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The Four Images Traditions, extracurricular activities, athletics, arts and academics — we all know the power of mascots in our schools. But that is an athletic image. Whether it is your school mascot or an athletic team they play for or their favorite college or professional team, check the T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, shoes and beyond. Consider designing an academic image that stands for teaching and learning. After all, the power of the mind is the reason we built each school in our nation! As we experience the global competitive challenges every day, our schools must put an authentic face on academic improvement and achievement. Many students world-wide are out working us from the neck up! We must sharpen our academic focus.

VTW Incorporating recognition that is “visible, tangible and walk-aroundable,” that reaches far beyond certificates and plaques for a top few students. Our standard award certificates are merely “slices of time” that have minimal impact for all students. We must expand our academic recognition with a strategy that is broad and deep rather than narrow and shallow as we do now. Academic items and apparel that reflect improvement and excellence — wrist bands, patches lanyard pins,T-shirts, Back pack decoration awards — create pride in academic improvement and achievement. Far too many of our young students are seldom recognized for their efforts — any wonder why many give up, misbehave and disrupt the path of education.

Designing events that recognize students and staffulty achievement and improvement with creativity, enthusiasm and tradition. Show us the celebrations and we will show you the results of your success. Narrow and shallow or broad and deep? Consider using the power of technology for on screen recognition that all can see and hear. Roll out the red carpet for all recipients. Celebrate what you want to see more of — attendance, behavior or grades.

Character Development and Jostens Renaissance Strengthening character in your whole community: family, faith community, schools, workplace, government, law enforcement and media. Align the principles of Renaissance with schoolwide goals, allowing students and educators the opportunity to work together for a common cause — student success.

Encouraging business and community commitment to build and support Jostens Renaissance where school leadership teams within a state or region come together for support, information and ideas.Together, we are unstoppable.

Alumni and Foundations Utilizing untapped resources of a school for many different types of support.The 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt educational and/or athletic foundations are funding sources that support the Jostens Renaissance initiatives within a school. Iao School in downtown Wailuku on Maui, Hawaii has one of the most successful educational foundations in our nation.They started Renaissance with a foundation — traditional fund raising ideas were not producing what they needed for their vision and mission: “Take Knowledge and Make it Deep.” What you celebrate each day is what you value.

CO-ED • COLLEGE PREP • 7th-12th GRADE BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL New York Military Academy utilizes the military model for leadership and development and a rigorous curriculum grounded by classical disciplines. Our graduates are prepared to seek out extraordinary lives of accountability and service.

Edification of Students, Staffulty, Parents and Community Honoring and appreciating everyone for improvement, excellence, help and encouragement. All of our schools are in the people building business. VTW recognition applies to all of those connected to success and improvement in our school communities. We must get beyond certificates and plaques here as well. Get creative with awards that can be seen by others that the recipients are taking an active part in their school: pins, pens, watches, wrist bands, polo shirts. Have you ever looked in an athletic coach’s closet? It is max VTW!

Partnerships and Coalitions

Celebrations, Rituals and Ceremonies



• Co-educational • Daily tutorials and mentored study hall • 12:1 student/teacher ratio • Real-Life Leadership Lab • High level of academic and athletic participation • Improved organization, time management, planning and multi-tasking skills



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