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Where Do Cars Go at Night?

idea by Susanne Purucker

illustrated by Shiori Clark

published by moovel lab

© moovel Group GmbH lab members involved: Raphael Reimann, Tilman Häuser, Benedikt Groß

Where Do Cars Go at Night?

idea by Susanne Purucker

illustrated by Shiori Clark

published by moovel lab

! 5 1 arla s car. C ‘m es Hi I riverl to see d nt ght? a a I‘m ou w at ni y ! Do t I do in me a wh ome jo C

Cars don‘t need drivers. They are self-driving. People don‘t own cars anymore. Everybody can use them at anytime.

eone Will som e h pick up t ? little boy

Sorry I can‘t. I have to go to the other side of town. Yes! I will p ick him up !

Thank you for the ride. Are you also going to bed now?

No, I don‘t go to bed. There are many things I do at night...

Cars don‘t need parking garages anymore. Garages are nicer places now. We like the lovely new park!



in the d

a ys

do .. . to ch


re e h


o s s

u m

... S


es Ib ring sf od go






th er e.. .

r e h ot

ks s ta

.. a ny y m t i th c i w elp he h t o s l a I gh u o hr t e v dri when I

l ea c I s e m i ... Somet



.. . s et e r t t he s

... I


lso a n

re a c e k ta


i s t n pla

h t n


... k r a p


e k o br


d n A

ng i th

ir a ep r I

he t n si

y. t i c

n he W

he t it s i Iv

op h ks r wo

s. d en i r f y tm e e m I

Th ey he lp


ke ep


he alt hy


When I need a break, I love to relax at the energy station. Here I can recharge my battery.

A I am cl fter every ni ght eaned o n outsid e. So I the inside an am fre d shiny f s h or the and new d ay!

Oh, Look! People are awake again!

Yes, we need to pick them up !

! Bye we pe ain o h I ag t e me oon! s

Autonomous Driving In the next five to ten years self-driving vehicles will replace a large part of the world‘s car fleet. This will not happen from one day to the other. The transformation process has already started with bridging technologies like driver‘s assistants. Transporting people from A to B will only be one of the services cars will assist us with. Creating scenarios of the future is one way to understand and discuss how self-driving cars could change mobility as we understand it today.

This book tells the story of a possible scenario, which shows how self-driving vehicles could be integrated into our daily lives. Mobility is something that crucially influences our daily routines. Changes to this basic part will have effects on many levels: Traffic- security and traffic-flow will increase. The urban fabric might change due to new travel behaviour. Energy consumption and emissions could decrease. To sum it up: Autonomous driving has the potential to disrupt mobility and many parts of our lives.

Do self-driving vehicles also go to bed at night? Carla-15 is a driverless car that shows us what it is up to while we are sleeping. Find out how Carla-15 and her friends help to keep the city clean and make our lives easier.

november 2026

ISBN 9783000515231

9 783000 515231

Where Do Cars Go at Night ‘Where Do Cars Go at Night’ is a children’s book of the future. In this future, w...

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