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Sesquicentennial As we prepare to celebrate 150 years of standing and growing toward a crown of destiny, we have to come together and be united in new and powerful ways, never before imagined or experienced! On Capital Preeminence …The whole point of standing is to be and grow tall. And I insist to you that in the same way that there is a crown over the heads of all men of Morehouse and Morehouse Men that she challenges them to grow enough to wear, God is also holding a crown over the head of Morehouse College itself, and He is challenging every Morehouse president, every Morehouse administration and every era to cause this institution to stand and grow tall enough to wear an institutional crown, too! I have spent a lot of time in communion with the history of this institution, and I am fascinated by the obvious ambition of the men who preceded me in this role. …Each and every one of them saw a gap, a divide, between where we are institutionally, and where we need to be. Not one of them could be accused of low aim. Not one. William Jefferson White and the earliest leaders of this place were passionate about the task of giving these boys a great place to learn. And that quest remains. It remains, because if—no, when—we close that divide between our institutional condition and our institutional aspiration— then, and only then, can we wear that crown which we have been, for 150 years, trying to grow tall enough to wear…. n

FOUNDER'S WEEK 2017 February 12-19 FEB. 12 Sesquicentennial Pilgrimage to Augusta FEB. 14 “Show Your Love” for Morehouse Day FEB. 16 Sesquicentennial Convocation & Symposia FEB. 17 150th Anniversary Concert FEB. 18 “A Candle in the Dark” Gala and Reflections FEB. 19 Sesquicentennial Founder’s

Day Worship Service

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Let those [rays of light] be a reminder that you are a sun ray. I challenge you to continue to let your light shine. Each of you is the light. –SGA Vice President Ryan C. George ’17

Upon unveiling of the 150th anniversary logo during Opening Convocation



Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

STEAM Growth in America

Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

STEAM Growth in America