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Postgraduate Prospectus

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WHY MOORE COLLEGE? A Christian community where men and women learn to love the Lord Jesus, teach the Word of God, and carry the gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth.

Biblical – the Bible is at the centre of everything we do. We read the text in depth, understand it in light of the unfolding message of Scripture as a whole, and learn to teach what it teaches.

Theological – we train students to think theologically. This

means understanding how everything connects to God and his great plan so that we enable our graduates to apply biblical truth to any current and future situation.

Reformed-evangelical – the Bible’s good news is that

salvation comes through Christ alone, grounded in grace alone, leading to justification by faith alone, on the authority of Scripture alone, all to the glory of God alone. Everything we do is characterised by this gospel.

Missional – the global mission of the Lord Jesus Christ drives

everything we do. We prepare men and women to faithfully proclaim the gospel of salvation and new life in Christ throughout the world.

Communal – we are committed to ministry education and

character formation based on learning in community. Formal learning is just the beginning: we are shaped as Christian disciples, as we do life together in community.



Master of Arts (Theology) (MA(Theol))

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) CRICOS Code: 087944K

CRICOS Code: 041657G

Study mode: 3-4 years full-time, 6-8 years part-time

Study mode: 2 years full-time, 3-6 years part-time

Type: Research

Type: Coursework, by intensives

The PhD aims to equip qualified persons for a vocation of teaching and research in theological colleges and universities and for the scholarly enhancement of Christian ministry. The thesis is expected to demonstrate a significant and original contribution to the candidate’s field of study.

The MA (Theol) program is aimed at providing continuing education in biblical, theological and contemporary ministry issues for graduates in fulltime ministry. Students in the program are assumed to be building on the knowledge and skills they developed in the undergraduate degree programs, or equivalent.

Master of Theology (MTh) CRICOS Code: 041658G

Study mode: 2 years full-time, 4-6 years part-time Type: Research The MTh is a postgraduate research award and is aimed at specifically equipping graduates for future teaching ministries. Research is conducted in the fields of Biblical Studies, Christian Thought or Christian Ministry.


For a full list of courses, visit For admission requirements and fees, visit


Donald Robinson Library The library began with the opening of the College in 1856 and now consists of a research collection of some 300,000 print and online volumes, a digital repository named Myrrh, 7,000 rare books and the Samuel Marsden Archives. It is the most comprehensive theological library in the southern hemisphere, and equipped with highly qualified staff. For more info, visit

Sydney location Moore College is in Newtown, a vibrant inner Sydney neighbourhood in New South Wales, Australia. Newtown boasts of colour and a thriving music, theatre, design and restaurant scene. For more on Sydney and its surrounds, visit

Moore facilities The Moore College teaching and learning centre represents a huge step forward in our facilities. Our building facilitates community life and learning, with a combination of a large lecture hall, tutorial rooms encouraging collaborative learning, and purpose-built research and study spaces.


MOORE MIS SION Centre for Global Mission The Centre for Global Mission (CGM) promotes theological reflection and practical engagement in cross cultural mission work through: Providing theological resources worldwide Supporting theological education through Moore College’s resources Encouraging and enabling cross cultural mission Facilitating global and gospel partnerships For more info, visit

Moore College trained me to understand, handle, and live out the Scriptures that I would later help communicate to a minority language group.

Susanna Baldwin, going to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Ethiopia



Norm Gorrie, serving with CMS

I have been able to encourage and equip teachers in Darwin to not only read Bible stories in classrooms, but also teach the message of those Bible stories. Moore has prepared me to grasp the main teaching in a passage, teach it in an age appropriate way, prepared me to keep the gospel of grace at the centre of every RE lesson.


Topher Hallyburton, BCA Field Staff RE worker in Darwin NT.

Gary Haddon, serving with CMS

Global Reach Bush Church Aid (BCA): Moore graduates make up more than 20% of BCA field staff, reaching people living in remote and regional Australia for Christ. Church Missionary Society (CMS): Moore graduates engage in global mission to ensure a world that knows Jesus. Our graduates make up:

60% of missionaries sent from CMS NSW / ACT

Over 40% of missionaries sent from CMS Australia



Centre for Christian Living The Centre for Christian Living (CCL) aims to bring biblical ethics to everyday issues. CCL helps Christians understand how the teaching of the Bible informs and shapes our moral responses. For more info, visit

John Chapman Preaching Events The annual conference and multiple preaching clinics make up part of an integrated preaching program. It is designed to help preachers keep improving, even after graduating from Moore. For more info, visit


Practical development We aim to develop well rounded theological thinkers for ministry, including preaching. Our MA(Theol) units are geared towards equipping ministers as effective thinkers and engaging preachers from the Bible.

MOORE WOMEN Priscilla & Aquila Centre The Priscilla & Aquila Centre (P&A) focuses on encouraging and benefitting women and their ministries in partnership with men. P&A does this through: Encouraging women in ministry training Partnering with a wide range of ministries by women Supporting women in theological study Improving the practical expression of complementarianism Communicating through publications by Christian women For more info, visit

Moorewomen Moorewomen aims to provide a range of opportunities for all women at college to be growing and serving together under Christ. It aims to do this through: Weekly Bible studies Talks for women Magnolia magazine Junior Jivers children’s program Hospital visits Prayer support groups For more info, visit

Support for women Moore College has two full-time female faculty. Tara Stenhouse is the Dean of Women and Jane Tooher is the Director of P&A. Both also teach in the Ministry Department. There are also 12 female chaplains available for one-to-one meetings, support and prayer with female students and to talk through women’s ministry.


MOORE LE ARNING Benefits of community 1. Sitting under God’s Word at chapel 2. Pastoring each other 3. Practically applying theological studies in the context of people 4. Sharpening each other in discussion in community 5. Forming life-long ministry partnerships

Our great concern remains that men and women in Sydney and around the world might hear of the forgiveness of sins in Jesus and grow to maturity in the new life which He grants… I hope you will consider joining us.

Rev Dr Mark Thompson, Principal To see all faculty, visit


The influence of Moore College on our international publishing ministry has been profound. Not only are the vast majority of our resources written by its graduates, but Moore’s commitment to lovingly and prayerfully applying biblical theology to life and ministry has deeply informed our own publishing priorities and criteria.

Ian Carmichael, CEO, Matthias Media

Centre for Ministry Development Learning doesn’t stop after your studies at Moore. The Centre for Ministry Development (CMD) ensures Moore College provides lifelong learning and development for its graduates. CMD encourages lifelong reflective, theologically shaped, evidencebased “best practice” for ministry workers to function at higher levels. For more info, visit



“ George Athas Director of Research


George has previously taught at the University of Sydney and Southern Cross College. He loves ancient ‘stuff’, kicking back with friends, travelling and his coffee machine. He also suffers from jazz-i-tis and addiction to Formula One. He often finds relief by watching cricket with Koula. George is married to Koula, and they have two teenage daughters, Hosanna and Josephine.

Kamina Wust Before coming to Sydney, I lived in Brisbane all my life. I chose Moore for my PhD because of its excellent academic reputation and because George Athas (now my supervisor) happened to be an amazing fit for my area of research. From our first interaction, Moore staff were enthusiastic about my work and accommodating of my every need. As somebody who is serious about pursuing a career in academia, I chose Moore as a college where I’d be exposed to a global network of peers and professional opportunities, while staying grounded in a community with Jesus at its heart.

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