touch screen but its re-

era, the power and maturity of Symbian OS

memory, perhaps this may have been the

cent attempts in shape N97 and Xpress

makes this set a wanted gadget, particu-

reason that Nokia didn’t supply extra mem-

5530 are good additions in the product

larly, if you are not obsessed with the touch

ory card with it.

lineup. Unlike N97, N86 is bound to let the

screens. Let’s see how this phone works.


outer look

world know how strong N-Series is. 8MP camera is one of its key – and strongest –


AMOLED is the technology which is

features. Apart from just camera, this ma-

The box we got had a regular charger,

being used by almost everyone, N86 is no

chine offers much more and we are pretty

a USB data cable. But Nokia also provides

different and the front is dominated by the

sure that N86 will shake N-series out of their

two-piece headset and the software CD

2.6 inces AMOLED screen. Though the


having Nokia OVI suite as well as a hard

technology is finest so far but under the

Key specifications n n n n

n n n n n n n n n

32 | More | October 2009

103.4 x 51.4 x 16.5 mm, 69 cc by dimension and 149 g in weight 2.6" 16M-color OLED display of QVGA resolution (scratch-resistant surface) 8 megapixel autofocus camera with dual-LED flash and AF assist light 28mm wide camera lens, variable aperture, mechanical shutter, geotagging, time-lapse, camera lens cover, VGA video recording at 30fps Symbian OS 9.3 with S60 3.2 UI ARM 11 434 MHz CPU, 128MB RAM Wi-Fi with UPnP technology Built-in GPS with A-GPS functionality microSD card slot with microSDHC support 8GB internal storage Built-in accelerometer for UI auto-rotation Stereo FM Radio with RDS, FM transmitter Standard microUSB port and stereo Bluetooth v2.0


If you have experienced a large screen like Samsung Omnia HD, you will not like watching a movie on a smaller Nokia N86 screen but nevertheless, you can watch your movie in ways, landscape and portrait and no soft control appears on the screen

on the back and is the key aspect of this

face with a few upgraded features. The

phone. Another feature is the kickstand

phone has Symbian 9.3 OS with series 60

that is placed around the camera deck,

3rd edition user interface. You can bring as

image gallery is opened when you unfold

many frequently used programs on the dis-

this stand.

play screen as you want and they appear as

Despite of heavy camera and other bat-

shortcut. You can keep changing the shortcuts as per your requirement. Rotate the phone and so does the display. The built-in accelerometer is very responsive, it takes a little time but it is far better than N97.

Menu is simply extensive as it is the hallmark of Symbian OS. You can view in 4 different ways. Default is the 4x3 grid and

bright sun light you will find it difficult to

the rest are list, 3D V-shaped and Horse

see the content on the screen.

Shoe but the latter ones will take time to

Just below the screen are the 6 keys,

get used to. So we stuck to the first two op-

two soft keys, call and end button and the

tions in most of the cases.

menu key. All these buttons are placed el-

Phone book

egantly and you won’t find any problem

Phonebook has all the desired fields

pushing them as they are prominent and

which you can think of. You can store as

well spaced.

many numbers as you want unless the

The top is filled with ambient light sensor, ear piece, and the video call camera

memory is filled. Searching any contact is

which is not useful in Pakistan so far.

easy by typing first or last name as it nar-

Slide the phone up and alphanumeric

rows down the available list of names grad-

key pad is visible. Small but well spaced

ually as you type the letter in search box to

buttons are easy to play with. By sliding

the desired contact.

down, you get the dedicated music keys

The call log does not run out of space

that give you direct access to the music

and keep track of the communication you

player making life easy. These buttons can

have done in the past 30 days. Invoke the

also be used for certain games.

call log from the Call Key, it shows only 20

On the left side of the phone there is an

call records whereas a detail of past one

extra button for locking the phone. Though

month can be seen including SMS, Email,

this can also be done by sliding the phone

Data Transfer and Calls by opening this ap-

but it is still there. The button confused us

plication from the Menu.

in the start as the norm for locking and un-

basic communication

locking is through sliding activity. The but-

Calling is really good using this phone.

ton could have been avoided. A prominent volume rocker and the

tery consuming feature, its 1200 mAH lion

Built-in voice recognition system is quite

shutter key for camera are located on the

battery last quite long. We charged the

handy and does most of the tasks other

right side of the phone. Unlike few other

phone thrice a week thus getting over 250

than few exceptional cases. It has only one

smart phones, pressing shutter key will not

hours of standby time and over 5.5 hours

defined direction for any contact with mul-

activate the camera. You will have to do

of talk time.

tiple numbers, only the default number will be dialed.

through menu or by sliding the lens cover. Sliding the lens cover also lock and unlock the phone and the camera which is housed

interface Nokia N86 has a typical Symbian inter-

N86 8MP supports all common message types - SMS, MMS and email. CharacOctober 2009 | More | 33


ter counter keep telling you about the number of letters left out of 160 standard SMS size. As the message exceeds 160 characters, a bracket shows the successive part of the message. You can easily insert a multimedia file into your text message and this feature easily convert and SMS into MMS. Large images are automatically shortened to match the sending requirements. If your operator allows the delivery report, it pop up on the standby screen and then saved in the separate folder. The third option, email is really easy to configure. No matter which email service you are using, N86 will configure itself once

which you will enjoy on a WLAN.

you put very basic information into the fields. There are over 1000 supported providers. Similar to configuration, the

thing; there are high definition camera phones available in the market. But never-

camera The 8MP camera uses 28 mm wide-

theless, the quality of the video we took was good. Videos are captured in MP4 for-

sending and receiving email is also very

angle lens, autofocus and dual-led flash. 28

mat and can have automatic or manual

simple. You can have multiple email ac-

mm lens give a wider view thus letting you

white balance. Other settings that you can

counts. You can add signature, insert at-

cover a wider area from a shorter distance.

play with are night mode, exposure and

tachments to any email.

Variable aperture and mechanical shutter

color effects. You can also choose whether

really help enhance your photographic ex-

the dual-LED flash should be turned on to


act as a video light.

multimedia The music player can run a large num-

Camera offers lots of settings to beau-

ovi mania

ber of file formats. If you slide down the

tify your scene. You can customize the tool-

handset there are dedicated keys for music

bar by deciding which options to appear

Nokia is really focusing on applications,

player which are very handy and the short-

and in what order. You can play with white

in response to Apple, Nokia’s Ovi has every-

est way to start the application. For music

balance, ISO sensitivity, sharpness and con-

thing what it claims. You can download

lovers, there are five equalizers preset and

trast settings. Another interesting feature

stuff, share files with your friends. Chat on-

it can be customized as well if you don’t like

available is geotagging.

the default. When you start the player from

Panoramic view was much easier to ex-

the dedicated hardware keys, it runs in the

ecute, even easier than our Nikon coolpix

line like you do on GTalk, other party may chat with you even if they do not have an OVI phone.

background and a tab appears on the

S50C. N86 adjusts the frames automatically

Sharing GPS location is fun as it keeps

home screen.

by reading your movement and takes the

telling your friends, which area you are lo-

shot and required interval.

cated right now. There are no issues with

If you have experienced a large screen like Samsung Omnia HD, you will not like

There is no face recognition, blink or

watching a movie on a smaller Nokia N86

smile detection that we normally see even

screen but nevertheless, you can watch

in regular camera phones.

your movie in ways, landscape and portrait

Overall the 8MP camera is the key sell-

the Ovi application as it integrates well with Nokia N86.


and no soft control appears on the screen

ing point for Nokia N86 and it has taken

If you are a big fan to remain online

unless you push any button. Unfortunately

care of almost everything for photography

while on the move and at the same time

there is no DivX/XviD support.


keeping in pocket an awesome camera to

FM radio is really an application to

As compared to Omnia HD which we

record your moments while doing your

enjoy. A very cool interface can scan almost

reviewed last month, the N86 8MP camera

normal business activities besides, then

all the available channels and store them.

shoots VGA resolution at 30fps. Nokia will

Nokia N86 is the phone for you. Mind it; you

There is also an option for internet radio

have to take care as VGA is no longer a big

must not be a touch screen lover.

34 | More | October 2009



October 2009 | More | 35




Microsoft is in Operating System business since 1980’s and from


that time till today it has always amazed computer users by intro-

Other than the pleasant blue background of the Graphical User

ducing new user friendly features in its Windows Operating Systems

Interface (GUI), the installation is no different from the Windows

that are not available in other OS’s in the market. The company has

Vista’s Installation. But the major thing is done on the backend dur-

made personal computing more personal..

ing the Installation Setup; Windows 7 only took 10.38 minutes to

After facing tons of issues with Vista, Microsoft was desperate to

complete its setup which was much faster while on the same sys-

bring something intelligent that could restore its impression and re-

tem we installed Windows Vista and it took some 17 minutes to

spond to ever increasing competition. Window 7 is the answer this

complete its setup, so you can see the difference.

year when Microsoft launches this OS on October 22 worldwide. Ease of use, wider software and hardware platform support and secure environment are the main keys of this OS. We had heard about its power from the Microsoft people and

In disk space saving there are no major things done by Microsoft, like Vista its recommended drive size is also 16GB. These days systems are getting faster and huge capacity hard drives of 1Terabyte to 10Terabyte are easily available, so 16GB is not a big

the last edition of MORE had an article on it but still we had not

issue any more.

used it practically but our curiosity ended when we received Win-

Its stability and control will definitely open new horizons for Microsoft to capture more users and to compete with its rival OS. All in all, Microsoft has tweaked Windows to a point that it can easily compete with Macintosh OS

dows 7 Release Candidate for the review at our lab. Let us tell you what we found prior its global launch.

Platform: Although we had many other fast PCs in our lab, but we selected World’s Powerful Desktop Processor, Intel Core i7 as Windows

7 is built ground up from other OS and it deserves best of the best systems. The System we used had the following configuration:

first time use

Microsoft knows how to cast its spell when it comes to making Processor:

Intel Core i7 XE @ 3.33GHz

Windows more elegant and majestic. Windows 7 themes are just


Intel Series 5 DX58SO Motherboard

like the Vista but now your desktop background changes automat-


4 GB Kingston DDRIII HyperX

ically so you don’t get bored. Old Vista gadgets are back in Windows

Graphics Card:

Asus EAH3650 512MB ATI Chipset

Hard Disk Drive:

Intel 80GB SD Drive

36 | More | October 2009

7 and no major changes are done to them. Windows 7 Clear Type Technology makes words clearer that you can easily read anything on a poor performing monitor.


hardware support Windows is known for its huge hardware support all over the

We recommend Windows Media Center to those who want all kinds of entertainment under one roof.

world. It had almost lost this fame and reputation when it launched Vista. Windows 7 has tried to reclaim that position. We were very happy to see this new OS identified all the hardware and installed all system drivers from its database and didn’t show a single sign or error. Windows 7 is really kind as far as ATI graphical cards are concerned, it has all the support for them as it picked well our graphical adapter ASUS EAH3650 Silent, perhaps a friendship with Nvidia is on its way but there is no default support so far.

taskbar with aero Peak The first thing anyone will notice in the Windows 7 is its taskbar, its taskbar looks like an ordinary piece of work but the features it contains makes it one of the best in business. Now you can easily navigate through all open programs using Aero Peak feature of the Taskbar, just slide you mouse on the open windows and all programs will be displayed in small iconic preview

better search with search snippets Windows has improved its search tool in this version and anything

panes, slide your mouse on any preview pane to see its original sized window or click on this preview pane to bring it to front.

you put on the hard drive is indexed quickly, so the next time when

Using Jump lists you can easily visit recently opened document.

you search, it is easily available. Search Results Snippets is a very useful

Just click on any program pinned on taskbar to see a list of recently

feature in Windows7 and makes tasks easy for those who have to

visited files of that program. For example Internet Explorer will show

search large number of files by highlighting your search keywords pre-

you the recently visited Web pages.

cisely in every search result.

Show desktop button is integrated on the right most corner of the taskbar and when you will move the mouse on it the desktop preview will be shown, move the mouse away and everything will hide again.

When we searched media from our local drives, we thought that it will take forever for Windows Media Center to search all our songs and movies but to our surprise it took only two minutes

support for blind and handicapped individuals windows media center

Microsoft has always tried to address all types of audiences in its

Windows Media Center is one place for you to listen to the songs

OS’s, whether he is a programmer, novice or kid but when it comes to

of your choice from local media, shared PC or radio, watch movies and

blind or handicapped people, Microsoft leaves everyone behind in

programs on free streaming Internet TV by connecting to MSN Live and

helping them and making Windows Universal among them. With Win-

play games. When we searched media from our local drives, we thought

dows 7, Microsoft has gone beyond its usual traits and now any person

that it will take forever for Windows Media Center to search all our songs

can use it. Using, windows 7 you can use a computer without a mon-

and movies but to our surprise it took only two minutes to search and

itor, mouse or keyboard, this feature will make Windows 7 a popular

categorize all our songs by downloading information from the Internet.

OS among handicapped community. October 2009 | More | 37


connectivity Using Windows 7 we got connected to our office network and unlike Vista it was much easier to detect local

security Microsoft has definitely done a great deal of work in improving your system security through controlling user. User Account Control users around you. When it comes to sharing files on the LAN, it

is now known as User Accounts and Family Safety in Windows 7.

was an easy task but when it comes to wireless network, we found

Using this you can keep every user in control. Not only you can

some glitches due to the added security and encryptions intro-

set notifications for yourself but also you will be notified if any user

duced for Wi-Fi networks.

tried to make any changes to your system. Using ‘Parental Control’ feature, you can restrict your kid’s activities on the PC. For example you can allow him to play game of certain Genre, restrict time for playing and internet access e.t.c. AutoRun feature is disabled in Windows 7 to kill the risk of Malware infection in case USB and other Drives run automatically. Windows firewall is there to prevent unauthorized access to your system but still you have to rely on third parties software and antivirus programs.

system Performance The System Performance was quite significant during our contin-

windows xP mode Windows 7 offers Windows XP mode for users who want to use

uous usage. All the operations we saw shown an improved working especially system boot up and System shut down duration. Programs

programs that are not upgraded for Windows 7. You can download

are loaded much faster. We observed no Fatal System Crashes and Blue

Windows XP mode plug-in from Microsoft’s website for free. Con-

Death Screen. We played certain heavy games that usually invoked

verting to XP mode is not an easy task; your hardware must be able

Advanced Execution Prevention notification on the screen in previous

to support virtualization for creating XP mode in Windows 7.

versions but it executed those games in a real smooth way and we are pretty sure it will definitely give your tired machines a boost up.

support If you are stuck in solving some problems, then press the famous F1 key and Windows Help and support center comes to your rescue. If still your problem is not solved, you can go online to Microsoft website to get an answer to your problems

verdict improvements in task manager

Microsoft definitely rose from ashes like a Phoenix by introduc-

In Windows 7, you are given more control on programs in the

ing Windows 7. This operating system answers to all the questions

Task Manager. Going to the Performance tab, you can click on the

in a user’s mind. Its stability and control will definitely open new

Resource Monitor to see how much each process is utilizing the

horizons for Microsoft to capture more users and to compete with

CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. If you find any suspicious Program

its rival OS. All in all, Microsoft has tweaked Windows to a point that

fiddling with your system, you can terminate it from there.

it can easily compete with Macintosh OS. n

38 | More | October 2009

latest in technology

LG launches GM730 Mobile Handset in India n

Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola and CEO of Motorola Mo-

bile Devices, holds up a new Android-based Motorola Cliq during a mobile Internet conference in San Francisco, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009. The Cliq and other Android-based handsets Motorola Inc. plans to release could be the key to n

Business Group Marketing Head of Mobile Communications LG India, Anil

Arora (C) and Vice President of Product Planning, H B Park (R) pose with an Indian model during the launch of the LG mobile handset GM730 in New Delhi, recently. The LG mobile handset GM730 will be priced at approximately 500 dollars. But LG is not launching any models in Pakistan.

Internet search made easy with OPhone

reviving its handset division, which hasn't produced a hit since the wildly popular Razr phone in 2005.

Nokia launches Its Booklet 3G n

Nokia's new netbook computer, the Booklet 3G, is seen

at the Nokia corporate headquarters in Helsinki. As computer makers roll out their new notebooks and netbooks

A performer dances next to an

ahead of the end-year holiday shopping season, razor-thin,

OPhone model during the releasing

sleek and colorful are most definitely in, as are arresting de-


signs in an ever-expanding array of choices.





OPhone handset and applied operation platform in Beijing, China. China Mobile services, including search services both inside the phone and over the Internet, will be preinstalled in OPhone. The OPhone also supports cell phone television, so users can watch TV programs wherever they are at any time

Giorgio Armani and Samsung unveils Windows Mobile Smartphone n

Fashion fans, rejoice. Your two favorite labels have finally come together: Giorgio Ar-

mani and Windows Mobile. The Black Bronze Smartphone built by Samsung and running Microsoft's latest 6.5 OS features a full touchscreen and slide-out, landscape QWERTY keyboard -- touts a 3.5-inch AMOLED display, a 5 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage, GPS chip, and microSD slot. October 2009 | More | 39

latest in technology

Pigeons become faster than Internet n

Winston, an 11-month-old carrier pigeon, is seen with a memory card attached to its leg in

Durban. A South African information technology company proved it was faster for them to transmit data with Winston the pigeon than to send it using Telkom, the country's leading internet service provider. Internet speed and connectivity in Africa's largest economy are poor because of a bandwidth shortage. It is also expensive.

SafariCom launches Solar Mobile Phones in Nairobi n

A Safaricom sales representative displays solar-charged mobile

phone handsets at a retail centre in Kenya's capital Nairobi. Solarcharged mobile phones lack the sophisticated features found in most handsets sold in cities but continue to find a market in developing countries, consequently helping improve the lives of people who purchase them. The recently launched solar-charged A demonstration version of the

mobile phone by Safaricom, Kenya's leading mobile operator,


costs $39.

SwissCube satellite is pictured during the live projection of the launch of the satellite from the Sriharikota space

n In this photo, a guide stands near a model of a future city, using digital technology to save energy and reduce cost, at the Experience Green Growth Center in downtown Seoul, South Korea. Now, President Lee Myung-bak sees a crisis coming for Asia's fourth-largest economy, one of the world's biggest greenhouse gas polluters, amid growing calls to curb global warming. But Lee, a prominent player in South Korea's industrialization as the former CEO of a construction giant, also sees business opportunities lurking in the crisis

base in India, at the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne September 23, 2009. The SwissCube satellite project, the first 100% Swiss satellite, was designed and built by more than 180 students from 6 diďŹ&#x20AC;erent schools and universities.

LaCie's Sound2 PC speakers look good... real good n

LaCie isn't exactly the first name that comes to mind when you think "sound," but

it's definitely near the top in the design department. Neil Poulton, the same fellow responsible for designing the outfit's line of sleek, sexy hard drives,

40 | More | October 2009


A staďŹ&#x20AC; member demonstrates insect-shaped remote

has placed his touch on the speak-

control robots at the booth of Neotics, South Korea-based

ers you see in picture. The simplistic

company that makes electric circuits as well as various

Sound2 setup boasts 30 total watts

goods for civilian, industrial and military use, during Tech-

of peak power, and all it requires to

mart Vietnam ASEAN +3 exhibit in Hanoi, Vietnam. The

function is a free USB port, an open

event introduce technology and equipment from ASEAN

AC outlet and an Earthling kind

countries, China , Japan and South Korea in food processing

enough to connect it all.

renewable energy, information and communication.

month in focus two networks of illegal gateway exchanges busted in lahore Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has seized two networks of illegal gateway exchanges in Lahore, which were causing huge loss to the national exchequer. PTA and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) launched crackdown against illegal gateway operators in Eden Towers Gulberg and New Garder Town. Two persons were arrested and illegal systems were confiscated from both the places. These raids were conducted based on the information obtained through PTA facility which detects illegal telecom traffic. Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen appreciated the efforts of PTA and FIA teams.

telenor, the first to complete usf project Telenor Pakistan has become the country's first telco to have completed a Universal Service Fund project -- and that too before time. To celebrate the achievement, Chief Technical Officer Telenor Pakistan Khalid Shehzad and CEO Universal Service Fund Company Parvez Iftikhar jointly inaugurated a BTS (Base Transceiver Station) cell site in district Bahawalpur's Cholistan desert, recently. This cell site is one of the total 39 sites of USF Bahawalpur project that have been set up for this communication deprived area. The Bahawalpur Cholistan District BTS cell sites set up by Telenor Pakistan will bring coverage to the remotest areas of Cholistan desert and a previously un-served population of 242,000, over an area of 20,000 sq kms. The Bahawalpur Lot covers 22% of the area and 11% of the total estimated population of Punjab Province and includes Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan Districts. Commenting on the timely completion of the USF project, Chief Technical Officer Khalid Shehzad said, “It is our pleasure to provide deep and wide reach to un-served and under-served areas such as the Cholistan desert. We are pleased with our progress and are hoping to complete all our future projects with the same levels of effectiveness. We believe that such projects are significant in terms of increasing service penetration in the rural areas.” Universal Services Fund’s CEO, Parvez Iftikhar, while congratulating Telenor Pakistan on the successful completion of the project, said, “USF is going to continue bringing significant advances towards enhancement of telecom services, both in rural as well as urban areas of the country. The completion of the Bahawalpur project is an important step towards the fair and effective utilization of the fund. We are also encouraging our contractors to go for Alternative Energy Solutions and are pleased to know that Telenor Pakistan is taking the initiative in this regard.” Telenor further plans to energize 19 sites in this Project with solar energy hence pioneering Green Energies in telecommunication sector on mass scale.

ZONG recently announced the result of their National Retail sale Competition Sale Barhao Lakh Patti Ban jao The winning retailers were awarded cash prize. Group Picture Shows Mr.Qian Li (Standing 4th from Left),ZONG along with winners

Zong’s 20-second call shakes cellular industry ZONG revolutionized the cellular industry in a move that is unprecedented in Pakistan. ZONG has now introduced Z20 by subscribing to which one can call to any network, any time at only 45-paisa per 20 seconds. For example, for a 35 second call, the user will be charged for 40 seconds instead of 1 minute. The call charge in this case will be 90 paisas. This is another first by ZONG which has truly taken the lead in raising the bar several notches higher to provide benefits to its subscribers. Awais Malik, Director Products, Segment & International Business, ZONG, while expressing his views said that the new pricing initiative is designed to introduce the most economical usage of mobile phone in the history of Pakistan. “The concept behind this new package is to promote the value of time and the importance of ‘choti but zaroori baat’. ZONG has always been a frontrunner in providing innovative products and services and addressing the needs of all subscriber segments.” “There is a large segment which has been untapped till now that actually doesn’t require long calls or doesn’t have the time to make long calls and has always been ignored in all the new products and services. This step of introducing 20-second charging has been taken in line with our philosophy of bringing more and more people closer every second, every day”, Awais further added. 45-paisa will be the lowest ever call rate witnessed in the Pakistani telecom industry. This new package is expected to attract a significant consumer base, especially those callers that usually make shorter calls and are relatively pricesensitive. The package is absolutely free of all hidden charges. Customers may subscribe to this package by sending ‘sub’ to or dialing 931 IVR. October 2009 | More | 41

month in focus mobitrack: a unique service of its kind Value Added Services are now the main focus of the market operators. Mobilink being the pioneer telecom industry in Pakistan has always tried to bring in revolutionary new products and services. The Mobitrack is the latest among them. In a brief but comprehensive orientation Mobilink officials demonstrated the electronic media of the wonderful features and abilities of their product. Mr Faizan Mazhar, the Mobilink team coordinator for Mobitrack and Mr. Ahsen Sarwar, Head of Operations at TPL Trakker were there for the presentation which was hosted at the Mobilink Office. Trakker and Appello both have a joint working collaboration for GPS navigation services and Mobitrack is the localized version of the Java based unique and award-winning navigation platform for mobile devices: WISEPILOT®. Based on self-confirmed maps all around Pakistan by the Trakker, Mobitrack currently covers Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and 60% of all major highways. More cities are currently being added to the system including Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot, Peshawar and Hyderabad. In answer to a question Mr. Ahsen told that they had taken simply no help from the well known "Google Maps" or any other third party. All the locations were thoroughly examined and confirmed by their on-ground survey teams and then added to the system. This rule out the possibilities of frequent errors such as wrong or miss-pelt places, marking of non-existent roads/places etc. Mobitrack gives you over 40,000 POIs. Places Of Interest including banks, ATMs, Clinics, Shopping Centers, Hotels along with their ratings (four star/five star) and most interestingly the phone numbers of all such places so that you can call in for reservation etc. Mobitrack is also comprehensive tour planning guide whereby you can weather forecast within an accuracy of 25 km. Powered by FORECA, this gives you forecast of coming five days and 24 hours. Moreover each user is provided with a separate web portal which allows you to save the results of your pre-planned journey as well as your already-taken route. In case of an already-taken route, the travelogue gives you the information about distance covered; time taken, average speed mobilink official briefing the media people and maximum speed. The most useful and handy functionality of the Mobitrack is the turn-by-turn guidance for your route that it gives, describing you the exact locality, road turns and the whereabouts. As you increase the speed of your car, the maps automatically zooms out, showing a larger area and zooms in as you slow down. Moreover if you need to guide a friend of yours to a place or someone to attend a meeting, just send him the location data through Mobitrack, if he has a Mobitrack enabled handset, he will be guided automatically to the place or otherwise just an SMS guiding him. You can also have a PDF output of the turn-by-turn guidance for your friends exactly from their places and email them the detailed route. As far as privacy of your whereabouts and you web portal is concerned, Mobilink and Trakker are very much considerate about that. Mobilink, as Mr. Faizan told, does not have the information that you out into your portal. That is visible to you only and of course to the one you have shared the password with. The service is available very easily for over 120 handsets which are updated every now and then. You can see the handsets at To use the 5-day free trial SMS 'TEST' to 1000 from your Mobilink number and download the file from the link provided. Further charges are Rs. 295 + tax per month.

42 | More | October 2009

telenor makes people millionaire

Telenor Pakistan under its “Easy load Millionaire Prize Scheme 2” gave away a bumper prize of Rs. 2500,000 to a franchise retailer at its regional office in Karachi. Raza Naqvi Retailer of Clifton Franchise became a millionaire as he received a cheque of Rs.2,500,000/from Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan Lars Christian at the ceremony. Lars Christian said on the occasion, “We at Telenor Pakistan appreciate and support the continuing commitment of our retail partners. It is commendable to see their dedication to delivering value and sustaining those efforts. It is a pleasure to be part of this opportunity and my heartiest congratulations go out to the winner retailer.” Easy Load Millionaire Prize Scheme 2 was launched two months back in continuation of the Easyload Millionaire Prize Scheme 1 from earlier this year. In the Easy Load Millionaire Prize Scheme 1, Telenor Pakistan awarded PKR 1 million each to 6 retailers in different regions of the country. This time the prize money has been increased to PKR 14.5 million. Retail Partners who exceeded their sales for the month of March 09 by 10 percent in May 09 were eligible to enter the lucky draw. Telenor Pakistan was the first telecommunications operator to launch the ‘Easy Load’ for credit recharge which brought a revolution in the market. Telenor Pakistan is currently engaged with 200 plus franchisees and more than 150,000 retail partners across the country which remains the largest source of sales and distribution for Telenor Pakistan.

month in focus Kingston increases speed on datatraveler 410 usb to 20mb/sec Kingston Technology announced that it is increasing read and write speeds on its DataTraveler 410 USB Flash drive to 20MB/sec. Shipping in capacities up to 32GB, the speedy DataTraveler 410 allows for faster file transfers and is password protected to help keep data secure. “Power users, enterprise customers and everyday consumers have wanted the ability to store and move large files around faster as USB Flash drives have become more prevalent in everyday use,” said Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston. “Based on customer feedback, we developed the DataTraveler 410 with higher data transfer rates and security in mind as well as a terrific price point.” The faster read and write speeds make the DataTraveler 410 the ideal drive for high-definition photos, large documents, presentations, music, videos and other data. It includes SecureTraveler software which allows users to create and access a password-protected area of the drive called the “Privacy Zone.” The increased data transfer rates of the DataTraveler 410 follows a recent speed bump of the higher capacities (16- and 32GB) of Kingston’s consumer-level DataTraveler G2, DataTraveler 101 and DataTraveler 112 drives to read and write speeds of 10MB/sec. These drives offer consumers choices in color, capacity, and whether the USB comes with a retractable body or swivel design. Kingston DataTraveler USB drives are backed by a fiveyear warranty and free tech support. datatraveler 410 Product features and specifications: n Capacities1: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB n Dimensions: 2.58" x 0.71" x 0.41" (65.76mm x 17.98mm x 10.7mm) n Fast2: data transfer rates of up to 20MB/sec. read and 20MB/sec. write n Operating Temperature: 32º F to 140º F (0º C to 60º C) n Storage Temperature: -4º F to 185º F (-20º C to 85º C) n Simple: just plug into a USB port n Practical: capless swivel design protects USB connector; no cap to lose n Guaranteed: five-year warranty n Safeguarded3: includes SecureTraveler security software for Windows n Enhanced4: for Windows ReadyBoost on Vista-based systems

nokia x3, music phone for masses The latest addition to Nokia´s music device portfolio is ideal for people who like to express themselves through their music and their communities. The Nokia X3 is a sleek and stylish slide phone with dedicated music and volume keys to control your sounds. It also has a combined send/end key and camerashutter key for quick and easy operation. The design also features lighting effects around the dedicated ‘Navi’ key. Priced for mass-market appeal, it is the first S40 device - the classic Nokia interface offer direct access to Ovi Store. Using the store’s catalogue of applications no two X3’s need ever be the same. On top of a great music experience, the Nokia X3 offers a full set of features including a 3.2 megapixel camera, video recording and editing, email and instant messaging, web-browsing, and navigation with Nokia Maps. It even comes preloaded with the Guitar Rock Tour mobile game from Gameloft.

Key features Excellent music experience - high quality music player, FM radio with RDS an stereo speakers. Control and listen to music over Bluetooth or use the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Switch to Flight-mode to listen without interruption. Customize the media player and radio skin with a theme to suit your style. n Massive memory for music - supports up to 16GB of memory with a removable MicroSD card (not supplied). n 3.2 megapixel camera takes good quality photos and video clips. Shoot, edit and share video clips with the on-board software, geo-tag and upload to sharing sites like Ovi Share and Flickr. n Active home screen - lets you see your contacts, friends or the track you are playing. There are also animated wallpapers to show signal and battery strength. n Great for social messaging - supports Nokia Chat, Windows Live! Messenger, Yahoo Go! and other popular instant messaging clients. n Mobile email made easy - it is easy to set-up your email and, with Nokia Messaging, users can combine all their inboxes into one, including support for Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail and most other POP3/IMAP email clients. n Brilliant web browsing - built-in Flash player and auto-landscape orientation means you really get the best out of online video and movies. n Great games on-board - comes preloaded with Guitar Rock Tour by Gameloft, plus a range of Java games including City Bloxx and Snake III. n Nokia Maps - integrated A-GPS navigation and Nokia Maps provides turn-byturn, voice-guided navigation driving or walking. n Ovi Store makes it easy to download games, videos, podcasts, applications and much more for your mobile. It has never been so easy to find something to suit whatever you want to do on the go n

Motorola, Inc. has launched its MOTOTRBO professional digital twoway radio system in Pakistan. The digital system offers improved range, voice quality, security and battery life for use in a variety of RF environments. October 2009 | More | 43

month in focus

Samsung Electronics recently organized a tour of its facilities in the South Korea for local dealers. Pakistani contingent is pictured outside the Samsung facility in Seoul.

samsung team uPgrades sos village Samsung Electronics is set to share its technological expertise with the underprivileged children of SOS Children’s Village and nearby dwellings at Dodhial, Hazara Division. Bringing the world of information to these village kids needed a complete transformation of the obsolete facility into a pair of modern and fully furnished computer labs, each carrying 15 latest computers. Samsung follows an elaborate CSR philosophy, which entails consistent contributions in uplifting the society, wherever Samsung operates. The Country Manager of Samsung Electronics Pakistan, Mr. Steve Han said, “This commitment is a part of Samsung’s traditional social-development program. It aims to foster modern education in underdeveloped regions, by providing impetus to the endeavours of sincere organizations like SOS Villages”. Through this effort Samsung seeks to provide latest computers, modern facilities and a pleasant ambience, where children can get modern education. Samsung continues to make extensive deliberations for enhancing the level of education in the remote areas. For this purpose, Samsung chose the SOS Village, which extends family-based, long-term care and education to children who are detached from their biological families. Speaking at the occasion Samsung’s Manager PR, Ms. Rabiya Siddiqui said, “Samsung feels proud and motivated to be a vital contributor to this social effort, because, we are aware that, in addition to the children of Dodhial village, a large number of students residing in the nearby areas also benefit from quality education at this institution, at very nominal fee. Samsung can thus escalate the social, educational and financial progress the whole region”.

ufone & lums sign an accord for executive development program

Picture shows (left to right) Mr. Naveed Khalid Butt, Chief Officer Customer Operations Ufone, Mr. Moqeem Ul Haq, GM Strategic Planning & Project Management Office Ufone, Mr. Abdul Aziz , President & CEO Ufone, Dr. Shaukat Brah, Dean Suleman Dawood School of Business, Ms. Aisha Azhar, Marketing Manager Rausing Executive Development Centre and Dr. Faheem Ul Islam, Assistant Professor Suleman Dawood School of Business at the occasion 44 | More | October 2009

Samsung 3rd IT Concept Shop inaugurated at Hafeez Centre Lahore. Mr. Roy Chang, GM Samsung Electronics is pictured at the occasion. Mr. Abu Nasar Alvi category Head-IT Division and Mr. Attique Khawaja, Director Computer marketing company are also seen.

month in focus dawlance launches Pizza expert with 3 times faster baking! No. 1 home appliance brand of Pakistan, Dawlance now adds yet another innovation to its famous Cook King series. DW130C is a convection microwave oven that can make anyone an expert in baking a wide variety of Pizzas with its 3-Way Convection, Double Grill, Express Pizza Function and high-end outlook. With the capacity of 34 liters, pizza recipes book, high class finishing, modern design, mirror door, digital jogwheel control panel and Pakistani Auto Menus for a healthy diet, DW-130C is a tasteful addition to any home. This model has been especially designed to meet the need for “Quick Pizza Baking at Home”, complete with its own selection of balanced diet menu to complement any meal. Following the launch of DW-130C Pizza Expert, Ms. Sameera Hashim, Product Manager for Dawlance Microwave Ovens said: “Dawlance is proud to be known for providing its customers innovative quality products. The appliance market has changed in recent times and consumers are looking for more variety in design and features before purchasing an appliance.”

Mr. Sallahuddin (Sallu) Ex-Chairman National Cricket Team Selection Committee is hitting the ball to inaugurate the final of All Karachi Late Umer Shaikh Interclub Cricket Tournament. Seen also in the picture are Mr. Irfan Shaikh, Mr., Siraj Islam Bukhari, Secretary KCCA, Mr. Zafar Iqbal, Council Chairman Lions Clubs, Mr. Sarfaraz, Wicket Keeper and Batsmen, Pakistan Cricket Team and other KCCA official

descon engineering selects saP Descon Engineering Limited and SAP announced that they have entered into an agreement through SAP’s reseller Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates, to deploy SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and SAP Industry Specific Solution for Engineering, Construction and Operations (EC&O). SAP EC&O is a comprehensive software solution that provides an integrated Enterprise Business Application platform and powerful functionality to manage all aspects of engineering, construction and operations business. SAP Consulting will directly carry out the implementation Descon Engineering Limited plans to improve its Financial, Supply Chain, Asset Management, Human Capital Management, Project Management and Manufacturing processes through the implementation of SAP ERP and EC&O. This new management system support provided by SAP will help Descon Engineering Limited become a more cost effective and agile organization to effectively manage the increased business growth and respond to changing needs of its customers and the market.

netsol turns around in 4th Qtr of 2009 NetSol Technologies Ltd has posted a positive quarter after a very difficult third quarter, as the closing of fiscal year 2008-09 is a profitable year with Rs4.03 Earning Per Share (EPS). Closing of 4th quarter shows that the NetSol Technologies Ltd is back on track after passing through very difficult period due to global economic slowdown. Especially, major breakthroughs in Chinese market have given required boost to the NetSol Technologies. NetSol Technologies Ltd has been investing very wisely in Chinese market

Contrary to the slogan, "Na Qataar Na Intezaar", people are standing and waiting outside Nadra registration center on the Mall Road, Rawalpindi October 2009 | More | 45

mobile Phone

Dimensions: Memory: Camera: Talk time:

111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm microSD,up to 16GB 3.15 Mp Up to 8 h 45 min

Dimensions: Memory: Camera: Talk time:

108 x 46 x 15 mm microSD,up to 8 GB 2 MP Up to 3 h 30 min

Dimensions: Memory: Camera: Talk time:

104.8 x 49.4 x 13.9 mm microSD,up to up to 8GB 3.15 MP Up to 7 h

Dimensions: Memory: Camera: Talk time:

114.9 x 47.4 x 12 mm microSD,up to 16GB 3.15 MP Up to 4 h 20 min

46 | More | October 2009

Dimensions: Memory: Camera: Talk time:

Dimensions: Memory: Camera: Talk time:

104 x 49 x 13 mm, microSD,up to 16GB 3.15 MP Up to 4 h 54 min

115 x 49.6 x 15.7 mm microSD,up to 2 GB 2 MP Up to 3 h

mobile Phone






The fastest start-up time in its class High ISO 6400 capability at any image size up to its maximum of 4000 x 3000 pixels 12.2 eďŹ&#x20AC;ective megapixels for high-resolution images 4x Zoom-NIKKOR lens 2.7-in. high-resolution LCD monitor

This aďŹ&#x20AC;ordable digital camera is sure to be a hit with users who want high image quality regardless of their budget. The 12 Megapixel FE4000 digital camera boasts up to 5x super wide optical zoom for great panorama shots or close-ups of distant subjects.

The Canon Digital IXUS 100IS is the slimmest ever Canon Compact camera. This 12 megapixel model has a stylish ultra-slim metal body, 3x zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilizer , 2.5 inch LCD screen with optical viewfinder, and new Smart AUTO mode.





12.1 megapixel Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom wide (28mm) lens 3.0" LCD 720p HD video

October 2009 | More | 47


48 | More | October 2009


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50 | More | October 2009


cover story

October 2009 | More | 51

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