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2016 NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION HISTORIC ARRIVAL Making history as the College’s 150th incoming class

Ken Newby ’96 with USUDC champions Drew Latimer and Jeremy Chen of Tufts University


Morehouse Is First HBCU to Host U.S. Universities Debating Championships MOREHOUSE BECAME the first historically black college or university to host the U.S. Universities Debating Championships (USUDC). Nearly 400 debaters representing more than 60 colleges and universities – such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale – across the nation converged on campus, April 9 – April 11, 2016, to compete for national championships in several divisions. The U.S. Universities Debating Championships have been held annually since 2005. In college debating, there are two distinct styles: American parliamentary debate, which emphasizes preparation and speed, and British parliamentary debate, which emphasizes persuasion. The USUDC followed the British format, in which a “motion” is announced 15 minutes prior to each round. Four teams compete, two on each side of the issue. The debaters, who have no advance notice of the topic, each give a five- to seven-minute speech. Judges then rank the teams in order of persuasiveness. Drew Latimer and Jeremy Chen, representing the Tufts Debate Society of Tufts University, emerged as the winners. The man behind bringing the championship to Morehouse is debate team coach Kenneth Newby ’96. Newby has led the Morehouse team in becoming the sixth ranked in the nation in the latest National Parliamentary Debate Association tournament rankings—the highest ranking of any HBCU in the country. Under his tutelage, the team also has won five national titles and is the only HBCU to ever compete in the World Universities Debate Championships. n MOREHOUSE MAGAZINE

8 WINTER 2017

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Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

STEAM Growth in America

Morehouse Magazine Winter 2017  

STEAM Growth in America