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FEATURED DESIGNER STARLIGHTEMZY May 28, 8:00p.m est. Where : Designers ShowCase Show Room After Party : to be announced

Designers ShowCase

OUR INSPIRATION We promote some of the most Finest Designers & Developers on IMVU. Our goal is to showcase the unique Style and Attention to Detail these designers and developers have dedicated their skills and talents in order for us to look good.

Designers We Applaud You! Developers You Are Amazing!

FEATURED DESIGNER STARLIGHTEMZY May 28th 8:00p.m est. Where : Designers ShowCase Show Room After Party : to be announced

FASHION FOCUS ON Well we have something different for you. What do you think about awesome Day and Evening



 ShowCase WHO WE ARE Stylist, Fashion Coordinators, Fashion Editors, Writers, Music arrangers, MC, Models. Altogether we are Designers ShowCase. Presenting Only The Very Best WHAT WE DO We present the Designers/Developers to our viewers and encourage them to purchase their products. We advertise through Live Fashions Shows, Commercials, Ads, and Photo Sessions, and Magazine Articles.

WHY WE DO IT We love Fashion, and hope you adore Fashion as much as we do. We love custom looks, attention to detail and quality in appearance, along with updated style. This is why we do it!

Thank You In Advance For Your Continued Support !

We are open from 9am-10pm. Contact: MrsDivineValentine Visit this group and join: ttp://




All sizes available, and we honor custom request



Contact: Moorrie

3.4oz $45.00


Contact: Moorrie 3.4oz $45.00








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The word is “Color” By Moorrie I don‟t know about you , but I am ready for this spring and the wonderful colors that accompany it„s arrival. Black remains my favorite, and it has it‟s place, it will always be sexy, alluring, and all that good stuff, but every now and then we need color. Personally, I hold steadfast to jewel tones, but pastels will work as well, refresh me, revive me , make me feel absolutely stunning in colors , that are vibrant and rich; so when I enter the room, I‟m noticed. I‟m not conceited not by a long shot……but I am a woman.


I love my man to‌..

Contact: Moorrie 3.4oz $45.00



Could be, but not this time, Lets try a breakfast of Champions and see how good Greek Yogurt is for you.


Yep, it‟s true. You can eat anything you want. You just can‟t eat EVERYTHING you want. you wanted if you tried. Believe me, I tried. No matter how much I ate, I still wanted to eat more. Since I can never satisfy my bingeing, it doesn‟t matter that I eat light now. I didn‟t feel satisfied when I tried to eat everything, so there‟s no point in trying that again.

What‟s not to love about Greek yogurt? Besides its silky texture and delightful flavor, this heavenly yogurt is loaded with protein—twice as much as regular yogurt. It's also an excellent source of calcium, riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12, and pro-biotics.

The serving sizes listed on food labels can be maddening, especially for those of us who count carbs. Not only are these serving sizes often much smaller than the amounts we typically consume, they also come in grams, ounces, milliliters, pieces -- all kinds of hard-to-gauge measurements. Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. To add to the confusion, Nutrition Facts labels do not necessarily correspond with U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) portion sizes. So it's hard to know how many servings of carbs, fruits, veggies, and meat you are getting each day.

Greek yogurt also contains the good kind of bacteria cultures, which help regulate healthy digestion and can convert lactose into lactic acid. This means that it can be tolerated by people who are lactose intolerant. Did I mention itâ€&#x;s gluten-free? And this is a perfect way to do breakfast with coffee of course.

I say, life is but a moment, so enjoy it, cut back on your portions and Eat what ever you want. How big is big enough? Glad you asked, The size about a deck of cards, and then burn with exercise or some type of activity. Watch it melt away, fast and the good thing is, you have never been deprived of a thing. Take the rest home for a snack.

While Greek yogurt is delicious enough to eat plain—or topped with a bit of granola, honey and fruit—there are many other fantastic ways to enjoy it. Try frozen with fruit.

STAYING TRU TO HERSELF TRUESSENCE By SugarChantill TruEssence is a name which has nothing to do with her designs or her products, but it has all to do witTruEssence herself, it is a nick name which has stuck for about 10 years, long before she started creating products here on IMVU. TruEssence is known for her „Black Art‟ which fits any where, you will find her art in offices, homes, and churches and club decors; she also develops costumed framed pictures and custom stickers. I asked Tru, what makes her Art work stand out from other developers? And she responded by saying, „ My definition of black art is an piece of art that has been painted or sculpted by a black artist. There is a wide range to choice from. I think what makes my art stand out is the fact that I personally select the art that I want to use and either find the perfect frame that will enhance that particular piece or I will make and original frame for it, granted the painting themselves are not work that was done by my hands I still admire it's beauty so much that I know it needs to be adorned (framed) with care‟ my work is a reflection of my Tru Expression. Tur expressed that her work had to meet the same standard that I hold myself to. And she truly puts her heart and soul into her creations, while she hispered to me, “they all stand out” Her biggest sellers are the Black and White erotic collection along with a full length snap shot wall size oil painting which is her own creation. TruEssence has not been developing a long time, she started out doing stickers about a year ago, perhaps longer. She started out with simple avi stickers, then she began doing marriage/divorce certificates for Hammers Court of Law, which gave her a lot of exposure, also I've done several invitation stickers for his events, for weddings, grand openings and baby showers. I asked TruEssence, what advise did she have for the up and coming developers? „my advice to them is find what works best for them because they have to enjoy what they are doing most of all and if they are enjoying what they are doing and they are putting their heart in it that will show in their work, what one developer is good at the next one may not be, so master your talent. I „d like to mention that I do have a black art gallery, it's not open at the moment but I plan to reopen it soon it's very upscale...the name is Tru Expressions Black Art Gallery and it should be reopened in the next few weeks. TruEssence‟s name truly speaks volumes in her work and all about her.

Feel the waves at your feet, listen to the Sea Gulls calling, feel the sun on your back And the wind in your hair. There is nothing in the world like an awesome Get-away for the moment with your „Special Someoneâ€&#x;.

When love is in the air, nothing else matters. Priceless.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, make a plan, stick to it, and watch your life change for the better. Cast your cares to the sea and spend time with the one you love, creating lasting memories and a solid future.

Gas prices are high, everything is expensive, demands on you are great, But at the end of day who do you share you heart with? Donâ€&#x;t they deserve a special time and place with you? Take the time, see the world and travel.

Why Montage Beverly Hills? Romance can happen at any time, for any reason, at Montageâ€&#x;s Beverly Hills destination, a splendid setting to celebrate your love. The world-renowned boulevards surrounding this sophisticated city retreat, elegant guestrooms, signature Spa, sumptuous cuisine, and breathtaking views make your escape unforgettable.


A Must ! Steal away for our Art of Romance getaway at Montage Beverly Hills and you‟ll enjoy: Two nights of accommodations Daily full breakfast for two A romantic one-hour couple‟s massage at Spa Montage Handmade chocolates and champagne upon arrival

I have had the pleasure of meeting one of many awesome women on this site and one of which is PinkAHolic, after seeing some of her rooms I was speechless and wanted to know how this beautiful woman got into developing, just what was it that attracted her? Two years just before her birthday, her IMVU was messing up and began causing a lot of problems So as a result se could not chat and as a result she had to cancel her Birthday Party, of course she was upset. Pink said that she opened the previewer and she tried her hand of developing, and ended up making 80 items in 2 weeks. At this stage of the game she was only making rooms and furniture, and she is certainly proud Of her 1st collection “Mac loves Barbie Collection” which is still a strong seller to date. Pink‟s construction and brainstorming is nothing short of awesome, just consider the things you love In this case Mac make up and Barbie Dolls, These are a few of my favorite things! She constructed her thoughts together and with furniture and room to match, she has a best seller on her hands. Now if you are a customer of PinkAHolic you will know her clubs are wonderful and extremely dramatic, Her LV club is “Sick” and sorry guys it comes unfurnished, but trust me the layout is stunning, hey it could be a home with an open layout. Let me assure you her rooms are stunning and she puts her heart and soul into what she does and it shows. Sooooo what‟s next? Clothing, PinkAHolic will be doing clothing, and I will be wearing it. I would like to thank Pink for her time, and I enjoyed the tours, I‟m almost encouraged to become a developer. PinkAHolic is also a recent sponsor of Designers ShowCase and Designers ShowCase Magazine. We appreciate your support.

By Moorrie There’s a new girl on the block, and her plans are to do as much damage as possible in the clothing industry here in IMVU. MrsDivineValentine in the real is an aspiring guidance advisor, however here On IMVU she kicking up the dust, she is designing her clothing with you in mind, she is sole after an individual look not only for herself but her clientele as well. Her goal is simply this, start trends which would be difficult to duplicate, impossible to copy and simple enough for you to make It your own sounds like an meshes developer to me. MrsDivineValentine is an dedicated wife, loving mother of 4 and a business woman and has time for all of it, she makes sure of it and feels her accomplishments has made her very successful. MrsDivineValentine started off as a developer about 5 months ago, and then got into designing maybe 1-2 months ago and has started building her line ever since her Brand Name is “DivVal” Her philosophy is simple, every woman deserves to look sexy, feel relaxed and look good, her my inspirations are...her buyers, her muses, everyday people And so we have a lot to expect for the show, her Theme: Release Your Inner Animal, a Safari Theme Show. Future aspirations are Jewelry and Shoes along with a Business Suit Collection called “The Queen In Me” As far as the new collection, look for Prints, Prints, and more Prints, look for a mixture of everything. In closing it’s MrsDivineValentine to Create something never seen before, EXTREMELY hard to duplicate, outfits that show passion, work more with shapes and patterns and textures and as a result end up with something beautiful. MrsDivineValentine also wants you to know that she does customs, uniforms for businesses, Dresses and suits for special occasions. This is just the beginning.

Release Your Inner Animal


Release Your Inner Animal




All sizes available, and we honor custom request


Contact: Moorrie 3.4oz $45.00


By Moorrie LadyLogun1 is defiantly someone special, and I have had the good pleasure of interviewing her. To my surprise she has not been designing a long time at all, actually it’s been about seven months and she did not start off developing as many have. Now, for those who shop and already wears her fits, you know LadyLogun1’s line is off the chain, so I had to ask, Who and what inspires you? Well like most of us, LadyLogun started out playing dress up in her moms clothing as a child and that has stayed with her ever since. Her inspiration came from needing more clothing for church, so she looked around for ideas and simply got started. Now , when you look at her line you will see a church flavor, but you will also see a diverse selection, however it’s all elegant and you feel like a woman wearing her fits, you feel like a Lady, and that is the element she is after. LadyLogun admits to allowing her mood to ordain how and what she will create, her thoughts will always be to show the elegant and classy to the chilled out and relaxed, and of course it does depend on how she feels for the day and she takes in strong consideration how her clients want to look and feel, her look is unique, stylish, and sometimes prissy and that’s a welcomed flair. There are secrets and philosophy concerning dressing, and the more I think about it, I may not be willing to share everything, but I will say this, the art form of dressing is and will be one of your greatest weapons . hmm, that should be enough to stir interest. What I got out of my conversation with LadyLogun1 was clear and simple, fashion is essential, and clothing is a tool, but you’d be surprise the message it sends in every area of our lives for better or for worst, our job as women is that we use it wisely and maintain the mystery. There is a comfort zone you do hit in your dressing and sexy and appealing is still alive and well, the expectations are high and for good reason, The Lady is coming out with “Formal Gowns” for her, men’s clothing which will include couples. 2011 promises to be the year for LadyLogun1, and I would encourage my readers to get excited about this show, she will be “Bringing It”. She has an excellent product, all sizes and she does custom on request and still has more on the horizon, who could ask for anything more. LadyLogun1 is someone you want to keep in mind.

Define Your Look Make a Statement Live on the Edge Dare to be Different


My line of clothing: I started deriving in May 2009 when an IMVU friend bought my name because he had seen the pictures I had made and thought I would do great as a developer too. (avatar: logic) I basically design and make clothing I like personally, either from my head or from real life clothing stores. My favorite colors are black, red and purple, so many of my products will have those colors for you to choose among. I also love black and white themed clothing. In addition to those colors, animal prints; like zebra and leopard pattern, are also a favorite. Like I said, when I see a dress or anything I like in a real life stores or web shops, I have a tendency of making it to my avatar instead of buying it to my selves IRL. I make stuff that I would like to wear, because figuring out what all the people in imvu want it not easy. Iâ€&#x;m just glad that this many people like what Iâ€&#x;m making and supporting me for it.


Owners: Moorrie and Hammer046

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You are invited to visit JohJay Enterprises Inc & Recording studio. Be treated like a Star Full Limousine Service!."

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StarLightEmzy By: Michael “VonteR31671” “Fashion is all about expressing yourself and being who you are which she thinks her line represents and will always” says the upcoming designer StarLightEmzy who I recently had a chance to interview. When asked what inspired her to become a designer, StarLightEmzy wasn‟t hesitant to tell us, her reason for becoming who she is today. The designer says “I have always been in into art and fashion and I think if I wouldn‟t wear it on my self, I wouldn‟t want any one else to either”. The designer wishes to focus more on the summer line, which is arriving soon. She try‟s to make her clothes off of the season or holiday she is preparing for. After she wishes to try and shoot for a women‟s line but with a boyish style like hers it may be hard says the designer. Also support was one thing she always has from people like her boyfriend, him being the number one supporter who keeps her going at times when she gets disheartened also and other close friends as well. She tells how she has had help from other developers who helps make sure her products are up to the standard which she likes them to be at. Such as CAL who helped her with many of the clothes on her line. I would say that CAL has served as a mentor figure for Starlight. When asked where do you see your self as a designer in the future “… I‟d like to become a known DIVA in the future” say the designer. I asked her when she sees someone wearing her clothes how does it make her feel. Does she boast about? Well boasting is one flaw this young designer does not have. She tells me what its like her response was “I mostly mention it to my boyfriend just to kind of get it out but other than that it doesn‟t come up unless I‟m trying to get feed back which is hard to get as a new designer”. Certainly doesn‟t look like a boasting response to me. This young and talented designer by the looks of it has a lot of potential in her and is very determined to be the best at what she does. So is StarLightEmzy someone who isn‟t important? If you think so then you might want to think again because this girl is going places.



Contact: Moorrie 3.4oz $45.00

~ THE DAY AND LIFE OF AN IMVU MEDICAL DOCTOR ~MzPimpHeavy~ MzPimpHeavy has been on IMVU for about a year and 4 months, her specialty as an Medical Doctor is Maternity. MzPimpHeavy went in to this field because she has a love for people and enjoys connecting with them and helping them in any way she can. As an IMVU Doctor here on IMVU, she has served over 200 clients, and has delivered about the same amount of babies as well. When asked, out of all the clients she has had which one stands out the most? her answer was “oh yeah when a patient came to me pregnant with a demon & vampire babies it was a challenge for me I had to really dig into my head and use great medical wisdom and advice such as make up a name for prenatal pills for a vampire, lol that was my weirdest but challenging case” A year has past, and MzPimpHeavy feels in her heart she has made the right decision and the correct choice, what made her want to become a Doctor was when she cared for her mother, and watching, and being with her until her passing as well as taking care of people in hospitals on her own and doing it from her heart, the smiles was enough to gratify her heart, not the money nor the credits, just from the heart. While, MzPimpHeavy deals with her own health issues, she feels IMVU helps her to take her mind off her own problems and it strengthens her, as she moves forward, doing the right things for herself eating right, taking meds, when before she was not caring, but now things have changed, the people have captured her heart. Hammer‟s Medical Mall came about out of a need for more opportunity to expand the medical field, not only pregnant patients, but even more departments, Hammer being admired as he is as a „ Professional Business Minded Individual‟ is liked a lot by PimpHeavy and respected as a person, so she knew Hammer‟s Medical Mall was going to be about all business. In wrapping up this interview, I have to echo MzPimpHeavy that the bottom line to this business is Vision, This indeed is the element to success along with hard work, a heart and compassion for people, doing something that makes a difference with a Vision. Success Is The Vision.

By Hammer046

SEE YOU AT DESIGNER‟S SHOWCASE MAY 28th 8:00 pm est Featuring: Starlightemzy

Testing Range for Gun Permit by hammer046

Ready- Aim - Fire this is a place where you get tested to carry your weapon if you are security, police, bailiff...etc... no aiming gun at anyone or the boot. Two gifts are required to test if you want your permit paper from hammers court.

Marriages/Divorces Adoptions/Separations Contracts/ Disclaimers And more‌.


Open at your request Owner: MrsDivineValentine, Co-Owners MrCrysValentine & SammiValentine


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