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My Bucket List By: Kamakanui’ aha’ ilono Pilialoha Terlaje Aquino

1. Visit New York      

Go to Time Square at night and admire the city lights. Morning too. Watch street performers. Take a walk through Manhattan Park. Visit the Statue of Liberty. Try New York Pizza. Buy an ‘I Heart NY’ t-shirt. Ride yellow taxi cab. Yell, “ FOLLOW THAT CAR!!!”

2. Vacation in Venezuela.     

Climb Mount Roraima. Visit Angel Falls. Go to Trinidad. Go island hopping. Ride a cable car over Caracas slums. Go scuba diving.

3. Go to a Skrillex concert    

Buy back stage passes. Meet Skrillex. Get autograph. Party like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Own a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air  

Favorite classic car It’s super sexy.

5. Become fluent in Spanish, French, and Japanese.   

Just because. Vacationing is easier. Show off my language skills.

6. Learn to play piano and alto sax  

Play Somebody To Love by Queen on piano. Play Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder on the sax.

7. Attend the Lollapalooza Music Festival!   

See aspiring artists. Go to as many shows as possible. Watch already known artists.

8. Awe in amazement at the aurora borealis.   

Rent a nice, small cabin in Alaska. Find a hill with a nice clear view and set up camp. Sit and wait for the rainbow curtains to dance across the night sky.

Create my own clothing brand. ď Ź

Name it something cool.

Travel to Dubai.   

Play tennis on the burj al arab. Witness fireworks shoot from the burj khalifa. Go to the Palm islands. Ride a helicopoter and see aerial view.

The End The end of the presentation. Not because it’s 2012. I’m not sadistic like that. Yeah…. So, gas prices… no?

My Bucket List  

My top ten 'things to do' items on my bucket list.

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