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Fall 2011

Paytahchemowin Moose Cree First Nation Newsletter

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Health Services

From the Chief’s Office - Norm Hardisty Jr.

Updates from Chief Norm Hardisty Jr. Greetings to the Youth, Elders, and Members at large within the community and abroad. I would first like to mention that much of the months of April, May and June were taken up by the traditional spring hunt, medical leave, and leave due to a family emergency. I wish Generation (OPG) are abiding by and living up to to thank Deputy Chief Charlie Cheechoo, Coun- the Amisk-oo-skow Agreement. cilors Rick Cheechoo and Pauline Rickard for the coverage during that period. This has been a struggle at times, especially when we may carry different objectives throughout the project.

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On June 14th, 2011, I also accompanied the Minister of Energy, Brad Duguid, along with OPG officials on a site visit to the Lower Mattagami Extension Project.

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“On behalf of Chief and Council, it is my wish that you all had a great summer with family and friends. We would also like to extend our condolences to the families who had lost loved ones over the summer. May god bless and support you as you move forward in these difficult times.”

On June 10th, 2011 Chief and Council took the opportunity to visit the Lower Mattagami Extension Project (Smoky Falls, Little Long). During the visit we also addressed on-going personnel issues at site, most of which have now been dealt with. We are now past one year of construction and we Again, I wish to acknowledge and thank Pauline are constantly being vigilant in ensuring that the Rickard for her excellent coverage at the Little design build (DB) contractor and Ontario Power Long OPG Traditional Apology event on June 21st 2011, and again at the Assembly of First Nations Summit on Energy & Mining Conference in June. This invitation to present was at the request of the National Chief, Shawn Atleo.

Moose Cree Veterans P. 19

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Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter


From the Chief’s Office, Continued...

the next 4 years. After the construction phase and the dams are operational, MCFN will receive a substantial influx of revenues.

During the summer we also presented to the membership the financial status of Moose Cree First Nation, along with a report on the status of the Amisk-oo-skow funds (we have 3 million dollars to date) and how we intended to move forward with this process.

There is a need now to utilize the funds. Since May 2011, MCFN has commenced strategic sessions with members of MCFN. These strategic sessions were held to gather input from the membership on how the membership wishes to use the Amisk-oo-skow funds.

Chief and Council had also requested that the Moose Band Development Corporation to update their activities to the members/shareholders as this is a requirement within their bylaws.

The following Strategic Sessions were completed:

All of the above meetings and issues were done at the request of the members and we will ensure follow ups where necessary on the mentioned issues. The month of July was very busy, in that we hosted a Regional Treaty Conference, followed by the Creefest in Moosonee. We also had the official OPG Apology Ceremony and the official signing [of the “agreement”] ceremony with Detour Gold, which took place during the Gathering of Our People.

OPG and Detour Gold The Chief and Council are continuing to ensure that the implementation of our two resource agreements (OPG and Detour Gold) are being met by each respective business partner. Our implementation team members are now in place, and are working to ensure that all requirements of the agreements are met for the benefit of the MCFN membership. The revenues from the Detour Gold agreement include: Cultural Education Shares

$200,000 $1,000,000 125,000

And for the next four years

$200,000 per year.

July 12, 2011 August 22nd, 2011 August 23rd, 2011 August 23rd, 2011 September 13th, 2011 September 14th, 2011 September 15th, 2011 September 16th, 2011 September 17th, 2011

Youth Session Men’s Session Elders Session Women’s Session Timmins Cochrane North Bay Sudbury Kapuskasing

Next Steps The information gathered from these sessions will be incorporated into the Senior Management Team workplans, and the 1995 Strategic Planning document will be updated to include the new priorities. The updated Strategic Planning document will be presented to Chief and Council early November.

Conclusion On behalf of Chief and Council, it is my wish that you all had a great summer with family and friends. We would also like to extend our condolences to the families who had lost loved ones over the summer. May god bless and support you as you move forward in these difficult times. In closing, it is my wish that all will have a good harvest season this fall, may God bless and take care of you all.

Amisk-oo-skow Funds On the March 31st, June 9th, and August 18th, Membership meetings, Chief and Council reported to Membership that the Amisk-ooskow funds are now with MCFN. A total of 3 million dollars has been received to date and MCFN will continue to receive 2 million each for

Respectfully submitted,

Chief Norm Hardisty Jr.

Evening Sewing Classes at the Cree Cultural Interpretive Centre Every Tuesday from 6:30 - 9 p.m., beginning October 25, 2011 Sewing classes taught by Frances Moses and Katie Visitor. Learn how to make slippers, moccasins, mitts and gloves. All materials and supplies provided. Contact Kim O`Connor at (705) 658-4619 for more info.


Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter

Administration Department

Patricia Wapachee, Director of Administration and Communications Wachay, and greetings to all my fellow Moose Cree members throughout the world. I say “throughout the world” because our newsletters are now posted on the Moose Cree website and can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Staffing We were very pleased to have two (2) summer students this past summer, Claudia Gagnon and Thalissa Linklater, who provided support services to the Administration staff. Their assistance was very much appreciated. The following is a listing of current administration staff: • Judy Rickard, Receptionist/Secretary • Caroline Sutherland, Administrative Assistant • Barbara Sutherland, Membership Officer (Term Position) • Paul Chakasim, Communications & Information Technology Officer • Denise Mark, Janitor • Patricia Wapachee, Director of Administration & Communications The Membership Officer position was recently posted for the 2nd time and the deadline for applications is October 19, 2011. Please contact Pauline Echum or Linda Trudeau if you have any inquiries about the position. You can also view the job posting in the Employment Opportunities section on our website at

Birth Registration & Indian Registration In order to register a child for Indian status, the parent(s) must provide us with the ORIGINAL Birth Certificate (long form) or ORIGINAL certified copy of Birth Registration. If a child is not registered after they turn 1 year old, the child will not be eligible for Non-Insured Health Benefits which means that the parent(s) will have to pay for all prescription drugs and other medical services that are normally covered by NIHB. The Service Ontario website has the Newborn Registration Service that is a convenient way to complete up to four important transactions online at the same time: 1. Register the birth of your baby under the age of one year (no cost); 2. Apply for your baby’s Birth Certificate (long form $35.00); 3. Apply for your baby’s Social Insurance Number (no cost); 4. Apply for your baby’s Canada Child Benefits (no cost).

Sutherland, Membership Officer, and she will assist you with the registration process. Barb can be contacted at 705-658-4619 ext. 242 or at

Service Canada The next visit for the Service Canada representative is scheduled for December 6, and 7, 2011 at the Moose Cree First Nation main office. This is an Outreach Services for community members who wish to apply for various types of government services such as: employment insurance, social insurance number, disability benefits, Canada Pension Plan, passports and many more other services. To find out more about the Service Canada services and programs, visit their website at and if you do not have internet access, contact Barb Sutherland or myself at Moose Cree First Nation. I can be contacted at 705-658-4619 ext. 243 or at Barb’s contact information is mentioned above.

MCFN Membership Meeting Regulations The MCFN Membership Meeting Regulations were reviewed and amended by the Leadership Committee based on the feedback received from the last two General Membership meetings. The current DRAFT August 23, 2011 will be presented to the membership for their approval at the next Membership meeting. If you wish to receive a copy of this latest draft, please contact the Executive Office at 705658-4619 ext. 245. Draft Impeachment Regulations and Recall Election Regulations Information Sessions will be held with the Youth and Elders prior to the presentation of the Regulations at a General Membership Meeting. Notices will be posted once the dates are finalized. . If you have not yet received a copy of the Regulations, you can request copies from the Executive Office 705-658-4619 ext. 245. May God bless you and keep you safe!

Patricia Wapachee Director of Administration & Communications

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If your child is not yet registered for Indian Status, please contact Barb

Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter


Administration Department, Continued... Update from Paul Chakasim, Communications and IT Officer The new Moose Cree website has been in development for a year, and it will be revealed in November. Once the site launches, I encourage you to take a look around, and feel free to send suggestions for information you would like to see added to the site. We plan on having more information than ever before on our site. All of our services will be explained in detail, and you will have access to the resources you need, such as application forms. Our site will have a historical section, and I invite anyone with old photos or information that they would like to share to contact me. Live event video streaming is another feature to be added to the site. It`s a great resource for those that are unable to attend information sessions, events, etc. We hope that this new website will improve how effectively we communicate with the Moose Cree Membership. Your feedback is always important to us and can be sent to Have a great fall season!

Paul Chakasim, Communications and IT Officer

Resource Protection Lower Mattagami River Project Jack Williams

Community & Social Advocate Employment Support Please email or call if you require help while on site or off site. If you are experiencing family issues at home, facing a family emergency, or need help with employment and training support, we can help. Here is my contact information: 1. Cell: 705-363-0303 2. Moose Factory Office Phone: 705-658-2117 3. Site: 905-636-5280 Ext: 5475 (Smoky Falls) 4. Email:


Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter

Lands and Resources Department Submitted by: Lillian Trapper, Land Use Plan Coordinator

Research Projects Updates:

you on the treatment date of the tagged fish and its known movement history. Thank you.

A) Photovoice & Photo-History: Visualizing Climate Change From The Moose Cree First Nation Perspective – this project in partnership with Lakehead University is wrapping up and we will need to decide where we can use this information besides for land use planning. I would like to thank all those who came out for the meeting on June 14th. Meegwetch for your participation.

To report tagged trout, discuss concerns or for more information on this project please feel free to call Derek Moses at 658 – 4619, Peter Kapashesit, Gord Ross at 336 – 2987 or Chris Chenier at (705) 272 – 7154.

B) Namao – Lake Sturgeon within Moose Cree Homelands – although we have finished the reporting requirements for funding. A second set of sturgeon samples have been sent to the Ministry of Environment’s laboratory for a second analysis. Once we have received the governments’ analysis report, we plan to host a community meeting in the Fall to inform you of the study as indicated in the community notice regarding the precautionary measure. Furthermore, we will need to find funds to continue with further contamination studies on other traditional foods and to hold the community meeting. The following was on the community channel and posters. Thank you to all who called in and reported any tagged trout caught. Attention Moosonee and Moose Factory anglers: Cochrane District MNR, with the support of Moose Cree First Nation, is about to undertake a Moose River brook trout movement study. This information will help First Nations and MNR to make land use planning and trout conservation decisions. This May and June trout will be caught, tagged and released at the mouth of the Moose River. The tags are green or orange and will be located at the base of the dorsal fin. These tags will allow us to identify individual fish. Through tag reports we can begin to better understand their individual movements, how many there are, how old they get and how they grow. Up to 35 of the adult trout caught will also be implanted with small radio transmitters. As they migrate upstream implanted trout will be recorded by 12 portable tracking stations placed along the rivers. It is hoped this effort will identify which systems trout use, when they use them and where they go within a system.

Update on the last report from Chris Chenier, MNR Fisheries Biologist. We have caught 42 trout to date; we tagged 41 of them and implanted 21 fish with transmitters (out of 33 serviceable transmitters available). We now know many of the same fish enter and re-enter the creek...and stage in the one area we mentioned previously. Fishing pressure appears to be fairly substantial. One tagged fish was caught at Store Creek which brings the total of angled recaps to 7 known. All of these were released as people had read the posters and were aware of the project. We have also recaptured 3 fish in the trap nets. No tagged/implanted fish have been reported caught in nets set adjacent to the creek to date, but this is certainly possible. We plan to pull the trap nets out tomorrow weather permitting. With luck the implanted fish will make their way up the rivers and their passage logged at the stations. The next stage of this project taking place shortly is the station monitoring deployment. From the Lands and Resources Secretariat and staff, have a safe and enjoyable fall.

In order to tag the trout and surgically implant the transmitters humanely an anaesthetic will be used. Trout caught within 21 days of drug treatment should not be eaten. If they are caught after 21 days the fish can be eaten normally. The fish must be alive during the 21 day period. Catching, cleaning and storing the fillets for 21 days, does not get rid of the drug. MCFN and MNR ask that you report all tagged trout you catch. If you wish to eat the trout please call before eating so we can advise

Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter


Economic Development

Submitted by: Juliet Rickard, Director of Economic Development Greetings everyone. My name is Juliet Rickard and I am the Director of Economic Development for Moose Cree First Nation. Summer is a very busy season for us in Economic Development as most of our guests/tourists arrive at this time. We wouldn’t be able to provide services to the community or to our guests without a great team of dedicated staff as listed below: Gloria Rickard, Administrative Assistant Kim O’Connor, Tourism Officer Chrissy Hardisty, Tourism Trainee Melody McComb-Uiselt, Employment & Training Officer Vacant, Employment & Training Project Clerk Vacant, Special Projects Trainee Jay Monture, Youth Centre Manager Clayton Cheechoo, Youth Centre Programmers Coordinator Lisa Sutherland, Youth Centre Programmer Caitlyn Turner, Youth Centre Programmer Mark Isaac, Washow Ecotourism Trainee Thomas Cheena, Washow Ecotourism Trainee Evelyn Salt, Washow Ecotourism Trainee Harmony Cheechoo, Washow Ecotourism Trainee George Linklater-Vincent, Washow Ecotourism Trainee Sam Echum, Washow Ecotourism Trainee

METS for the Youth Programmers, Clayton Cheechoo, Lisa Sutherland, and Katelyn Turner who have been helping Jay, as well as Blair Morrison, and April Cheechoo from the Health Department organize and run many activities for the youth at the Youth Centre. Unfortunately we lost program funding for the Youth Entrepreneurship Program due to challenges in recruiting participants to the program. As a result we had to lay off Brian Hendrick, YEP Coordinator/ Instructor. We will miss Brian, and wish him all the best.

Cree Cultural Interpretative Centre: The C.C.I.C. is located next to the Elders Residence and is open regular hours during tourist season and at the request of visitors to the island during off season. The grounds have been used to host cultural activities such as Arctic Kingdom, a group that was in the James Bay area doing filming for National Geographic, various school groups from southern communities, etc. For information or bookings, please contact Kim O’Connor at (705) 658-4619 ext. 265 or email at kim.o’

Economic Development oversees a number of projects/businesses including the following:

Moose Cree Properties: MCP is an incorporated body that was established to manage several residential and commercial property located off-reserve in Moosonee.

Moose River Heritage & Tourism Association:

Moose Cree Ticket Agency:

Economic Development was always involved in promoting culture and tourism in our area starting with the Cree Cultural Organization (CCO) back in the late 70’s. It started with a group of women who wanted to learn the Cree traditional skills of handicraft making to sell to the tourists that came in great numbers back then. As the tourism industry decreased, this trade was drastically reduced and it was no longer feasible to have a craft shop so the shop was relocated to the CCIC building as part of our Cree cultural showcase to visitors to the area. This past Winter we had women, youth, and a few men come to the CCIC to start learning or relearning these traditional skills of our people and we hope to continue these meetings in the Fall.

In partnership with ONTC, this outlet was established to provide a convenient service to Moose Factory residents to purchase their tickets for the train between Moosonee and Cochrane only. Moose Cree gets a small percentage of the sales generated which goes toward operational costs of our Tourism Unit. The office is only open during regular working hours Monday to Friday. Kim O’Connor oversees this program. We also welcome Chrissy Hardisty, Tourism Trainee who joined us on Tuesday, July 12th.

John R. Delaney Youth Centre: The John R. Delaney Youth Centre under the capable management of Jay Monture, Youth Centre Manager has been in operation now since July 2009. I am happy to report that all of the office spaces at the Centre are now rented bringing much needed revenues for the operational requirements of the Centre. The Centre is always a hub of activity on a daily basis including weekends and we are so thankful to


Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter

The Moose Factory Tourism Association (MFTA) was recently changed to Moose River Heritage & Tourism Association (MRH&TA) as a result of the 3 jurisdictions of the Town of Moosonee, Mocreebec Council of the Crees, and Moose Cree First Nation coming together to develop a strategic plan for Moosonee/Moose Factory to learn about our history, revive and strengthen our heritage and culture, and share it with the rest of the world through tourism, a website, and by teaching it to our children in our schools.

Employment & Training: MCFN accesses employment & training funding from METS (Mushkegowuk Employment & Training) for on-the-job training or for attending training/workshops for its members. Our Employment and Training officer position is currently vacant, so be on the lookout for job postings for this position. The Employment Unit also works with Sibi, MCEA, Resource Protection, and other employment/training services providers to access program funds to maximize training and employment opportunities for Moose Cree First Nation members.

Business Development: The BD program assists members with advisory and financial assistance to start, or expand their businesses. Because of limited funding, the program can only assist you up to 75% of the equity (your contribution) required to access other sources of funding. Banks and other funding agencies will want to see a business plan and amount of cash (venture capital) you are putting towards your business before they will lend you money. To qualify for our BD program one must not owe any arrears to the Moose Cree First Nation, must be a MCFN member, and must provide a copy of a recent credit history report. As we currently don’t have this position staffed, I continue to carry out the duties along with my Director duties.

Washow Lodge The Washow Lodge was built as an ecotourism and cultural experience for not only tourists/visitors but also as a place for community members to share, revive, preserve, and strengthen cultural roots. After many years of planning, and facing many obstacles along the way, the Washow Lodge construction was completed in November 2009, with grand opening in March 2010. Over the past year and half the lodge hosted elders and youth trips but wasn’t fully operational due to water, financial, and vandalism issues. Washow continues to be a very challenging project due to its remoteness, and high operational costs. However, it is a beautiful place equipped with hot and cold running water, sauna, solar panels with diesel back-up for power, and propane for cooking. There are 12 rooms with two queen size beds, a wood stove, shower, toilet, and sink in each room. See pictures attached.

Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter


Health Services

Submitted by: Allen Sailors, Director of Health Services Moose Cree First Nation – Health Services is in now in its third renewal of its Health Transfer Agreement (HTA) with Health Canada - First Nations & Inuit Health Branch.

Health Services Administration Staff - Allen Sailors, Director of Health - Brenda Rickard, Administration/Finance Officer - Caroline Fletcher, Casual Secretary/Receptionist The programs we offer to the community are the following; - Health & Wellness - Public Health - Home Support - Home & Community Care Under each of the programs we have a number of services. Each of the above programs has coordinators that are responsible for researching, developing and coordinating the implementation these services. Our programs and services are guided by a Health Committee that offers us guidance as to what direction we should be exploring. Furthermore, we are also guided in the development of programs and services by strategic plans developed by the membership in 1996, 2002 and by the Chief and Council in 2007. Our goal is to try to implement these strategic plans with the funding we have in place.

Community Requests Lately we have been requests for various reasons. a) NIHB requests (Glasses, dental, travel to and from treatment centres, etc.) We don’t have the funds to cover any NIHB costs. If you have questions regarding what benefits fall under NIHB, please call Sandra Linklater at WGH at (705) 658-4544 or (705) 336-1585. b) All donation requests are to be directed to Peter Wesley, Associate Executive Director or designate. Under our Health Transfer Agreement, it is not an allowable expense. c) Emergency Requests are to be directed to Peter Wesley, Associate Executive Director or designate. Under our Health Transfer Agreement, it is not an allowable expense.

Elders Comfort/Disable Funds Each year we apply for funding for this program to Casino Rama Funds. The purpose of this program is to cover minor repairs to homes and


Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter

build wheelchair access ramps, and we have been covering eye surgery examination costs for elders. At times, we will cover medications if they are not covered on the approved list, the person has to bring a receipt. We have received requests from elders that are looking for the assistance of a caregiver. We have been covering the travel expenses for the caregiver, but do not cover salaries for a caregiver to take care of the person in need.

Other Program Additions since 2002 - Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative - Maternal Child Health - Early Childhood Development-Aboriginal HeadStart on Reserve Program. This program is managed by Moose Cree Education Authority and the funding flows through MCFN. There are programs/services funded by other agreements that are closely related or dependent upon those funded by the transfer agreement. For example, the Long Term Care (LTC) Program, some of the benefits for Homemakers is under the HTA. Stand-alone agreements do not have sufficient funding to cover their office supplies; equipment and rent depend on the funding from the HTA to cover these items. However, should there be any surplus from the stand alone agreements; whenever possible, surplus funds are transferred to the budgets under our HTA to recover some of the overhead costs.

Moose Factory Public Health Office - Christina Linklater, Community Health Coordinator - Cheryl Moore, Community Health Nurse - Community Health Nurse (Vacant) - Mary Cheezo, Community Health Representative - Thomas Jolly, Community Health Representative - Pauline Morrison, Clerk/Receptionist - Sheila Quachegan, Administrative Program Assistant - Rita Rickard, Healthy Babies/Healthy Children Worker - Cynthia Kapashesit, Diabetes Prevention Worker The Community Health program is the largest of the four major programs in the MCFN Health Department. The Community Health program is responsible for the implementation of the mandatory programs that were defined in the health transfer agreement (communicable disease control, immunization and environmental/occupational health and safety). The mandatory programs are well established, as is an array of health promotion and education programs offered to children, adults and elders. The sub-programs include: school health, maternity and family health, communicable disease, environmental health and chronic diseases.

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The Health and Wellness Program Health & Wellness Staff: - Vacant, H&W Coordinator - Vacant, Health Services Counsellor - April Cheechoo, Youth Services Worker - Kelly Louttit, Family Services Worker - Charlie Jeffries, Elders Outreach Worker - Larry Rickard, Crisis Intervention Worker - Vacant, Community Outreach Worker - Robert John Cheechoo, Medical Transportation Services - Dorinda Vincent, DDECS Counsellor The Health & Wellness Program’s goals are primarily related to improving the health and mental wellbeing of the membership. Preventive and therapeutic programs are offered for different sub-groups of the population depending on need. The Health & Wellness Program is comprised of six sub-programs: - Elders Outreach - Crisis Intervention - Mental Health Services - Youth Services - Family Services - Medical Transportation Services

Home and Community Care Program: - Linda Wesley-Rickard, Home Health Coordinator - Jackie Tobicoe, Home Health Nurse - Vacant, .5 Home Health Nurse - Elizabeth Quachegan, Personal Support Worker - Linda Blueboy, Personal Support Worker - Jamie Rickard, Personal Attendant - Sandra Swallow, Casual Personal Attendant - Grace Delaney, Casual Personal Attendant The Home and Community Care Program is directed towards patients newly discharged from hospital and the chronically ill suffering acute episodes of illness. Close liaison has been established with the hospital to facilitate effective discharge planning and post-hospital service delivery. The Coordinator for the Home & Community Care program is a member of the Weeneebayko General Hospital discharge planning team which includes a weekly meeting with other health care providers (patient representative, physiotherapist, dietician, psychologist and x-ray technician) to review patients about to be discharged into the community. The community visiting nurse is notified three days prior to actual discharge.

- Andrew Johnstone, Community Support Worker - Sarah Small, Home Support Worker - Laura Sutherland, Home Support Worker - Roxanne Sutherland, Dispatcher/Receptionist The Home Support Program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and as such is not incorporated under the health transfer agreement. The Homemakers Program is funded through INAC. Both programs are closely integrated with programs and services offered by the Elders Outreach Worker, and works closely as well with the Home & Community Care Program. The Homemakers and Home Support Program serves clientele who are elderly and wish to live at home as long as possible, and also to persons who are chronically ill and or disabled. The client undergoes an assessment and the Case Manager determines what services they should receive. The goal is to assist the client(s) and not to replace the family. We still rely on family members to provide assistance as much as they can especially after hours and on weekends. The Homemaker/Home Support staff work six-hour days from Monday to Friday. The home care services provided are: - Light home cleaning - Laundry - Personal care - Yard work - Snow removal - Water retrieval - Wood retrieval - Picking up mail - Paying bills for clients - Grocery shopping - Meal preparation - Friendly visiting Home Care Nursing and Case Management are provided by Home Health Program. The Home Support Program also provides Congregate Dining in partnership with the Elders Outreach Program, Home Health Program, MoCreebec, Moosonee Native Friendship Centre and Northern Stores. Community Events are also part of the program’s contribution by assisting Elders get to the functions and making them feel welcome and comfortable. The annual events were the Christmas Dinner, Valentine’s dinner and bingo, Film Festival, Thanksgiving dinner and Easter.

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The Homemaker and Home Support (formerly known as Long Term Care Program) - Emily Linklater, Home Support Coordinator - Carl Butterfly, Community Support Worker

Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter


Health Services continued from page 9

Band Representative Program: Gary Innes is our Band Representative and has worked in the field for 18 years. Gary’s first main responsibility is looking at all the Children’s Aid court documents and emergency cases that needed support as soon as possible, as children were at risk in going into Crown Wardship. The duties of the Band Rep are the following: - Advocate on behalf of the client

- Setting up a Local Child Welfare Committee (Ongoing) - Assist in the development of the Terms of Reference for Child Welfare Committee (completed) - Assist in the development of the policies and procedures for the Band Representative Program (Ongoing) - Assist in the development of a Customary Care Agreement with Payukotayno (completed) - Follow up on all emergency child welfare requests from Chief and Council.

- Attend meeting/Circles /assist families in completing their Plan of Care that is endorsed by the Courts.

For more information on programs and services we provide, please stop by our office. A visit from the people we serve will be certainly appreciated and give us your ideas in how we can enhance the current services we provide.

- To ensure CAS across Ont. follow all standards pertaining to the Child and Family Services Act.

We are also looking for volunteers for our Crisis Team. Training will be provided.

- Assist in the development of programs to ensure that children are returned to the families or community, such as the Strengthening our own Program, Talking Together Program.

In closing, we will continue to provide quality programs and services which meet the holistic needs of individuals, families and the community, and we continue to look forward in developing a strong, healthy community where mutual respect and love thrives.

- Filing of all Court Documents/Case Management System

E.P.R. Centre

Raymond Butterfly, EPR Manager Tenants:

Hospitality Room Rates: $90.00/ night

Moose Factory Island Fire and Rescue, Moose Cree Resource Protection, Creewest Limited Partnership, Nishnawbe Aski Police Services, Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (formerly James Bay Ambulance Service) and Executive Services.

New Conference Rental Rates as of April 1st 2011: Monday to Friday Half Day $210.00 Full Day $315.00 Evening $210.00 Weekends Half Day $315.00 Full Day $420.00 Evening $315.00


Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter

Rental Forms for both the Conference Room and Hospitality Suite can be picked up at the EPR forms also available on the Moose Cree Website or by email at Office Phone: (705) 658-2740 Conference Room Phone: (705) 658-2927 Hospitality Suite: (705) 658-2926

Staff: Raymond Butterfly, EPR Manager Clint Cheechoo, Maintenance Technician Paul Rickard has been hired on a short term basis to assist in the maintenance of the EPR.

Finance Department

Submitted by: Gilles Langlois, Director of Finance Finance Team Gilles Langlois

New Development in Finance Director of Finance

Our 2010 / 11 accounting audit is complete and was reviewed and

Lisa Corston

Sr. Payable Clerk

approved at the July 28, 2011 Chief and Council meeting.

Elva Visitor

Account Receivable Clerk

The New and Improved Finance Policies have been approved in Prin-

Deborah Cheezo

Travel / Finance Clerk

ciple by Chief and Council and final review by Finance Committee and


Associate Director

Senior Management Team is slated for August 9 at 5pm.


OPG Finance Clerk

A comprehensive audit of MBDC and CSE started in early August and was completed in September. Second instalment of the Pre-cod is schedule for December 2011 of

Amount Owing to MCFN


From Residents 1 to 90 days $202,783

over 90 $3,143,502

Total $3,346,285

Date of Report July 27, 2011




June 15, 2011




Feb 28, 2011




May 31, 2010




Feb 28, 2010

The total amount owing from various residents is $3,346,285 compared to $2,875,269 on Feb 28, 2010. It has increased $471,016 over a 17 months period or an increase of $27,707 / month. This is the single most important area of concentration for the MCFN in order to get to financial stability.

From Companies / Agencies 1 to 90 days $322,520

over 90 $669110

Total $991,630

Date of Report July 27, 2011




June 15, 2011




Feb 28, 2011




May 31, 2010




Feb 28, 2010

The total amount owing from various companies, First Nation and Government agencies is $991,630 compared $2,255,120 Feb 28, 2010. This is a reduction of $1,263,490 over a 17 months period. We will continue to clean-up this area and a constant monitoring is ongoing.

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Fall 2011 - Paytahchemowin Newsletter


Banking Information The following represents the banking information as of July 5, 2011;

Scotia Bank Account (total of 6 accounts) Replacement Reserve GIC’s at Scotia OPG Bonus + Pre-COD OPG Operation Advance Other In trust DeBeers (power line) Detour (education) BMO ATM & Moose Cree Properties

$6,750,782 $1,590,913 $3,022,918 $1,017,000 $365,884 $477,520 $1,000,000 $63,162



Gilles Langlois CMA, CAFM Director of Finance Moose Cree First Nation

Employment and Training

Submitted by: Melody Uiselt, former Employment and Training Officer Summer Student Initiative: In total Moose Cree was awarded 21 summer positions for the 2011 summer student initiative. Funding is sourced through INAC, Canada Summer Jobs 2011, METS, and various Moose Cree departments. In addition, funding through the Right to Play initiative has provided the community with several more summer workers to develop and implement child and youth summer programming. We thank each summer student for their efforts over the summer and hope their experience here at Moose Cree was both enjoyable and informative. We wish them luck on their future endevours.

Employment and Training Working Group: Upon approval the MCFN Employment & Training Working Group will be responsible for all employment and training programs and services for Moose Cree First Nation. Currently this entails division of services between MCFN Employment and Training Unit, Sibi, and employment and training workers specific to our new industry partners. The MCFN Employment & Training Working Group will identify and implement strategies, practices and interventions that will help ensure that interested participants, regardless of their education levels or prior work experience, have opportunities to prepare for entering the world of work, enrol in and complete employment training programs and/or secure meaningful employment. Specific responsibilities include the following: • Overall responsibility for employment and training programs and services, and career exploration opportunities that are currently offered


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• Working with other employment and training agencies to ensure the coordination and provision of services to program participants • Working with the Strategic Planning and MCFN Organizational Review to regularly review outcome data, evaluate employment and training needs participants, and modify existing interventions and/or develop new programs and services to address those needs as required • Working closely with community development and initiatives including responding to industry trends and • Working to ensure that programs achieve their many goals and objectives and that accurate and timely information is provided for reports to MCFN membership, Chief and Council, to government and funding sources • Representing Moose Cree First Nation at employment and training related forums, work groups and committees throughout but not limited to Moose Cree Traditional Territory • Developing and maintaining partnerships with organizations that enhance the scope of employment and training services available to participants; and • When applicable; representing MNFC Employment & Training Working Group Special Projects internal performance measurement meetings to ensure contractual and budgetary goals are achieved and timely response are developed and implemented to address any shortcomings.

Fire Department

Submitted by: Chris Alisappi, Fire Chief Budget All jurisdictions pay into fire protections fees and is calculated through an assessment called the Hazard Points Assessment. The fire protection fee for each jurisdiction is determined by the number of structures, building classification, and content, and are classified into a hazard rating of 1-4. Calculations are then made with a formula to determine how much fire protection each jurisdiction is required to pay for fire protection services. With the total amounts, we use as our budget to operate for each fiscal year.

Paytahpun Fuels and Martin Iles of Imperial Oil attended the EPR building to present cheques to the MFSAR. A BigThank you to Paytahpun Fuels and Imperial Oil.

Each fiscal year, the operational budget is approximately $250,000.00

Prevention/Training Prevention is done through continunually educating the community of Moose Factory. We attend local schools, even homes. Prevention has been somewhat slow as the cost of materials is expensive. Education is supplemented by fire safety posters and occasional information booths. We hope the public will follow such messages. We are currently in training sessions with the Weenebayko Area Health Authority staff on their fire safety plan and portable fire safety training. Weekly firefighter training happens every Wednesday at the fire department and we train in various areas to help improve our skills and abilities. In fact, we are looking to enhance our skills once again by working with the Ministry of Health and Paramedics by having a Emergency First Responder Certification course. This will enable our firefighters to have more hands on during emergencies with any victims and not to mention, assist the Paramedics. This training will benefit both, the fire department and ambulance service.

Annual Fire Truck Pump Inspection Our annual fire truck pump inspection occurred on September 20th, 2011, and has passed. However, the life of the pump is deteriorating. A Casino Rama Fund application has been submitted for a new fire truck, and a pumper/tanker apparatus to improve and supply the community with an additional suppression system.

New Search & Rescue Funds In the fall of 2010, the fire department received a letter from Paytahpun Fuels notifying us that we were included as a recipient partner for a proposal they has submitted to deliver fuel to the Lower Mattagami Project. Paytahpun Fuels bid was successful over the winter and we met with them to finalize the details. To date, MFSAR has received a total of $85,033.23. We are estimated to receive a total of $225,000.00 for the life of their delivery of fuel to the Lower Mattagami Project. On June 28th 2011, Dan Littlejohn and John Martin of

Fire Department Statistics for 2010 Operational costs for the fire department is at average for the 2010 year and is broken down into the local jurisdictions in which we provide fire protection. Not all costs are fire related as some contain other calls such as overdue person classified under search and rescue. The main rise is the value of property loss, we have had structural fires which mainly occurred on the Moose Cree First Nation jurisdiction. Dollar loss is estimated by the fire department giving the cost of the actual unit. Our statistics are done for every year and fluctuate due to emergencies we are called to respond.

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Fire Department, continued...



January February March April May June July August September October November December

CAUSE False Alarm Mechanical Mischief Electrical Cooking Controlled Burn Rekindle Arson Smoking Propane Fire Drill

TOTAL 13 10 11 5 4 3 1 1 1 2 5

PERCENTAGE 19 15 16 7 6 4 1 1 1 3 7







LOCATION OF ACCIDENTS LOCATION Other Residential Medical Vacant Commercial Institute Assembly

TOTAL 22 14 11 0 14 9 0

PERCENTAGE 31 20 16 0 20 13 0







TIME OF ACCIDENTS TIME OF DAY 0001 – 0800 0801 – 1600 1601 – 1800 1801 – 0000


TOTAL 9 33 9 17


PERCENTAGE 13 47 13 24








2 5 5 6 12 8 7 3 6 9 2 5





32 10 5 7 0



7 2 1 0 0


3 7 7 9 17 11 10 4 9 13 3 7


39 12 6 7 0



56 17 9 10 0


There were six calls that don’t fall under a specific jurisdiction.










$29,185 $6,885 $4,390 $ 4,235 $0.00

$208,000 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

$237,185 $6,885 $4,390 $ 4,235 $0.00


94 3 2 1 0


There were six calls that don’t fall under a specific jurisdiction and the total cost for those calls was $ 1,250.00. Stats prepared by: Leonard Kapashesit, Assistant Fire Chief

DAY OF ACCIDENTS DAY Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday



TOTAL 9 12 8 4 13 12 12


PERCENTAGE 13 17 11 6 19 17 17


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CALL 705-658-4510

Stay safe,

Chris Alisappi, Fire Chief

Public Works Department

Submitted by: Abel Wapachee, Public Works Superintendent Wachey to the community of Moose Factory and surrounding areas. Here are a few of the projects coming in the years ahead.

Street-Lighting Street lights will be upgraded, replaced, or repaired. The current 175200 watt systems will be switched to a 150 watt system because these items will be easier to order. We would like to thank the community members that have called in and identified the lights that need replacing. We have ordered the items and will soon contact Hydro One to perform the replacements.

In some instances, residents have moved out from their homes and did not instruct the proper authorities to shut the water off. As a reminder, if you are leaving for a short period of time, or your return is unknown and you don’t have anyone watching the unit while you are away, make a note to let the proper authorities in your area know.

Landfill Site Expansion Moose Cree First Nation and the Town of Moosonee have been working together in obtaining more land towards the quarry. The environmental assessment has been completed, revised, and approved by the Ministry of Environment. Public Works is now planning a transfer station here in Moose Factory. We are utilizing the expertise of Tulloch Engineering Inc. for their professional services to assist us in this project. This is the same organization that completed the environmental assessment for the Ministry of Environment at the Moosonee landfill site. Because of the large amount of land requested by both Moose Cree First Nation and the Town of Moosonee, and because two communities are involved, we stand a good chance at obtaining funding.

Ontario Electronics Stewardship This is a program that allows for the safe disposal of electronic waste. Public Works has applied for registration with Ontario Electronics Stewardship in June 2011. This is the first step that our organization must complete in order to initiate Remitter’s Agreements with other companies. Once this is completed and all applications have been approved, Moose Factory will be able to safely and responsibly recycle old, unwanted electronics and keep them out of the landfill. As one of more than 600 OES-approved collection points, residents can drop off designated electronic equipment with us and be assured that it be reused or recycled in an environmentally responsible way. This program began in April, 2009. As of April 01, 2010, 44 types of electronic waste items are accepted for safe recycling across Ontario. Once this program is available in our area, postings will be placed on the community channels with information about the drop-off locations. The Town of Moosonee has also put in their application and will be another designated drop-off location.

Watermain Issues Over the past few months, we have been experiencing low water pressures due to broken lines, water leaks under units, and residents leaving their water running while they are away from their units. This has caused a slow water build up which has reached the maximum level of our tanks.

Beautification Program This program has been on-going and is funded by INAC. This year we did not receive any additional funding from the SATF and is 100% funded through the Public Works Program. The new crew consists of a supervisor and eleven labourers. The crew is responsible for various duties, including cleaning up the reserve, cutting grass at the graveyard site, clearing ditches, cutting brush and any additional tasks requested by the director. The program will be active every summer and is funded through Capital Core Projects. If you require more information on these projects or programs, please do not hesitate to contact me at (705) 658-4619 ext.224, or email me at Meegwetch!

Abel Wapachee

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Moose Factory Health Centre Submitted by: Christina Linklater, Community Health Coordinator

Our goal at Health Center is to focus on prevention of illness in all aspects of health: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. We will continue to gather strength from within our community, for you are the ones we strive to serve. Thank you for trusting in us and for participating in our programming. Let’s continue to be seekers of health and wellness.

Health Centre Staff Pauline Morrison, Clerk / Receptionist - 5 years of service Mary Cheezo, Community Health Representative - 18 years of service Cynthia Kapashesit, Diabetes Prevention Worker - 4 years of service Cheryl Moore, Community Health Nurse - 8 years of service Sheila Quachegan, Administrative Assistant

- 1st year of service

Thomas Jolly Jr, Community Health Representative - 3 years of service Rita Echum, Healthy Babies/Healthy Children - 1st year of service Christina Linklater, Community Health Nurse / Coordinator

- 9 years of service

Rita Lazarus, Community Health Nurse Thank you as well to a wonderful team of people who strive to evaluate and meet the needs of the community. They have met program requirements at the Health Centre and do much for our community. We look forward to making improvements and growing together as well. I am thankful to be a part of this team and commend all staff for their efforts, achievements and significant contributions.

- 1st year of service

Special welcome to our newest staff member Rita Lazarus, Community Health Nurse! And thank you to Janice Innes, Collette Small, Loretta Wesley, Maroline Linklater, Juanita Rickard, AHSOR, and Mocreebec Healthy Babies Healthy Children for helping in various ways throughout the year.














# of participants in community events














# clients visiting the MFHC office














Total # utilizing services of MFHC

















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Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar Screening in Foyer 8 X/YEAR Cancer Awareness Booth Speaking at Northern College on Nursing Profession Youth & Elders Nutrition Bingo 10 X/year Kungrobics – taught by volunteer RN Almir Food Theme Giveaways Head Lice Checks @ elementary schools Prenatal Classes – 15 sessions Speaking at Public School on Healthy Choices Adventures in the Kitchen/Community Kitchen – 12 sessions Community Garden Cancer Awareness Walk Aboriginal Day Community Breakfast Day Care Breakfast X 2 Father’s Day Luncheon Cooking Basics for Kids X 7 sessions Suicide Prevention Sessions at Public School Yahtzee Walks X 4 Development Screening Clinics Spruce Tree Giveaway Presentation on Pandemic Conference Youth & Elders Afternoon Tea & Desserts Epipen Training Preschool Clinics Health Presentation at Reading Camp


527 155 80 233 61 410 337 96 90 104 79 95 160 77 66 83 100 176 15 800 40 45 30 36 25


Booth on West Nile Virus Canada Day Children’s Bicycle Parade Canada Day Children’s Games Nutrition Booth Boil Water Advisory – Water delivered to Elder’s Homes Composting Session Day Care Kids visit Health Centre Bicycle Safety FAS Calendar Contest FAS Breakfast Grandparents Day Luncheon Candlelight Vigil on Suicide Prevention Day Suicide Prevention Walk and Luncheon Candlelight Vigil on Suicide Prevention Day Elders Flu Shots/Home Visits 123 Magic Training Week of the Child Feast Presentations at Schools on Huffing Presentation at WGH on MFHC Services Week of the Child Luncheon Week of the Child Brunch Family Skate Day Care Walkabout


90 80 30 50 64 4 12 179 90 106 29 50 650 50 40 23 70 70 11 65 65 6 30

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Moose Factory Health Centre, Continued... EVENT

Presentation to Sr’s at DDECS on STI’s Elementary Day Skate Diabetes Breakfast & Walk NAAW Yahtzee Walk NAAW Gospel Night NAAW Breakfast NAAW Community Feast NAAW Interviews for Video FAS Display Booth FAS Poster Contest Supporting Infant Security Interviews Breakfast with Santa Angel Tree HIV Presentations by Renee Boucher at schools HBHC Family Christmas Dinner Skating Party Flu Clinic for Health Staff Movie Night for Children Sliding Christmas Turkeys for grieving families (donated by Ecolodge) Angel Tree Burning Ceremony Dog Control Program\Spay Clinic Weedless Wednesday Booth Literacy Day Breakfast


6 153 37 32 38 107 150 5 28 23 57 150 180 113 125 20 40 82 55 20 30 67 50 30


Fitnish Sessions Sexual Health & Reproduction Booth Heart Health Booth Valentine Family Dinner & Dance Family Day – Sliding Family Day – Movie Bestest Ever Loser Registrations Diabetes Mealbag Program Community Updates on Influenza x 3 Family Scavenger Hunt Public Skating Smoothie Making Winter Baseball Role Model Presentation at Ministik Diabetes Support Group


46 50 52 23 19 366 30 41 400 21 16 22 12 60 20

NOTE: NOT ALL EVENTS ARE LISTED IF ATTENDANCE IS MINIMAL This concludes this article. If you have any questions, please contact me at (705) 658-4220 or at

Meegwetch, Christina Linklater, Community Health Coordinator

Housing Department

Submitted by: Doug Rickard, Director of Housing Basic Home Maintenance Workshop

Tuesday - Wednesday, November 15 - 16, 2011 from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Is home maintenance a mystery? Don’t know where to start or how to identify potential problems? This special two-day workshop will take the mystery out of these issues. You will learn how to identify and deal with day-to-day home repairs and basic home maintenance. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation will be holding workshops in November. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about home construction practices and maintenance. Doug Rickard, Director of Housing

Better Builder Series Workshop

Tuesday - Thursday, November 15 - 17, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Does your community need to improve its housing design and construction practices? This workshop will help you learn about the newest, most cost-effective building practices and designs appropriate for your community, as well as how to identify the changes needed to prevent housing design and construction practices from causing problems.

For full details, please contact the Moose Cree First Nation Housing Department at (705) 658-4619


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November 11th, 2011: Remembrance Day Moose Cree World War Veterans The Moose Cree First Nation honours, respects, and remembers the courageous veterans who fought for peace and freedom in the First and Second World Wars. They have distinguished themselves with their loyalty, dedication, and sacrifices so that others may live free. This Remembrance Day, please take a moment to remember the veterans of James Bay for their service.

First World War Veterans

Second World War Veterans

Butterfly, George Carey, James Sr. Cheechoo, Albert Cheechoo, George Sr. Cheena, Sam Chum, James Davies, Solomon Frenchman, Willie Loon, David Mark, Andrew Mark, James Mark, John

Butterfly, Edward Carey, James Jr. Cheechoo, Angus Cheechoo, Robert Chum, Angus Chum, James A. Davey, Fred Faries, Edward Sr. Faries, Gilbert Faries, Billy Sr. Koostan, Fred Linklater, Monroe Sr.

Mark, Oliver Mark, Sinclair Nakogee, John Nickoshie, Thomas Sr. Pasquatch, Andrew Quachegan, Gilbert Quachegan, James Sr. Sheshekun, Robert, Sutherland, George Sr. Sutherland, James Tapaise, Obadiah Wapachee, Andrew

Louttit, Alex Mark, Sam McCauley, Oliver McCauley, Sinclair Moore, Fred Moore, George Jr. Nickoshie, Thomas Sr. Pasquatch, Robert Quachegan, David Quachegan, James Jr. Rickard, Oliver Sr. Sack, Daniel

Smallboy, John Sr. Sutherland, George Jr. Sutherland, James Wynne, Jack Wynne, Peter

Last Words:

Misawaynikan Hall Burns Down On Thursday, October 6th, 2011, at approximately 5 a.m., Misawaynikan Hall caught fire and burned to the ground. The hall was built in the early 1950s, and was the gathering place for weddings, dances, live bands, and other social events for decades before closing its doors in 1990. While the official cause of the fire is still under investigation, emergency officials have stated that they are suspecting arson. Although the hall may be gone, the memories live on through stories and photos. You can share your memories by visiting the Misawaynikan Hall Facebook page.

Don’t forget!

Moose Cree Harvesters Program Information Session Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 6:30 p.m., EPR Centre We value your insight and opinion, and are requesting your attendance to share your concerns, comments, and ideas for improving the existing Harvesters Support Program. Refreshments will be provided, with door prizes to be won.

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P.O. Box 190, 22 Jonathan Cheechoo Drive, Moose Factory, ON P0L 1W0

2011 Summer Events Reviewed

Gathering of our People - July 19 - 22, 2011

Mushkegowuk Treaty Conference - July 5 - 9, 2011

OPG Apology Ceremony - July 22, 2011

Amisk-oo-Skow Toronto Meeting - September 2, 2011

These photos, and more, will soon be available online at’s photo gallery pages.

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