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Online and Community Prospectus

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WHY MOORE COLLEGE? A Christian community where men and women learn to love the Lord Jesus, teach the Word of God, and carry the gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth.

Biblical – the Bible is at the centre of everything we do. We read the text in depth, understand it in light of the unfolding message of Scripture as a whole, and learn to teach what it teaches.

Theological – we train students to think theologically. This

means understanding how everything connects to God and his great plan so that we enable our graduates to apply biblical truth to any current and future situation.

Reformed-evangelical – the Bible’s good news is that

salvation comes through Christ alone, grounded in grace alone, leading to justification by faith alone, on the authority of Scripture alone, all to the glory of God alone. Everything we do is characterised by this gospel.

Missional – the global mission of the Lord Jesus Christ drives

everything we do. We prepare men and women to faithfully proclaim the gospel of salvation and new life in Christ throughout the world.

Communal – we are committed to ministry education and

character formation based on learning in community. Formal learning is just the beginning: we are shaped as Christian disciples, as we do life together in community.



DBT Units

Diploma of Biblical Theology (DBT)

Check out the core and elective units in the following areas: Biblical Theology

Full Time: 1 year, part time study available Mode: Online

New Testament study

DBT is a great course for people involved in ministry leadership in their local context, as they grow in knowing God and making Him known.

Church History

Old Testament study Doctrine Outreach For a full list of units, visit For admission requirements and fees, visit:


Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC)

PTC Core Units As a taster, here are the PTC Level 1 units you can do: Introduction to the Bible Biblical Theology 1 Promise to Fulfilment Biblical Theology 2 Pentateuch Old Testament 1 Mark New Testament 1 Knowledge of God Doctrine 1 Ephesians For a full list of units, fees and how to register, visit

Flexible: 18 units (6 months/unit) Mode: Online, Correspondence, Face-to-Face The PTC is an affordable unaccredited course that will help you grow in your personal knowledge of God’s Word and equip you to better serve your church. The study materials have been written and developed by Moore College faculty.

I am involved in preaching and leading a home group and [the PTC] has helped me in interpreting the Bible correctly.

Peter, England

I have enjoyed doing the PTC subjects and have better been equipped to explain the Bible as I lead Bible study or read the Bible with other women.

Vanessa, Australia 5

MOORE LE ARNING PTC flexible study options The Online Learning Environment (OLE) contains the online PTC notes, interactive quizzes, student discussion forums and online multiple-choice exams. There are also printed PTC notes and paper exams available. You can supplement your learning and attend 4 PTC Lecture Series (Sydney only) each year. You can choose to study fully online or pick from options such as printed PTC notes and face-to-face lectures to vary your learning experience.

DBT online learning tools The DBT is fully online, adopting the latest in digital learning technology. This includes cross platform delivery (Windows and Mac) for multiple device access (Desktop, laptop, tablets or phones).

Our great concern remains that men and women in Sydney and around the world might hear of the forgiveness of sins in Jesus and grow to maturity in the new life which He grants… I hope you will consider joining us.

Rev Dr Mark Thompson, Principal To see all faculty, visit


In addition to the high-quality audio/visual material, DBT students are discipled by our dedicated tutorial team. Each unit group has a Moore graduate who encourages the students through online material and guides them through the various assessment tasks… most of the assessment tasks provide opportunities for the students to interact with, and learn from, each other as they study together. In this way, students learn the invaluable ministry skills of giving and receiving feedback while growing and sharing together. David Hohne, Academic Dean

Centre for Ministry Development Learning doesn’t stop after your studies at Moore. The Centre for Ministry Development (CMD) ensures Moore College provides life-long learning and development for its graduates. CMD encourages lifelong reflective, theologically shaped, evidencebased “best practice” for ministry workers to function at higher levels. For more info, visit


MOORE MIS SION Centre for Global Mission The Centre for Global Mission (CGM) promotes theological reflection and practical engagement in cross cultural mission work through: Providing theological resources worldwide Supporting theological education through Moore College’s resources Encouraging and enabling cross cultural mission Facilitating global and gospel partnerships For more info, visit

Moore College trained me to understand, handle, and live out the Scriptures that I would later help communicate to a minority language group.

Susanna Baldwin, going to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Ethiopia


MOCLAM uses PTC material, translated into Spanish

We found that the [PTC units] we learnt were really comprehensive and helpful for all Christians. Especially, when my wife and I studied at the same time, we could have sharing and discussions of what we learnt at home. We would like to let anyone know that the time we spent to study this course is worth it, as the studying of God’s word would surely shape our lives.

Bunny & Christina, part of a church family in Vancouver, Canada.

Adrian Lovell, CMS

Global Reach Church Missionary Society (CMS): Moore graduates engage in global mission to ensure a world that knows Jesus. Our graduates make up:

60% of missionaries sent from CMS NSW / ACT

Over 40% of missionaries sent from CMS Australia

Left to right: Juliette, Bunny, Christina, Jamie



Centre for Christian Living The Centre for Christian Living (CCL) aims to bring biblical ethics to everyday issues. CCL helps Christians understand how the teaching of the Bible informs and shapes our moral responses. For more info, visit

Where online and community study takes you

John Chapman Preaching Events The annual conference and multiple preaching clinics make up part of an integrated preaching program. It is designed to help preachers keep improving, even after graduating from Moore. For more info, visit 10

Our online and community courses train and equip lay people to better understand the Bible and serve in multiple contexts. For example the PTC has students learning and equipping themselves to serve Jesus in Australia and many countries around the world. The DBT can equip people for professional development in situations where lay people serve in a Christian organisation like schools or as healthcare providers.

MOORE WOMEN Priscilla & Aquila Centre The Priscilla & Aquila Centre (P&A) focuses on encouraging and benefitting women and their ministries in partnership with men. P&A does this through: Encouraging women in ministry training Partnering with a wide range of ministries by women Supporting women in theological study Improving the practical expression of complementarianism Communicating through publications by Christian women For more info, visit

Moorewomen Moorewomen aims to provide a range of opportunities for all women at college to be growing and serving together under Christ. It aims to do this through: Weekly Bible studies Talks for women Magnolia magazine Junior Jivers children’s program Hospital visits Prayer support groups For more info, visit

Female Faculty Moore College has two full-time female faculty. Tara Stenhouse is the Dean of Women and Jane Tooher is the Director of P&A. Both also teach in the Ministry Department.



Simon Gillham


Simon is a graduate of Moore College who served with CMS as Acting Principal of Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) before his appointment to faculty as Head of Mission. He is passionate about all forms of cross cultural gospel ministry. He is married to Margie and they have two children, Maddie and Noah.

Elaine Tham, Adelaide, studying the DBT I’ve enjoyed being challenged to think more about how each passage fits into the storyline of the Bible. It’s been difficult, especially having to write essays, but I feel that my depth of understanding of the Bible has improved as well as my confidence in explaining it. I was impressed at how well structured the course material was. It all seemed to come together at the end!

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