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Winter 2012

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Hi everyone, If you are reading this, humanity has made it past 21.12.12 and all the hype surrounding the Myan prophecies and doom and gloom predictions about the 'end of the world' will have fizzled out with the New Year fireworks. What lies ahead is a fresh year, the start of an exciting new chapter in our journey through these changing and somewhat challenging times. Let us embrace the changes that are most definitely coming our way and not spend our precious time worrying about what lies ahead. Who knows, it might just be a wonderful opportunity to free ourselves of old wounds, (physical and emotional) that have held us back in so many ways. I guess the word is trust. Trust that the Universe will provide everything we need, perhaps not everything we want or expect but what is necessary to see us through to brighter days. You ready to trust? With sincere intentions Jayne Lea


Essentially Human


21.12.12 Truth or Fantasy?


10-11 The Silent Witness 14-15

What is Tantra?


Can we really talk to the Animals?




Great Expectations


Abundance and Letting Go


The Highway of Life

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Basic Awakening


Sai Maa


Are you Acidic?


Aromatherapy for Winter


40-41 Do you Suffer from The Winter Blues? 6-7


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'the common purpose for every one of us is to live in integrity'


More to Life

Essentially Human -defining ‘spirituality’ today We often hear things like ‘Oh he is very spiritual, he meditates every day’, or ‘She’s spiritual, she reads tarot cards’, even ‘I am a very sensitive, spiritual person – I communicate with spirit all the time.’ And occasionally people confess ‘I really want to develop my spiritual side.’ But what does this mean? What element does ‘spirit’ add to our lives that people feel a need to announce it in this way? <<article by Joylina Goodings. Truth is being spiritual – tapping into the force that gives your life - has nothing to do with the above. It is not about the paranormal or any esoteric skills you have or wish to develop. It is not about whether you are connected to your ‘guide’ or the ‘angels’. It is about how you live. Becoming adept at meditation, knowledgeable and experienced in the unseen forces that govern our world, like universal energy, the natural laws, being in ‘right’ relationship and how this all works is important. Spiritualism has never been about spirits and what’s out there; it has always been about us, what’s inside - who and how we choose to be. It is about being human - it is our unique way of life.

'it is about how you live' My interest and journey, like yours, was born many lifetimes ago but in the here and now it began when I was 3 years old and has continued ever since. I believe we are unique individual beings, just like snowflakes. But each and every one of us has inherited our own ways of hiding our light, of restricting ourselves, usually through some kind of egoic pattern based on fear either inherited or experienced in this lifetime or another. We are not here to be human doings but as divine beings who have chosen to experience a lifetime as an emotional being in a physical form – as a human being. And our journey, unlike any other living entity on our planet is all about manifesting into the physical our unique soul qualities and to let them shine in the present, not one day when… Winter 2012 |

Our lives and experience can overshadow this aspect, living as expected by our families and societies. Our role is to transform those egoic patterns based on fear and the misconceptions that we are ‘not good enough’ we need to ‘try harder’ into a light, shining our soul’s essence by living ‘with soul’ now. Our desire for a fuller life, to sense our connection to the source of all life comes from our ‘spirit’from the driving force that gives us a desire to be alive – it is much more than an instinct to survive; it is a calling to see beyond the veil, to be immersed in a love; a sense of belonging and worth that is at the heart of all creation.

'everything goes through cycles of change' Philosophers and teachers have sort this self-realisation and then offered their experiences, wisdom and teachings in service to others like; Confucius, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohamed, Rumi, St Francis of Assisi, Alice Bailey and Rudolph Steiner to name a few. Science also strives to provide answers with the work of Eratosthenes of Cyrene, Newton, Einstein, Geoffrey Ingrave Taylor, Dr. David Bohem, Rupert Sheldrake and Stephen Hawkin. Leonard Mlodinow’s latest book, The Grand Design – New Answers to the Ultimate Questions in Life (2010) talks of 11 different dimensions interwoven in time. All of this upholds what indigenous peoples have believed and lived by – that all life is interwoven, we are all made up

of the same elements that form the universe but it is our human experience is what makes us divine. We can see from our own history and that of our universe that everything goes through cycles of change at the heart of which resides the cycle of life, death and rebirth; whether that be the eons of a galaxy or the life of a single snowflake.

'all life is interwoven, we are all made up of the same elements' The common purpose for every one of us is to live in integrity, listening and responding to our soul’s calling every day as best we can. We will then all evolve consciously into being the best – most authentic - of the human ‘being’ we are meant to be. And that is what a ‘spirited’ life is all about – living each day with an appreciation of being alive.

Joylina Goodings is a soul expert, speaker, writer and angel channel. She offers soul coaching, angel guidance, training, spiritual holidays and private consultations. She works with the Higher DImensions to help you create the happy, successful life you deserve. She is author of Your Angel Journey, President of the British Astrological Society and has taught all over the world as well as at the College of Psychic Studies in London. Visit 5




here is no doubt in my mind that this article may arouse much opposition. That will be good if it leads to an opening of those eyes which are often wholly closed to all Truth; being blinded by the mysterious pronouncements of the self-styled "Mayan Elders", "Wisdom keepers" and other pretenders to spiritual knowledge and wisdom, who claim that 21:12:12 will usher in a new golden age. You can learn more about the Sublime Truths of Life at or see the advertisement on page xx


hat these prophets omit to tell us is that there is no mention of this event in any of the sacred books of the Quiché Maya, such as the Popul Vuh and the Book of Chilam Balam. Nor do the ancient Egyp-

tian Pyramid texts or the Book of the Dead have anything to say about this supposed "great planetary transformation." The same is true of the Vedas and Upanishads of India. Plato and Socrates are strangely silent on this "once in a 26,000 year event", and Hermes, the thrice-great Egyptian Master, does not mention it at all. And so I could go on mentioning sacred texts and True Sages—REAL "Wisdom keepers" who understood the sublime Truths of Life—unlike the present generation of colourful charlatans whose half-baked New Age speculations would make the least of the students of these great philosophers blush with shame.

Let us leave these purveyors of fantasy and turn to the Wisdom of ancient Egypt. In those days there were some truly enlightened men and women who knew the secret cycles of Light and Darkness which sweep across this sorely-troubled earth at the behest of the Creator of All. The Egyptian Masters wrote about four successive ages during which spirituality gradually declines. This knowledge trickled down to Roman times, where we find the poet Ovid, writing about the four Ages of Gold, Silver, Brass and Iron. In the Vishnu Purana Ovid's age of iron is called the "Kali Yug", or Black Age, which began in 3102 BC and will last for 432,000 years. In that book we may read: "In the Kali Age goodness and piety will decrease day by day...until the human race approaches its annihilation."

This suggests that rather than being on the threshold of a new era of spiritual enlightenment, there are another 426,866 years to go before the full horrors of this cycle of test and trial come to an end! Are we not all familiar with the many devilish scientific discoveries for the destruction of human life, health and happiness that menace the world? Of the wars that rage incessantly across the globe, the grind-

Truly enlightened men and women who knew the secret cycles of Light and Darkness..... women from the blind materialism in which most are embedded. But these efforts must be based upon a true understanding of the great spiritual verities taught by the great Masters of the past, and not upon the fantasies and idle speculations of would-be "gurus" and New Age psychics.

ing poverty of millions, the rampant materialism and consumerism, invasion of individual privacy, erosion of freedom, and the increasing totalitarianism of governments?

Are you trying to improve the lives and outlook of those around you by encouraging the best and highest in them? Or are you, like so many mystics, adding to the evils of this world, by constantly dwell-

Of course, each one of us is free to dismiss such evidence, discount the wisdom of the Ages, and blindly adopt the fantasy of the modern prophets who confidently predict that 21:12:12 will usher in a "pole shift in our collective consciousness". As if a magician of Cosmic

ing upon them, or worse, placing your trust in so-called "Mayan Elders" to magically and instantly confer enlightenment upon you, thus absolving you of any personal responsibility for your own spiritual emancipation?

proportions were to wave a magic wand and sweep away greed, fear, selfishness, bigotry and ignorance at a stroke! Are we really so naive? Common sense should tell us that such a massive change in consciousness can only come about gradually. Instant enlightenment is the woolly-headed pipe dream of the spiritually inept and constitutionally lazy. Please do not misunderstand me. I have the greatest respect for those courageous individuals, who, each in their

If you do wish to emancipate yourself by learning the Sublime Truths of Life, you are more likely to find them in the writings of Hermes, Plato and H. P. Blavatsky, as well as in the sacred texts that I have mentioned, than in the melting pot of New Age pseudo-science, pseudo-philosophy, fantasy and glamour masquerading as Truth.

own way, are sincerely trying to raise up the thoughts of men and Winter 2012 |



More to Life

Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity We need a new, hopeful vision for the future. Benjamin Creme’s new book presents such a vision: a future that embraces a world at peace in harmony and unity, while each individual quality and approach is welcomed and needed. It is visionary, but is expressed with a cogent and compelling logic. Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity concerns the future of every man, woman and child. It is about the future of the Earth itself. Humanity, Creme says, is at a crossroads and has a major decision to make: to go onwards and create a brilliant new civilisation in which all are free and social justice reigns, or continue as we are, divided and competing, and see the end of life on planet Earth. Creme writes for the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth, whose Plan for the betterment of all humanity he presents. He shows that the path forward for us all is the realisation of our essential unity without the sacrifice of our equally essential diversity. Benjamin Creme, artist and author, has been lecturing worldwide for almost 40 years on the emergence into the everyday world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Creme’s books, sixteen at present, have been translated into many languages, transforming the lives of millions. Published by Share International Foundation. ISBN: 978-90-71484-98-8, pp167, June 2012, £9

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'depression effects the old and the young'


More to Life

Depression Most people will have an episode of depression at least once in their lifetime according to the World Health Organisation. This is normal. Unfortunately, when it happens the medical profession is all too happy to dish out some ‘happy pills’. Depression effects the old and the young, can be inherited, reactionary or the result of a chemical imbalance and can have a devastating effect on the patient as well as those closest to them. It should always be taken seriously and discussed with a health professional. Contrary to popular belief, there is plenty one can do in order to combat the problem.

A case study A male patient aged about 56 years came to see me on recommendation of his wife. It was a bit of a last resort. Their marriage was on the rocks and he was about to lose his job with a big construction firm. He had been diagnosed with depression and migraine at the age of ten – as his father had been. Since then he had been on various medications, each one getting stronger with more side effects. By the time he came to see me, he was on very strong migraine medication and huge amounts of anti-depressants. Despite this, he just could not see the “light of day” and was missing at least two days/week at work. His family life was non-existent and his wife had had to fight breast cancer more or less on her own, as it was felt he could not cope with it. She felt very neglected and alone, whereas he felt rejected and had started an affair with a work colleague to seek solace somewhere else and always – as he put it “proving yet again, that I was a useless, worthless person. No good to anyone”. This was the situation when he was “forced” to seek my help. Migraine and also depression in conventional medical terms is mostly “looked at” by a neurologist. As a naturopath, my training starts in these types of cases with nutrition and above all the liver and thyroid. The liver and gallbladder are the chemical factory of the body. If something goes wrong here, it will invariably go wrong elsewhere in the Winter 2012 |

body, most notably in the brain. The liver demands hormones (such as endorphins – happy hormones or seratonin – daylight hormone) from the brain and the quantities needed. If the liver is clogged up with other – not useful – stuff the brain gets the wrong messages. Added to this the thyroid gets the wrong message as well and hence things will go completely out of kilter. Depression and migraines are just one of the problems that can occur.

'most people will have an episode of depression at least once' Back to my patient. I got him to do the Barnes Basal Temperature test (take your body temperature under your arm every morning as soon as you wake up for 7 days) for a Thyroid status and do a food diary. Well, the Barnes Test showed that he was hypo thyroidal (under active thyroid). The food diary showed all sorts of horrors with plenty of fast food, sweets and hence lots of food colouring. Together we worked out what he should and should not eat (also taking into account his blood group) and started very gentle liver/gallbladder cleanses. For example oil pulling: using organic, cold pressed, unrefined sesame oil, in the morning before breakfast, on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon of oil in the mouth (it is not swallowed). Move oil slowly in the mouth as if you are rinsing it. Sip, suck and pull through the teeth for fifteen to twenty minutes. This process mixes the oil thoroughly with saliva. Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. If the oil is still yellow, it has not been pulled long enough. Teeth are then brushed as normal.

Over the course of about 2 years, I saw my patient bi-monthly and using lots of saunas, daylight lamps, massages, reflexology sessions, milk thistle tincture, dandelion coffee and Vitamin D3, very slowly his migraines lessened and the depression lifted almost imperceptibly. A few years passed… Suddenly a postcard arrived from the Greek islands. “Thank you for giving me a life” was the only sentence on it. He and his wife had taken a holiday on a yacht in the Agaeis. Due to his depression, it was the first holiday they had ever shared! Apart from being really pleased for him and his family, it shows how debilitating depression can be. It not only affects the person suffering from it as they lose days and ultimately years, but it also affects the family surrounding them and obviously their work.

'there is plenty one can do' With severe depression one should always seek professional help, BUT there is plenty one can do oneself using good nutrition, things such as regular saunas, physical treatments such as massages, reflexology, etc. and above all common sense. Help is out there!

After a career in international PR, Radio and TV, Dr Isabelle Grote felt that there was more to life. She set about re-training as a Doctor in Naturopathy. At “The Foxburgh” ( she loves looking after her patients and improving their health. Dr Grote can be contacted on (+44) 01603 759791 or via 11

The Silent Witness Humans, you have become a cruel and misguided race. You value gem stones, gold and silver more than the humanity which was bequeathed you. Greed has become your Master and you have enslaved the poor, the rightful owners of the world and inheritors of God’s love. Your waste could feed the worlds’ poorest time and again yet you choose to deny them dignity and watch as they starve to death, sneering and denying them their right to life. You ignore the Great Book, which holds the wisdom of the ages and you make a mockery of those who have gone before you with the sign of the Lord.

Humans, you were entrusted with the Earth. And the animals and plants and trees, and all of God’s creations. All that was asked of you is that you care for them as yourself, but even that was too much to ask. You make war with each other for power and wealth, destroying the land and polluting the Earth with your sickness. You destroy anything and anybody who stands in your way and have no respect for those who do not share your warped beliefs.

Humans, you were given intelligence and the ability to create new life. But you have chosen to subvert your gifts to make war and greed your God. Like the precocious child, you have become arrogant and have listened to the dark side of life and sown the seeds of your own extinction. You ignore the signs around you of an Earth that is fearful of its life, and think that you can build shelters and space ships to avoid the great holocaust.

Humans, you are not alone, and you are not the pinnacle of life. How foolish are you.The Earth is not just a planet; its part of a living, breathing, feeling organism, just as you are. Everything you do reverberates throughout the Universe and echoes in the hallways of time and space and matter. Just as a bug on your skin may bite and irritate you, so you are the bug on the skin of your host, the Universe. And as you relieve the itchiness of the alien bug on your skin by eradicating it, so too will the Universe when you become intolerable.

Humans, you were given a soul to help you climb out of the dark ages. And become the chosen; a soul that is eternally linked to God’s love, bringing you the strength and courage and determination to overcome the challenges of life. Your soul inspires love and truth and honesty; it whispers in your ear in the night and guides you on your path. We left you with great leaders and spiritual beings to help you fulfil your destiny. But you destroyed them all and embraced the dark side. Listen to your soul and you will find hope.

Humans, the end is close by. You can hear it whispering in the wind and see the signs all around. Choose your path wisely, for those who dwell on the physical world and revel in its riches will be forever condemned to the dark side. I love all human-beings; make sure you love them too.

Elizabeth Anne Caldwell BSc M.Eng C.Eng MIEE E: Skype: Lizzy_Caldwell


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Winter 2012 |


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What is Tantra? Is it all about sex? Is it about meditation? Or consciousness? Is it a way to God? Or techniques to have great orgasms? Depending on where you look, you can find a ‘yes’ to any of these questions. However, saying tantra is all about sex – which so many magazines seem to do - is like saying yoga is all about stretching.


lthough tantra originated in India more than 2000 years ago, contemporary tantra is a path to bliss, a way to touch the Divine and feel One-ness. It’s a path of spiritual growth and development that embraces both our human journey and the transcendental. Tantra has been defined as the ‘weaving together of all that is’. What that means is that everything can be brought to this path of growth, including the natural sexual energies of our body, our heart energy, our mind and our soul. At last, there is a spiritual path where our sexual energies, love life and daily life are not separate. Nothing is taboo and everything can be brought to the path. At last the fullness of our being can be celebrated in all its aspects. And so tantra leads to an enriched and expanded way of living. The focus on bringing consciousness to ALL is fundamentally important. For most of us, society’s sexual taboo has been the cause of a great deal of un-consciousness in how we approach and live our sexuality. This, in turn, has led to the painful separation of sex, heart and spirit that manifests so clearly in so many unfulfilled and difficult relationships. On a tantric path, our intention is to bring consciousness to everything (not just sex).

'at last the fullness of our being can be celebrated in all its aspects' So how can we start to bring tantra into our everyday lives and what would the effects be? We can only start where we are, so we can begin by bringing conscious awareness to our own body - the energies and feelings that flow within it. Meditation practices support our growing awareness. Movement, breath and slowing down can support our shift out of ‘auto-pilot’ and into a developing conscious presence in our own body and being. So when we start to be ‘at home’ in ourselves, we come to know and befriend our own self. Self-acceptance, self-love and innocence develop, we then find we can live ourselves more fully with a greater sense of spaciousness and ease. Life becomes more vivid and wondrous. Eventually, blissful states of being can arise naturally as we celebrate our connection both with ourselves and with all that is.


n a tantra class or training, such as Living Tantra, such developments are encouraged and explored by working with the body in dance and physical touch in small groups. We learn to identify what we want and what we don’t want, then to express it clearly. Feelings naturally arise as the body is activated. We learn to soften into our vulnerability and open to and befriend all that we are feeling as an alternative to the often defensive reactions of our ‘autopilot’. This gives us a deep inner ‘YES’ to ourselves, a ‘yes’ that flows from the heart and nourishes us on the inside first. The inner ‘YES’ is a willingness to BE here fully, and it opens the door to deep connection with others, to nature, to the world and to that which is beyond this world. It leads to a natural state of being in love, where we know we are not separate - a state of blissful union which is what we all yearn for.

'the focus on bringing consciousness to ALL is fundamentally important' Our daily practice is to practice bringing consciousness and love to everything. We might specifically practice bringing attention to our breath and slowing down so that we can be totally present. We might practise making love consciously where we connect to our heart and letting go of goals or of getting somewhere other than right here, right now. That way we can invite the sacred into everything we do. A walk in the park becomes sacred, preparing food becomes sacred, work becomes sacred. And life becomes blissful.

Jan Day leads an 18-month Living Tantra workshop series and training starting at Easter each year and a full range of tantra workshops for all levels of experience. For more info or call 020-8123 9831.

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Ancient prophecies, planetary alignments, biblical revelations, shifting poles, solar flares and the opening of portals to other dimensions appear to have come and gone completely undetected. This will leave some ‘spiritual teachers’ at a loss for what to now peddle or preach. And there will be many ‘devotees’ baffled and disappointed that they remain here having to exist in a world little changed since 21.12.12. But really, what did we expect?



More to Life

Expectations To paraphrase an old proverb, ‘Before enlightenment, cook, clean, wash… after enlightenment, cook, clean, wash’, so if one truly wants to experience a ‘Golden Age’; a world of greater equality, well-being and harmony it is more about perception, attitude and projection than fulfilling prophetic writings or surviving cosmic collisions. Rather than relying on natural forces to dictate the pace of our spiritual evolution we should be looking to incorporate all the experiences of our existence to work with Mother Nature and co-create our own age of prosperity.

'before enlightenment, cook, clean, wash' What does this mean? Well, now more than ever we have access to all manner of life enhancing information; historical events, scientific explorations and discoveries, theological discussions, medical remedies (allopathic and complementary), engineering wonders, abundance of natural power sources and, above all, the means to share this throughout the globe. We can express ourselves through common, creative mediums such as art, dance, music and literature. We, as a collective of beings, have never knowingly had so much potential to harness our personal energy, to implement all we know and make constructive changes to human existence. The question as always is, ‘What do we really want?’ What type of life do we want to lead? The dog-eat-dog world that has been the norm for so long; the world of the ‘hard sell’ driven by scarcity and inadequacy is not a result of plagues, earthquakes or the jealous rage of a ‘fallen Angel’. It is this way because we have made it so. The planet will continue to spin, expand and contract, busy manifesting its own energy as a response to cosmic forces far beyond our comprehension or control. What we can do is use our knowledge of our planet to make the most of all it offers in a way that sustains rather than depletes. We tap into our vast reservoirs of creative expression and add to the beauty and wonder of the home we have been given. Perhaps a more accurate interpretation of the 21.12.12 phenomena is that tangible, authentic and lasting change comes from within. We make it happen - it doesn’t just happen to us. The danger of ‘clock watching’, relying on ‘special dates’ to indicate when we should act is that in the meantime we stagnate and run the risk of missing the real opportunities that come and then go. One of the biggest opportunities in our age of social networking and increased population is to celebrate our diversity and respect our differing viewpoints. We need to allow people to move freely about the world, but with this freedom those on the move must respect and abide by the common values of the

Winter 2012 |

places they choose to call ‘home’. I would hate for us all to be identical in our beliefs, ideas, tastes, visions, way of living…not only would it make for a blander world, but potentially a very dangerous one. In addition the natural world is such that differences flourish. The beliefs that exist have largely been shaped by our environment; therefore some beliefs appear to ‘sit better’ in the laps of foreign shores. And this is how I feel we must also view the predictions and prophecies of our long-ago ancestors, we must look upon them not only in the context of their time but in the context of ‘place’. We are constantly evolving, on the whole our children appear capable of so much more now, our athletes and sportspeople are faster, stronger and younger. We have a greater knowledge of the mechanics of the forces that act upon us, though we can only really consider this to be greater understanding when adding it to what we have learnt in the past rather than replacing those experience and skills.

'tangible, authentic and lasting change comes from within' That for me is what a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘New Dawn’ should really herald, the incorporation of all we have learned thus far, in our short time on this Earth, and utilising what is appropriate at the right time and the right place, rather than relying on or enforcing a single method, technology or ideology to satisfy all our needs and answer all our questions. And especially when things don’t go to plan, when the cosmic alignment hasn’t enlightened the world, be comfortable in accepting that sometimes we really don’t know and that things happen for which, right now, we don’t have the complete answer. Sometimes things just are, and that’s fine. Whether there is a ‘God’ or not, or some cosmic plan may always be a topic of debate… but in the meantime there is no question over your existence and those with whom you share a loving bond, and that is where we should all focus our energies… Perhaps that is the great alignment, and only you can bring it about in your own time.

To find out about this and other thought provoking material from our resident consciousness commentator Kate Osborne please visit 21


Well, the answer to that question all depends on whom you’re asking! It would be very interesting to see what would happen if we took a survey on the side of a busy downtown street. Somehow, I have the feeling that we may not be taken too seriously by the masses, at least at this point in time, anyhow. But I, for one, personally know that we’re just a heartbeat away from a time when all of humanity will know otherwise. In fact, Interspecies Telepathic Communication is our birthright. That’s right, for each and every one of us! Now I realize there may be some sceptics in the audience, but personally I have been shown, time and again, how our beloved animal friends can not only talk to us, but also listen and understand too!!! They can actually converse with us, sharing feelings, preferences, challenges, wishes and dreams, as well as negotiate on a myriad of issues affecting their day-to-day lives.

“Impossible” you may say! If this is your reaction, then you are not alone, you’re simply one of the many people that have not yet experienced an animal communication miracle. Once you have, you will become a believer, I guarantee it! These ‘miracles’ I’m talking of, are available for each and every one of us to witness, firsthand. They are a part of our ultimate realization and re-membering of the ‘oneness’ of all. Public awareness and media attention in this field have grown recently, prompting much interest in this area. In fact, the demand is so high, that I have created a career for myself in this very exciting field…that’s right; I’m an Animal Intuitive, also known as an Animal Communicator. My job is to help out in situations where an interspecies liaison is required. I consider my role as that of healer/interpreter, one who can help facilitate ‘miracles’ and the witnessing thereof. One who can help to strengthen and enhance the human-animal-bond.

The miracles I referred to earlier can include cats wondrously working out their litter box woes, physical ailments and symp-

When would the services of an Animal Communicator be of use, you may wonder? My services are requested, in a number of different situations, including when our animal friends are exhibiting physical symptoms after being given a clean bill of health, to counsel dying animals and their guardians, assist with euthanasia decisions, and to consult with animals who have crossed over. I’m also called in to assist in resolving conflicts among animals, reduce stress, help out with emotional and behavioural is

toms suddenly disappearing, animal friends “coincidentally” getting along harmoniously, horses becoming less “spooky”, iguanas reciting poetry, and dogs comforting and sharing with their guardians from the afterlife. The sky is the limit here. You see, our animal friends have souls and spirits, just like we do, and as you may have already noticed, they reflect pure “heart energy”, an essence that just makes us feel good in their presence. They have spiritual purposes for being with us, and lessons to teach us, sometimes more profound than we may imagine. I liken them to our spirit guides and angels. By connecting with these spirits, we open ourselves up to a whole new realm, one that

“When would the services of an animal communicator be of use?”

has much to offer us, one that can truly change our lives. © 2012 Lynn McKenzie All rights reserved

Lynn McKenzie is an internationally acclaimed Animal Intuitive and publisher of ‘The Divine Mission of Animals’ newsletter. She specializes in helping others to attune and awaken to the teachings and wonder that all sentient beings wish to share. Lynn offers regular Teleclass training, an instructional DVD on communicating with animals, a flower essence line, as well as private consultations. She can be reached at (512) 827-0505 ext. 8642 or through her website at

sues, improve performance and very often just to tune in and answer some questions the guardian may have, usually in relation to the purpose of the partnership and any guidance the animal may have to offer. Some clients just want to be sure that their animal friends feel happy and loved, and enable them to have a voice in their sacred relationship. It’s important to note that the services of an Animal Communicator are never a replacement for good Veterinary care.

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Abundance & Letting Go Sister Jyanti has, for over 40 years worked tirelessly for peace and lived and learnt with some of the world's most remarkable yogis. She shares with us some of the finer secrets and practical easy steps that we can take to live life happily. Sister Jyanti is also the Brahma Kumaris' representative to the United Nations in Geneva. Her travels as a keenly sought after speaker, author and broadcaster have taken her to over 100 countries, where she has inspired millions of people.


he downward spirial of the world economy is merely a manifestation of manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ignorance of the laws of prosperity, which are based on spiritual principles.

According to an international lecturer, the cumulative effects of actions motivated by anger, ego, greed, attachment and consuming desires, results in deprivation and ultimately, sorrow. On the other hand, if we are overflowing with positivity and share love, peace and happiness, the return is reflected on the material plane, good relationships and great opportunities. A major block that obstructs the flow of happiness, albeit, abundance, is attachment - whether it is to the past, a person, possession, or even our ideas on how the world should be. Letting go is absolutely important in order to live and let liveâ&#x20AC;?, says Jayanti Kirpalani, the London-based Director of the Brahma Kumaris for Europe and the Middle East, an international NGO that is a proponent for peace and values-based education.

Sister Jayanti, European & Middle East Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.


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“Sometimes we think that things can only be accomplished by holding on, whether it’s relationships or situations. Yet to hold a bird tightly, you’d probably squeeze the life out of it. Even holding the bird gently, the bird is not fulfilling its purpose of existence, which is to fly”.

'feel the strength of love, peace, joy and power'

In relationships, attachment is manifested in possessiveness, not allowing people the space to be themselves due to one’s insecurity. It is also reflected in not accepting present circumstances or past events and repeating them in the mind.

conflict, there’ll always be problems in my relationships with others. A block in one relationship also affects the whole flow of energy with everyone else”.

“Beautiful memories disappear and only painful memories remain. This is strange because I don’t want to experience pain, and yet I hold onto painful memories. I become my own victim by oppressing myself and not letting go of that particular situation”, says Jayanti.

Detachment Asked how to move on if one is stuck in this emotional quagmire, she explains, “A quick fix is not enough. When we understand that things begin in the mind and then move outwards to sort things out, we can begin to look for the answers inside. I will then come across permanent solutions”.Contrary to popular notion, letting go need not be unpleasant. “Gently move away, disentangle and find that you’re able to let go at the right moment when things are ready to shift.” Finding the answers begins by understanding your inner needs and realising that you don’t need to hold on.

'let there be peace in your heart and positivity in your mind' “To ‘let go’ is to know that all I need is within. When I follow this and make sure that my thoughts, words and actions are aligned to this truth, my needs will be fulfilled.” She points out that material poverty or the feeling of lack or emptiness is a manifestation of void in the soul. “I can fill myself by tapping into my own inner resources and connecting with the Divine. This Infinite Source is never going to let me down, and never going to dry up. It’s a possibility that’s available to all of us at any moment”, says Jayanti. “As I fill myself, I can feel the strength of love, peace, joy and power returning to my own inner being. I don’t need to hold onto people and things anymore. Letting go means to step away and to be free”.

Forgetting Another aspect of letting go is forgetting the past hurts in order to forgive one’s self and others. When a mistake is committed, the adage of honesty as the best policy applies in removing the ego

Unloading the baggage and moving on seems easier said than done. Inner power is needed to be free. “By connecting with the Divine, I’m able to lead my mind in the right direction and create a peaceful state within”, says Jayanti.

Jayanti’s Secret Laws of Abundance I believe that true abundance is spiritual and so these are the secret laws that I would like to share. * The human mind is so powerful that whatever I really

want, I can achieve. But there are some laws that guide all these. The fruit I get from following the spiritual laws is an abundance of love, peace and happiness.

* The more I follow God’s instructions in my life, the more my own treasure store is filled with an abundance of these qualities. * To whatever extent I share with others these qualities of love, peace and happiness; the more it will multiply and come back to me. * If I am full within myself with the treasures of spirituality and share these with others, this will make a big difference in my own life on the material plane. I will be able to get the sort of co-operation that I need for any task to be successful. The universe will definitely look after me. I won’t lack for anything; all my needs will be taken care of. * It’s not that I sit back and wait for the universe to provide. I make sure that I stay focused on doing good actions. But the result of good actions is that the spiritual benefits will come; that there will be abundance in my life on the physical plane, too.

Raja Yoga Meditation by the Brahma Kumaris is a perfect tool to bring about change in our awareness and attitude. Come and experience for yourself the benefits of meditation by visiting

For others to pardon us, there has to be a visible proof of personal transformation, otherwise the mistake will be repeated. “Let there be peace in your heart and positivity in your mind, and maybe with time, hearts will heal and the minds will be open”, says Jayanti. “Until I’ve learned to forgive the person with whom there is Winter 2012 |

© Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK): Registered Charity Number 269971 (England & Wales) SC040512 (Scotland)


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The Highway of Life The unsettled Summer weather was perhaps a reflection of the emotional needs of the western world - the pentup uncried emotion of the mind. The deeper we go into the material world and seek increasing distraction in technology and the information that streams into our minds through the internet, TV and radio, the deeper we move into a dumbing-down of our consciousness. The blandness creeping into some of these media is so apparent. The speed of life that feels out of control and the “input” we are all expected to absorb and process from our work, family responsibilities, and high-tech world environment, is overloading our ability to pause for breath. These things act to shut out the still, small voice within.

'life is everything and it is nothing' This pace of life and saturation-level content is reducing attention span and, in some ways, increasing the appetite of the mind for yet more input, more trivia, more detail to occupy it for one more moment, for another second, giving it extended unconscious life. How can the heart compete? How can the essence of you draw breath and remember itself? Whilst the world is driven by the need for expansionist economies and profit, we can never find the true value of ourselves and of life. Certainly this is all experience, and in a zone of free will like this planet it is completely permissible and a part of the rich tapestry of possibilities on offer to us. But is this what we are really choosing for ourselves? Are we so very lost inside or have we temporarily taken a left turn off the highway into a cul-de-sac, looking out of curiosity at a particular aspect of being, one that unravels the tapestry, causing wavy threads to unpick even further? The divine allows for all possibilities and holds no limitation on choice in this world environment. There is no right or wrong, only consequences. Perhaps we are seeking something magical in our searching, some “je-ne-sais-quoi” that would open the heart to the essence of self once again and lead us out of our restlessness into peace. Everything we do serves a purpose, contributes to the whole and slowly places the pieces of the jigsaw into the picture. But there are easier ways to fill the void, to relieve the emptiness that our meanderings through a very material world take us. In the end we each have to break the cycle of needing, wanting, input. We have to seek out the real from the unreal, the truth from the illusion.

Winter 2012 |

This is most definitely a moment in history where it is time to come out of the cul-de-sac and get back onto the highway of life. The stars are still twinkling in the firmament, a reflection in the macro of the magical quantum essence deep inside. The real truth is in there, between the particles that create form, even between the waves of information that coalesce into form, deep inside the nothingness - which is everything. Meditation can take you there to that no-place of deeply satisfying pure consciousness state. There in that place of pure joy and deep stillness, the world of form becomes formless and complexity gives way to simplicity. There in that no-place a foundation can be built that is life-supporting and life-anchoring against the rushing tide of unnatural being. Seek out the lesser form, the simplicity, the solitude and quietness inside you and in the world. Become still and feel the deep rhythm of the divine undercurrent taking increasing hold of this planet right now. Synchronise your vibration to this divine calling and set your inner sail to the cosmic breath, riding the solar winds of change blowing through this world, taking you to the heavens beyond the mortal form.

'playing in the illusion used to be fun' Life is everything and it is nothing. It is full-on expression in form and it is stillness and everything between. We have experienced the beginning and the middle, and there can be no better time to experience the end, the last of it, that can so transform your being and set you free, ending the suffering of the mind as it steps into a new form of being, revealing the essence of itself to be the magnificence of ever-present divine consciousness. Perhaps the illusion will burn out for others as it has for me. I have meandered and lost my way, sat in the cul-de-sacs of life, but that deeply lost place gives way in the end to understanding and true finding of oneself – if you are prepared to really look and to see the truth hidden between the lines of the mind place. Playing in the illusion used to be fun, but now I see through it. Now I am ready for something new, built of something more substantial, the ethereal consciousness of Love.

Shabdan is an extraordinary clairvoyant, healing facilitator and workshop leader who works across the UK, North Italy and in Norway. To contact Shabdan about any of his work please visit or see his advert on page 20. 29

'everything in life is vibration' - Albert Einstein


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Life Without Wifi? Everything is energy. We are energetic beings finely tuned to resonate with one another and the natural frequencies of the earth. Huge changes in recent years have upset this natural resonance. The explosion in our wireless world has created a largely inescapable sea of electro-pollution. This man-made energetic interference is challenging to live with and the impact on health could be profound. The debate quietly continues despite the enormous body of scientific evidence showing serious health effects. Is it time we each took steps to care for our own wellbeing? <<article by Lucy Blyth How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel energised and revitalised, ready for the day? What is your energy like when you use your mobile or work at the computer? Before you read any further, maybe just pause for a moment and tune in to how you feel now. How is your vital energy? What do we tune into to find out? Einstein’s conclusion above tells us - vibration. Atoms vibrating at different frequencies form matter. In the physical world, the only thing separating a chair from a rock is their rate of vibration. Similarly your body is an intricate latticework of energies that shape the way you feel, the clarity of your thoughts, and the quality of your well-being.

Your vital energy under threat This latticework is being bombarded every day by man-made electro-magnetic frequencies. Our love affair with all things wireless has fundamentally altered our environment. We can’t see, smell or taste these new energies but they are everpresent. Mobiles, cordless landlines, laptops, iPads, games consoles, TVs, baby monitors and wi-Fi all emit manmade electro-magnetic frequencies. The mobile is often painted as the villain of the piece as the mainstream media reports possible links to brain cancer. In reality all our gadgets are implicated and the potential impact is wider than brain cancer.

Winter 2012 |

Your energy system is open We receive and transmit both subtle energy and identifiable electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs). For example if your radio signal is poor, hold its antenna and your body will receive the frequency, like an aerial, and improve the reception. Many people are extremely sensitive to man-made energy interference and experience symptoms including headaches, skin rashes, sleeplessness, loss of concentration, joint/muscle pain, nausea, memory problems, even cardiac arrhythmia. Some people are simply too tired to notice what they feel. Electrosensitivity affects three to eight percent of us and some scientists think this will rise as high as 50% by 2017.

'sit holding your mobile next to your heart ... notice how your body responds' Eastern thinking identifies and distinguishes our physical body (with slower, denser energy) from our energy body (light, subtle energy). The idea is that all illness begins with the vibrations of the energy body which, in turn, affect the physical body. The subtle energies are ill at ease (dis-ease) long before a measurable disease shows up in the slower, energetically denser physical body. Over 80% of studies into the potential risks of EMFs carried out with public funding show that electromagnetic frequencies can affect our physical body. Incidences of damaged DNA, reduced fertility, cancer, impaired cognitive function and biological disregulation have been documented in numerous peerreviewed studies.

The European Union has mandated that all EU governments take a ‘precautionary approach’ .

'electro-pollution is unavoidable' Conclusive scientific evidence and governmental concern reported in the mainstream media is one thing. Maybe quietly listening to your own body and seeing how it feels if you are in an intense energetic environment is the real test? Could you be suffering from electrostress? Tune in and feel your own vibration. Sit holding your mobile next to your heart for a few minutes and just notice how your body responds. Feel your way through the week and note how your energy rises and falls. Electro-pollution is unavoidable and as with any allergen we all react differently. If you are feeling the effects or want to be more mindful of the risks try turning your wi-Fi router off at night, keep your bedroom free from technology, use a corded phone at home and minimize your exposure to mobiles and computers. The other problem is that no matter how hard you try with all this, the fact is that you cannot escape the emissions from other peoples devices, from so-called wi-Fi zones in coffee shops, shopping centres, trains, aeroplanes, you name it. However, there is good news! Energy interference of the kinds describes here can be harmonised so that your energy is not compromised. Simple but powerful solutions, scientifically tested, are available right now.

If you would like to know more please see advert on page 26. 31

Basic Awakening The term I use for someone's initial awakening, for the first level of awakening, is Basic Awakening. People have all kinds of experiences that they like to think are awakenings, but most aren't.


ost of those experiences are just expanded ego states, and most of the rest are

of consciousness, focused in the center of the heart. Because we are not truly separate individuals—we are the One, the ground of Being Itself—this construct simply a momentary taste of something of consciousness that holds our sense of deeper, and then the moment passes. A I in place veils us from our true nature. quick rule of thumb: if the description of Therefore, I call this consciousness the experience has the word 'expanded' structure our Core Veil. Basic Awakening in it, then most likely it was an expanded is losing your Core Veil. ego state. The overriding quality of a true awakening experience would be most The experience created by your Core Veil aligned with the word 'empty', in the sense is like an ongoing dream, and as long as that it feels empty of a familiar sense of self. you are dreaming, you take this for Reality. And what has become empty stays empty, But the Core Veil is just a construct in if it is a true awakening and not just a taste. consciousness and can be broken down when you are ‘ripe’. When this happens, 'your basic sense the particular I-sense and identity it has created disappears with it. Because there of I tracks to is a sense of coming out of a very deep dream, the most common term for this is your heart' 'awakening'. But because there are still deeper levels of the dream to awaken out To bring this out of the conceptual realm, of, and because this is the first movement, let's try this: notice if you can that if you I call this Basic Awakening. Although the follow your inner sense of I, it actually spiritual fantasy is that this is the end of the centers in your heart. Your mind is filled road, it is only the beginning. With Basic with I-thoughts, but your basic sense Awakening, you have awakened out of the of I tracks to your heart. Since the heart false identity you believed you were, but holds the basic sense of identity, it is no you have not yet begun to awaken to your coincidence that your basic sense of I is true reality. That comes later, as a deeper going to sit there. That is your basic identity. awakening—if you keep going deeper. And with Basic Awakening, that I is going to disappear. That’s the definition of Basic With the loss of your Core Veil and Awakening: the I in the heart disappears. your core sense of I, it can seem as if everything has changed. And yet the But what is this I-sense, really? It is awakening doesn’t eliminate the old ultimately rooted in the pure identity of the mental and emotional conditioning, so One, but through the process of entering it will still be there (even if there is no into the experience of separation, it one, no I, inside of it), which can make has become merged into an identity it seem as if everything is still the same. of personal self, of being a separate This typically creates confusion, at the someone, an individual I. So, the personal very least, and fear and a sense of loss sense of I is not simply a concept, but may also arise. Sometimes, though, there something more fundamental. And it is is laughter. Sometimes there is a sense held in place by a particular construct of relaxed beingness arising from the


awakeness. And often it is all of these, sequentially or even simultaneously. This is not what we expect. Awakening is never what we expect.

'a sense of relaxed beingness arising from the awakeness' There are a great many spiritual fantasies about what will be experienced with Basic Awakening, and they almost always are very wide of the reality. Our expectations for later awakenings miss the boat as well. At the very least, the ego always expects it will be there in the middle of the awakening, to enjoy it or get something else from it, but that can’t happen, because awakening by definition is a no-I zone. Awakening is what arises when I disappears. Whatever we expect to get from awakening, we should be prepared for the fact that the focus of awakening is about what we lose. Awakening is a losing game. In fact, if you traverse the whole path, you don’t get a bigger, better Self; you lose your self entirely, and in that space of no-self, the Truth of what you truly are emerges. Welcome to the wonderful, confusing world of awakening.

Ric Weinman is the founder of VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing, which is both a healing art and an awakening path, from the Merlin lineage. Please visit for more information.

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'welcome to the wonderful, confusing world of awakening.'

Winter 2012 |





ai Maa is a spiritual master, healer and humanitarian. Combining her Eastern esoteric wisdoms and Western therapeutic knowledge she helps people master their lives, in addition to inspiring thousands through ‘Diksha’ (pure light blessing) across the globe. She speaks now about her incredible work that has become her way of life and gateway to enlightenment for many… Earth is a living being. It breathes. It has chakras and leylines, like meridians in your body. And like you it is energy, which pulsates with life. In the beginning, during the first Golden Age, the energy was very high, and then little by little it went down to rise again - the great cycle. Now we are in a very transformative phase again, between cycles. Many huge gateways are opening. Vast amounts of energy from different planes and dimensions are impacting humanity. All this to make way for the ‘purging’ - preparation 34

of the next Golden Age, the ‘Oneness Consciousness’. Naturally you will go through pain, naturally, because it’s a birth. Now, like any expectant parent, you feed energy into doubt, into fear… You starve faith. But you can restore the faith, the energetic balance, by becoming aware that you have entered an era of energy. Your body is not solid, it’s energy and the more you bring this to your awareness, your consciousness, and the greater and higher the frequency, the more everything will return to energy and be as ‘one’ again. Some dare to ask, ‘Who am I? What happens to me when I die? What is making my heart beat?’ This is not ignorance; it is the first sign of ‘awareness’. Involve and then evolve; engage fully in this moment then you will effortlessly create your future. Moving on from the first signs of ‘awareness’ we come to an understanding of our ‘energetic heritage’, comprehending that everything is about ‘frequency’. Creation expresses itself through


varying levels of frequency; lower frequency or higher frequency. Let’s say on a scale of one to one hundred. Fear is one. Love, pure divine love, is one hundred. In between life exists. You have the choice, with awareness, as to where you want to be. It’s that simple. Now take the lesson of ‘Atlantis’. It sank because its inhabitants no longer had ‘heart’. Technology ruled as they were dedicated only to the intellect, not the mind. And in their brilliance they abandoned ’love’. Today, if you do not stop for a moment to feel love, society will be into computers and technology in a split second, now even healers are using all kinds of technological devices. I am concerned that soon there will not be enough love and we will disappear once more. We are here for the sake of evolution. It is our nature, in our blueprint to create, and the divine impulse has begun pushing us to move from being into becoming.

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move into a direct experience of life. The more you become aware of the ‘junk’ or shadows, the more vulnerable you become, the more open you become, the more you can acknowledge, accept, welcome the darkness, the shadows. The more these places within you get emptied, the more readily available you are to live a vibrant existence, to simply exist… Benefits include:


"Earth is a living being. It breathes.... and like you, it is energy"

Winter 2012 |

HEALING This healing programme is an opportunity to serve your personal growth. Within you there's a great desire for harmony in the family, in the environment, for unity, for oneness. More people are preparing to release their deepest emotional charges, to heal their deepest, oldest wounds, to release their old patterns which keep recurring in all their relationships; with siblings, parents, partners and colleagues. It's time to stop sabotaging your dreams, to realise that this programme ends your personal pain and suffering so you can

•Healing at the root transforming the quality of your intimate relationships, whilst developing a more intimate relationship with yourself, leading to greater self-expression, passion, creativity, and accomplishment. •The capacity to make decisions and take action independent of old patterns - you become the ‘Conductor’ of your life. •Freedom from the emotional charges and ‘triggers’ so that you can be active, not reactive, and enjoy a healthy, vibrant life, fulfilling your life’s purpose. •The uncovering of the love, peace, joy, and wholeness that are your natural birthright. •The unconditional love and support of an energetic master, an orchestrator of inner healing, a midwife to your new birth and the support of a close-knit, loving family of graduates. More Info: Mauritian born, mother of two, Sai Maa holds a PhD in Spirituality and is certified in naturopathic, homeopathic and osteopathic therapies. Author of Petals of Grace: Essential Teachings for Self-Mastery and Points of Light, she has also recorded CDs and DVDs that promote personal and planetary transformation. Visit to learn more. 35

Are you Acidic?

One of the most important advances in natural medicine over the last couple of decades is the realisation that proper body pH is critically important if we are to enjoy optimum health.

The traditional view of allopathic medicine is that the body’s buffer systems will normally keep body pH in balance. However research has indicated that this paradigm may not be totally correct and that an increasing number of people are suffering from at least slight acidosis. When we talk about body pH we are really talking about the pH of the blood and tissues. The pH of the blood is meant to be maintained within a very narrow pH range of 7.36 to 7.45 and slight deviations outside that range, if prolonged, can have serious implications for our health.

'regretfully many of us do not like to eat our greens’ Of course acid production is a normal consequence of metabolism and the body through its buffer systems strives to keep the blood and tissues within the optimal range. If blood pH drops slightly, it can have a significant effect on the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. In the short term this results in fatigue and lowered immunity – however if prolonged, this can set the scene for degenerative disease and accelerated aging. We now see the plague of diseases which flourish in conditions where body pH is deviating towards acidity with resultant low levels of tissue oxygen.

Modern Living - Coping with Excess Acidity Modern living has put significant strain on the body acid alkaline balance. Poor nutritional choices, high levels of stress and environmental toxicity are the primary cause of increased blood and tissue acidity. Our typical western diets of animal products, grains and sugars and inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruit puts the body under acidic stress. Although some people appear to cope with this diet, at least in the short term, the long term effect is reflected in cancers, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis etc. Stress is also a major contributor to the problem. Stress and negative emotions result in biochemical reactions in the body which have a very negative acidifying effect. However the converse is also true, positive emotions have an alkalising effect. We live on an increasingly polluted planet being subjected to toxicity in 36

one form or another on a continual basis. This impacts adversely on our body pH balance. Additionally if our pH is deviating towards acidity it is increasingly difficult for us to get rid of toxins. Similarly if our body pH is deviating towards acidity it is less able to fully absorb nutrients from our diets and any supplements we consume.

What do we need to do? So what can we do to protect our bodies from the adverse effects of modern living with its consequences of degenerative disease and accelerated ageing. Firstly we need to look carefully at our nutritional choices. We need to reduce consumption of meat, dairy, grains and especially sugar. Secondly we need to increase our consumption of vegetables and fruit most of which are alkalising. For optimal health we really should consume more and ideally as much as possible raw. We need to eat as much green vegetables as we can, because they are very alkalising. They have a high content of chlorophyll which helps to build healthy oxygenated blood. Healthy water, greens, unrefined oils and good salt – helping to balance body pH. Although this might seem to be very daunting to move towards better nutritional balance it is best to take small steps in the right direction and when you begin to feel the benefit you will be motivated to continue on the journey to better, optimal health. However there is a lot you can do to accelerate the process. Good hydration is vitally important for proper body alkaline balance and detoxification. Drinking plenty of alkaline antioxidant water is a good way to help flush acid toxins out of the body. There are now several devices to allow you to be able to consume this health promoting water daily. For best effect we would recommend systems using the power of natural minerals rather than electrolysis systems. They are much more natural, effective and affordable. Regretfully many of us do not like to eat our ‘greens’. It seems many of us developed this dislike as children and have retained it into adulthood. However they are very important to provide better body alkaline

balance in addition to the other beneficial phytonutrients they contain. Now you can get dehydrated green concentrates that you can simply add to water, juice or sprinkle on your food which helps you boost your green intake. One teaspoon of these greens can often be equivalent to at least three portions of vegetables. They are becoming very popular amongst those who are looking to get the benefit of healthy oxygenated blood and better body pH balance.

'good hydration is vitally important' We need to consume sufficient essential fatty acids (EFA’s) for proper alkaline balance. They are necessary for ensuring the permeability and flexibility of cell membranes. This is essential for proper cellular hydration. Most people consume too much Omega 6 oils and insufficient Omega 3’s. Most of us need to increase our intake of Omega 3’s and ensure that where possible that all the oils we use are unrefined. Flax Oil is the best vegetarian source of Omega 3’s. Omega 3 oils have many functions in the body but are particularly necessary for cardio vascular health, skeletal health and good immune function. Many of these oils are very fragile so it is essential to buy oils that are unrefined and have been carefully processed, packaged and stored. Although salt has suffered a bad press, our body needs good salt for optimum functioning. It is alkalising. You should avoid processed salt but consume either good unprocessed sea salt or Himalayan pink salt. Both provide the body with many trace minerals. If your body is properly hydrated you will be better able to handle life’s daily stresses. However any assistance you can give your body to relax will bring dividends and help move it to better body pH balance. Positive thinking is not the panacea to all of life’s problems but positive emotions can have a significant effect on body biochemistry. Focusing on better body pH balance will bring rich dividends in terms of health and quality of life. If you are facing a serious health challenge then you should seriously look at making changes that will help to restore balance and get more oxygen into your body.

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Body Alkaline Balance Is this the key to Optimum health?

Article Written by Roddy MacDonald of Water for Health Ltd specialist suppliers of leading edge products to help support peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey to health through better body acid alkaline balance. Winter 2012 |


Do you suffer from

WINTER BLUES ? The end of summer is often a depressing time; summer holidays are over, the nights are drawing in and the days are short, but for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the end of summer can signal the start of more intense feelings of depression, gloom, lack of energy, anxiety and sleep problems. <<article by Pamella Lloyd.


he effects of SAD are very real and medical research has demonstrated how our bodies either adapt – or struggle to adapt – when they are deprived of light. Light has a significant effect on our body clocks and as a result, supplementing our light exposure can help improve how we feel and how we function, particularly in the winter months when there is less natural light around us.

natural light in new built offices and shops, with tinted glass and deliberately low levels of lighting, meaning many workers are not getting the light they need and experience the symptoms of light deprivation all year round.

If you are feeling unsociable, constantly tired or generally out of sorts, you may be experiencing the symptoms of SAD or the milder form, the Winter Blues. They can affect people of all ages. Women tend to suffer more than men but, increasingly, men are also recognising the symptoms and seeking help to deal with their condition.

• • • •

Research shows that in the last half of the 20th century the light reaching the earth reduced by as much as 2-3% and modern architecture often shuts out even more 38

Light is vital to our well being and being deprived of light has an effect on a number of conditions including:

Jet lag Post-natal depression Sugar or carbohydrate cravings Sleep problems

With our modern preoccupation with elongating our working hours and using too much light in the evenings playing on our computers, watching television and using electric light we are disrupting our natural circadian rhythms and this is one of the main reasons that SAD is on the increase.

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER Although there is no ‘cure’ for SAD, for the millions of people who suffer with SAD or the Winter Blues, lightboxes can provide a regular dose of artificial light each day and help many people. Lightboxes are even VAT exempt, in recognition that SAD is a significant, debilitating condition. So if you feel tired all the time and can’t seem to pinpoint why, using a lightbox may reduce your symptoms. Lightboxes can be used to counteract the negative effects of light deprivation by supplementing the amount of natural light available. Lightboxes can be used at work – next to your computer is ideal – or at home while having breakfast, watching television or reading.

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"If you are feeling unsociable, constantly tired or generally out of sorts, you may be experiencing the symptoms of SAD or the milder form, the Winter Blues." Winter 2012 |


Essential Oils to keep you warm through the cold Winter months..


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Orange Citrus sinensis (sweet orange oil) Basil Effect: Fresh and tangy, great at Christmas creating the feeling of

happiness and warmth. Calms digestive problems. Supports collagen formation in the skin, helping you to radiate youthfulness!

Uses: Boosts the immune system, reduces stress levels, combats

Effect: This crisp essential oil awakens the mind to clarity of thought and steadies the nerves.

Uses: Great for stress ...calms migraines and allergies. It is used to

colds, flu, eliminates toxins, water retention and obesity. Helps relieve constipation, dyspepsia and flatulence. Burners and vaporizers: Colds and flu, nervous tension and stress, , promotes peaceful sleep.

clear the mind and relieve intellectual fatigue, while giving clarity and mental strength. Good for relief of headaches and migraine, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, constipation, nausea, hiccups, vomiting, cramp, gout, arthritis, fevers, acne, menstrual problems, refreshes the skin and can also be used on wasp stings and insect bites.

Christmas tip: With pine, cinnamon, lemon, nutmeg, grapefruit

Burners and vaporizers: Relieves migraines,Headaches and

and tangerine essential oils in a burner or vaporiser for a wonderful festive feel in your home.

Bath: Add 3-4 drops to a warm bath after filling tub. Colds and flu,

eliminates toxins, boost the lymphatic and immune system and helps ease nervous tension and stress.

Massage oil/cream/lotion: (1 drop/tbsp. carrier) dermatitis, acne, congested, mature, dry/irritated skin. Promotes healthy,vibrant, young-looking skin.

to help increase concentration. It also has an uplifting effect on depression and can be used as a study tool to help assist recall in a test or exam. Place a few drops on a tissue and take to test with you. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll remember a lot!

Bath: Add 3-4 drops of basil essential oil to a warm bath. Relieves

gout, arthritis, muscular and menstrual pains. The steam from the bath will have all the vaporising effects too.

Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy

Precautions: Dilute and do not apply before sunbathing.

Frankincense Boswellia Carteri

Geranium Pelargonium graveolens

Effect: Calming and uplifting on the mind. Helps to create inner peace

History: Geraniums were planted around the house to keep evil

Uses: A really magical oil that can calm and soothe the whole

Effect: Balances stress and hormones.

on a higher level, enhances spiritual connection.

body, mind and spirit. Eases colds, coughs, bronchitis, rheumatism, chilliness, poor circulation, exhaustion, nightmares, heavy periods, respiratory problems and mucus congestion. It also has a good astringent effect on mature skin, helping wounds, sores and ulcers heal properly.

Burners/vaporizers: Great for meditation, bronchitis, colds, coughs,

asthma and voice loss, very calming. Helps children breathe and sleep more peacefully.

Massage oil/bath: massage oil ( 1 drop to one tbsp. carrier oil) In the Bath: 4-5 drops added after bath has run)

Creams/lotions: 1 drop/ 1 tbsp. of base cream or lotion to help with general skin tone and condition while reducing oily skin, rejuvenating more mature skin.

Wash/compress: Promotes healing and prevents scarring on wounds. Bathe with `1-2 drops / cup of water when washing the wound. For cracked skin and bed sores, apply gently (suitably diluted) directly on to affected areas or use as a compress.

spirits at bay.

Uses: Acne, bruises, burns, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, haemorrhoids, lice, mosquito repellent, ringworm, ulcers, breast engorgement, oedema, poor circulation, sore throat, tonsillitis, PMS, menopausal problems, stress and neuralgia.

Burners/vaporizers: (5-6 drops) stress, depression, PMS, anxiety/ tension, menopausal symptoms, generally energizing.

Blended massage oil or in the bath: (2-3 drops) all of the

above plus fluid retention, eczema, shingles, cellulite, bruises, insect repellent, ringworm, haemorrhoids and menstrual irregularities.

Cream/lotion: (1 drop/tbsp. carrier) relief of eczema, repels insects, shingles, burns, scalds, cellulite, ringworm, healing of wounds.

Shampoo: To clear head lice.( 1 drop/ tbsp. shampoo) Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy

Precautions: Avoid during pregnancy

Sarah Williams ITEC MGPP AC regd. is a respected aromatherapist, teacher and spiritual healer. Â Sarah is also a member of the Guild for Professional Practitioners and registered with the Aromatherapy Consortium, Sarah is in private practice offering healing via skype/email/phone. The Soul Harmony Balancing Creams travel worldwide from Winter 2012 |


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Horoscopes Aries

March 21 - April 20

‘Less is more’ certainly seems to be your philosophy of the moment as there is a sense that you are finally beginning to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to your true wants, needs and desires in life. There have been times when you have felt like the proverbial child in the sweetshop, wanting a bit of this and a bit of that in order to touch, taste and feel a part of the Whole; you haven’t wanted to miss out on anything. What you have now realised is that no quantity of ‘sweets’ can bring you what you desire until you feel centred, balanced and Whole within. As a result, your whole outlook has shifted and what once seemed so important now seems less so. You are opening up to living a simpler, less pressured but far richer life now, and this feels amazing, exciting and truly liberating...


April 21 - May 20


May 21 - June 21

Standing at a crossroads in life conjures up an image of a steadfast traveller, knapsack on back, map in one hand, and compass in the other. Such an image carries a tingling of excitement as said traveller starts to walk into the unknown with faith, hope and optimism. Such an empowering image, but you seem to feel a little distant from this image as though you are looking in on the life of an intrepid explorer. However, you are the explorer! This is your crossroads, and this image is a true reflection of your determination, vision and current situation in life. Whilst reaching a crossroads can bring up uncertainty, this is clearly a time for you to use your many skills in order to set off on a brand new adventure in life; the Universe believes in you, the time has now come for you to believe in you...

‘Gotta keep moving’ is a mantra that so often fills your head, heart and soul; you feel driven to keep moving as this feels like natural evolution and progression. Of course, in many ways it is, for those that standstill for too long step out of the flow of life. However, it could also be said that those who move forward without pause also step beyond the true flow, for they disconnect from the purpose of that movement and become distracted by the ‘busy-ness’ rather than remaining awakened and conscious in the flow. In other words, in order to make the most of shift and movement, it is important to balance being and doing, moving and stillness; one blends into the other. This is a time for you to re-focus on balance and to move beyond the distraction, for this is a time for you to step consciously into the magnificent and majestic flow...


June 22 - July 22

As you continue to open up and connect to your true essence and sense of Self, it seems that you are beginning to re-centre and re-gain your momentum when it comes to what you truly want from your life. Although you have always had a sense of your goals and dreams, in many ways they have always felt slightly out of reach as life has got in the way and choices made have taken you in different directions. However, you are beginning to realise that by seeing them as out of reach, this is what they have become, but by seeing them as achievable and reachable, they somehow seem more possible. As you continue to open up to the myriad of possibilities in your life and connect with your true Self, your consciousness is expanding and your intent is deepening as you look set to transform your life from the inside, out...

Winter 2012 |



July 23 - August 23

As the clouds and mists continue to lift, it seems that you are beginning to feel the true power of your inner sun. Your inner light burns very brightly indeed, and whilst you have always know this, the mists of responsibilities and the clouds of doubt have obscured the view and lessened the intensity of the warmth, leaving you feeling disconnected from your almighty power source. However, there is a sense that by re-focusing on your Self and on what you truly want from life, you have begun to clear the mists and touch that inner heat once again. It seems important for you to acknowledge that it is your thoughts and intent that are behind this shift; you have brought the sun back out in your world. Feel the joy at riding the waves of life, and bathe in the beautiful light as it inspires and empowers you to step towards your dreams...


August 24 - September 22

Resting in the spaces in-between the spaces continues to be a powerful theme in your life. However, whilst you can intuit what this means, logically it is rather more challenging to understand. As a result, you seem to oscillate between stillness, distraction, busy-ness and trying to understand the whole process! Sometimes, there are no words or logical explanations for things in life; sometimes, you have to trust the flow and your intuition. The spaces in-between the spaces is a way of leading you within and a way of helping you to see that beyond the distractions and the ‘to-do’ lists of life, and beyond the quiet times you do manage to create, there is a brand new way of living and being; this ‘way’ is heart-centred and takes you beyond doing, to a place of awakened consciousness where you live in tune with both head and heart. Feel this, be this, live this...


September 23 - October 22

As the whirlwinds of life continue to weave and twist through your consciousness, you would be forgiven for feeling a little beleaguered and confused with the rush and buzz occurring on all levels of your being. However, it seems important to point out that much of the rush is of your own creation, for you have chosen to step beyond the eye of the storm and into the chaos in order to try to find clarity and direction. Gallant and admirable, but you seem to be growing more confused, not less! In your haste to get your life to where you want it to be, you seem to have tied yourself up in knots with things to do, ‘ought’s’, ‘should’s’ and a generous smattering of ‘must’s’. Step back into the stillness now, re-focus, re-centre and re-connect to your Self; don’t force the process, become One and weave with the whirlwinds rather than against them...


October 23 - November 22

Peeling back the layers of your life continues to be a powerful theme in the weeks ahead as you begin to travel deeper within and let go of so much in the process. So much that once seemed important melts away as you hone your focus and your intent towards your true priorities; it seems that you are realising that the path towards allowing your true Self to blossom and flourish comes by letting go of all that no longer serves a positive or life-affirming purpose in your life. This is a powerful process and not one to be under-estimated for you are going through quite a radical shift; such change can invoke intense feelings, and you are likely to experience something of an emotional roller coaster. However, through the confusion, you can already see your new dawn, and it feels amazing, incredible and delicious; this powers you on to ride the dips and the loops, for you are being re-born...

About Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace goes beyond astrology in her readings and forecasts using a unique blend of astrology, intuition, transformational coaching, spiritual counselling and healing. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten, and she works with clients from across the globe on a regular basis. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied a great many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years. For further information, please see Sarah’s websites: or or email her at: 44

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November 23 - December 21

The power of your intent is a fascinating thing; it seems that your faith and belief shapes every aspect of your life, and whilst intuitively you know this, you so often forget and tie yourself up in knots. You are a passionate and inspirational soul, and your ideas and dreams are effervescent and exuberant, buoyant and exciting; yet you so often get bogged down in the routine of life and this feels heavy and anything but exuberant. It seems clear that you need to re-focus your intent now and re-align your thoughts in order to bring the effervescence into your everyday life; feel the magic and the sparkle, and you will feel the power of this shift. Try to move away from seeing your life as separate from your dreams, and merge them together into a beautiful, majestic and incredible Whole. You are incredible and your intent is awe-inspiring, and the time has come to believe this now...


December 22 - January 20

No one can deny your grittiness, motivation and dogged-determination in life, for you work so hard to be a ‘success’. You measure your life by achievements and accomplishments, and these guide you forward towards new dreams and goals. Such a life is amazing and incredible, but it lacks a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’; having said this, what this ‘I don’t know what’ is hard to pinpoint, for there seems little room in your world to contemplate or consider what lies beyond the boundaries of your everyday life. This is understandable, for life is about getting on and living, but at the same time, there is a sense of lack at a deeper level that you are not opening up to the sparkle of what this ‘je ne sais quoi’ could bring you in life. It seems that the time has come for the spark to reignite as you allow the intangible and indefinable to re-enter your world...


January 21 - February 19

There are certain memories from childhood that invoke warm-fuzzy feelings within you connected to those times when you were free to let your imagination run wild. Such moments are like buried treasure when you re-discover them, for the magic and the warm fuzziness remains as strong now as it ever was. As a child, your imagination knew few limits and everything seemed possible; as a result, you had few restraints in place when it came to thinking about what you wanted to be when ‘your grew up’. When you think back now, you may fondly smile at those dreams, for you are now older and more worldly-wise, and yet why should all that magic remain in the past? Whilst your dreams most likely have changed, the power of your intent and the magic of your imagination has never left you; it seems time now to reconnect to this in order to create your very own heaven on earth...


February 20 - March 20

As you continue to expand your horizons on all levels of your life, it seems that you are beginning to feel the freedom both within, and without, in your life. You no longer seem constrained or restricted as you have stepped beyond these to a world where everything somehow seems more achievable. You have opened yourself up to the infinite possibilities of life and can now feel the magic and amazement of what living consciously truly feels like. In many ways, such a shift goes way and beyond words, for it is a state of being where you are aligned with both your Self and the Universe; how can words describe the indescribable or shape something without form? Without getting lost in the intangible mists of consciousness, it seems clear that you are now in a space in your life where you are free and fluid to become all that you already intuitively know that you are...

Check out your horoscope update at: Winter 2012 |


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