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The Common Thread for Moravian Theological Seminary Alumni bethlehem, pennsylvania

Recounting our Recent History In the year leading up to the 2007 bicentennial of Moravian Theological Seminary, several staff and Emeriti spent long hours researching the Seminary’s history by pouring over documents and pictures housed in the archives of Moravian College, the Moravian Church and the Moravian Historical Society. It was compelling reading, particularly when the leaders of the institution faced obstacles that took a corporate act of faith to navigate — the 1913 fire that gutted Comenius Hall, the lean years during World War II when the school almost closed due to low enrollment, deliberations in the 1960s considering the merger of Moravian and six other regional seminaries. Brittle parchment and newsletters produced by mimeograph machines provided insight into decision-making that forged forward motion. In today’s vernacular, these written accounts were “priceless.” The year after our bicentennial, when the United States economy encountered the worst crisis in nearly a century and institutional endowments experienced double digit losses, Moravian Seminary made some difficult choices. In November 2008, Dean Crouch gathered a group of faculty and administrators to immediately cut $130,000 from the operating budget, with a forecast of even deeper cuts required in the upcoming year. One of the items that was reluctantly cut from the budget was the production of the printed version of Accents, the Seminary’s semiannual alumni newsletter. At that time we had just begun producing an electronic alumni newsletter and though we recognized that not all alumni had access to email, the E-newsletter was considered better than no newsletter at all. The committee agreed that Accents would take a short hiatus until the economic climate turned around... Alumni who have read the past three years of E-newsletters have gotten a glimpse into the achievements and challenges of academic and community life at MTS. Since 2008 we have welcomed four new faculty members (see photo on page 3) and said goodbye to dedicated and gifted professors: Glen Stoudt, Glenn Asquith Jr., Otto Dreydoppel Jr.

Volume 1, Issue 1

As operating and endowment funds were affected by the recession, temporary budget adjustments translated into deeper cuts in 2009. Salaries and benefits were frozen for a year, Accents remained on the chopping block, program budgets were cut, and most painfully Seminary staff was reduced from eleven to seven members over a two year period. Like many institutions, the Seminary experienced the difficult task of saying goodbye to committed and long-time staff members Verdi Quinn, Claudia Zile, Sheila Sacks and Pam Weiss.

People respond to In the midst of the God’s call even in adjustments of the past three years, we celebrated the largest uncertain times. graduating class (28) in our history in 2010. We witnessed our entering student body follow national trends and drop by 10% in 2009, only to recover through new enrollment strategies and grow to a record high of 126 students this Fall 2011 semester. It has been encouraging to read the results of the Graduating Student questionnaires over the past three years and note that student satisfaction remains high. Likewise, inquiries for prospective students continue to increase; people respond to God’s call even in uncertain times. Since 2009, mailings and E-newsletters have reported on the progress of “A Mission that Matters,” the $15 million campaign aimed at increasing student scholarship, endowing faculty positions and academic programs, and renovating the Bahnson Center. Generous leadership gifts from our Trustees, benefactor bequests, and support from alumni and friends were instrumental in the success of the campaign that concluded in October with a rededication of the newly renovated Bahnson Center (more in the Spring 2012 issue.)


The Common Thread

Over the course of the past three years when Accents was not published, we have lived into a new era with particular realities and learnings: • economic uncertainty can become a backdrop of life, • it is possible to do more with less, • the teaching and learning that happens here has implications on a far greater scale, • God calls us even in uncertain times, • alumni care deeply about what happens here, • the impact of the printed word should not be underestimated!

As we live into this new reality we do so with a new publication to connect Moravian Seminary with alumni and friends, The Common Thread. We look to send out three issues a year, with one devoted to the Annual Giving Report (like this one.) The 8-page newsletter will include happenings at the Seminary, opinion pieces, and an article that sheds light on a piece of history providing a common thread to the current time. Continued blessings as we live into our third century! — Jane Burcaw, co-editor

weaving a history of newsletters Moravian Theological Seminary celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2007 and plans have been underway since then to write the history of our second hundred years, 1907–2007. This newsletter is a way to relate some of those discoveries. With each edition, we will share an aspect of the rich history of our Seminary as it changed from a school whose purpose was to train Moravian pastors to becoming a 4 year liberal arts college with a distinct 3 year ecumenical, theological graduate school called Moravian Theological Seminary. In this, the first edition of The Common Thread, we will look at the variety of publications that have helped connect students, staff and faculty with each other as well as those intended for a wider audience. These newsletters were prepared for alumni, Moravian Church members and friends of the Seminary. The printed page was the usual way for the Seminary to communicate in the early part of our history. While still primarily a school for the training of pastors, Moravian College produced its first publication in 1891. The Comenian began as a literary magazine but by 1910 had changed into a college newspaper which offered news of the school, as well as editorials by students and faculty. In the late 1920’s, The Comenian became a weekly newspaper called The College News. By 1932, it reappeared again as The Comenian and continues today as the monthly student run newspaper of the undergraduate school. Entries from The Comenian into the 1960’s reveal a publication that often contained editorials concerning social issues, including world wars. It also chronicled news of the school being shaped into two separate but connected institutions — Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary. The Seminarian was a student-led newsletter beginning in the fall of 1944,

A hand-drawn header from a 1950 newsletter.

published every two months for almost five years. By the spring of 1949, it was a monthly newsletter published during the school year “for the students, alumni and interested friends of the institution” (January, 1949 The Seminarian). There was a growing awareness of the need for communication and connection beyond the Seminary student body. The focus of the early years of The Seminarian was to elicit correspondence between the students and Moravian pastors in the field. Writing letters and editorials was an accepted and valued form of discourse. Joe Gray ‘45 wrote an editorial called “A Theolog’s Theology” in addition to articles and editorials by the student editors. In the March 1949 issue, mention was made of the art work begun by Ken Nowack ‘51, including the Seminary Flagstaff (pictured above). Art work continued until photos began to appear in the early 1950’s and “A Dean’s Corner” began to be a regular feature. Long articles, reviews and letters were most often written by faculty and staff—it had changed from

a student-led newsletter to a faculty-led publication. By the 1970’s two publications emerged, one of which continued the purpose of The Comenian. Intended for students and written by students and Seminary Life header faculty, Seminary Life lasted image circa 1973 almost a decade. It was filled with stories of students and staff and also contained announcements of happenings at the Seminary. The second publication, Accents, was published from 1972–2009 and was intended for alumni, the Moravian Accents logo Church constituency and circa 1972 friends of the Seminary. It was written by staff and faculty. Within recent history there have been a few publications written and prepared by students, Bahnson Banner in 1990’s and the Bahnson Banter in the early 2000’s. As we begin our third millennia, technology has provided multiple ways for our story to be told. Electronic newsletters provide updates on continuing education events, connect to prospective students, and link alums to life at MTS. A new video library on allows the broader community to experience MTS lectures anytime and from anywhere. A Facebook page provides personal contact and instant updates in text and image. Yet, there is something about the printed page that forms a more tactile connection, a common thread between generations and locations, so we are thrilled to bring you The Common Thread. — Kay Ward, historian

Moravian Theological Seminary 3

Catching Up

The fall 2011 opening convocation celebrated a student body of 126, the largest in the history of Moravian Theological Seminary.

The new entrance to Bahnson Center! More in the next issue of The Common Thread.

Above: The fulltime faculty of MTS (l-r) Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber, assistant professor of Pastoral Theology; Rev. Dr. Jane Williams, associate professor of Pastoral Counseling; Dr. Timothy Luckritz Marquis, assistant professor of New Testament; Rev. Dr. Deborah Appler, associate professor of Hebrew Bible; Rev. Dr. Craig Atwood, associate professor, Charles D. Couch Chair of Moravian Theology and Ministry; Rev. Dr. Frank Crouch, vice-president and dean; Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim, associate professor of Doctrinal Theology.

In Spring 2011, members of Dr. Kim’s Theology from the Underside class and students and faculty from Moravian College traveled to the US/Mexico border to participate in the Borderlinks immersion program focusing on issues of immigration. Trip members pose at the border fence in front of a photo collage that depict feet walking.

The Common Thread 4 The Common Thread

2010-2011 Annual Fund Report Evangeline Bahnson Smith Leadership Society Mission Leadership Society (gifts $100,000 and above)

Moravian Church, Northern Province Moravian Church, Southern Province Salem Congregation

President’s Circle (gifts $10,000-$49,999)

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Black Evelyn Trodahl & Richard P. Chynoweth Rt. Rev. M. Blair Couch ‘78 & Warren M. Gericke Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Crawford Mrs. Roy C. Haberkern Mr. J. Robert Hess Mr. & Mrs. G. Dee Smith Mrs. Ruth H. Smith* Mr. Thomas A. & Rev. Dr. Janice ‘82, ‘91 Young

Dean’s Circle (gifts $5,000-$9,999)

The Honorable Wilma A. Lewis Rev. Anna Deppen Lutz ‘70 Mr. Bruce W. Marold Rev. Dr. David A. & Dr. Doris Wood Schattschneider President Christopher M. & Dr. Kathy G. Thomforde Dr. Charles & Mrs. Laura D. Turner

Rev. David E. ’88 & Constance L. Bennett Rev. James O. ‘49 & Colleen Workman Bruckart Busy Workers Society Rev. Dr. Frank L. Crouch ’80 & Dr. Audrey West Ms. Lois N. Dalton* Rev. Barry R. ‘73 & Kim Galley Ms. Sallie L. Greenfield Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hancock Jr. Mrs. Lois Moser Harke ‘45 Mr. Carl J. Helmich Jr. ‘53 Rev. James L. ‘59 & Edith T. Johnson Denise S. ‘93, ‘97 & Arthur T. Katsaros Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Kline Rev. Dr. Nola R. Knouse ‘09 Larger Life Foundation Mrs. Katherine Schwalbe Leinbach Mr. John E. Linton Ms. Mae K. Long Ms. Deborah LoPresti Yvonne Thompson Maddox, PhD

Ms. Sherry Mason Brown Rev. Dr. Henry E. Jr. ‘63 & Mrs. Bobbie May Rev. Dr. Elizabeth D. Miller ‘85 Ms. Jill Peters ‘07 Mr. & Mrs. Jesse M. Poole Rev. Jami L. ‘02 & Mitch Possinger Jane Young & James L.Regina Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Cedric S. Rodney Dr. & Mrs. Ervin J. Rokke Mr. & Mrs. Jary W. Shimer Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld Rev. Dr. Gordon L. ‘61 & Susan Sommers Mr. & Mrs. R. Arthur Spaugh Rev. Dr. Craig S. ‘82 & Anna Troutman Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Vacek Mr. George W. Verheyden, Jr. Rev. Dr. Walter H. & Rev. Deborah H. Wagner Pamela M. ‘99 & Andrew J. Weiss Mr. & Mrs. John E. Williams Mrs. Priscilla P. Wolle

Professor’s Circle (gifts $1,000-$4,999)

Mr. & Mrs. Adam M. Ambielli Mrs. Janet Outten Amos* Karen A. ‘88 & Jose P. Arencibia Kathy Lynn & Robert E. ‘80 Beitler

Ribbon cutting at the October 2011 rededication of the renovated Bahnson Center. L-R: Dean Frank Crouch; Trustee Faculty Representative, Dr. Deborah Appler; President Christopher Thomforde; Student Elder President, Kayli Freeman; and Seminary Board Chair, Rev. Dave Bennett.

* Deceased

MoravianTheological Theological Seminary Seminary 55 Moravian


(gifts $500-$999) Rev. Dr. Deborah A. Appler Mr. Fredric Bulleit Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Wayne Burkette ‘69 Mr. & Mrs. James O. Burri Mr. & Mrs. R. Franklin Chitty, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Cicorelli Rev. Patricia F. ‘98 & Harold H. Garner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Cromer R. Grubbs, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Hanson Rev. James D. Hejl ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Hertzog Rev. James T. Hicks Home Moravian Church Women’s Fellowship Mr. & Mrs. C. Cassard Kaesemeyer Ms. Doris E. Kleintop Rev. Margaret K. Leinbach Rev. Gary T. Marsh ‘83 Mrs. Carol Sloan & Rev. Dr. William H. ‘58 McElveen Rev. Richard L. Sides ‘75 Mrs. Evangeline Bahnson Smith* Mr. Jessie J. Stone* Rev. Cheryl A. Stoneback ‘04 Dr. & Mrs. William A. Viechnicki Rev. David L. Wickmann ‘67 Mrs. Martha Hughes & Rev. Stuart N. ‘78 Zimmerman


(gifts $150-$499) Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Allen Dr. Helmut Bintz ‘53 Bognet Medical Associates, P.C. Ms. Jane Frankenfield Burcaw Mr. & Mrs. Ben M. Cahill Jr. Mrs. Ruth Burns Carver Rev. Belfield Castello Ms. Margaret E. Couch Mrs. Paul DeS. McCuiston Couch, Sr. Rev. Dr. Howard H. Cox Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Crouch Rev. Carol Packer ‘90 & Mr. Keith M. Dague Rev. Kenneth V. Daniel ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. Wesley S. Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Dooley Mr. Frank E. Driscoll Ms. Susan L. Dupree ‘98 Rev. Dr. Eileen Steele ‘05 & Rev. Ian D.S. ‘04 Edwards Rev. Dr. Donald C. Esslinger ‘82 Mrs. Julia Cranford & Rev. Terry L. ‘78 Folk Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Frey

The Rev. Christian D. & Dorothy Sohn Weber Scholarship Fund was established through the generosity of Rev. Christian and the late Dorothy Weber. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarship support for deserving Moravian Theological Seminary students who are members of the Moravian Church.

Mr. Edward R. Ganss Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Gardner Mrs. Ann Caroline Mease Gibson Mrs. Anna Mae Gillett Mrs. E. Jane Albrecht & Rt. Rev. Paul A. ‘64 Graf Rev. William E. Gramley ‘62 H. Martyn Group, LTD Rev. Jane A. Keogh Harberg ‘91 Harold & Elizabeth Vogler Fund Mrs. Nancy Trach & Rev. Dr. Willard R. ‘62, ‘86 Harstine Rev. Dr. James S. Hilander ‘51 IBM Corporation Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Indano ‘89 Rt. Rev. Robert A. Iobst ‘39 Mr. Darryl S. Jeffries ‘69 Dr. Andrew H. Johanson Mrs. D. Jane Joyce ‘93 Rev. Glenn F. Jurek ‘64 Ms. Judith Plocher Kaaua Rev. Dianne Murray Kareha ‘93, ‘97 Mrs. Kathryn Broczkowski Klein Rev. Fred Knieriem Ms. Bertie Francis Knisely Ms. Sally L. Kolesar ‘87 Rt. Rev. Dr. Milo A. Loppnow ‘40 Rev. Dr. Mary D. ‘75, ‘82 & Rev. Dr. William W., Sr. ‘53 Matz Mr. & Mrs. John C. McKitrick Rev. David H. Merritt ‘82 Mr. & Mrs. Myron Miller Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mulholland

Mr. William C. Needs ‘63 Mrs. Rose Eifert Nehring Rev. Charles Otto ‘03 Rev. Catherine A. Parsons ‘95 Rev. Helen R. Pearson ‘93, ‘97 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Pettit Ms. Anne Portlock Rev. Norman E. Prochnau ‘62 Rt. Rev. Graham H. Rights ‘60 Rev. John G. Rights ‘95 Mrs. Grace Snavely & Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. ‘51 Robinson Mrs. Mary Jeane Moser Romer Ms. Charlotte G. Rosenberger ‘92 Rev. James V. Salzwedel ‘61 Rev. Frederick C. Seyfert, Jr. ‘62 Mrs. Kathryn Shamel Ms. Jean H. Siftar Mr. & Mrs. John P. Smeltzer Mr. Halfred C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sorenson Ms. Linda Staples Borton ‘09 Rev. Rebecca Y. Stephens ‘92 Rev. Robert T. Stevens ‘94 Dr. & Mrs. George J. Stuart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Trapp Rev. Lynne D. Trout ‘05 Rev. David F. Weyant ‘75 Rev. Theodore E. Wilde Rev. Dr. R. Jane Williams Dr. & Mrs. John C.W. Worsley, Jr. Mr. Paul R. Yochum Ms. Jeanette Young Ms. Louise H. Young ‘90

6 The Common Thread The Common Thread

The Center for Moravian Studies continues to serve as a nexus that links scholars, research institutions, and resources, including the Moses Lectures (above: 2011 Moses lecturer Dr. Katherine Faull) and publication of The Hinge.


(gifts to $149) Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Agostinelli Rev. Sara Moran Aker ‘86 Rev. Matthew W. Allen ‘98 Rev. William T. Andrews ‘82 Rev. Robert G. Aregood ‘88 Mrs. Julie Anderson & Rev. Craig D. ‘87 Atwood Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bade Mrs. Betty Lou Kohl Baker Mrs. Blevins Baldwin Mr. Michael W. Barnett ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Terry L. Bartolet Mr. F. Scott Bauer Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Beaver Rev. Hartmut Beck ‘50 Rev. Dr. Becky J. Beckwith ‘97 Mrs. Ruth L. Behrend Ms. Susan Bennetch ‘11 Rev. Bradley L. Bennett ‘84 Ms. Jacqueline Billy ‘97 Mr. James O. Blanton III ‘59 Mr. Charles B. Bledsoe ‘63 Rev. Erwin E. Boettcher ‘52 Mr. Bruce D. Bowen ‘01, ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Boyan Rev. Canon Doris S. Bray ‘80 Rev. Karl F. Bregenzer ‘48 Ms. Kelly Howard Brooks ‘05 Rev. David R. Burkette ‘57 Mr. Norman H. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. A. G. Carmichael

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Carter Rev. John D. Christman ‘70 Dr. Joseph R. Chuk ‘84 Rev. Dr. Deborah Rahn Clemens ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin F. Coble Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Collevechio Rev. Paul D. Couch ‘93 Rev. Steve E. Craver ‘77 Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Cude, Jr. Rev. Canon Virginia Rex Day ‘93 Ms. Oneita M. Dease Mr. & Mrs. John W. Denham Mr. & Mrs. George H. Dicker Rev. Brian R. Dixon ‘05 Revs. Joyce ‘08 & Douglas ‘08 Donigian Mrs. Kathleen Doyle & Rev. J. Michael ‘71 Dowd Ms. Sylvia Muller Doyle Rev. Wilfred L. Dreger ‘45 Ms. Marlane E. Druckenmiller ‘90 Mrs. Grace Wilkinson Dunkley Rev. Dean A. Easton ‘05 Mrs. Geraldine M. Eichman Mr. Gregory Scott Ellis ‘07 Rev. Robert F. Engelbrecht ‘56 Miss Phyllis Ann Epperson Rev. Dr. & Mrs. William S. Falla Rev. David P. Felker ‘96 Rev. Dr. Elaine Fenstermacher Bogert ‘79, ‘82 Ms. Geraldine L. Fenstermaker Ms. Mary Ellen Fisher Rev. Wolfram Fliegel ‘56 Mr. Gilbert L. Frank Rt. Rev. Dr. Arthur J. Freeman, Jr. ‘52

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Frey Ms. Deborah S. German ‘08 Mr. Christina Schoeller & Rev. J. Christian ‘86 Giesler Rev. Dr. Amy Gohdes-Luhman ‘93 & Mr. Thomas H. Luhman Mr. James A. Gold Ms. Laura Ann Gordon Mr. & Mrs. William F. Graham, Jr. Ms. Amanda K. Griesser Mrs. Martha Dodge ‘06 & Mr. Jeffrey A. Griffis Rev. John Everard Griffith ‘69 Rev. John D. Groblewski ‘90 Mr. & Mrs. Willard Grunow Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Haber Rev. Elizabeth Anne Haines ‘06 Mr. & Mrs. Roderick H. Hall Mr. & Mrs. E. Richard Hampton Rev. Dr. Gene E. Handwerk ‘77, ‘82 Mr. Charles T. Harberg ‘67 Rev. Margaret Braden Wellert ‘99, ‘00 & Rev. Keith K. Harke ‘99 Rev. Milton Hartenstine ‘71 Rev. Anthony Earl Hayworth ‘08 Mr. Michael Hedrick ‘08 Rev. David M. Henkelmann ‘57 Ms. Leslie L. Henriquez Ms. Therese M. Hero ‘95 Mr. & Mrs. David H. Hester Mrs. Margaret Hilbert Mrs. Cheryl Hilbert-Gonzalez ‘11 Mrs. Diana Hill ‘93 Mr. & Mrs. Roger K. Hockaday Mr. & Mrs. C. Graham Hodnett Jr. Rev. John D. Hoenig ‘80 Ms. Violet M. Hoffman Ms. Susan P. Hollingsworth Rev. Barbara Almon Rich ‘87, ‘93 & Rev. William M. Hosking, Jr. ‘87 Mrs. Patricia A. Smith Hoyt ‘04 Ms. Donna D. Hurt Mr. Billy D. Hutchins Mr. Earl Jackson Mrs. Alice C. Johnson Rev. Christine Sobania ‘88 & Rev. Darrell F. ‘88 Johnson Mr. Edmund W. Johnson Mr. Lawrence Johnson Rev. Melissa Hertzog Johnson ‘01 Rev. R. Burke Johnson ‘67 Mr. Alfred W. Jones III ‘11 Mrs. Genoise S. Judd Rev. Lawrence T. Junek ‘73 Mrs. Elizabeth Graybill & Rev. Dean R. ‘81 Jurgen Rev. Judith D. Justice ‘95 Rev. John H. Kapp ‘41*

MoravianTheological Theological Seminary Seminary 77 Moravian

Mr. & Mrs. M. Keith Kapp Rev. Gail H. Kees ‘86 Rev. Dr. Judy Schaeffer Kehler Shirey ‘84 Donald K. Kirts, EdD ‘57 Rt. Rev. Douglas H. Kleintop ‘75 Rev. James L. Knappenberger ‘77 Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Koenig Mrs. Mary Kilpatrick & Rev. Richard W. ‘60 Kohl Mr. & Mrs. Steven Krawiec Ms. Marcella Kraybill-Greggo Mr. Gary A. Krohg Mr. Michael K. Kromer Mrs. Dorothy C. Kuhfahl Ms. Allison H. Lancaster Rev. Reid P. Lauderman ‘10 Mr. John R. Lee, Jr. Rev. Linda More Lennon ‘98 Rev. Linda Leuser ‘08 Dr. Robert A. Lewis ‘56 Rev. Dr. Roy Lewis Rev. Dr. F. Thomas Lichner ‘82 Dr. & Mrs. Roland R. Liebenow Mr. & Mrs. James R. Linville Mr. & Mrs. Alfred G. Lisicki Mr. David M. Lobach Mr. Frederick G. Lowrey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Dale A. Lucas Luther Crest Resident’s Spiritual Life Committee Rev. Dr. Richard J. Manning ‘55 Mrs. Colleen Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Steven H. Mastin Mr. & Mrs. John E. Matthews Rev. M. Lynnette Delbridge ‘84 & Rev. Andrew W. Meckstroth ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. Tha Mee Rev. Nicole R. Melara ‘06, ‘09 Rev. Christie Melby-Gibbons ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. George Mentzer Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Meyers Rev. Richard E. Michel ‘45 Pastor Raymond A. Miller Mr. & Mrs. William S. Mohr Mr. & Mrs. Alton C. Morgan Mr. Donald L. Murphy ‘99 Rev. Jack T. Nance ‘65 Ms. Sunny L. Nelson Rev. Jimmie L. Newsom, Sr. ‘64 Ms. Nancy D. Nicholas Rev. Dr. Stephen O. Nicholas, Jr. ‘67 Rev. Kenneth W. Nowack ‘51 Rev. Frederick W. Oleck ‘65 Ms. Carol Olzinski ‘10 Mrs. Mary Ellen Binder Orben Ms. Rebecca Kleintop Owens ‘95 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Parker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Pavis Ms. Gloria K. Pearce

Rev. Robert M. Peek, Sr. ‘99 Ms. Susan H. Petree Rev. Mary Louise Plummer ‘04 Rev. Vani ‘09 & Rev. Shanti K. ‘09 Pradhan Ms. Grace M. Principato Rev. Tracy A. Pryor ‘99 Ms. Charlotte Puzio Rev. John F. Rauhut ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Reich Mr. Richard P. Reinke Mr. & Mrs. Carl Reist Rev. Janel R. Rice ‘05 Rev. Dawn R. Richie ‘03 Rev. Douglas C. Rights ‘83 Mrs. Elynor Fishel Rights ‘54 Theodore H. Rights, MD Rev. Tammie L. Rinker ‘99 & Mr. Ostomy Matthew Mr. & Mrs. Richard N. Ritter Mr. Ronald K. Robertson Rev. Dorothy Elizabeth Rohn-Habhegger ‘01 Mr. & Mrs. James T. Roland Ms. Martha L. Rolli Ms. Julie A. Rucks Philip A. Sabetti, OD Ms. Mildred Saderholm Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Saunders Rt. Rev. Dr. Edwin A. Sawyer ‘38 Rev. Marlin L. Schaffstall ‘59 Ms. Mary Jane Schimmel Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schoenen, Jr. Rev. Raymond E. Schultz ‘45 Rev. Eric J. Schulze ‘53 Ms. Dorrett Sergeant Mrs. June Zimmerman & Rev. Dr. Richard I. ‘54 Shamel Rev. Joan A. Shelton ‘79 Wayne C. Shugart, Esq. Rev. Dody Freed Siegfried ‘02, ‘09 Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Simmons Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Singleton Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Smith Mrs. Margaret Dittmer & Rev. Robert H. ‘61 Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Souers Mr. & Mrs. I. B. Southerland III Rev. Maria Evola Spada ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck Ms. Carol L. Steager Rev. Arkon G. Stewart ‘90 Mrs. Mercedes Stievo Mrs. Lenore Stine ‘08 Ms. Lynn Irwin & Rev. Dr. Glen W. ‘77 Stoudt Mrs. Barbara Martin Stout ‘87 Rev. Gary M. Straughan ‘66 Rev. Robert L. Strauss ‘84 Rev. Arlene Byers Studer ‘72

Ms. Dorothy Tarreto ‘10 Ms. Patricia Teel Rev. Canon Jane B. Teter ‘83, ‘85 Rev. Richard J. Thierolf ‘78 Ms. Fay M. Thomas Rev. Allen D. Timm ‘92 Rev. Raymond T. Troutman, Jr. ‘53* Rev. C. Scott Venable III ‘79 Rev. Dawn Gibson Volpe ‘85 Ms. Katharine H. Walker Mr. & Mrs. William J. Walker Mrs. Emily B. ‘94 & Dr. Edwin Wallace Rt. Rev. Dr. Kay K. ‘80 & Rev. Aden A. ‘71 Ward Watertown Moravian Church Rev. Bruce M. Weaknecht ‘81 Mrs. Janet Parks & Rev. Dr. William J. ‘47 Weinland Rev. Warren D. Wenger ‘45 Rev. Carol L. West ‘00 Ms. Pearl Westergom Rev. Gwyned Williams ‘60* Miss Debra A. Williamson Mr. & Mrs. Raymond P. Williamson Rev. R. Donald Winters ‘85 Mr. Philip Ashton Woffindin ‘97 Ms. Lenore Worrell ‘95 Mr. Richard Yochum Dr. Thomas E. Young Rev. Dr. Samuel R. Zeiser Mrs. Grady Ziglar Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Zimmerman

Gifts to the Annual Fund Support New Academic Initiatives In 2008, Moravian Theological Seminary broadened its graduate offerings to include a 21-credit Graduate Certificate in Formative Spirituality.

New in 2012, the Formative Spirituality program will also include a 24-credit Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction. For more information contact Ann Gibson, Director of Enrollment 610-861-1512


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Complete Schedule Coming Soon!

April 12: Zeisberger Lectures in Evangelism Christian Community & Practice for a New Generation with Rev. Carol Howard Merritt

February 24: Psychology & Spirituality Lectures Loss, Grief & the Reconstruction of Meaning with Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer

March 9: Weber Lectures in Pastoral Ministry Conversation as Courageous Discernment for a Wilderness Time with Rev. Gil Rendle

Spring 2012 Continuing Ed Lectures

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