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At uni I was hit by the grace of God, which gave me sweet forgiveness from my sins. Since then my desire has been to share this with others. I’m at College to get equipped to do so, particularly through Bible translation overseas.

Sarah and I love living with our newest addition, little Rachel. Our challenge and joy is learning about family life, both ours and God’s. We minister in Guildford and love the opportunities and the relationships we have there.

B.Th | York Street Anglican According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the best occupations for my personality are graphic designer, religious educator, early childhood educator and child care manager. I think the person who came up with these suggestions has been stalking me.





I am married to Cathra we have three children, Joshua, Grace and Sophia. We are from N.Ireland and England, although happy to say not from a convict background (we think!). I work as the Youth and Young Adults Minister at Engadine Congregational Church (5yrs).

I was born in Tehran-Iran in 1981. I live with my mum. We became Christian around 1999. I served God in underground Church in Iran till 2006. Now I am the pastor of the Iranian Church at Carlingford, Student minister at Crossway Anglican Church, 3rd year at College.

We are hoping to return to Malaysia after Moore to serve the gospel there. The Anglican Church in Kuala Lumpur is most likely our destination for ministry. We also hope that we can raise our baby Joseph to be a God-loving man.

My passion is to see the gospel of Jesus go to the nations. As I prepare to hopefully serve God in Malaysia, Moore has been fantastic training. I’ve learnt to know and love God more and serve him. May he use all this for His glory.





Thank the Lord for the privilege of studying with my beautiful wife. Pray that He might grant me the grace of beating her in Greek just once. I’m running out of time. Please also pray 1 Timothy 3:12-17 for us.

We’re loving our: first year of marriage, new home (Erskineville) and new church family at St Andrew’s Strathfield (we’re coming to love kimchi). Very thankful for third year: great people to hang out with and great truths to dig into.

I’m working at the Centre for Public Christianity where I met my amazing wife Justine. I’m interested in the way Christianity, as a voice outside all cultures, speaks into all cultures. I love playing basketball and listening to bands that don’t even exist yet.

Things I’m not ashamed of: 1. The gospel of Jesus. 2. My wife Stacie, and our lovely boys Eli and Micah. 3. Reformed Evangelicalism and the heritage of the Sydney Anglican Diocese. 4. Being in 3rd year of a BD at the best theological college in Australia. 5. Admitting I’m a useless clay jar

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