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Only about five years old, Smartphone-based personal safety solutions are available from a handful of North American companies. The technology’s basic premise is to link the subscriber’s Smartphone with the technology provider’s central monitoring station via a one-touch button. This significantly reduces the traditional call time to reach and inform 9-1-1 of the situation and also enables instant GPS capture, which reduces 9-1-1 response time. For example, SOS Response’s personal life safety solution enables the subscriber to press one button on a smartphone or iPad to not only instantly notify the SOS monitoring center, but also take and transmit 30 photos in 30 seconds. The monitoring center operator can quickly assess and respond to the situation armed with the subscriber’s coordinates, situational photos, and detailed profile, which can include the room the subscriber is scheduled to be in at that time. Photos are encrypted and are available only to the subscriber and, if desired, to law enforcement strictly upon the subscriber’s request.

sponse also foresees the ability to support emergency notification via mass texts from the monitoring center to all subscriber devices deployed within the perimeter.

Protecting Health and Increasing Safety Personal safety solutions are being used in numerous fields, including elementary, secondary and post-secondary education and healthcare, and by businesses for their tenants or for employees in at-risk situations to mitigate liability. Universities are adopting it particularly for the safety of their female students. Recent studies show that in a post-secondary environment in North America, 25 per cent of all females in a four-year course will be physically assaulted, generally within the first eight to 10 weeks and by someone the stu-

dent knows. Personal life safety technology can provide immediate, second-by-second documentation of an attack on an educator. It can also provide critical assistance in cases of student or teacher injury, for example in a gym or at the far end of a football field. Some schools are interested in the technology as a means to reduce incidents of bullying. Many are investigating and/or adopting it as a need-to-have layer of prevention and protection against crises such as shootings. When seconds count, personal life safety technology could reduce incident response time by minutes. As founder, President and CEO of Securiguard Services Limited, parent company of SOS Response Ltd., Darcy Kernaghan is committed to advancing the security industry. For more information visit

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Creating a Virtual Perimeter Smartphone-based personal safety technology generally links to the technology provider’s own 24-hour central monitoring center. However, when a subscriber group such as a school district prefers to be first to respond to a call, certain providers can create a virtual security perimeter, also called a “geofence,” around each school using a web-based monitoring interface. Within the school’s perimeter, each subscriber’s Smartphone is linked to the school district’s monitoring center. Outside the perimeter, the subscriber’s Smartphone instantly links to the technology provider’s center. Benefits can include ease of learning, real-time reporting, encrypted technology, storage on secure redundant servers, continual access, no new hardware or ongoing software fees, monitoring from one or multiple locations, and the ability to integrate the technology into existing alarm monitoring software. As the technology evolves, SOS

In the last decade, disasters have affected schools all across the country with high frequency. Since 1990, Tactron has been supplying fire departments, police agencies, EMS companies and private sector corporations with easy to use incident management products. • Tactron has now teamed up with Schoenfeldt and Associates, a leader in school emergency scene management and incident prevention for over 20 years. ool for any district. • Offers a simple and cost effective tool te schools. • Designed for K-12 public and private ction • Provides expert guidance and direction during the crucial first phase of anyy school crisis and through recovery. • Based on the nationally adopted IS-100.SCa program. The Suddenly In Command™ Kit is a customizable, portable, lightweight and complete resource that is a must for every school. Contact us for details.

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