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Mickey is confused. He grew up in Queensland, spent a decade in England, is half Chinese, looks Maori and has the name of an American baseballer. What he’s sure about is that his wife Ellie is England’s greatest ever export.

Jesus is Great, bringing us to life, giving us a relationship with the Father, pouring out his spirit, I could go on... Anyways, I want to tell high school students that, probably as a chaplain, but Gods got that in hand.

My wife Beck and I, and our three kids, are hoping to serve the Lord in Japan. Theological study is teaching me how to better present God’s truths to people as I pursue writing and publishing ministry.

I am from the Central Coast, and so commute. I am married and have my first kid on the way in 3 days (as of the 15th of April). I spent the last few years working as a youth Pastor at EV Church, and have taken a break for college.





I am in second year, studying a Bachelor of Theology. I am married to Tom who is in fourth year. We are working at Sylvania Anglican church with children, youth and adults this will be a busy year! Please pray for us as we study and hope to enlarge our family.

I’m a nobody made somebody by Christ. Me and my wife Emily are using my gift at teaching about God with Em’s love for the disadvantaged and drive for social justice to serve Jesus in the ‘Gong.

Married to Susie, with four children - Oliver, Annie, Phoebe and Sam. We church at Parkside Anglican Church in East Willoughby, a congregation of NCAChurch. Studying at Moore is a tremendous privilege and one for which I am very thankful.

Married to Sasha and we have four children. Claudia 9, Jonah 7, Juliette 4 and Micah 18 months. Please pray that I can balance my priority of family with College, and that I might always be refreshed by God’s word.

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Societas 2013  
Societas 2013  

The annual magazine published by the students at Moore Theological College. You can download a PDF copy at