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Anthony Morelli Objectives As I journeyed through this class of the writers mind, I took notice to experiencing revision as an ongoing process rather than an end point. I did not realize that we were going to take our shadow narratives after every class and revise them each day until they were a master piece. There was actually a thought in my head one day that we could not revise the pieces any further because we have done so much with them already and I literally though it was impossible and improbable to go any further with the narrative. However, sure enough we took the narratives to class the following day and we progressed on them even further. This proved to me that there is always room for progression. I also noticed in the craft talk how relevant revisions are. They are everywhere in writing. No matter how far someone has gone and no matter how much work someone has put into something, no project will ever be done, because there will just always be room for improvement. The next thing that I took notice to throughout this class was increasing their awareness of visual aspects of the written word. When I was paying attention to class one day, my professor was talking about text. I had never taken a writing intensive course before this one , so text to me has always been something that was written. However, I learned in this class that text does not always have to be a written thing, for many circumstances it can be a visual. For example, a slogan or an ad, such as the one I posted earlier. Everything around as has or is text, and this is very interesting to me. I never really understood the concept of text as much as I do after taking this class. GOALS I believe that one of the goals in this course was to help us think outside of the box when coming up with ideas and in our writing. When I was writing my narrative, I wanted to write about something that I knew and something that I felt very comfortable writing about, however, with the assignments given to us in the class, I still had to think outside the box when referring to my shadow narrative. I think it is interesting that even until the last day of class I had to come up with ideas on revising and creating for my shadow narrative. I love the fact that we had to think outside the box, because when we finally came up with a good idea it felt as though we accomplished so much. I really enjoyed making the poem that corresponded with my shadow piece because it was just another way that I got to represent how I feel. I also liked making the slogan, because I got to get creative with my writing.


This is what I have taken out of the class and what I have learned