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Student Conduct found sophomore Kristiana Lapo responsible for theft of Pacifc Lutheran University property April 23, following an article in The Mooring Mast in which she admitted to having once taken food back to her room from one of PLU’s all-you-careto-eat dinner swipes. However, as Lapo argued in her hearing, taking food from a dinner swipe was not defined as theft in any documentation at the time of her charge. Jack Sorensen FOCUS EDITOR


Responsible. That was the verdict Student Conduct delivered sophomore Kristiana Lapo—conduct’s way of saying guilty. Lapo had assisted the March 23 Focus section in a story regarding the rising theft rates in Old Main Market and the University Center cafeteria, titled “PLU students swipe without swiping.� In an effort to provoke thoughtful inquiry and discussion, the Mast attempted to include as many opinions on the subject as possible. Director of Dining and Culinary Services Erin McGinnis was one of the primary sources and shared valuable insights into her definitions of food theft at PLU. But there was one area of contention: all-you-care-to-eat dinner swipes. Lapo and other students argued that since a dinner swipe costs $10.75 per dinner, students ought to be allowed to take food back to their rooms. In an effort to share her perspective, Lapo asserted it is impossible for her to consume almost $11 worth of dinner, so she did not see the harm in leaving with a bowl of cereal or something equally insignificant. The university disagreed. Student Conduct charges were swift. In less than a week, Lapo was informed she was being charged with “admitting to stealing in the newspaper.� The narrative of the conduct procedures are extensive, but the plot ends with Lapo being found responsible for theft of PLU property




Removing food from all-youcare-to-eat dinner swipes is theft.

According to all meal agreement forms and dining signs posted as of April 20, there was no policy related to taking food from PLU dinner swipes. Prior to Lapo’s April 20 hearing, all documentation ran contrary to Student Conduct’s finding. To be found guilty of a crime, there must be regulations restricting action. Here is the evidence:


14. Television  -­�  A  television  outlet  is  available  in the  University  for  any  necessary  repairs  due may  ensue.     15. Temporary  Assignment  Students  0  In  an  a housing  applicants  who  wish  to  attend  PLU   apply  for  housing  after  May  1  may  be  assign temporary  space  that  lacks  some  of  the  acc "# !+!$ Residential  Life  will  make  every  reasonable   as  possible  and  reserves  the  right  to  determ   16. University  Policies  0  "!"!"#"+! ! regulations,  including,  but  not  limited  to,  th )" "#"#")" web  pages.  Students  not  abiding  by  Univers University  Student  Conduct  System.    

17. Visitation  Policy  0  Between  the  hours  of  8 a.m.-­â€?3:00  a.m.  Saturday  and  Sunday,  visitat upon  mutual  agreement  between  roommat   Between  2:00  a.m.-­â€?8:00  a.m.  Monday  throu Sunday,  visitation  is  restricted  to  persons  of   Visitation  in  Kreidler  Hall  and  South  Hall  is  n "$ !"'+!#!" '*     See  Also:    Code  of  Student  Conduct:  Visitation


   MEAL  PLANS     From the Traditional Hall Ho A. MEAL  PLAN  REQUIREMENT:   +s  Board  of  Reg and  meal  services  separately  during  the  academ accommodations  at  PLU  (except  those  living  in   automatically  contracted  for  the  Lute  Choice  m to  request  a  different  meal  plan,  consult  the  Din (  Students  re Dining  &  Culinary  Services  office  at  (253)  535-­�74   B. ACADEMIC  YEAR  MEAL  PLAN  CHARGES:     Fall  Semester:  $2,245.00(Lute  Choice  Meal   January  Term:  $490.00  (Lute  Choice  Meal  P From the   Students  with  an  active  housing  assignment  w


Unlimited  All-­�Y notify  the  Office  of  Residential  Life.      


The  seven -7operated During  th   The  Mega througho The  all-­�yo declining  


Editor’s Note: The Mooring Mast editorial board published an editorial on April 13 reflecting its dissatisfaction with the Student Conduct charges levelled against Lapo. Our collective bias is clear.

13. Telephone  -­�  A  telephone  outlet  is  available   mail  is  available  on  request.  The  addition  of Students  will  be  billed  by  the  University  for   and  disciplinary  action  may  ensue.    

Students are encouraged to take a reasonable amount of food — “take what you want, but please eat what you  Dining  Dollars   take.â€? By not over-portioning and creating nutritionally The  great  benefit   balanced plates, we are taking one of the biggest stepstax-­â€?free.  Dining  Do towards reducing waste. Most of our business comes at  The  Comm peak meal periods and our chefs are preparing food in  Hauge  Esp smaller batches to offer you the best quality and freshest  Kelley  Caf  Tahoma  B food possible. If you would like additional food, you are  Old  Main welcome to go back for seconds after you have eaten your initial serving. Don’t forget that these meal periods are  at  10:00pm.       Unlimited Access — you can come back into The CommonsNeed  more  Din as many times as you’d like, so come back later or whenINSTANTLY:    Cash, Minimum  purchas there are less lines.  


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- Taken from an FAQ on Dining and CHARGE  DINING  D Culinary Services’ website April 18. Complete   an   onlin  

LuteCard  account  


LuteCard  Stateme includes  all  dining    

Issue 19 - April 27, 2012  

Issue 19 of The Mooring Mast - April 27, 2012

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