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This issue of our magazine brings to mind our mission here at Saint John’s Health Center Foundation, which is to provide leadership and philanthropic support to Providence Saint John’s Health Center, the John Wayne Cancer Institute and Pacific Neuroscience Institute that serve as catalysts for exceptional health care and research. The stories that unfold on the following pages serve as testimony to this mission and our success in fulfilling it. From exploratory research using stem cells to regenerate neurons, to training the next generation of surgical oncologists, to nurturing our nurses, to saving the lives of premature babies—we are delivering on our promise to support our mission. There isn’t one area of the exceptional health care we provide and the groundbreaking research we lead that philanthropy doesn’t impact. It’s a crucial ingredient to the success of our physicians, researchers, caregivers and patients—not an optional one. With financial support, Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD, and his team of researchers and clinicians can offer Alzheimer’s patients hope for potentially effective treatments. More surgical oncologists will be available to perform lifesaving surgeries. Precious NICU babies have a better chance of thriving, and the compassionate care we’re known for deepens. The patients of this hospital and all of us depend on the generosity of donors like you and Bill Apfelbaum, a trustee featured in this issue. Bill and his wife, Bonnie, were inspired to generously support this campus after Bonnie experienced the compassionate, life-changing care of Saint John’s for an open-heart procedure. Their support began nearly 20 years ago and continues to this day, taking on many forms including financial, in-kind and advisory. We hope Bill’s experience and the many heartwarming stories of this issue inspire your investment in our shared goal of having the best possible health care available to all in our community—including you, your family and friends— in moments of need.


ROBERT O. KLEIN President and CEO Saint John's Health Center Foundation

MARY FLAHERTY Chair Saint John’s Health Center Foundation Board of Trustees



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Saint John's - The Magazine of Saint John's Health Center - Summer 2019  

Saint John's - The Magazine of Saint John's Health Center - Summer 2019