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Cleaning Equipment to Industry

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2015/16 Edition

1- About Us 2- About Us cont. 3- High Pressure Cleaners 4- Industrial Pressure Washers 5- High Pressure Cleaners 6- Vacuum Cleaners & Litter Collectors 7- ATEX Vacuum Cleaners 8- Scrubber Dryers and Sweepers 9- Bin Wash Machines 10- Bin Wash Machines cont. 11- Vapour Steam 12- Washpads & Accessories 13- Washpad & Accessories 14- Water Treatment Systems 15- Tanks & Interceptors 16- Separators & Silt Traps 17- Vehicle Wash Systems 18- Screens, Canopies & Housing 19- Single Brush Vehicle Wash 20- Mobile Plant 21- Specialist Pressure Washers 22- Special Equipment 23- Contact Details

About Us

Established 1977 Morclean specialises in the supply of industrial cleaning equipment both throughout the Midlands, from local end user depots in Chesterfield and Birmingham, and across the UK Mainland via a Network of Servicing Dealers. Export enquiries are always welcome via our ever increasing number of agents in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. We supply not only to the cleaning industry, but also to industries you might not even consider such as heavy industry, waste management, agriculture, food, shipping, transport, local government, automotive, manufacturing and export.

We are proud of the range of cleaning equipment we offer and the service we give to our customers. Our experienced team are always on hand to offer professional advice and can use their years of technical knowledge to help you find a solution.


We are proud to not only offer a broad range of cleaning equipment to industry, but also specialist and tailor-made machinery. We don’t just sell cleaning equipment, we know it inside and out and our team have a wide range of technical knowledge. All equipment is supplied with an instruction manual and if required a training demonstration- we want to ensure our customers expectations are fully met. Over the years Morclean has been sharing the brand at various exhibitions and roadshows, we love demonstrating our innovative products and welcome customers, old and new, to come and talk to us and find out more about what we’re doing. We have exhibited at the ISSA Interclean show and Cleaning Show and look forward to many more exhibitions in the future!


High Pressure Cleaners Mobile Hot & Cold Pressure Washers

*NEW* 2016 Series

PRO Series

Petrol Driven

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our range of highly professional mobile pressure washers are perfect for all industrial applications- from heavy duty to low flow rates, we have a wide selection to suit your needs.


Industrial Pressure Washers

All Electric and ATEX

Static Pressure Washers

Mobile Pressure Washers

Morclean produce a range of ATEX, Zone Rated approved safety pressure washers, ATEX approved steam cleaners and hot water cleaners. Please contact us for more information.


High Pressure Cleaners

Static & Multi-pump Systems

Fixed Pressure Washers

Multi-pump High Pressure Cleaners

Simplex Pressure Washers

Morclean also offer a range of static pressure washers which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the market. Pressure cleaners can vary in hot/cold delivery, pressure, power and water flow- talk to us to find the one to suit your environment. 5

Vacuum Cleaners & Litter Collectors Specialist Vacuum Cleaners

Litter Collectors

We’re proud of the range of vacuum cleaners we have and can offer; Wet & dry, wet only, dry only, back packs, compressed air and ATEX. Call our Vacuum specialist today for advice.


ATEX Vacuum Cleaners

Type H


ATEX Vacuums



Scrubber Dryers & Sweepers

Scrubber Dryers & Sweepers BATTERY - MAINS - PETROL - DIESEL Our Scrubber Dryers and Sweepers range is comprehensive and includes; Pedestrian, Ride-on, Battery powered and mains operated. Our sales department will be able to advise the best model for your needs.


Bin Wash Machines Petrol & Battery driven machines

Bin Wash CUSTOM PLUS The latest engine driven machine in the Bin Wash Range The Bin Wash CUSTOM machine is the most recent development in our range of bin wash machines and features new technology to enhance and improve performance. In fact, the technology we use is so advanced it’s a first within the Bin Wash industry. The model above can inhibit the growth of bacteria within the water tank, enabling the continous use of clean water for applications. Why keep refilling with fresh water when this machine can do it for you?


Bin Wash Machines

- Features NEW Filtration system - Fully self-contatined - Offers lucrative entry in to bin cleaning market - Inhibits growth of bacteria during use

- Battery driven - Fuel saving - Easy to work with - Quiet and simple to use - Award-winning

- Perfect for use on site or at depot - Adjustable self-level feet - Cost effective - Enables easy work of cleaning bins consecutively


Vapour Steam Commercial & Industrial

New Generation Steam

Low Volume Vapour Steam Machines Dry vapour steam is typically used in the food, beverage or pharmaceutical industries, producing temperatures of up to 70 degrees celsius while using minimal water. These machines are useful for when extremely low water volumes are demanded. 11

Washpad & Accessories Permanent & Semi-permanent Washpads

Permanent Wash Pads - Disposes of effluent efficiently - Cost effective compared to traditional washpads Cleaning, degreasing and dewaxing of vehicles should only be carried out in a defined wash bay. Carrying out these operations directly on the ground allows the illegal discharge of effluent to contaminate surface water drains, watercourses and soakaways.

Our Washpads come in various sizes and can be customised to your requirements. Contact us for more information. 12

Washpad & Accessories Inflatable Washpads

Inflatable Wash Pads The wash pad is mobile, inflatable or semi-permanent, flexible, easy to set up and remove. In addition, the pad can be supplied to meet your specifications in terms of dimensions, colour, design, etc.

Water Treatment The Box Range The Box range of products from Morclean offer an above ground partial water treatment system, and provides an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works. They eliminate the need for excavation and give minimal disruption to the installation of interceptors and tanks.


Water Treatment

Water Treatment Systems

Grey Box The GreyBox is totally surface mounted and can be relocated at any time. It includes 2 stages of settlement and a bag filter which removes particles, silt, oil and grease. > Replaces need for a below ground interceptor > Relies on gravity > For use when there is an adjacent foul drain for outflow

Blue Box The BlueBox is our latest addition to the family of Water Treatment boxes and acts as an above ground partial water treatment system. This system is for use when the foul drain for outlow is some distance away. > Pumps to foul > Has control panel, level switches and integral pumps > Totally surface mounted

Red Box- ‘Idroflow’


The Idroflow is for use when there is no foul drain available. This innovative machine processes and filters the water so that it’s a good enough standard to outflow to a surface drain. > 4 external filters > Can pump to surface drains > Control panel, level switches and integral pumps



Green Box


The GreenBox is a full water treatment system and filters water so that it is of rinse quality. It can be used for when foul is available to make a water saving, or when no foul drain is available so that water is recycled for re-use and can be of a good enough standard to pump to a surface drain. > Integral high pressure jet wash included >Produces rinse quality water




Tanks, Interceptors & Water Recycling Systems Specialist Equipment

Vehicle Wash Interceptors Our comprehensive range of interceptors and separators include those used for vehicle washing, oil separation, forecourts and carparks. There are specific separators and interceptors for each individual project. Morclean can offer advice for the appropriate model and specification.

Vehicle Wash Recycling & Water Reclaim 15

Separators & Silt Traps Specialist Equipment

Interceptors, Silt Traps, Reclaim Systems, Wash Bays. Wash Pads. We can offer a full water reclaim system and advise you on the best solution to your needs, just call our team today.


Vehicle Wash Systems Bus, Lorry & Car Wash

The Morclean Industrial Bus Wash has been developed for customers who need to clean a large amount of vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Morclean design, build and install bespoke systems for the Vehicle Washing Industry. They are used by commercial fleet operators, hauliers and waste management companies etc. The systems are based around screens, wash bays, gantry and platforms.


Screens, Canopies & Housings Specialist Equipment

Canopies & Wash Bays

Housings 18

Single Brush Vehicle Wash Battery, Electric & Petrol Powered

The single brush vehicle wash is a mobile vehicle wash machine with a sturdy stainless steel case. The linea standard edition is designed to not only make vehicle washing easier, but also to act as an environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial vehicle wash mechanisms. This user-friendly alternative has built-in water saving jets which ensure little waste; saving you valuable cleaning time in the process.


Mobile Plant Trailer, Skid Machines

Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Bowser Mounted Pressure Washers


Specialist Pressure Washers UHP, Engine Driven & Mobile Hot Water

For marine and shipping

UHP (Ultra High Pressure)

60Hz for marine and shipping

Van-mounted machines 21

Specialist Equipment 60Hz, Chemical Sprayers and Specialist Machines

60Hz for Oil & Gas Industries

400Hz Aircraft Specification Vacuum Cleaners

Specialist Skid Mounted Pressure Washers 22

Chemical Sprayers



Contact For more information on our full range of products please visit our website or call our free phone number.

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