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SPIKE Prime Year 7-10 Block code to text code confidently 45678 LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set and App Cost: $535.00 ex GST A complete STEM learning tool. Combining LEGO building elements, intelligent hardware and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch with a micro Python experience Quick big builds, completed in a classroom session and easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, SPIKE Prime develops the essential STEM and 21st century skills needed to become the innovative, confident, creative minds of tomorrow.

The set contains 523 LEGO elements, storage box and trays: Multi port hub 6 inputs/output port 5 X 5 light matrix 6- axis gyro Speaker

Sensors Motors Colour/Light X 1 Large X 1 Distance/Ultrasonic X 1 Medium X 2 Force/Touch X 1

• Rechargeable battery charges inside the Hub via USB cable • Bluetooth classic 4.2 and low energy 4.2 connectivity www.mooreed.com.au for technical specifications

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App Develops coding capabilities through familiar Scratch block coding and Micro Python. One App, two languages to introduce coding and robotics in a simple and intuitive way. Five SPIKE Prime curriculum units engage students while developing; • Engineering design skills • Efficient problem solving capabilities • Critical thinking skills for the careers of tomorrow

SPIKE™ Prime 5 Curriculum Units Explore simple to complex model building with real world relevance designed be implemented in a classroom session. Fully supported with comprehensive teaching resources, program samples, assessment rubrics and ACARA links. Hybrid learning opportunities are included.



Training Tracker Graphing data to visualise various forms of energy



Invention Squad

Kickstart a Business

The engineering process

Applying and developing computational thinking skills



Life Hacks

Competition Ready

Working with data representation and manipulation

Getting ready for competitions and challenges

SPIKE Prime Year 7-10 Python Programming LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

Design for Someone

ForceSensor from spike.control import wait_for_seconds hub = PrimeHub() motor_a = Motor('A') motor_e = Motor('E') force_sensor = ForceSensor('B') motor_a.set_default_speed(100) motor_e.set_default_speed(-100) motor_a.set_stall_detection(False) motor_e.set_stall_detection(False) motor_a.set_stop_action('hold') motor_e.set_stop_action('hold') motor_a.run_to_position(0) hub.speaker.beep(60) hub.speaker.beep(72) # make the prothesis grab onto someones arm motor_a.run_for_seconds(1) motor_e.run_for_seconds(1) while True: # make the prothesis let go motor_a.run_to_position(0) motor_e.run_to_position(0) break

SPIKE™ PRIME Expansion Set 45680 LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set Cost: $150.00 (ex-GST) Add this set to 45678 SPIKE Prime Set to complete the Competition Ready unit of work. The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set includes; 603 elements, large wheels, banana gears, a color sensor and a large motor. This add-on features over 10 hours of targeted STEAM learning that will inspire students and teachers to build more advanced models and prepare them for the fun and challenging world of robotics competitions.

SPIKE Prime Set BONUS BUYS Code BSP6 (For 12 students)

Buy 5 X 45678 Get 1 X 45678 FREE

Virtual Teacher PL Cost: $2675.00 ex gst SPIKE Prime Expansion Set Code BX6 Buy 5 X 45680 Get 1 X 45680 FREE Cost: $800.00 ex gst

Replacement packs available on www.mooreed.com.au Contact Moore Educational for a storage trolley solution.

LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Year 9-12

Build confidence in coding

45544 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Core Set, EV3 Classroom App or EV3 Programming App. Cost: $670.00


The EV3 Classroom App uses scratch based programming and engaging curriculum to motivate students to design, build and program robots using a range of senors and motors. The EV3 Programming App uses Block based programming. Both include: • Getting Started Tutorials • EV3 Engineering Projects • EV3 Space Challenge Activities

The EV3 Core set includes: 541 elements, EV3 brick 2 x large motors, 1 x medium motor, 1 x colour sensor 1 x ultra sonic sensor, 1 x gyro sensor 2 x touch sensors, 1 x rechargeable battery, RJ12 connectors, storage and sorting trays. 45517 battery charger required. Cost: $55 (ex gst.)

1 02 23 2 e 20 un ntil J u g rin rted i t Re ppo Su

Getting Started Guide with Micro Python and EV3 is also available to download.


EV3 BONUS BUY Code BBE6 (For 12 students)

Buy 5 X 45544 Get 1 X 45544 FREE

Virtual Teacher PL Cost: $3350.00 ex gst

Enhance the EV3 learning experience with third party coding languages. • • • • • •

Scratch 3.0 Microsoft MakeCode Apple Swift Playground Python Java C Robot C

EV3 Space Challenge 45570 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Space Challenge Set and Curriculum Cost: $360.00


Teach CODING and STEM concepts around the theme of a mission to Mars using your EV3 robots with this set and curriculum. Includes 3 x training mats, 1 x space mat, LEGO® Bricks. Requires 45544 sets. Space Challenge Curriculum downloaded Includes: • 9 Learning Missions encouraging investigation, observation and calculation. • 7 Challenge Missions to design robots to solve real world space challenges. • Research Projects to ignite curiosity of space exploration (Robots not included.)

Add an Expansion Set to the EV3 Core Set to build bigger.

Tank Bo

45560 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 Expansion Set Cost: $180.00



853 elements to create six more complex robots. Building plans in EV3 core software. • • • • • •

Elephant Stair Climber Tankbot Remote Control Spinning Line Znapp

Spinning Line (2 x 45544)


9J'9ldUbg]cb BONUS BUY Code BL6 Buy 5 X ())*$ Get 1 X 4))*$ FREE Cost: $90$"$$ex gst

ABN 41 889 529 741. Moore Educational is an authorised partner of LEGO Education.

Save $$$

BricQ Motion Year 7-8 Discover physical science in action.


For Middle Years 45400 LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Prime Set and Curriculum (for 2 students Grades 5-Year 8) Cost: $175.00 (ex-GST) BricQ Motion Prime, challenges grade 5- year 8 students to apply scientific inquiry skills, while inspiring them to deepen their understanding of forces, motion and energy. Set includes; • 562 LEGO elements, Technic gears, springs and pneumatics • Building instruction booklet • Storage box and sorting trays


Download the curriculum unit that provides hands on learning experiences for students, lesson plans for teachers around a sports theme.

Science of Sports for Year 7-8

Unit Includes;

•Getting Started material and engagement videos •7 x 45 mins lessons with language art and maths extensions •Assessment tools•Links to Australian National Curriculum •Hybrid learning opportunities

BricQ Motion BONUS BUY Code BQP6(For 12 students) Buy 5 X 45400 Get 1 X 45400 FREE Cost: $875.00 ex gst

www.mooreed.com.au for BricQ Motion, SPIKE Prime and EV3 Teacher PL dates.

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LEGO Education Secondary STEM Resources.  

LEGO Education leads the way in coding and STEM

LEGO Education Secondary STEM Resources.  

LEGO Education leads the way in coding and STEM