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Chapter 1//

Declan Mount

advertising/design/identity posters/flyers/logo/publication/stickers

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09/12/2010 12:27

Preliminary drafts

When the group decided on the name Moose Motion, we were sure that we wanted the identity to be strong but not too formal. I began my research by looking at companies that have used animals in their identity, and I found that some well known global corporations have used animals, simply to represent speed and power or even to characterise their integrity. Here are my initial ideas for the logo, they were mainly comical to complement the motion graphic.

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09/12/2010 12:28

I found a nice photograph of a moose head and I hand drew the basic shape, scanned it and moved it to Illustrator. I decided to remove the middle tones and highlights and work directly on a sharp shadow, giving the logo a refined stencil appearance. The moose’s stern, blank expression with the high antlers symbolise Moose Motion’s determination within design

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09/12/2010 12:29

This is the identity for Moose Motion.

‘Moose’ typeface// Novello Pro Regular Single letter tracking (-60-70) ‘Motion’ typeface// American Typewriter Regular Tracking (+750)

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From the preliminary ideas to the final logo I was aiming towards generating an identity that is easily distinguished and recognisable. I was originally going to use {Helvetica-Neue Condensed Bold} as the main type, but it gave the logo a mundane, pokerfaced look. I went with {Novello Pro-Regular}. This font gave the brand a natural, chirpy expression.

09/12/2010 12:29

Publication Draft//

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Chapter 2//

Martina Scott

animation/advertising hand drawn motion graphic

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Hand Drawn//

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Chapter 3//

Anne Smith

animation/sculpture photography/stop motion graphic

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09/12/2010 12:31

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Stop Motion//

This section of the animation documents Anne’s journey to uni, from travelling in her car to making her way through the university building. The saturation of the photographs steadily increases to become more colourful as she reaches the studio building the sense that something creative is going to happen when she arrives.

As we are exploring the dierent disciplines within Visual Communication, this part of the animation deals with photography in a stop motion form. Stop motion is an animation technique to make a physical object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small steps between individally photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames are played in movie form.

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The sculptures have been created to allow the audience to interact with the animation. All of the sculptures have been made from recycled materials and recycled paint. The sculptures include a paintbrush, a pencil, a drawing tablet, traffic lights, a large cut out and a frame mounted drawing with an easel.


We wanted to show the audience the tools of our trade and how most projects start off with pencil and paper before they reach the computer. Sometimes projects are handmade, other times they are heavily created with technology. The pencil is an essential part of our tool kits. The traffic light sculpture connects the audience with the animation and allows them to view objects that appear on our daily journeys to uni. The sculptures will set off our exhibition and engage the audience and intrigue them to take a closer look.

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09/12/2010 12:32

Chapter 4//

Grace Kennedy

animation/web vectorised motion graphic

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09/12/2010 12:32

Digital Drawing//

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Declan Mount Martina Scott Anne Smith Grace Kennedy




Visual Communication at the University of Ulster

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moose motion publication  
moose motion publication  

a publication showing the process of our work leading to our exhibition