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Withdrawal Services , Counselling , Forensic Services, Intensive Playgroup, Alcohol Community Rehabilitation &

Lifelong learning for social change.

Matt Gleeson, Senior Education and Training Officer, Moreland Hall

VAADA 2011

Formal Learning

Informal Learning

•Training •Conferences •Supervision •Journals

•Mentors •Colleagues •Clients •Network meetings •Mail Servers

Social media/networks simply expand our informal learning circle

We already use social networks to learn

Online social networks enhance this by:  Broadening our existing networks  Providing us with a space to store knowledge  Allowing just in time/or self directed knowledge

seeking within the network

A Ning social network for AOD / Harm Reduction workers.  Currently more than 600 members  Over 10,ooo visits  Nearly 1, 500 unique visitors  24 different countries

Featured Resource



Other resources

Educators group

Student lounge

Students referred to Heads Together

Feature resources

Professional Development/events calendar

Most importantly a Community of practice


Credibility  The credibility of information obtained online is

often disputed 

Time  Self directed learning online often not viewed as a

productive use of time

N = 87

Social networks are proving to be a valuable tool for many purposes:  Collaboration  Debate / discussions  Sharing  Networking  Resources

= lifelong learning !

Heads Together – Lifelong learning for social change  
Heads Together – Lifelong learning for social change  

This is a copy of the presentation titled: Heads Together – Lifelong learning for social change which was presented at the VAADA conference...