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Welcoming 1st Year Students at the 2015 Big Day In



From the Principal

Into all the world Dr Mark Thompson


is an exciting This year, like so many before it, year at Moore we will hear of our graduates serving College. We in every continent except Antarctica (and I’m sure someone is working have a large first year intake (last on that). Some are returning to their count was more than 90 full-time homes. Many more are going to students) and the building project we have been planning for the past couple places they have never known, except perhaps in passing, with a passion for of years is underway. New faculty taking the gospel of Christ crucified have joined us and there is a very and risen to those who haven’t heard positive atmosphere that is evident everywhere you go in the College. God as well as teaching and nurturing those who are already followers of Jesus. It is has been very generous in answering exciting to know that our new intake our prayers in this way. Yet just as of students includes people from exciting is the news that at this year’s all over the world as well. We have graduation we expect 107 students to students from Chile, China, receive our degrees and diplomas. England, Finland, Our much-loved former France, India, It is exciting principal John Woodhouse Scotland, Singapore to know that our used to say repeatedly that and Zimbabwe. new intake of people come to Moore College Moore’s global students includes ‘in order to go’. He was vision continues to people from all absolutely right. That is what expand. Alongside over the world. makes our graduation our continuing nights so exciting. Men commitment to and women have joined our resourcing the churches fellowship for one, two, three or four in Sydney and the rest of Australia years and now, having successfully we want to reach the world with the completed their study, they are going gospel. Thank you for your prayers out to take the gospel to our city and and partnership in this vital work. I to the ends of the earth. This is what hope you enjoy reading this edition of they came to do and it is a thrill to see Moore Matters. where the Lord is taking each of them.



Graduation 2015

Sammi Wong BD Ministering in a newly planted church in Hong Kong We had a wonderful four years’ experience at Moore College. The faculty are intelligent and caring. The college community is supportive and generous. One thing that I learnt from College is that God is gracious. To say “God is gracious” is easy, but to trust that God is gracious is hard, especially when you need to face lots of difficulties. After I finished College, my whole family moved to Hong Kong to help a new-planted church. There were many difficulties that we have faced in the last two months. The rent in HK is unexpectedly high, to the extent that the cheapest house still takes half of my salary. No kindergartens could accept my daughter Lucy straight away because she holds an Australian passport. And the Hong Kong government refused to grant her permanent residency even though both parents are Hong Kong citizens. I need to raise a certain portion of my salary and I had raised almost all before I came to Hong Kong. However, the Australian currency rate dropped quickly which means the money I had raised also dropped. I need to raise extra money in order to support my family. Suddenly, everything became very difficult for us. My wife Alice is very stressed because of these problems. However, as God says to the Apostle Paul, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness”. Though we were anxious and worried, we still trust in God and endure the pressure in order to seek His kingdom first. And God helps us not in miraculous ways but in practical and powerful ways. Many brothers and sisters generously help us and give us lots of things. God does not give us material from the sky but through a church which truly believes the gospel. This is what we have learnt from Moore College. We do not go into ministry for enjoyment but for God’s kingdom. And difficulties and sufferings are expected. Yet, most importantly, God is still a trustable God even when we are in hard times, because God is such a gracious God. 4

Tim Clemens BD

Tim and his wife Emma are planting a new church in Waterloo, New South Wales Moore Theological College is exactly what its name suggests: a theological college. In other words, if you want to go to Moore College then don’t expect the major focus to be on how to preach. Don’t expect the major focus to be on evangelistic techniques. And don’t expect the major focus to be on the nuts and bolts of ministry. It’s not that these things aren’t covered, they are! It’s just that what Moore College does better than any one else I know is develop its students into theologians. So how well did Moore College equip me for my current ministry? Well, we’ve just planted Grace City Church in Waterloo. Given that my primary responsibilities are now preaching, evangelism and overseeing the nuts and bolts of ministry, you could be excused for wondering whether it equipped me at all! But that would be a mistake. Why? Because each of those things would be next to useless in the long run if I wasn’t equipped to think theologically. As a church planter, I am being forced to build a ministry from the ground up. Everything (well maybe not everything) is up for grabs! What kind of church will we plant? What model of ministry will we adopt? How will we seek to reach the lost? How will we approach social action? What kind of songs will we sing? What will our approach to small groups be? Whether they sound like it or not, these are all theological questions. Thanks to Moore College, I can now give them theological answers. So for the budding young church planters out there wondering whether it’s all worth it, wonder no more! Enroll in the degree; you won’t regret it. If it helps, do what I did. Supplement your learning with lots of preaching, a church planting network, some unbelieving friends, a few good books on ministry and a leadership podcast or two. But don’t skimp on the theology! Nothing will prepare you for a lifetime of ministry like a few years invested in theology with some world-class lecturers and even better friends. MOORE MATTERS GRADUATION 2015

Graduation 2015

Annabel Nixey BD Ministering with her husband Simon Nixey in Canberra Moore College was somewhere I’d wanted to go for a long time. However, when I got there, it was different to what I expected. During Uni and work, every so often I’d find myself near the Moore College campus and think ‘I want to come here’. And now I’ve had the privilege of being there. Last year Simon and I finished up four years of study at Moore. It was at College that we dated, got engaged and got married, so College was always going to be a special place in that way but it’s been significant in other ways too. This year we’ve moved house, church, job and state. We haven’t moved as far as many others but it’s still meant lots of ‘new’. We’ve ventured to the land of oversized roundabouts, ‘National…’ things and plastic-bag-less supermarkets. We’ve moved to Canberra. Simon’s serving as an associate pastor at Crossroads Christian Church and I’m serving alongside him and also doing what I’m calling ‘freelance ministry’: looking around to see where it’s helpful to disciple and teach the Bible in different contexts. So far, it’s been great. Great people, great team, amazing opportunities. Our focus at church is on new members and new Christians and it’s surprising how much we’re drawing on our doctrine classes in talking to people. Canberra is a high turnover city. People come from varied backgrounds

with lots of questions, so we need to be able to explain helpfully and clearly who God is, how we know him and what he expects of his church and his people. As I said, College was different to what I expected. It was quirkier, warmer and better. It was less about the Bible as the end-goal, and more about the Bible as the means to the greatest end: knowing and loving and serving God. I didn’t anticipate just how rich and helpful doctrine could be and how much more there is to know. And I didn’t anticipate how much I’d get to know the lecturers and staff and how much their lives and those of the students would encourage and mould me. I know everybody says that they had a great year group but…we had a great year group. The beauty of the Moore College model is that I received not mere head-learning, but ‘headheart-hand-life-learning’, if I can put it like that. So thankful to our Lord Jesus for Moore College.

Sarah Cameron is supporting her husband Gus in his ministry

Kenneth Dean is involved in ministry within his local community


Lish Fluit hopes to return to the workforce as a physiotherapist

Phil Roberts hopes to be involved in lay ministry in South Western Sydney

Jonathan Watts hopes to be involved in parttime lay ministry 5


Diploma of Bible and Ministry

Graduation 2015


Diploma of Theological Studies

Zoe Avis

Heidi Miles

Joel Seric

Diploma of Bible and Youth Ministry

Ben Short

Nigel Vaux

Emma Davies is working alongside her husband, Peter at Cairns Presbyterian Church

Diploma of Bible and Missions

Selina Bishop is supporting her husband, Leung, in church ministry in Canberra

Rachael Harland is

Jess Jonas is

studying for her Masters of Public Health at UNSW

supporting her husband Hugh in his final year at Moore

Sue Park is training in

Cameron Pittendrigh is

Teaching English as a Second Language

undertaking a Masters of Engineering Management while serving at Christ Church St Ives

Dean Stewart is working part time, preaching occasionally and assisting a ministry project

4  6

Sheri Kim

Siew Mun Nicholls, along with her husband Tim, is involved in ministry in Malaysia

Anna Thomas is supporting her husband Jono in ministry in Hobart

Judy Tse is involved in workplace and lay ministry


Graduation 2015

Mark Delbridge has rejoined the workforce

Briony Freeman is enjoying life as a pastor’s wife, serving the Lord with her husband at Newtown Baptist Church

Winnie Lau is

Fili Lolohea is involved in the planting of Bondi Pavillion Church at Bondi Beach

Ian Scarborough is

supporting her husband Ez in 3rd Year at Moore

Operations Director at City on a Hill, Melbourne

Bachelor of Theology

Katie Bolton will be involved at Macquarie Anglican Church and Campus Bible Ministry at UWS

Kitty Chan will be involved in AFES ministry at Cumberland campus

Fletcher Clarke is

Stuart Crawshaw

seeking a ministry position in Texas

is serving at Gymea Anglican Church

Lou Davies is working as Chaplain at Calrossy Anglican School, Tamworth

Amanda Farrelly will be serving with her husband Stephen in ministry at Mt Isa

Michael Hall is

Naomi Hall is involved in children’s ministry at Chatswood Presbyterian Church

Brett Hookham works

Dan Kiat hopes to be

as associate Pastor at Narwee Baptist Church

involved in overseas ministry

Assistant Minister at Caringbah Anglican


5 7


Associate Degree of Theology

Graduation 2015


Bachelor of Theology continued

Olivia Kwok

Amy Lamont is working part-time as a podiatrist and is also seeking a parttime ministry position

Scott Lucas works as

David McIntyre is

Jonathan McKeown

Nima Neyshaboury is

undergoing further training with CMS with a view to missionary work in Japan

is involved in youth ministry with EV Church, Central Coast

Assistant Minister at St Paul’s Anglican Carlingford, pastoring the Iranian Church and leading the crosscultural ministry

an assistant chaplain at The King’s School in Parramatta

Rebecca Lui is suppporting her husband Phil in his final year at Moore

Ben McEachen works

Hamish and Stephanie Toose are involved in the

Matt Turner has returned to the workforce

ministry of Vine Church, Surry Hills

in Christian Media

Bachelor of Divinity

Gareth Tyndall is working as a chaplain at the Riverina Anglican College, Wagga Wagga 8

Rachel Warner is the children’s minister at Abbotsford Anglican

Geoff Ackman is now working as a pastor at Salt Church, Wollongong

Christopher Anstiss is the Assistant Minister at Kiama Anglican Church


Graduation 2015

Kirsty Arif is undergoing further training while involved with her local church and community evangelism

Matt Aroney is working

Joel Atwood is working as an AFES Staffworker with Credo, UTS

Matt Baines is

Matt Baker works as an Assistant Minister at Oatley Anglican Church

James Barnett works

Gus Cameron is serving two

Nathan Campbell

as an Assistant Minister at Hurstville Grove Anglican Church

congregations of St Barnabas Fairfield and seeking to proclaim the gospel in the culturally diverse region of South West Sydney

is responsible for Youth, Evening and Marriage ministries at St Matthew’s Manly

Judy Chu is involved with FOCUS ministry at UNSW

Tim Clemens is planting Grace City Church in Green Square

Murray Colville works as the Families Minister at Toongabbie Anglican Church

Chris Conyers is an Assistant Minister at Narellan Anglican Church

as Assistant Minister at Newtown and Erskineville Anglican Church


working as a pastor at Minchinbury Anglican Church

Jon Baird works as a Wollongong leader for AFES FOCUS

Kevin Chan works as Assistant Minister at St David’s Cross-culture Bible Church at Arncliffe

Peter Davies works as an Assistant Minister at Cairns Presbyterian Church 9


Bachelor of Divinity continued

Graduation 2015


Grant de Villiers works

James Delanty is

James Gowing is

as an Assistant Minister at St Paul’s Anglican Church Bankstown

ministering at North Ryde Anglican Church

working part time as an Assistant Minister at St Mark’s Malabar and also at St Giles Greenwich

Kurt Langmead works

Hank Lee is Assistant Minister at St Andrew’s Strathfield and Enfield

Andrew Maskell is the Events Department Leader with AFES Hobart

as Assistant Minister, Gunnedah Anglican Church


Marty Hughes

Caitlin Hurley is ministering in the Redfern Parish as well as assisting in the work of the Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans

Ian Leung has taken

John Lew is the

up full-time ministry work among the English speaking congregations at Canberra AustralAsian Christian Church

International Minister at St Lucia Bible Church Brisbane

Emma Little is the Young Women’s Minister at St Peter’s, South Tamworth

Trent McGrath is

Lee Murray is involved

Joel Nankervis is the

Andy Ng is the Pastoral

the Youth Pastor at Minchinbury Anglican Church

in church planting in Cronulla

Assistant Minister at the Anglican Church of Burnie, Tasmania

Assistant at St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral, Kuala Lumpur


Graduation 2015

as a Missionary in Malaysia

Mark Rainbow has returned to the UK and working as Assistant Minister at Christchurch Durham

Simon and Annabel Nixey are working at

Vaughan Olliffe

Crossroads Christian Church, Canberra

Ben Pakula is working at Harrington Park Anglican Church

Lesley Pidgeon is working with AFES, Bathurst

Josh Russell works as

Brian Snell is the

Chenny Thie hopes

Jono Thomas is

an Assistant Minister at Northmead Anglican Church

Assistant Minister at St Peter’s Hornsby

to be involved with overseas gospel work with CMS

ministering in Hobart

Profiles accurate at the time of publishing

Mike Turner is the Assistant Minister at St Matthew’s Ashbury

Luke Wagenaar works as Assistant Minister, St John’s Parramatta


Sarah Weber is involved with AFES student ministry at Deakin University, Geelong


Tim Nicholls is working

Sammi Wong is an

Jacquie Woods is working

Assistant Minister serving a newly planted church in Hong Kong

with The Crusaders Union of Australia as a Schools Ministry Staff Worker 11

One Year On

Post Graduate

Kate Arthur BTh 2014

Congratulations to our following Post Graduate students who have achieved success while pursuing their ongoing ministries:

Chaplain in Geraldton, Western Australia

MA (Theology) Alistair Chiu Keith Dalby Paul Dudley Nigel Fortescue Peter Greenwood Chi Keung Lee Jodie McNeill Louisa Pfitzner Michelle Philp Andrew Price David Yu

Master of Theology Matthew Olliffe Thesis Title: Imputed Righteousness and Resurrection with Special Reference to Romans 5:16-19

PhD Chase Kuhn Thesis Title: The Ecclesiology of DB Knox and Donald Robinson PhD awarded by the University of Western Sydney

When I began my journey towards Moore College in 2010—by reluctantly ‘signing my life away’ on my application for the Diploma of Bible and Missions—I had no idea where this journey would lead. Writing this in February, 2015, I am sitting in sunny (and always windy) Geraldton in WA. I am the Chaplain at Geraldton Grammar School, and I coordinate Women’s Ministry at Geraldton Anglican Cathedral. If you had told me when I fearfully mailed off my college application that this is where I would be in 2015 I would have freaked out. Thank goodness only God knows our future! Since moving to Geraldton on January 14th, 2014, life has been a whirlwind. My role as Chaplain at Geraldton Grammar School was very limited during 2014. God has been working in amazing ways, and this year I have been given the opportunity to teach a five lesson RE program to Year 7-9, which is a huge step forward for Grammar. We have also been blessed with a new Christ-centred Principal, so more exciting changes are on the horizon. It has been a joy to work with the women at the Cathedral. A highlight of 2014 was the first Geraldton Women’s Convention. It was a wonderful time of learning and encouragement as women from different churches both in town and from surrounding areas came together to sit under God’s Word. For some of these women it was the first convention they had ever attended. There are women here craving to learn and become more like their God. I can’t explain the huge privilege it is to be part of God’s work in Geraldton. While my first steps towards Moore were cautious, I could not be doing this work without my years there. The way God used Moore to shape me and mould me, the way I was taught patience and Godly love through living in community, the way I was sharpened in my understanding of the Bible and how God works— all these things and more I owe to my time at college. Please pray for the ongoing work in the NorthWest Diocese of Australia. We are weak, but God is mighty. Kate with women from Geraldton Anglican Cathedral



One Year On

Tom Habib BD 2014

Ministering at Yagoona & Condell Park The past year has been an amazing year. I’m working at Yagoona & Condell Park Anglican, in the Bankstown region of Sydney. In the past twelve months our morning service has grown from an average of seventy to a hundred and thirty people. What’s more amazing is the range of different ethnicities that make up this growth—Kenyans, Chinese, Samoans and Iranians to name a few. The best part about all of this was that most of this growth happened while either my rector or I were away on holidays. A humbling lesson that it is God who is drawing people to Himself. Of course, these blessings have also made the past year a really hard year. Whilst we have been blessed with an incredible number of new people, we still lack a trained core that has time to follow them up. This made life very busy. Along with my responsibilities of starting a youth group, running a growth group, preaching on Sundays and teaching scripture—there were all these new people that needed to be discipled! My rector taught me that flexibility was the key— not everyone could make it to a massive Explaining Christianity or Just For Starters course at church. Rather, ministry became meeting with individuals and small groups in their homes when they were available. It is slow work—but it works. How do you prepare for the whirlwind of new challenges and experiences that you face first year out of College? In one sense you can’t. You don’t know what it will be like. I was preparing myself for a hard-slog in an area commonly thought to be ‘hard-ground’. But who knows what the Lord will do? College, however, doesn’t prepare you with a bag of tricks on how to do ministry—a pre-packaged plan that you can just plug in to your church. It prepares you by helping you know God and His gospel. Your expectations of ministry will almost certainly not be met—but your expectations of God, which you develop over your years at College, prepare you to meet any challenge you will face. I am so thankful for the hard work of teachers and staff at Moore College for helping me know God. He is my Friend in the field, my Lord of the harvest, my Saviour from sin and my Hope for this world. He is surely with you—get to know Him.

Ryan van der Avoort BD 2014 University Ministry in Durban, South Africa Newly married, Jo and I returned to my home city of Durban (South Africa) where I began directing the work on one of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) campuses. Amongst other things, the role gives weekly opportunities for preaching, training student leaders, running bible studies, more one-to-one meetings than are possible, and team management and leading. In March 2015 we will have been back for 1 year and we’re pleased to have seen some growth in the number and maturity of the students we are in relationship with. How did my time at the Australian Moore Theological College prepare me for the work on an African campus? Primarily it did so by solidifying the centrality of basing my life and what I say and teach on the Word of God, prayerfully relying on God’s Spirit to work as Jesus is proclaimed from all of Scripture. Whether it was Doctrine at Moore, or NT or OT classes, or Ministry and Mission— all of these helped in this regard. But, preparation is not limited to what took place in those four years, it is also about what it provides for postCollege. In this regard, firstly, my time at Moore (in God’s kindness) provided me with a support network and close group of friends who, even over the length of an ocean, have been of tremendous encouragement to both Jo and me as we have tried to settle into life here. Secondly, in preparation and thinking I am still drawing on many of my class notes and frameworks provided by the outstanding lecturers at MTC. And thirdly, the four years at Moore have provided me with a fine groundwork of theologians and their works to draw on for my own edification and growth, as well as to help shape what I teach to others.


Moore Community

Serving the Christian Community Tony Payne – Director of the Centre for Christian Living


n the few short weeks I’ve been working as the Director of the Centre for Christian Living (CCL), I’ve been asked the obvious question numerous times by friends: “So what exactly is this Centre thing and why are you working for it?” Here’s the answer I wish I could give if I was thinking clearly, and if something didn’t always interrupt the conversation after about 15 seconds. I’d want to say that it all stems from Moore College’s aim and mission, which is to “serve our Lord Jesus Christ by equipping men and women to know God better”. As part of this mission, the College runs ‘Centres’ that explore the implications of the knowledge of God for different areas: for ministry practice (the Centre for Ministry Development), for women’s ministry in partnership with men (the Priscilla and Aquila Centre) and for the everyday Christian living (yes, the Centre for Christian Living). So the Centre for Christian Living exists to serve the Christian 14

community by exploring what the knowledge of God in the Bible means for every aspect of our lives: for our character, in our homes and families, in the workplace, at church, in our neighbourhoods and in society more broadly. Now that’s a pretty broad brief, but so is the Christian life, and we need all the encouragement and input we can get to keep shining the light of the gospel into all the ethical nooks and crannies of our daily walk. I want the CCL to address anything and everything across the spectrum of Christian living— from what forgiveness means in our personal relationships, to how we can navigate our way ethically through our increasingly complex financial system; from the place of conscience in everyday ethics, to how we can contribute to a truthful, gracious discussion about Islam in our society (the subject of our launch night on March 11). In all of this, the idea is to bless the broader Christian community with the riches that God has blessed Moore College with—in particular the deep biblical wisdom of the College faculty. I certainly won’t be doing all the talking at CCL events. A key aspect of my job is to take the world-standard

scholarship of the faculty and tug it out into the broader Christian community, and bring it to bear on the issues that we confront every day. In 2015, the work of the CCL will revolve around five public events spaced throughout the year: • CCL Launch on March 11 at Moore College • May 26 at Toongabbie Anglican Church • August 26 at Moore College • October 22 at St Michael’s Wollongong • October 28 at Moore College. For more details about the topics being featured on these nights, and to sign up for regular updates, just go to Also, while you’re on the computer, feel free to drop me an email (at au) with any requests or suggestions for topics that you would like the CCL to address. And finally, as CCL gets back into swing and as I find my feet in this new role, please pray that through it all God would be pleased to bring people to know him better through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Graduation Appeal

Into all the world



significant role in ensuring this critical gospel work continues. If you are a supporter of Moore College – thank you! We praise God for you and for your partnership in our work. If you would like to share in the exciting work of Moore College please pray for us. Visit our website to see the many options available to assist your prayers. Will

you also please give prayerful consideration to supporting us financially? Your one-off donation or a commitment to regular giving will have a significant impact on our work and will ensure that, under God, we continue to train and send out Into All the World, godly men and women, just like our 2015 Graduates, making Christ known to men, women and children everywhere.

Vicki King FOUNDATION MANAGER 02 9577 9798 15

Graduation Appeal

them to this stage in their Christian raduation! Surely one lives. Regardless of whether our 2015 of the most exciting and Graduates have gone into full-time significant events in the ministry or not, they are now so much Moore College calendar. It is at our better equipped to know, love and annual Graduation Ceremony that serve the Lord Jesus than they were we see firsthand a snapshot of God’s before they walked through our doors faithfulness in raising up men and one, two or three years’ ago. women to be trained and equipped to Our Graduates would undoubtedly share the good news of Jesus Christ acknowledge the enormous support throughout the world. At this event, they have received from the Moore we celebrate with our Graduates, College faculty and staff, their families and their friends. and in addition I We give thanks to God for the We pray would want to commitment and passion for for them as they acknowledge our the gospel that these people embark on a lifetime friends and partners have displayed during their of Christian service – individuals and time at College – as well here in Australia churches who have as the years before, as they and around supported the College prayerfully considered the world. for so many years how they might play a through their prayers and part in God’s purposes – generosity. Their support and we pray for them as they embark ensures we continue, as we have done on a lifetime of Christian service here for almost 160 years, to prepare men in Australia and around the world. and women for Christian service. Moore We also thank those who College is the theological college of the have supported our Graduates – Diocese of Sydney but it has a global emotionally, financially, prayerfully, vision. It is known around the world and often sacrificially. You have for faithfulness to the word of God, encouraged these men and women to excellence of education and the remain on course, enabling them to effectiveness of its graduates in ministry complete the rigourous program of and mission. Our friends play a study and training which has brought




March 16 Graduation at City Recital Hall, Angel Place Sydney March 22-29 Moore College Missions

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May 29 Moore Distance Graduation August 2 Moore College Sunday August 7, 10-14 Annual Moore College Lectures. Speaker – Dr KJ Vanhoozer September 7-11 School of Theology For more event details including time and venue information visit

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Graduation 2015

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Moore Matters 2015 Graduation  

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