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DubLi is the world’s ultimate travel, shopping and entertainment destination! DubLi is a consumer-focused company, where the customer’s needs always come first! At DubLi, consumers shop at the same stores they shop normally, find the best deals and then earn Cashback with each purchase. Because DubLi features thousands of brand name stores from around the world, you are sure to find what you need from your favorite merchants. DubLi is committed to finding our customers the best

DubLi is a lifestyle, a destination, providing consumers access to anything they want to buy online - the same things they are already buying.

deals available. Book all your travel-related needs through DubLi Travel—flights, hotels and

DubLi is designed for budget-conscious consumers with an eye for a deal

car rental. DubLi serves all of your travel needs and pays you Cashback on

who live their lives online. At DubLi, we pay you to travel, shop and enjoy

all your purchases! DubLi Travel also offers exclusive vacation packages,

your favorite entertainment.

leisure services and a host of other travel-related products and services. 4


WHAT IS CASHBACK? At DubLi, we pay you cash to shop. DubLi has partnered with thousands

member, every purchase you make in the DubLi Shopping Mall and Travel

of merchants and travel companies from around the world that pay DubLi

Portal entitles you to significant monthly Cashback. Cashback amounts

commissions based on the products you buy, usually as a percentage

are clearly specified throughout Remember to log in before

of sales. In turn, DubLi passes these commissions on to our customers

you make a purchase, and you’ll receive your Cashback right in your DubLi

in the form of Cashback. Merchants offer Cashback as an incentive for

Cash Organizer. The monthly Cashback percentage varies from merchant

DubLi customers to shop at their stores. As a free, registered

to merchant.

Upgrading to the exclusive Premium Membership entitles you to an additional 4% Cashback annually – you earn extra Cashback at the end of the year on top of your monthly Cashback rewards. When you purchase the elite-level V.I.P. Membership, you will earn the highest possible percentage: 6% additional Cashback, paid to you on a monthly basis!



COUPONS, PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL DEALS It’s not enough for DubLi to offer Cashback on travel-related products

At DubLi Travel you may find special vacation packages and hotel discounts

and services and everyday shopping, it is essential that we also provide

as well as many exclusive leisure activities and deals for DubLi customers.

great value and real savings.

Don‘t forget to check DubLi Travel frequently for the latest Travel-related offers. Now it is also possible to keep up to date via The DubLi Blog

At DubLi, the customer always comes first. As such, our travel and shopping mall teams scour the globe to find the best deals and special offers. Each week, the DubLi Shopping Mall offers a variety of special deals from our partners. Offers include exclusive coupon codes, percentage off and free shipping and can be found on the Current Specials page of the Shopping Mall.

In addition, DubLi

selects a featured merchants each week to offer double, sometime triple the amount of Cashback. Combining these special coupons and offers with the Cashback DubLi provides truly astounding savings. These deals are usually for a limited time only so check out the various savings opportunities throughout the site to be sure to maximize your potential to save!

which also features the latest specials from DubLi’s travel and shopping mall partners. is built on the premise of being a valuable savings vehicle to all customers in all areas of their lives. Be sure to check DubLi Travel, the Shopping Mall and the DubLi Blog often so you never miss a special offer or great deal! 9

TRAVEL DubLi features the world’s most comprehensive Cashback travel portal! DubLi pays you to travel! Partnering with trusted online leaders Priceline,, Agoda,

book! Whether you’re planning a dream vacation, a cruise to an exotic

Expedia, Orbitz and ebookers, among others, has enabled DubLi to

destination, or organizing a business trip, DubLi Travel lets you book

provide one of the most popular, competitive travel portals available

quickly and easily, and then gives you Cashback on all your purchases. At

anywhere —along with Cashback!

DubLi, we consistently offer only the best services to our customers.

That’s right – what makes DubLi  Travel unique is that you  get paid to

DubLi Travel also offers exclusive value-added benefits for V.I.P. Members,

travel! Take advantage of more than 100,000 promotional rates on flights,

including hard-to-find tickets to international sporting events, concierge

hotels and car rentals every year – and get Cashback every time you

services, airport lounge discounts and much more!



SHOPPING MALL The DubLi Shopping Mall gives you unparalleled Cashback from the stores you already love to shop! A leader in international shopping, DubLi currently features Shopping Malls

the world where MasterCard® is accepted, or you can transfer the funds

in several European countries, the U.S. and Australia; the International

directly to your bank account from your DubLi Cash Organizer. With only

Shipping Mall features exclusive stores that ship to a vast number of

the click of a button, your Cashback is available to spend.

locations around the world. The DubLi Shopping Malls also provide customers unparalleled Cashback from the stores they already shop.


Browse thousands of stores from around the world and shop at all your favorite brands with ease and simplicity while earning Cashback on every purchase. DubLi’s Shopping Mall is a treasure of discounts, savings and special promotions, including free shipping, daily and weekly deals and many of the highest Cashback rewards in the online shopping industry. Simply search for your favorite stores and shop, or search by product or category. Each store’s Cashback percentage is displayed prominently to let you know exactly how much your reward will be! Once your Cashback becomes available, you can simply load the funds onto your DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® and spend them anywhere in

GET PAID TO SHOP You earn Cashback on every purchase you make at the DubLi Shopping Mall. DubLi offers some of the highest Cashback percentages you can find anywhere in the world! Upgrading to a Premium or V.I.P. Membership entitles you to even higher Cashback percentages! Browse through the Web’s most popular stores and select the best deals, or search by category. DubLi also handpicks Current Specials and Daily Deals to help save you even more!






Enjoy free streaming songs and audio files from every genre and category

Watch millions of streaming videos from your favorite artists on DubLi’s

you can think of – and all without commercial interruptions! Use DubLi’s

entertainment platform! All you have to do is register as a free member,

music search feature to find songs and artists and play an endless

then simply search for your favorite artist or song in the search bar and

selection of your favorite tunes!

play the video of your choice. Search by your favorite genre too!

Purchase one of DubLi’s Memberships and you’ll be able to save unlimited playlists of your favorite songs!

Purchase one of DubLi’s fabulous memberships and you’ll be able to save unlimited playlists and view your favorite videos over and over again! 15





Find an incredible selection of free music and talk radio stations from

Play thousands of flash games on DubLi’s gaming platform; it is unlimited

around the world on DubLi’s Entertainment platform! Just click on the

fun right at your fingertips! We give you the Web’s biggest variety of games

Radio tab to search by your favorite categories and genres, or search by

to choose from – play your favorites and discover new ones! Register for

keyword. There’s nothing you won’t be able to find as you browse tens of

free, click on the Games tab and start playing everything from adventure

thousands of radio stations. A whole world of music and talk is just a few

and action games to puzzles and so much more!

clicks away! Register as a free member and start enjoying the selection now!

When you purchase one of DubLi’s memberships,

Purchase one of DubLi’s memberships, and you can even save playlists of your favorite games!

you can also save unlimited playlists of your favorite stations.



MEDIA Not only does DubLi offer first-class Cashback for shopping, travel and entertainment, but it also provides a variety of cutting-edge media features: DubLi Cloud DubLi Cloud is a simple, user-friendly feature similar to Google Drive and SkyDrive. DubLi Cloud lets you store and retrieve your personal content anywhere you have access to a web browser! When you sign up with DubLi, you automatically receive 2 GB of free storage in DubLi Cloud! Premium Membership holders receive 5GB of free storage in the DubLi Cloud!

V.I.P. Membership holders receive 100GB free storage in the DubLi Cloud! The Cloud allows you to upload almost any kind of file -- you can store documents, photos, videos and more! The data you store is yours alone; DubLi Cloud is designed with your privacy in mind and provides the ultimate security for your personal

Social Hub The DubLi Social Hub is your centralized social networking home base, a web-based aggregator that provides news feeds! The DubLi Social Hub is similar to Google Reader or NewsGator, but here’s the bonus – you get social feeds from Facebook and Twitter! Customize your DubLi Social Hub and add your favorites.

The DubLi Social Hub is extremely user friendly -- simply connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts and select your preferred news sources!





DubLi Mail

DubLi Blog

DubLi Mail is a web-based email service available for FREE to all DubLi.

Check out the DubLi Blog for special offers, great information and the

com members! The advantage of using over the use of a

inside scoop on what’s going on at DubLi. The DubLi Blog is updated

desktop email client: you can send and receive email anywhere from a

constantly with current merchant specials, the latest trends in travel and

web browser. DubLi Mail allows you to send messages of up to 15MB in

entertainment and new features and benefits offered through

size and include attachments of up to 10MB.

Don’t miss out on daily updates -- add the DubLi Blog to your favorites list!

Our safe, user-friendly DubLi Mail interface does all the work. It’s never

Thanks to advanced responsive design technology, the DubLi Blog can

been easier for you to read email, send messages and manage

be viewed seamlessly on any device – follow the Blog on your desktop,

your contacts!

laptop, tablet and cell phone so you never miss a valuable deal!

Get your own email address today!



THE DUBLI PREPAID DEBIT MASTERCARD® Available to Premium and V.I.P. Members, the DubLi Prepaid Debit

The DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® can truly simplify your life by giving

MasterCard® allows you to load your Cashback earnings and continue

you the power of plastic. With a DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard®, you

shopping. With the click of a button, transfer your Cashback from DubLi

have a convenient alternative to paying bills and making purchases with

Shopping, Travel and Entertainment – it’s all right at your fingertips. The

cash. Manage all your financial needs in one place with your DubLi Prepaid

DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® is accepted at all MasterCard® locations

Debit MasterCard®.

around the world. You can use the card at point-of-sale locations to make purchases and at ATMs to withdraw cash. Make all your DubLi purchases with just one card!

WORLDWIDE ACCEPTANCE The DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard®


is accepted at over 25 million locations

Use your card at any ATM that displays the


MasterCard®, Maestro, Cirrus or Star logos. You’ll have access to your cash wherever you go.



Use the DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard®

Save time and money by enrolling in FREE

bill pay service for all your electronic and

direct deposit. No bank account is required

paper check writing needs. Reduce the

for direct deposit on your DubLi Prepaid

time-consuming need to write checks

Debit MasterCard®.

and eliminate costly money orders by conveniently paying your bills online with your DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard®.


Premium Members qualify to receive their very own free DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard after 90 days! ®

The DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® is


available in USD and EUR.

This FREE service keeps you in touch with your balance, transactions, and important messages about your DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® account with alerts sent to your

V.I.P. Members qualify immediately to receive their very own free

email or mobile phone.

DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® -- just another benefit of DubLi membership! 22


SWEEPSTAKES Every month, DubLi hosts a Sweepstakes drawing featuring the hottest brand name prizes! Winners are selected at random and prizes are presented to our lucky customers at the end of each month. All active customers are eligible to win for every month they remain active. Simply logging in to at least once every month automatically enters you into our Sweepstakes, where you could win incredible prizes including:

• iPhones • iPods • Blackberry phones • Laptops • Headphones (Bose, Beats by Dr. Dre) • Nintendo Wii game consoles • Cameras • and much more!










per month

Find the best products from the world’s leading merchants at the

The Premium Membership is just $4.95

DubLi Shopping Mall, and book fabulous vacations or business trips in

per month, and you earn an additional

our unparalleled Travel portal – and then earn Cashback on all of your

4% Cashback annually for each Travel

purchases! You are shopping online anyway -- why not earn Cashback on

and Shopping Mall purchase. This bonus

every purchase?

Cashback is added to the monthly Cashback you earn for all your purchases.

Our free Entertainment portal gives you access to millions of songs and videos, as well as thousands of popular radio stations and video games.

Premium Members also enjoy unlimited Entertainment Playlists. Enjoy your favorite videos, songs, games and radio stations – and build and

And just by registering as a free member, you’ll be entered into our

save as many playlists as you like. Every time you log in to DubLi, your

Monthly Sweepstakes drawing each month for prizes like top-of-the-line

playlists will be right there waiting for you.

electronics and other great giveaways! The Premium Membership offers 5GB of DubLi Cloud storage space. Store anything you’d like, for work or for play – documents, photos, videos and more! Premium Membership also entitles you to a host of other valuable features like the DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® and DubLi Mail!






per year DubLi’s V.I.P. Membership is one of the best deals you’ll find

The V.I.P. Membership will also feature ultra-exclusive

on the Web! For just $99 for a full year’s subscription, you

services and promotions designed only for V.I.P. Members,

earn a generous 6% additional Cashback on your Shopping

in addition to even more Cashback opportunities through

Mall and Travel purchases. Here’s the best part: you don’t

DubLi’s partnerships with the world’s leading brands.

have to wait until the end of the year to collect your extra Cashback – you receive it every month!



V.I.P. MEMBERSHIP As a DubLi V.I.P. Member, you are entitled to participate in the Customer Referral Program, which gives you cash rewards for every V.I.P. Member you refer to V.I.P. Members simply click on the “Invite Friends” link in the Control Center to invite friends and family to become V.I.P.

It’s that easy to earn cash for referring DubLi V.I.P.s!

Members. When they subscribe and hold their V.I.P. Membership for 30 days, you earn an impressive one-time reward of $20 cash!

Earn $20 every time you refer a customer who signs up for a V.I.P. Membership! The cash you earn from referring only five new V.I.P. Members will pay for your own V.I.P. Membership for an entire year! Just share all the great deals you receive from with your friends and family, and earn cash at the same time! At DubLi, we like to call this “social shopping.” Instead of going to the mall, you shop online, tell your friends and get paid!



V.I.P. EXTRA BENEFITS The V.I.P. Membership will include a huge assortment of incredibly

The DubLi Travel team is committed to

valuable bonus benefits, including premium tickets to international

joining forces with world-class partners

sporting events, airport lounge access passes, FREE international prepaid

and vendors to bring V.I.P. Members the

SIM cards, V.I.P. golf cards, concierge services, luxurious vacation services

most valuable benefits offered online. The

and travel tracking rewards. Each of these special benefits will include

comprehensive set of V.I.P.-only benefits

tremendous opportunities for massive savings available exclusively

will include the following:

at DubLi. Since we believe that it’s not enough to deliver Cashback on travel-related products and services, we also provide premium value and significant savings.

International sports and entertainment ticket brokers that provide tickets to major sporting events around the global and detailed information about each event

Independent airport lounge access programs where membership grants customers access to 600 international airport lounges, along with a host of other monetary benefits

FREE international cell phone roaming: Customers make international calls on their mobile phone without incurring expensive roaming charges

International golf card for the avid golfer who carries his clubs everywhere he goes

Members-only concierge club with award-winning lifestyle management and renowned concierge services

DubLi V.I.P. Members will have the exclusive ability to vacation at a variety of luxurious resorts around the world by participating in an exchange program

• 32

And much more… 33


Free Travel, Shopping & Entertainment with Cashback

Extra Cashback for Travel Extra Cashback in Shopping Mall




Our exclusive membership with all the benefits we have to offer

The benefits of the free membership with even more Cashback and Entertainment


4% annual



4% annual




Travel, Shopping & Entertainment with Cashback Entry to our Monthly Sweepstakes Get an Email Account Access DubLi’s Social Hub Music & Video search and play, Thousands of Games & Radio Stations Access the DubLi Cloud DubLi Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Save unlimited Video Playlists Save unlimited Music Playlists Save unlimited Radio Station Playlists Save unlimited Games Playlists Access to Customer Referral Program Access to special V.I.P. offers / programs with special discounts and Cashback




$ 99.00

/ Year

$ 4.95

/ Month 35


Details at:

Istvan Cvianov Sales Director Register here: E-mail:

Namasté India Networkers and E-Commerce Pros !  

To all Networkers, Internet-Marketeers & Business Leaders in India: DubLi and DubLi Network just entered INDIA Get back to the one who sent...

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