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TRIFECTA OF EXCELLENCE FOR THE FIRST TIME in College history, three graduates maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout their college career and emerged as valedictorians. The following is an excerpt from each valedictory: Liam Davis, business administration major with a concentration in accounting, Nassau, Bahamas

“MOREHOUSE COLLEGE is the epitome of brotherhood—a phenomenon that I will not take for granted. We are bound together by the rich tradition of Mother Morehouse herself, an institution that took in a lowly boy from the Bahamas with a population of 31,000 that sits on the top 10 murder rate per capital, that has an academic average of a D+ … and that produced me, a serious student yearning to be shaped and molded. A man who now understands his life purpose as a servant leader.”


Ian Niemeyer, economics major with a minor in mathematics, Durham, N.C.

Willie Thompson, economics major with a minor in Chinese studies, Griffin, Ga.

“I CAME TO MOREHOUSE seeking that light, seeking that strength I saw in my parents—never knowing if I could find the same. I’ve since then learned that strength isn’t found, it is built. “Mother Morehouse sees that light, sees that strength in all of us. She has held that crown over our heads and expected from us the audacity to challenge our preconceptions, to break barriers…, to take a stand for social justice, and to travel abroad to establish ourselves as global citizens. It is through this journey that Morehouse has opened our eyes to the world, opened our eyes to our own potential and opened our eyes to what is possible.”

“THE SECRET OF LEADING a consequential life is passion. Passion is the engine that fuels our desire to do better, be better and live better lives. Just think about all of the good that has been created in this world because someone pursued his God-given passion. “Think of Morehouse Men such as Jim Shelton, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Julian Bond. Also think Strive Masiyiwa, whose work has afforded a brother such as Prince Abudu to attend Morehouse College and become its fourth Rhodes scholar…. “My brothers, passion must be the vehicle that transports us from uncertainty to destiny.”


he Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley turned to sports and the Scriptures to inspire the class of 2016 during the Baccalaureate, a traditionally religious service that encourages students to reflect on their spiritual journey the day before they walk the stage to become Morehouse Men. Paraphrasing NFL coach Vince Lombardi, Wesley, who is pastor of Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Va., reminded the class that “the greatest tragedy is not to try, not to fail. The greatest tragedy is to have a gift and not do anything with it. “You are not graduating from Morehouse just to let life happen to you,” he said. Wesley then turned to 1 Samuel 10:17

and Saul’s assignment for greatness to both prophesy and serve as king of Israel and Judah. Wesley recounted how Saul was intimidated by the possibilities, felt inadequate for the position and insecure about his past. He urged the men of Morehouse to defy all: “In you, you have exactly what it takes to face any challenge that comes your way, any obstacle that comes your way,” he told the class. “The very thing you think disqualifies you is the very thing the Lord says makes you exactly who He’s looking for.” He encouraged the students to use their Morehouse degrees “to unlock every door of opportunity, because you are a Morehouse Man.” n

The Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley WINTER 2017


Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

STEAM Growth in America

Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

STEAM Growth in America