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{August 2010 | Volume 3 | Issue 1}




Pakistan’s biggest & the Only UFI (Paris) approved IT & Telecom Event, ITCN Asia 2010 Int’l Exhibition & Conference concluded as a successful platform for business and networking




Omar Manzur is working with Mobilink as Director Public Relations. MORE had this opportunity to talk about the art of dealing with Media in Pakistan.


More team had a little chit chat with Nubla Iftikhar, Head of Marketing for Consumer & SMB at Dell Pakistan



Mohammad Raheel Kamal, Senior Director Global Business Development at Qualcomm focuses on the introduction of 3G in Pakistan.


Syed Sultan Hassan, GM Public Affair, PIA talked to More Team about PIA and its Future Plans



HTC Mini is windows 6.5 mobile handset. Windows Mobile has been known for their ease of use. Other than the handset itself, inside the box you will find a yellow battery, USB power plug, Data Cable for Micro USB slot, 3.5 MM headphones with inline microphone which are of good quality. You can use the headphones of your own choice as well.

LED has come a long way. From very specific beginnings, when it was seen almost exclusively on buildings and mobile phones


I have just flown more than 26 hours without using a drop of fuel and without causing any pollution.




This year is a little more than half over, and already it is one for the climate record books. 2010 has featured several extreme heat events, as well as record flooding, in many countries worldwide.

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30-32 Flood relIeF eFForTs



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Cover Story

Mudassar J. Mufti

Human interference destroying earth electromagnetic waves. He envisioned altering the global weather and creating shields around the world. Tesla’s work generated the interest for weather modification in 40s, the experimentation started in 50s and by 60s the field had advanced substantially. One of these facilities that were built for this purpose is HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Active Research Program) located in Alaska.

what does haarP do?

HAARP facility in Alaska

Officially speaking, HAARP is a large antenna (combination of 180 antennas) n This year is a little more than half over,

sort of thing climate scientists expect

where they beam radio frequency energy

and already it is one for the climate record

more of in a warming world.”

up into the upper atmosphere and create

books. 2010 has featured several extreme

Among possible reasons put forward by

in a small scale what the Sun normally

heat events, as well as record flooding, in

scientists and meteorologists for the heav-

does. As per the official statement, the

many countries worldwide. In this part of

ier rains are higher than usual tempera-

reason to do this is because when you

the year even, super high floods in Pak-

tures in the Indian Ocean; unusual

have disturbances in ionosphere we can’t

istan, sudden heat waves and following

behavior in the jet stream--a high-altitude,

communicate with our satellites. Iono-

droughts in Russia and deadly Mud sliding

fast-moving air current that affects

sphere is a natural electrically charged

and flooding in China generating worst

weather patterns; and a shift from an El

shield around the earth protecting all life

human crisis.

Nina, the warming Pacific Ocean pattern,

from deadly solar radiation.

The Dawn says, The Economist of Aug 12

to a La Nina, its cooling opposite.

Wikipedia says, the ionosphere is the up-

in an article on ‘How the heat wave in Rus-

A large number of scientists attribute

permost part of the atmosphere, between

sia is connected to floods in Pakistan’, ex-

these changes to the technological devel-

the thermosphere and the exosphere, dis-

plained that air movements (Rossby

opment and continuous experimentation

tinguished because it is ionized by solar

waves) in the upper atmosphere which

by the developed countries. The advo-

radiation. It plays an important part in at-

generally move east or west but some-

cates of nature blame these countries for

mospheric electricity and forms the inner

times stand still, lock the weather below

the disruptions and unusual behavior of

edge of the magnetosphere. It has practi-

them. Low pressures over central and

the elements of the nature.

cal importance because, among other

Eastern Europe and Pakistan are now pro-

Environmentalists claims that ever since

functions, it influences radio propagation

ducing excessive rains and floods, cata-

technologists have started to use weather

to distant places on the Earth.

strophic over the latter region. High

as a Mass Destruction Weapon, things

HAARP started with a government’s ap-

pressures over Russia are generating

have gone worst on the planet earth.

proval in 1990. The defense department

droughts and record temperatures.

The first idea to advance in this direction

was directed to explore the potential for

“As Russia burns to a crisp, thousands of

came from a Serbian Electrical Engineer,

using the auroral regions for improving

kilometers to the south-west torrential

Nikola Tesla in 1912, who later became

communications and navigation surveil-

storms visit unprecedented flooding on

US citizen. He developed alternating

lance. The control of the facility was given

Pakistan. Both events can be attributed to

current, high frequency radio technol-

to US Navy and Air Force.

the same large-scale pattern of atmos-

ogy and free energy and experimented

Global communication control were the

pheric circulation. They are also both the

with both high and low frequencies at

initial targets of the facility but later there

6 | More | August 2010

Cover Story were other ideas both to possibly modify

us. HAARP’s original designed was to alter

tion was such a big threat in 70s.

weather and finally to lift a portion of the

that magnetosphere.

Today, we have number of technologies,

upper atmosphere (Ionosphere) further out

Critics say, HAARP can be used as an elec-

not just HAARP, but, satellites and other

into the space where hopefully it would be

tromagnetic warfare. On April 28 1997 US

ionosphere heaters placed on strategic lo-

able to deflect the missile trajectories.

Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen an-

cations all over the world that can create

The antennas at HAARP beam the high

nounced at University of Georgia that Geo

the disruptions and lightening.

powered radio frequencies up into the

physical warfare was becoming more in-

HAARP is one of several ELF waves trans-

ionosphere when that radio frequency

tense problem and he even speculated

mitter located on the globe. US own and

hits molecules of atmosphere it tends to

that terrorists organizations would have

operates 3 of them some of them are

make sub atomic particles inside which

systems that will modify weather, create

owned by Russia and European Unions.

move faster and that increases their

volcanic eruptions and even cause earth

These transmitters (facilities) could poten-

temperature. It can raise their tempera-

quakes using electromagnetic waves.

tially alter the weather anywhere in the

ture up to 1600 degrees. This is exactly

If we notice, the frequency of volcanic

world changing the jet stream course en-

what the Sun does to those particles at

eruption has increased many times during

tirely triggering massive rain storms or

that atmosphere.

the last couple of years and we know that

droughts. Even hurricanes are possible by

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Electromagnetic Spe-

it is out of the normal pattern. Our human

heating up of the atmosphere but the

cialist, says, “The ionosphere of the earth

activities have something to do with the

governments are firm on their stand that

has got enormous amount of energy.

disturbance of its cycle. Scientist had high-

these facilities are only used for the atmos-

There are 8000 thunderstorms going all

lighted this fact in 1960s that if you can

pheric research work.

over the earth at any given moment. There

generate the right frequency and right

Critics say, whenever you are doing the ex-

are millions of Amperes of electricity pouring to the earth from lightening strikes and

This graph shows the new record high temperatures for the 17 nations that have broken their national records so far in 2010. Previously, the largest number of countries to break such records in a single year was 14, according to Weather Underground and The Guardian newspaper. If verified, the record set in Pakistan would also stand as the warmest temperature ever recorded in the continent of Asia.

HAARP could create a trigger effect”. In certain military application HAARP people acknowledge that they can lift up the ionosphere from its natural position, but, it is for a short period of time and doesn’t cause a problem. Brook Agnew, an Earth Tomographer, tells, “In 1983 I did radio tomography with 30 watts looking for oil underground. I found 26 oil wells and one hundred percent of the time was accurate. But, HAARP uses a

(Courtesy: www.climatecentral.or)

billion watts beam straight into the ionosphere for its experiments. When this beam returns to the earth after playing with earth’s upper layer, it creates enough

wave form you can actually trigger these

perimentation, you are taking risks with

vibration that is enough for creating an

kinds of events.

large amounts of energy. You must be re-

earth quake.

The idea of affecting the weather for many

sponsible for the worst case scenario.

People at HAARP say, “HAARP has not ef-

people is not acceptable but it becomes

We have done enough damage to the

fects on the earth”.

evident from this fact when in 1976

thermal and hydrological balance on

We are surrounded and bombarded by

United States along with over 60 other

this planet which is causing these disas-

millions of mega watts of natural energy

countries signed a document to not to use

ters happening quite frequently now.

because the Sun blows the solar winds

weather manipulation as weapon of war.

One thing we do not understand that

which crash towards the earth since the

This happened well before biological and

we are changing the entire density of

earth is a giant magnet, the magnetic

chemical and nuclear disarmament

the atmosphere, its ability to flow in its

fields called the “magnetosphere” protects

treaties were signed. Weather manipula-

own rhythm. n

August 2010 | More | 7


n Pakistan’s biggest & the Only UFI

Registered by the unique computer-

enhance the bilateral trade between

(Paris) approved IT & Telecom Event, ITCN

ized visitor registration system; more

Asia 2010 Int’l Exhibition & Conference

than 37,000 trade/ corporate visitors at-

concluded in August as a successful plat-

tended the Event in four days. Besides

were introduced at ITCN Asia, among

form for business and networking. With

the domestic participation, approx 77

which a foot mouse for handicapped

one day extension, the Event continued

foreign delegates from 12 countries also

people was also the center of interest.

till 6th August at Karachi Expo Centre.

attended the Event, including China,

More than 150 exhibitors from 300

China & Pakistan. Several unique products & services

10th ITCN Asia 2010 Int’l Exhibition &

Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Turkey, UAE,

Conferences is organized annually by

stalls covering telecom, hardware &

UK, USA. Sindh IT Minister, Raza Haroon;

Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

software industry promoted their

Speaker Sindh Assembly, Nisar Ahmed

with the support of Ministry of IT & Tele-

products and services at the Exhibi-

Khoro; Chairman Suparco, Maj Gen (R)

com, Govt. of Pakistan; Pakistan

tion. Different Pavilions were also es-

Raza Hussain; Commander Karachi, Syed

Telecommunication Authority (PTA);

tablished at the Exhibition including

Khawar Ali; EDO IT CDGK and many

Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

PTA & Entrepreneurship and Innova-

other dignitaries also visited the Event.

and Ministry of IT, Government of Sindh

tion Pavilion; Pakistan Software Export

A number of MOU’s signed during

at Karachi Expo Centre.

Board Pavilion; Sindh IT Department

the exhibition, including the MOU be-

Pavilion and Khyber Pakhtunkhwah IT

tween CMW Info (China) Limited and

from 20-22 September 2011 at Karachi

Department Pavilion.

Ecommerce Gateway for joint efforts to

Expo Centre. n

The 11th ITCN Asia 2011 will be held

Masood Kazmi, Imran Hashmi, Mubarak Mustafa, Arif Sultan, M. Jaffer are seen at Gemco’s stall. PureBPO is one of the leading and growing business companies catering all the areas of Web Solutions and delivers the most comprehenMehwish Abdul Sattar, CEO & Partner of PureBPO sive and ever satisfying solutions. PureBPO is emerging as a Giant with its highly technical and self-motivated professionals, who is determined to provide the best solutions, inspiring the viewers and audience. The company covers almost entire disciplines of its kind and offers you the best amongst all. From Hardware to a Software, Web Solutions such as Web Designing and Development, CMS Solutions, SEO/SMM/SMO Solutions, Content Writing and Management, HRM Solutions, Blogging and Article writing and Call Center Solutions. PureBPO is even providing the consultation over how you can affectively grow you business and its activities by offering the most effective and most sophisticated strategies. PureBPO is one of its kind and the right choice for your “WWW” solutions with the goal of achieving the best and offering the best. 8 | More | August 2010

event what silicon technologies feel to be the business partner of leading memory maker, Kingston Technologies? Silicon Technologies has introduced Kingston memory in Pakistan in 1995 and then got the distributorship in 1998. Besides networking, Kingston memory is one of our core businesses. It is really great to be a business partner of Kingston.

what else silicon Technologies deals in apart from Kingston Technologies? Mr. Naseem Iqbal, Marketing Manager, Mr. Shakeel Shams Khan, Asst. Manager, Mr. Zahid Mushtaq, Product Manager, Mr. Kashif Khan, Business Development Executive are seen at Silicon Technologies stall

We are the business partner of IBM Server, Lenovo PC &Laptops, 3Com (Now HP Networking), D-Link, AMP, Systimax, Toten Rack & Cabinet, Tandberg Data Storage, Moxa (Industrial Networking), Microsoft, Blue Ridge (Network Security), Emerson (UPS) & Cisco.

Mr. Khursheed Abbas, Country Head Sales along with his team at MBM stall

MBM is proud to be a part of ITCN Asia 2010. Canon is a leading brand in the entire world, in Pakistan MBM is putting all the efforts to maintain Canon’s global image. In Pakistan, Canon keeps nearly 15% market share in the Printers domain, whereas, the camera leads with 45% market share. MBM is working with major brands of the world and recently it has expanded its portfolio and included Adata, Benq and LG IT products.

Rao Usman, Manager Sales at Raiha Infosys stall with his colleague. Company is focusing on the Mobile Phone antivirus and related services.

N-computing device from the NConnexion Pakistan, through this device multiple users can be connected to a single PC. The device was introduced in the Punjab IT Lab project few months ago where it is performing as central device in every Computer Lab

Shahid Ismail, Director, Premier Cables (Pvt) Ltd and Engr. Mansoor Ahmed Siddiqui, Manager OFC Division of the company are standing at company’s stall. Other than the regular cables, company is also dealing Abdul Haseeb Fakih, CEO of Hiec which is with quality fiber optic cables. a management consultancy company August 2010 | More | 9


An interactive White Board from NEC is being sold by Orient Pak in Pakistan. The board can revolutionize the education sector if used properly. It is worth mentioning that Indian government is already making use of this technology through its satellite TV operators.

Telenor girls representing the company at the exhibition

Saltec team is seen at the stall. The company assists telecom and technology companies to monitor the energy consumption in various operations.

10 | More | August 2010

Wasif Yousaf of Orient Pak Color Lab briefs the guest at his stall about his products. President Ecommerce Gateway Dr. Khursheed Nizam can also be seen in the center

Salman Qazi, Marketing Head South, Sufyan Khatri, Asst. Sales Manager, Farooq Shaikh, Asst. Sales Manager, Asad Anwer, RME Head are seen at Sony’s stall

Systek team is seen at stall


Cover Story

August 2010 | More | 11


Zong team representing the company, Zong kept the visitors engaged through gaming and musical activities at the stall

Mohammad Ovais Riaz, Senior Brand Manager, Worldcall is seen at company’s stall

Energy Saving Fan was introduced at the exhibition.

12 | More | August 2010

Jawad Zakariya(Sitting), Head of Marketing of Transworld along with his team at ITCN Asia 2010

Wateen team at the stall

Company claims that it's fan reduce energy consumption by 60%. The fan will be available in the market after Ramadan


Cover Story

August 2010 | More | 13


More Team

Is it true that Pr department can enhance the company's image better than traditional ads and campaigns? The Public Relations department is the face and voice of the company in front of the media. It is how we interact with them, respond to them and facilitate them in their reporting that the media talks about us. The media is the most powerful tool when it comes to image building due to its reach and it is a globally acknowledged fact that third party endorsements are more impactful and credible than traditional marketing methods. So in essence yes, the PR representatives can really make a dierence. This is precisely why the PR department at Mobilink plays a key role in strategic management and communicating that direction to key stakeholders through relevant mechanisms. Our efforts are geared towards enhancing the corporate image of Mobilink, which enjoys a very positive and strong reputation currently.

what is the current definition of Pr in Pakistan, how important this department is in the current time? The leading companies in Pakistan are practicing public relations in accordance with international best practices. Globally, managing the flow of information between an organization and its audience is dubbed as the main objective of PR. Over the years, companies in Pakistan have started paying special attention to

Omar Manzur is working with Mobilink as Director Public Relations. MORE had this opportunity to talk about the art of dealing with Media in Pakistan.

Public Relations. You can see the impact of this focus reflected in the growth of the aďŹƒliated industries such as PR agencies, press monitoring agencies and more recently, dedicated event management companies. However, to be fair, the local PR industry is still in its infancy especially

14 | More | August 2010

IntervIew in terms of the tools used.

broad spectrum of areas that includes

tain a Press Center or Media enquiries

corporate communication and image

page on their official website that con-

play a positive role in making PR disci-

building through press statements,

tains the spokesperson details and con-

pline more effective and prominent in

events, interviews and speaking en-

tact information. We maintain the email

Pakistan is the tremendous boom in our

gagements; stakeholder mapping and


media industry. This has given rise to

relationship management; strategic and

for example for all queries and this is

unprecedented opportunities for com-

crisis management as well as media re-

clearly mentioned on our website’s

panies to enhance their corporate

lations. A very important factor is also

Media Centre section (

image, brand equity and goodwill

measuring the success of PR activities as There

through PR activities.

well as constantly seeking to identify

is also usually an officially designated

and leverage local media trends and en-

spokesperson of the company. In Mo-

gage in new media.

bilink’s case this would be me as the Di-

Another important factor that will

what are the key Pr norms globally?

rector Public Relations. For other companies this might be Head of Exter-

jectives remain the same; the technique

what should the media – agency – client relationship look like? how does it look like in Pakistan?

has changed immensely. Currently there

The strength of the agency-client

can always contact the Head of Market-

If I were to put my pulse on the global norms, I would say that word of mouth is still the way it is done. The ob-

nal Relations, Corporate Communications or Public Affairs Manager and so on. When there is no such rep listed, one

is a lot of buzz on the digital media and

and agency-media relationship really

ing for the company’s official version. PR

we see more individual publishing, that

determines the overall relationship

agency contacts usually maintain more

is, blogging and social networking. This

which should ideally be built upon cred-

than one client portfolio and hence can

is primarily because the leading markets

ibility, sincerity and maturity. In Pak-

always come in handy when it comes to

needed alternate channels to break from

istan, it is at a median curve – still

attaining such information.

the information overload that took place

growing with mutual understanding

during the last few years. People were lit-

and trust. should act as an extension of the client’s

what happens when an incorrect story is filed or media behaves unethically?

Today communication is more per-

enterprise and the media should accept

Fortunately, with the tremendous

sonalized and interactive. There is a lot

it as such. The client in turn should have

growth in print and electronic media,

of effort put into measuring impact and

the comfort to rely on the agency for

the ethics and standard of reporting has

taking a more targeted approach that is

strategic and valuable inputs including

also improved significantly. Yet, some-

highly segmented. Fortunately for us,

shifts in public opinion, implications of

times it does happen that an incorrect

we can learn from their successes and

projected policies and other elements in

story is filed in print or electronic media.

mistakes and evolve in a way suitable to

the larger picture.

This may be unintentional on account of

erally bombarded with advertisements from multiple and countless channels.

In the best case scenario, the agency

poor research or pure error such as a

the Pakistani market.

what are the key Pr tactics that are commonly used in Pakistan?

who should media approach for comments?

misplaced decimal or digit. In either case, it has tremendous capability to

There are two sides to every story

damage the image of the company as

and sometimes even more. The respon-

well as create legal and financial ramifi-

sibility of presenting a balanced view

cations if this is related to financial per-

just state that there are three types of

lies with the media. This is something

formance, ratings etc. In such cases,

companies in Pakistan – ones that don’t

they owe to their readers and audience.

organization’s first response would be to

engage in PR; ones that are actively in-

When official comment is sought and in-

seek out the source of the story and

volved and then there are companies

cluded this also helps boost the credibil-

share the correct version.......

that indulge in what they think is PR.

ity of the news piece.

Before I answer this question, let me

Speaking for companies that really and truly do engage in PR work over a

Any company with a well established PR department is likely to main-

For remaining Part, read Page 32

August 2010 | More | 15


More Team

Recently, More team had a little chit chat with nubla Iftikhar, Head of Marketing for Consumer & SMB at Dell Pakistan

share with us your professional career, what made you adopt this field? I have been working in this industry

what kind of importance dell gives to Pakistani region and how much it has invested here? With the revolutionary advancement

for more than 5 years now. Information

in the IT sector, Pakistan has become a

Technology is a vibrant universe which is

high potential market for Dell products.

Market’ for Pakistan will become a thing of the past in times to come.

how dell has categorized its users in Pakistan? You name it, you have it. Dell caters to

consistently growing at a rapid pace. This

Youngsters are becoming more and

an entire palette starting from school

field provides capable professionals with

more aware of Information technology

going youngsters, to university students,

tremendous opportunities to progress

and its benefits, while the corporate sec-

young professionals, seasoned profession-

with the grooming to face the toughest

tor is also getting automated rapidly,

als, housewives, working men and

challenges while enhancing one’s prob-

which will further lead this market to-

women, people on the go, low and high

lem solving skills. These were some of rea-

wards expansion and maturity. I am

purchasing power individuals and yes eld-

sons why I chose to be a part of this.

quite confident that cliché ‘Emerging

erly people who are just familiarizing

16 | More | August 2010

IntervIew themselves with the onset of technology! Whoever you are and wherever you stand Dell will have the right product for you.

which ones are dell’s killer machines and why? The Inspiron by far has been the ‘killer product’ in Pakistan and has made some fantastic ripples in the market. The aesthetics, specifications and price point have been one-of-a-kind.

we have observed dell Pakistan taking too many marketing initiatives and opting different selling and advertising techniques which have never been used in Pakistan before, isn’t it too much risky? That is an interesting question! If a risk is calculated, it should work. I work on highly structured growth targets for which calculated risks are to be taken. Dell is pur-

how can Pakistani youth become tech savvy? The past decade has seen some kalei-

suing rapid business expansions in this

doscopic developments in technology.

high potential market. Therefore the Con-

Even the remote areas have gained access

lenge that is the driving force.

what is your advice for professional women working in Pakistan? If success avoids you for some reason,

sumer domain has set some challenging

to internet connectivity and the World

goals for itself. Also as marketing you need

Wide Web today. Children in schools are

you have to grab it. You will be surprised

to be passionate. When you are passionate

able to learn computing and spend time

to learn what you can achieve if you work

about something you take the risk.

on PCs/netbooks/notebooks from the

towards something relentlessly. Last but

start. With the advent of wireless internet

not the least, if you do not celebrate your-

a whole new world of communications

self, no one will!

how important is customer services and what dell Pakistan is doing in this regard? We are working on this in Pakistan as

has emerged. I think youth is quite tech savvy as of now and the

we continue with Dell’s tradition of pro-

coming generations will

viding the best quality of service, to make

be light years ahead as

our customers cherish their decision of

the exposure level is

buying a Dell product.

rapidly growing.

what dell Pakistan is doing to minimize the impact of grey trade?

you are being recognized as “woman with a Mission”, what is driving you?

Dell has established channels for authorized imports, distributorships and sales of computer equipment and note-

(laughs) This is an

books. It has also created monitoring sys-

honor for me. I think it is

tems for the watch of grey trade.

the continuous chal-

Nubla Iftikhar handing over gift hamper to the lucky winner of the Mall Activity that was held recently

August 2010 | More | 17


More Team

ful business case, not only for local but also International operators, which will help improve the foreign direct investment in the country. The trends are shifting towards the need for data on-the-go. The users demand connectivity and access to the same information and services regardless of their location, home, office or on the road. Desktop computers are being replaced by laptops and smartphones. Users are demanding broadband connectivity wherever they take their devices. This can only be addressed by providing wireless broadband access in the country. The difficulties and high cost of deploying fixed line infrastructure do not justify the investments into fixed networks anymore. With very limited existing fixed line infrastructure, Pakistan is well poised to benefit from the developments in the wireless domain.

Mohammad raheel Kamal, Senior Director Global Business Development at Qualcomm focuses on the introduction of 3G in Pakistan. What he thinks about the Pakistani cellular market is as follow;

what is the difference between ev-do, wiMaX, 3g and 4g and which technology will be successful in Pakistan ultimately? 2G, 3G and 4G all refer to different generations of cellular wireless communication standards and technologies. The technology deployed by the mobile operators in Pakistan is GSM which is 2G or the second generation technology. The 3G technology provides very high speed mobile broadband data and has been deployed by over 660 operators in the world with over 1 billion 3G subscribers today. 3G has two renowned flavors, first one is CDMA and its evolution path with CDMA2000 1x Advanced and EV-DO Rev A, Rev B and DO-Advanced for the data side. EV-DO Rev. B is the latest technology being deployed in the world today. The other 3G flavor is the WCDMA / UMTS evolution path where its data side is referred to as HSPA. HSPA+ R8 is the latest revision which is currently in deployment / commercialization phase in different parts of the world. LTE will boost data capacity in dense urban areas to complement 3G’s ubiquitous data and voice coverage. Operators can

how does Qualcomm see Pakistani region with respect to wireless communications? Keeping in view the current telecom landscape of Pakistan

cost-effectively evolve their 3G networks to offer similar performance as LTE (while using same number of antennas and bandwidth) while LTE initially will be an overlay augmenting data

and the tremendous growth that has been witnessed in the past

capacity. LTE is an excellent tool for operators to leverage new

decade, Qualcomm believes that Pakistan’s wireless market has

and wider bandwidth (up to 20 MHz) as well as TDD spectrum.

all the prerequisites for progressing to the next level which is

LTE-Advanced is the leading candidate for IMT-Advanced,

connectivity to the Internet via high speed mobile broadband ac-

which is commonly referred to as 4G. LTE Advanced is under-

cess and the availability of feature rich applications & value

going standardizing process by 3GPP in R10 for completion in

added services in all corners of the country.

1Q 2011

We believe that with appropriate planning and implementation, Pakistan’s telecom market has all the potential for a success18 | More | August 2010

LTE and 3G are on parallel evolution paths and both will continue to evolve in parallel.

IntervIew The WiMAX technology has not been very successful and has failed to gain traction worldwide. The total WiMAX subscriber base according to various industry analysts, stands at about 3

computers and laptops providing extremely high wireless broadband data speeds and connection to the Internet. We have seen that the introduction of the 3G technology by

million whereas 3G adds these many subscribers every 4 days

the mobile operators has received an overwhelming response in

and has a combined subscriber base of over 1 billion.

many countries across the region. However, the mobile operators

3G has been very successful worldwide and has a very strong

in Pakistan are still on the 2G technology. There is a need for addi-

evolution path. It is a mature and most widely deployed technol-

tional spectrum for them to be able to launch 3G. Unfortunately,

ogy and has an established ecosystem, enjoys economies of scale

the 3G spectrum auction has been delayed for almost 3 years

with tremendous availability of feature rich handsets and devices

now. The Government of Pakistan seems very serious this time

at very affordable prices, extremely high global vendor support

and seems to be taking concrete steps towards making the spec-

and a huge subscriber base. All these factors reaffirm our belief

trum auction happen in the very near future.

that 3G is the right technology choice for Pakistan.

Another issue that needs serious consideration is the anticipated spectrum fee from the auction. The operators have in-

do you believe that a very low arPu and weak buying power will help spread the 3g / 4g in an estimated way?

tors do wide scale 3G deployments. The regulations need to en-

The mobile operators in Pakistan have seen declining ARPUs

sure that the government’s expectations are met in terms of 3G

vested a lot of money in their existing networks; making the spectrum available at reasonable prices will help mobile opera-

over the last few years and have probably the lowest ARPU in the

coverage availability across the country according to a predeter-

world and that is because all of them are still using old technol-

mined timeline.

ogy which does not allow them to offer compelling applications

Once the licensing / spectrum auction process is completed,

and services that boost operators’ revenues. They can only com-

the mobile operators will need to do proper network planning,

pete for voice subscribers and the only way to differentiate them-

deployment, and optimization to ensure good quality of service

selves is on the basis of tariffs. To acquire more subscribers they

is provided to the consumers. Introduction of appropriate 3G

keep lowering their tariffs and have reached a point where it has

handsets and devices with compelling applications that address

become very difficult for them to sustain the business and main-

local needs would help realize the benefits of the technology

tain their profit margins. There is a very high demand for broadband data connectivity in Pakistan. The data usage in GB / month on a per subscriber basis in Pakistan is more than double than in any other country in

what steps should be taken in order to make 3g / 4g a success in Pakistan? 3G is a fully mature and most widely deployed mobile tech-

the world including the advanced and developed markets. The

nology and should be introduced in Pakistan at the earliest. The

users are willing to pay much more for broadband data connec-

delay in licensing / spectrum auction is not only depriving the

tivity than they are for voice. The wireless data plans offered in

consumers from accessing a wide range of high speed mobile

Pakistan range anywhere from about $10 per month to $35 per

broadband applications and the access to the internet, but also

month. In comparison, the voice ARPU is only about $2.50.

acting as a hurdle in the success of the Pakistan telecom sector

With very high data demand and the computer and 3G device prices becoming very affordable even by the Pakistani stan-

that could give the overall economy an incredible uplift. The 3G technology when put to use in sectors like mobile

dards, the 3G and 4G technologies will certainly increase data

health, distance learning, mCommerce, entertainment, gaming,

penetration rates in Pakistan. Given the affordability, the 3G tech-

local based services, etc., will contribute to the economic develop-

nology, in all flavors, remains poised and most suitable for provid-

ment of the country by boosting the national GDP and the aver-

ing wireless broadband access as well as rich content and

age per capita income. Other countries in our region have already

value-added-services to the users in Pakistan.

moved ahead with 3G deployments and are reaping the benefits. Level playing field and equal opportunities should be given to all

what are the challenges for Pakistani operators to adopt 3g / 4g?

services on any device under the unified licensing regime. The 3G

Some operators in Pakistan have already launched 3G in the

auction has been very successful in the countries with similar de-

operators in the country and they should be allowed to offer any

EV-DO (Rev. A and Rev. B) flavor on a commercial scale. The initial

mographics and income levels as Pakistan and there is good rea-

service offering is based on USB data modems that connect to

son to believe that Pakistan will also be a success story.

August 2010 | More | 19


More Team

Syed Sultan Hassan, GM Public Aair, PIA talked to More Team about PIA and its Future Plans what is the market position of PIa? If you take the Pakistani scenario in the aviation industry, PIA has no comparison with the private airlines operating in Pakistan. Our fleet, customer base

PIA is the major airline in Pakistan which is recognized across the world. The only disadvantage we have is that we have a tough competition with gulf carriers due to our open air policy

and network is much bigger than our competitors. So practically speaking, PIA is the major airline in Pakistan which is

gulf carriers due to our open air policy. It

recognized across the world.

does not give us an edge but still we try

The only disadvantage we have is that we have a tough competition with 20 | More | August 2010

and compete with them. We try to manage PIA in the best possible manner.

how will you achieve 100 million revenue targets? We have increased our flight frequencies; have started new destinations

IntervIew in Europe. We are further planning to

between Gilgit and Skardu. At the mo-

start new destinations. When this all

ment, we have 40 planes in our fleet.

Baltistan is being developed very rap-

happen, we expect to achieve the tar-

We are working on it.

idly; government is taking keen inter-

gets. Besides, we are trying to improve our business class. At the moment, we are undergo-

Also in our business plan of 2010-

Newly created province of Gilgit

est in that area. Other than this, we

2014 which we are sending to the

have tons of natural sites and beauti-

government, we have highlighted this

ful places in Pakistan which interna-

ing periodic livery change along with

area to expand our fleet and reduce

tional tourists do not want to miss.

adding more comfort to our business

our operating cost to a maximum pos-

class because this is the area which

sible level in order to increase our

concerns of international travelers

gives maximum benefits.


about those areas. On our various in-

We are also improving the econ-

We want to get rid of our inherited

We are trying to address the safety

ternational forums we are convincing

omy class in order to provide maxi-

financial losses and make this airline

people that PIA is there to cover the

mum comfort to our regular

viable. I tell you, after 5 years of losses,

entire journey and it is safe from all as-

customers. I can happily take this

PIA earned an operational profit of


credit that PIA is the most trusted air-

around Rs. 2 billion in 2009.

line for all the age groups in Pakistan. It gives us the confidence.

how PIa is able to maintain a balance between cheap fare and maximum flight frequency? As far as the fare is concerned, the

If we stick to our plans in the years

We are doing this in order to build Pakistan’s soft image as well as to pro-

to come, I am pretty hopeful that this

mote the tourism in Pakistan being

airline will become very healthy in fi-

the national flag carrier.

nancial terms.

what does PIa do for customer’s safety? On the aircraft, we are improving

as per your new business plan, how many new destinations you are going to open in Pakistan? Currently, the flights in our north-

current operating cost has been in-

our security standards, for this, we are

creased many times during the last

adopting new techniques. In the re-

ern areas are dependent on weather.

couple of years. Even though, our fare

cent years, traveling in Pakistan has

Also, we lack the infrastructure in

is competitive in the market.

been affected greatly due to the secu-

terms of airports and other related

rity situation.


What if we could bring down the

For example, we can only send our

basic fare to the minimum level and

But, PIA has adopted a different

then start asking for the extra money

solution in this domain as well so that

for baggage and taxes etc. We do not

foreign travel could feel safe in during

but nevertheless, despite of weather

believe in any such thing. We have a

their stay in Pakistan. We have intro-

conditions we have recently increased

consolidated ticket that includes

duced an insurance policy for the for-

the frequency of our flights to Gilgit.

everything in it.

eign traveler whoever comes to

Even the meal, which most of the airlines are not offering on their do-

Pakistan. At the time of buying PIA ticket

smallest aircraft, which is ATR, to Gilgit

Similarly, Skardu has a comparatively bigger airport; therefore, we have added further two more flights of 737 Boeing in that area.

mestic flights, is served properly in our

we inform our customer about this

domestic flights.

policy for which he/she has to pay

PIA is also working very closely

a very nominal premium of US $10.

with Sialkot Airport Authority, which is

cation in domestic operations as com-

During his/her stay in Pakistan, no

Pakistan’s first privately owned organi-

pared to other airlines in Pakistan. You

matter how many days, if God for-

zation building any airport.

will see PIA operating between Chitral

bid, anything should happen to

to Gawadar on various routes very fre-

our customer, we provide a cover

quently keeping in view the comfort

of up to Rs. 1 Million.

We cover more destination and lo-

of our customers. In these days, we have a high demand to increase our flight frequency

The airport is in the final stages of completion and it is going to be a latest and fully equipped airport meet-

Besides, we are also emphasizing

ing all the international standards. You

to promote a soft image of Pakistan.

will be able compare it with any inter-

For example,

national airport. August 2010 | More | 21


MORE in House

22 | More | August 2010

revIew n HTC Mini is windows 6.5 mobile

weather widget, which gives you an

HD mini has Windows Media

handset. Windows Mobile has been

animated indication of the weather,

Player which is not something enjoy-

known for its ease of use. Other than

along with temperature and your cur-

able especially, when it can play only

the handset itself, inside the box you

rent location. It uses the well-known

mp4 and 3gp, you will need a lot of

will find a yellow battery, USB power

tabbed interface for almost anything

format changing to make your video

plug, Data Cable for Micro USB slot, 3.5

from the weather forecast to mes-

compatible with this player. For

MM headphones with inline micro-

sages, call history, photos, internet,

DivX/XviD you need separate 3rd

phone which are of good quality. You

stocks, music, settings and so on.

party software.

can use the headphones of your own

If you are not feeling well with the

choice as well. No where in the box

tabs, the Settings tab lets you play

will you find the memory card which is

with the system option. you can cus-

not impressive keeping in view today’s

tomize your tabs from here.

quirement. HTC or its distributors need

The phone has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera producing photos with a maximum resolution of 2592 x 1944

competitive market or memory reto provide at least a basic chip.



pixels. Pinching part is it doesn’t have

HTC Mini maintains a very loud,

a flash so you won’t be able to cap-

It’s a wide spread impression that

crisp and clear sound and signal recep-

ture your moments properly under

Windows Mobile phones are slow on

tion. Like other smartphones, the prox-

low light areas. On the outer body,

processing side. Don't feel uneasy be-

imity sensor automatically locks the

the right side is completely bare. It

cause HTC knows how to make Win-

display when you put it at your ear to

does not house a dedicated camera

dows Mobile phones usable efficiently.

prevent accidental presses. After you

key. That mean you rely only on the

This phone is a good example of it.

dial, the phone will vibrate whenever a

soft button/virtual key on the inter-

call is connected.

face to do the job. It is auto focus

57.7mm wide and 11.7mm thick, the HD Mini is comfortable to hold.

When you receive a call, you can

It's not too heavy with a weight of

mute the ringer by simply turning the

only 110g.

phone face down on the table. If it is

The front is 3.2 inch capacitive

already in a facedown position, you

which is easily manageable with a touch of your figure.

browsing The phone comes with two fa-

touchscreen of HVGA resolution with a

will still hear the ringer. To activate the

decent image quality. You can’t com-

function, you need to flip it face up

mous browsers, Opera Mobile and In-

pare it to super AMOLED standards. It

and then face down.

ternet Explorer Mobile 6. The only advantage IE Mobile has

will disappoint you a little under the bright sunlight but this statement goes right with almost all the Windows

Music/video player and FM The music player is impressive and

over Opera Mobile is that it is Flash enabled and can run Youtube videos effi-

can be accessed from home screen.

ciently. But you can’t open multiple

There is a library shortcut which will

tabs in it which is quite annoying

take you to the archive where you will

whereas Opera does offer this. You can

display screen (Two call keys, Home,

be able to sort the music by artist,

open up to 3 multiple tabs in it.

Menu and the Back button).

genre, and composer etc. very easily.

based mobile phones. 5 touch sensitive and well sized capacitive controls are placed below the

Without going into details of its

Another application called Audio

Opera wins in the loading time which is nearly 40% less than the IE.

front and back, we will rather want to

Booster gets activated once you plug-

You may find IE getting stuck some-

highlight its inner features here.

in the headsets. This is a reasonably

times which will always push you to

good equalizer. You can either keep it

use Opera.

desktop/Front Interface With all the efforts of HTC everything is silky smooth. The home

to the preset position or change it according to your own taste. Similarly, FM application also

The phone has tons of other applications and options but the limited space here is really pushing us to end

screen (Sense UI) is typical HTC, with a

works when you plug-in the headsets.

our review here. For those who want

large clock dominating proceedings.

The beautiful interface will catch al-

to go for this phone, we would just say,

Integrated into the clock is the

most every radio station in town.

it will not disappoint you. n

August 2010 | More | 23


n LED has come a long way. From very

that mean in practical terms? And how

lows for a more expansive picture, pro-

specific beginnings, when it was seen al-

does it make for a better monitor?

ducing a unique viewing experience

most exclusively on buildings and mobile phones, this highly efficient light source

that seems to stretch beyond the frame

The beauty of style

and blur the borders between the real

The first evidence of LEDs’ influence is

and the virtual. And with glowing

making it suitable for all manner of func-

apparent before you even turn the moni-

“galaxy lights at the bottom of the

has come down in cost and complexity, tions. Today, LEDs are lighting up every-

tor on. Significantly slimmer than LCD

screen,” a feature unique to LG monitors,

thing from car headlights to TVs to

monitors, LED monitors have made a

the overall effect is dreamlike and ut-

billboards to road signs.

virtue of their ultra-thin size and light-

terly distinctive.

Looking to repeat this success is the monitor, which is now one of the fastest growing market segments for LEDs. Drawn by LEDs’ energy efficiency, high picture quality and slim-line size, monitors

From just 1 percent last year, LED monitors’ share of the monitor market is expected to soar to 30 percent this year.

are looking to reap the benefits that have already so energized TV technology. From just 1 percent last year, LED monitors’ share of the monitor market is expected to soar to 30 percent this year.

weight with slick, elegant designs that turn them into virtual ornaments. Take the E60, an LED monitor from

clearer, crisper, realer Of course, design is all very well, but no new light source would be worth its

According to DisplaySearch, a market re-

LG. At just 12.9mm in depth, this sophis-

salt unless it actually improved on the pic-

search company, this means sales of LED

ticated model is fully one-third lighter

ture of LCD monitors. Fortunately, LED

monitors this year will increase at least 10-

than LCD monitors with a similar screen

does precisely that, with pictures greatly

fold over last year.

size. Also taking great strides with moni-

enhanced by far higher contrast ratios.

While neither monitors nor TVs use

tor design is LG’s E80VX. With a pre-

Thanks to this, LED monitors make

LEDs for their actual screens, the differ-

mium, slim-line body, E80VX rests on a

video film and pictures far more vivid and

ence between LED and LCD displays is

stylish, circular-necked stand, while a

clear than they would appear on an LCD

that the former has replaced its CCFL

seamless bezel makes for a thinner,

monitor. LG’s LED monitors, for instance,

backlighting with LEDs. But just what does

more polished look. The bezel also al-

boast an LED-fuelled mega contrast ratio

24 | More | August 2010


Cover Story

August 2010 | More | 25

teChnology the need for any external memory or soft-

compelling advantage over their LCD coun-

crisp and vivid picture even with dimly-lit

ware. The IC Engine chip also works in tan-

terparts: eco-friendliness. As they have a

movies, games or pictures.

dem with another LG technology, the

longer lifespan than CCFLs (the main mate-

F-engine, to deliver images with even

rial in LCD monitors), LEDs make for longer-

sharper color.

lasting monitors and thus less e-waste. LEDs

of 5,000,000:1, meaning an exceptionally

Better still, LG’s E50VR and E80 series of LED monitors have produced signifi-

are also much more energy-efficient than

From science labs to building facades to TVs, it’s been a long, interesting journey for LEDs. Having found their way to monitors, their exceptional picture quality, slimness and eco-friendliness are now producing tremendous gains in what might be their most natural homeFrom just 1 percent last year, LED monitors’ share of the monitor market is expected to soar to 30 percent this year.

CCFLs, meaning lower electricity bills and less harm to the environment. Indeed, LED monitors consume, on average, 40 percent less energy than LCD models, a benefit that is multiplied in offices, where dozens or even hundreds of monitors can be in use simultaneously. And compared with CCFLs, which operate using mercury, argon and neon, LED is also very clean, using a compound that

cant improvements in screen resolution.

For a new generation so accustomed

contains no harmful substances at all.

Through LG’s mold-breaking Super+ Reso-

to high-tech entertainment options rang-

With credentials like these, LG’s LED

lution technology, the E50VR and E80 se-

ing from video streaming to SD, HD-level

monitors have already received acclaim for

ries produce an even more realistic HD

movies and games, the high resolution

their eco-friendliness: In a first for the in-

picture while also making it possible to

and wide gradation of LED monitors isn’t

dustry, the company’s E2350V model was

watch SD-level content at HD-level. The secret behind LG’s Super+ Resolution is the IC Engine, which uses LG’s algo-

just a nice extra – it adds a whole new level

awarded environmental certification from

of enjoyment and convenience. Little won-

UL, a US testing and certification organiza-

der that LED monitor sales are taking off.

tion. Made with fewer hazardous materials

Keeping it green

E50 series also uses up to 45 percent less

– and no halogen or mercury at all – the

rithm to get rid of frame delay, without Besides their aesthetic and technological blessings, LED monitors have another

power than normal LCD monitors. From science labs to building facades to TVs, it’s been a long, interesting journey for LEDs. Having found their way to monitors, their exceptional picture quality, slimness and eco-friendliness are now producing tremendous gains in what might be their most natural home. In addition, LG is helping generate interest in LED monitors through a series of quirky and inventive marketing campaigns. In recent months, the company launched its Sincerity campaign, in which people from around the world were asked to share their own poignant stories, with the best getting the chance to win some fantastic prizes. Videos from this campaign will be on display in Times Square, New York, from July 1 to 13. With campaigns such as these, and with the cutting-edge power of LEDs, LG’s monitors now have a brighter future than ever. n

26 | More | August 2010


Cover Story

August 2010 | More | 27


n This time sun rises with a new mes-

sage. "I have just flown more than 26 hours without using a drop of fuel and without causing any pollution.' Can you believe this crazy statement? don’t you think it is vain imagina-

M. Usman

Another plus point of solar energy is being environment friendly. The aforementioned statement of pilot "without causing any pollution" is an eyeopener. Certainly, it is good for our planet.

tion and wishful thinking? But it has been done under the sun on 7th July 2010.The sun of that day came with a

this flight has been the most incredible

make back what you originally spent

ray of hope for the whole world.

one of my flying career."

rather you will manage to save a lot of

On that day, pilot Andre` Broschberg

Solar energy technology is receiving

money on regular basis.

flew the aircraft for a whole day and

overwhelming welcome across the

then through the entire night powered

world. Why? Just because of its availabil-

and demand fluctuations in the way that

Solar energy is not subject to supply

only by solar energy stored during the

ity in excess? It may be a reason but it is

gas is. Silicon, the primary component of

day.The complete flight lasted for 26

not the only reason. Solar energy is not

the solar panels, is also being more widely

hours and 9 minutes. The plane

only in abundance but technology

produced, therefore, getting less and less

achieved an average speed of 23 knots

based on solar energy is cheaper than

expensive with each passing year.

and maximum altitude of 8564m above

those of other technologies. Though, in-

the sea level. Enthusiastic pilot said, “I

stallment of panels powered by solar

independent. This is great because you

have been a pilot for 40 years now but

energy, is costly but you will eventually

can supply your home with electricity

28 | More | August 2010

Solar power is independent or semi-

teChnology during a power outage. Solar power can also be used in remote areas, places where conventional power cannot be reached. On a large scale, solar power also reduces our need to rely on other sources of power. Another plus point of solar energy is being environment friendly. The aforementioned statement of pilot "without causing any pollution" is an eye-opener. Certainly, it is good for our planet. Solar energy is clean, renewable and sustainable. It does not fill our environment with carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury or any other pollutants. It is a

sector. Under the agreement, company

of people were handed over to America

free and unlimited source of power un-

would set up a 50 megawatt solar en-

and a huge amount was received in re-

like expensive and damaging fossil fuels.

ergy unit in Jalalpur Pirwala Multan. Ear-

turn. The incumbent Government,

lier, it was also decided by the Punjab

though, not doing so but regarding de-

needs to focus on solar energy technol-

Government to operate tube wells on

mand of financial assistance, is following

ogy. It will not only give a relief to a

solar energy with the cooperation of an-

the footsteps of its predecessor. Every

common man but also help to boast up

other German Company. Nonetheless, a

time when our beloved leaders go on

business,industry,agriculture and the

meager amount of Rs 2 billion has been

foreign trips, they demand for net

economy ultimately. We can also get rid

allocated for the subsidy of solar pow-

amounts.This attitude has made us

of ever increasing rates of electricity and

ered water pumps in a budget of

more suspicious in front of donors and

long power outages as well.

Rs583.64 billion.

investors who are now asking about the

Energy-stricken country like us

Big guns in corridors of power don't seem so committed to cope menace of energy with the latest technologies such as solar energy technology. Recently, a memorandum of understanding has

I have been a pilot for 40 years now but this flight has been the most incredible one of my flying career. pilot Andre` Broschberg

been signed between the Punjab Government and a German Company, "Azur Solar" for cooperation in solar energy

Pakistan is going to sign a civil nuclear technology agreement with China, re-

having an average common sense can

portedly. That is a good gesture. But we

guess what happened with those

also need to focus on solar energy related


agreements with China who can help us

Finance does matter. But only it

out from current energy crisis and has al-

would work, is not a realistic approach.

ready oered us cheap electricity.

Makeshift arrangements like two week-

Unfortunately, our Government who

already given capital. An ordinary man

ends and closing of shops, are not a

claims to be a front line state in war on

remedy for our problems. It is high time

terror, has failed to demand newer tech-

for Government to rethink on its priori-

nologies from the countries concerned.

ties and should move towards new and

Every time, our leaders prefer to get net

long lasting measures. Things can be

amounts in return of their "services". For-

settled only after launching new proj-

mer President Gen(r)Musharraf has

ects on emergency basis. That’s what we

proudly admitted in his book that a lot

call need of the hour. n August 2010 | More | 29

lateSt In teCh

c.r.a.b. robot

This robot is a combination of a armed guard, police officer and doesn’t need a car to walk itself to the location of need. The lookalike spider shape was made so because of the difficult terrain that the robot can encounter. His six mechanical legs will make it possible to walk with speed and chase the villains on different types of terrain. It also has strong armor and an arsenal. The hydraulic system makes possible for it to adjust his height. The development of it lasted 12 years at Omni Consumer Products. The weapons were made available from weapon manufacturer Dalton/Stanley. This is one of the 1st projects of this scale regarding robotic defense systems.

solar charger usb hub

Give your portable electronic devices some more life. It comes equipped with a built-in lithium battery that can be charged with an AC adapter or by exposing the solar panel to any light source, allowing you to give your electronic devices an extra boost of power. The four USB ports are fully compliant with the USB 2.0 specification and will work with the older and slower 1.1 devices.

30 | More | August 2010

canon X Mark I bluetooth wireless calculator Mouse Canon introduced a new member from the X series calculator range namely the X Mark I. This 3-in-1 personal calculator can also act as a wireless laser mouse and a numeric keypad for personal computers. Designed for work or personal use, the new model combines the trademark X series design with multiple functions and strong environmental credentials, having been part-manufactured using recycled Canon materials. With integrated Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, three click buttons and a fully-functional scroll-wheel, the calculator can seamlessly be employed as a high performance wireless laser mouse (1200dpi), allowing users to control their computer and mathematical calculations from the same device. The Canon X Mark I will be available from November 2010.

dell streak on sale in us The Dell Streak has finally arrived in the real world, after months of speculation. It’s technically the first Android tablet from a major PC maker, but it’s actually a lot more like an Android smartphone than a competitor to the Apple iPad. The Streak is slim and light, there’s nothing cheap or flimsy about it. Holding it in two hands and flipping through menus and Web pages, typing messages, reading documents, and watching video clips all feel surprisingly natural. In terms of the processor, display, RAM, camera, and other hardware specs, the Streak meets the minimum requirements we’d expect. The smartest Android UI addition that Dell has made to the Streak is the custom on-screen keyboard that has been expanded from the standard 30-35 keys to a 49-key model (in landscape mode) that includes a number pad and takes advantage of the extra space afforded by the 5-inch screen. It’s not quite as accurate as the HTC EVO’s ons-screen keyboard (which just uses its extra space for bigger keys) but the number pad on the Streak is highly useful and makes this a strong data entry device. The reason why people should go for an Android tablet is because the Android ecosystem is everything that the Apple ecosystem isn’t — open, customizable, and free for tinkerers to experiment on. It’s just too bad that the Streak shipped with an outdated version of the OS. (Courtesy:

lateSt In teCh

'dryer box' salvages waterdamaged mobile phones For any unfortunate mobile users whose phone goes kaput due to water damage, there's now a new machine designed to suck moisture right out of your phone – if you live in Japan. A company, JMC Risk Solutions has installed a number of new 'Dryer Boxes' in selected shops around Tokyo for those whose phones get caught out in the rain. Just pop your water-damaged phone inside the device and after 30 minutes it should be fixed. The company charges only $12 only if the phone is fixed otherwise there are no charges. While the company doesn't reveal exactly how the device works, it should be a great solution for anyone in need of a quick fix for their water-logged phone.

Flexible bluetooth Mini Keyboard From brando

Intelligent washer Italian maker Indesit’s model was just shown off at the Freescale Technology Forum in US and it has the surprisingly money-saving feature of being able to time its washing. Just in case you don’t know, power costs can vary depending on when you use the juice. Use more power when everyone else is using it and you pay more in those cases, use more when no one is and you pay less. So the Indesit model allows you to take advantage of that by being like the TiVo of washing machines–it fires up its load when the power is cheapest. Not only does it boast the power (and money) saving tech, it also offers the Aqualtis system, which automatically determines how much detergent you need. And if you’ve done your own laundry recently, you know that that can be a bit of a hassle. Why use more than you need, right? According to company, It’s international availability is yet to be announced.

Here’s an ideal mini keyboard for your iPad or iPhone 4, the Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard from Brando. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, this Bluetooth enabled keyboard offers 85 keys and features 5 built-in keys for mobile phone functions including switch, menu, SMS, cancel and OK. Not to worry, this ultra-slim and lightweight keyboard is also waterproof and dustproof. Measuring 256mm x 92mm x 16mm and weighing 96g.

August 2010 | More | 31

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smartphone with PsP game control Sony Ericsson is at work on a project to redefine gaming on Google's mobile platform. It is heavily developing a brand new gaming platform, ecosystem, and device which are already in the late stages of planning. If you're a gaming fan, this is exactly the kind of phone you've been waiting for. The device is described as cross between the Samsung Captivate and the PSP Go -- in other words, it's a landscape slider with game controls in place of the typical QWERTY keyboard. The D-pad is here, but instead of the small joystick, the device will have what was described as a "long touch pad" for analog controls, along with standard PSP buttons and shoulder buttons. The phone has a large display, described as being between 3.7 and 4.1 inches with WVGA or better resolution, a 5 megapixel camera that we're told might not be final, and it'll likely have a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU on board. The phone is mostly black with some silver highlights, and the gamepad area is white / silver in color. Apparently it's currently branded as a Xperia device, but it looks like it will carry PlayStation branding as well. Those who've seen the phone say it looks "pretty damn

sexy." The mockup above probably doesn't do the actual hardware justice, but it should give you an idea of what you'll be dealing with. On the software side, it looks like the device will be running Gingerbread (Android 3.0) with a phone-specific skin, and there will be a new area of the Android Market specifically for the games. That content will be initially accessible only by the halo device, but from the sounds of things, these titles might be made available to other Android phones if their specs and button layouts meet requirements. Games will be graphically in the range of PSX or PSP games, meaning true 3D gaming is headed to Android. Titles currently being shown off seem to be focused around some older PSX as well as new PSP offerings, with God of War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and LittleBigPlanet possibly on tap, and future plans for titles which incorporate augmented reality features. In terms of release, it's possible that the phone and ecosystem could be introduced as early as October of this year, but it is not confirmed yet. (Courtesy:

swiftPoint Tiny wireless Mouse This is Swiftpoint Mouse, a super tiny wireless mouse. The mouse features natural pen-like grip with padded thumb and finger grips and includes left-click button, right-click button and scroll wheel. The tiny mouse comes with a multi-functional USB dock/receiver that provides wireless operation, charges the mouse and magnetically securing the mouse directly to your laptop. The SwiftPoint offers also 30 second RapidCharge.

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PR trends in Pakistan

web content management. The online media is no longer a peripheral medium but rather a core discipline to be maintained by a dedicated resource. Mobilink, for instance, actively shares information to engage digital media.

Depending on implications, there is usually a need for a clarification or rebuttal to present actual and factual information. Retractions do not look good on the media’s part and hence, it is best that caution is exercised early on.

Mobilink’s take on Pr and how they approach it? PR is an essential ingredient in our recipe of an effective and successful external communication initiative. We work closely with our agency to integrate our core communication

where does a social / digital medium fall in the local Pr grid? The social media has arrived in a big way. Being a two-way

values and thus are able to mitigate PR challenges progressively. We respect the Media and all its forms and commitments and try our best to create a positive win-win approach

communication channel social media has brought some revo-

so that together we can meet our respective organizational

lutionary changes in PR and how one goes about it. That said,

objectives. This we do through interactive dialogues, media

the importance of the web cannot be neglected. At Mobilink,

relationing including meet-ups and trainings etc for the trade

PR department owns the responsibility for web strategy de-

and business media. Mobilink has one of the oldest and

velopment relative to blogging, pod casting or RSS, social

strongest PR teams in the country and is recognized as a

search, social networking, microblogging and, to some extent,

trendsetter in this sector.

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Flood relIeF eFFortS

The entire country is facing worst ever Flood Crisis and a massive displacement of communities all across the country. Countries have started to come forward to help our people in this time of need.

The corporate sector of Pakistan, including big national and multinational companies, is playing its role by donating handsome amounts to help the flood-aected people within their capacity. we are publishing the eorts of few of the companies.

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Flood relIeF eFFortS

Mobilink reaches out to more than 38,000 flood victims n Mobilink is rigorously conducting relief efforts and delivering basic necessities to flood victims all over the country and has reached out to more than 38,000 individuals. Items distributed among the suffering families include; 35,000 bottles of clean drinking water, 600 bags of flour, 1,260 packs of Dry rations and 3,650 packs of Ready-to-eat items. Along with the relief goods, a large number of Mobilink employees are also providing dedicated volunteer hours. Mobilink is distributing these items with the help of a cross-functional team of employees directly and in coordination with relief organizations and armed forces where needed. Our teams have reached

close to 5,000 families in remote areas in and around Muzaffargarh, Nowshera, Charsadda, Swat, Sukkur, D.I. Khan as well as smaller towns and villages across Pakistan. The items are being procured from the Rs 85 million flood relief fund established by Mobilink and Orascom. In addition, Mobilink employees have contributed more than Rs. 6.5 million from their pockets, through 23 collection points at Mobilink offices nationwide as well as funds raised through friends and family. In the past, Mobilink has successfully executed major relief efforts like the rehabilitation of earthquake victims in 2005 and a large scale relief camp for 1,000 families of Swat IDPs in 2009.

Telenor Pakistan Flood Relief Efforts 2010 n The widespread devastation caused by the recent floods throughout Pakistan has already claimed over 1,600 lives and affected more than 14m people with numbers expected to rise in the coming weeks. Conservative estimates indicate that the magnitude of destruction is more than the combined devastation caused by the 2004 tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake -- three mega-disasters of recent times. Keeping in view the magnitude of loss caused by the floods, Telenor Pakistan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan Red Crescent Society and pledged Rs100 million in funding and telecommunication services, towards relief and rehabilitation of those affected by the floods. PRCS have been chosen as Telenor Pakistan’s partner on the basis of their strong presence in all affected areas and impeccable reputation in saving and rebuilding lives. In addition, a mechanism has been set up for employees to donate to the efforts from their salaries. Telenor Pakistan will match each employee’s contribution four times over. Donation boxes are being placed at Telenor Pakistan Sales & Service Centers. The funds collected will be used to facilitate the relief efforts and longer-term rehabilitation initiatives by PRCS. As always, Telenor Pakistan employees have shown keen interest in volunteering with their time, money and energy in times of disaster. Employees have already begun volunteering and working with PRCS, providing assistance in assessment and distribution in

the affected areas. This employee volunteer drive will be scaled up to include all provinces of Pakistan in the days to come. Telenor Pakistan is also utilizing other channels to raise funds for the flood affected. The last two episodes of the Khuddar Pakistan radio show, [to help raise awareness on disability issues] which airs every Sunday on FM 93, have been turned into special flood relief shows aimed at raising maximum donations for those in need. Telenor Pakistan and PRCS also worked together during the recent IDP crisis to help thousands of displaced people in the tribal areas of Pakistan. August 2010 | More | 35

Flood relIeF eFFortS

PTCL Gives Rs. 40 million for Flood Relief Activities n Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has contributed Rs. 40 million for the flood relief activities. In this regard, President and CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid called on the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr.Yousaf Raza Gillani here in Islamabad and presented him with the cheque of Rs. 40 million. He offered his compassion to the ones affected and marked these as one of the crucial times where we all as a nation needs to join our hands to do the best possible for the early recovery and rehabilitation of the affectees. And hoped this contribution

from PTCL helps in providing people relief of their grievous conditions. President and CEO Walid Irshaid further added that we have also established flood relief camps, where people can send their donations, goods and other necessities. A convoy carrying relief goods worth Rs. 4.4 million has already been sent to flood affected areas by PTCL. He pledged to continue the support and said we, at PTCL would not leave affectees alone in this critical hour of need. The combined donation of PTCL Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani receiving and Ufone stands at Rs. 53.5 million. Cheque from President and CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid

LG’s contribution for flood victims

Mr. Shin Un, Ambassador of South Korea in Pakistan; Mr. Lee In Ki, Counselor General Korean Consulate Karachi; Mr. Suyoung Ryu, General Manager LG Electronics Pakistan and Mr. Imran Zaki, Senior Manager Corporate Marketing LG Electronics presenting a cheque of US $ 33,800.00 to Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad as a contribution towards flood relief efforts. n LG Electronics, Inc. the global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, recently handed over a cheque of US $ 33,800.00 to Governor Sindh Dr. Ishratul Ibad at the Governor House as a contribution towards flood relief efforts. The cheque was handed over by Mr. Shin Un, Ambassador of South Korea in Pakistan; Mr. Lee In Ki, Counselor General Korean Consulate Karachi; Mr. Suyoung Ryu, General Manager LG Electronics Pakistan and Mr. Imran Zaki, Senior Manager Corporate Marketing LG Electronics. This contribution came by all employees of LG Electronics in Korea who decided to donate a certain percentage of their salaries for flood victims. Further Mr. Suyoung Ryu, General Manager LG Electronics expressed grief at the loss of lives, infrastructure and the ongoing crisis adding that LG and Pakistan hold a very special place. He said that LG has also decided to not only monetarily assist these flood victims but will also partner with registered NGOs to provide them with food, shelter, medicine, clothes and other basic necessities to bring them back to their normal way of life. He thanked all LG employees at Korea who decided to donate a certain percentage of their salaries for this noble cause.s

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PIA carries relief goods n The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will uplift relief goods free of cost from all of its international destinations for the flood victims, giving preference to relief goods over its commercial operations. Managing Director PIA, Captain Muhammad Aijaz Haroon said while briefing the media regarding the PIA Flood Relief Plan 2010. MD PIA said that PIA has already uplifted over 143,000 kilograms of Relief Goods. Relief Goods and a filtration plant have also been transported from Canada. However, the response towards relief for flood affectees was poor and it requires huge support of individuals, NGOs/ donors from Pakistan and abroad. He added. PIA has the capability and capacity to transport relief goods from its destinations. NGOs/ Donors can contact PIA offices in Pakistan namely PIA Cargo Terminal Islamabad (051-99024388), Lahore Cargo Terminal (042-99240770), Peshawar Cargo Terminal (091-99213342), Quetta Cargo Terminal (081- 99203861) and Karachi Cargo Terminal (021-99047202) for information pertaining to free transportation of relief goods. PIA will also set up collection desk at every station on PIA network. PIA has also invited renowned artist Fakhar-e-Alam to join in PIA’s Flood Relief Efforts.

SMS service to help flood affected people n Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaboration with Telecom Industry has started “1234” SMS Service to supplement the efforts of the Government in its rescue and rehabilitation efforts for the flood affectees across the country. The short code “1234” has been activated from all cellular mobile operators platforms. SMS can be sent to “1234” by writing “Fund” which will be charged @Rs.10/- excluding taxes for contributing to “Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2010” for flood affected people. The amount collected by generating these SMSs would be deposited with “Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2010”, for which a special account has been created in National Bank of Pakistan (Account No.898989). PTA has appealed to the public to send maximum number of SMSs to help their affected brethren in this hour of need.

Month In FoCuS

Infrastructure Sharing in Pakistan

Representatives of Mobile Operators and PTA signing MoU for infrastructure sharing. Chairman PTA, Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Secretary IT Naguibullah Malik and others are also seen in the picture. n Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) of Pakistan have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) on Infrastructure Sharing. MoUs will be valid for an initial term of three (3) years and may be extended with mutual consent of the parties, upon expiration of the initial term. The MoUs signed by all 5 mobile oper-

ators aimed at revving up the current pace of Infrastructure Sharing amongst Cellular Mobile and WLL operators in the country and to increase the overall industry Tenancy Ratio to a reasonable mark. The parties anticipate that this co-operation will serve to support mutual interests, international best practices, the public convenience, improved aesthetics and decreased

capital costs for rollout extensions. According to the MoU, Parties agree that Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on Infrastructure Sharing will be followed in letter and spirit subject to technical and commercial considerations. PTA will facilitate processing of Infrastructure Sharing cases to the extent possible within its jurisdiction. Each operator jointly with other industry players will put in its best efforts to make commercial arrangements interseand strive to take up its own and overall industry’s Tenancy Ratio to a level of 1.5 within next 3 years with yearly benchmarks aimed at 1.1, and 1.3 for first and second years respectively provided that the same is technically feasible for the operator(s). It may be mentioned that Tenancy Ratio means number of operators sharing one tower. If a tower is used by more than one operator it would improve Tenancy Radio hence decreasing the number of towers installed across the country. Presently in Pakistan Tenancy Ratio is 1.02 which means out of every 100 towers only two are shared by operators. If the Ratio increases to 1.5 as expected it would mean that 50 out of every 100 towers are shared by operators.

‘CEO of the Year Award’ nomination for Mr. Abdul Aziz

Mr. Abdul Aziz CEO & President Ufone

n The esteemed ‘World Communication Awards (WCA)’ committee has nominated Mr. Abdul Aziz CEO & President Ufone for the CEO of the Year Award 2010. WCA is widely recognized as the most trusted and global event of its kind in the communications industry. The World Communication Awards recognizes companies and individuals responsible for the innovations, achievements and great new services that are helping to build tomorrows industry. Hundreds of nominations were received for CEO of the year, which have been addressed and reduced to a shortlist of twenty. Mr. Abdul Aziz’s nomination is truly a cause for national pride because he is the only Pakistani who has been nominated to gain recognition at this prestigious event. To be acknowledged by WCA is no mean feat; it is a milestone and an accomplishment on its own.

Mr. Aziz is a fellow Chartered Accountant whose competitive nature and innovative ideas have fully met the financial challenges facing the global world today. In a time of recession, he has risen as a beacon of hope for industries all over Pakistan with the message that prompt action combined with business ingenuity can pave the way forward. It has only been two and a half years since Mr. Aziz has again joined Ufone; the fact that he has already won international acclaim through this nomination is proof of the remarkable feats that he has performed. Mr. Aziz said: “It has been our goal at UFONE to represent excellence, leadership, service and integrity. Being nominated as CEO of the year is a tribute not only to me but also to my team members, as we have together taken UFONE to new heights.” August 2010 | More | 37

Month In FoCuS

Fastest Wireless Broadband in Pakistan n On this Independence day Pakistan became the first country in the world of telecommunication when Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) launched EVO 3G Nitro, the fastest EVDO RevB wireless broadband with speeds up to 9.3mbps. With this launch Pakistan has become the first country in the world to provide this service commercially. EVO 3G Nitro has revolutionized the three simple steps to High speed On-the-Go connectivity, Just Plug in—Click—Connect with its unprecedented speed of 9.3 Mbps on the downlink and up to 5.4MBPS on the uplink based on 3G CDMA REV B technology.

President and CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid addressing at the launch event

Naveed Saeed, SEVP Commercial, PTCL speaking at the launch event, Mohammad Raheel Kamal, Senior Director Global Business Development, Qualcomm are also seen EVO 3G Nitro is Pakistan’s fastest and most cutting edge wireless mobile broadband product, first of its kind, which would enable customers to experience fastest web browsing, high quality video streaming, unlimited downloads, faster uploads, backward compat-

ibility and seamless roaming in 99 cities across the country. SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed marked this launch as a giant leap ahead for PTCL and said this reinforces PTCL’s superiority and technological command. He said the the service has been launched with aim behind had been to give our customers a far more enhanced user experience of instant connectivity. He further added “Working in a market where technology changes every minute; we at PTCL always strive to introduce products and services that add more value to our customer’s life and PTCL ‘EVO 3G Nitro’ is one such product that will completely revolutionized the way our customers communicate. Syed Asim Ali, EVP commercial planning said, Through EVO 3G Nitro experience we let our customers spend less time waiting and more time working and accessing media rich applications from downloading songs to live video streaming, at home on your desktop or on the move on your laptop. In future PTCL plans to introduce a variety of innovative services that can enhance our customer’s life, which is our ultimate goal.

ZONG becomes the fastest growing network in Pakistan n ZONG has become the fastest growing network of Pakistan as it has recorded 500 percent growth in terms of number of cell sites during the last three years. The Company now has 5,612 cell sites out of which a massive 4,500 have been set up since 2007. In April 2008, ZONG joined the Telecom industry in Pakistan as the smallest operator. It took ZONG two years and the fastest rollout in the history of the industry to setup a network which its competitors had taken more than a decade to set up. ZONG now covers 10,000 cities,towns and villages across Pakistan.

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“It has been more than 2 years since the launch of ZONG during which we have made monumental progress,” said Salman Wassay, Head of Marketing, ZONG. “In all areas of our operations, we have upped theante and set new benchmarks for the industry,” added Wassay. ZONG’s reach now stretches from the mountain tops of Ishkoman in GilgitBaltistan to the rocky plains of Buleda in Balochistan to the midst of mega cities. It has chosen to work with some of the top companies like Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel Lucent and ZTE to provide top-of-the-line infrastructure for its services.

ZONG has so far invested US $1.66 billion in Pakistan and has plans to further invest $300 million in 2010 which is the largest investment by any telecom operator in the current year. The Company continues to invest heavily in the construction of GSM networks, support systems and transmission facilities, and for the development of new technologies and new businesses. China Mobile – the parent company of ZONG - pursues continuous innovation in the provision of services, business, technology and management and has sustained a leadership position in the telecom industry.

Month In FoCuS

Mr. Roy Chang, Mr. Zeshan Quershi, Mr. Usman Tariq from Samsung Electronics and Mr. Salman Ahmed and Mr. M. Asraf Yousuf from Teletec Enterprises inaugurating the Samsung customer Service Plaza with Teletec at Murree Road Rawalpindi

Nokia Welcomes Ramadan n Nokia announced the launch of a new range of mobile applications and content tailored for the holy month of Ramadan. The new range of Ramadan applications 2010 have now become available on Ovi Store, the updated mobile applications tailored for the Holy Month can now be downloaded on the compatible Nokia devices for free directly from Nokia’s Ovi Store. “The overwhelming response and feedback that we received from last year’s offering allowed us to improve and expand this year’s application offering. Nokia users have now a single and easy access to many of the cherished experiences that Muslims like to be close to, and keep them connected to the Holy Month. The applications this year also support a wider range of devices including both touch and non-touch Nokia (L-R) Adeel Hashmi, Communication Manager, Nokia Pakistan, Imran Khalid Mehmood, devices, and are available in more lanCountry General Manager, Nokia Pakistan and Haseeb Ihtisham, Head of Marketing, guages” said Haseeb Ihtisham, Head of MarNokia Pakistan at the launch event of Ramadan Applications 2010 in Pakistan keting, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan. This year’s Ramadan applications are “Ramadan applications for 2010 are free and offer a variety of feature packed, and include the Holy Quran, Prayer Times, Hacontent from a range of global and local content providers ready dith, Boyoot Allah, Arabica, Mozzaker, and Makkah and Madito be downloaded for the widest range of devices.” Haseeb added. nah. New features include Quran recitation from multiple The Ramadan applications are developed by ASGATech, a recitors from which users can choose to download in MP3 format. Arabica is a great new feature for non-Arabic speaking Forum Nokia Premium Partner in the Middle East, with all conMuslims to help them learn and understand the message of tent reviewed and approved by Al Azhar Al Shareef. Ramadan applications for 2010 are compatible with a range Allah in Arabic. The new mobile services also feature locations of Nokia devices including Nokia N97 mini, Nokia E72, Nokia E52, of major mosques in Saudi Arabia, such as the two holy Nokia X6, Nokia 5230,Nokia 5530,Nokia C5,Nokia 5235, Nokia mosques, Masjid Al Haram in Makkah and Masjid Al Nabawi in 5800, Nokia E5, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia 5233, Nokia X3, Nokia Al Madinah. Additionally users can also find locations of mosques all around the world using free Ovi maps available on 6303i, Nokia 2710, and Nokia C3. The user interface for the applications is available in English, Arabic, Farsi, French and Urdu. Ovi store.

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Acer Appoints Adnan Siddiqui as Brand Ambassador for Acer Pakistan

Zahid Mehmood, Country Sales Manager for Acer Pakistan looks at the document while Famous actor Adnan Siddiqui signs it to become the Brand Ambassador of the company in Pakistan n Actor Adnan Siddiqui has been appointed as Acer's Brand Ambassador in Pakistan. The Pakistani television actor made big waves with his work in the 2007 Hollywood feature film with Angelina Jolie, 'A Mighty Heart', and is considered to be the country's top talent. Elaborating on the association of Adnan Siddiqui with Acer, Zahid Mahmood, Country Sales Manager, Acer Pakistan said that, "Adnan is a key figure in Pakistan's glamor arena and enjoys a very strong fan following, especially the youth.." Al-Riaz Green Systems, Acer’s new retail partner, is proud to extend a linkage with Adnan Siddiqui as well. Speaking to the media, actor Adnan Siddiqui commented, "Acer is the world’s number two IT company and I am thrilled to be associated with the brand that is obviously an industry leader. Acer makes reliable and user friendly products and I am a loyal Acer user!" Holding a remarkable prowess within its domain established enough to attract a diverse, exuberant and young audience, both Acer and Adnan Siddiqui have quite a lot in common!

Chairman, FPCCI Aviation committee, Mr. Yahya Polani, presenting a souvenir to the Senator Maulana Ghafoor Hydri. Also seen present on the occasion is Haji Masood Parekh.

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Complete life insurance to Passengers

n PIA is offering optional Complete Life Insurance Cover to its passengers travelling from overseas to Pakistan and passengers travelling on domestic routes. PIA Spokesman said recently. Under this scheme all valuable passengers of PIA, travelling from overseas can avail insurance cover for their entire stay in Pakistan for Rs. 10 Million on payment of US $10 or equivalent amount in their local currency. The scheme is also available for passengers travelling on Domestic Routes i.e. from their hometown to another domestic destination. For the convenience of the passengers’ details and amount of premium to be charged in each country are available at PIA’s website Passengers can also inquire details of the offer from PIA Booking Offices, Travel agents and PIA Call Centre on 111-786-786. PIA spokesman said that the insurance cover is offered in partnership with Eastern Federal Union (EFU) Insurance Company to provide protection to passengers in case of Accidental Death & Permanent Disability (even if it occurs as a result of any terrorist activity). This offer is valid for passengers with valid return tickets. So far, over 31,504 policies of CLIC (Complete Life Insurance Cover) have been sold since the commencement of this facility in April 2010, the highest numbers of Passengers who have availed the offered scheme are from Middle East, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, South Asia, India, China and Turkey; and the numbers are increasing. While in Pakistan also 665 passengers availed the insurance cover from their home town to another domestic destination. PIA Spokesman concluded. The CLIC Scheme (Complete Life Insurance Cover) is a milestone and only of its kind in the history of global airline industry. PIA is the first airline to offer insurance cover to passengers for the entire length of their stay in another country.


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