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My Bucket List By: Kamakanui’ aha’ ilono Pilialoha Terlaje Aquino

1. Visit New York      

Go to Time Square at night and admire the city lights. Morning too. Watch street performers. Take a walk through Manhattan Park. Visit the Statue of Liberty. Try New York Pizza. Buy an ‘I Heart NY’ t-shirt. Ride yellow taxi cab. Yell, “ FOLLOW THAT CAR!!!”

2. Vacation in Venezuela.     

Climb Mount Roraima. Visit Angel Falls. Go to Trinidad. Go island hopping. Ride a cable car over Caracas slums. Go scuba diving.

3. Go to a Skrillex concert    

Buy back stage passes. Meet Skrillex. Get autograph. Party like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Own a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air  

Favorite classic car It’s super sexy.

5. Become fluent in Spanish, French, and Japanese.   

Just because. Vacationing is easier. Show off my language skills.

6. Learn to play piano and alto sax  

Play Somebody To Love by Queen on piano. Play Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder on the sax.

7. Attend the Lollapalooza Music Festival!   

See aspiring artists. Go to as many shows as possible. Watch already known artists.

8. Awe in amazement at the aurora borealis.   

Rent a nice, small cabin in Alaska. Find a hill with a nice clear view and set up camp. Sit and wait for the rainbow curtains to dance across the night sky.

Create my own clothing brand. ď Ź

Name it something cool.

Travel to Dubai.   

Play tennis on the burj al arab. Witness fireworks shoot from the burj khalifa. Go to the Palm islands. Ride a helicopoter and see aerial view.

The End The end of the presentation. Not because it’s 2012. I’m not sadistic like that. Yeah…. So, gas prices… no?

My Bucket List