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Autumn 2012

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4-5 Drink yourself Healthy 6-7 Blue Bood - the Water Within 13 Faith 42-43

14-15 From the Heart 16-17 Towards the true Kinship of Faith

From the Editor Hi everyone,

Wow! No-one said these changing times wouldnt challenge us..... What an adventure life is at the moment,it feels a bit like a spiritual olympics, we jump or perhaps stumble over one hurdle , pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down, allow our egos to believe we deserve a medal when lo and behold another master lesson from the universe arrives to remind us of how innefective our wants and desires really are. Our own little team has been taking part in the spiritual olympics in the last few months which explains the slight delay in reaching you with this edition. It has been a marathon of a journey and I hope it was worth the wait. The way forward I have been assured, it to step out the way and allow these lessons to guide us in the direction we are meant to go. Everything is happening in divine order and if we can learn to bend and flow with the energies that are engulfing the planet at the moment, like a willow tree in the wind, we will arrive at the winning post much more smoothly...

With sincere intentions Jayne Lea

18 50 years of Findhorn 20-21 Mystics & Avatars 22-23 10 ways to Become Stress-Free 24-25 Meditation 28-29 Menopause? Or something else? 30-31 Menopause Lane


34-35 The Ethereal Journey 36-37 Codependency 40-41 Moon and Natural Time 42-43 The Diana Legacy 48-49 We Plough the Fields & Scatter 50-51 Alternative Therapies 55-57 Horoscopes 36-37


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Over the last few decades the role of water has been neglected in

the daily nutritional regimes of the majority of people. People drink coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol believing that they are suitable to provide the fluid needs of the body. At the same time we have seen staggering increases in cancers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and a myriad of other modern day plagues. Our bodies need good water to keep healthy, energised and good immunity function. « Article By Roddy Macdonald.


hen you were born you were in excess of 70% water, when most people die that water percentage is probably nearer 50%. Most people die dehydrated - they just shrivel up. Our brain is about 85% water and the most sensitive organ in our body to dehydration. It is not surprising that we see so many concentration problems in younger people and dementia problems in the elderly. It is therefore vitally important that to maintain good health we need to keep our body fluids healthy- after all they are the biggest part of us.

A further study showed that drinking hydrogen rich water had a beneficial effect on the quality of life of patients undergoing In fact many filtration systems, such as radiotherapy for liver cancers. Other reverse osmosis filters, leave the water acidic studies, most at an early stage suggest that which is not ideal for the body. Consumption hydrogen rich water could be beneficial for of bottled water has grown significantly over many health issues including diabetes and the last couple of decades, but its health Parkinson’s disease. I am sure that future benefits are also questionable not to mention studies will confirm the potential of healing the adverse environmental impact. ‘disease’ with water. In the Far East water has much greater importance than in the western world. Leading Korean Water Expert Professor Won H Kim, who did his doctorate in microbiology at Oxford, says that good healthy water should have several properties.

Drinking adequate quantities of water is vitally important for our physical and mental 1. It should be free of all contaminants functioning. It does also have an important harmful to the human body role in the treatment of disease. There 2. It should have an appropriate amount of are many disorders that can result from minerals required by the human body. inadequate water consumption including 3. It should have an alkaline PH. depression, rheumatism, chronic fatigue, 4. It should have an abundance of hexagonal high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels structured water and urinary infections. Leading visionary 5. It should be capable of eliminating harmful doctor F. Batmanghelidj, author of several free radicals books on the healing power of water, stated 6. It should have good energy. that many of the common pain signals in the body are actually dehydration signals. The concept of water as a carrier of energy These included migraines, colitis pains, and information is an alien concept to many angina pains, heartburn and lower back pain. people but increasingly being understood by natural health practitioners, physicists and those in tune with nature.

'without drinking healthy water we cannot enjoy optimum health.'

What is healthy water? Although tap water in the UK meets the definition of safe drinking water in terms of WHO standards, many people would question whether it is really life enhancing healthy water. As a consequence an increasing minority choose to filter the water to remove chlorine, hardness and other toxins. However that does not necessarily make this filtered water healthy. 4

rich water has shown very interesting results. A recent study at the University of Pittsburg in the US has shown that drinking hydrogen rich water had a marked improvement on people with metabolic syndrome. It showed a significant increase in blood antioxidant enzymes in addition to beneficial changes in cholesterol levels and blood sugar control.

Since the early 1960’s scientists and doctors in Japan and Korea have been developing systems to give water therapeutic benefits in fact trying to mimic the effects of healing waters found in nature. This has led to the development of very many types of systems to purify and enhance the health benefits of water. Hydrogen Rich Water Much of that research has focused on the antioxidant capabilities of hydrogen rich water, which is very different from ordinary tap or bottled waters. Recent research looking at the effect of drinking hydrogen

Hydrogen rich water is produced by the reaction of special natural minerals with water. This technology is now utilised in a number of different systems to purify, alkalize and energise water. The technology is used in special undersink filtration systems, in alkaline jug filters and in portable water ionizers that people can carry about with them. It has brought healthy water within the financial reach of everyone.

'it is the simplest thing that everyone can do to improve their health.' Drink yourself healthy with good water! If people were to make a habit of regularly drinking good, healthy, alkaline, antioxidant water then their bodies would function better and ‘disease’ in its many forms would be less of an issue. It is the simplest thing that everyone can do to improve their health. Roddy MacDonald is the founder and Managing Director of Water for Health Ltd, a specialist distributor of alkaline antioxidant water treatment products and supplements to improve body acid alkaline balance. Prior to setting up Water for Health Ltd 6 years ago Roddy was involved in the environmental sector focusing on water treatment solutions for industrial applications. Roddy has a passion for sharing information on natural products that can make a difference to health. www.water-for-health.co.uk • 01764 662111 More to Life

'water has been neglected in the daily nutritional regimes of the majority of people'

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


'the management of water as a physical and spiritual resource is a matter of life and death'

Blue Blood

The Water Within From night walks along the seafront with my grandfather, to

swimming in tidal lakes and bare-back horse riding through fast flowing rivers, I have always felt exalted in ‘moving’ water. So important is it to me that wherever I have lived, a view of natural water is the real icing on the cake. « Article By Kate Osborne.


ut it has never been about aesthetics; as I have grown older and learnt more about our fundamental dependence on Mother Earth and the elements, I now believe it is about a fundamentally primal emotional connection to the real lifeblood of our planet.

The giant breathed out ferocious flames of fire that licked at Raven who continued to climb. Raven finally made it out, but at a great cost – he was so badly burned that he and his kin would forever be blackened. Raven delivered the water to the peoples of the world, even though they reviled his appearance, for he knew only water would save them.

To any celestial eye, the most distinguishing feature to behold is created by the presence of water; it calls out loud and proud – here there is life! Water is the great carrier, from moving our produce Water gives us life from womb to grave. From the moment we are and weather around the globe to the deep rooted part it plays in our conceived we are immersed and sustained in the fluids of our mother beliefs and our emotional expression. Today our need for better water – just as all life on Earth relies on water to flourish. As the blood in our conservation is an inescapable fact which bodies delivers oxygen throughout, the great most, young and old, are aware of. But how water systems circulate fresh and salt water, many of us have considered the true spiritual warm and cold water and oxygen around the nature of this element, which makes up such a globe. Is it possible that as we deplete the vast proportion of all life? From religious rituals water ‘without’ we will begin to sense this such as baptisms and ‘cleansing’ ceremonies loss ‘within’? If one believes that we are part of the modern era to the crucial part it played of the great evolution of life, even perhaps in our creation stories of ancient times, water at the pinnacle; a physical expression of the is seen as both the purifier in preparation of Divine then some could argue we appear to entering another realm or wiping the slate clean and the physical link be ’hell bent’ on destroying all that has made us and ourselves in between Earth and Heaven. the process – why?

'water gives us life from womb to grave'

In Polynesian mythology Father Sky and Mother Earth were united, Our blatant abuses of natural water will poison and then bleed our inseparable in a divine embrace until the day that ‘Tane’ their great ‘Mother’ dry, leaving her desperately unable to sustain us and barren tree son grew up between them. His incredible might forced the to the possibility of ever being able to do so again. Unlike the current permanent, physical separation of his parents. So now each time energy crisis, where alternatives are staring us straight in the face, it rains it is said Father Sky is weeping for his wife and each time a we will have nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide and no giant bird mist appears Mother Earth is crying for her husband. to come to our aid. Yet all the while their sorrow, expressed in this way, sustains all life, The management of water as a physical and spiritual resource is a all their children, on Earth. The Hindus venerate the great goddess matter of life and death, and I ask, whilst respecting, recycling and Durga for nine days each year at the end of which they ‘send her conserving my water, that others will love themselves and the planet home’ by releasing around one hundred thousand statues into the enough to do the same. Ganges. This great body of flowing water is charged with safely carrying Durga back to the world of the Divine. And one of the most touching stories I have encountered tells of the once beautiful giant silver Raven risking its life for the peoples of Earth by flying into a dormant volcano to retrieve the last natural reserves of water from an embittered giant. When Raven approached the dark depths of the shaft, the giant was asleep and so he drank from the precious pool till he could barely move. Just then the giant awoke and came after Raven. Raven struggled to beat his wings and so clambered up the side of the shaft. Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

To find out more about this and other thought-provoking material from our resident consciousness commentator Kate Osborne, please visit www.solarusfoundation.com


Effective and affordable solutions - giving you healthy alkaline antioxidant water wherever you are.

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Alkaline antioxidant hydrogen rich water offers many benefits for the body. This type of healthy water has been extensively drunk and its effects researched in the Far East for over 40 years. Its benefits are increasingly being appreciated in the Western World. Until recent years the only way people had access to this type of water was to invest in expensive electronic water ionisers. However recent advances in bioceramic technology, using natural minerals has resulted in the development of products that make alkaline ionised water affordable for everyone. Water for Health Ltd supply a wide range of mineral based systems to suit everyone’s circumstances and budgets.



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Jacky Newcomb Don’t miss the seventh BSSK Mind, Body & Spirit Event in what is arguably the most spiritual event venue in the North of England, The Monastery Manchester, Pugin’s architectural masterpiece! Following a £6.5 million restoration scheme, this hidden treasure has taken its place as one of the UK’s most inspiring venues. Visitors remark that every space in The Monastery appears to be blessed with a feeling of well-being. It’s so real, you think you can touch it. We can’t think of better surroundings to enjoy the many and varied experiences of a BSSK Mind Body & Spirit Event.

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There is a universal truth at the heart of all spiritual traditions. All religions and spiritual paths are not the same; each is unique with its own riches and challenges.

As Rumi says, “There are

many ways to kneel and kiss the ground”. When we look at the world today it can appear that there are many ‘gods’ and religious philosophies vying for supremacy. These divisions have evolved as each culture has struggled in its own way to find cohesion and meaning, and as we human beings have made mistakes and forgotten about the deeply connected nature of all that is seen and unseen. <<Article by Rev Fay Barratt We have a basic human longing, sensing and knowing about something greater than our small selves; and each of us wants to find meaning in our lives. We ask the same questions : Who am I? What is life? What is my purpose? The One Spirit Interfaith Foundation believe that difference, when approached as a potential source of enrichment, need not be experienced as a threat. Old dichotomies of 'us' versus 'them' do not serve the healing of our world. Thus our focus is on removing, within ourselves, the obstacles to unity. Our Ministers embrace a universal spirituality, enabling us to work with people of all beliefs and none. This does not mean that we have a pick and mix mentality. Here, four of our Ministers speak about the gifts of their own paths.

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

There are other Ministers who, like many people in society today, have a genuine experience of a Higher Power but are not affiliated to any one path. This requires great authenticity and commitment to truth if we are not to get lost. We have come to a point of great potential in human history where we are called to go further than the understanding and tolerance that is urgently needed. We are called to remember Love itself, and to use this infinite power to transform all relationships, personal and global. We are called to find the source of forgiveness within ourselves, to share the riches of the planet and of the spirit, to remember the soul connection to all that is, so we may truly befriend the world.

One Spirit Interfaith Foundation offers

a study programme for spiritually committed people who feel called to broaden their spirituality and their appreciation of other traditions, and to open to a life of service. Our community of ministers are active as event celebrants, spiritual counsellors, chaplains and offering service in business. We can be found at www.interfaithfoundation.org 11

From the Heart

We asked 4 Interfaith ministers what their own beliefs mean to them....



by Claire genkai Breeze

by Rev. Suzanne Helena Cohen

“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle”. I read that quote in a book a few years ago and it instantly resonated with my Zen Buddhist practice. These days it is easier than ever to see the kind of great battles that people are fighting on a daily basis. Many of these battles that are accentuated by our economic instability, and our concerns for the future are compounded by the way that we think about them. In Buddhism we try to see the wisdom in the realisation that someone can be in great pain, but that they do not necessarily need to suffer from it at the same time. A person facing redundancy is already facing enough challenges, without holding a personal view that they have failed, are worthless and therefore feel ashamed. In Zen we try to cultivate a mind that is stable under stress and compassionate towards all beings including ourselves. Mindfulness practice is receiving a lot of attention at the moment from scientists studying what happens to our brains when we meditate. This scientific interest in our practice comforts me. It helps me to know that an approach that has been used for 2,500 years actually helps us deal with today’s great battles.

Judaism is constantly evolving, yet the spiritual essence remains unchanging; there is only one unknowable, unnameable God, therefore, one intelligence that brought the world in all its diversity into being. This belief enables me to know that first and foremost I am intimately connected to God and cannot escape this fact; no matter how disconnected I may end up feeling through the turbulence of material life. However, through the observance of the Jewish Sabbath and festivals, daily and life cycle rituals, meditation, prayer and studying Torah, I have the tools to help me connect to the eternal world of blessing, love and peace and to understand more deeply other faiths.



by Rev Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock

by Rev. Charles Kemp

One of the joys of being an Interfaith Minister is the opportunity to celebrate and give honour to the great traditions of Religious Faith, to which, as a Christian, I owe so much. Living in astonishing and difficult times, it is vital that we share what is holy and good in the service of Humanity, and this is happening, despite lingering residues of reaction, fear and fundamentalism. The key to spirituality, - to all spirituality - is Love ; love receptive in devotion, and active in compassion. Essential Christianity is the Mystery of Love Acting in the “reunion” of Heaven and Earth in the Human heart. The Greek word for this selfless, compassionate Love, is Kenosis ; For me, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ is the kenosis of God to the world; not only to Christians, of course,.... to everyone, from the beginning, and always; in Time, but not of Time. It is the assurance that we are completely known, totally understood, and unconditionally loved beyond anything we can imagine, with a love stronger than death. The more deeply I can realise this, the more I am able to recognize the divine presence in every holy thought, word and deed, in every human being, in every realm of Nature, in the Angels, in the prophets and Saints of every Faith - for this Love is the Freedom to Give in response to Divine Generosity, the sacred liberty of every son and daughter of the cosmos, and in the end - “lost in wonder, love and praise “- the ultimate homecoming of Creation. 12

I developed a love of Judaism through the passion of my teachers. This love went underground from adolescence to my late 20’s before emerging again through studying Kabbalah (mystical tradition of Judaism). Today, some 20 years on, I return to Judaism as a source of support in this fast changing and troubling world. The writings of the ancient Rabbi’s convey a deep understanding of the conflict human beings experience when grappling between serving ourselves (Ego) and unifying with God (Self).

For more than twenty years I have been following a path of SelfRealization discovered by India’s ancient rishis or sages. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is the subject of the dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna. At its core, there is a simple daily meditation practice [kriya yoga) and a commitment to know oneself thoroughly. This is what I understand to be the essence of Self-Realization. Meditation helps us see through any limitations we impose on our sense of self and discover what lies beyond. As it does so, it starts a process of personal transformation. What I love most about the Hindu approach to spirituality is the compassionate and down-to-earth understanding of what it means to be born a human being in a dualistic universe of contradictory opposites (maya). It offers us a route out of suffering, illusion and ignorance with a lightness of touch and a joyful playfulness. There is no guilt, fear or compulsion to be a certain way in order to be saved or to save the world ~ just a responsibility to be aware of the choices we make and their consequences. How reassuring, refreshing and worthwhile in today’s troubled and troubling world! More to Life

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


Towards the True

Kinship of Faiths H

is Holiness The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He frequently states that his life is guided by three major commitments: the promotion of basic human values or secular ethics in the interest of human happiness, the fostering of inter-religious harmony and the welfare of the Tibetan people, focusing on the survival of their identity, culture and religion. His views on how world peace can be achieved are simple and yet deeply profound.


hen I came to India as a refugee in 195I knew very little about religions other than my own. In the last fifty years I have spent a substantial part of my time and attention thinking and learning about the great world religions beyond my own Buddhism. This has been hugely uplifting, for it has affirmed for me the extraordinary richness of the human spirit when it comes to envisioning the ideal of perfection and examining the fundamental questions of existence. On the metaphysical level, all major religions confront the same perennial questions: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where will I go after death? On the level of living a good life, all the faith traditions turn to compassion as a guiding principle. They use different words, invoke different images and root themselves in difference concepts. But what they have in common is far more than what divides them, and their differences form the potential for a tremendously enriching dialogue, rooted in a marvellous diversity of experience and insight.

Physically, emotionally, and mentally, we are all equal. We all share basic needs for food, shelter, safety and love. We all aspire to happiness and we all shun suffering. Each of us has hopes, worries, fears and dreams. Each of us wants the best for our family and loved ones. We all experience pain when we suffer loss and joy when we achieve what we seek. On this fundamental level, religion, ethnicity, culture and language make no difference. Today’s great challenge of peaceful coexistence demands that we remain in touch with this basic part of our nature. To all people, religious and non-believing, I make this appeal. Always embrace the common humanity that lies at the heart of us all. Always affirm the oneness of our human family. Let your heart be softened by the balm of compassion, reflecting deeply upon the needs and aspirations of yourself and others. Let not your differences from the views of others come in the way of the wish for their peace, happiness and well-being.

'there are no strangers, all are brothers and sisters in their journeys through life'

I have come to recognise that promotion of understanding among the world’s religions is one of the most serious and important tasks facing the world today. In fact, alongside advocating fundamental human values, this task has come to occupy a great deal of my time, especially when I travel to different parts of the world. None of us can any longer remain secure behind the walls and narrow confines of our specific culture and faith. Today the world we live in has become a very small place. In the face of this, we might throw up our arms at all the complications. Yet, as our world gets ever more complex and interconnected at all levels, the solution to its problems may be found somewhere very simple. Indeed, what could be more simple or more sustaining that to return to our basic human quality of empathy and good heart? On that level, all differences break down. Whether one is rich or poor, educated or illiterate, religious or non-believing, man or woman, black or white, or brown, we are all the same. 14

When we see another person, let us feel our basic affinity. In this place, there are no strangers – all are brothers and sisters in their journeys through life. We are but temporary guests on this earth. At most, our lives span a hundred years. Within the great age of our shared planet, this is but a hiccup or a breath of breeze. If we remain bogged down in divisions and perpetuate discord, how trivial a way this is to spend the brief time allotted is. Time never stops. So let us use it wisely in the service of others, or at least without contributing to their woes. Then as the last day approaches, we can look back and rejoice, “Ah, I have made my existence meaningful.” As the least we will have no regrets. Taken from Towards The True Kinship of Faiths by His Holiness The Dalai Lama with kind permission from littlebrown.co.uk. More to Life

'physically, emotionally, and mentally we are all equal.' Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


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10/11th November 2012


For more details please call Wendy on 07773 020995:

www.whitelightevents.co.uk Admission costs: Adult - £5 Concession - £4 2 day Adult - £9 2 day Concession - £7 Children under 16 - Free Sat: 9am - 6pm & Sun: 9am - 5pm

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Who am I? What is life? The OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary's one and two year training brings intense and joyful inquiry to these fundamental questions. Recent students describe the journey as 'radical homecoming, continued awakening, healing and  acceptance....' 

Training programmes commence each autumn.

Join us at an experiential introductory event! Call or visit our website to find out more about our introductory events. www.interfaithfoundation.org UK enquiry line: 08444 457004 The OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary is part of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, a charitable company limited by guarantee.Registered Charity No: 1099163 (England and Wales) SCO40148 (Scotland) Registered Company No: 4432622 (England and Wales).


Years of


A Positive Vision for Humanity and the Earth


ike many others I responded to the call to engage with this unique centre. Almost six years ago I made the pilgrimage to discover for myself what it would be like to live within this intentional community. I have learnt so much, not only from the gems I have been given through the various courses I have attended like Ecovillage Design Education and the Conscious Medicine Conference, but also through the examples of the people who commit to embodying the vision of this community - whether it be here in Findhorn or out in the world.

'to serve with radiant peace'


lmost everyone I have met are gardeners of some kind whether they are actively putting their hands in the earth to bring forth the bounty and beauty of nature or are cultivating the full radiance of their lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s purpose. Here I live amongst people who recognise humanityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interdependence with all of life, and affirm the values of love, service, integrity, responsibility and personal leadership. The eco village at Findhorn reflects the communityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s commitment to work consciously and harmoniously with nature. By valuing caring and cooperative relationships with all aspects of being, it has developed healthy ecological practices and building techniques, responsible energy generation and use, recycling, organic food production, and sustainable social and economic structures. Taking a walk around the park, I observe grass roofs brimming with insect-enticing plants and solar panels glinting in the sun. I find rampant flower meadows, beehives tucked away in corners and gardens brimming over with a diverse collection of plants: floral, edible, functional and fragrant. The buildings sport an assortment of ecological technologies and materials from straw bale to ecochalet (there is even a cluster made out of recycled whisky barrels), and there are often heated debates about the most effective natural methods for creating and conserving energy, such as ground source heat pumps or passive solar.


'work consciously and harmoniously with nature'

his year the Findhorn Community is celebrating its 50th birthday. It is hard to believe that only half a century ago this land was dusty sand dunes. From the first seeds planted with faith and devotion, this centre has touched the hearts and minds of people throughout the world, encouraging them to explore how to live more consciously and sustainably on this planet. The community serves as an inspiring demonstration of new directions for humanity and the experiential programmes and workshops offered through the Findhorn Foundation continue to share practical steps for personal and global transformation.

lisa.sutherland@findhorn.org www.findhorn.org 18

More to Life

Mystics &


Each time a great spiritual teacher, or what is called an avatar, came to earth they brought to humanity a new spiritual path. The paths that they brought were means by which a person could come into direct experience of the spiritual world, and of God at the center of their own beings.

« Article By Mother Clare Watts.


he paths that lead people to be able to come face to face with that divine presence inside of them are called ‘inner paths’. Each avatar brought a different inner path. After each avatar left the earth their followers formed outer paths, paths that no longer taught the art and science of going inside one's being and coming into the presence of, and the union with God. Fortunately the inner teachings of the avatars were remembered by a few and carried down through their inner circles of disciples and students. The inner paths are also known as the ‘mystical paths’. Mystics are people who decide to not only believe a doctrine related to a spiritual path, but also to do whatever it takes to experience those great truths for themselves. Mystics want to know by their own experience, they want to have an actual relationship with the God Within and with the avatar(s) of their path. One who wishes to be a mystic must, in fact, choose a path. All the inner paths will lead a devoted student of the mysteries to the God-Within. However, each path uses different methods and

'if a person does not choose a path, they will remain at the crossroads' works with different avatars in their meditations. If a person does not choose a path, they will remain at the crossroads of all the paths, sampling some of each, but never walking down any of them far enough to actually enter fully into those mysteries. They will then know a bit of many things, but will have mastered none. 20

Being a sampler of all the paths rather than a practitioner and adept of one of the paths can be the right thing for some people. Those who truly want to go as far as they can go spiritually in this life, however, will need to choose a path.

How does such a seeker go about picking which path to follow? I know when I was a young seeker I wanted a path that was unusual and I was sure I did not want one that was Christian. I lived in yoga ashrams and attended one year of live-in intensive Sufi training. I had gathered from my readings of eastern spiritual texts that I would not be able to get very far without having a teacher who was teaching me one-on-one. I searched through yogic and Sufi channels, but could not find a teacher who would take me into intensive inner path training. To my chagrin, I instead found a mystical christian teacher who was willing and able to teach me. I had to put aside much pride and stubbornness about what I thought my spiritual path would look like to be able to open to a christian inner path. Initially, I was amazed that there even was a mystical path in christianity. I had never heard of it I was even more astonished to find that they offered oneon-one training and all of the major initiations to bring me into self-realization and direct contact with God. I saw how perfect this plan was to make me be humble and accept the teacher and the path in whatever form it was given to me, because one needs humility to accept a teacher's instruction.

The inner path of Islam is called Sufism. The inner path of Hinduism is Zen. The inner path of Judaism is Kabbalah. In Christianity there is no separate name; the Christian inner path is simply Christian Mysticism.

'there is nothing more important than connecting with the God-Within' The Mystical Christian Order I co-direct teaches reincarnation and astrology, along with becoming healed and whole in body, mind and soul through connecting with God. The inner paths are not for those who want occasional training or classes, which will not call on them to transform themselves. They are instead for the serious seekers of truth and light, who sense that there is nothing more important than connecting with the God-Within and discovering the purpose of their life. Mother Clare Watts is a Master Teacher and the co-director of The Order of Christ/Sophia, a mystical christian order that has 12 centres of light nationwide. She is a priest, a midwife, and a psychotherapist with Jungian psychology training. She is author of Oivmy Birth to Pud: A Woman's Path to Enlightenment. Find out more by visiting www.motherclarewatts.com More to Life

'more people need to awaken, but it is happening'

The On July 29th 1981 I, like the rest of the country had a day off work to watch Lady Diana Frances Spencer glide down the aisle of St. Paul’s cathedral on the arm of her very proud father. What a spectacle. What an image of beauty, innocence, hope and romance; the enormous dress, the tiara, the virgin bride and the very eligible Prince of Wales. I fell for the fairytale hook, line and sinker and took great delight watching her leave St. Pauls seemingly confident of her future as the next Queen of England. For the next two decades, I watched her grow into an icon, a mother, an ambassador, a complex, stunning, stylish woman and somehow felt I knew her personally. Her death left me with a feeling of profound sadness, what a complete waste of human life. When I first met Anne Stewart around three years ago at a wor kshop in Liverpool, she struck me as a gentle, nurturing, warm woman. I was drawn to work with her energy immediately. I ‘knew’ her on some level. This quiet, unassuming woman isn’t a saint; she has all the fears, trials and tribulations we all have but she is a lady with a wonderful sense of humour and good old fashioned common sense. If somebody else had told me they had been channeling Princess Diana I might have been more sceptical. We have all seen the séances and ghost hunts on TV with people claiming to have Elvis, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe around the table but Anne seemed reluctant to embrace the information she was receiving. She certainly didn’t want to court publicity, in fact she seemed rather nervous talking about the messages she had been receiving and knew she would meet with ridicule and disbelief by Diana’s adoring public. In Anne’s words: One night in June I felt a pull on my shoulder, awoke and ‘saw’ [as real as a living person] Diana at the side of my bed. Shocked, I remember recovering enough to mumble ‘What do you want?” The reply was “ I want to work with you through the heart. I’ve been watching you for some years. There is so much work we have to do, and we have little time left.” I was still dazed when I agreed, and soon after she faded from sight.For the next few days, I kept it to myself, not knowing how ‘real’ it was, feeling very emotional and doubting my own sanity Speaking to my psychics again, they concurred it was real, and I should be honoured and welcome this revelation.  Slowly, hesitatingly, I did. One night ‘the channelling’ occured in my husband’s presence Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


and we recorded it on a dictaphone. The essence of the message to me was that her death was pre-destined and it was the way to open hearts that could not be opened in any other way. As Anne began to channel, there was a very real fragrance entered the room, a sophisticated, heady smell of expensive perfume. I have never smelt it before or since. It was intoxicating. There were so many questions I wanted to ask Diana; about her life with the Prince of Wales, her life in the royal family, her romances. Had she really been planning to marry Dodi? Although she spoke of forgiveness for the wrongs done to her by the establishment and her love for her ‘two boys’ it became clear that the Princess did not intend to dwell on the past. Her mission was to spread the word of love, peace and reassurance to a world that seems to have lost its way. “There are so many good people on the earth at the moment, and as you know, the work that you and lots of other people are doing, will balance out, will tip the balance of the planet. There are many hundreds of thousands of you, remember that. More need to awaken, but it is happening, and a lot of work is being done on this side, and as you know most things are unseen. The work that the angelic beings are doing, the hierarchy are doing, spirit world is doing here. If you were on this side you would feel so proud and honoured as we are going forward to take this planet into another dimension. And nothing will stop them...” Diana, channelled on March 29th 2012.

I know people are fearful of the coming months and some people think it is the end of the world. We know it is not, and we know you know it is not. It is a changing of energies, and although I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen it will not be like anything that is being forecasted and is being fed to you. A lot of the changes in energies started way back in the late 80’s and 90’s and now it is clearing out. And they are becoming finer and they are becoming more settled. Diana, channelled on June 23rd 2012. Was I in the presence of an icon reaching out to us from beyond? I don’t know. How could anyone be sure without having known her personally? If she shared a secret, how would you measure its truth? I know I felt a presence, I know Anne changed physically, her vocabulary changed, her eyes became a much brighter blue, there was a serenity about her. The beautiful fragrance was real and inexplicable. I guess if you want to believe, you will. If you don’t, nothing on Earth will persuade you. What I do know is that I trust Anne Stewart and her intentions. You decide.

To find our more about Anne Stewart and the channellings she receives from Diana, Princess of Wales please visit www.dianahealing.co or call 01925 479257 23

'realise that you are unique'


Stress-Free Learning to manage stress and remain calm and positive in all the

challenging situations we face in life is both a life-saving and a lifechanging skill. Stress drains our energy, damages our health, spoils our relationships, reduces our productivity and can leave us feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to turn, or what to do. « Article By John McConnel.

ten suggestions to help you lead a stress-free life.

7. Breathe properly. Take deep breaths from the stomach, not shallow breaths from the chest and increase the supply of oxygen to

1. Value yourself and others. Appreciate your qualities, values, your blood and your brain. Regular deep breathing calms the body talents, skills and attainments. Make a list of them. Realise that you are unique and that you have own special part to play in making the world a better place. Knowing this will give you the confidence to assert yourself and say ‘No’ when necessary. Saying ‘No’ in the right way, at the right time, is one of the most important ways of managing your stress. What you learn about yourself also apply to others and improve the quality of your relationships.

2. Be your own best friend. Only you can give yourself the care and attention you really need. Only you know your limits and how you feel inside. Listen to your inner voice and take note of what it tells you - it is there to help you. Stop beating yourself up and appreciate all the amazing things that you do in this complicated and highly pressurised world.

and the mind and helps prevent the ‘fight and flight’ reaction, which has such a damaging effect on the body.

8. Use your head. Recognise the power of your thoughts. By controlling your thoughts you control your life. By choosing to create life-enhancing, positive thoughts, you will bring benefit to yourself and others; by choosing to create negative thoughts, you will harm yourself and others. The choice is yours. It is that simple. 9. Remember the law of consequences. Whatever you give out will come back to you. If you wish to enjoy a stress-free life in the future, you need to create it now. What you think, you will become. So be peaceful, be calm, relax. Become unflappable like an elephant.

3. Make a commitment to become stress-free. It takes 10. Remember who you really are. There is more to you than time, energy and consistent effort to realise and change the various patterns of thinking and unhelpful habits that have contributed to the way you handle the stress ‘triggers’ in your life. Learn new ways of thinking and being through reading, watching videos and attending self-help courses. Get a coach. Invest in yourself and see what a difference it makes.

4. Look after your health. In particular, make sure you take regular exercise, eat well (e.g. home- cooked meals made with fresh ingredients, preferably vegetarian), drink lots of water and get sufficient, good quality sleep. The fitter you are, the better you will be able to withstand the pressures of life.

5. Look after your wealth. Financial pressures can play an

your job, your relationships, your possessions, even your body! All these things change. The ‘real’ you, is the being within, that consciousness or energy which is the source of your many positive qualities. Get to know and nourish your inner self and you will experience a peace and calm that will help you through each day.

I hope the above methods will empower you to make a difference to your own life and that of others. John McConnel, a stress management trainer, has been a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for over 20 years. He can be contacted at www.stresslesstraining.co.uk

important part in creating stress. You may feel you have to work extra hours to make ends meet but is it really necessary? Are you making the best use of your income? Could you change some of the ways you spend your income so that you can afford more time to relax and enjoy other parts of your life? Simplify your needs, question your desires and use everything (including your time and energy) in a worthwhile way.

6. Look after your happiness. You were born to be happy

and you deserve to be happy. In fact, you have a duty to be happy because if you are unhappy those around you may also be unhappy. So pursue true happiness, stop doing the things that make you unhappy and make the world a happier place.

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University 14 Byrom Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 4PP Telephone: 0161 834 8016

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Celebrating 50 Years of Community Fifty years of inspiring thousands of people and launching new ideas to help make our world a better place. Our workshops and ecovillage are dedicated to creating a positive and sustainable future. Discover it for yourself during this special year. FINDHORN EXPERIENCE WEEK â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Seven days that can change your world. An invitation for you to let go of your limitations, open to lov and to be the change you want to see in the world.

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the way of the peaceful mind...

For most people the thought of regular meditation seems the stuff of distant fantasy conjuring up misty images of serene monks atop mountains or beautiful white clad women on deserted beaches with gently lapping

waves kissing their feet. But back in the ‘real world’ we simply don’t have the time or the luxury for ‘doing nothing’ each day.

But what if a few minutes, every day, dedicated to easing the mind meant a lifetime of less pressure and confusion, less anger and frustration, and improved health and enjoyment. Is that not something worth discovering and undertaking? Meditation costs nothing to do, but your life could prove far more costly without it…Our very being is constantly exposed to stimuli, inviting us to relentlessly engage our energy often resulting in us spreading ourselves too thinly, giving away our personal power, to the point we become stressed. Emotional stress, left unchecked can manifest itself in the physical body and we become more prone to dis-ease and illness. Meditation seeks to not only prevent the stress building up in the first place, but it can also ease the conflict between mind and body and this is where the soul connection comes in; where the magic of your inner knowing happens. When it comes to ‘enlightenment’ – understanding the ‘who’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ we are, we talk of a person as a trinity of mind, body and soul. This represents the mental/emotional, physical and spiritual elements of being human. Meditation seeks to address our mental/

emotional state in order to have the entire being function more harmoniously and free ourselves from distractions to bring a clearer perspective on the issues that trouble our thoughts or to better appreciate what really matters. And unlike many esoteric practises, meditation (incorporating the more recently coined practice of ‘mindfulness’), has been scientifically proven to alter our chemical, physical and emotional state for the positive, from boosting our immune system to better managing depression, anxiety and our ability to better interact with each other. The more we undertake this ‘exercise’ the greater the benefits and the easier it becomes to integrate it into our lives, till it becomes a habit like cleaning our teeth… ‘Meditation is to know oneself as one is. It is see our real face without any mask. When we practice meditation then we are bound to come across dark side of our nature which we are suppressing in our unconscious mind. But through meditation we can transform these desires by being a passive watcher of them.’

space it needs to make sense of our thoughts and concerns, by engaging with our ‘soul knowing’ (intuition or ‘gut feeling’). This can have several aims; to find total tranquillity, to focus on the joy of life, to resolve an issue, or to tap into our creative state, dreaming up wonders, sparking ideas and solutions. Like all things it takes practice, but once learnt never forgotten…

The thing is people have always meditated – or to be more specific, found a way to ‘switch off’ or ‘chill out’ in order to take the weight off their minds and allow joy, peace and pleasure (the soul experience) to flow through them, even if for just a few moments. The common misconception is that meditation must be done in silence and complete stillness and aim to think of ‘nothing’. That is one way, but it is not the only way. ‘Active’ meditations can be engaged in whilst dancing, singing, chanting, praying, swimming, running or walking. Some forms of meditation use ‘living flames’, like a fire or a candle. The overarching theme to all of the above is that we engage the physical body in a single focal point thus allowing nothing else to draw away our attention. Then slowly but surely we can mentally strip away the clutter allowing our minds the breathing

As we watch the breathing, it will slow down on its own. This is the miracle and beauty of this meditation. If we don't interfere with the breathing and watch it passively then our breath will become more harmonious and slow. As the breathing slows down there will be a change in our mental state also and we will notice that we have become more calm and peaceful. There is more clarity and well-being inside us. This technique develops the knack of watching passively and once we know how to watch passively then we can be meditative in the activities of our daily life also.

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

'allow joy, peace and pleasure' Try this simple ‘Breathing Meditation’ technique - a very simple method of watching the breath and improving our emotional state. Sitting or lying comfortably, just become aware of incoming and outgoing breath. Watch the breath entering from nostrils and trace down its movement till the lungs and then watch the reverse process from lungs to nostrils. If any sound comes then allow it but pay attention to breathing.

To find out more about this and other thoughtprovoking material from our resident consciousness commentator Kate Osborne please visit www.solarusfoundation.com.


Humanity at the crossroads Humanity is at a turning point and we have a choice: continue on the same destructive path of greed and competition based on market forces, and suffer even more â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or build a saner and fairer way of life for everyone. For almost 40 years Benjamin Creme, artist, author and lecturer, has spoken of the awakening of humanity at this critical time. The Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement have seen millions of ordinary people demand a better world. We are witnessing the growing voice of the people calling for change. At the same time an extraordinary event is taking place: the emergence of the long-awaited World Teacher, Maitreya, and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Maitreya is inspiring humanity to see itself as one, and to build a new civilization, where sharing the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s resources will create justice, trust and lasting peace. The choice is ours.

Lecture by Benjamin Creme Friends House 173 Euston Road, London NW1 Thursday 13 September & 11 October 7pm to 9.30pm Doors 6.30pm Admission free Call: 020 7482 1113 www.share-international.org

Heal Your Life Workshop

(Experience the powerful 2 day workshop based on the work of Louise L. Hay) Daphne runs the following workshops;

Heal Your Life Inner Child Manifesting Health Relationship Anger & Forgiveness

Daphne is willing to travel to facilitate group workshops

For further details Please contact Daphne Whitehouse 020 8531 3441 Mobile: 07779 453302 e: onesoul@daphnewhitehouse.com



Or Something Else? Are you plagued with anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, irregular bleeding, irritability, memory problems, sexual problems, difficulty in sleeping, breast pain, cold intolerance, Are you plagued with anger, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, irregular bleeding, irritability, memory problems, sexual problems, difficulty in sleeping, breast pain, cold intolerance, cravings, heart burn, bloating or vaginal dryness...etc? « Article By Carolle Jean-Murat M.D. Are you having difficulties in your personal relationships, career or business and not living your life purpose? Have you tried Western, allopathic or other alternative modalities and are still suffering? Were you told that these symptoms were due to PMS, perimenopause, menopause, or that you were experiencing a hormonal imbalance? What is really happening in a woman’s life? Can all her symptoms be due to PMS, hormone imbalance, perimenopause, or menopause? Is it really her hormones? Mary-Ann, a 48-year-old nurse practitioner was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance because of fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a low sex drive. She tried many alternative therapies, including natural progesterone cream, to no avail.

During her last visit to the dentist, Joan felt panicky when she sat in the dental chair and had to leave without having the work done. She continued to feel anxious, especially at work. She was told that her problems were caused by hormone deficiency. Even though she did not like the idea of taking any medication, she was prescribed Xanax and HRT. This all coincided with Joan being required at work to take on much more responsibility because of budget cuts.

'symptoms started when they felt out of control' What was the common thread? These women's symptoms started when they found themselves in situations where they felt out of control.

'anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fatigue'

Unfortunately, women are usually in family or job settings that do not fully support them. They tend to the needs of others first, with little or no time left for self. Could symptoms be the sign of a woman’s body reminding her of her own unmet needs?

However, her symptoms of overwhelming fatigue started when she moved to a new town and a new hospital job where she felt that the interests of her patients were not being met. She felt frustrated and inadequate. By the time she came to see me, it was difficult for her to get out of bed in the morning. She was very concerned since all the blood tests by her healthcare provider were normal. Joan, 53 years old, had been working as an office manager for more than 25 years.

We are spiritual, psycho-emotional and physical beings. When we are confronted with a situation that makes us feel we are not in control of our life, the deeply buried issues will resurface as emotional and physical symptoms – the tip of the iceberg. We cannot simply treat those symptoms. It would be like putting a band-aid on a deep wound. Real healing starts with treating the root cause. Only then can we find balance in our life - living in your heart, not in your head.


Next time you are having unexplained symptoms ask yourself: • Could I have unresolved childhood issues? • Do I have someone I need to forgive? • Have I made healthy lifestyle choices? • Do I feel good about my work, home, and relationships? • Have I been too busy taking care of everyone else? • Am I afraid to rock the boat because I am afraid to be alone? • Do I stay in abusive relationships because of financial security? • Am I afraid of changes? • Have I been ignoring or denying intuitive messages from my body? • Have I been reaching for a quick fix for symptoms? Listening to your intuition can be a great self-protection tool. It can be the lifeline to what’s affecting your good health. Your body will tell you when something is not right. Listen to it as you would a friend, and become more self-aware of the underlying cause of your symptoms before reaching for medication. Dr. Carolle is an intuitive healer with years of training and experience as a board-certified gynecologist who has helped thousands of women for over three decades. She offers telephone or in person consultations for women. She helps them quickly discover the root cause of their dis-ease which usually is hidden emotions. She guides women on how to bring them to consciousness, and how to deal with them. Visit www.drcarolle.com

More to Life

In November 2001, years of endometriosis from the age of 16 had taken their toll and I was rushed into hospital; my right ovary had developed a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst which had ruptured and was bleeding internally. Further tests confirmed that I had another smaller (6cm) cyst on the other ovary which didn’t respond to treatment, so in April 2002, the decision was taken for me to have a sub-total hysterectomy, leaving my cervix, which I was advised would help to keep the pelvic floor better supported over the rest of my life.

'how can any woman getting sweats keep a patch on?'

The word Menopause didn’t feature in my daily vocabulary until I reached my early forties. I had read the odd health article in magazines over the years, but that was it. I am sure however, that even if I had studied any of the articles in depth, it still wouldn’t have prepared me for the impact menopause had on my life, let alone those around me. << Article by Yvette Hastings 34

The operation went well and I remember sitting down and putting on my first HRT patch, prescribed after my six week post-op check-up. I’d been so looking forward to this moment which would eliminate all the hot flushes and night sweats I’d been having since the drugs that had been injected over several months to try and shrink the second cyst. I remember thinking that the flushes would ease off within half an hour or so, but two weeks later I had to ring my GP. “It’s not working” I told him. “Ah well, it can take up to six weeks”. I was disappointed, but determined to get through the next few weeks. Then the headaches and nausea started to kick in, big time! I rang the surgery again; this time, the news was less encouraging: “Oh dear, it sounds like HRT isn’t suitable for you, you’d better stop it”. This came as a huge shock! Notwithstanding, I needed to stick my patches on with tape (how can any woman getting sweats keep a patch on…? I used to find mine rolled into little sausages in the bed the following day), I had pinned all my hopes on the HRT sorting things out. Where was I supposed to go to next? What was going to help me?

More to Life

I went along to Boots and the pharmacist kindly pointed me in the direction of the alternatives. Over the next few weeks, I tried soy, dong quai, black cohosh and the rest. None of them did anything and some of them made me feel quite unwell.

'what was going to help me?' I was beginning to feel quite despondent when a chance encounter at a pharmaceutical conference with a university professor proved life changing. A student was doing a PhD into various food sources believed to have the ability to replace HRT; they needed a volunteer. I jumped at the chance! By this time I had become so desperate that if someone had told me running naked around my garden naked every night at midnight would work, I would have done so. Anything to get rid of the hot flushes, night sweats, tiredness and memory loss; and to add insult to injury, my nails were chipping, my hair was falling out in clumps and my joints ached every morning. I had two young children and the thought of feeling like this for the rest of my life was extremely depressing. A pack of pills arrived on my doorstep and I had no hesitation in starting; my gynaecologist had checked all the university’s research and told me to go ahead. Within four days I felt it was working; at first I couldn’t believe it, but as the next few days progressed, I knew that it really was doing the trick. I had been having seven or eight flushes every hour and they were down to two or three. I was also sleeping better, had more energy and by the end of the month, I was back to my normal extrovert self. The pills contain phytoestrogens from beans, oestrogens which are similar in shape to the body’s oestrogen and are a bit like skeleton keys which can go around in the body and open the same doors as the human oestrogen. However, they are not a steroidal hormone and

cannot bring back periods. I know that these pills have undergone double blind, placebo controlled, multi-centre, randomised trials (a lot of long words which mean that they have been independently tested by hospitals to verify that they are safe and effective). I also know that when I stop taking them, not only do the dreaded flushes and sweats return, but I also get tired again and my knees start to lock up in the mornings. My experience of the menopause also made me realise that when conventional medicine doesn’t suit or if you don’t want HRT, there is little else GPs can offer (unless you’re happy to take antidepressants). It can be a bad time and I wanted to help other women avoid going through what I had endured.

'hot flushes and night sweats' Now, nearly 10 years on since I took my first capsule, I'm still able to function in many ways that I know would not be possible if I didn't keep taking these capsules. I'm running this business, looking after my 2 children and our pets and enjoy my girlie social life whenever I can find time to fit it in! However, I have been luckier than most and perhaps the most important thing I can offer you is the ability to ring and speak to someone who knows exactly what you are going through Whether your periods are still regular or have stopped completely an d d want to try a solution that works for a high number of users, go to www.novanutri.co.uk or call them on 01948 831057.

You can find out more about the alternatives to HRT by visiting Yvette Hastings website www.novanutri.co.uk. As with all supplements, we would always suggest that you discuss including these in your diet with your GP or Pharmacist; this is particularly important for women who are on medication or have any medical conditions.

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk


Crystal Poppy is a unique, one of a kind new age gift shop. We specialize in crystals, angels, meditation and relaxation CDs, incense, dreamcatchers, windchimes, essential oils, buddha, oracle cards & tarot.

Practically everything you need for your spiritual journey.

T: 0161 764 5560 www.crystalpoppy.co.uk

54 Bolton Street, Bury, BL9 0LL (opposite Castle Leisure Centre)


More to Life

The Ethereal Journey Everyone is travelling on this amazing journey, a journey of light and love, of both the body and the spirit. It is a journey through time and space, a journey alone and a journey together. It is a journey of adventures, of peril, of love, of wealth beyond imaginations and times of extreme poverty and destitution. It is an individual journey, an individual life and an individual existence, but linked in life after life with the same fellow travellers. <<Article by Dr. Heather Parsons

This ethereal journey is our life. The journey may be complete in one single life or it may take many. It may even be hundreds of lives stretching across all continents and times. This cycle of existence and experience may be as vast as the oceans, the memories and secrets of which may be as deep as the deepest ocean trench and just as well hidden. These are the secrets of the heart, of joy, of love that transcends pain and of eternal undying optimism. People are born as energetic beings and have energy flowing through them every moment of every day they are alive. Energies allow subtle exchanges between individuals and give people the means to reach out beyond the everyday world to contact the unseen world of the spirits, the angels and their ancestors. Humans, as energetic beings, can respond to the subtle energies of the universe. Energies are thoughts and as such they are an integral part of the universe, and link up with everything that has gone before and everything that is yet to come. They are the alpha and the omega, the love and joy of life itself.

'to experience is to live' Humans are flesh and blood and continually produce new thoughts which flow throughout the body. This energy nourishes the soul and can be the thought of a babyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first smile or the cherished memory or a grandparent long dead. Energy is the accumulation of every thought ever had, stored in the computer of the mind. It is usually difficult to remember events from a past life, but now, energies across the globe are shifting helping to wake up these Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

memories. The energy of every person is as individual as their experiences on Earth have been. Souls are the accumulated thoughts of experiences, unique and beautiful, from one life to another across time, and every life is as individual as people themselves. The journey for many souls has crossed continents and centuries. This journey is as wide and as vast as the Earth itself. A person may have incarnated as an Inca and worshipped at the feet of the Sun God in Peru. They may have experienced life as a gypsy in the middle ages or been a lonely old lady who loved her cats in recent times. The memories of all these experiences are around the individual waiting to be read like a book which is closed yet occasionally giving tantalising glimpses of the story as the pages begin to unfold. One constant along the journey has always been the companionship of fellow travellers. Many people have been met along the way, some have been liked and a chosen few have been loved. On meeting these souls again there is a deep connection to something vast and wonderful beyond the normal boundaries of life. This can be a sudden feeling of absolute trust in someone only just met. This is a rekindling of universal memories, which want to be remembered and given life again. The energies of everyone are linked to the souls they have loved, the experiences they have shared and to the energies of the universe itself. People crave experiences, to experience is to live and to live is to be able to continue on the journey and to return home. People want to see the beauty of the world, to see the midnight sun in the northern sky. They

want the freedom to discover new lands and new peoples. They want to be inspired by leaders who can take their beliefs and aspirations to new heights. They want the love of a special person to hold on to and grow old with. They want to feel the rain on their skin and use the wisdom of their pasts wisely as they watch the dawn of each new day.

'this ethereal journey is our life' An acceptance of the ethereal journey opens the heart to the endless and beautiful mysteries within. Living on the Earth before has left imprints of the person within the mists of time and within the memories of others. It is as if the whole of humanity is on a global roller coaster ride leading to an awakening of dormant memories. Even though individuals may try to stop the process there is no getting off as the brakes are non existent and the journey has already begun. People want to end their journey, and rejoin their spiritual family, not just as a soul after death but, as a beautiful enlightened soul who has experienced, learnt and loved along the way, - a true master of the universe.

Dr Heather Parsons is a therapist, writer, artist and healer. She lives in Somerset where she runs workshops on â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Ethereal Journey.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; www.angelsrus.co.uk


Codependency As a therapist I see a lot of people come to the clinic who are desperately unhappy but can’t quite figure out why. However, the list of seemingly unconnected issues point towards one obvious thing...codependency. « Article By Nick Gully.


odependency is a pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving in a way that gives too much power and worth to other people, places or things, usually stemming from patterns observed and experienced during childhood. It is characterised by three distinctive themes:

Self Neglect: including a tendency to deny our needs and wants and by putting other people before ourselves, to devalue our worth as a human being, to normalise and minimise our problems, to experience feelings of worthlessness, numbness, anxiety, depression and low self esteem and to enter into and remain in abusive or unfulfilling relationships, over or under-spending, physical health problems, avoidance of intimacy, compliance and social isolation.

Self Harm: including self critical thoughts about ourselves, others and the world, comparing (and despairing) ourselves with others, feelings of shame, guilt, self loathing and resentment and patterns of behaviour such as drug and alcohol misuse and addiction, staying in abusive or unrewarding relationships, self injury and under or overachieving.

The first great lie of codependency is that we are bad, broken or stupid people. The second great lie is that only other people, places or things can fix us and make us whole or that we have a responsibility to provide this to others. Recovery from co-dependency is simple but not easy. Fundamentally, codependency results from an inability to tune into, trust and express our own needs and wants. A “need” is an essential requirement for our overall wellbeing, such as the need for safety, food, shelter and love and a “want” is a preference such as a wish to live in the city, to be wealthy or to drive a certain car.

'recovery from co-dependency is simple but not easy'

Self Obsession: including a preoccupation with appearance,

status, control, power or money, a tendency to follow less than / more than thinking (being judgemental), seeking validation and reassurance from other people, self-centred dialogue, remaining problem focussed on things like childhood trauma and psychological disorders, feelings of shame, low self esteem, poor emotional regulation (extremes of emotion), patterns of control, manipulation, passivity, aggression, perfectionism, being very “me” centred, over achieving / under achieving, rescuing or seeking to be rescued.


ost actively codependent people are unable to recognise these signs and see how they weave together to create a harmful pattern of behaviour in their lives and in the lives of others. As a result, they remain trapped in being dependent on external things for their happiness, until the pain outweighs the benefits and either forces them in an increasingly downward spiral or to step outside of this painfully familiar script and into a new and healthy pattern of recovery. Within relationships there are two codependent types, who will somehow almost magically seek the other out to form a typical codependent enmeshment within their relationship. These are the codependent “parent” (the rescuer) and the codependent “child” (the lost soul). The parent seeks out lost souls with broken wings that they can repair and then garnish the praise and appreciation from either the adoring crowd or silently within themselves, whilst the child shares


a constant stream of ailments and complaints that the parent has either caused or should somehow, often magically, fix. The painful intensity increases within the relationship when both partners switch roles and the parent finally becomes the worn out and resentful child and the child is hooked into a pattern of guilt that compels them to take responsibility for their fallen parent.

As children we were never shown how to state our needs so we need to learn this for the first time. Rather than practicing the self harm, self neglect and self obsession that go with codependency, we learn to practice self care. By developing a connection with our true selves, rather than the false self we have created, we can live a life that is more truly aligned with our own needs and wants. One way to achieve this is by using the breath to connect back to ourselves and to ask ourselves in any given situation...”And right now I feel....so what I need is...” Although most people start off by reconnecting with themselves in a self-obsessed way, in time and by using this technique to practice self care, a new and healthy pattern is formed and leads to some important insights into ourselves, others and the world. Importantly, we come to realise that we are all essentially good, loving and lovable beings with immense worth, who are capable of many great things. We also learn that we are not responsible for the lives of any other adults but are entirely responsible for our own. We have taken an important step in claiming back what was ours all along.

Nick Gully is the former Director of Addiction Services at Priory Hospital London and has 21 years experience in his field. At present Nick is the Clinical Director at Brunswick Therapy Servies in Brighton. Tel: 01273 728888 www.brunswicktherapyservices.com

More to Life

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'everything is happening perfectly'


More to Life

Moon and Natural Time

Over the last few years, we have been experiencing what feels like a speeding up of time. Days, weeks, months and years seem to be flying by quicker than ever. We are under the control of a fixed man-made calendar so how can this be? Is it time that is speeding up? Or is it creation? ÂŤ Article By Rebekah Shaman.


ature's seasons, our moon and the celestial planets have been regulating the movements and fortunes of all living things since the beginning of life on earth. Our predecessors, working symbiotically with the land and relying directly on Mother Earth for food and water, celebrated eight festivals per year. They honoured the four Quarter Points; the winter and summer solstices, the spring and autumn equinoxes, and the four Cross Quarter festivals. Samhain, the beginning of Winter, (now celebrated as Halloween); Imbolc, the beginning of Spring; Beltane, the beginning of Summer; and Lammas, the beginning of Autumn. We have forgotten this symbiotic ancient measurement of time despite the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, who understood, worked, and lived symbiotically with the natural rhythm of

'we have forgotten this symbiotic ancient measurement of time' nature. Now the majority of the world almost exclusively follows the solar-based, manmade Gregorian calendar that is very fixed and rigid. Many religions and cultures follow a lunar-based calendar and offer different perspectives of Time. In ancient Greece, Chronos was the God of linear, chronological and quantifiable time, and Kairos was the God of synchronicity, cycles, flow, rhythm, and intuition. Those who live in Kairological time live in the moment, they live in the now, following their inner voice/intuition and allowing the natural flow of life to effortlessly guide them to where they need to be at the right time. Kairological time reveals the understanding that all things are inter-connected. Rather than being limited by a rational perspective, we can also follow our inner voice, our intuition, which is open to all possibilities and not limited to the three dimensional perspective. When we operate on a more energetic, synchronistic level, we can see the magic in the chaos. We learn to live in the now and have faith in the flow of nature. Conversely, our lives become stressful and anxious living within Chronos and trying to fit into man-made time and a rigid structure of

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

continuous growth. We are bound by dead-lines, force expectations on ourselves and others, and experience more disappointments, hindrances, delays and confusion.

The Waxing Half Moon

However, things can no longer be defined just by this fixed, static and linear perspective. Change is happening at a rapid rate due to technological breakthroughs in communications, the ease of access to the global community and information at the push of a button. We are now experiencing instant manifestations, mindblowing synchronicities and magical connections that can't be worked out logically or rationally.

as doors open and opportunities start presenting themselves. We become aware of the synchronicities leading us to our goals.

As very young children, we are much more aware of the natural spontaneity and creativity of time. The inherent self-absorption of toddlers keeps them living in the now; the past and the future do not yet influence their present. They accept what happens rather than fight with reality, with an innate knowing that everything is happening perfectly. As adults, the Moon is our guide to help us live more in tune with nature. The seven stages of the moon, as it waxes and wanes, helps us understand and accept these natural cycles, so that we can start living more symbiotically with it. It is well understood that our human form is seventy per cent liquid, with a subtle magnetic energy body. Just as the Moon has a significant effect on tides and the oceans, it also has a significant influence on the flow of our lives. The more we study the lunar cycles the more we can see how they affect our daily life, our emotions, and our fortune. When we follow them life becomes easier, as we become more aware of our part in the great web.

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar

cycle and a time to become clear about what you want to achieve during this twenty-eight day Moon phase. It is an ideal time for planting ideas or releasing projects out into the world so that they grow as the Moon waxes to full. Moving in a new direction, or contemplating on your current direction. It is time to speak your intention and clearly define your desires, wishes and hopes.

The Crescent Moon

clarifies our intentions and roots them into fertile ground enabling us to be more focused, determined and clearer about what we desire.

allows us to begin creating the circumstances that enable us to manifest our intentions.

The Gibbous Moon is a time of activity,

The Full Moon

is the time when the energy on the planet is at its most potent. It is a time of completion bringing to fruition projects, cycles and the fruits of your labours. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an opportunity to celebrate the abundance and magic in our lives. It can also lead to breakdowns and depressions as we are also faced with falling short of our potential.

The Disseminating Moon

is the time to harvest the fruit. This is when the manifestations are most potent, so become more aware of and enjoy all the magical connections and synchronicities.

The Waning Half Moon is an important time for inner reflection, transformation and change, in order to know what you want to manifest on the new Moon.

'significant influence on the flow of our lives' When we choose to flow with the rhythm of nature, rather than man-made calendars we adopt a more feminine perspective on how we view the universe. We are an intrinsic part of, and not apart from it. We begin to see that time is not linear, with a chronological past, present and future. From natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perspective time is cyclical, in tune with the natural harmony around us. The more we attune ourselves with nature and its cycles, the happier and more balanced our lives become. In 1998, Rebekah trained with a traditional Ayahuasquero Shaman in the Peruvian Amazon. Since her return, Rebekah has learned to live in a more symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

www.rebekahshaman.com www.livingshamanically.com 43

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Plough the Fields and Scatter....

More to Life asks Is Organic really better? Why do I think organic is better? For a start if an animal is stressed, which most commercial herds are, more adrenalin is pushed into the body tissue such as muscle. It gets the body ready for “fight & flight”. This tenses the muscle tissue and when the animal is then slaughtered it remains in the tissue changing the taste. Apart from this, commercial herds are allowed to be fed GM altered animal feeds and substances added to the feed which may not be normal to their feeding regime (remember that the BSE crisis was caused by sheep carcasses being fed to cows – cows being herbivores and not carnivores). <<Article by Dr. Isabelle Grote So, a simple example: animals ingest GM feed, we then eat these animals. Do you think that the GM molecules think “oh, this is a human, therefore I am not allowed into the body and I’ll stay out” Of course not. Do you realise, that in the most of the Western World, human blood tests have shown that there are non-human GM molecules in the body? Google it and you will see the evidence.

'know where your “vegetables” come from' Unfortunately, only a small scale test was run with pregnant mothers. One half of the group ate “normally” and the other only used organic foods or foods from their own allotment. The results were staggering. The red blood cell count alone of the “organic” mothers, were a lot stronger and the mothers generally healthier with lower risks of emergencies during pregnancy and a stronger immune system. Another question for you: if commercial, non-organic foods were better for us than organic foods, how come that it is a recognised fact, that during the second World War, when there were shortages, food rationing etc. the UK was self-sufficient and healthier than today? AND, did we have world famines on the same scale as we have today? (The answer to this one is NO). Now, you will tell me with all that talking to animals and plants, less harvest per acre etc., etc., etc., how are we going to feed everyone and also how can I afford it? Good question! Organic food takes longer to grow and care for, particularly where animals are concerned. Therefore, it will be more expensive. Why not eat less meat per week (healthier anyway) and perhaps grow your own veg? I have patients in London who grow their own on their balcony and give the excess to 48

friends and neighbours. So it can be done. In the countryside it is of course a lot easier. But there is also a community in Yorkshire where every green space in the town is used by volunteers for herb, fruit and vegetable growing and everyone can help themselves. It is catching on in other communities in the area. Can’t do that? Have a look what is available in your garden. Did you know that most flowers are edible? Roses, lilac, nasturtiums, elder, nettles, dandelions, carnations, calendula, thyme, rosemary….. the list is endless! There is no such thing as a weed, it is only a plant in the wrong place!

'meals prepared with natures bounty' Just a couple of examples as one can always google and there are a myriad of excellent books available on the subject. Nettles are full of calcium and iron and therefore, considered blood cleansers, good for the blood and the kidneys. Mixed with goats butter on fresh bread an absolute dream, delicious and nutritious! Just make sure that you wear gloves when picking and cutting/ chopping them, use the top 3 – 4 inches of the plant and wash it well. If the nettles have already set seed they may be a bit woody, but the seeds are good for the prostrate. Or what about nettle soup? Nettle “spinach” with a poached egg? Dandelion is excellent, through its so called bitters, for the liver and gallbladder. The fresh, young leaves are fabulous in a salad and the flowers can be cooked. They taste a bit like potatoes. The root, when dried, can be used as “fake” coffee. None of my B&B guests ever noticed that I gave them dandelion root as coffee when I ran out of the real thing. Just make sure that you know where your “vegetables” come from and that they have not been sprayed by a neighbour, council etc. Wash well. Ideally with a couple of drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is available at you local chemist for under £1. Quite apart from using what you have to hand so to speak, meals prepared with natures bounty also look far more colourful and inviting as well. So, get out there and use your allotment, garden, balcony or little scrap of land and grow your own. Grow for taste and your health!

After a career in international PR, Radio and TV, Dr Isabelle Grote felt that there was more to life. She set about re-training as a Doctor in Naturopathy. At “The Foxburgh” (www.foxburgh.co.uk) she loves looking after her patients and improving their health. Dr Grote can be contacted on (+44) 01603 759791 or via isabelle@foxburgh.co.uk More to Life

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More to Life


More to Life take a look a some of the alternative therapies that are available to help us ease our aches and pain both physical, mental and emotional. Why not treat yourself to a few hours indulgence and treat yourself with the respect you deserve?

CRANIAL SACRAL THERAPY Have you ever experienced those exquisite moments when you just drift away and almost feel like you’re just leaving it ALL – just for awhile, to let your body find a place of gentle healing. Well that’s what I know many clients find and I have experienced when receiving Cranial Sacral Therapy, (CST). CST is not a cure but a process that accesses the human body’s ability to self-correct and self-heal; it is a process that can range from relief of symptoms to resolution of physical, emotional and spiritual problems. Treatments can reveal wonderful insights. It is the ability of CST to access the very deepest problems that is unique to this system - often both I and clients have experienced a tuning in to the inner wisdom and bodily intelligence of the client. I have seen what I would call personal mini miracles – appropriate to those concerned. This includes calls from mothers whose unhappy babies have changed to happy smiling children; of dizzy spells disappearing; high blood pressure dropping, and many more. All I know is if you say those magic words to me “would you like a CST treatment?” I am on that couch faster than the speed of light! Just remember, relax and go with it!

HAWAIIAN MASSAGE Hawaiian Massage combines the best of the ancient healing practices of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna Bodywork. This magnificent massage awakens in the recipient a fulsome and wholesome awareness that there is indeed so much more to life than one could ever have imagined! Beautiful and reassuring strokes filled with the flowing grace of Aloha are made with hands, forearms and body weight. Lovingly sweeping from head to feet, up and down and all around the body, the multidimensional depths of body, mind, heart, spirit and energy field are aligned to reveal a new and stunning world of deeper self experience. One of the profound healing effects of Hawaiian Massage is to bring such a clarity of mind and purpose that one becomes willing and eager to initiate those difficult but necessary life-changing

Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk

decisions that make all the difference between health, happiness and empowerment. It is a privilege both to receive as well as to give. Learning to become a practitioner of Hawaiian Massage is a uniquely energising and enlightening process. Students surrender to a naturally progressing evolution of skills and consciousness that becomes the medium to reach into its unlimited potential for ever expanding understanding and growth. Loving the aliveness of integrating sincere spirituality with glorious massage and relaxed movement, students learn to work with effortless ease, joyousness and inspiring effectiveness. Training is open to qualified practitioners as well as beginners.

REIKI Reiki is a natural healing energy, rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900s and now used all over the world as a “hands on” therapy. It works on every level, not just the physical. It is non-invasive, gentle yet powerful, and may be used with confidence alongside orthodox healthcare. Reiki encourages and supports positive personal choices such as improving diet, taking more exercise, devoting time for rest or leisure activities. Engendering greater inner harmony and balance, regular Reiki treatments promote a calmer response to life’s challenges. Reiki's gentle energy is easily adapted to most medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, including the newborn, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, in any situation. Reiki is not, however, an alternative to conventional medicine. You should therefore always consult a GP about acute or infectious conditions, and in connection with problems of an urgent nature. Reiki may help us to cope in times of stress, by encouraging relaxation and bringing balance to both mind and emotions. Feedback from Clients of UK Reiki Federation embers include feelings of deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being, on all levels. Reiki can enhance everyday living, and regular sessions may help to promote development of a healthier, more resourceful state of being.


INTUITIVE CORE HEALING A new healing method and system for pinpointing and clearing our negative emotions and beliefs by  helping us to find them, clear them and replace them with positive ones. Everything we experience on every level whether spiritual, emotional, or physical is created by our core emotions and beliefs. Much like a computer we are literally ‘programmed’ with beliefs and feelings. The negative ones create blocks within our lives and can cause illnesses over time. Core beliefs are very deep emotional beliefs that often we are not even aware of and are created when we are very young.

HYPNOTHERAPY Probably best known for helping people to stop smoking or lose weight, but can also reduce stress, anxiety and pain or increase motivation and confidence. Hypnotherapy teaches that the human mind works on two levels. First, there is the conscious mind which is rational and logical. Underneath that is the unconscious mind; this controls emotions, dreaming, imagination and habits and also contains beliefs and memories. Problems happen when the conscious and unconscious minds disagree. For example, people with a fear of spiders(arachnophobia) know consciously that in practical terms most spiders are not dangerous, but their unconscious has a memory or belief which tells them to feel afraid. When there is disagreement between what you feel and what you know, what you feel will win. So simply telling someone that spiders are harmless wont help. When someone is in hypnosis we can change the unconscious beliefs and remove the fear. The same principle works for other issues. If your unconscious believes food or cigarettes provide the best form of comfort, for example, it will send along powerful urges to overeat or smoke, even if you consciously want to be healthier. Hypnotherapy is not magic or mind control (if it was, my kids’ bedrooms would be tidy) but its suitable for almost everyone, and its simple to use.


The oldest system of medicine, and still popular worldwide. If you are drawn to nature and plants, you could enrich your life by learning about their healing properties, benefit your family and friends, and even do an in-depth course to practice professionally. Whichever course you decide to do, it is important that it includes practical sessions, as this is a very hands on therapy involving lots of practical skills that have to be taught face to face. You should also be able to meet up with fellow students, so you can support eachothers learning, even if the course is mainly distance learning. Teachers should be current practiioners of herbal medicine, belonging to one of the main registers, eg; URHP (unified Register of herbal practitioners) or NIMH (National Institute of Medical Herbalists) A practitioner course should take several years. At the moment, anyone can call themselves a practitioner of herbal medicine, and many short distance learning courses award a diploma. However, such courses would not give someone the knowledge they would need to have a succesful practice, and be a competant practitioner. 

It is now also understood that we can inherit beliefs and emotions from our parents and ancestors, and that they are passed down to us in our cellular memory. This is often the reason for inherited physical illnesses and diseases that are passed through generations. Finding and healing these deep subconscious beliefs and feelings can address the energetic imbalance and release the negativity allowing positive changes to take place. We can now heal and change our experience and begin to live the life we have always dreamed of. Using energy psychology either in person or remotely, the client and practitioner work together to identify the negative core-beliefs,, dis-create and replace them with positive ones bringing about an incredible feeling of calm, peace and a feeling of lightness. The result is a happier, healthier, more abundant and harmonious existence.

Point of Healing Helping you get your life back on track..... KINESIOLOGY E.F.T. CRANIO-SACRAL THERAPY and much more

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March 21 - April 20

As you continue to whizz through life in the fast lane, it seems that whilst you are making great progress ticking off items on your life ‘to do’ list, at the same time though, you are missing out on so much in the process. It is great to feel that sense of achievement when you reach a goal, but where is the fun if you miss out on the chance to enjoy the ride? Sometimes life isn’t just about reaching a goal, it is about the things you discover along the way. Your inner fire and determination are resilient and forceful, and little, if anything, gets in your way, but this seems to have come at a cost of you losing sight of the magic, sparkle and ‘va-va voom’ of how exhilarating and joyful life can be. You now have a chance to ease your foot off of the accelerator a little in order to re-connect to the passion and the fun in life, and this looks set to re-shape your objectives as you find a new way of living your life to the full...


April 21 - May 20


May 21 - June 21

After several months of doubt, procrastination and uncertainty, you seem ready now to step out into the sunlight of a brand new dawn in your life. You have been hovering somewhere between where you once where and where you want to be, quite unsure whether to plough on or to return home. This is an understandable dilemma, for the path ahead is unfamiliar and unchartered territory in your life; yet, you have worked hard to get to where you are now, are you really prepared to let it all go in order to stay on terra firma? Of course, only you can answer this question, for stepping into unfamiliar territory carries that somewhat frustrating factor of being unknown and not without risk. However, staying put is not guaranteed either, for nothing in life is set in stone. Whilst what you already know feels easier to handle, sometimes you have to be prepared to take a leap of faith in order to discover the riches of life. This is a big decision, so believe in your Self and let your intuition guide you...

You are reaching an important milestone in your life as you begin to embrace the full power of your mind to transform and re-shape your life. Of course, your mind has always shaped your life, but you often become so lost in thought that you lose sight of this! Your mind is both blessing and curse, for you can become tied up in knots trying to find a reason for life and for the experiences you have. To want to understand is natural and life-affirming, but when it gets in the way of you living your life then it becomes a problem. Life is about balance of both head and heart, and you now see that by feeling the power of your mind and of your intent, then you amp up the energy and focus considerably. Letting go of the inner clutter and trusting the flow of life a little more, seem to be important steps on your path to Self, and as the weeks progress, it seems that you can finally shift into the space of becoming your own creator...


June 22 - July 22

It seems that you are now approaching a main-line station on your ‘high speed train link’ of life, and you are soon to be faced with a choice of whether to a) stay on board to see where it may take you next, b) to disembark and get on a new train to a destination of your choice, or c) to ditch the train completely and take the next journey on foot. In essence, the coming weeks look set to be a time of pivotal change in your life; decisions made now will echo through your life for years to come, and whilst you may be fearful of the enormity of this, you should also feel empowered and inspired, for this is your chance to re-shape the path of your life. You may feel a little overwhelmed or undecided as to which way to go next, but go within and connect to your intuition to guide you. Deep down you already know what you want, but it seems that this will involve change and shift, and you now need to decide if you are ready... Autumn 2012 | www.moretolifemag.co.uk



July 23 - August 23

As you continue to connect to your heart and soul, you seem to be emerging from the confusion of recent times; you are beginning to see clear horizons where you once saw thick fog and uncertainty. The result of this new dawn is an increase in trust, confidence and assertiveness, as well as the long-awaited return of your roar! Your roar is your inner light, your power and your passion, and the more you step into the light of this new chapter in your life, the more on fire and enlivened you feel. This looks set to be a transformational and deeply inspirational time of your life as you re-connect to your true essence and begin to walk a new life-affirming and life-enhancing path. In some ways, this is more internal than external, for it is your perspective that is changing, but inner shift creates outer movement, so be prepared for your life to change in unexpected, but exciting, ways over the weeks to come. How you embrace this change is ultimately your choice, but be open to the process and enjoy the ride...


August 24 - September 22

Mastering the art of balance has long been at the top of your agenda. It seems that you so often become lost in the details of life, that you lose sight of the bigger picture, and this throws you out of balance as you work so hard at keeping on, that you lose sight of the joy of the spaces in between the distraction where you re-connect to your sense of Self and to your essence. Over the coming weeks, the need to re-locate these treasured spaces becomes top priority, for it is in these spaces that clarity, perspective, vision, Truth and knowing reside. You already know that you can get things done and be superhuman busy, but without these treasures, how you can enjoy what you achieve? It seems that the time has come for you to shift the balance in your life by making a conscious choice to do so. Your life seems too out of kilter to ignore, and you seem ready now to begin the quest to find these inner treasures. Of course, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have far to look, you simply need to open your Self up to them...


September 23 - October 22


October 23 - November 22

As a rule, you are more of a being person than a doing person; your mind shapes and defines your life, and it seems somehow easier to contemplate choices and decisions rather than actually making them! As a world class procrastinator, you can often get lost in the state of being without even realising it, and, as a result, you lose sight of your goals as the momentum ebbs away. When you re-focus, the process starts again, but often ebbs away as you once again become lost in the hazy world of contemplation and thought. Yet, it is important for you to realise that you are only stuck in this cycle because you choose to be, no one is making you dizzy with indecision other than your Self. Thought and contemplation have their roles, but so do decisions, action and doing! The time has now come to break this cycle (simply by choosing to) in order to use your formidable noggin (mind) to shift your life and to start being a doing person and a being person. This is your chance to create deep, lasting and positive change...over to you.

As you continue to accept that life is not simply black or white, but it is both, your whole life is shifting and changing. It seems that you are opening up to a completely new range of possibilities and options as a result, and your understanding of what is possible, probable and achievable has changed beyond recognition. Over the coming weeks, it seems that some new opportunities may arise that will challenge your new-found perception, but this is great as it will help you to realise just how intuitive you truly are! Life often throws curve-balls, there can be no avoiding this, but how you see them is a choice. You can see them as obstacles to endure, or you can see them as challenges to overcome; one viewpoint feels heavy and impassable, the other feels energised and enlivened. This viewpoint sets the tone of your life now, for how you see decisions and challenges on your path ahead will determine how you move forward. It seems that your life is not only in your hands, but it is in your perspective as well...

About Sarah-Jane Grace

Sarah-Jane Grace goes beyond astrology in her readings and forecasts using a unique blend of astrology, intuition, transformational coaching, spiritual counselling and healing. Her aim is to inspire, empower and enlighten, and she works with clients from across the globe on a regular basis. As well as her natural gifts, she has studied a great many healing techniques, spiritual philosophies and teachings over the years. For further information, please see Sarahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s websites:

www.theplanetwhisperer.co.uk or www.sarahjanegrace.com or email her at: sarah@theplanetwhisperer.co.uk


November 23 - December 21

When it boils down to the nitty-gritty of life, it seems that you are quite a complex soul. On one hand, your life seems paved with golden opportunities and new adventures, but on the other you feel trapped, overwhelmed and unable to move. In many ways, you seem to have two very distinct sides to your life, and this separation is exhausting to maintain. Your life feels so busy that you simply do not feel able to accommodate your dreams and opportunities, but these are the tickets to escaping these traps that you find your Self in. Of course, when life feels overwhelming, it is hard to step back in order to shake up your life towards something new, but unless you do, things will not change. This chicken and egg scenario has been rolling around your life for some time now, but the time is now fast approaching for you to tap into your inner fire, passion and belief in order to break the cycle so that you can stretch your wings and be free to fly...


December 22 - January 20

A new theme looks set to emerge in your life over the coming weeks and months, and this theme is connected to something that words cannot give justice to. It is a feeling, a warm-fuzzy, bubbling, fizzy feeling within that flows to the surface when life feels good; this is the feeling that hums and glows excitedly when your heart sings and your life is in balance. Of course, you may be a little sceptical at first and look for the ‘catch’, but there isn’t one. You have undergone major shift over recent weeks and months, and you have let go of so much in the process; the former ‘you’ which is still in residence, but with less ‘presence’ is the sceptic, but the ‘new you’ is a changed soul: the new you is strong, empowered, impassioned and confident, and this is the source of the ‘warmfuzzy’. On some level, it may be hard to let the former you go, for it has kept you strong during some challenging times of your life, but set it free now in order to fully embrace that warm-fuzzy deliciousness of life...


January 21 - February 19

As you continue to go through metamorphosis and shift on so many levels of your life, it seems that you are now nearing the ‘butterfly stage’ of the transformation. It seems that you are ready to have the faith and belief in your Self to emerge from your inner cocoon in order to acknowledge and embrace the fullness of your essence, your true awe-inspiring beauty and the magnificence of your life. This may sound a little ‘over the top’, but it isn’t. You are magnificent, and the more you accept this, the more you can move into a space of freedom within; this goes beyond ego, it is a feeling and a state of knowing. Accepting your gifts, your beauty and your magnificence is important now, for this is a sign that you are making peace with the inner chatter in order to regain clarity, vision and focus in your life. As confusion and doubt fade away, you can look forward to re-connecting to your inner power (essence) which will inject your life with knowing, confidence and inspiration. Embrace the butterfly and be amazing...


February 20 - March 20

It seems that you are fast approaching a significant and life-changing crossroads in your life. You have spent a long time following the path that you have felt was ‘right’, and whilst this has been hard at times, you have persevered and trusted the process. Underneath though, there has been a distinct lack of forward ‘flow’; in other words, things have become a little stagnant. Despite this stagnancy, you have remained strong and resolute, trusting that you will know when the time is right to stir up the waters of your life in order to bathe in something fresh and new. It seems that this time is now fast approaching, and, over the coming weeks you will be faced with a choice to either pull out the plug or to try to manage what you have now. Of course, there are water purifiers and filters, so there is always a way, but what is important now is in you choosing what you want to happen next. Step back from this ‘puddle’ and see the oceans reaching out in all directions around you: you are not contained, nor are you restricted, let go of the perceptions and set your Self free...

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More to Life Autumn 2012  

Wow! No-one said these changing times wouldnt challenge us..... What an adventure life is at the moment,it feels a bit like a spiritual ol...

More to Life Autumn 2012  

Wow! No-one said these changing times wouldnt challenge us..... What an adventure life is at the moment,it feels a bit like a spiritual ol...