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I choose to use this picture and the text above the picture as my rhetorical text translation. I personally feel as though this picture of a poor boy looking directly into the readers eyes with the words, “my social worker thinks I’m special” is a very powerful message. I also believe that this picture and the text gets the message of my original narrative across without me even using any of the original words from my narrative. If a person picked up just this picture with the words above, they can clearly see the struggle that the little boy in the picture is trying to overcome with very few words involved. This is a powerful image that gets a lot across. I wanted to make sure that this

image clearly showed the struggles that little boys and girls that suffer from poverty go through every day without having to say much. I was going to involve more text with this image, but I learned from class that sometimes less means more. By just having a few powerful words and the picture of the child’s face, the reader can truly see the struggle. I believe that my intentions of showing the struggles and hardships really came through in this slogan. If this was on a billboard I believe that many people would pay attention to the lives that poor children suffer through every day.

My Social Worker Says I'm Special  

This is my Rhetorical Situation. It is a slogan of a little boy with the words, " My Social Worker Says Im Special" above his head.